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Don't lecture me, young man. You're spewing forth quotes as if I hadn't heard them, as if I don't know about them, and if I was making any statement about them. Read what I said again:

    I think it's safe to say that anything of any real note has been expunged, purged, destroyed, erased, forgotten, circular-filed, binned and otherwise annihilated.

You can get as legal as you want: the fact of the matter is we're talking about a secret organization for whom data destruction is 2nd nature. As I was saying, they've had eleven years to sanitize the subject under question: allegations made public in 2003. Yeah, the NSA has done all sorts of nefarious shit since and shall continue to do so, but the fact of the matter is, the EFF is in a position to use what they know, not what they can discover.

And what they know is hopelessly out of date. You don't think a whole bunch changed after Snowden?

That's why your phone and my phone matters: what we know about what the NSA is doing dates back to a time when Blackberries were king. Sure, you can inject some Snowden in there but again, every time we get a glimpse up the NSA's skirt they can change their panties without us even knowing.

    Sorry for writing a book here, but I just wasn't really impressed with your response, to be honest.

That's because you didn't read it. Go bark at someone else. You want to have this argument with someone but it sure as fuck isn't me.