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Poss  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Will a world government work?

We haven't figured out government of any single country well enough to risk instituting it on a global scale.

I joined the beta, and invited over a hundred friends, made a huge song and dance to everyone i know about finally leaving facebook. I was all in on the Google hypetrain I bought their hardware, bought their stock and used all their services. Then one day out of nowhere they suspended my account, claiming my name was not a real name. I disputed the decision, and they demanded photo identification to reinstate the account.

I'll admit my name is strange, but they already had my name, bank details and home address, they knew my entire family, my work, my daily movements, my tastes and desires, everything about me. But that still wasn't enough.

For a while I tried to dispute it, to get my account back, to talk to my friends and family again. Then my Google phone broke, and it became clear that Google just doesn't do support. There isn't a number you can call, there isn't any store you can walk into or any chat line to contact them through. After repeatedly sending emails off into the ether and never receiving a reply, i just stopped caring.