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i was thinking that too, a bit. your kid has ms, is going to die when he's 25, and you make him go to bed at 11?

i am incredibly disappointed in bfv for spreading this nonsense,

heyy after i tagged you i noticed your last post was like 100 days ago or something. anyway hope life is grand

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i don't see a way out of that, assuming an equally-skilled opponent

i'd've gone qd2, but it wouldn't matter

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hubski paragraph spacing still sucks

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    Let's focus on one problem at a time.

nah i think the other problem is more interesting than gases. one at a time is so '90s. witness:

-it seems intuitive that random space dust which became the core is cold because space is cold... but remember space is cold because it's empty-ish and the core is very much not empty, so lots of heat got trapped in the core. there was, at the time, lots of jostling. jostling is heat.

-as mr. devac pointed out, we can figure out how old rocks'n'stuff is sometimes by measuring radiation, which is just more heat

-also the layers of the earth trap heat pretty well right, i mean there's a ton of magma down there and not many access points on the surface

and the sheer magnitude of energy is unnerving--

temp of sun at surface 6000 kelvin. temp of earth, at same, a few hundred. massive difference in energy, so a sort of "arbitrage" occurs (obviously not really, and not forever, pace second law) and order springs from disorder. because order is just spending energy to create a temporary equilibrium. anyway, i don't know a damn thing about the thermosphere but the point is we don't really blast that much heat out. we trap it, and have since day 1, and we also accidentally used it to create a bunch of neat shit.

borrowed time, but then we're in good company -- the whole universe is borrowing too

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yeah i don't use hubski anymore really but i'm glad everyone has my email address

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what up lil checking in with the overnight -50 windchill, i went outside for a sec because i was curious and that sucked but what sucked more is somehow my patio door mechanism froze or something because now my door won't fully close

so i'm "working from home" but mostly i'm monitoring my door in case it gets any ideas

30 is an even number, but you're forgiven in the whirlwind of adding facts to my burgeoning draft email

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sartre wrote a play called no exit where three autoplaying videos are trapped in a room together and it turns out it is the afterlife

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