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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

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Wow, good catch. Done.

During the gold rush, the guys panning for gold all ended up broke. The people selling the pans, tents, sundries, food, etc all make millions. Even though we moved to digital vapor goods, the model still stands. Want to get rich on a trend? Sell shit to the idiots in the stampede.

Wayfair is a $4 billion a year income company now. Wow. I recall when they were basically a tiny online-only BigLots.

The Grainger catalog is better pornography than Playboy could every hope to be.

I wish we got a discount at work for Costco. I can almost justify the 15 minute side trip on the way home to get gas, but living by myself in a smaller house I cannot justify using Costco for food and sundries. Gas is consistently $.05 less than anywhere else.

The several Costco I go to are all business owners, Mormon families, and young people. They are always packed. If anything Costco is winning; Sam's is considered the place old people go to and they are closing 10% of their stores

The HQ is a blatant cash grab. It is going to cost $10 billion all said and done, IMO, once the bidding war is over. This is a trillion dollar company and $10 Billion is a rounding error. But the taxpayers are going to get soaked for a minimal gain.

Foxconn get $4 billion and it looks like the plant will create 13K jobs, most of those NOT the high paying jobs mentioned. And all the payroll taxes of these employees will go to Foxconn, not the government. $4 bill for 13K people? How much for 50K workers?

The EU bans these types of competitive bidding wars, and I wish we had a functional government in the US that did the same.

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Age of Empires 4 is coming out this year and I am going to be on that like a fat kid on cake.

Space Engineers pisses me off. When they bailed to do Medieval Engineers and let the project falter I lost interest. Could have been a neat more in depth Minecraft. They still working on it?

A swarm of Angry Bees.

We can sure as hell hope.

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    Don't put the burden of Grand Success on your shoulders.

If you can figure out a way to do that we need to crowdfund your book and get you on Oprah. HA!

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francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 17, 2018

I am going to give a talk/class to a bar full of people expecting to be entertained and learn something. I am trying to not freak the fuck out. This bar wants to invite thinkers, scientists, artists etc and have then give a 30 minute talk on why you should give a shit about what they do. Not exactly the "Beer with a Scientist" events that are popping up, but in the same headspace.

My talk will be about the moon and how we came to figure out that the earth is round, moves around the sun and how people have used the sun, moon and stars to tell time since before Stonehenge. Since we are getting two Blue moons and a total lunar eclipse they wanted an astronomer and I picked the short straw. Oh, and this is going to be their first event and are going to use me and the turnout to judge if they are going to keep doing these sorts of things. So we are going to be outside. with telescopes. In January.

The title of the talk? New Moon, Full Moon, Red Moon, Blue Moon.

    I'm unconvinced that a compelling use case exists for the SR-72.

With the real possibility of global tracking of anything bigger than a falcon, me either. This is why, IMO, we just "lost" a satellite. Then again with so damn many birds up there who knows what birds are spy satellites (all of them), what can image your troops in the field (all of them) and what birds can track your electronic signals (all of them). Launch a weather satellite with a special not advertised payload of say a 1M camera, or an elint package. Add on customers to the satellite bus, and if you are already a government agency it may already be happening with the LandSat family for all we know. The Air Force already has a fleet of weather satellites, why not add some extra gear if the power budget allows since the main cost is launch and ops, not building the sat itself. Then you start to get into Alex Jones, tin-foil hate territory of what is possible, what is probable and how you can fuck with people.

I'm wondering if we are going to hit a point in the very near future where there are so many spy sats from so many players that the very concept of war itself is going to go through a radical transformation. Why fight and risk breaking the stuff you want and having to rebuild when you can write checks with lots and lots of zeros, and then hack what you cannot buy?

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