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The fact that they call it a "tweeter website account" reveals an awful lot.
The lack of a downvote button is a good thing in the short term, but it can also be a powerful tool for removing idiots from the conversation. /r/askscience for example wouldn't be able to function without one.
Marriage seems incredibly pointless to me. If you're committed to each other, great, but I don't get why you need the state to confirm this. If you get married, it should really be only for the economic benefits, and from a practical point of view, there's no reason to limit it to romantic partners.
I am. reddit has disappointed me. Modern reddit seems more about the "look at me" mentality than anything else. People copy/paste comments like it's Youtube for points. Can't count the times I've seen "shut up and take my money" by now. There's nothing wrong with memetic humour, but reddit just doesn't understand the "mutation" part anymore.