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Someone could probably get a fun contact juggling routine out of spheres of ice. It would be a better use for them than watering down whisky. And still not worth $1,500. But if you're going to burn $1,500 on watering down your whisky you can at least get a good party trick out of it.

The ninja stuff had almost entirely disappeared from the programming job ads they started in like 10 years ago. Now when you see one it's like seeing a 40 year old wearing his high school class ring.

You are my favorite spammer.

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UK Amazon has CDs. The US site does too, but they're $88 for some reason.

Well sure, because success is defined as "growth" and you don't get a bazillion videos of cats by charging people to host videos of their cat.

Youtube is infrastructure. Trying to monetize it by charging to watch cat videos would be even sillier. They host videos, the natural way to monetize that is to charge for hosting videos.

The intersection of people abortion laws are pandering to and people who benefit from movies filming in Georgia is not very large, and the people abortion laws are pandering to can also be pandered to by telling the sinners from Hollywood that punishing the womenfolk for having sex is more important than their money.

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I'll figure out the secret handshake if someone else comes up with the funny hat

bfv  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Bosch is trialing IoT on Ethereum

We put a blockchain in it!

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