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goobster  ·  2398 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Lemmy

Had to post a followup to this conversation after yesterday's bizarre day at work...

    The one position I wanted most was for a one of the most highly regarded medical device companies in the world. They passed on me for someone with more industry experience. -this is literally the first time in 10 years I've not gotten a job I was excited about. I didn't have trouble finding another option, im in sales and a good salesperson can find a job pretty quickly, but I wanted that job.

I was laid off suddenly, early 2015.

I did my research, found the company I wanted to work for, found the position that I wanted, applied for it, and was called in. In total - phone meetings, in person meetings, writing on-the-spot content on spec - I spent about 10 hours interviewing. Everyone was seriously jazzed about me, and was looking forward to working with me.

I went home fully expecting an offer that Friday. On Wednesday the next week I called and asked what was up, and they said they, "were continuing our search for the right candidate" and wished me luck on my search.

It totally destroyed me, because this was the FIRST TIME in my life that I had interviewed for a job and NOT gotten it.

Flash forward to yesterday.

Bunch of new people start at the SaaS company I am doing contract writing for. I get introduced to one of them and he and I do the RCA Victor dog head-tilt thing at each other... "... hang on... we know each other..."

BAM. This was the guy that didn't hire me last year! The guy that crushed my spirit and sent me into a month-long spiral of crushing self-doubt!

He turns to the guy that is introducing us and says, "Man, this is the guy right here. I wanted to hire this guy so bad!" turns to me "but some political shit got in the way... we'll talk about it some time over lunch!"

He extends his hand, gives me a hearty handshake, and comments how lucky he is to have a second chance to work with me.

Jaw. Floor. BAM.

Completely altered my world.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go have lunch with a dude and get into some conversation with him....

So yeah. You are right. You never know!