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goobster  ·  414 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 1, 2017

My dog travels with my wife and I pretty much anywhere we go. She's a good beast, and is welcome at all our friends' houses, events, etc.

I bring a towel with us, and when we get somewhere, I find a quiet corner and lay the towel down. Then I call my dog - "Layna" - over, pat the towel, and say "Blanket".

This way she knows that this is Her Place. If she needs to go somewhere, if she needs to lay down, or if I tell her to get out of the way by commanding her, "BLANKET", she knows to go to the towel and lay down on it. There she can sleep, get treats, and be a "good dog".

Once in a while, I will forget to put the towel down for her. I will see her wandering around. Restless. Not knowing where her "place" is. I'll notice her discomfort, slap myself in the forehead, and put the "blanket" out for her. Instantly she will settle down and feel more relaxed. Even if she doesn't lay down on the towel, she knows this is my place. This is where I belong. And that comforts her.

I don't have a place right now.

I've learned this from my dog. When I am feeling out of sorts, can't focus, restless, etc, I will look around and figure out where my "place" is... and will usually find there is something wrong with it.

Like this week.

Big office reorganization. New cubicles. New desks. And... I was sort of forgotten about. One group knew I was moving, and the other group didn't know I needed a new home, and ... I fell through the cracks.

So I have been nomadic this week. Moving between conference rooms, empty desks, empty offices, etc, and shifting around the building as they sort out my new desk. (Which somehow got installed without power, network, or phones wired up.)

I'm cool with this. After all, I was a consultant for 10 years, working from coffee shops, coworking offices, customer's lunchrooms, etc. I'm used to this, right? I can go nomadic again!


Nope nope nope. Apparently I can't.

I am completely out of sorts. Hopefully I can get some work done today, because I am falling behind... and have no idea when my new office might get sorted out! Grr...