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nowaypablo  ·  2333 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Einsteins camera

Started off with a guy named Luke Temple on a classical guitar and vocals, had a drummer alongside. So good, similar to Bird but much simpler in rhythm, with slightly more traceable train of thought in slightly more discernible lyrics. However, he finished his set with a song about what we (myself and those around me) made out to be about his mother's suicide. I don't think the crowd was paying attention cause they started cheering and clapping.. didn't seem to be Temple's intent. Yikes.

Bird was good. just good. Started off awesome with two beautiful, sublime solo pieces. Then the band came and it was to-the-core typical country music. I hadn't expected that. The girl he was with was annoying as all hell, had that cowgirl southern pride legs-weirdly-spread-apart-in-a-dress with the guitar sort of vibe. The band was very offputting, really.

Then, luckily, their encores sorta returned to his old style from Apocrypha and so on. Idk. It was a free show too and outdoors, the only main reason I can say I loved the show was because of the atmosphere and the venue. Seeing Bonobo there this Sunday, free again, going to be stellar. How did you like him when you saw him?