Hubski: #musicHubski: #musicHubski: #music Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - GaslighterAngel Metro - Dark Days Bright LightsDawn of Ashes - The Crypt Injection II Rocknroll going online-only Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Sick BoyKlack - Addicted to LovePrimitive Warfare - Primitive Warfare Shark (doo doo do doo do doo), explained the Fall: Song I wrote and recorded over Christmas a listen! steve lil I played hockey. Please excuse the shitty drumming. Could use some bass. T-Dog, you still hang around these parts?Lyrics: An Eye for nothingYou're barely humanThe conversation isOne sided and looming"I beg to differ,"She says in passingBut the only truths areThe ones that are lasting I've seen love and I've seen loneliness Two sides of the same coinHeaven came after the fall Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Of The Static Opera- Lyssa's MetamorphosisMo'ynoq - The CollectorCaustic - Hustle and Mate more time: how repetition can turn almost anything into music get a sense of how the process works, there’s a very simple trick you can try. Ask an indulgent friend to pick a word – lollipop, for example – and keep saying it to you for a couple minutes. You will gradually experience a curious detachment between the sounds and their meaning. This is the semantic satiation effect, documented more than 100 years ago. As the word’s meaning becomes less and less accessible, aspects of the sound become oddly salient – idiosyncrasies of pronunciation, the repetition of the letter l, the abrupt end of the last syllable, for example. The simple act of repetition makes a new way of listening possible, a more direct confrontation with the sensory attributes of the word itself.Anthropologists might feel that they are on familiar ground here, because it is now understood that rituals – by which I mean stereotyped sequences of actions, such as the ceremonial washing of a bowl – also harness the power of repetition to concentrate the mind on immediate sensory details rather than broader practicalities. In the case of the bowl-washing, for example, the repetition makes it clear that the washing gestures aren’t meant merely to serve a practical end, such as making the bowl clean, but should rather serve as a locus of attention in themselves. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread year I might find a better album to play over and over the last week of the year. It has not happened yet. and The Whale - Shape Of My Heart watching a BMX video and this song was playing. I really like it a lot. Dementia - We Built This City Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Mecca - A Spectrum of Black LightsRob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire - End of the NightAethyrick - Praxis is Declaring War on Rap an hour tonight and wrote/recorded this.'s been a long time since I played some hockey. steve lil Corpse. Cannibal Corpse is the most metal. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Risks - Dead RisksRadioaktivists - Radioakt OneDeth Crux - Mutant Flesh Little Step was stuck in my head all morning. I pulled it up to listen... as it ended, I went to the tab to close it out - AND THE FINAL SHOT BLEW MY MIND.coincidence? or GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY?!?!? U, Next: Ariana, Drake, and The Continuing Acceleration of the Pop Music Life Cycle the title because this is much about more than just Ariana Grande & Drake. It's about how the pop music industry functions in harmony with "meme culture," and it's fascinating. Greta Van Fleet's "Anthem of the Peaceful Army" is stiff, hackneyed, overly precious retro-fetishism Van Fleet sound like they did weed exactly once, called the cops, and tried to record a Led Zeppelin album before they arrested themselves. The poor kids from Frankenmuth, Michigan don’t even realize they’re more of an algorithmic fever dream than an actual rock band. While they’re selling out shows all over the world, somewhere in a boardroom, a half-dozen people are figuring out just how, exactly, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are supposed to fit into the SUV with the rest of the Greta Van Fleet boys on “Carpool Karaoke.” Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Dept - Landlord (!!!)Candura - /IDivine Shade - Something Bad - Some Early Tracks 1999-2000 third favourite band turns 18 today, and they're celebrating with a playlist with some of their very early tracks, most of them previously unreleased. Plus some free downloads and discounts over at their Bandcamp. song- 'looking at pictures from 1992' Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Fight - ChemicalFront Line Assembly - Eye On YouEchtra - BardO Drum Thing, Or, A Brief History of Whiplash, Or "I'm Generalizing Here" Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Pure PollutionThe Bellwether Syndicate - RepublikEsben and the Witch - Nowhere Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread B - Disease Control (video is NSFW)Spiral Skies - AwakeningSigsaly - Entity P-Orridge Has Always Been a Provocateur of the Body. Now She’s at Its Mercy. Puppy’s cEvin Key Walks Us Through “Brap & Forth Vol. 8” Junk - I Vote Bolshevik Lite 303rd Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - In Flickers of Gwen - A song I wrote and recorded last night to this. lil steve more hockey in the Manger - Song I wrote and recorded last night free to add to this weirdness. lil, steve made some hockey Malone sucks The Mac Miller Tribute Concert (6:30 PT) - a song I wrote and recorded last night’ve been wanting to tell youIt’s hard to speak the truthI’ve been walking beside youJust watching as the scarring grewBut there’s a procedure and I’ve heardIt can grow tissue anewBut you have to have to access to the younger version of you.These triggers are getting realerThan i care to revealBut it’s hard to relate whenYour feelers cants feelI can’t feellil steve hockey Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Halloween, HubskiTSOL - Dance With MeTeenage Jesus & the Jerks - OrphansBauhaus - Stigmata MartyrForest Grove - Skull DriveMalice at 3 - The Ballad of Bruce Campbell45 Grave - Fucked by the DevilThe Vanishing - Terror, I've Been Dying To Meet YouAlien Sex Fiend - She's a KillerLydia Lunch - Black JujuJill Tracy - Evil Night Together Drexler: Tiny Desk this, but don't expect to listen to it in the background. If you understand Spanish, or read one caption, Drexler's texts (feels wrong even calling them lyrics, as pretentious as that sounds) will demand your attention. Has Collaborations with Rihanna, The Weeknd Brass Band Cover Of Tool’s “Lateralus” Is An Impressive Feat Rodríguez Trio: Tiny Desk my bajeezus this is incredible case any of you have forgotten the downright-absolutely-amazingly-talented treasure that we have in flac being on hubski... just give it a listen. The post in pubski sent me down the Flac rabbit hole and I've been on Soundcloud ever since... Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - All Mine Enemys WhispersCantique Lepreux - Paysages polaires III - a song by TNG for his Hubski homies, _refugee_, katakowsj, Foveaux, spencerflem, am_Unition, Odder, Quatrarius, keifermiller -- Thanks for the words!We've all been swimming in bad timesAnd I'm looking for some good words that I can singI enlisted the help of some good friendsTo give me some kind words that I can bringSome proclivities, rando soliloquies Sitting on the shores of Titicaca Like my days in WhakataneIt biggles was alarming This is globally charmingHow about a guitar solo?Here we go-go.. Perforation, ameliorate Cathartic pumpkin Perforation, ameliorate Cathartic pumpkin, schedule zoot, zoot, zoot Winehouse hologram to start touring in 2019 are weird. Frankly, we’re still not over that thing. Nevertheless, the public’s desire to watch a translucent avatar play their favorite songs persists, with crowds flocking to a recent tour headlined by a Roy Orbison hologram. The next star to get the treatment? Late singer Amy Winehouse, who died from alcohol poisoning in 2011 at the age of 27. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread & Punisher - BeastlandSpyn Reset - ProxyLaibach - My Favorite Things - Summer Babe (Winter Version) 90's rock...hard to beat.’s Landmark Album “The Land Of Rape And Honey” Turns 30 Best Songs in the (Fictional) Universe'm kind of digging the new VNV nation. What is wrong with me? Led Zeppelin Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Servant - Harm in HandOtzi - Hounds Petty and the Search for the Perfect Cup of Coffee that perfect cup of coffee Tom Petty served me on Malibu afternoons — every cup of Maxwell House exactly level — he could almost experience, almost feel, something he couldn’t completely get back to. That coffee, I came to believe, was his Rosebud. We were not talking about a hot drink any more than Charles Foster Kane was talking about a sled. It was really about a moment in Petty’s life when the world was in front of him, when he could feel the closeness of that kid crazy for rock & roll, before the disappointments that come even to the star’s life. We were talking about a cup of coffee, but a cup of coffee into which a world could be poured. Aznavour, French-Armenian Singer-Songwriter-Actor, Dies at 94 Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Terrors - UtopiaA Forest Of Stars - Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes America - David Byrne've posted this song many times. Always worth listening to‘The Very Top Guy in the Stasi was Personally Involved in Figuring Out How to Destroy Punk.’ Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Deathcamp & Gaylord - United Antifascist Evil I'm not sure Neckbeard Deathcamp is a joke the bears repeating too many times, but it's still funny the second time around.Single Lash - Frozen HoneyHenric de la Cour - Gimme Daggers Statements on Senate Passage of The Music Modernization Act Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The IslandPrecious Child - HollowDysylumn - Occultation Miller at the NPR Tiny Desk - Storm"Lucky You" Video Album That Plays Itself"Tristan Perich’s new album, Noise Patterns, is a dumb machine that turns data into noise into hypnotic music " Bangles & Slayer: "Walk Like an Angel of Death"“Barbie Dreams” Video - 70's Rock Must Die Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Their Tongues and Crowhurst - Burning Ad Infinitum Cocksure - Be RichA Knot of Tongues - Calm Eyes Speak of Nostalgia Li: Tiny Desk Miller Dead at 26 LOVE BMX - Song I wrote and recorded tonight (130bpm) to thislil steve Hockey Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Come On Home, StrangerCocksure - Yellow DogTrash Deity - Cross & Divide Bands Taking Black Metal to Outer Space Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Lust - Shores UnknownStreet Sects - The Kicking MuleShredder 1984 - Alaska Ma: Tiny Desk Franklin's musical genius in 2 songs - Song I made steve I played hockey' 'Greatest Hits' Overtakes Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' As Best-Selling Album of All Time in U.S. 'boomers.There aren't many bands more aggressively mediocre than The Eagles, and there aren't many compilations more aggressively bland than "Greatest Hits 71-75."Back when Spin was something you bought at newsstands or had delivered to your house, they compiled a list of "top albums owned by people who hate music." Pearl Jam's Ten was on there, as was Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. If I recall correctly, Spin observed that "greatest hits" albums would not be listed because clearly, those who purchased them hated music, QED. But fuckin' hell.Of course, nobody buys "albums" anymore. The last time RIAA tallied sales for the Eagles' greatest hits album was in 2006, when it said it was 29x platinum. Sales and streams for Thriller were last updated last year.Yeah nobody gave a shit for twelve fucking years but now the Old White Men want their say.Everything sucks now."Sit Down" - Song I wrote and recorded tonight. -Stream of consciousness. one take lyrics. Gibbard - You Remind Me of Home Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - That's The Way I Like ItASHRR - SometimesBlack Tusk - T.C.B.T’t Tell Scotty But Here’s An Oral History Of ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ in 2000, Road Trip, a movie starring Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott and Tom Green, became a bit of a sensation, making a whole lot of money off of a pretty small budget. Four years later, even though it was a completely different creative team, the raunchy EuroTrip was released in theaters billed as “from the producers of Road Trip.” EuroTrip would wind up having a higher budget and would make considerably less money than Road Trip. (It is actually very difficult to find someone who actually saw EuroTrip in theaters.)Then a strange thing happened… Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - BonetreesThou - The Changeling Prince Anthony: An Ode to Tony Wilson Mike Garry and Joe Duddell really wrote The Beatles song 'In My Life'? Math has the answer Lennon song: Eternity Gardens a grownup sucks like Saturday.. but it's only Thursday - This cheers me up a bit though Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Response - Abuse Your FreedomAstari Nite - Midnight ConversationsWindhand - Grey Garden YOUR FAVORITE ’80S BAND SAYS ABOUT YOU You know what LARPing is.OMD: You have gone to a party dressed as a dark elf.Culture Club: You have woken up under someone who was dressed as a dark elf.Ministry: You have thrown up on someone who was dressed as a dark elf.Cocteau Twins: You have spilled Zima on someone who was dressed as a dark elf. Onyeabor- Fantastic Man by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own Ryuichi Sakamoto assembled the soundtrack for Kajitsu, in Murray Hill, and what it says about the sounds we hear (or should) while we eat. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Obey - Fear and Bullets: The Tides of Sin EP and Fear and Bullets: Seven Blackbirds EP. Huge nostalgia trips, but in a good way.A Forest of Stars - Precipice PirouetteWhite Ring - Gate of Grief Bowie's first demo track discovered in old bread basket Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Candle - The AlchemistThe Ink Bats - CavesCompactor - Technology Worship probably wasn't worth the trouble of getting a copy of an album only available on physical media in 2018 though. Dead Milkmen: Stuart goobster Changing Sound of Baltimore song most reminds you of middle school? (Must be over 18 to play) Sweet Child O’ MineAlso, I may posed this question in the past. Also, also, it’s most definitely an excuse for me to listen to guns and roses. I love me some GnR from time to time.kleinbl00 lil steve ecib ButterflyEffect and anyone else... What I am most interested in is how much, if at all, your tastes have changed. of Philadelphia The Strange Magic Of YouTube's '80s Remix Culture Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Welcome to the FutureThe Column - OracleDaughters - Satan In The Wait My Way Home (A song I wrote and recorded tonight after being away from my family for work travel) want to add to this? flac, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2, kleinbl00lil, steve I played hockey.While on my way homeI passed a girlOh my, she looked like youSay, it's alright to stoke fire dreamingjust as long as the kindle is made of youI'm on my way hometo all of youOn my way homeI saw a childOh, it looked like youI'm on my hometo all of youI'm on my wayMy way home Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Beautiful RuinWarmduscher - I Got Friends Beat Bop was friends with Jean Michel Basquiat, who put up the money to produce this song. Rammellzee was an artist in his own right- of graffiti, which he considered a weaponized form of written language, and of sculpture, best exemplified by his Garbage Gods. Also did some great paintings.This beat is dope. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - ReconcileLana Del Rabies - Shadow WorldPsy'Aviah - The Great Disconnect life of illusion joe walsh Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread's Tricks, delayed since last Halloween, finally dropped. Couldn't find the album streaming anywhere, but here's the title track, BlowBy and Mind Made God. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread was a Naked City week. Didn't have time to hunt new music again. Wins $260,000 In Lawsuit Against Ex-Girlfriend Who Sabotaged Career is a gifted Canadian clarinetist, who received national attention when he was still in his teens. As a student at McGill University, he applied for a spot — and a scholarship — at the prestigious Colburn Conservatory in Los Angeles, where he would study under the famed clarinet teacher Yehuda Gilad.Only two spots open up per year, and they're seen as launching pads for elite careers: competition is fierce. Abramovitz made it to the audition phase.But in March 2014, he saw an email in his inbox telling him he'd been rejected.It was heartbreaking. He went through "some really dark, sad, angry days," he told BuzzFeed. His girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lee, another musician at McGill, consoled him.But Abramovitz's despair was born out of a lie — and Lee's comforting words were, in retrospect, "really sick," he told the site.He'd actually made it into the Colburn Conservatory. and Mormons lil This one is literally.. .for you. I love you both and I was just bored and out of ideas... PLAYED HOCKEY! :-)Lyrics:I had a student who was beating up his carhe said to me, "that he apologized fordisrupting the parking lot, he never does this normallybut its been months since he played any hockeyTNG loves lil and Steve he would do just about anything for themCanadiens and Mormons I don't know.... who I trust less Frog - A song I wrote recorded last night free to add to it, if you'd like.steve lil played some hockey. Not my best game, but fun to lace up the skates. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - RisenYob - Our Raw HeartUniform & The Body - Mental Wounds Not HealingActors - We Don't Have To Dance - atn La Tengo - Stockholm Syndrome La Tengo is the most important band in indie rock history and you can fite me if you think otherwise. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread've got nothing new this week. Been listening to a lot of Foetus Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread and Skeletons - AbductionRhys Fulber - Your Dystopia, My UtopiaRoya - Hive‘I’m Han Solo’: The Story Behind Star Wars Kinect and the Most Infamous Jason Derulo Parody of All Time Han'a Övgü (Batzorig Vaanchig) were doing drone before anybody else was How to Be a Middle-Aged Rock Star: An Appreciation of Maynard James Keenan 279th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Inch Nails - God Break Down The DoorLords Of Acid - Pretty In KinkPanic Priest - Panic Priest lady lay - Borderline Surf - Blizzard of '77 can't stop listening to this song. The first time it didn't grab me that much, but each listen thereafter has grown and grown on me. Keep catching new bits of it, and it really communicates a lot of the feelings I've been experiencing lately. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Truth is SinMissing Witness - Try HarderObsolete Models - Valley Girl Kalashnikov minor which I always find is the saddest of all keys feeling a bit out of sorts recently, so... You are my sunshine Riders on the storm Imagine - it's the official video but some images are unpleasant Bare Necessities Sesame street YMCA yearly reminder that Eurovision is happening it is as amazing as ever. WTFOMG Israel. Joke - Pandemonium never knew there was a video for this track! Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison missing's been missing about two days now. Before he disappeared he sent two tweets: "Be so good to everyone you love. It's not a given. I'm so annoyed that it’s not. I didn't live by that standard and it kills me. Please, hug your loved ones" and "I'm away now. Thanks." song: Code Blue, Pts 1 and 2 represents the final product of a duo of songs I've been working on. Posted an earlier version of part one here a while ago. Once I get this mastered, it'll be two tracks, split down the middle; break is pretty obvious.Been wrestling with how to define myself outside of work, which is emotionally draining and extremely stressful. Come home wrung out, often twitching in and out of a fight-or-flight cycle brought on by the constant stress of keeping on top of patient loads and making sure my dying people don't finish the job. Spend my days off trying to move as slowly as possible, trying to think as little as I can.All of that leaves little time for making stuff- music, art, friends, food. Been eating at me for a while. Finally took the time to put it onto paper, this is the sum total.Not always a hundred percent behind everything I put out- often a seed of doubt. But I'm damn proud of this one. Would love for people to listen. