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Great. I didn't notice that in the short tutorial. Thanks!

Having just come here I'm impressed with the way it handles anonymity whilst maintaining the elements of personal interaction common in everyday life.

To be respected on a community like Hubski you have to wisely choose how to state and voice your opinions because if you start spouting pointless or ruthless words people will mute you. This is common in everyday life. Frequently I'll avoid discussions with people because the things they say are pointless, annoying, illogical etc.... To be respected on Hubski as in real life you have to be an active communicator. Responding to the individuals around you with intelligent and thought out points.

I'm glad to be here. This is the type of community I've always wanted.

Quick question... Is there any post, besides the short tutorial, which could give me the essential basics of Hubski?

Thanks, Shefster