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I'm not sure what I was expecting from that title, but somehow "we need the death penalty because otherwise we won't be able to kill Jesus if he comes back" still managed to surprise me.

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Pay stubs from the GRU?

Being a little bit arrogant is necessary. We used to joke about being able to replace managers with very small perl scripts, but most of what we do really is looking at the things people do under the assumption we can figure out the rules for the games they're playing and write programs to play them instead. That's fundamentally arrogant, but it works pretty well when it works. If we were modest a computer would still be an office worker with a ream of scratch paper. What we need is for everyone, including us, to understand that and take us with a few shakers of salt.

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If they didn't set out to build a community of all the users who were too big a pain in reddit's ass to be ignored they must have realized that's what they were doing in the first year. I find it hard to be sympathetic.

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... but things are going to get really weird when Voat is the only platform that will put up with a large minority of Republican congressmen.

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Which was what VRML was designed to support, being a 3D analog of HTML. It was modeled on Open Inventor rather than a game engine, and never got good editors, but the idea was I make a space on my server and you make one on yours and we can link them together. Something like that is a much more likely to yield science fictiony ubiquitous 3d interfaces than the Unreal engine, even though the first try didn't work out so well.

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There's no physical space everyone wants to be in either. VRML and X3D were closer to something that could be generally useful to whatever degree VR is generally useful, but both came along too soon and were dead by the time actually doing something with them was viable.

Yeah, dropped today. I haven't had a chance to listen to all of it myself yet, but I'm digging what I've heard so far.

So is generative design using a genetic algorithm to design parts like Rechenberg in the 60s just more convenient to manufacture now, or am I missing something?

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