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I don't really have anything figured out but I'm okay with that.

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Regarding 5: I really wonder what the States will look like in 5 years time. Or 10. Not like, "will it be a Fallout 4 wasteland", but the mindset of the people and how the rest of the world views them.

Interesting read too - Initially when I heard about the upcoming talks I thought "yay!" - but after reading this I have tempered it with "oh dear".

Shit that's a good wee gif - I bet there was a lot going through his head very quickly there.

As well as the guy who stood up initially - a bit grainy but I reckon I could smell the fear as he glanced to Putin.

Foveaux  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you playing?

I need to figure out how to do a large farm screenshot on the Switch!

She plays on her laptop, and I used to play on mine too - I as on year 5 on Steam but only Year 2 on the Switch since picking it up. She's in England over Xmas so sends me snapchats of her farms progress, it's very sweet :)

How about you, how far in?

Hahaha shit, I'd probably just have to laugh out loud. Seems so absurd to me but such is culture differences! I hope I get to see the States one day, whatever issues it may have it seems like a wonderful place to experience.

Fuck me, that's intense and I hadn't even gotten to the video. What gun is that? It looks like what I'd use in a Call of Duty game, a SCAR or something like that.

We had some reform in NZ after the Aramoana Shooting (14 dead, our country's worst I believe?) - some firearms were reclassified to minimize the chance of them being used in that manner. A surprisingly good movie came from it too.

I guess I just don't grasp the culture around firearms that appears to be in the States. I know people who own firearms for hunting and pest control, but never for personal defence - they're always locked up and dismantled to some degree until they need to be used. Is it where people are thinking "Well someone could use their weapon against me, so I should be armed to negate that if possible"?

It both fascinates and terrifies me.

I remember panicking when I arrived in Sydney International Airport and seeing a handgun for the first time. The Police Officers there were all armed and it was so unnerving, I'd never seen a gun like that in real life.

I bet I'd shit myself if I came to the States.

Foveaux  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you playing?

My partner and I have been playing a lot of Stardew Valley - she loves how therapeutic it is and we can funnel hours into it on a rainy afternoon!

My friends are playing on a private World of Warcraft Vanilla server and I joined up for the nostalgic feel, it's so.. old! But so fun going through it all over again. Breath of the Wild still takes the cake for my fave game this year but I'm yet to finish Mario Odyssey so time will tell..

The Switch has been a good buy this year, I hope 2018 can continue!

Foveaux  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What happened to ThatFanficGuy?

Hey there! It's a bit out of the blue and a few days late but if you wouldn't mind passing on my best to him as well?

We used to message each other on Hubski and just talk about life, when he dropped off the radar I was a bit concerned but glad to know he's still out and about! I'm not on here very often but came here to see if he was still active on the site.

Anyway's, if you're still in contact with him and don't mind passing on my hello, that'd be awesome :)

I am curious about your nuke!

In a good way. I'd like to hear your take on this.

Foveaux  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Steam summer sale is upon us

Woohoooo time to add to my collection of stuff I'll never have time to play!

I can vouch for Ori and the Blind Forest. Time seriously flies and it's an absolutely beautiful piece of work.

I saw GTA V is half price but that's still $45~ in NZD and I'm unsure if it's worth that for such an old game with a hefty bit of controversy around it.

Stardew Valley - the mother of all time-sinks. 167 hours in I believe and still nowhere near done with what I have planned!

Just came back to this moment myself!

This was great to read mate, really proud of how you've developed. I think more so because you realize you're changing, not just other's perception of you. Sometimes change comes so subtly!

Happy to be of some help, even if our worlds are so strikingly different (and thus my advice not always applicable) - I'm glad just being someone to talk to and bounce ideas off gave you a helping hand.

You've always seemed like a good person, and I like that you're realizing this as well - and seeking higher things for yourself.

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