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Let's hope it is as good as the first series. It is one of the best cartoons I've watched since the 80s.

That sounds interesting. If you ever go ahead with that project, please let me know. I'm a musician and I've been exploring noise/experimental/free improvisation music in he past few years. You made me curious with those card-sized noisemakers. :)

Two strange years with some good things in the middle.

2016 was monotonous. Nothing special happened. My life didn't evolve.

In 2017 I met someone, fell in love, didn't work out. I broke inside and went down the drain. Spent almost a year trying to recover from the abyss. And now here I am fresh and new. :)

The good side: I grew up even more, and learned a lot with my fall.

Interesting. Didn't know about this. I'll check this later.

I think I would enjoy that job as well. I spend a lot of time alone. I like solitude. I can dedicate my time to my projects without interruptions. That's why sometimes I enjoy my night shifts at the hotel where I work. Hours without seeing no one. :D

Damn, you're right. How did I miss all those points? I better stop reading very late at night, or better start paying serious attention to what I read. Haha. :D

I've been away from my artistic activities. I haven't done anything for weeks. It hurts, but life is a bit busy right now. I hope 2018 will give me some space to start creating again.

Nice. That picture really looks cyberpunk. I can imagine flying cars coming from behind those buildings. :D

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