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Dildos - HerbstzeitloseCruel Reflections - TreasuresAsh Code - Icy Cold Critics Could Kill did music critics lose their ability to kill? It happened gradually. And we never quite stopped to acknowledge the sea change.Look at Pitchfork: It’s been years since the site had the kind of cultural cachet on which it built its empire. But music fans of a certain age can still rattle off the acts that landed notorious reviews and landmark 0.0 ratings—Travis Morrison! Robert Pollard!! Liz Phair!!! I’m a music fan of that age: When I first started paying attention to Pitchfork, in the early 2000s, it was at its tastemaking peak. And when it panned you, it stung. - Requiem for Hell (live in Seoul - 21 Jan 2017) you're into (East Asian?) Post Rock check out the whole gig - Including the amazing support band Jambinai who use traditional Korean instruments. - The Ghosts of Haymarket Square case you forgot.... Prince did this song in conjunction with the 1989 Batman film. 276th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - ShootAgent Side Grinder - DoppelgangerEnlia - The Void think I'm Going To Die steve played hockey. This lump in my throat Won't go away Oh man, I think I'm going to die This pain in my chest Won't give me no rest Oh man, I think I'm going to die Oh, think of the sunsets I'll miss Oh, think of every first kiss I'm not standing right I'm losing my sight Oh man, I think I'm going to die Vaselines-Son Of a Gun - Der Brandtaucher've been cutting back on #music posts since posts in general have been falling off, but OftenBen and thenewgreen both posted things that called this one to mind today and Rome always deserves more love.,016 sound effects from the BBC Library now available for free Nerd You Meet on Record Store Day Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Terrors - Now, HereElysian Blaze - The Virtue of SufferingAnne Guthrie - Brass Orchids song- Lean Years title: "Suburban White Guy Cries Into His Beer""I'm Here" -- A song I recorded tonight steve hockey You keep making your way and constantly someones gonna try and bring you down You keep holding the hand of an anchor and don't be surprised when you drown You keep measuring your moments in dollars and you're going to end up small Small here and here I'll never leave, you'll never try never try Yeah, I'm here, still here I'll go on as long as you let me You keep sleeping as late as you can and you're going to miss all of this ride You keep turning this rock and you're going to realize you wasted your time You keep measuring your moments in dollars and you're going to end up small Small here and here I'll never leave, you'll never try never try Yeah, I'm here, still here I'll go on as long as you let me Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Ring - LeprosyHaujobb - AliveVermilia - Haudoille woman cover of ghost woman blues. original was probably recorded by George Carter Land Of Maybe by thenewgreen to this. mk, lil, steve I played hockey. The phrase "there are no planned pregnancies in the land of maybe" got stuck in my head today so I came home and made this real quick. recorded in less than an hour. pretty sloppy, but the thought was documented. AT YOUR PERIL: Killing Joke 40th Anniversary Tour up your spirits mutherfuckers Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness (psst, francopoli)Vile Creature - Cast of Static and SmokeWhispers in the Shadow - The Urgency Of Now Trumpskin a song by thenewgreen steve mk I played hockey. A while back, flac posted the most beautiful song about Donald Trumps first days in office. Listen to it here: Tonight I was inspired to write a trump song titled, "Under Trumpskin." I would encourage musicians of Hubski to add to it. Here are the lyrics: I've got the whole world under my skin I'll tie the bride when you are ready to begin I swear it's no damn good To keep on wearing that hood I'll trade her in for a new foreign model I'll lick the stamp that sends her packing out tomorrow I swear it's no damn good To keep on wearing that hood When you reach for your TV guide Take note that I am on tonight I swear it's no damn good To keep on wearing that hood I'm making my way unto the peoples house And I'm aware that there is no way out Would you tell me if I made the wrong move Would you tell me if I was no longer cool I swear it's no damn good To keep on wearing that hood (epic melodic guitar solo)I don't hate this. It's been a while since I didn't hate a song I recorded. by Bobby Hebb Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Castration AnxietyNytt Land - OdalShadowlands - Posession That video makes makes goth karaoke look like a much better idea than I would have thought.'s talk about concerts was a thread on the other site talking about this, but it was too specific. So I'd like to just open it up (and I know there has been a thread about this in the past, but it was awhile ago). Share a concert memory or two.I'm also psyched because Combichrist is playing my town in June. \m/ to Injury: A song I wrote tonight thanks to mk's text - Thanks for the nod. Anyone that plays music, feel free to add to this. steve, lil I played hockey. -Miss you two. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Leaf Echo - Beyond​.​DesireThe Limiñanas - Istanbul is SleepyDead Empires - Designed To Disappear Buckley - Gypsy Woman serious jam Femmes: Good Feeling Shop Boys - West End Girls 270th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Lights OutUnreqvited - Stardust made some synthetic rain not of interest unless you have a spare '87 Yamaha TX81z lying around, but along with my rainy gifs I was making rainy sounds last week. Now you can download the patches to make them yourself. If you have a Yamaha TX81z. blue minutes first music video. Five Stairsteps: Ohh Child Brown: Every Little Step I Take - 1989 269th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Cut - TahoePaul Ion Barker - A Savage GiftClawing - Spectral Estate 268th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread DiscoLadytron - The AnimalsIAMX - Stardust Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Body - Nothing StirsStreet Sects - In Contempt Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Coffee - Bring Your FriendsHarakiri for the Sky - ArsonBasalte - Vertige Robinson and the Miracles - Tears of a Clown Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - The Math Song Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Their Tongues - Genocidal Majesty drew David Bowie John Perry Barlow, the Bard of the Internet thee well, JPB. Jones on the Secret Michael Jackson and Trouble with Today’s Pop Buy to Pull CDs, Target Threatens to Pay Labels for CDs Only When Customers Buy Them - Ultra Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Noire - DelugeEstuarine - Sic Erat ScriptumVowws - Esseff's Day- Bruce Springsteen Father's House- Bruce Springsteen [Folk] Field Recordings: Coffee and Mambo with Orkesta Mendoza Desk's underappreciated little brother.Also #songsforpabs, I think. nowaypablo. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Ideal-ISinestro - Sangue CassiaEmke - Mambo Grammys Never Get It Right we all lose our minds over who wins big at the 60th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, it might be helpful to remember that the Grammys have always been lousy at celebrating the present and even worse at predicting the future.Just look at who’s won the most-coveted Grammy, album of the year, over the past three-plus decades. Or really, look at who hasn’t: Beyoncé, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Radiohead, Jay-Z.What if the Grammy for album of the year — a prize whose responsibility to bottle the zeitgeist is right there in its name — regularly went to recordings that balanced innovation and timeliness in a way that made them widely resonant?By that measure, I’d argue that album of the year has been handed to the most-deserving artist only three times since 1980. For the other 35 years, I’ve chosen which albums should have won instead, as well as which recordings should have been nominated. There’s some crossover here and there. the Beatles! Fall singer Mark E Smith dies aged 60 Masekela, South African jazz trumpeter, dies Dumb: A Song By The New Green forgot I wrote this song. I like it. recorded with The New Green about 7 years ago. bgood79 have a listen. didn't have much time, so I recorded a song that is a little over a minute long. Why? I bought a brand new Fender Jazzmaster today. And I had to play it. I played a ton of music prior to settling in and recording this simple little ditty. lil steve - I played hockey. If anyone would like to add to it, feel free. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Camera - Haunted RiverFebruum - Do You Remember Things That Never Happened?Molly Noise - BlackNoiseMachine 88rising, East Meets West, One Viral Hit at a Time elements of Asian and Western culture. 88rising is a young entertainment company hoping to build a lasting, global brand that will outlive singular moments of virality. With influential artists like Rich Chigga and joji generating millions of views for the network, the next question for founder Sean Miyashiro and his team is how to translate that success into a long-term platform in a rapidly changing industry. Timberlake's new song is the hashtag-baiting fever dream nobody asked for nonsensical clip mashes up dystopic images into mush: Timberlake staring at TV screens plastered with topical villains and violence; Timberlake walking through what looks like a Matrix porn spoof; Timberlake crashing a group of grey sheeple praying to the almighty dollar; Timberlake waking up in Blade Runner 2049’s orange hellscape with a cute kid who tells us to “die already.” It is the hashtag-baiting fever dream nobody asked for—ridiculous at best, offensively trivializing at worst. This thing twists meaningful resistance into a hollow caricature that diminishes the very idea of protest. Yes, the world is a terrible place. But Justin Timberlake’s woke-pop brain farts will not save us. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - AtrophyDrudkh - Nakryta Neba Burym Dakhom into '80s japanese city pop discovering the classics of the genre thanks to r/listentothissort of a combination of lounge jazz, funk and synthwave. it's like their answer to george michael except way more appealing to me for whatever's an album i have on right now: here's the song i heard which made me realize i needed to do some research: here's something to look at: found my new radio station know.... radio is dead... whatever.whilst stuck in some unexpected and abnormal traffic last week... I just wasn't in the mood for any more NPR that morning... I mashed through all the presets and finding nothing but adverts, I hit the "seek" button a few times, and stopped when I heard this:which was followed by this:leading to the final track of the commute:The level of funk was exactly what I needed that morning. I programmed the station.This week, I've been listening to them almost exclusively, and they have NOT disappointed. As it turns out, the funk I heard is part of their "Funk Friday" program. On the way home today, I was treated to the following:then:followed by:then:rounded out by this as I pulled into the driveway:I really don't remember the last time I was so musically happy. It has been a REALLY enjoyable commuting week. tagging cgod because for some reason... when I hear funk, I think of you (don't read to much into that) - Armada song made learning Russian worthwhile song is called Лето ("Summer") by Зоопарк ("Zoo"), about whom I know absolutely nothing. My Russian professor in college liked to teach us songs to help us learn. While he mostly did more serious stuff (primarily by DDT, the main singer of which was a friend of his), every once in awhile it was time for something completely different.What little I've been exposed to it, I love Russian humor.(FirebrandRoaring (who can hopefully tell me if I got the lyrics wrong))SummerI'm burned like a chop [of meat]There's time, but no moneyBut it doesn't matterSummerI buy a newspaperThere's a newspaper, but no beerI go look for someSummerToday there's a session in the Lensovyet Soviet](]( for Leningrad]There'll be this and thatMaybe I'll go by?SummerAll the hooligans with their brass knucklesThey probably have some beefBut of course it's bullshitSummerNo salvation from the mosquitosAnd in the stores there's no DEETWe're all honored blood donorsSummerIt drives me from the lightQuick, a carriage, a carriage!We can go have a kvassSummerPants worn like bills [i.e. paper money]A cigarette burns in my mouthI go take a swim in the reservoirSummerI heard somewhere a little while agoThat soon a comet will comeand then we'll all die. Like Teen Spirit in a major key. Rosenstick - I Did Something Weird Last Night Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Conformity / Fall DownCaustic - American CarrionRabbit Junk - Gravity HeroAs of today it's been five years since flagamuffin posted the first weeklymusicthread berg- steal my sunshine a day Cale - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend Montreal - Everything Disappears When You Come Around some mellow Christmas beats channel is my go-to when I want something chill (he also has a Spotify playlist).'s albums of 2017 mitch is really good, although barely grime Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Machine in the Garden - ImageSlow music week again. December 8, 1813- Beethoven's 7th Symphony Premiers, The Creator's NPR Tiny Desk is Wonderful Moore - Time For Guillotines Kil Moon - Pray for Newtown years on, still don't know how to process it. Still angry about our collective inaction. Still get a thrill of anxiety every time I drop my seven year old off at school.What did those kids die for? Six year olds. Is this the world we want? Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Blighter (psst, OftenBen)Orphans of Doom - HarvestThe Wraith - Prevail Stevens - Tonya Harding (Official Audio) - YouTube ghostoffuffle, b_b, veen, flagamuffin, sounds_sound, cW you guys hear this yet? album is out: Elk Bird - Exclusion Zone and gentlemen, here it is.As some of you may have seen, I did the National Solo Album Month challenge, which formed the core of this release. The version you see doesn't technically qualify as a NaSoAlMo entry though, since I've added more material and have done some pruning/polishing to it.It has been a very important exercise for me though. Until now I've never really attempted to disseminate my personal music beyond posting a link once and a while. I've also never written so much and in so little time.Some takeaways I learned from the process: 1. Spending days writing a track doesn't have an appreciable advantage over tracks that I knock out in an afternoon in a fit of inspiration. Actually, the longer I have to spend on it, the more likely I'll end up with crap. This really shines a new light on the importance of workflow.2. I work better creatively with deadlines. Like, loads better.Dull Technical Behind-the-Scenes InfoAll the titles are references to (maybe) famous sci-fi stories, particularly ones from a certain club some of you may know.The art I hobbled together from a concept I attempted to execute, but the result wasn't especially good. Subjecting that result to various filters in gave me the basis of what I have now.Here's a breakdown of the album in musical and technical specifications, with a grid of which instruments and notable plugins were used where. Older tracks that got inserted are highlighted in blue.Lessons: I have a strong preference for F minor when writing on keys, which I knew about. Also, maybe I should throw away my guitar. Volcas are the MVPs here.My project folder for NaSoAlMo had projects 1-21. 12 of those made it to the final album. Some (like Mercer) got recorded in one pass improvisationally while others (like O, Salem) I spent weeks trying to finish, then ended up cutting half of the material.It's a relief to be wrapping this up now. I'm tired of listening to it over and over for mixing and mastering purposes right now. and Dumb Inside for ButterflyEffect Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread've got nothing new this week. Been playing a lot of Skullflower and Branes. Buckley, complex emotions and economy of words [OC] believe that some of the most effective art expresses complex emotions very simply. I write that sentence after listening to “Last Goodbye” by Jeff Buckley and in the wake of a devastating break-up. Break ups can create a complex mixture of emotions in most cases where it’s not amicable and mutual. There’s a feeling of betrayal, the persistence of an intense affection, personal doubts of one’s own self worth, the breaking down of barriers that forgiveness built and just letting anyone who will listen know exactly what shit you put up with. And for what at this point, Colleen!? Sorry. That’s sorta what I’m dealing with.
Not everyone appreciates or sees things as complex gradients bleeding one into the other so that the emotions and behavior of a person can’t be neatly categorized, the appropriate reaction being muddled. The mind of the other person difficult to empathize with, lacking the simplicity desired in order to easily digest what has been said or done. Some people want love or hate. Friend or enemy. Good and bad. I can be slow to react so I like to consider a situation or observe a person’s behavior for a while before I feel I can have some kind of insight into their thoughts or motives. The black and white thinking is more common in those prone to react quickly. Maybe? I don’t know. I don’t claim to understand that mindset but I’ve observed it in people over the years and I’m in an environment currently where I get the impression that many of those around me would rather have a catchphrase solution to any problem than hear a careful, well thought explanation of the circumstances of the situation. “Just give me the broad strokes. We all have problems and yours are not important,” is my own take away from these kinds of people so I am generally quiet until I find out who wants to listen and who wants to label and discard.
I do fail at tact but I strive for it as a rule. I can relate very closely to “Last Goodbye.” Jeff Buckley paints a tonally subtle portrait of a conflicted lover who is experiencing some of those things I mentioned that I was in the first paragraph. When someone expresses conflicting opinions to their actions, when they say, “Do as I say not as I do,” the incongruity of conflicting aspects of the personality puts off almost everyone. But conflicting emotions are humanizing. Buckley sings as a person aware of his faults, one who deeply loves the woman the song is directed at. I hear him painting the broad strokes that people want often, but he imbues them with detail through the power and also the economy of effective words he uses, offering insight into complex emotions with a handful of words.
Kiss me out of desire,
Not consolation.
You know it makes me so angry
But I know that in time,
I’ll only make you cry,
This is our last goodbye
He acknowledges in a few lines his faults and the desire of the woman he’s speaking to which implies the conflict within her as well. A kiss from consolation would come from a person with no internal conflict, one perfectly secure in the decision to walk away and doing so easily.
Other lines of the song assign blame. There are lines that accept blame. There’s a symmetry. This is human interaction, a push and pull where in most cases no party is entirely guilty or innocent. This is the conclusion reached by a mature person. This pop song in a few minutes and with few words reveals the complexity and maturity of the end of a relationship between to people who presumably are very in love but for unknown reasons have to say goodbye. The unknown details left to the listener to fill in with their own experience if they can empathize with the lyrics.
Art, as with all human interaction, is an imperfect process. The experience of the artist can’t be directly transmitted to the viewer so more modest, broader goals should be sought. With effective tact, the artist can crystallize an experience into an artifact that can be appreciated implicitly by an outside party with all extraneous details stripped. This takes different forms with song and visual art being prime examples in my opinion because they are inherently sparse or abstract. The prose of Hemingway or the advice to the writer to start as close to the end as possible are examples of this tact in longer form media. Ultimately though, art is communication and, to my mind, and attempt to bridge the gap between artist and viewer to heightened effect compared to other forms of communication. I don’t know Jeff Buckley better after one song than I would if I was his close friend, but as an artist, he’s said to me more in four minutes than he likely said to any of his friends in casual conversation. Well, most conversation. Don’t want to sell him short. But I think my point stands.
