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I'm a 25 year old eternal student. I never want to stop learning. I'm interested in physics, math, philosophy, psychology, education, and literature. I'm optimistic about the world and the future.

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Yeah I like that but I also discovered last halloween that large amounts of chocolate give me terrible migraines, so I guess that's my tale of heartache and woe for ya.

Nah, Marx is dumb.

It's because single people, or at least those who are single but don't want to be, don't have a choice except to observe Valentine's day. If you're in a relationship, you can make the choice on whether or not you and your significant other want to celebrate it, or if you just want to do what you always do. If you are single, you have to confront all the potential lives you could have led with all the people you could have been celebrating Valentine's day with, or you have to act stubborn and defiant and declare that you don't care about the stupid holiday and pig out on chocolate, which is really the same thing.

I mean, ultimately what I just said in that last paragraph is completely wrong, and you don't have to do anything or feel anything that you don't want to. Humans have free will and all. But you live in a society that tells you that you need to be in a relationship to be happy, and, whether or not you agree with that, if you also happen to want to be in a relationship, then Valentine's day is just a reminder letter from society that you aren't the living up to the life that you want to live.

Valentine's day is really a holiday for single people.

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Middle East's Coming War

    During the night, according to my high-ranking sources, Israel’s intelligence services had been tracking an Iranian drone that was launched by the Quds division of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the Tiyas air base in central Syria.

There's definitely a clever way to phrase this that doesn't come off like "my neighbors cousin's stepdad told me" but art is truth, I guess.

    The Dow dropped 666 points, its worst day since the Brexit vote in June 2016.

Oh never mind then. Stocks are not, in fact, on sale. No reason to celebrate. The only thing that's melting down is the cheese I just put on my chili.

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How Not to Be Replaced

Not really sure what you're looking for here, then. At the core of the alt-right, white nationalist movement is a fear that cultural marxism and overly-tolerant liberal arts professors are going to get together and destroy Western Civilization and perform white genocide. You can determine that because it's literally the shit they post about on the internet.

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How Not to Be Replaced

Richard Spencer and the rest of the intellectual core of the alt-right (the folks who got there by intellect/thinking, not saying they're smart) are terrified of something that they'll either call "cultural marxism" or postmodernism. They're terrified that people who don't want anyone to believe in anything are going to replace all the greek philosophers, renaissance artists, and enlightenment thinkers with undeserving non-white folk until everything is so intellectually dilute that nothing has any meaning and then we'll all just read Das Kapital, or something. It's a fear that's naturally borne out of academia, out of over-exaggerated fears of affirmative action and Karl Marx.

Exhibit A: The comments section of the linked article

Exhibit B: This dumpster fire... and many more

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How Not to Be Replaced

There's more than one flavor of Trump supporter. The "hillbilly" who used to have a manufacturing job who turns to white nationalism out of fear of the other is different than the educated, upper-middle class white nationalist who is actually dumb enough to believe in "white culture." The former probably couldn't give a shit about culture, and isn't the subject of this article.

    The Paris agreement requires us to limit warming well below 2 °C and to aim for 1.5 °C.

Since hopefully someone smart has done the math on this, what does this actually look like? I'm willing to believe that it's somewhat more than "continue doing what we're doing right now" and somewhat less than "kill off most of the population and live like it's the 1650s" but I don't have a good handle on the scope outside of that.

Well, I'm an idiot.

I guess now it's not just a man's responsibility to earn all the money, but also to be more marriageable </s>. Even if they, like, don't even want to get married? Not buying it. It takes some pretty deep tunnel vision to see everything through the lens of the gender pay gap, when there are so many other reasons for a marriage decline. Traditional gender roles breaking down mean that women no longer need to find a man in order to find financial stability. Repressive sexual values breaking down means people can openly live and sleep together without signing a document tying their finances together for the rest of their lives.

And more to the article's point, if you're broke, you don't and shouldn't get married, regardless of which partner makes more money. There are two practical reasons to get married: buying a house and having kids. If you'll never do the former and possibly already did the latter, then the only reason left is romanticism over the idea of marriage. And chances are your parents' marriage ended in divorce or they weren't married to being with, so you probably don't have that either.

While I don't think anyone should be working all day for less than minimum wage, I wonder who wins if we successfully push back against sites like Mechanical Turk. It's not like Uber, where an actual job that paid a living wage is being replaced with a gig job that pays basically nothing. No amount of lawsuits or lobbying is going to make Mechanical Turk give its workers minimum wage and paid bathroom breaks, it's just going to cause the site to shut down, and instead of getting paid $30 a day, all of the workers are going to make nothing and all the bad things they they needed that $30 to avoid are going to happen.

I think the bigger problem here is the economic circumstances that force people to work for these sites, rather than the sites themselves. If you work retail and they only give you 20-30 hours per week because they don't want to pay you benefits, but they also require you to be available at any time, you can't take a second job, so you're forced to do more flexible work such as filling out surveys on the internet, just to make any extra money, no matter how little it is. If you don't have any job at all, you'll spend 16 hours a day filling out internet surveys, just so you don't starve. The longer hours that someone works these jobs just shows exactly how desperate they are, but that desperation isn't cured by getting rid of their only meager source of income, it's cured by creating an economic safety net that actually works.

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