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I'm a long time lurker, and after the kerfuffle at reddit, will likely become more active here. I'm a dudeist priest. My Significant Other and I are in the early planning stages of becoming full-time RVers ([](/r/gorving) is still a daily check-in) - living and working on the road. I'm a geek. I'm a metal head. I'm tattooed I'm a photographer. I'm Ten Ninja

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Guitar. Took basic lessons in grade school music class - probably age 9.

The music teacher thought I would be good at it, so I continued on with private lessons - music theory, all that.

Dabbled in bass guitar, banjo, in my teens, too (only a select few of my metalhead friends at that time knew about the banjo...)

There were several years of never touching a guitar at all.

Now, 30+ years later I don't play everyday, but I'm not too much of a slouch, either.

My current beauty is a Washburn that a very generous friend gifted me from his own collection, after he heard me play some Deep Purple, Mason Williams, Pachelbel and other songs all across the musical gamut.

Man, I love the Washburn sound.