 Art unites people. Not people as a race of beings, but one human to another. Yes, individuals rally around art based on mutual admiration. But art in the forms I can think of, as it’s experienced, is a personal conversation between strangers who aren’t speaking to each other but one is communicating in an uncommon way. There is always something lost in translation, and some art, even great art, is entirely lost on some people, but the imperfection of the communication channel is never a reason to give up or strive to perfect it, it just needs to pull the right people as close to the artist as it can. Woman No Cry love this. When they sing "Everything's going to be all right" dancing in their keffyiehs, I somehow believe them. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Forget Your FineryGenevieve - Regressionism Shirelles : Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow November 22, 1928- Ravel's Boléro Premiers in Paris have certainly heard this piece of music. and Be Seen I'm 90 percent sure you linked this song a long time agoI still listen to it like once a week Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Sects - Rat JacketSoho Rezanejad - Greed Wears a Disarming FaceRitual Veil - Wolf in the Nightedit: Just came across Gravetrails. I had no idea spaghetti western black metal was a void that needed filling, but it was. week ago I did not know this genre existed and now everything is different for me.'m driving about SF in a black Charger feeling it.Credit to ecib for pointing me to this video. May & The Dubliners Geantraí na Nollag in the hell did I not know that Imelda May sang with the Dubliners? Grabbing the whole playlist to convert to MP3 right now. Vans Warped Tour Will End After Next Year Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Swain - TerritorialSeeming - Talk About BonesConcrete Lung - Fumes - Petit Biscuit listening to this album on repeat all day. Perfect mix of upbeat and chill vibes for getting through the day. Jackson: Human Nature [a cappella] - 1982 Cole of Dead Moon passed away at 69 years of age. They were great, have a listen. Moon was an American punk rock band from 1987 to 2006, formed in Portland, Oregon, United States. Fronted by singer/guitarist Fred Cole, the band also included bassist Kathleen "Toody" Cole, Fred's wife, and drummer Andrew Loomis. Veterans of Portland's independent rock scene, Dead Moon combined dark and lovelorn themes with punk and country music influences into a stripped-down sound. Fred Cole engineered most of the band's recordings and mastered them on a mono lathe that was used for The Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie". Their early records, such as In the Graveyard, were released on the Tombstone Records label, named for the musical equipment store Fred and Toody operated at the time. Soon they caught the attention of the German label Music Maniac Records, and toured Europe successfully. Not until the mid-nineties did they tour the United States. Much of their following was in Europe.Dead Moon had a huge influence on the Portland music scene, but they never met much international success. They recorded tons of bands and pressed the records in glorious mono themselves. It was a great way to get your music out on the cheap.éad O'Conner: Nothing Compares 2 U - 1990 of the best songs. November 6, 1854- Composer John Philip Sousa is born have definitely heard his music. The US President's music, Songs from Monty Python, etc. Apprehension Engine you'll think this is interesting too.. Behind the Music A team that encourages an environment where you feel comfortable in failure, will enable you to thrive Mick Gordon talks in details about making the DOOM soundtrack.The easter eggs are really fun. progress part of National Solo Album Month: Low-effort vaporwave track part 2? goal is to go from zero-to-album in one month. Today is day 6. Here's a mostly-complete snippet that is in a similar vein to something I posted previously. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Post SelfBlush Response - Serpentine Heidecker Announces New Album of Trump Songs: Too Dumb for Suicide era political music is finally upon us. - Halloween Remix - Future Islands Up - Cameo your hands in the air like you don't care't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong - Kooper/Bloomfield Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Camera Ft. Covenant - Sky CollapseSpectral Voice - Eroded Corridors of UnbeingOdonis Odonis - Nasty Boy Mac: Rhiannon - 1975 Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody - 1987 How 'Bout Us - 1981 Lisa & Cult Jam: Head To Toe - 1987 Lisa & Cult Jam: Lost In Emotion - 1987 Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - RescueSnuttock - WhyPrimitive Race - Take It All Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Horses - ComeEkin Fil - Ghosts InsideSleep Cycle - 13 Deep Cuts it. & Masego - Tadow't stop listening to this lately. FKJ as a whole is kind of hit or miss for me, Masego's got beautiful vocals but very strange taste in beats. artists on their favorite Tom Petty song the Lion - I am Always the One Who Calls and Rosie Gaines: Nothing Compares to You Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Man - CausticWinter Severity Index - KatabasisThe Birthday Massacre - One Echolocations album by Andrew Bird song should sound familiar. thenewgreen made some vaporwave crap learned about gated reverb and downloaded a TR-909 plugin then... well, you have to make vaporwave then, right? One - Tom Petty music world lost one of the best songwriters of the past 40 years. This is among my favorite songs that he wrote, and feels right for the evening. Petty, Rock Iconoclast Who Led the Heartbreakers, Dead at 66 Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music (psst kleinbl00)Cyanotic - Tech Noir's Dream — analog synth/DIY kit's been a lot of Blade Runner fawning and emulation going on. I also made my own contribution to it recently:I've also been developing a fetishism for all things synthesizer, and this makes a nice intersection of those two things. On top of it, as a DIY kit, the thing is really affordable. I've been eyeing the PAiA fatman for a while. Now it has some competition too. Shauf - "Quite Like You" Mike- Reagan SONGS THAT ENCAPSULATE HOW YOUR DAY WENT. it work or school or $ACTIVITY Unlikely Return of Cat Stevens has taken some time for me to think clearly about what it was like to be at that show. What happened there was more than just a good concert given by a group of well-rehearsed, talented musicians, backing a pop icon on a comeback tour, though it was partly that. It was more than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as a sold-out crowd sang along to songs that many (including myself) never expected to hear played live again, though it was partly that, too. Without resorting to hyperbole, being there, for me, was an unexpected catharsis, something like seeing a ghost. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Object Of SubversionChelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spin doesn't seem streamable anywhere yet, but presumably will be after the release. Check back next week.Lacrimosa - Nach dem Sturm 500 - Ceremony, kleinbl00, flac, whoever. How the hell do you think you can go about emulating that kinda tone using a solid body Stratocaster as opposed to an ES-335? I'm thinking Big Muff EQ ???Outsourcing to Hubski because I'm seriously struggling to get this to sound right, though my EQ battery is dead. Definitely have the same one Dean owned at some point (Boss GE-7). is a picture of Georgio Moroder at the turntables at the age of 77. The article almost doesn't matter. without it you probably didn't know that he did a cover of Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" with Britney Spears on vox.This isn't that. Wrote And Recorded This Tonight steve - I played hockey. Skates are a bit dull and rusty Over Yonder in the Minor Key -- The Song in My Head This Morning -- and Yours? took me a while to figure out what was humming in my head: a tune, over and over again... what was it? Then a few words came back to me, and gradually I realized it was this song, lyrics left by Woody Guthrie, put to music by Billy Bragg and Wilco. Then I remembered Hurricane Irma, and wondered if my subconscious was lingering way over yonder, in the Keys, both major and minor. (If you've never heard it, this is a gorgeous, haunting song.)Do you wake up with songs bouncing around in your head, hubski? Rivera & Shine Delphi - "Where you Been?" Heads - Once in a Lifetime short atmospheric music piece I made while back, I saw this post on the music in Blade RunnerWhich inspired me to pull out my Volcas and try to make an 80ish synthscape. It's just a short little thing but I like where it's going. I sat on it for a while and then just slapped some finishing touches on it today. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Wailing Jennys- Swing Low, Sail High - Sun Ra, Uhura, George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, and Missy Elliott September 8, 1841- Antonín Dvořák have certainly heard his music as the "New World Symphony" is part of the default hold music rotation in most Cisco phone deployments.His Hungarian Dances are phenomenal.His Cello Concerto made me realize that I love the cello. Young - One of These Days of these daysI'm going to sit down and write a long letterTo all the good friends I've knownAnd I'm going to tryAnd thank them all for the good times togetherThough so apart we've grownOne of these daysI'm going to sit downAnd write a long letterTo all the good friends I've knownOne of these daysOne of these daysOne of these daysAnd it won't be long, it won't be longAnd I'm going to thankThat old country fiddlerAnd all those rough boysWho play that rock 'n' rollI never tried to burn any bridgesThough I know I let some good things goOne of these daysI'm going to sit downAnd write a long letterTo all the good friends I've knownOne of these daysOne of these daysOne of these daysAnd it won't be long, it won't be longFrom down in L.AAll the way to NashvilleFrom New York CityTo my Canadian prairie homeMy friends are scatteredLike leaves from an old mapleSome are weak, some are strongOne of these daysI'm going to sit downAnd write a long letterTo all the good friends I've knownOne of these daysOne of these daysOne of these daysAnd it won't be long, it won't be longOne of these daysOne of these daysOne of these daysAnd it won't be long, it won't be long 243rd Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Gods - Sleep MachineDead Woman's Ditch - Seo-Mere SaetanCavernlight - As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache Beta Band - Dry The Rain Is And What Should Never Be - YouTube Bats- Rainbow Sign Shauf - Quite Like You This Be Love - Jimi Hendrix Sisters of Mercy - Floodland another thing Millennials are killing: electric guitars Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Cold WarArgh - Wonderful LifeGrigax - Life Eater that song where Prince says 'Hecka'?'s good though. Plus uncredited Sheena Easton. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread (accidentally?) made a great playlist over the last week.Sieben - Rite Against The RightNull Device - All You Fascists Bound To LoseInformation Society - We Don't Need This Fascist Groove ThangPop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander takes issue with having to play to a backing track from a reddit thread on concert meltdowns. The context is apparently that the band was told only Kurt's vocals would be live, and everything else would be pre-recorded. And, well, they decided to modify their performance a little. Jones and the Philosophy of the Groove conversation, Jones’ demeanor is curious and enthusiastic. As he tears crumbs from his breakfast pastry, his eyes never wander or disengage. He asks me questions about my hometown in the Bay Area, about Ohio Players album covers, about college. We discover that we share an alma mater, New York University. At 23, Jones is a nimble thinker on the fly, and his versatility enables him to effortlessly traverse a wide swath of topics—from the fine art of burrito rolling to police brutality.These talents and idiosyncrasies translate to his music. For a young artist, his voice and cadence are extremely polished, and he is just as comfortable allowing a beat to fill space as he is moving through stanzas in double-time. But perhaps equally impressive is how emotionally and intellectually transparent his work feels. He processes the world around him through a deft use of timbre and twang. times of racial disharmony I like to watch this performance by Oscar Peterson and Andre Previn a website that lets you search an artist to find related ones. case the title was confusing, this is a site that lets you input the name of a band or artist and then will show a sort of web of related artists, with a distance based on how likely people are to enjoy both artists.I first discovered it a loooong time ago, probably back when I still watched Vsauce, then forgot about it a week later. I thought of it today and decided to track it down. It's not always 100% accurate (Adam Lambert was closer to Rihanna than Destiny's Child) but so far it's done a good job. This is how I first found the Morning Benders and Phantogram. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Deep Calleth Upon DeepHeinali and Matt Finney - How We LivedKMFDM - Hell Yeah They Mean song covers it pretty well:What they mean when you say "crazy.".What they mean when you say "heartbreak."What they mean. August 12, 1644-Composer and Violinist Heinrich Biber is born was one of the most important composers for the violin in the history of the instrument. His technique allowed him to easily reach the 6th and 7th positions, employ multiple stops in intricate polyphonic passages, and explore the various possibilities of scordatura tuning. He also wrote one of the earliest known pieces for solo violin, the monumental passacaglia of the Mystery Sonatas. During Biber's lifetime, his music was known and imitated throughout Europe. In the late 18th century he was named the best violin composer of the 17th century by music historian Charles Burney. In the late 20th century Biber's music, especially the Mystery Sonatas, enjoyed a renaissance. Today, it is widely performed and recorded. Lamar: The Rolling Stone Interview bills nor advancing age can dim the glow of a drummer's dream Hungarian octogenarian they call “Cool Cat” is old school in his respect for the art and the audience. Before his gig, Hideg showers and shaves, puts on a suit, cinches the tie and arranges the pocket square hanky just right, like one of the pros in the big bands he once saw in the movies.“I love getting ready, I love carrying the drums, I love setting them up, I love everything about it,” Hideg tells me. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread new this week. Been playing a lot of Android Lust and The Machine in the Gardenörhead - Heroes Sextet Tour Highlights steve's request, here are the highlights from the recent The Sextet tour- The first day we drove 15 hours with plans to camp in Sinclair, WY (our first show was the following night in Boise). We passed through Denver where we met with steve. He took us to a killer burrito spot and bought lunch for the whole crew, which was extremely appreciated. Also learned steve dislikes being called "boss." When we arrived to our campsite we were happy to see we were the only ones there. It was right next to a river with a nice rock structure and the sky was so clear at night we saw the Milky Way - perfection. As we were unpacking our tent a roadrunner was squawking loudly but we paid it no mind. It was as we started the fire that we realized the roadrunner's nest was in the fire pit. We immediately moved the eggs to another location, but at that point it was too late. We took a moment of silence to mourn. - Hempfest was exactly as you can imagine, a hazy high blurred memory. The band before us was West-Coast-Indie-Funk-Chili-Peppers-esque Shwazy Train and they were the chillest dudes you can imagine. If you're reading this Elliot, "crunchy." The band after us was a group from Reno named Lizano. Their guitarist was interesting. Imagine Bradley Cooper as Ben Stiller. The band after Lizano didn't show up so we ended up doing a group jam for hours. 11 people on stage at once. A dispensary with a booth threw joints at us and at one point everyone on stage was smoking simultaneously. Again we saw the Milky Way.- Redding, CA was an unexpected blast. We rolled up to the unassuming venue, a bar with a stage. Mind you we had played in Portland the previous night to a packed house at my favorite venue in town where I had given countless hugs to old friends (and met flac!). At this point we had really felt we were on the downhill of the tour. How mistaken we were. It was as if the entire town of Redding had come out to see the show - the house was packed. And as any musician knows this only increases the energy of the music. It was as the drummer and guitarist were setting up a groove that I remembered I forgotten to book us a place to camp/sleep/crash that night. On a whim I asked the audience for a suggestion of a place to camp and then joined the groove Fritz and Pete established. After that set FOUR different people came up and offered us their home. We ended up staying with Tiger and Bob who lived 30 minutes into rural Northern California. We smoked a ton of weed, danced to Little People, and played with their dog. TigerBob was trying to go hard and offered us whiskey and that's when Fritz and I decided to set up hammocks out back and fall asleep under the stars. For those keeping track, Milky Way sightings: 3- We spent the day after our gig in LA exploring the town and camped at Joshua Tree that night. I was the only one of the guys who had been before so you can imagine their astonishment at seeing those other-wordly trees. The next day we'd be in AZ where they aren't too fond of the devil's lettuce. That night we smoked a lot of marijuana and watched the Milky Way.- The last gig of the tour was in Dallas and we could not have asked for a better situation. The gig was at the Free Man Cajun Cafe in the hip district of Deep Ellum. The venue hosted live jazz every night from 7-10 so there was built-in crowd. The music was killing, the place was packed, and afterwards we went club hopping and danced our asses off. There are other stories, but these are definitely the highlights. August 1st, 1981- MTV begins broadcasting's effect was immediate in areas where the new music video channel was carried. Within two months, record stores in areas where MTV was available were selling music that local radio stations were not playing, such as Men at Work, Bow Wow Wow and the Human League. MTV sparked the Second British Invasion, with British acts, who had been accustomed to using music videos for half a decade, featuring heavily on the channel. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Measures of Violence in TimeLaibach - Vor Sonnen-AufgangCouch Slut - Contempt, the Creator Is Ready To Let You Into His World a song or two like the king me, bitch lead single “Who Dat Boy” exempted, Flower Boy is a collection of some of the gentlest, prettiest, most complete music he’s made to date. On some level, it’s the opus he’s been chasing since he was eating cockroaches and hanging himself in music videos. He matches his wide-eyed enthusiasm for confusing sounds with better discernment about where those sounds should go. He talks cash with an emotional openness that suggests the McClarens and Teslas and other luxuries he can finally afford cost more than just the money he paid for them. There are better, more interesting questions asked and answered than “is Tyler, the Creator gay or what?” Voltaire - Spies in the Wires and Sebastian - We Were Beautiful [New] I don't like the drumming but do like the chorus a lot... What Makes John Bonham Such a Good Drummer?'s your karaoke jam? have a karaoke party to go to this Friday. What's the ideal song to choose? Per our determination, it should make your head nod with the beat, should be well known and short. If your head doesn't bob but rather you sway, it's too chill. If it's a deep cut or too obscure people tune out. What do you think? What should we sing?What was the last song you sang at karaoke? 