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yellowoftops  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: YOU DRAW IT: The Opioid Epidemic

I hope I never find out how much of a choice heroin is first hand. I've seen it from close enough and I don't like how it looks.

yellowoftops  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: YOU DRAW IT: The Opioid Epidemic

Yeah. People are going to steal, cheat, kill, all sorts of stuff. And they'll do that for all sorts of reasons. And those things are already crimes, so why criminalize the reasons why they're doing it? I would much prefer a treatment mentality than a criminalization mentality. Hopefully that turns up.

And victimless is a hard situation to actually be in. I mean, if a mom's doing heroin after dropping the kid off at kindergarden, and usually is totally ready to come get him at the end of the day, what happens when she nods off and he needs to come home early? That's like the most lighthearted situation I could think of! But the same can be said for funcitoning alcoholics. It's all a nasty thing that people do to themselves.

So 1% by state varies widely. In New Mexico it's only $241,000 per year. Where I live, in Missouri, it's $309,000.

The way things are going, I'll be in the 1% for New Mexico within 5 years. The way I did this was pretty much hard work, education, and working toward making money with a long-term goal of income generating properites. Within 10 years, I'll be top 1% for Missouri, and the goal is to click through that list until I'm top 1% in the top state (CT, $678k).

I'm not saying I did this by myself. I went to school on the GI Bill with my time in the Air Force. It is no exaggeration to say I killed for my education. I hold two Masters, one in Operations Management and Business Administration, and one in Marketing. I woked a job in Marketing where I was making 15 an hour while I was in school and it got me the job I have now. I still took student debt to do this and maintain my standard of living. As well, my girlfriend, makes good money having taken a lot of student debt and going to grad school after being on a full-ride scholarship to go to undergrad. She went to public school in Broward County, so she's one of the few that 'got out.' She did internships, and she worked the whole time through undergrad and grad school to pay rent because her mom didn't have anything. I don't know what hard work looks like, but I bet it's pretty close to that. I like to think that I worked as hard as her when I was 26, but I'm not sure.

So our parents weren't going to loan us a million dollars. They didn't have it anyway. My parents do now, but it's from the same way as me. They both work (dad is a mechanic and mom is very high up in the insurance industry) and my mom went to night school while working a cubicle job until she had the corner office job. And I don't care for my mom as a person, but her work ethic is unquestionable.

yellowoftops  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: YOU DRAW IT: The Opioid Epidemic

I'm a big fan of legalization. But I can't endorse it for heroin and her pharmaceutical sister. Pretty much everything else including morphine and codeine et al., I think you should be able to make your own (even if they're stupid) decisions, and spend your life however you want as long as you're not hurting anyone else. But with heroin you lose the ability to choose. It takes over a part of you and forces you to do things. You become a hollow liar who will hurt everyone you love. There is a very very narrow way back that most people fall from, and there's not much else to say about it.

It's just too good of a drug. It makes you feel the literal best that you CAN even feel as a human, and then holds you there for hours. Then you're expected to come back to real life satisfied. It's just not possible for most people. Imagine the way you feel when your kid wins state, or when you have sex with a beauitful person that you connect with on a deep level. And now imagine that those feelings are so insignificant to someone who has tried heroin that they never care if they see them again. That's how good heroin is. It's killed a lot of people around me. It killed my aunt after 10 years of sobriety. It killed a girl who grew up on my street and used to beat up my sister. It just kills, and people know this, and they still can't stop taking it because it is so amazing. How do you compete with that?

Shameless. A ton of people kept telling me to watch it. I grew up with no money, but not stealing disability checks to get by no money. My girlfriend on the other hand said it's hard to watch because it reminds her of how she grew up so I'm watching it to get a little better idea of what it was like for her.

Probably felt like, "I bet they have no idea how far this explosion is going to go and we are going to barely get out of this if at all. Fucking Air Corps."

Turn it upside down and sit on it. See how much you like it then.

Yeah I just mean flying on the crew dropping it. I did a lot of time on 130s and other platforms doing airdrops so it just makes me miss the Air Force a bit.

I'm so jealous of that crew that got to do the MOAB. There's a weird dichotomy in my mind where later I would feel bad for killing strangers, but in the moment where you're doing something that literally no one had ever done before, and you get to see one of the biggest explosions men can make, that's a draw.

If I need to cry, but can't cry, this song will get me there every time.

This article implies that in order to spy for Chinese intelligence agencies, firmware is capable of instalation on NIC cards and sniffing in/out going traffic.

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