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heard this song at the bar tonight for the first time in years. timeless

yass yass

people have different stress outlets

    One guy sends me emails that I don't agree with, so I don't respond.
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serendipity. i have been meaning to submit this to hubski


    Even simple bacteria move with “purpose” toward sources of heat and nutrition. In his 1944 book What is Life?, the physicist Erwin Schrödinger expressed this by saying that living organisms feed on “negative entropy.”

collected letters of joseph conrad on the fishing dock this evening. beautiful sky, neat topic

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a quote from lil and a quote from not-lil, please

remember that time mark zuckerberg gave like a billion dollars to charity

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    quoted as $1588 buy $2188 sell for up to $1000

(yikes? not really sure if it's fair to compare this to anything. but still)

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almost forgot about that. the various pieces really flowed together. great listen, again

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