237th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Steal - Burning OutLydia Lunch & Cypress Grove - Under The CoversWolves In The Throne Room - Born From The Serpent's Eye Bennington Hangs Himself - Dead at 41 Franti - Rock the Nation really dig this song, though I don't agree with the solutions, the problems are real.We livin' in a mean time and an aggressive time A painful time, a time where cynicism rots the vine In a time where violence blocks the summer shine Lifetimes, go by in a flash In the search for love, in the search for cash Everybody wanna be some fat tycoon Everybode wanna be on a tropic honeymoon Nobody wanna sing a little bit out of tune Or be the backbone of a rebel platoon It's too soon to step out of line You might get laughed at you might get fined But do you fear me when I say I feel pain everyday When I see the way my friends gotta slave And never get ahead of bills they gotta pay No way no way! Some make a living doing killing Colombian penicillin Some are willing to play the villain they just chillin' To pass the time, pass the information Or pass the wine Pass the buck or pass the baton But you can't pass the police or the pentagon The I.R.S. or the upper echelon I think it's time to make a move on the contradiction [Chorus] Bom-Bom, rock the nation Take over television and radio station Bom-Bom the truth shall come Give the corporation some complication! This is the dawning of our time I say it one more time To emphasize the meaning of my rhyme To rise above all the dirt and grime Add the right spice at the right time Fuck the constitution Are we part of the solution or are we part of the pollution Sittin' by and wonderin' why, Things ain't the way we like to find them to be, to be For you and for me the people over there and the ones in between Check our habitation are we a peace lovin' nation Peace lovin' nation I have a reasonable doubt I think I'll just spell it out There's no need to scream or to shout The N.R.A. just bought a man's soul Then he jumps up and shouts gun control The government says that killin's a sin Unless you kill a murderer with a lethal syringe So I ask again "are we peace lover's then" Some of them slang guns when they six years old Some of them end up in some six foot hole This whole damn place seems to, lost control So I raise my voice before I lose my soul [Chorus] This is the way I'll express my feelings Vibe revealed and revolved spinnin on a record y'all Try to confiscate take what I communicate with It's ancient gift of the lip steady creating Activating passion vocal vibrations to the blind plus the seeing Human doesn't mean just being Be coming don't believe it just belife it Belongings or beloved rehearse it or recite it While shining drop your guns and move your tongues Battle motivation in no time lyrics come Sometimes fun others run their mouth or away My mind comes beaming like an early sunray One day we'll get the picture and all combine Less the talking bout mines is mine and become one mind Every piece of the puzzle has its place To build the piece of the puzzle called the human race Taking it long enough we crush the formal journalistic Dyslexic critters talk backwards to rap words I'm sure raising my hands with questions and demands Statements and a plan with a map of the land [Chorus] - Glamour Girl 1941 (Full Album) - YouTube - feel free to add vocals, or anything else have someone staying in our guest room so I couldn't sing tonight. Or play acoustic. Feel free to add something if you'd like. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - VoidDrudkh - The Night Walks Towards Her ThroneMelvins - A Walk With Love & Death with an ax arrested in Medford after demanding Kiss 108 play Insane Clown Posse Boston reports, via Universal Hub, that police took a man into custody Monday (July 10) afternoon after a tense two-hour standoff inside the parking lot of the Kiss 108 studio in Medford. The man was arrested around 4 p.m., but not before going to the iHeart radio station earlier in the day and telling a secretary they needed to play “My Axe” by ICP. 235th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Numan - My Name Is Ruin (paging kleinbl00)Cretin Dilettante - Gambling ManGeometric Vision - Apocalypse Queen as scared by TNG song I've recorded in a while. flac, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2, lil, steve I played hockey. Order: Round and Round - 1989 Post some German music.'s Saturday night (here) why the hell not? Shauf : The Party for the intro sounds_sound. Really liking this album!> Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Eden House - Songs For The Broken OnesTransuranic Heavy Elements - The Flamin' Prophets of a New DawnS S S S - There Is No Us guys I know just released their first album, and it's pretty dope thought I'd share :) Bandcamp: and recorded this simple tune tonight. over two weeks since I've picked up an instrument to play. This is what happened. Feel free to add to it if you'd like. May be a bit sappy and simple, but there is room for improvement. flac, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2, lil, steve I played hockey. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread was too busy to listen to much new this week. Been playing a lot of 3rd and the Mortal, Eyehategod and Autumn's Grey Solace. Blue EP just released an EP on Bandcamp! I'm really excited about this. I've been teaching myself everything from playing the instruments to recording, mixing, and then mastering, and it feels really good to have something tangible result from it. Check it out and let me know what you think![Hip-Hop] "Big Fish Theory" by Vince Staples is out!!!!! it's weird! on Fallon, 'Redbone' was told Prince was dead Meetup and his band were passing through town - and though we couldn't hang for long, we got to break bread and have a few laughs. This is me buying CD 001 and 002 of a special run of prints he made just for the tour... Ok... They're just regular CDs, but They're mine! Actually... I bought two so I could share one with someone at hubski. Go check out his band and if you can't make it to one of their shows but you love their jazz like I do - leave a comment below - first Sextet lover gets the disc!God speed BLOB and friends!!! Industrial (club mix) ON TOUR! band The Sextet is hitting the road Wednesday. The following is our itinerary, it'd be awesome to see some of you :)June22 - The Reef, Boise ID23 - Hempfest, Oakland OR25 - The Goodfood, Portland OR26 - The Dip, Redding CA27- The Escondite, LA29 - The Listening Room, Phoenix AZJuly1 - Free Man Cafe, Dallas TX Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Gods - Moral CrusadeLingua Ignota - All Bitches DieAmerican - Visions of Great Faith and the Skeletones - I Was A Human Bomb For The FBI June 11, 1964- Composer Richard Strauss is born have definitely heard his music before. Enjoy the following few hours of background music. excuse this advertisement everyone,I'm going to repost what I posted on facebook to here, with all apologies.Hey Everyone,I'm looking at ways to make extra cash in anticipation of my move to Toronto for the coming school year. With that in mind, I am offering music transcription services.Do you have handwritten or manuscript scores that you would like digitized for ease of reading or for posterity? do you have a personal edition of a favourite piece and would like a clean copy with your own articulations, bowings, slurs etc added in?This is a service I can provide for you, whether it be a solo instrumental part or a fully orchestrated piece. Rates are to be decided on a piece by piece basis depending on complexity and amount of minutiae required (alternative bowings or different notes from conflicting editions for example).If you are interested, or know someone who might be? Please contact me (or have them contact me) via Personal Message (PM) Thanks everyone, and please pass this along! Basically, I'm not working at my restaurant job anymore. I pissed off one of the owners (I refused to lie and say everything was great, basically), and while I'm also doing audio transcription right now through Rev as well as teaching music lessons, I need to make more cash to make my move to Toronto for my program more affordable. So, i'm hoping I can use one of my other skills to get things going. If you know anybody who would need a service like this, please send them my way.thanks, everyone.'sp00ns - First song I've recorded in months. wrote/recorded this tonight. Please add to it. The percussion was recorded with a loop pedal by me and my kids. No click track, so it's probably all over the map tempo wise. It's wide open in spots. flac, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2, kleinbl00lil, steve I played hockey. mk, thought you'd appreciate the title.SignalingI don't want to waste my lifeDriving a car because the signaling is rightI don't want to have to think twiceAbout telling the world that I have a pregnant wifeI don't want to die just to say that I livedDon't want to peel the wings off just to say I didI don't want to hurt just to prove that I'm realThis signaling has no appealI don't want to close my eyesDrive over bridges that are always on fireI don't want to move so fastThat even the biggest moments fly right pastI don't want to die just to say that I livedDon't want to peel the wings off just to say I didI don't want to hurt just to prove that I'm realI don't want to waste my lifeSignaling that everything is fineI don't want to close my eyesSignaling that nothings worth my timeI don't want to signalI don't want to sig- no Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Das Nachtlied ISidewalks and Skeletons - The VoidZola Jesus - Exhumed Staples, Regular Genius - Satoshi Nakamoto shared this with mike. He told me to share it with all of you. The Cure - Faith (live, Rome, Italy, June 4, 1989) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Soundbyte - DescendingRow of Ashes - Let The Long Night FadeThe Holy Circle - The Holy CircleHorskh - Gate King Cole - Stardust Elgar's Enigma to perform reinterpretation of 1994 album, offers original album as free download - Pollinator'm blown away by Blondie's new album Pollinator. Absolutely everything you could possibly want from a new Blondie album. Solid songwriting and catchy tunes, well that's a given. They're proudly wearing their heritage on their sleeves - that opening of Long Time holy fuck is that Heart of Glass Part 2! - and modernising their sound appropriately. *Highlights - difficult to say as I've only listened to it a couple of time. I haven't absorbed it yet, but so far...1. Already Naked2. FragmentsDamn, seriously maybe the whole album are the highlights. This has made my musical year so far.* By sound I meant the music and instrumentation. The mix is way too LOUD - in the loudness war sense, but I guess it has to compete against modern releases and we're doomed in that respect. Dresden Dolls - Sing Rex - The Queen of Hearts this out thenewgreen. and Rah-Rahs: a review of Bruce Springteen's autobiography, Born to Run Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Hell YeahGhost Twin - Plastic HeartAnthesis - The Age of Self Cloudz - Downtown Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky Surfers - Pepper Trick - Surrender May 24th, 1941. Bob Dylan is born. May 22, 1813- Richard Wagner is born is no way that you, living in a Western nation, have not heard his music. May 23, 1910- Artie Shaw is born his career, Shaw had a habit of forming bands, developing them according to his immediate aspirations, make a series of records and, almost just as quickly, disband them, as if his fundamental task of the moment was completed or perhaps he just got bored with what was becoming a routine. Either way, he generally did not stick around long enough to reap their success by touring and playing the band's hits for audiences who were more than eager to see and hear him and his band. Following the breakup of what was already his second band in 1939, he rarely toured at all and, if he did, his personal appearances were usually limited to long-term engagements in a single venue or bookings that did not require much traveling, unlike many bands of the era that traveled great distances doing seemingly endless strings of one-night engagements. It should be noted that apart from his interest in music, Shaw had a tremendous intellect and almost insatiable thirst for intellectual knowledge and literature. During his self-imposed "sabbaticals" from the music business, his interests included studying advanced mathematics, as cited in Karl Sabbagh's The Riemann Hypothesis. At the height of his success, Shaw's first interregnum, was met with disbelief by booking agents. They predicted Shaw would not only be abandoning a million-dollar enterprise, but that nightclub and theater owners would sue him for breach of contract. Shaw's offhand response was, "Tell 'em I'm insane. A nice, young American boy walking away from a million dollars, wouldn't you call that insane?" (As told to Tony Palmer in an interview for the "All You Need Is Love" TV documentary on the history of popular music.) - Skirmishes for Diotima Halen: Dreams - 1986 Blue Angels. 228th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - NalumbanetJFK - The Scythe High Lonesome Sound Division: Disorder - 1979 Ian.steve Cornell dead at 52 Cornell of Soundgarden, dead at 52 is my favorite Pink Floyd song. What is yours? Flash Talks the "Theory" of Being A DJ, the Beginnings of Hip-Hop great talk, Flash getting into the real nitty-gritty technical aspects of how he created his style of DJing. Ignore the shitty hosts.The fun part starts about 13 minutes in, demo starts at about 43 minutes in.Also, I'm on a bit of a hip-hop lecture binge, I'll post some more videos like this in the comments. Chainsaw - Hope Your Dreams Come True Eerie - Real Death - YouTube, _refugee_. I thought this was one of the most beautiful and sad songs I've ever heard. The lyrics are amazingly candid. Just thought you two would appreciate this. Apparently, he wrote this after his wife died. I'm sure you'd gather as much from the lyrics. Jojo Mayer | Set the Tone (Performance) - YouTube Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Christ Hammer3Teeth - Away From MeRelic - Pulse Code MiseryFrom Apes to Angels - New Skin Reed - Satellite of Love Banana - A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive? honestly just really liked that interactive layout. latest track - a remix the guys who run label that it's my goal to get on host a remix contest every time they release one of their own albums.I hadn't done a remix for ages so thought this was great opportunity. The label really prizes individuality so I completely reinvent the track in my own style. It basically sounds nothing like the original, but I did try and keep some of its feature intact. It also turned out as bit more of a techy sounding piece than my other recent compositions.I didn't win but I did manage to get an 'honorary mention' as one of their favourites. What's more, they said they'll be keeping an eye on the honorary mentions for potential future releases on the label. So that's cool.Here's the original for comparison:flac"Making it" as a modern touring band just finished a 28-day tour. We played 24 shows in 23 cities around the United States. It was awesome: Nataly crowd surfed for the first time ever, we sold just under $100,000 in tickets, and we got to rock out with people we love for a full month. We sold 1129 tickets in San Francisco at the Fillmore. I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life.One question that our fans repeatedly asked us was “what does it feel like to have ‘made it’ as a band?” Though it’s a fair question to ask of a band with a hundred million views on YouTube, the thought of Pomplamoose having “made it” is, to me, ridiculous.Before I write another sentence, it’s important to note that Nataly and I feel so fortunate to be making music for a living. Having the opportunity to play music as a career is a dream come true. But the phrase “made it” does not properly describe Pomplamoose. Pomplamoose is “making it.” And every day, we bust our asses to continue “making it,” but we most certainly have not “made it.” Photography of Lux Interior: Camera Man of The Cramps Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Twin - Saturn Swallows the SunThe Ruins Of Beverast - Exuvia Mitchell - Heartaches by The Number Growlers - Dull Boy manion's june gloom May 3, 1729- Composer Forian Gassmann is born Riggins - Alone Together [2012] Romantics - Everybody's Trying to Steal Your Heart came up in my spotify recommendations and I got really into it. - OK Computer Special 20-Year Edition with 3 new tracks - Entirely Different Matters Killing Joke - May Day May 2, 1754- Vicente Martín y Soler, the Spanish Mazart, is born have probably NOT heard his music, which is sort of a shame. Very similar to Mozart with slightly different tempos and use of horns. And another brilliant guy who died way too young. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - holeintheheadHate - NuminosumVoight-Kampff - Victim of Desire April 28, 1948- Igor Stravinsky conducted the premier of his American ballet, Orpheus at the New York City Center. you have not heard Orpheus before (you probably have) the piece of his music that you most definitely have heard is Rite of Spring.And just for fun, one of my favorite pieces of music. I had a math teacher back a million years ago that was from a Russian Jewish family that bailed out of the USSR in the 30's before WWII and he introduced me to Stavinsky. This is one of the first things he shared. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - ShutdownCrisis Actor - Slave New World recent interview with Dylan influences too – they get swallowed up, get absorbed into newer things or they fall by the wayside. I don’t think you need to feel bummed out though, or that it’s out of your clutches – you can still find what you’re looking for if you follow the trail back. It could be right there where you left it – anything is possible. Trouble is, you can’t bring it back with you, you have to stay right there with it. I think that is what nostalgia is all about. snare drum made to the order of Aphex Twin Beta Band - Dry The Rain Lamar - DNA. (M/V) 223rd Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread't hear anything new of note this week. Been listening to a lot of Sex Gang Children and Battle of Mice Guest - Oh Devil, Devil, I know you're afraidSometimes it's hard to learn from all your mistakesOh, Devil, I'm glad that you cameGuess I should learn how to live because you won't go awaySomeone's calling for meSomething's calling for me, againOh, Devil, I'm back for a while'Til I pick up the phone, look for your number and dialOh, Devil, I'm in my own hellAnd deep inside I'm sure I got here all by myselfSomeone's calling for meSomething's calling for me, again[hip-hop] Placing bets on whether or not Kendrick drops a 2nd record by Sunday night. Check description.'ll offer 2:1 bets on a drop on Sunday in my favor.If it drops, I'll take 1:2 bets on the album being titled NATION.I'll consider any other bet offers surrounding a second album this weekend! I'll also bet on Anthony Fantano review scores. Cash - After Taxes Lamar - DAMN. do you all think? Jackson: I Want You Back: Vocals Neural Parametric Singing Synthesizer Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody Young with Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [1969], what is your cathartic song? tried listening to "A Crow Looked At Me" again today. Like the last three times I tried listening to that album, I couldn't get past the first song. It's not because the song is bad, no; in fact, it's because of how great the first song is at what it's trying to do. I don't want to turn this into some kind of sob story, but I'm very familiar with the topics raised in ACLAM. I lost my grandmother to cancer late last year, and my mom five years before that. I usually have no problem listening to sad music (or any kind of music really), but, for some reason, I can't listen to this album. I've been having a rough few weeks and I want to know what you guys listen to when things aren't always going so well. April 7, 1908- Percy Faith is born. have probably heard his music and not know the person behind it, but you should stay a while and listen. This is the music my grandparents listened to a million years ago. Shins, new album, "Heartworms" ButterflyEffect ghostoffuffle What do you guys think of it? Geils, Guitarist Of The J. Geils Band, Dies At 71 : The Record : NPR I was a little kid I used to run around my house, lip syncing "Centerfold" in to a big, red, baseball bat for a microphone. minutes of me playing improvisational ambient music recorded on a portable casette recorder've been on the lookout for a lousy tape recorder for making lo-fi effects with recordings. This weekend I finally found one at a thrift store (surprising hard to do once you're looking for something specific). I got it and a sweet "Romantic Piano Masterworks" cassette to test it with for less than $5 total.As far as I can tell, it works perfectly. It doesn't have an audio-in port of any kind, just a built-in mic, so I'll need to mod it to allow a direct line to my audio interface.But I wanted to test the recording ability, so I hooked up the 6-string bass, a delay pedal, and placed the crappy mic right in front of the speaker and played a test run... that ended up going for 13 minutes. I rather like the end result though. There's some parts in there that are probably worth revisiting.Anyways, if you had some spare mushrooms laying around and were just looking for the perfect track to set the mood for that bad trip, I've got you covered. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Van Cleef - Everyone Should Kill An Old HippySITD - Trauma: RitualX Marks the Pedwalk - Secrets Wake Me song might be about Lena Dunham. ***The More You Know...*** Guide to Iran’s Electronic Underground Twigs and Stone’s hottest new boy band is actually made up of five androgynous girls wonder some people say that China is Cyberpunk. I love it when gender is irrelevant. Because there's more to life than male/female. And I never liked gender wars... pioneer Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland, dies at 87 April 4, 1913- The Great Muddy Waters is born Rebirth of Cool“It seems like if you don’t play the game, you get screwed,” he says. “Like, if you don’t play ball with radio stations and MTV, no one hears your music. Sometimes I think we should get some MTV director to do a video the way he wants to. I mean, I liked Nirvana growing up, but the way they did stuff, like videos, the way they toured, maybe that was their mistake, you know?” He stares deep into the cherry of his lit cigarette, as if searching for some misplaced clarity or much-needed energy. