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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

A few weeks later and my first Great Red Spot

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I was forced this weekend to watch a piece of shit named Independence Day: Resurgence This movie made me angry. If I was told to describe this piece of shit in a sentence I'd call it 'ALL THE FUCKING MOVIE TROPES AND NO SCIENCE AT ALL.'

This movie got 31% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think that is too damn high. It may look pretty, but for the rumored budget of $165 Million? It better damn well be a pretty movie. For comparison, the MOM mission, India's first Mars orbiter, cost 1/2 what this dog cost. $200 million a year, if you want to be more practical, is the estimated cost of expanding Medicare to every kid in Kentucky living in poverty.

Making this shitpost back on target, the people who are willing to take the time to rate something are more likely than not the people who don't like the product. Negative emotions are stronger on aggregate. I usually assume that the product is not as bad as it is rated, but in this case I was wrong. then again this movie is aimed at 15 year olds with disposable income, and even at that it looks like it only make $350 million at the box office.

Want your fucking movie to be rated higher? Make a better fucking product.

Cinema Sins went too easy on this damn cancer.

I love this channel. Something tells me you also will. It still has the jump cut thing going on, but IMO it adds, not subtracts from the attention to the narrative. I wish I was creative enough to pull something like this off well.

    Two fucking iphones instead of one so he wouldn't be doing that bullshit jumpcut farklefuck that every youtuber used to do because they only had one camera but now every youtuber does because that way you know they're legit or some shit.

This is why the Greene Brothers are unwatchable. I like their stuff in small doses as a podcast but man I hate their videos.

I'm badging this post because this is why I love Hubski. The conversation below the main is why Hubski is different than say Reddit.

As a guy who is moving (kicking and screaming, I add) into a more public outreach and teaching role, this thread has been a great reminder of why I am doing what I am doing. Thanks.

30 or so Republicans that make up the "Freedom Caucus" aka the Anarcho-Capitalist wing of the RNC wanted to gut maternity funding, slash Medicare and Medicaid, end the Insurance industry profit caps, and bring back existing condition limitations. The 200 or so other Republicans, however, want to get re-elected. And any Democrat that votes for this needs to have an MRI to see what sort of brain damage they are suffering from.

The malls I know with megaplexes and IMAX screens seen to do well. But the straight retail malls are hurting. An Apple store has a captured customer base that has nowhere else to go, so I can see that generating foot traffic in an otherwise retail mall.

    If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 45 You Have No Brain

This is how I always heard the quote, although I appear wrong

The thing I have noted in my life is that the radicals moderate and move to the center as they age. Black and white issues slip into veils of grey. Hard line positions that paint the enemy as an 'other' crack a bit as you meet more and more people. The exception to this rule is insular communities with minimal interactions with the out groups. This is also why religious and cult leaders are so desperate to keep the flock from being influenced by the outside. Hard to paint people as evil/other when you work and interact with them. There are dozens of ideas I had at 18-20 that came crashing headlong into the wall of adult reality, meeting people who had lived an experience that might have well as been in a movie.

"Maturation" is not the word I think we want to use here. I think that "experience" is a better fit.

People get more conservative as they age. Ten years is a long time; if the same people on the same forum stay for that long there is bound to be a shift in politics. People I know on the "right" have become much more centrist, and people I know on the far, far left have started to moderate themselves and move toward the, I guess "not no wingnuttery-left" is the way you would call it. Not exactly a move to the right but more of a move to "I have all this life experience now and can see other people's opinions in a non insulting manner."

I'd be a lot more interested in seeing if there has a been a significant "staying around" of the old farts with 8-10 year old accounts on reddit. I bailed, deleted all my comments, killed my shitposting account and know of at least a good dozen other people I met when I started doing science outreach that don't bother with Reddit or deleted their accounts.

And Imgur has a better community, is more responsive under load, and the character limit, IMO, HELPS keep it an image site.

When Imgur ups the character limit for comments, they being the long slide.


(please don't leave)

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