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perhaps we have both been ponderously making our way through gwern's end of the year newsletter

or perhaps not

anyway, wolfram won me over as a writer with this post, the interest per square inch quotient was off the charts

as the war nerd once said, if we had dealt with the reality of a foreign country kidnapping americans out of our own embassy by blowing up iranian holy cities one by one, none of this would be happening right now

someone linked me this not five days ago

hic whres my baddges when ineed em

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He's a nut from a family of nuts, but also a polymath -- which is to say, the perfect person to run the Freud Archives. Psychoanalysis isn't real so who cares anyway.

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well, it's a book. but it's very engaging

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in the freud archives is a good quick read

aw shit that doesn't sound very marriageable

no one eveyr played the #$%$% walden video game

a book about the efficient market hypothesis you may enjoy: (free)

a book about the failure of financial models you may enjoy: (not free)

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this was neat thanks

that mixtape was fantastic. thank you

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