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread of Gemini - The Rose The Temple Dark - Venere RedR. Missing - Kelly Was a Philistine Order: Procession - 1987 Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane feel that somehow, somewhere you lost your wayAnd if you don't get a help quick you won't make it through the dayOr could you call on Lady Day, could you call on John Coltrane"Humble" - Kendrick Lamar TRINITIES /// Tambourine album is so beautiful'd never heard of Joanna Newsom before today and I can't stop listening to this album. It's such fantastic and beautiful folk music (also the fact that she kinda sounds like Bjork doesn't hurt!) Trax! Records gets a fresh spin in new documentaryànçois & The Atlas Mountains - Âpres Après are old buddies of mine from another life. They've been working their butts off for over a decade now, and every time I hear a new project of theirs I'm blown away by how much they've progressed. Their live show is tits, too: (skip to 3:43 for start and watch for a while just fucking do it) The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy Lived Down To Their Name Costello & The Attractions - Pump It Up - YouTube 220th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Birthday Massacre - Counterpane (paging johnnyFive)The State - Fairy TalesJesus Complex - Live a Little - Die a Little think my kids favorite song is an odd choice for a six year old, what's your kids listening to? had this on a play list. The kid immediately latched onto it.It's a great track but it puzzles me that she bites at this after I've tried to get her into Sister Nancy's BAM BAM for months and she is still lukewarm about it. Kendrick Lamar! "The Heart Part 4" Gorillaz Music Gorillaz just released some new music, and I'm super stoked because they are releasing the full album on the 28th of April. The Gorillaz have a serious place in my heart. Demon Day's and Plastic Beach came out at such a weird time in my life. The Fall and D-Sides are less special to me, but I love them all the same. Most of the music they showcase from their newest album "Humanz" has me very excited for the full release.Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.)We Got the Power (feat. Jehnny Beth)Ascension (feat. Vince Staples)Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) Baraat on Tiny Desk Kevin Morby single, "Come to Me Now" Buddy's 5 song Demo - It's Good it a listen. He wants to be famous now. March 21, 1839- Modest Mussorgsky is born have definitely heard his music. One of my favorites. Still love this opening more than any of the Beethoven stuff except the 7thAnd of course.... Chuck Berry reviews classic punk rock singles – AFROPUNK Cave and the Bad Seeds - Jangling Jack 219th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Prids - Do I Look Like I'm In LoveMr. Kitty - A.I.Woe - Hope AttritionAuthor & Punisher - Pressure Mine Land by Chuck Berry (with lyrics) - YouTube Berry dead at 90 recording career began in 1955 with the legendary Chess label in Chicago, where his first release Maybellene, became one of rock and roll's first hits.In the next few years, he scored a succession of hits, all aimed at an adolescent audience, including Roll Over Beethoven, Sweet Little Sixteen, Carol and the classic Johnny B. Goode.His music transcended the colour bar that plagued many contemporary black artists as affluent white teenagers in Eisenhower's America reached out for something new.I wonder if his final album will be released in the coming weeks? Beatles - Revolution guitar tone/distortion ever. Zombies - The Way I Feel Inside - YouTube anyone looking for some crazy music hadn't heard of almost all of this stuff, and I'm definitely going to check out more of the things they recommended! Bowie's "Move On," backwards is actually "All the Young Dudes" amazing. Bowie was the best Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread For Burial - Below The HouseHo99o9 - United States of Horror (found at Dangerous Minds, of all places)Skeleton Hands - Flood Spell Love LP | Trevor Something & Sebastian - Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying Ocean - Chanel nowaypabloAlso here Pit - For Sondra (It Mean the World to Me) like, stab me or something. This is amazing. friends started this Vinyl-themed blog and I helped make the video about properly balancing the tonearm! know there are a couple vinyl enthusiasts on Hubski, figured I'd share - a lot of work went into this guide, and we hope to create more great guides to help people :) Just recently started the project, but we already have a bunch of future topics planned. A video about old Soviet Melodia Pressing in the pipelines right now. Let me know what you think! Valentine's Day song this past Valentine's Day I made my gf a song that was adult-swim-esque, since her musical tastes were influenced by the sample-laden lofi triphop -ish music on there. There's also a sound clip of a noise our cat makes. There's been a recent outbreak of #hubskioriginalmusicclub recently so I thought I'd throw on the pile. flac also offered his ears and uses the same software I do. My feelings towards the mix are that it's fine but not great. The natural instrument parts are particularly troublesome to mix since they are leads played on bass. It's mastered with LANDRs automated mastering algorithm. I can't recall if I posted an early version of this to pubski. I know I've posted v1 of this before though:This one overall I feel is a stronger mix, but it's not mastered yet. Terrible, Terrible Song know this song beacuse when people say that 90s music was amazing it always comes to mind for me. It wasn't all hits, guys.Once, because it was in my head and that's how life fucks with you sometimes, I accidentally got caught singing it to myself. And my girlfriend said, "You know my friend was beat to death with a bat right?" And she wasn't kidding. The world is crazy. Society me if you must... but I love this album.And as a bonus... I love this track from their next album:"Les Deux Yeux Fermes" -Tennyson! A History of Music comic lays out 2000 years of musical history. A neglected part of musical history. Again and again there have been attempts to police music; to restrict borrowing and cultural cross-fertilization. But music builds on itself. To those who think that mash-ups and sampling started with YouTube or the DJ’s turntables, it might be shocking to find that musicians have been borrowing—extensively borrowing—from each other since music began. Then why try to stop that process? The reasons varied. Philosophy, religion, politics, race—again and again, race—and law. And because music affects us so deeply, those struggles were passionate ones. They still are.The history in this book runs from Plato to Blurred Lines and beyond. You will read about the Holy Roman Empire’s attempts to standardize religious music with the first great musical technology (notation) and the inevitable backfire of that attempt. You will read about troubadours and church composers, swapping tunes (and remarkably profane lyrics), changing both religion and music in the process. You will see diatribes against jazz for corrupting musical culture, against rock and roll for breaching the color-line. You will learn about the lawsuits that, surprisingly, shaped rap. You will read the story of some of music’s iconoclasts—from Handel and Beethoven to Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ray Charles, the British Invasion and Public Enemy.To understand this history fully, one has to roam wider still—into musical technologies from notation to the sample deck, aesthetics, the incentive systems that got musicians paid, and law’s 250 year struggle to assimilate music, without destroying it in the process. Would jazz, soul or rock and roll be legal if they were reinvented today? We are not sure. Which as you will read, is profoundly worrying because today, more than ever, we need the arts.All of this makes up our story. It is assuredly not the only history of music. But it is definitely a part—a fascinating part—of that history. We hope you like it.I haven't learned so much from a comic since Google Chrome appeared, though Korean in 15 minutes was more effective than expected, and Larry Gonick was great fun.This wide-ranging history is as much the story of music as that of intellectual property; both aspects are riveting. Remember that time the artists stole church music, replacing God with a girl, and enjoyed the popularity and scandal of mixing sacred and profane? Remember the time they did it again, 800 years later?Visual nods to icons like Kafka, Escher, Bosch, Hokusai, cameo appearances by every musical hero of the last century, and pop culture references like wardrobe malfunctions make the overview of the contemporary legal environment completely unboring. John Fogerty got in trouble for sounding like John Fogerty. Michael Bolton got busted for sounding like a song he may have heard as a kid. Courts still disagree over whether samples as short as 0.23 seconds require a license.Available online: Casimir Pulaski Day! songs by Homeshake Septieme Oeil"independant artwork & screenprinting workshop" Nakayama - Magnolias (for Philip)'s a question in here that I plan on asking to y'all once I've wrapped my head around it...lil, I don't know how you'd feel about the music itself, but the lyrics are beautiful. Hopefully you'll agree. And if not, that's fine too. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread's Peace - LonelinessSutcliffe Jugend - FallenMisery - Asthenia playground this world is, Oh I like it Logan and Bob Kimbell: Rained Like Hell - 1998 Moses - Time and Place. A lesser known soul album that should be part of the canon. Cure - Friday I'm In Love Coldest Story Ever Told: The influence of Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak to an awesome concert yesterday, had to share somewhere sound is not the best, since it's just my camera mic, but if you don't know Ben Caplan and like it with this shitty quality, you should check him out :) Montreal was his first stop on his upcoming tour - he might be passing by your neck of the woods really soon (he does pass by Vancouver, Toronto and Ann Arbor)! course my boyfriend bought the record after the show... Winchester - Sham-a-ling-dong-ding. This song and it's back story make Neko Case cry during the performance Still here for a while Jesse Winchester was an up and coming singer songwriter who essentially ended his career to avoid Vietnam. It's one of those what could have been tragedies. During this performance he was dying of cancer. That's why Neko Case is crying. I also like Elvis Costello's reaction. It's like he's looking on this man in awe as he plays what is really a very simple song. The lyrics mean something to me to. The combination of that and the story behind the performance had me tearing up in Starbucks."French Press" -Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Terrible Terrible Song happens when you rip off Black Sabbath's Iron Man, pretend not to know who Limp Bizkit and Shiny Toy Guns are, and write some of the most trite lyrics of all time? The worst song I've heard in a long time. A song that didn't need to be made. Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment No Sin for the Sloth asked my fellow hubskiers to provide me with some guidance for the song I was going to write/record tonight. Here is what they gave me:Tempo: BPM of 185 per flacKey Signature: Key of "G" per veenMinor Key: Chosen by DevacTheme: Sloths chosen by CedarSong length: ~1.5minutes by cgodFirst lyric: Chosen by zebra2Last lyric: Chosen by kleinbl00You are all awesome. Lyrics below: No Sin for the Sloth I am surrounded by death and destruction I have one, two, three toes in the ground now Should I leave my home just to see some girl Think I'll hang around Not do much at all Take my time and Just move real slow There's no sin for the sloth I jumped the loudest That was fun. Thank you all very much! I'd like to do this again sometime. If anyone else wants to do likewise, I'd be glad to select a tempo etc. I know flac is going to do something akin. Also, hubski musicians, feel free to add to this. For reference, see this post: Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - God Bless Our Dead Marines Bose: The Conscience of Adolf Busch 216th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread E. Williams - Someday I Will Live My Life as a HorseSixth June - NeboUnearthly Trance - Stalking The Ghost Paxton's New Wave band, Martini Ranch - How Can the Laboring Man Find Time For Self Culture co-directed and appeared in several Barnes and Barnes videos as well. Find him in fish heads!"Perfect Lives (Private Parts) pt. 4: The Bar" -Robert Ashley anyone else listening to Thundercat's new album? record is a 10 to me. It's so fluid and different from track to track. Some of these rhythms and basslines with the addition of Flying Lotus on the beat has me head-bopping and groovin' like a motherfucker.Also, Thundercat is hilarious. Listen to "Tokyo." Yeezus in 2016 took a long swig of beer and I told this stranger of a dream I’d had. “I have this idea where I’d like to, just once, opt out of the whole cycle and write a review of an older album,” I said. “And not one celebrating a special anniversary or something, because that’s also something we are expected to do now. Maybe when a big artist has an album coming out, I’d write a review not of their new album, but the previous one that they put out, that I’d lived with for a few years. I’m curious about what impressions remain and what impressions fall away; maybe it would even better help me understand my first response to the new album. Is this a better way to talk about pop, to evaluate it, to explore the way it actually functions in our lives?”Well, it wasn’t the worst idea he’d ever heard, he said. But if it was going to be about Kanye West, with all due respect, he probably wouldn’t be reading it, because he really didn’t care about Kanye West. How can I explain that this made me so much happier than if he’d been excited to read it? It reminded me that the world is not as small as it sometimes seems. There are other ways of doing things.[hip-hop] Future - Scrape to some, shit that slaps to others."Can I Sit Next To You" -Spoon Music - Song that are their own music video excited to find this. Got myself an old used Tektronix 2225 to try it out but turns out it didn't come with probes. Crazy stuff. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread't have time to look for new music this week. Been playing a lot of Godflesh, Anaal Nathrakh, and Skullflower. and Sebastian - The Party Line - (I have listened to this song once a day for the past two weeks) song gets me going. New - Sowing Season AM SO FUCKING HYPED, HUBSKI"Lotus and the Jondy" -Thundercat (live) Bird - A song my band, "The New Green," recorded but never mixed and released. I still dig it., ghostoffuffle, coffeesp00ns, BLOB_CASTLE, T-Dog, jonaswildman, rezzeJ, lil, steve - Have a listen and feel free to add to this one. Beautiful - Song I made tonight that is ironically named made this tonight. Add to it. steve lil - I played hockey: Waking up in the morning I search for something beautiful But all I find is me Reach for my hibiscus infused Nurturing juice, Goop approved It never changes me And I sculpt and I sculpt And I share the results but All they get is me And I pray and I pray Making sure that they see But all I am is me's new single, "Friend Zone" Happy Valentine's Day! Ciani on 3-2-1 Contact, 1980 the iron - an OB-X, a Prophet 5, a Buchla modular... and I think that's an MCI console (I hated those things). It is entirely possible that this is the clip that bent me forever from my parents' classical-loving bent to a worshipper of Vangelis.#70skids#getoffmylawn John Misty - Only Son Of The Ladies' Man (Live on David Letterman) - YouTube Friday February 13, 1970- Black Sabbath!\m/ really "Original music", but...'m prepping hard for my audition at U of Toronto in a week. This is the first of 4 movements from Benedetto Marcello's Op.1 no.2 Sonata in E minor for Cello and Continuo - which I am playing here on bass (both parts, because the solo alone is a little dull).Getting this to a point where I can record it means that It's pretty audition ready. That makes me excited and enthusiastic.Lemme know what you think! It's a little "muddy" but that's what happens when two basses play together - I will be performing with a Harpsichord accompanist for the audition.<3 Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Moon And The Nightspirit - Az Elsö Tündér MegidézéseCelestial Bodies - The Final CovenantFuneral Chant - Funeral Chant made a music thing wanted to practice with sidechain compression and learn to actually make some decent sounding production. It has clips from number station recordings, and a couple tracks from some Korg volcas. It was a ton of fun to make actually- a nice contrast to the usual endless frustration that is my usual recording experience. Hubski: Music that grew on you know those tracks which you really didn't like when you first heard it, but your opinions changed over time.I'd like to nominate Persona 3's OST.My first reaction when I started playing was "Why Jazz/Hip Hop?" But by the time I beat the game, I had the tracks ingrained in memory and can totally jam to them now. What are some tracks that you began to enjoy as you were exposed to it more and more? Whisper by thenewgreenofhubski | Free Listening on SoundCloud to thisflac, ghostoffuffle, coffeesp00ns -haven't heard from you in a while. You alright? BLOB_CASTLE, jonaswildman, rezzeJ Collins: Star who couldn't sing for 30 years is nominated for two awards Berry, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Keith Richards 2012, start at about 45 unless you want speechessome rock n roll history OTEP - Smash the Control Machine'ster - In A Past Life (Demo Reel)'s a demo reel of my music project.Sorry about the complete lack of dynamic range, there are several reasons behind it.Let me know what you think. 213th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Majesty - The Demonstration Young - I Can't Get Started Bartz - Gentle Smiles you like jazz but no Gary Bartz, you are wrong. memoriam Robert "Strängen" Dahlqvist of the most talented and under-appreciated Swedish guitarists passed away yesterday at the age of 40. "Strängen" rose to fame with The Hellacopters, but I will always remember him for his own band Thunder Express/Dundertåget. And heaven knows how many times I've sung my songs to myselfHow I've tried to light the candles to light up the house and my soulWith matches so wet it is difficult to igniteWhen you have pissed yourself it gets cold as you understandBut I'm sitting here and I rub and I tremble and I whimper let it go G Johnson (1978) - Everything God is Love. Outsider Gospel from Detroit Michigan and Nieve live over a series of nights in May 1996 February 3, 1959- The day the music died is donating their proceeds today to the ACLU. Post music we should buy! few recommendations: - a fun folk EP that one of my favorite people recorded not too long ago - hometown hero records incredible folk (sensing a theme?) - cool obscure math rock (fuck your theme.)Post more! Two Songs I'm Listening to on Repeat Right Now - Waterloo launch pre-orders long awaited new album on PledgeMusic Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Syndrome/AntidromeTech Riders - In The SkyiVardensphere - Exile January 29, 1782- Composer Daniel Auber is born 1822 began his long association with librettist Eugène Scribe. Their first opera, Leicester, shows evidence of the influence of Gioachino Rossini in its musical style. Auber soon developed his own voice, however: light, vivacious, graceful, and melodious—characteristically French. Le maçon (1825) was his first major triumph, staying in the repertory until the 20th century, with 525 performances at the Opéra-Comique alone. An ensemble from the latter found its way into Herold's ballet La Somnambule (source of Bellini's La sonnambula) as an air parlante (a way of explicating the plot through the words of a relevant operatic aria or salon piece).He never got popular in the general public, but if you are a music student you probably know of his operas. GAMING MUSIC 2017 of bitching and begging here's a song melody has been generated by the swarm intelligence of 67,000 people. Lyrics are now being written for the same song. Vote for the next word. with Brian Eno what is Brian Eno working on at the moment, I ask. “I’m interested in the idea of generative music as a sort of model for how society or politics could work. I’m working out the ideas I’m interested in, about how you make a working society rather than a dysfunctional one like the one we live in at the moment – by trying to make music in a new way. I’m trying to see what kinds of models and and structures make the music I want to hear, and then I’m finding it’s not a bad idea to try to think about making societies in that way.” GAMING MUSIC 2017 best EDM/ House Gaming Music's gorgeous jazz performance on NPR's Tiny Desk, w/ guest vocals Charlotte Day Wilson Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Mar - AscheCathode Ray Eyes - We Are All EvilVowws - HeartbreakerMoisaint - Dissociator Impala fan, but burnt out their entire discography? It's Jim James time! Onyeabor, Reclusive African Electro-Funk Pioneer, Dies at 70 VIDEO funny video and subscribe & Garfunkel - America (from The Concert at Central Park) Newman - Political Science (and other assorted Trump-y Tunes) Donnie is now officially POTUS Donnie. Collect your feelings and Trump Tunes here. - Ballots and Bullets Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go DeMent - Wasteland of the Free anemic, ripoff, disappointing streaming pie 21% of all streams, 3% of all payments. Just when you were busy hating on Spotify, it turns out everyone else is worse.Now if you'll excuse me apparently I need to go buy some shit off Bandcamp. Than Just A Number: Defending Neil Young's "Trans" opposed to sounding like Neil Young doing a pastiche of Kraftwerk, Trans sounds surprisingly as though Young is appropriating the approach Kraftwerk took to motorway travel, trains, and computers, and applying it to himself—and he shows a gift for identifying what made Kraftwerk’s vision so compelling. His plaintive melodies fit perfectly, and his keening cry prove oddly suited to the Vocoder and chorusing, often making the lyrics themselves redundant, allowing the timbre of his voice alone to become the instrument. Young also shows mastery of the Kraftwerkian habit of using unresolving nursery-rhyme melodies to create emotional tension, making these songs seem at once from the far future and the distant past—or perhaps from the future of which we once dreamt, leaving us with the elegiac sensation of a post-humanity still experiencing the emotions—ambivalence, love, melancholy—of its makers. Lily - Top To Toe simple, sweet song that haunts me in all the right ways.kind of cool live version (but absent the layered harmonies) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - TransmissionHaxxan - Babalon Cohen - Anthem - YouTube lil, thanks for sharing Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in During Wartime - The Talking Heads January 13, 1958- Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom State Prison album here. we let Lil Yachty be a kid?"I don’t front, bro. I don’t claim to be something I’m not. That’s why I said, ‘I’m not a rapper.’ I’m not some lyrical dude; it’d be ridiculous for me to say that. I’m not out here acting like some goon or thug. I never try to portray a lifestyle that I do not live, bro. I know where I come from and I’ve never tried to act like something I’m not. I try to keep things real, I try to promote positivity — not smoking, not drinking, voting, and still people just fucking hate me.” He stops and laughs. “But those people honestly don’t know anything about me, at all. They heard '1 Night' or 'Broccoli' and heard about me saying I don’t know five Tupac or Biggie songs — which only came about from me fucking around on Hot 97 — and … REALLY? COME ON! AAAGHHH! LIKE, GOD, BRO, WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?” City Film Club - Pissboy your movie montage music video here. StarshipSong: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowFilm: MannequinYear: 1987 Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread of the Morning Star - NoctaLyokha - The ChoiceI failed to notice that last week marked four years since flagamuffin posted the first weekly music thread. Ubongjayar is What Making a Movie with Lil Yachty is Like the surface is a teen with brightly colored hair and an abysmal IQ. Inside is a bright vision and a really not much more to be added to his IQ. But a bright-ass vision regardless. Got a Job at Goodwill - Add to this song I've always had a hard time reading I've always had a hard time seeing How one word is supposed to lead to.. My best friends brother said I have to Get out and put one foot in front of So I got a gig and it doesn't pay much All I have Is all I have My father worked 40 years and My mother worked 40 years and I have 14 years and nothing But I got a job at Goodwill And I'm going to show them I got a job (got a job, got a job, got a bad job) Even though I am slightly retarded (I'm not very smart) (I can barely read) (I don't think I deserve to be alive) (I have no self esteem, I think I should die) Now I think I should try and meet my wife flac, lil, steve, coffeesp00ns, rezzeJ, kleinbl00 - Add to this National - Abel Announce Return After 23 Year Absence Johnston - Space Ducks nice music find of the year - "The Disintegration Loop" - William Basinski everyone's cup of tea I'm sure. Reminds me of a Basic Chanel review that said "Never has it taken so long to do so little."The Disintegration Loops is based on Basinski's attempts to salvage earlier recordings made on magnetic tape, by transferring them into digital format; however, the tape had deteriorated to the point that, as it passed by the tape head, the ferrite detached from the plastic backing and fell off. The loops were allowed to play for extended periods as they deteriorated further, with increasing gaps and pauses in the music. These sounds were treated further with a spatializing reverb effect.[2] Basinski has said that he finished the project the morning of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, and sat on the roof of his apartment building in Brooklyn with friends listening to the project as the World Trade Center towers collapsed.[3] In 2011, Basinski corrected earlier reports where he described recording the last hour of daylight of 9/11 in N.Y.C. with a video camera focused on the smoke where the towers were from a neighbor's roof, then set the first loop as the sound-track to that footage. Stills from the video were used as the covers for the set of four CDs. collection of Visualization of Steve Reich's compositions really like Steve Reich. His music can seem simple to play but works must take and enormous amount of concentration to execute properly. - Kick in the Eye & the Void Pacific Choir - I Wait For You I Met Your Mother S1E11: The LimoThe limo is about to head to party number three when Marshall sees Moby. Ted asks Moby if he wants a ride and once Moby is inside the limo the group wangles an invitation to Moby's party. Worried that Lily won't find them and unable to reach her on her cell phone, Marshall leaves the limo to find Lily. The group heads to Moby's party, but they quickly realize that the man they picked up isn't Moby when he brandishes a gun and rants crazily."Hey, I wonder if Moby's still around. Oh! Hey! New album!" Mike Eagle - How to be Super Petty to Your Ex best old music that I discovered in 2016 Brazil edition've gorged on Brazilian music this fall and winter.Lots of Samba and Samba/Psyche inspired stuff.There is so much wonderful Brazilian music.I wish I knew some old Brazilian music heads, I'd feed em liquor until they ran out of albums to play or we floated away in boozy bliss.I have listened to a handful of Brazilian greats for years but this is the first year I left the kiddy pool and dove in to more than the most famous artists. I'll start it off easy with a giant of Brazilian music singing in english. Tim Maia put out a shit ton of records, a dozen of so of which were self titled, it makes his catalog hard to navigate. Now a bunch of Samba and Samba inspired stuff.And take it out with one more Tim Maia.It's a super long list but there is more where that came from. - Goon Squad on /r/listentothis best old music that I discovered in 2016, Africa edition. lots of African stuff.I've got a bunch of Hi Life stuff I've listened to as well this year but even when it's good it's still just more Hi Life like the old Hi Life (except dudes like Ebo Taylor who was a great find this year).Had this Ghanaian album on my Amazon wish list for a few years, got it for Christmas. Loving it.More Ghanaian, highlife/afrobeat. Probably listened to this album as much as anything this year.And more music from GhanaSister act from NigeriaZambian (Zam Rock)Somali and Clover good Hubski: Name your all-star band was a big topic of conversation around the fireplace last night. It's been a while since we have done this on Hubski. Name your all star lineup for a rock band. Guitar, drums, bass, vocals and if you'd like you can add in other instruments. Me:Guitar: Nels ClineBass: Paul McCartneyDrums: Keith MoonVocals: Stuart MurdochYour turn! for iOS - Instant chords for any song is your #1 platform for chords. We help musicians of all levels to learn and play the music they love. Simple. Fast. Accurate. Chordify gives you the chords for any song and aligns them to the music in a simple to use player. for Chrome. Open Spotify Links in Deezer and Vice Versa. is a Chrome Extension that finds all links to Deezer and Spotify on any website. If the link is a track, artist or album, PlayLibe finds the equivalent of that entry in both streaming services. This allows you to open the specific album (or artist or track) with the streaming service of your choice. - Long Was The Year Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread haven't heard much new this week. Been listening to a lot of Cranes, Cocteau Twins, and 90s swirlygoth albums thatstuffwasgreatfiteme. Do Da Doo [Plastikman's Acid House Remix] - 1994 December 22, 1808- Beethoven conducts the premier of his Sixth Symphony the same night, he also premiered a little piece of music that every one of you has heard. \m/ of Mercy - Dominion/Mother Russia Acquires Spin, Vibe and Stereogum to Become World's Largest Music Brand Stereogum. Kind of Me - by The New Green searched for "The New Green" and "Clausnitzer" on YouTube and this came up. Looks like CD Baby posted it and is making money off of the ads. I really don't mind, but it's a bit odd. It only has 3 views as of this posting, so i don't think I'm missing out on much revenue :)Enjoy the song! Music of the Future | Future Symphony Institute Roger Scruton was invited to the prestigious Donaueschingen Festival, at the very heart of music’s avant-garde movement, where he delivered this lecture in October 2016. We think it may be of interest to the many people who have been following our sometimes controversial series on the Darmstadt School’s role in undermining contemporary composition and diminishing our audiences. It is printed here with the gracious permission of the author. Impala - Yes i'm changing - YouTube Lefèvre - Paris de mes souvenirs was recommended this song a few days ago by a friend, who probably got it from Reddit (I think I know where they got it actually). I've really come to love this song, but the entire album that this song comes from is very beautiful, Rive Gauche. Figured I'd share it with everyone here. would be nice even if not peace.. - Die Nelke, All For Naught, To Teach Obedience (Live 12.11.2011, Mannheim, o-ton) December 17, 1865- First performance of the Unfinished Symphony by Franz Schubert. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Idehall - Solar SymmetriesLacuna Coil - Naughty ChristmasLota - Amarantia haven't listened to Queen for years and years and years... then someone mentions them in a conversation and now i can't get these tunes out of my head: can't get over how dope this music video is. first thing that comes to mind is that it feels like that there was more than was some kind of game played by a team to figure out all the cool shit they could do with the footage. Something about the lack of theme and how many ideas are jammed together in succession. It's like the Adventure Time of music videos. This isn't a complaint, it just occurred to me that my dream job would involve the rapid generation of creative ideas. I can only wish. Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll Kinks - Living on a Thin Line Play Guitar - YouTube worded Songs thought we should make list of songs with some awesome lyrics:)So here I go.....I hope you like these:)You guys please, keep on adding! Cure - Show ago mk and I went to this show. I am listening to the album at work today... I decided to share here... and then...holy shit I just looked... there's a youtube video of the actual day (now linked). I am mesmerized... I know (or knew) the girl at 1:56.Anyway... we had the WORST seats in a huge arena... and it was awesome anyway.Insane.. I came here to share this album with y'all.... and now I'm caught up in looking for people I know. Whoa... this is a weird thing... Brooks & the Uptown Sound - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - Hooray!! 205th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - CharonKristallo - Fora's Favorite Music of 2016 There's a lot I haven't listened to in 2016 (see: I still haven't listened to all of A Tribe Called Quest, ANOHNI, and Danny Brown albums from this year, to name a few), and the following aren't necessarily the best albums of 2016, they are simply my favorite albums out of all of the music I have listened to. This is no way a definitive representation of what was released in 2016. (this is, like, the same disclaimer as last year! whoa.)Honorable Mentions: Anderson .Paak - Malibu, Angel Olsen - My Woman, Sloucher - Certainty, Kevin Morby - Singing Saw, Jay Som - Turn Into10. Told Slant - Going By [Double Double Whammy]Highlight Track - Tall Cans Hold HandsEver feel like a relationship is going to end but you can't quite place your finger on exactly when? That is the feeling portrayed here, insecurity, insistence, and nothing neatly wrapped up. It's a sparse album, giving the lyrics and vocals even greater weight behind them.9. PUP - The Dream is Over [Royal Mountain Records]Highlight Track - If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I WillHovering at around thirty minutes of raw energy, The Dream is Over isn't a record drenched in irony so much as reality. And really fucking loud guitars and group vocals. This album is an autobiography of playing show after show after show and what that does to you, and is intimate and angry.8. Stove - Is the Meat that Fell Out [Exploding in Sound Records]Highlight Track - James and the Giant MothAll things Stove/Ovlov are cult if you are familiar with certain music scenes in the Northeast. This release is no different, in the sense that it's churning, crashing, and droning all in one package. Is the Meat that Fell Out is a record not afraid to bang away at the same thought or chord for a while just to make a point.7. Margaret Glaspy - Emotions and Math [ATO]Highlight Track: Somebody to AnybodyPart folk, part country, part Joni Mitchell, Emotions and Math swings back and forth between distorted guitars and somber melodies. The one point of consistency, however, is the frankness of the lyrics and feelings of self-doubt, former lovers coming and going, and everything in between. Margaret Glaspy compiles her experiences and distills them into one great album.6. Attic Abasement - Dream News [Unsigned]Highlight Track - Show Up to LeaveAlong the same veins as Pavement, Silver Jews, etc., Attic Abasement write disarmingly obscure lyrics that have much more meaning than their face value. This band has been around for a while now, and while there's a bedroom quality to the recordings, the instrumentation is tight and controlled chaos.5. LVL UP - Return to Love [Sub Pop]Highlight Track: Spirit WasA bit more abstract in the songwriting than their debut album, Hoodwink'd but a great album nonetheless. This band, composed of members who play in a million other bands and also the folks who run Double Double Whammy Records, write amazing lo-fi music. Seriously, somehow they know play a chord change into a turn of phrase in their lyrics and then let it fade into the abyss. Return to Love, if nothing else, is an album about getting older.4. Camp Cope - Camp Cope [Poison City Records]Highlight Track - Flesh & ElectricityThis album came out of nowhere (and from Australia!) and is an intensely personal album at times. Equal parts coming-of-age, questioning authority, and figuring out yourself one step at a time, Camp Cope is an album which will hopefully make a splash state-side. The level of self and social awareness is off the charts and this is an album which could probably, in some ways, be qualified as "emo".3. Jeff Rosenstock - Worry [SideOneDummy Records]Highlight Track - I Did Something Weird Last NightJEFF ROSENSTOCK IS IMPORTANT. BOMB THE MUSIC IS INDUSTRY IS IMPORTANT. THIS ALBUM IS IMPORTANT. Seriously. If all your punk idols weren't complete and total assholes and instead an amazing person who made ridiculously self-aware music, this is what it would be. It's energetic, has an "album within an album feel" at some points, and has choruses that you will scream along to. Or at least ones that I scream along to.2. Keaton Henson - Kindly Now [PIAS America]Highlight Track: AlrightThis album hurts. It's too personal, it's too intimate, there's too much self-doubt and crushing realizations about love and how to forgive yourself. Let everything go, let it burn, play a bit of piano, and you end up with the album Kindly Now. It's beautiful, it's a mess, and there's something about it that's hard to let go of. Maybe it's talking about never being able to love, or worrying about everything, but either way this album is one to listen to carefully.1. Mitski - Puberty 2 [Dead Oceans]Highlight Track - A Burning HillThis is the single best record of 2016, hands down. On her fourth album Mitski somehow creates an album even better than Bury Me at Makeout Creek. If you're in your mid-20s then this is especially for you. It's an album covering everything from a sense of self and gender/ethnic identity to just trying to be fucking happy for once, you know? There are so many things to say about this album but the most important thing is to just to go out and listen to it. Beginning to end. No interruptions., MN - Jeff Russo Katzman - My Heart Is Dead [Slightly funky power pop thing?] ButterflyEffect I think? Lake: King Crimson and ELP star dies aged 69 love industrial music what actually sounds like industry have this weird enjoyment of songs/music that actually sounds like it was made with machinery.Trent Reznor has made a couple, not counting "At the Heart of it All" (which I posted in the last music thread and which he didn't actually write).Less well-known is this song, done for the release of Tetsuo: The Bullet ManThis leads me to the guy who's pretty much the master of this stuff, Chu Ishikawa. He did the soundtracks for various movies, most notably Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a Japanese body horror/cyberpunk movie from 1989. The movie itself is pretty fucked up, but the soundtrack is amazing. Stein Demands Recount Of “Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2016” detractors, Dr. Stein has amassed a remarkable $37 from supporters, almost entirely from college freshmen, to help push her efforts forward. Stein has not clarified where exactly that money will be going, but many suspect it will fund more angry letters to Rolling Stone.'s a Witch Outside, T-Dog, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, ghostoffuffle, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2 - Add to this. Had an hour after work today and even got to play the drums (poorly). I wrote and recorded this on the spot. I have a horrible cold right now and couldn't sing and decided I'd use it to my advantage and do this raspy, talking thing. Key is "E" -bet you could have guessed that flac. Forgot the exact BPM. Lyrics: There's a witch outside She hides, she hides Don't let her smile fool you She bites, she bites Just run away Far and alone I can't, you know It's my home, my home There's a witch outside All day, all night When the weather shifts She just sits tight There's a witch outside So big, so strong Her legs are fat Her arms are long There's a witch outside And she bites There's a witch outside my home lil - I checked something off of my list #2. I played hockey. steve Thomas - Voiceover [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - YouTube - Die Brandstifter song made me happy whole album is pretty good (although more pop-y than I typically listen to). I think I've posted at least one song previously, but this one seemed appropriate to current events. I've translated the lyrics below, but couldn't really keep the rhythm, obviously.-----------Are you defined by rock or electronica?Reggaeton or hip hop?Or what the radio forces on you?Member of Democratic ActionInstitutional Revolutionary Party?And you talk about a countryAnd your patriotic symbols make you feelLike you finally belong to somethingAre you a soccer fanAmerica or Barcelona?This time it'sJesus, Buddha, and Quetzalcoatl playingDo you want to refresh yourself with one drink or the otherAre you thinking about one computer via the other?You love one fashion but hate the otherYou take care of your skin and how your hands smellYou only eat plants because you're really healthyDo you get high with alcohol or white powder?Or do you smoke or inject or connect to the TV?Let's agree that we don't agreeLet's agree on disagreement (not agreeing)Let's agree on being in disagreementLet's agree in going on disagreeing 260th Birthday, Mozart Rats - I Don't Like Mondays Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The Tearing DownLebanon Hanover - Babes of the 80s've never liked The Gin Blossoms or "Hey Jealousy". This does not change that. Ergs! - Books About Miles Davis'm feeling restless and somewhat angsty and somewhat like 2014 and I just want it to be 2017 already.BrainBurner's That Time of Year... End of Year Music Lists! for your's truly list, sometime soon! Run the Jewels: "Legend Has It" and Gentlemen: The Floppotron 2.0. Your First Concert on Hubski Tell us about the first concert you ever went to...who played, when it was, etc.2. Post one song from each band that you remember playing that night. 3. Posted songs have to be ones from that era. No songs that the band hadn't written yet at the time you saw them.