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Strange though, you would still think there would be more. From what I can tell from the front page #music is the most lively page and there are only a few thousand posts in it's entire history. That seems oddly low considering.

Yeah mate actually I do. The traffic here is pretty slow in comparison. Why 5 years of being live and so slow the traffic?

It's not that bad. It teaches you patience. People are mean and all have their own opinions. I did enjoy the fact that anyone can say anything. Free speech and all that. Just a shame that most of the free speech is called spam.

Come on man, what I said wasn't even wildly negative. I didn't say it was shit, I just didn't say anything positive.

But i get what you're saying. Lurk more.

Ah, I thought you just had it up open to critique. I don't know much of how this place works yet, I've spent the last 10 years on 4chan.

Nah man, no way. I'm not that kind of guy. It just happened to be the first post I checked out when I got on the music tag.

It may have been harsh criticism indeed, but I'm pretty critical in general. Sorry if it came off as rude.

I feel ya man. That's how I write music too. Open to interpretation is cool, but I mean it's not really very avant-garde enough to be open to interpretation don't you think? I mean, I'm honestly not sure what I'm supposed to interpret. The lyrics are pretty straight forward and so is the tune in general. I'm not saying I hated it by any means. It's solid, I'm just not sure exactly why it exists at all except for the sole purpose of artistic expression.

Aw man it's been two years already. I've changed so much musically.

I didn't have ANYTHING to make high fidelity music with

I feel like you made this song to make people laugh. I didn't find it funny, and there was a weird lack of substance. It could have been literally half the length and I would have gotten just as much out of it. Cut that thing in half.