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Hahaha. This was the funniest thing I have read all day.

This could become a show "Celebrity X reading Celebrity Y's autobiography" with snarky comment breaks by Matt Damon.

Sorry for my late replies. I am hardly getting time to sit on my desktop — I don't hubski from my phone as it's a pain in the ass. I wonder if Android has a decent app for hubski at all.

Anyway... I totally agree on your views about Googled. I personally felt he dragged a bit 3/4th into the book. I hardly remember what went on towards the end of the book. But all in all it's quite insightful. I'll go ahead and get The Everything Store in my drive tonight. Gotta stack em like pancakes!

Off topic: I have been a lurker and only recently made this account on hubski to discuss books. And I love this community. A lot. I have been on Reddit since its inception. In fact I was addicted till like 4 years back for a period of year or two. Most of the site has gone to shit. /r/foodforthought and /r/truereddit are the only places worth going to, IMHO. There are some other good subreddits but most of /r/all is shit. All this means, hubski is the place to be on. I hope hubski doesn't turn out like how Reddit did. I doubt I'd have had a decent and insightful discussion on audiobooks on reddit at all. Hubski didn't disappoint. Kleinbl00 and the rest of you on this thread are awesome. Please keep this place going strong. I'll too.

Still trying to figure out setting up my hubski feed. And I have to get going with the tags too!

saved, saved, saved and saved!

Thanks for the suggestions! I have saved it and all of the others here.

I totally agree on Legacy of Ashes. It's one of those books I bring down the speed to normal.

Never used Librivox before. Except maybe once or twice randomly. But all in all I have never been impressed with it. When I am torrenting, I get all my audiobooks from a private tracker. Let me give librivox a shot and I will get back to you.

Got most of them on my drive now. Exactly what I was looking for. This list should become a sticky for Hubski haha.

I am starting with The Martian over the weekend. Excited.

I think the Ken Auletta which I am reading currently would take up a lot of time to get done with. I have had to pause and fire up Google quite a lot through this one. What's your views on Googled by Ken Auletta, which I believe you have completed.

These are gems.

Ship Breaker is one of my recent favs. But couldn't be a fan of the zombie one. Big fan of Ken Follet. Guess I have to start The Martian ASAP as I have heard a lot of good things.

Recently got done with Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. I'm new to the topic and it was just enough for me to go research a bit more. Amazing book.

I expected to see On Aggression on that list too.


I can see you talk about librivox. I personally hate that site. Specifically their library. It has never lead me to the ones I want ever. Maybe I'd learn to love it some time soon. I'm not losing hope on librivox but it's just not my cup of tea.

Speaking of torrents, are you talking about private or public. Just wondering, which private trackers(good for audiobooks) should I look for while we are talking audiobooks? Already know of Myanonamouse.

Nothing in particular. I'd love to see how your library looks like right now. Noticed that you are an avid reader.

I have followed the other two threads on here and got a good list going. Your bl00's reviews are wonderful. And in fact got me downloading The Emperor of All Maladies last week. It's sitting idle but I'll eventually get to it.

Sci-fi is my go to. But I'm trying to dive into the other leagues too.

I went through your geo-political list last week. And realized I've read some of them. Still have a long list to go through over the next few weeks/months.

Since my non fiction list is almost loaded up I'd like to see what you and the others are reading up on the fiction genre. The usual ones - East of Eden, Grapes of Wrath, Snow Crash, Anansi Boys, etc etc are all done and done. Really interested looking up at the newer ones worth reading(listening?) on the fiction front.