-------------------------------------My first concert that I went to (under my own agency, not being dragged along by a parent) was at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit in 1991 I think. We were going to see The Screaming Trees. First opener was a band called Das Damen, whom I'd never heard of, and the second opener was Superchunk, with the Trees headlining. Das Damen played an amazing live set and won me over as a fan. Can't say I'd listen to them today, but 16 year old me dug it. Superchunk was never my bag, but I remember they were FUCKING LOUD. All the power pop-punk bands I hate today are just copying Superchunk in the biggest way, so they should at least get the credit. I could feel the bass pounding my chest out in the crowd. The Trees came on and they were LOUD AND AWESOME. They absolutely tore it up. Of all the bands that night, the Trees are the only ones with a portion of their catalog I can still enjoy to this day. Sadly, we had to leave early because my folks didn't want me in Detroit past midnight at 16 years old, and that was the compromise I made to head down there. Parents man..Kicking the show off with Das Damen. Here's a song from that era called "Mirror Leaks"And Superchunk with "30 Xtra". This is the least boring song I could find by them.Screaming Trees jamming hard and showing why they are the headliner with "Invisible Lantern". All the early Trees albums were mixed so terribly. A shame.What about you Hubski? Show me your fist concert. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Storms - Ribcage FireplaceWhile Angels Watch - Treasures Of Treachery - Share three of your favorite artists to discover new music to fr33lunch also wrote and recorded this one tonight..., ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, and anyone else interested... feel free to add to this. BPM 132 Know I would by thenewgreenofhubski | Free Listening on SoundCloud, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, and anyone else interested... feel free to add to this. BPM 164 - What About Us? Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant of the few things that brings me unbridled joy. Happy Thanksgiving Hubski, love y'all. 8 - Nimrod: Lux Aeterna, considered to be one of the world’s most versatile and best-loved a cappella groups, performed ‘Nimrod: Lux Aeterna’ from the English composer Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations as a tribute on Armistice Day 2016.Their delicate tones resonate exquisitely in the church of St Anne and St Agnes as they pay their respects to those who served in First World War and veterans of all the subsequent wars involving British and Commonwealth troops:The text for this angelic piece is as follows:"Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine, cum sanctis tuis in aeternum, quia pius es.Requiem aeternamdona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua leceat eis.May light eternal shine upon them, O Lord, with Thy saints forever,for Thou art Kind.Eternal restgive to them, O Lord,and let perpetual light shine upon them." dance automation: music from the factory floor November 22, 1928- Ravel's Bolero is performed for the first time, in Paris. have definitely heard this piece of music. Joel - Piano Man band released our first single. Completely self-produced, give us some feedback! Desk: How NPR's intimate concert series became a phenomenon love NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts. If you haven't seen one and you want to see one, but only one, well I gotta tell ya - it's gotta be T-Pain's: - The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Larvae - Behind Blinding LightThe State - Public Service AnnouncementHowl - Slumlord Thinks You're a Jerk - Frank Zappa Vine - My Hands Are Tied Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice Puppy - Smothered Hope Soul Singer Sharon Jones Has Passed Away my own.This one hurt, huge fan of hers. you like Beastie Boys and Daft Punk? Enjoy... friend sent this to me this afternoon and I couldn't NOT share. Dramatics - Watcha See Is Watcha Get has been shut down The Jesus and Mary Chain to release first album in 18 years"Wolfman" by Sandro Perri played this song for mk tonight and he said that he thought you'd like it cgodYou familiar? Hoffs: Eternal Flame Young Cannibals: She Drives Me Crazy - 1989 Allison, Iconic Blues and Jazz Pianist, Dead at 89 loved Mose's sound. Little tight funky piano jams. His voice had a bit of tight strain, felt like you could hear the sound push over his cords.I liked his social commentary songs the best.They released "Mose Allison In Your Ear/Western Man" as a double album, it's worth picking up if you see it. defies categorization Jordan 9 "Kobe Bryant" PE Baseball - Look Out out I'm on a search for self destructionCrawling over the great plains of my cellphone contactsJust to, find a pretty girl to take home late at nightTo hold my sweaty palms and stuff now for something completely different Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Their Tongues - Hold High The Banners Of Truth Among The Swollen Dead Black - Hang On To Your Ego was first released in theaters on November 13, 1940.ürzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch doesn't work for playlists, so watch the rest over here Logan: Fuck Everything - 1994's too prescient. addition to the New Green tries to recall his childhood through crappy stream of consciousness songs 153Not well mixed. Didn't have much time. DUMB LYRICS. Been a while since I've recorded something I actually like. I think I should try and record a song with just two tracks. Cohen - Anthem Clash - The Guns of Brixton Mayfield - We Got to Have Peace - God Loves America the election, tonight, I will add lyrics to this piece of music, titled, "Brothers Keeper." -- Check back and hear what I come up with dig the guitar melody. lil, flac, steve, rezzeJ, ButterflyEffect. I think the lyrics will be inspired by determinedkid's comment in the election thread. was it like to see Pink Floyd in 1966? podcast looks pretty neat, for those of you into that stuff. - My Stars is all about rock bands from Athens, I guess. a shit mood and needed to do something productive so here's a shit cover. thenewgreen and whoever the fuck else. Reed - Walk on the Wild Side (audio) - YouTube Nothings - No Future / No Past - It's The End Of The World - Ramones Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread When I Found Her - Eyes On BackwardsSoft Kill - Choke - So Long Forever's a cool band. Palace reminds me of the singer Hozier. Similar voice, similar sound. Only Palace is better. Their new debut album "So Long Forever" is very good. I'm too lazy to type out one of my so-called "reviews", so here's my ratings:Favorites: Holy Smoke, Live Well, Have Faith, Blackheath, Break The Silence, BitterLast favorites: It's Over, Slaving On8.2/10Go listen to it Combo Chimbita - Tamborero Great Divide (first half needs help. Second half sound good imo) to this. flac, ButterflyEffect, rezzeJ, T-Dog, randomuser, gordonz88, lil, steve, coffeesp00ns November 4, 1783, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 36 is performed for the first time have definitely heard this piece of music before. Here is a good quality version to enjoy on a Friday. Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi now and then I listen back to this song and I contemplate the beauty of the world we live in. y Elizabeth - Todo en la Vida this is living (Song I wrote. Anyone want to add to it?) should be 120.Key should be "E" -ishFast work, but I haven't made anything in a long time. I had thirty minutes tonight. Took an old drum beat of mine and reversed it. Added some guitar swells and mellotron and vocals. Pretty simple stuff. Pretty wide open. Please add to it: flac coffeesp00ns T-Dog, rezzeJ, ghostoffuffle, lil randomuser, steve Zappa - Bobby Brown Goes Down Punk - Aerodynamite Bitter Buffaloes - Low Down Blues band just put some new music up, check it out! Djawadi - Paint It Black - Westworld OST 17: (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang - 1981 Great Disturbance in the Goth: The Unexpected Brilliance of Warning Halloween fuckers On! Feel the Illinoise! cover'm not usually a fan of Sufjan Stevens covers because I always find them lacking, but this guy's ability to arrange this song onto guitar is quite impressive. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Halloween, Hubski.The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black - I Believe in HalloweenThe Damned - Grimly FiendishRadio Werewolf - 1960 Cadillac HearseMurder At The Registry - The Creatures Are Having Fun With The Hollywood DreamblasterThe Vanishing - Terror, I've Been Dying To Meet YouV▲LH▲LL - Ɖ0Ɯƞ Iƞ ƚhę ƜǪoƉƽMinistry - Everyday is Halloween - Lowlife Anthem vibes. Heavy."Work Alone" - A Work From Home Parody by UCSD's Neuroscience PhD Program don’t have to work alone anymore - join us for the UCSD Neurosciences Graduate Program Social during SfN!Monday, November 14, 2016Parq - 615 Broadway, San Diego, CA 921017-9 PM: Private Neuro Grad Program Event (students, faculty, staff, & alumni)9PM - 1:30AM: Open party for SfN attendees (badge required)No-host barFor more information, visit the Facebook Event page: the lyrics, turn on CC!)Hey Brainiacs! Thanks for watching this video. It’s a departure from our normal content, but we hope you enjoyed this totally-accurate-not-at-all-made-up glimpse into what it’s like to be a UCSD Neurosciences Graduate student. We’ll be back at it again with our normal videos in a couple of weeks. Directed & produced by: Alie & Micah CaldwellWritten by: the UCSD Neurosciences Graduate StudentsFilmed & edited by: Micah CaldwellChoreography by: Ege Yalcinbas & Caroline SferrazzaVocalists:Alie CaldwellEge YalcinbasBarbara SpencerCaroline SferrazzaMegan Kirchgessner Melissa GalinatoKelsey LadtFaculty Rap:Dr. Tim GentnerDr. Gentry PatrickStudent Rap:Sequoyah ReynosoKatie FifeMicah CaldwellMusic:Ethan McBride - trumpet, melodica, baritoneMicah Caldwell - mixing & masteringDr. Ashley Juavinett - production assistanceActors:UCSD Neurosciences Graduate Program students and friendsDancers:Ege YalcinbasCaroline SferrazzaCatie ProfaciMarvin TheilkSequoyah ReynosoWilmer Del CidAlie CaldwellEthan McBrideMelissa GalinatoMegan KirchgessnerKevin WhiteDavid AdamowiczSpecial Thanks To:The Daneman Lab (for letting us showcase their handprint wall)The Bloodgood Lab (for providing many rigs for many shots)The Torrey Pines Gliderport (for being picture-perfect, as usual)Erin & Linh (for supporting our antics and planning the party)Tim & Gentry (for playing along)Dr. Brenda Bloodgood (for not being a mean PI, but playing one on TV)Support us on Patreon - Neuro Transmissions is a channel on a mission to bring neuroscience to everyone. It's not rocket surgery, it's brain science! Learn all sorts of fun and interesting things with Alie Astrocyte every other Sunday by subscribing to the channel. Have a topic you want covered? Let us know in the comments. Share, like, and subscribe for more videos to come! Over and out.Neuro Transmissions is on the other social medias too: - new website! Lennon Protest Letter to Queen of England Found in Record Sleeve Grime - Halloween V [Feat. Pharrell, Skrillex, & What So Not] hyped bassheads October 28, 1893- Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Pathétique, receives its première performance in St. Petersburg have definitely heard this piece of music before, even if you do not know its name. 32-Part Fanfiction Sitcom about Sufjan Stevens and Drake intend on reading all of this. Andrew Bird And The National's Matt Berninger Cover Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' long profile on Leonard Cohen is full of beautiful anecdotes. minutes of Tom Waits, live, from October 25, 1985. Numb on Harp Guitar across this over on /r/listentothis. I think the harp guitar works quite well with the song. thenewgreen, maybe also something for you? the Jewels 3 - Talk to Me of the best Album in 2016 37- year old former Keane frontman looks to release his first solo album this week on the 14th of October. Chaplin describes the debut solo album titled “The Wave” as a tale of his journey and battle with drug addiction. Since Keane’s last album Stangeland in May 2012, his life has been a rollercoaster. In an interview, Chaplin admitted that speaking about his vulnerabilities has helped lift a huge burden off his shoulders. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Gardens - ReignOur Place of Worship Is Silence - The Embodiment of HateSun Ra/Merzbow - Strange City Cold Spring has not yet joined us in the 21st century, so that excerpt is the best thing I've got to link to.Not music, but a book about music: Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture Young - Motion Pictures The Man - Sleep Forever Minutemen - Corona people will surviveIn their environmentThe dirt, scarcity, and the Emptiness of our southThe injustice of our greedThe practice we inheritThe dirt, scarcity and the Emptiness of our southThere on the beachI could see it in her eyesI only had a CoronaFive cent deposit Cohen’s New Album, You Want It Darker, Is Streaming Free for a Limited Time haven't actually listened to it, because Spotify, but I mean it's Leonard Cohen. Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over guys singing an 800 year old Icelandic hymn in a train station made this song -- this is pretty bad. BPM 120. Key of E. Cheesiness. lil steve I played hockey :) Blues Band - Couldn't Get It Right Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Let Me Get ThereLoren Nerell - The Venerable Dark CloudKatie Kim - Ghosts - Chicken Rhythm track popped into my head earlier today and I've driving myself nuts trying to remember who did it and what it was called.It occurs to me that this would make great hold music. for the Working Class - Show Me How the Robots Dance I know you're being all business like, but give this a listen when you get a chance. I think you'd enjoy it.i will proudly spill my lungsonto the cancerous beach,i'm sending out smoke signals to vehicle afloat,this pale torso completewith two struggling oars.I should have been born earlier. a coffee shop with mk in San Fran. by The Kinks is playing. Hubski stickers are placed. About to meet with an influential woman in the Longevity VC space. Took so many meetings the last two days, my head is spinning. Big shoutout to shoe77. You're amazing! Elfman Composed An Original Horror Movie Score For Trump Stalking Hillary At The Debate Dylan awarded Nobel prize in literature Tacuba - Volver a Comenzar a lot of people, I first heard this song playing LittleBigPlanet back in the day. But it's a great one, even if (a) the video makes no sense, and (b) the lyrics are much more depressing than the music.My quickie translation of the lyrics follows.------Volver a Comenzar (Start Over)If I made a list of my mistakesFrom least to worstThat set out all the hurt,The failures, coldness, and liesI'll offer the smell of amberI'll offer cedar and my tearsWith the patience of the sea I'll wait a lifetimeUntil trust is healedIf I could start overI wouldn't have time to fix* (* This word can also mean "notice," so I think this is a play on that)If I made a trip to my insidesAnd survived the regretsI'd ask for the strength to say how sorry I amIf I came back from a trip to my insidesIf I started overI wouldn't have time to fixThe water is spilledIt won't satisfy the thirst I feelHow many more things can I keep?How many things can I treasure?Sweet temptationTo leave it allHow much more space do I want to take up?(even my memories don't fit here anymore)How many things can I take with me?(The last move should be the easiest)Sweet temptationTo leave it allSweet temptationTo give it all awayIf I started overI wouldn't have time to fixThe water is spilledThe thirst that I feel will heal meThe water is spilled The thirst that I feel will heal me Nothings - Modern Act [New] [I'm Freaking Out] band writes music that follows the arc of my life and it is unsettling.malen you'd probably dig this? maybe? version of "Welcome to the Jungle" will bring you to your knees. Bashi - I Am The Antichrist To You 196th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Pitchfork - TitânesKing Dude - I Wanna Die at 69 Floyd - In The Flesh Magnetic Fields - I Don't Want to Get Over You don't want to get over youI guess I could take a sleeping pillAnd sleep at willAnd not have to go through what I go throughI guess I should take Prozac, rightAnd just smile all nightAt somebody newSomebody not too brightBut sweet and kindWho would try to get you off my mindI could leave this agony behindWhich is just what I'd doIf I wanted toBut I don't want to get over youCause I don't want to get over loveI could listen to my therapistPretend you don't existAnd not have to dream of what I dream ofI could listen to all my friendsAnd go out againAnd pretend it's enoughOr I could make a career of being blueI could dress in black and read CamusSmoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouthLike I was 17That would be a screamBut I don't want to get over youPure poetry. The Magnetic Fields are amazing and if you don't think so, you're wrong. I had this weird, vivid dream a couple of nights ago. More to come in the next Pubski. Alpert "Rise" - Apocalypse Fatigue Moses, this may be the best /v/ the musical number ever for all the No Man's Sky fans. space reserved for song I will write and record tonight (now with bad song) post around 12am EST.flacsteve lil -hockey was played., Thom & a CR78 - Opiate song ever this week: Synthesize Me - The Space Lady Joke - Another Bloody Election .Paak - The Seasons Carry Me of a Down - Hypnotize anyone forgot this band was a thing The Untold Story Of Silver Jews’ The Natural Bridge Ocean - Super Rich Kids a reminder that Earl Sweatshirt > Frank Ocean. Cudi - Surfin' ft. Pharrell Williams Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread From Andromeda - Sonic Rabbit HoleCrowbar - Plasmic and PureCandiria - While They Were Sleeping Simone - Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair Bartz - I've Known Rivers (by Langston Hughes) - Natural High this tag for the kind of songs that make you ago aaaaaah and also so I don't have to type my psych paper Silver Jews - American Water (Full Album)'m in a weird mental state again tonight. Forgot how good this band is. figured out the ultimate measure of friendship, mk and ecib are visiting and I just left a Kishi Bashi concert that was Ah-fucking-Awesome to pick them up. I win awesomest friend. Also, when I come to Michigan they don't even notice...Anyone a Kishi Bashi fan? What an awesome show. of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song Sensible Chuckle here. did 18 of our favorite songs of the 80's in under 3 minutes! Pop & The Stooges - Gimme Danger Vincent Black Lightning - a ramble me... this is beautiful:so when the following song came up in the iTunes today, I was pleased and thought I'd share.and while looking for a video of the song... I found these two delightful covers:and"Die a Metric Leap" --Add to this of room in this. BPM is 122flac rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, lil steve ButterflyEffect BLOB_CASTLE, nowaypablo, kleinbl00, randomuser, jonaswildman, T-Dog and anyone else...'ll Meet Again a Minuet to Look at this Amazing Music-Themed Origami Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Bleeding - Larva Lumps and Baby BumpsChristine Plays Viola - OssessioneDrawn Into Descent - Drawn Into DescentKidneythieves - The MendThe Blood of Others - I Used To Think Everything Was Beautiful With Animals - The Test of Love and Sex / 3623 A.D.'ve finally updated my blog after about a kajillion years with a gem of a single I dug out of a bargain bin last week. It's apparently a favorite of Weird Al's and, although you can find the A-side on YouTube, you can't find the B-side anywhere and I actually think it's a better song. Enjoy the retro-futurist stylings of Fun With Animals., priest, Stasi, spy: Meet the man who smuggled punk into East Berlin Thoughts -Add to this, T-Dog, rezzeJ, ButterflyEffect BLOB_CASTLE, coffeesp00ns, randomuser, ghostoffuffle, mk, b_b - Play those drums b_b. BPM 156lil, steve - Played some hockey. This song was inspired by the comments on this post:As well as the startup I'm working on. Lyrics: It's not hard to get inBut if you want to stayIt's damn near impossibleThere are so many ways to goEveryone is circlingThe carcass on the floorEach one thinking that it's inevitableBrush that thought asideWalk away convinced thatThey had it coming But you're invincible But you're not andI'm not andMy umbilical thoughtsHave me tied up in knotsThere's no shortage ofOff buttons on this rideForever is easier whenThe rip cord is optionalI don't want to dieI want to stay! Dim Nights - Song I offer up coffeesp00ns BLOB_CASTLE, randomuser, jonaswildman T-Dog rezzeJ, ghostoffuffleAdd to this. The first half needs some love, for sure. lil steve -Played hockey' debut full-length Yes Lawd! to be released Oct. 21'm so excited for this release. .Paak calls it his best work yet.H/t nowaypablo September 19, 1985-The Parent's Music Resource Center is formed. August 1985, 19 record companies agreed to put "Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics" labels on albums to warn of explicit lyrical content. Before the labels could be put into place, the Senate agreed to hold a hearing on so-called "porn rock". This began on September 19, 1985, when representatives from the PMRC, three musicians—Dee Snider, Frank Zappa, John Denver—and Senators Paula Hawkins and Al Gore testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on "the subject of the content of certain sound recordings and suggestions that recording packages be labeled to provide a warning to prospective purchasers of sexually explicit or other potentially offensive content."Frank Zappa spoke to Congress and the video is below. