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When I read the article (haven't read the book) I came to think about two things in terms of explanations: For one, academia is a rough place. Competition about grants, positions and power is high. The battle between different methodological and theoretical schools can be fierce. I haven't heard about anonymous 30 page angry letters before, but I wouldn't say it would surprise me at this point.

The other thing could be rooted in denial. If someone presents a reality that you don't want to be a reality you could either accept it and the consequences (political for example) that comes with it, or you can deny it and try to find the faults within the description, making it void.

Ariamaras  ·  2069 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: It's time for your favorite gameshow! Reddit! Or! STORMFRONT!

This was alarmingly hard. Makes me wonder, how much is a crossover of the same clientele and how much of the reddit quotes are from people who would, if asked, distance them selves from the ideology of stormfront, denying similarities.

While I do agree that thousands of people bathing in animal poop is quite amusing (since vomiting sucks but at least it passes), I do not share his humor on this part: " Last week we had the chick who went blind because a flesh-eating bacteria jumped into her eye during a Mud Run and now she can’t see (hilarious). " - HAH! she thought she would do something fun with friends that i personally find stupid and now she's blind! Served her right! (?)

Yeah. Real funny.

Ariamaras  ·  2071 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski, redditors! Tell us about yourselves.

Hi! Im a phd student in sociology from Sweden, writing my dissertation on mental health and family. In my spare time I love reading (last couple of years I've fallen in love with scifi), traveling, diving, knitting, and recently started to host a phd-student podcast (in swedish) with a friend. I love a good discussion with differing opinions but are not a fan of heated arguing and personal attacks, which is something that many web-spaces (not only reddit) suffer from. Im curious to see what this place can offer in terms of this.