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Hi, I'm using it without GPS on and it's not drain battery at all. I don't know with GPS on but it looks quite precise even without! :)

I tried a bit few floating apps and I really like them. Anyway it's depends on personal taste! :)

Yes but there is a smart idea that solve this problem. Have you tried Ninja SMS? It let you reply to a text message in a floating window but it let you collapse the window to a little circle like Facebook Messenger and you can interact with the current app without big trouble! :) I think the good is in the middle like in every thing. We don't want a Windows like OS but we'd like something that get the best of it! :)

I agree that HD video on my Galaxy Nexus is a waste of bandwidth but if you have a Nexus 10 it maybe make sense. You have plenty of space. :) Anyway I'm thinking more app like reply to text message or chat like whatsapp and similar. Floating windows are more for quick actions and I'm not thinking to change Android into a Windows like OS. It's not a sensible UI for a touch screen OS with limited screen size and unprecise fingers! :D

Yes, let's see! :)

Yes but I'm talking about Android stock. I'd like these features available for every Android devices. :)

Ahahahahah! Nice! :)

Thank you! :)

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