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It worked in this case, because the particular part of the judiciary branch was opposed. They can become complicit too. If you haven't noticed, we actually do have secret courts in this country. And they aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Yes, your interpretation is how that article should be read. It's the most optimistic and reasonable way to do so. However

    Moreover, here we are on an Internet forum discussing it, out in the open, that's powerful stuff and proof to me that we still live in a very free society.

That's not a particularly compelling argument because everything we say is recorded, collated, codified, and stored to be used against us should it become necessary or convenient. Those in power have learned that they must grasp the reigns lightly, or the horse will buck. They save the crop for sharp, irresistible changes (Citizens United).

    As for suggesting that people be executed… Well, that's just silly.

It was the late night rage talking mostly. I don't see justice being meted out to those who break both the spirit and letter of the law.