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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

A few weeks later and my first Great Red Spot

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francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 22, 2017

So I now have a very nice lady MD shoving drugs into my body. She's 60ish, bible quotes all over the office, very sweet, and knows her shit. This is important for the story I am about to tell.

Talking in a room about the impacts of medications.

MD: Are you noticing anything that I need to know about? Side effects etc?

ME: I see online that one of the side effects is personality changes and I've noticed that a bit.

MD: What do you mean?

ME: My real core personality is getting harder to suppress.

MD: Oh, it can't be that bad, can it? What do you consider your "core personality" (She used finger quotes!)

ME: More of a bitter angry cunt.

MD: Silence. Face starts to slack, eyes dart toward door.

ME: OH, sorry, didn't mean to be rude, but that is the best description.


ME: I grew up Irish Catholic.

MD: Ohhhhhhh OK, I think I understand.

The Human Endocrine system is a set of feedbacks onto feedbacks wrapped in a chemical soup of controls that is a bitch and a half to fix when it gets out of whack. Don't be like me kids. To facilitate the understanding of not making the same mistakes I've met I offer you these observations.

1. Don't have lower middle class/poor parents.

2. Don't live in poverty.

3. Don't be homeless.

4. Eat well, exercise and if possible don't work manual labour.

TRAPPIST-1. Three original object confirmed and sized locked down. And they got a ton of time on Spitzer. And its "close" to us. Good news.

Some of us work, you know :)

17 year olds are hurting for jobs, and they are doubling down on sports, after school activities etc to build a portfolio to get accepted into a scholarship program. These kids no have any money, and fuckwits like Brooks are shaking their fists at the sky demanding they be like they were in the 60's. The license itself is cheap, but the car, insurance, gas et al is expensive.

The model is moving towards fewer ads with a higher cost per view. Ads so saturate the environment now that people are tuning out the messages.

Funny that the CALM act was in direct response to that on television. No such rule for internet video.

    I know that it signifies me as an Internet SJW by saying this, but I'll fuckin' say it: /b/ is an attractive nuisance

That statement makes you a thinking human being with a working brain; I hang out in 4chan and 8chan and I hate /b/. /b/ was always the shitpost containment board. /pol/ is a joke inside a comedy wrapped in the tragedy that there are people taking it seriously. (fun fact about /pol/? I know a Jewish guy who posts in there as a flaming neonazi. he thinks its hilarious and takes the bite out of the horror of racism. not sure I agree.) The tech boards like /v/ /g/ /sci/ all developed a culture that created a high cost of entry that kept out a lot of the undesirables. The thing about /b/ is that the goons descended into the board and used it to wage wars on each other.

4chan, and all the chan boards serve a purpose. Knowing what they are going in, and having the think skin and solid sense of "not giving a fuck" are the only requirements. Not everyone should go there. Hell there are people here I'd warn in loud, steady tones that they should avoid Chans.

The Internet was so much better before they allowed the normies access.

You know I was going to write something here but fuck it. The guy's other writings scream "I don't get it" and it fits. 4Chan is the whipping boy when most of the really evil shit done was by Something Awful Goons (and it should shock nobody with an internet history that this author is a goon). The guy wrote 10,000 words on what a hipster is.

All I will say here is that if you see an article on 4Chan by someone outside of Chan culture, that article is almost always wrong.

When I snap and cash out and build my 500-700 square foot house in the middle of nowhere, I am going with 2x6 construction.

We build stuff as cheap as possible in this country. All it has to do is last longer than the litigation and its a win. Moving from 2x4 to 2x6 and proper interunit fireproffing solves a lot of the noise issues. And the place is stronger better insulated, more energy efficient and the people inside will not wage wars over noise.

I've lived in shitty apartments, places that should have never been built in the first place. The house I am in now was built in the 50's and will outlast most of the commercial property I've seen built in the last 10 years.

I heard a term on 4chan that described something I enjoy. Technical Death Metal

There is a ton of it, most if it in not shit. This pleases me.

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