Hubski primer

How is Hubski different?

Many news sites and aggregators are dominated by easily digestible images, short articles, and lists. Where the content is quality, often the conversation is hostile or lacking. Hubski is a platform that encourages thoughtful dialog, and enables people to have complete control over the content they see.

On Hubski, you can follow people, tags, and domains. Your feed is the result of who and what you follow. Posts are not voted upon. Posts propagate across the Hubski community by sharing and resharing.

If people post content you are not interested in, it will have little impact on your experience. If you don't follow a user, you will not see their posts. In addition, you can filter specific people, tags, and domains to keep them out of your feed, even if someone you follow shares them.

Another difference is the "speed" of the site. Users are encouraged to slow down, digest, and discuss the topics fully. Commenting on older posts is similarly encouraged. The Hubski algorithm will inject that old post back into the feed whenever the discussion revives.

Hubski allows people to post their own original content without hiding their identity. You can read more about this in Personal Content Isn't A Sin.

How does Hubski Work?

Hubski users follow one another. This fosters relationships around shared interests and conversation. Content propagates throughout Hubski when people share it with their followers. Following people allows for serendipitous content discovery and encourages a high level of discourse.

People have the ability to curate their own experience on Hubski; external moderation is not needed. There are no mods on Hubski. When someone posts content you aren't interested in you can "filter" them, when someone posts comments that you find offensive, you can "mute" them. On Hubski, you choose what you want to see and what you don't.

Your feed is displayed when you are logged in. It contains posts by people, tags, and domains you follow. When you click the hubwheel on a post, it shares the post with your followers.

You can view all posts using the global feed. Exceptional content can be found under