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Yea, I apologize for that first comment. It was more of a snarky knee-jerk response of running across an anti-capitalism article when I just wanted to read cool stuff about the internet and the pirate bay guys.

I mean, it's pretty obvious they're anti-capitalism, but still. By "win this fight for the internet" I imagined they were talking about the rampant DMCA shit, random government takedowns of websites, etc. Not "ahh! people want to use capitalism on the internet!"

Obviously the internet itself is more in line with communism ideals, and indeed we see a natural push that way just in terms of how things function here. The problem is that it doesn't jive with modern society, and that capitalism is useful for getting to a state where communism can take over.

Capitalism doesn't work 'late game' but communism doesn't really work 'early game'. You need to make the switch at some point. And certainly the internet and automation will greatly help with that.

But to write off capitalism as evil and bad for the internet is silly. Most of the internet is literally piggybacking off of capitalism.