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lil  ·  3530 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Mystery of Personal Identity

Hi CEJoe, I understand the prelinguistic part and you make a valid point. I'm aware of the theories that we cannot remember birth or early childhood because without language, we had no way of categorizing or describing experiences. This would include prenatal experiences as well.

I am suggesting, though, that "I" had a prenatal, neonatal, and prelinguistic life and some part of me experienced that even though I cannot consciously remember those experiences.

The article argues that we are unlike our childhood selves, that the "very atoms that composed her body no longer compose mine." This might be true - I don't know. Nonetheless, the experiences, both remembered and unremembered, are somehow stored in my brain tissue and even if the molecules of the brain tissue have been renewed and are no longer the same as they were (mk, b_b Is that possible?), the "memory" of language or experience exists somewhere in "me."