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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

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francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Prove me wrong

Big Bang Theory started in 2007. Economics and politics are opposite sides of the same coin. We can have a debate on which leads which. Either way, we each make valid points about the start of the suck.

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The Internet has lived long enough to be the villain. The Arab spring IMO was the beginning of the end of the free and open Internet. Article 13 in the Eurozone, the Great Firewall of China and Russia nope-ing out of the global internet are only the beginnings of a massive change to the way the internet works. The Internet has become a surveillance engine that no dictator of the past dared to have wet dreams about. Privacy is all but dead. Misinformation, fear-mongering, "fake news" and blatant propaganda are winning the information war. We are losing the war against fucking measles, MEASLES!!!, of all things entirely based on the Internet mainly Youtube and Facebook. There was a time where one could say the Internet is a force for good. Not any more.

    I feel like that’s gone now.

Advertising and monetization killed it. We've had this discussion previously here on Hubski.

I am now walking, briskly, toward the camp of The Internet is killing Western Civilization. Fortunately, I'll be dead soon, so you kids have fun while you can.

They are denying the reports

No market. No sugar daddy writing checks. The two companies that were going to build their launchers have both noped out. But wow, that freak of engineering flew. Let's save our Elon bashing for when we can get a good head of steam and all, but he IS reducing the costs of launches, the F9 is a real product with a real manifest, and he's going to launch people within the next 6-8 months. Stratolaunch will do the airshow circuit to generate interest for a year until the lawyers are done taking half of Allen's estate then they mothball it without launching a single payload to orbit.

If they built this thing in 1999, instead of 2019, they would have the opportunity to create the small launch and satellite market. History is littered with great ideas that simply took too long to implement. The only viable, real, payload I see this thing running is the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser, which is still a real vehicle with a real customer writing checks and would benefit from launching horizontal.

I watched a video of a guy who went into the calculus level of can this thing do what it says it can. The answer is yes. Can it do it at the costs of F9 and the Delta family? Probably not. One case I see mentioned is to lob smaller NSA payloads that need to dodge tracking and are only good for brief time frames. Even still the NSA loves its mega billion uber satellites so I don't even see this as a real customer.

Pi-Hole is a damn near requirement anymore. It sucks to connect to the web on a non-holed network. I have two of them set up in tandem as fail overs to block EVERYFUCKINGTHING on my network at work.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Scam stories

The local Unitarians run a work shelter and instead of money I had out their cards. They can call and get a ride, get 2-3 days in a shelter that is not a homeless shelter, and get medical treatment if needed or help getting work and family care. I then write the Unitarians checks instead. My mom gives every fucking bum on the street money and I am trying to break her of that habit.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Scam stories

They want you to open the car so that your hands are occupied, then knock you out and steal all the stuff in your vehicle. Was a common thing at truck stops in the 90's.

The problem with a CME, of sufficient size, is that it will dump so much electrical energy into the earth's natural "ground state" aka the green wire that you will end up with the effect of everything shorting to ground. The 1859 Carrington Event shorted out telegraph lines, exploded batteries and dumped enough energy into the infant electrical grid that they removed all the power sources and used the electrical flow of the event to power everything for about a week.

Don't think of it as a shockwave, instead think of it as running 50,000 amps through a 12 gauge wire. Where Cletus shorted the ground to the hot leads.

Now, imaging the same level of energy input but this time you have a trillion dollars worth of very intricate transformers, power stations, long distance high tension lines and nowhere to dump the extra energy and not enough time to shut everything down. Each of the super transformers, we are talking boxes like these things are custom jobs and they don't have extras lying around. One goes boom and they make a new one. Normally, you get electrical trouble on the grid, you short to ground and then fix the break. Now, imaging THERE IS NO GROUND and shorting to ground increases the flow into the system. Now you have thousands of very expensive, hard to replace intricate high tech devices to replace, each one taking 1-3 months to make and a month to transport. Oh, and the factories that make these things? No power. The materials processing factories? No Power. And the ships, trains etc? No power. And with "Just In Time" logistics, everyone has 3-5 days of supply on hand, if that. Then, the water systems start to fail, refrigerated food stocks start to go bad and the supermarkets are empty. Maybe you could sever the grid and save some of the power distribution if you had 3-4 days warning. Nuke plants need time to shut down. You just cannot flip a switch and turn off a coal burning plant. And the 2012 CME made it to the earth's orbit in less than 20 hours.

Our electrical grid in the US is shit; it's 40 years old and held together by hopes and good feelings. It needs a near full upgrade so that we can push hard for non-fossil fuel power sources. It also needs to be modernized so that things like the 1989 Quebec Outage and the recent Northeast US Power Cascade can't happen. But that requires lots of money and a functional government.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Scam stories

Live in your car for a few years. I thought about how to put this in words and all I can really say is trust your gut. If they reject food or a card for a shelter, they are not "homeless." Look at the shoes as well. Shoes are the last thing most people buy when they get help.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Scam stories

Never give cash to "homeless" people. Never. Don't fucking do it. No cash, no spare change, no money at all. Offer food instead. If you have a group you trust running a kitchen or a shelter, get cards with the address, number etc and hand those out. Also the only church group that I give money to are the Unitarians, and then only if they are running a wayhouse. I've been burned every. fucking. time. by social charities that I am beginning to believe that if you run a social welfare charity you must be a psychopath.

Charity is rewarding, is a noble calling, can make the world suck less, and will also murder your good will toward the whole of humanity. I have so, so many stories, but can't post them here.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 22, 2019

The last 400 years of human advancement in science, technology and psychology have been a parade of "Humans are not special" and "Human centric thinking is an anchor on progress." One of the reasons that I think the Flat Earth people are popping up again is because it makes the earth, and thus by proxy Humanity, special, unique and just oh-so-wonderful. The problem is that 400 years is only six human lifetimes ago, assuming we make a human lifetime 65 years. There are human being alive today that have lived through one half of US history (242 years as a country, oldest currently living human is 122 years old) The software is pushing the hardware in ways we meat bags cannot yet handle. 400 years ago seems like it is ancient history. The last World War One combat veteran died five years ago, yet I was taught it like the Romans and Gauls fought, not my grandfather.

Why are there no aliens? Maybe every sentient thinking society hits this wall where the knowledge triggers a break and that species kills itself rather than evolves. That or they made it through this delimiter only to watch countless other species get to where we are and stumble into ash and so don't bother with us until we can make it to the next level.

The Builders and the Butchers keep popping up in my suggestions so I gave them a try. For a band from the mid 2000's they sound like something that Elvis would have covered in the '50's.

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