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Hah, I think the last time I drew a real picture was about four years ago when my youngest son was born.... I drew a portrat of my son whe. He was born.My mom has the picture somewhere at her house but she is becoming cenile so she has probaby packed it away and forgot where it is, she is loopy as a straw in her old age, but my son's mom keeps asking about. So if I find it then I will post it on here for you.

Sick man, i love it. When I was younger I used to draw and I was very very good, well still am to an extent. I am amazing with a pen or pencil but I always wanted to learn to paint. Painting is super hard for me. It's a completely different ball game. You did an amazing job capturing emotion in this picture. I'm envious.

What mt damn phones auto correct, that was supposed to say ormus not penis lol

I listened to the whole thing. I don't know why but I always wanna help someone else that has gobe through a lot of the same stuff that I have. I have been through all of that. Homelessness, drugs alcohol and the despair that most people don't understand when you feel the only real option you have left is suicide. I was very suicidal for most of the beginning of my adult life. I have also been where you have been with being sick from drinking everyday for years. I want you to look into something. I can't explain it but when I started taking ormus my urges to drink just went away. Like I feel no need to drink anymore. It's not alcohol that fucked my life up. Mine was heroin but if I even think of drinking now, the urge just isn't there. The first time I got ormus was from a guy that lives in Florida. I watched a video on how to make penis and he was talking about the fact that he cured himself and his brother of life threatening illnesses with ormus and that he believed so much that people needed ormus that he gave it away for free to those who couldn't afford it. So the first time I ever got ormus was from him. I wrote him and sure enough he sent me a bottle for free. I have been sick for ice fifteen years with I Neuro- degenerative disease and when I started taking it I became about ninty percent better and haven't shook in over three years. I still believe his is the best all though there are lots pf people out there that make really good ormus. You might try it. If you are interested I'll give you a few websites to some good ormus venders and some info on it as well.

justmagick  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Stone Drug

Very well written. Almost made me want to go there and eat or something, or get a prescription or something.

Good to hear bro, even though I don't know you, I can tell you that you can make it even better. If you are a spiritual person like me, looking at things from a vibrational point of view then.... think about it, it feels good doesn't it ? That's cause drugs seriously lower your vibration. I was a heroin addict for a few years and then after I kicked heroin, I found myself wanting to go back to other drugs as a crutch, benzos, other opiates, Molly, whatever. I used to get trapped in this pitfall because I never believed that drugs are bad in moderation and believe it or not, I would still vouch for people's freedom to put whatever they want in thier own bodies, although now I see things from a different point of view. I started spending my life trying to become more spiritual and when you get it right, you start to figure out what things make you feel better in the long run. I started out taking ormus.... It's an amazing thing, they believe it's the same substance that the Egyptians used and the same thing that Moses fed to his people when he melted down that cow. Anyways. I was super sick for years and I started taking the ormus and I got about 90% better. Then something happened and I plateaued. I couldn't afford ormus all the time and meditation helped but also was heightened by the ormus. I started eating better (mostly vegetarian with a bit of meat ). Then I came into a better understanding of manifesting happiness. Now I am exercising again for the first time in 15 years. Occasionally meditating, (which i need more of) and constantly thinking of ways to be happy while trying not to sweat the small stuff. And when you are doing the right things for the right reason then this magical thing happens. It all falls into place and makes sense. I never even crave beer anymore and when i do drink a beer, it just feels nasty to my awarness. I remember the highs and the lows with heroin and i have no urge to ever use again because if you can ve happy without a substance then why use it? I dont think that someone could pay me a million dollars to ever do that to myself again. The reason i am telling you this is because of that battle that most people face after getting sober and it may not be, meditation or manifestation or exercising for you that does the trick. Maybe it's getting a dog and playing football with your son,(if you have one). Just chase whatever makes you happy and eventually you will look back and you won't even be able to remember why you liked drugs or drinking or whatever. Just friendly advice from me to you man!!!!

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Well this site seems very well put together, thought out and goes against the main stream social media platforms. It seems the world is in a conversationally crumbled state and what I mean by that is people don't know how to have conversation anymore. They respond to one liners with emojis and not emotion. They have conducted studies showing that kids are now socially in the realm of autism do to the fact that nobody communicated face to face anymore. Ever seen a group of kids at a birthday party instead of talking to eachother, they sit in the same room sending texts and pictures to one another and when they talk it's like they have no understanding of body language and social cues anymore. Unlike other sites, at least this one is based around real conversation, which is real hard to find these days. Honestly I feel as if I am going crazy cause I moved half way across the United States and can't make friends where I am. I came from a place where I knew everyone and here people stare at thier phones all day and my god, trying to talk with people you don't know here is treated like some sort of rudeness. Anyways. Looking forward to getting to know some people on here.

Good write man. I know that your allowed a certain amount of money to buy gear, or your allowed to go beyond the budget with your own cash. My question is, are you allowed to buy your own choice of pattern in camo as long as it suits the terrain? Like multi cam or something like the new highlander kryptek stuff (thier desert terrain pattern) or atac au? I know that the army( I think it was), were considering kryptek and then one of the newer digital patterns won out because of a bulk buy money issue or something like that. Do my question is are you allowed to wear your own camo once deployed?