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thenewgreen  ·  3078 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: (HUBSKI MUSIC CLUB -- I NEED SOME ELECTRIC BASS!) "Boat" by thenewgreen

    I was thinking about doing a little write up of my experience releasing joy and posting it here if i get the time.
-You should. I bet a lot has changed.

A while ago I was cleaning out an old keep-sake box. In it was my planner from back when I released my first album. My notes are hilarious in it. I had broken out the country by regions and had all of the phone numbers and email addresses for college radio stations etc. I recall being better at all that by the second album. I focused way more locally. Lots of live performances on the college radio station in Ann Arbor and some interviews on radio etc. -but all in Michigan.

Your album is good. If I were you, I would shop it to people for representation. I have no idea what that means, really... but if I can hear the potential, I'm sure they could too. Those songs are both really good from an artistic standpoint and they're very marketable.

Do you guys have a good, functional live band?