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Almost_A_Robot  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Apple Patents Page Turn

Yeah the whole software patent system is getting ridiculous it needs serious reform.

Yoko was good for John but bad for the Beatles. Also on a side note I always thought beetle was spelled like the Beatles I realized this about a month ago and it hit me like a truck.

I have a question about Revolution. Was the original the slow or the fast one? I love both but they each have a different feel.

you know what else has great guitar, Helter Skelter. I just love the energy behind it.

My favourite song has to be either Paperback Writer or Julia

Yeah they took a risk with a lot of the songs on the White Album, some are not hits but I can still appreciate Revolution as a sound collage. My favourite thing about the beatles is the stories behind the songs.

The Romans have great history and this story is one of the greatest, but yet I do not find myself all that interested in Roman history. The Greeks and Japanese really are my favourite cultures to study. I love the greeks because of the great contrast between the states of Sparta and Athens. The Japanese amazing with their warrior class and the fact that in the society that is often viewed as spiritual and honor based, there are records of people suing each other left and right over the most petty of things.

I actually do prefer the white album to Revolver, it just has such variety, from Revolution and Dear Prudence to Rocky Raccoon and Back in the USSR.

Wow thats quite the find for amatuer planet hunters. I am still hoping for a giant leap forward like a warp engine or man made wormholes, but I have my doughts I will ever see something like that with the budget NASA has.

I honestly don't think it can be done, but hey if they want to try more power to them. The game has attracted people who enjoy berating their team mates and "trolling" the other team. I say "trolling" because the meaning of the word has been diluted to simply being a jackass.

Almost_A_Robot  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: One of those days ..

Paintings like these are great to look at in passing like in a hallway or kitchen, because everytime you walk by you see something different.

Almost_A_Robot  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Step 3 Comics - New Web Comic

Also I look forward to seeing more of them around here.