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LazarusRevives  ·  1399 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I could hardly sleep last night

I'm a lowly singer songwriter in the middle of nowhere northeast GA. Lol Athens is fairly close and typically provides a good outlet via an open mic when I'm able. I do have a few other friends that play, but everyone seems to be in a similar situation. Which is, we all play guitar (rhythm usually) Collaborations happen occasionally though. But it doesn't expand due to the lack of variety. Either way, I love playing and hanging out with others that do. Hmm. I suppose I should share a sample...I don't like to typically, because I'm my own worst critic and most of the vids are all self shot and focused on me directly. Humility is a crippling force at times. But the art must survive!

Also, where can I find out more about your band? I'm newer on Hubski and I'm not sure how to check that out. Any links? Thanks!