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b_b  ·  4237 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Guess wut Hubski, I am on a dieeeetttt now, give me your tips
I have a very negative view of traditional dieting, and here's the reason. A diet is a temporary restriction of what you normally do. After a goal is achieved, most people tend to drift back to their typical habits. I have two pieces of advice that I think are absolutely foolproof, and don't require any traditional dieting. Firstly, the easy one, don't keep any snack foods in the house. Snack foods are called snack foods because you eat them between meals, and they're essentially irresistible if you have them on hand (including soda); who can not eat a bowl of ice cream or a few cookies when they're there for the taking? If you don't buy it, you won't miss it after a couple weeks when it becomes the new normal for you.

Second, and this is by far the harder one, EXERCISE. Anyone will benefit greatly from all sorts of exercise. And I mean resistance workouts, not running, biking or cardio machines. Doing as many pushups and situps as you can in a single session once or twice per day will change the way your whole body functions, because muscles control a lot of your sugar metabolism. So as you build muscle, you will store less of what you eat as fat.

It takes a long time to do things this way (months, I mean, not years), but it is the better way, the right way, IMO. Good luck, no matter how you go about things!

EDIT: I'm not disparaging cardio. Its important, too. But it gets too much love, as people always think its the fastest way to lose weight, and then are disappointed why they aren't shedding the pounds like they should.