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This is not my first account: add 168 days.

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Billions spent is only on a handful of fighters.... Just add "on radar" after 'invisible' and he'd sound normal.... They don't see them in fights because dogfight era is overwith, the fight (ideally) is a missile shot from mid- to long-range....

Oh god. I need a shower.

Eeehh, this is dusting off memories of making my Tallit bag for my bar mitzvah from needle point. Some coming of age gift...

I have a sneaking suspicion I could ctrl+G tech and replace it with most markets, sadly. Though, empowerment (the article at hand) is a first step to the decisions that may lead down those paths. Empowerment doesn't necessitate those realities afflict her.

OH, thanks. Yup, that looks about right - 'proportional thinking' and 'patterns's love child... on steroids. Damn, I have an added layer of respect for flac's level of patience.

Re-reading the conclusion, I can see that. Though I'd argue making it fun as a precursor to rote work is essential to making math bearable to begin with. The only way I got through physics is because my professor had bombass drawing skills and would make light of a lot of "force diagrams." It made the tedious work grounded in something I looked back fondly on.

On: only some people use it... Yeah. Best I can offer when my kids ask me when they will ever use it is by my nerding out about some everyday phenomena and hoping I can direct it in an inspiring way.

I think I'm bhaving trouble connecting your last two sentences. If you're willing to clarify, then I'm all for knowing where the 'want' disconnected with the 'understanding.'

I'd say so. Nearly all of our "prescriptives" about proportional thinking starts out with recipes


    3 eggs makes 1 omelette. How many eggs will it take to make X omelettes, and vice versa.

That or an animal corresponding to number of legs in a group of said animal. Identifying patterns are also a big one for younger ages.

Most of this all builds into more complex ideas like similar (proportional) geometric shapes and exponential growths/series and sequences down the line. Best I can tie stitch counting back to is analytical thinking?

Shit. What should I do instead.

I found it funny how the 21% response rate for men 'aiming higher' was toted as the better (and only) statistic for men contacting women. Funny in a sad way, given its implication for both sides of the population.

OkC's chat redesign for males contacting women is smart. Nonetheless, its frustrating reaching out into nothing most of the time.

kantos  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 8, 2018

Revisiting my new living situation. An extended lapse in thought missed that I only have two days of school per week for my last semester. Living at home and commuting looks so appealing right now. Sitting down and mapping out what that looks like presently.

kantos  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 1,2018

Thank you for sharing. I remember you recounting the trip in a pubski a long while back. I will 100% be scrubbing through the days later (doing a small amount typing this). Did you extend your stay?

Sidenote: wow, you're channel has really grown. Congrats!!

kantos  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 1,2018

Jack and coke.

This has been a week, and it's not over.

My grandmother passed this past weekend. She was the last surviving grandparent of mine that I was old enough to get to know other than a face and distant memories. It wasn't unexpected given her age, though it sure as hell wasn't expected all the same. For someone nearing in their 90s, she had exceptional presence of mind and a force of will that outlived what her body could offer.

I'm upset. I had a selfish notion in my head that she would at least be there for my graduation at the end of the year. As if she would be there to see me walk for both her and her late husband, who were the biggest part in my ability to go to college in the first place. Above all this, I'm going to miss talking with her about growing up and laughing with her on how things have changed. I'd be lying if I wrote I wasn't expecting at least one more heart-to-heart with her either. When she connected with her grandchildren in-person (she never really was much for phone calls), despite being cognizant, she would opt not to use words. She had this ability from time to time, to meet our eyes and let us know she understand the sentiment of wherever we were in conversation. It was also her way of showing us how much she cared and loved us. I miss her.

Now, my exam and moving living spaces are happening within 24 hours of me typing this. So, again, it's been a week and it ain't over. Needed a place to get some out before going balls deep and bawling in someone's arms after the move. So thanks for readin'.

This all aside, I have plans to go on Birthright after graduation and extend my stay indefinitely. I got family in Israel from both sides, so I'll have some reprieve if my activity has me dragging. I can also bring over some of my grandmother's stuffs they may want to keep within the family.

That's why this statement confused me:

    ...can only further inflame already heightened tensions between the Kremlin and the U.S. government over various arms control agreements.

... and the section on Tensions with the U.S. in general. March seems so long ago when talking about politics now...

    Warheads from an SS028 fall onto Florida in a computer generated presentation accompanying Putin's speech.


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