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Hi! My name is Nataliya. I work at AventA Translation & Interpreting Company - AventA is the only company in Kiev that specializes solely in translations in both POLISH and ENGLISH. Growth in Ukraine’s economic and political sectors has led to high demand translation between POLISH, Ukrainian and English. AventA translation fulfils this demand with high quality and efficient translation services.

Interpretation and Translation is delicate job which requires more than just being bilingual. The effect of cultural differences on the languages could be a big obstacle. Hence, it requires not only the knowledge of the target language, but also its history, culture and customs as well.

At AventA we aim to provide the most skilled interpreters and translators who can overcome these obstacles. We've tested their language proficiency, area of expertise, and their communication skills, and trained them first hand. It's our motto to provide you the most qualified personnel for your needs.

We are customer driven company. Everything is prepared, developed and presented according to our customer's specifications and needs.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality translation services. The translation process does not end after the document or text is translated. Numerous quality checks are also performed by experienced editors. Minor misspellings, inconsistencies or errors in style are detected and corrected.

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