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A damn fine read. This sounds like some Real Talk, which is definitely relevant to my interests as an aspiring Prgramm- uh... Engineer.

Interval by JShih -

Blippy, sample happy indie. I recommend trying out "Lost Time" or "Annie".

buildingonfire  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I am a vigilante

You should not sticker people's cars. It would be much better to put it under their windshield wiper like an advertising flyer. This will give them the opportunity to consider how their behavior impacts others. If you're trying to educate someone, your first step should not be doing something that enrages them.

Furthermore, you don't suddenly gain the right to vandalize people's property because they are acting insensitive to the needs of others or in violation of the law.

I appreciate the renaming methodology!

There's a few really good ones, I tend to like more dramatic and graphic ones so I think my favorite is probably:

Just like the VHS, the YouTube upload turns into something beautiful! It's like a watercolor image, and the audio sounds like a burbling brook.

Very nice, thanks for that link!

This reminds me of a VHS tape I had when I was a kid. We didn’t have a lot of tapes in the house, so when I wanted to tape something I was using stretched-out, overused tape stock. One program I recorded looked so blurred and burnt that a loud buzzing noise came out of the speaker whenever a lot of red was in the picture. I remember thinking that the color information must have bled onto where the audio track belonged on the tape.