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kleinbl00  ·  2274 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Book Club: New Material Selection Final

Li'l story.

So I've got this friend. Agent at William Morris. He sent one of my scripts out, got me some meetings, never did end up getting me a manager. We're having lunch and he says

"The way you get a spec script made these days is you throw it at a comic company. You pay for it, they make it, they don't even need to publish it before somebody buys it."

"For serious? How much that cost?"

"Anywhere from five grand to five hundred. Why?"

"'cuz I could probably get my producer to spring for a graphic novel on this other script."

'K. Give it to me and let's see what we can do."

"I don't even read graphic novels."

"But you have, right?"

"Yeah, but I pretty much bailed at Watchmen, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing and Miller's Batman Returns."

"Well, at least you ended on a high note. Hang on a sec."

(Proceeds to leave the room and return with a filing box, open three cabinets and absolutely stuff them to the gills with graphic novels)

"Here, take these. Keep them."

"Damn. You sure?"

"They're client samples. If you could carry another box I'd give you another box."

* * *

And that's how I ended up being courted by Viper, Top Cow, Xenescape, Xene*scope*, Asylum and a half-dozen others… but why my graphic novel experience is pretty spotty.

Thing about Moebius - Influential? yes. Readable? no. Airtight Garage is straight-up meaningless and while you can see Blade Runner happening in the Nikopol trilogy, you aren't really that touched by anything that happens.

Good friend of mine trained under Juan Gimenez. We keep trying to adapt Goodbye Soldier, and I keep pointing out to him that no less than three different directors have already done Goodbye Soldier as a short film, many of them with really big budgets and, like, Cillian Murphy.