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comment on: Rent, two ways · link
by: uhsguy · 823 days ago

If my tenant was wework I would repossess everything and just get rid of the middle man. If it was Ross though... much harder choice they have nothing of value and goodwill isn’t accepting anymore garbage

comment on: "Kat returns to the office." Welcome to her COVID hell. · link
by: veen · 767 days ago

Someone I know on LinkedIn pitched the idea of "park offices" - you bike or walk to your own pleasant single-unit office with a view of the forest, or the park. You build a WeWork network of them and then give big corporations discount for letting every employee from that place go there. It was just an idea and I'm not sure the economics work out but sign me tf up, man.

That aside, this whole gestures broadly is turning out to be quite the reminder of how inequal the workforce is and the consequences are. White collar have it easy, man.