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I would say dubstep is to techno what punk was to rock. Meaning it was a logical extension of an established genre that reflected the drugs, sex and politics of the era.

dreadfulbore  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why I retired at 26.

This articulates a lot of why I have fallen out of love with professional sports. The NBA and NFL especially seem to be nothing but advertisements and highlight reels with little bits of sport thrown in between. Even MLB, and some D1 college matches are turning into over produced glitzy graphics and mind-numbing lowest-common-denominator entertainment.

I enjoy the grind and the hard work. I like the stories of how the athletes and coaches prepare, and then seeing the gritty defenders or the chess matches. I like the delay between pitches in baseball, the neutral-zone battles in hockey, and the pre-snap action in football. Slam dunks and end zone celebrations are, for me, the most boring parts of the game. I realized the NFL had gone over the edge when, during the Superbowl, they spent a lot of their slow-motion replay time showing sack celebrations and first down celebrations in HD slow-motion. The broadcast itself was an almost unwatchable display of naked commercialism and pandering. The NBA finals last year were similarly annoying.

I think this is why I have found a new love for sports like soccer, hockey, and smaller market college football and baseball. I know that pro sports is a business, no matter if it's MLS or NHL. But it seems that these leagues haven't drifted so far afield that they have forgotten the appeal of sport.