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Kaius  ·  2268 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Speaking up every. Fucking. Time

So I'm a white male, mid 30's and I encountered Kane on twitter before as she has had several relatively well known arguments with various tech people that I know.

She does overreact, she makes her anger visible which causes people to react to the fact that she is angry rather than looking at what it is she is angry about. She is a controversial character and some in the community dismiss her and refuse to interact with her in anyway due to her use of profanity.


She is not writing about things that affect me or things I have ever encountered. I would like to believe we are all equal but that is obviously not true and if she, in anyway, improves the situation for women within the IT sector then I hope she continues calling 'Bullshit' whenever she sees it.

I don't think she is able to look at things in a non gender specific way and she probably sees sexism or discrimination in almost everything she interacts with but its quite possible that she will help to create a more equal society despite the fact she will be unable to recognize it herself.