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caelum19  ·  2015 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Anybody interested in a weekly book club/book discussion?

Welcome to Hubski, Myles! Have you checked out the primer? It's quite helpful.

I don't read very often and I don't have anything to say on the book side of this apart from that I think it's a good idea, I came to welcome you to Hubski. :)

Also, I noticed you posted this 3 times to different tags. This means 3 items added to global and to anyone following you on their feed. I'm certain nobody was bothered but in the future just one post should do, If I'm correct you can post something to 2 tags at once by using the community tag field when posting, and once you've earned your first token you can add a community tag to other posts by clicking the '+#' button to the right of the tag next to the title(You might be able to do this to your own posts before you get a token, I'm not sure).

There is a list of tags ordered by the amount following them (by default) here