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The article is good but doesn't address one of the most important parts of rent pricing - available housing units in the market. In the higher price areas there are often not enoughtr units to meet the demand. Some of the reasonszs for the lack are the zoning restricting the density of units which are usually against apartment complexes, especially those that could offer lower rents. Also many places are not restricting construction because of Historical Districts, etc. San Francisco also has a physical restriction because of it's location, alltho it hass filled in some shallow portions of the bay but that takes awhile before any construction can begin.

Another cause of higher rents are the renters themselves. One Sunday evening at a church men's meeting we had a rental property owner & a real estate agent there. We got into a discusssion on rents & the owner said he had to make more repairs to his property when the rent was lower than after he raised it higher. Thus, the low renters damaged his property more and it took longer to prepare a property inbetweeen renters, than those who paid higher rents. He prefered to keep his rents lower but was forced to increase them because of the actions of the renters themselves.

jeroh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who Are the Palestinians Really?

The Arabs originally came from a very small part of what they now claim as theirs. If they really want the so called Palestinians to have a land, why does't Lebannon & Eqypt give up what they now have that was a part of Israel?

jeroh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Experience Says It All

As a retired Army Staff Sergeant who has used real assult rifles, re M14 & M16 rifles, M60 machine gun & M79 grenade launcher, with the M16 & 160 being full automatic, I get tired of people calling what is available to the public 'automatic assult rifles' when in reality only SEMIautomatic weapons are available. There is a big difference in the two. A automatic can put out the ssame amout of lead as a semi in a lot less time than it does pulling the trigger for each shot.

The fact still remains that our leaders are for the most part ignoring the mmost important part of the issue which is mental and emonitional health care. Mental health care is very limited in how long a person can remain hospitalized or the number of doctor visits that are allowed by insurance/medicare/medicaid. Usually much less than what is really needed to really help a person. Also the family is very restricted in what they can do if the person is an adult. Providing both the quanity & quality of healthcare needed will prevent more killings, especially the mass killings than banning so called assult guns. I know how bad the shortcommings of our mental healthcare from being a caregiver for a mentally ill adult child.

Also abortion has cheapened life to where it doesn't mean much anymore to a large portion of our nation.