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Because I thought I was like minded to most liberals but every time I tried to discuss anything they immediately insulted my intelligence, or called me a racist nazi etc. plus #metoo and #believewomen ran a false accusation truck over my family and I.

Just your statement says it all. I’ve never been on any extreme. I was a moderate liberal. Believed in health care for all, pro choice, etc. but liberals attacked me so hard that I started looking at the other side and they seemed to make a lot more sense to me. And we’re much kinder and rational when I disagreed with them.

I still believe in health care (although as a mentally and physically fit young person who makes healthy life choices, I’m starting to wonder if it’s fair for me to have to shoulder an equal percentage of the obesity crisis as someone who drinks 3 cokes a day and smokes cigs). I still believe that women should have a choice (but, within reason, and not necessarily fully paid for by taxpayers).

I’d just vote conservative now for sure as every time I try to have a rational discussion, liberals almost immediately go to an extreme and call me a racist/sexist moron.

I also started watching full clips of people like tucker Carlson (instead of just the 10 seconds Trevor Noah shows). The left always shows a 10 second clip of conservatives and manipulates viewers to believe that person is some kind of homophobic, racist monster. When I started watching the whole clip I realized the left was actually the one manipulating me and that a lot of the conservatives they were targeting actually seemed quite reasonable/rational/polite/etc.

Attitudes like this are the reason for #walkaway. Stop calling everyone these extreme names if they don’t agree with you. Once I stopped watching the daily show every day and actually opened my eyes, I realized I (liberals) was the one who was actually brainwashed, not the conservatives like I had believed for so long.