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread / Grift - Betrayed By The Sun / HägringarDarkthrone - Arctic ThunderKim Gordon - Murdered Out better or worse, Lou Reed was always Lou Reed's how Lou Reed's career went. He was never happy; there was always something to attack. Humanity brought out the worst in him, and he returned the favor. His peremptory demands, imperious and selfish nature, abruptly withdrawn support or mentorship, inconsistent vision, and overall inability to play well with others made his life a checkered history of failed alliances and artistic misfires. Few personalities — particularly as one as protean and occasionally as brilliant as Reed's — can be summed up in two syllables. But if you were to do a word cloud of memories of Reed in the various volumes that have been published on his life, the word asshole would turn up in surprisingly large type. Charlie Daniels Band - High Lonesome Might Be Giants - Ana Ng WITH SONG) I BOUGHT A MANDOLIN TODAY. I WILL MAKE A SONG TONIGHT USING IT. IT WILL SUCK. I WILL POST IT HERE, flac, rezzeJ, jonaswildman, T-Dog, BLOB_CASTLE, ghostoffufflelil steve -played some hockeyI'd like to have time to really dive in to this instrument. I basically just played rhythm on it. I did loop it a bunch, which you can kind of hear. I used the loop percussively, jumping from forward to backward in time. Fun. They're definitely fun. Please add to this if any of you hear anything. John Misty - Real Love Baby of the summer. Dead x NGHTMRE - Frontlines (Feat. GG Magree) Zafiros - He Venido Spetember 16, 1925- BB King is born new 16volt is horrible, what happened here? Dead - Touch of Grey peoples least favorite dead tunes, but I've always liked it a lot. and the Muse - Whispered in Your Ear Finished My Demo And I'm Pretty Happy How It Turned Out for being open enough to let me share some tunes with you. I'm on SoundCloud: All the songs on Early Mornings, Late Nights, and Long Roads were written and composed by me and were produced by Joel Kazmi--who’s worked with artists like The Tea Party, Rush, N’sync, Sum 41, and Anne Murray. If you don't want to listen that is absolutely cool and if you can recommend some new music or mention any great shows you've seen lately, that would be great.Cheers! - Randy yes. essay on the great songwriters of pop music, and why there aren't any new ones approach to a massive topic. I have no doubt the point won't be missed at all by anyone who comments below.The most contentious part of the article is presumably the section at the end where he claims there are no great songwriters anymore. Also maybe the parts where he dismisses "indie rock" and rap -- though as far as I can tell everything he says about both is true. Both genres eschew melody in the usual sense about 99 percent of the time, albeit for different reasons.Two things do seem pretty obvious. One, great songwriters overwhelmingly write their greatest songs early in their lives. This is especially true for '60s-and-later musicians but may also be true in the case of Rodgers and his ilk. I'm not sure. Two, this article functions as a damn good brief history of modern (American) music, if indirectly. If you're trying to sample the vibes of 1900-1990, listening to one song by every person he mentions is pretty much all you need.In reaction to this I listed some of my favorite songwriters post-Nirvana (basically where his list tails off), but I certainly couldn't put any of them in the same category as his top eight, and I would have trouble putting them in the top hundred, either based on quality or sheer output. Thom Yorke is a sticking point, worth discussing, and I'm sure there are others.'t seem to make you mine Day Kanye Killed Gangsta Rap Murphy - Fear Less [Fresh] Marvel Symphonic Universe (from Every Frame a Painting) Beatles: A Musical Appreciation and Analysis [by composer Howard Goodall] Desk Concert - Big Thief are my favorite Big Thief songs. God to be there. Tehran: Techno & Experimental Electronic Music In Iran Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The Gospel The lord of lard! The mighty swine!Marc Heal - Adult FictionMore Ephemerol - 4†h S†rikeDawn of Elysium - Time and Tide, which was on Bandcamp earlier this week but has now disappeared. Guess they flipped the switch earlier than they meant to. - (You Got Me Confused) With Someone Who Cares - Baby Blueébastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear Bashi - Sonderlust't get a chance to listen to it yet, but it's probably gold. de la Rocha - Digging For Windows'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP (IF YOU WANNA ROCK 'N' ROLL) - AC DC - YouTube' whoopy -song I wrote and recorded tonight this tonight. I literally have the refrain, "feel like making love," throughout the song. And I use the term "baby." -Two firsts, and hopefully onlys, for me. If anyone feels inclined to add to this, go for it. coffeesp00ns, T-Dog, rezzeJ, flac, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, lil, steve ghostoffuffle -hockey. I'll not be hurt if nobody hears anything in this. - Death as a Fetish - Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave Tukker - Drinkee Deus me deitoCom Deus me levantoComigo eu caloComigo eu cantoEu bato um papoEu bato um pontoEu tomo um drinqueEu fico tontoWith God I go to sleepWith God I get upWith myself I shut upWith myself I singI chatI clock inI have a drinkI get dizzy Man On Earth - Love Is All September 4, 1907- Edvard Grieg dies. Wall - The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie of my favourite new artists that I've found since I'm a big an of the Delta blues. This guy made me pick up my guitar again because I wanted to figure out how to play this song. Zeffira - The Deserters Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - AtrophyZanias - Follow the BodyLe Scrambled Debutante - The Egg That Moves Itself And BurnsVeil of Light - Ursprung Oral History of Starship's "We Built This City", the "worst song of all time" RASHAD'S 2nd STUDIO ALBUM "SUN TIRADE" IS OUT BITCHES ON ITUNES AND SHIT "millennial whoop" is taking over pop music Knife - It's a New Find on Imgur.... The worst music videos online watched them all. I now need to listen to 10 hours of airhorns to counter this terror.Here is the list I suffered through .Paak's Long, Hard Road to Fame Was Worth the Wait dude is so fucking great. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Arcs of CommandKonkurs - Burning ImagesSubrosa - For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages Jad Fair + Hifiklub + kptmichigan - Sunshine Wants To Rule The World - Ted Yoder cover Tears for Fears - Hammered Dulcimer -a song I wrote and recorded -- add to it've had this guitar riff/melody in about 90% of the songs I've written in the past few months. Can't escape it for some reason. coffeesp00ns, T-Dog, jonaswildman, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, flac, steve, lil Van Gelder, Audio Engineer Who Helped Define Sound of Jazz on Record, Dies at 91 AN ON - Ghosts GRiZ - Can't Keep Me Down Feat. Tash Neal - So Sick Listen: River Whyless, 'We All The Light' : NPR this band earlier this year live and really enjoyed the show. August 20, 1992- The Debut of the 1812 Overture piece of music Thielemans, Jazz Harmonica Legend, Dies at 94, that Thielemans. Very well known in the Benelux since he wrote some great soundtracks. Mapped Out: it’s entirely possible that Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has been the single most influential song of the 21st century so far. Fateh Ali Khan Live: Akhiyaan Udeek Diyan (1993) - YouTube Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - SelfMind & Flesh - Krigserklæring Costello live at Newport 2016 Tragically Hip - New Orleans Is Sinking live in Kingston anyone that doesn't know, the lead singer of The Tragically Hip revealed in May that he's been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. As a result, a deal was worked out with the CBC to broadcast what could be the band's final concert. Hip fans gathered at viewing parties all over Canada to watch the band play an incredible 30 song show that stretched into a third encore. This is from the first encore, and the crowd I watched with in Calgary went at least as crazy as the Kingston crowd when that opening riff started up. It just wouldn't be a Hip show without this song. Greatest Thing Metallica Ever Did Was Start to Suck the decade or so after The Black Album, it began to seem like Metallica had moved on from hazing their new bassist—you could, after all, actually hear his instrument this time around—to directly hazing their fans. - At Least That's What You Said on the West Coast. Maybe I'm getting older or what but I'm just not on that Frank Ocean hype train...going to give it a listen, for sure, but it can wait a few days or a week and won't make much of a difference. OCEAN'S SECOND STUDIO ALBUM: "BLONDE" Sampling cover song is better than the original version? car conversation. Can't decide personally atm. Algorithm Hides Messages in Ibiza Trance Music was not a fan before this: Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals on NPR's Tiny Desk than a mu'fucka, suede on the inside Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The Diamond Sinners. Pig is doing stuff that isn't soundtracks for fashion shows again!Rest - IBlack Marble - Iron Lung Session: The Sound - From The Lions Mouth [1981] friend posted this, and as I started listening I thought Hubski might appreciate this album. Arctic Monkeys - Dance Little Liar Bon Iver album on 30 sept excited. It's Beene while since they've released anything - so I'm a little nervous too Ocean's Long-awaited record is on its way A Space Odyssey main theme - Jazz Version (very rare) Springfield - The Windmills of Your Mind should spend an evening in front of a log fire listening to Dusty at least once in their life. Bonus - Cannibal Coast In The Rain with parts from @flac --One of my favorite songs I've written in a while. Even better now --! you flac. Anyone else hear any parts? T-Dog, ghostoffuffle, coffeesp00ns, BLOB_CASTLE rezzeJ, Velvet Underground - I Found a Reason La Tengo closed their show last night with this cover. What a beautiful thing that was. finished this track yesterday. Trying out a different, more energetic vibe here. Check it out! 187th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Oiseaux de ProieAsylum Sisters - A Faith Called YouStrap On Halo - Alter of Interim O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me Beatles' Revolver is 50 years old today. VIEWS: The Huge Truth About Drake’s Record-Breaking Chart Run’s no point anymore in trying to keep up with the records broken and set by Drake’s VIEWS because its legacy further swells every week. Billboard tried to catalog the album’s many historic accomplishments a month ago, and today, that list seems laughably outdated. Drake has long since passed the comparatively lightweight likes of Usher, Adele, and Eminem. VIEWS is now on equal footing with freakishly huge hits: the Titanic soundtrack; the Frozen soundtrack; Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill; Santana’s Supernatural.But Drake is not a freak. I mean, he’s probably a freak, but his success is not accidental, anomalous, or random. He’s a career artist, and he now stands among giants. Look at these actual headlines!“Views Is This Year’s Purple Rain” [Slate]“Drake Is Now Officially As Popular As Michael Jackson Was During Thriller” [Vulture]“Drake’s Views Is Already One Of The Biggest Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time” [Forbes]Is that not remarkable? Is there a higher ceiling for him to shatter, or is he now simply left to build and scale his own skyscraper? Drake is inescapable, and in summer ’16, the media coverage devoted to VIEWS falls short only of the media coverage devoted to Donald Trump.That being the case, it is a little … strange, I think, that we’ve all failed to properly recognize what is, in fact, the most noteworthy — the most remarkable — thing, statistically speaking, about VIEWS’ chart dominance and Drake’s unprecedented run.And what exactly is the most remarkable thing about VIEWS?Great question. First off, here’s what is not the most remarkable thing about VIEWS:The most remarkable thing about VIEWS is not how many people are listening to VIEWS.(Millions of people are listening to VIEWS. Tens of millions? Probably. Maybe. Let’s just say millions for now.)The most remarkable thing about VIEWS is also not how people are listening to VIEWS.(Streaming. Only streaming. God love it. Actual sales dropped 70 percent after week one, and then another 53 percent after week two, and then another 39 percent after week three, and they’ve mercifully sort of maintained a steady 20-percent-ish week-over-week decline since then.)No, the most remarkable thing about VIEWS … is where people are listening to VIEWS. Tim in "Street of Dreams" Tim gets dismissed a lot as a weirdo/novelty/gimmick act, but I think this art film by one of his admirers, Australian artist Martin Sharp, captures a lot of the intricate, troubled personality that was Tiny Tim. It's a beautiful film about a lonely, broken man who is nevertheless strangely inspiring. I've always loved Tiny Tim, and the more I learn about him the more interesting he becomes. made this using all guitar except for one track of analog synth Russell at the Concert for Bangladesh jumps damn. thenewgreen - Little Rebel Mine Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Krupps & Caliban - Alive in a Glass Cage Hest - Bird Never Flies Cronin - Weight piece to the burnout post.'s your "gotta get work done" soundtrack? of the cool things about my job is that I get to work from home a fair amount, which in turn means I have a decent amount of control over my workplace ambiance.So, that means I like to have a good soundtrack for while I work. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Abducted by Sharks, which is cyberpunk-influenced industrial. But other favorites are the Social Network soundtrack, some good trip hop (e.g. Portishead), or what have you. But I could always use more! What do y'all listen to if you need to get some homework or programming done? I wrote and recorded tonight for my daughter. Feel free to add to it if you hear a part, coffeesp00ns, BLOB_CASTLE, flac, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, jonaswildman, randomuser, Should Be Terrified That People Who Like “Hamilton” Run Our Country progressivism has come to mean papering over material inequality with representational diversity.Two topics are covered here, the politics of the musical, and the quality of the musical itself.Has anyone seen it? The performances I've seen in clips and at the Academy Awards seemed... unimpressive. The relentless praise it has received in the media has me baffled.Edit:Another passage that represents the point the author is trying to make:The conservative-liberal D.C. consensus on Hamilton makes perfect sense. The musical flatters both right and left sensibilities. Conservatives get to see their beloved Founding Fathers exonerated for their horrendous crimes, and liberals get to have nationalism packaged in a feel-good multicultural form. The more troubling questions about the country’s origins are instantly vanished, as an era built on racist forced labor is transformed into a colorful, culturally progressive, and politically unobjectionable extravaganza."Sublime" Turns 20’s self-titled third album — the album that sold 5 million copies and turned the group into dorm-room staples forevermore — almost didn’t come out, for an entirely understandable reason. On 5/25/96, Brad Nowell, the band’s frontman, died of a heroin overdose. This was after his band had finished the album but two months before it was due for release. That means: No Nowell on tour, no Nowell doing interviews, no Nowell in videos, no Nowell to promote the album in any way at all. In this fascinating oral history of Sublime’s last show — the one the band played immediately before Nowell died — Rick Bonde, the band’s former booking agent, says that the head of MCA, the band’s label, told him that he was going to shelve the album: “I’m done, Rick, I can’t do this. I’ve spent half a million dollars on Brad’s rehab, and now we don’t have a band to tour behind it, I’m just gonna shelve it, it’s not going to work, it’s never going to be successful.” Bonde says that he had to spend 20 minutes in the guy’s office, badgering him to release it. Now: This sounds exactly like the sort of shit a former booking agent would make up, 20 years after the fact, in service of a good story. But I believe him anyway.After all, Sublime were a band of sun-baked ska-punk yokels with exactly one hit to their name. (That hit was 1992’s “Date Rape,” a straight-up ska song that didn’t hit radio until 1994-ish. It’s a story-song about a man who rapes a woman and who then, in a form of cosmic rebuke, goes to prison and gets raped in his cell. It’s presented as a happy ending. This is what passed for male feminism in the ’90s.) Sublime had built up an audience for themselves, but they’d done nothing to suggest that they could become the house band in America’s frat nation, especially in death. They’d brought in Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary to co-produce their album, and that does not exactly indicate massive confidence on the part of the label. Sublime easily could’ve disappeared without a trace. Instead, it instantly became inescapable. Millions of children learned to restrain themselves from singing along with the cuss words when they were in the car with their parents and “What I Got” came on the radio. Nowell became a star posthumously, and the sound of alt-rock radio went through an almost-immediate sea change. - Euphoria have a long night of putting a lot of work into something that doesn't really matter to anyone who will actually use it ahead of me. Also I have Collide's Some Kind of Strange and a bottle of Gentleman Jack. Collide makes everything better. Have some Collide, Hubski. Kennedys - Moon over Marin There will always be a moon over Marin The Dead Kennedys were so cynically poetic. OPEN -No Words. Add to this 141ghostoffuffle, T-Dog, ButterflyEffect, rezzeJ, BLOB_CASTLE, coffeesp00ns, flac, blackfox026, jonaswildman, steve, lil, kleinbl00Pretty wide open tune. Anyone care to add to it? Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy by Kokoro is the solo project of a member of Fossil Collective and both of these bands are my happy music place. Whenever I need to I lay down, put some headphones on and listen to them as loud as physically comfortable. I hope it can give you the same feeling. - Talking to Myself you got older there were days of cold surrenderDays of shrugged whatevers folded in with days of shocking splendorbut as time advanced the lovely days were covered up from viewby an advancing melancholy haze that hovered near the dewYet there were moments there were these pure arresting moments when you stepped outside your headoutside your pain outside control, outside the bullshit, out of body, out of rageoutside the need to get it, get it, you will never get it, that’s okayOftenBen lil Night It Stopped Snowing - The Formation, Break Up and Reunion of the Lehigh Valley's Most Beloved Band’s 6:28 PM on July 16, and Snowing’s John Galm is sitting on the curb in a parking lot in front of the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown, Pennsylvania.A word about this mall: It isn’t a mall, exactly. There’s no Forever 21, no Spencer Gifts, just, among other things, an antiques store, a model train exhibit, and a pro wrestling museum. In the back, a function hall—the kind of nondescript space that generally hosts flea markets and craft fairs—will tonight welcome Double Decker/Square of Opposition Anniversary Fest. It will also be the last place Snowing ever plays together. Which, truthfully, is exactly as it should be. July 27, 1877- Hungarian Composer Ernő Dohnányi is born. of the things I do for these TIH's is to look through the musicians and composers born on this day, then go find some of their stuff to see if it is worth sharing. Here is a guy I'd never heard of before... something I'm happy to say I have corrected. His Symphony #1 is linked below, it's lovely and I suggest a listen. - It's the End of the World's Addiction - Mountain Song (Official Video) - YouTube Ice - My Eyes Hurt to this: Indianola (blues-rock) time.My wife and I spent New Year's 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina. Specifically, we went to a show for her favorite band ever, Jump Little Children, at the Music Farm, a neat warehouse cum concert venue down there. She had VIP tickets so we got in super early, and got an old people spot: on the balcony at the back of the venue. The balcony doesn't go across the whole things, is just kind of a deck-like structure in this corner. There was room for no more than like 15-20 of us tops. We had our own bartender up there. It was awesome.As we're waiting, we struck up a conversation with another couple up there, who were locals. We of course talked about music and what-not, and they asked if we knew the opener, a band called Indianola. I did not, and given Jump's style, I assumed they'd be some vaguely folky whatever. It turns out the husband of the couple we were talking to had been friends with Owen Beverly, the guy who started the band. Owen had grown up in Mississippi, and gotten into the blues down there. I love blues and blues-inspired rock, so was intrigued. So when they opened with this song (video is just a teaser, I'm afraid), I was hooked. They were awesome, and definitely the high point of the show for me (with no disrespect to Jump).After their set, Owen came up on the balcony to talk to his friends, who in turn introduced us to him. Great guy, very chill. The five of us spent the rest of the night getting drunk and listening to the other shows. It was great.Anyway, fast forward to a couple of days ago, and I get a notification that their first single is on Spotify! I had been eagerly awaiting access to this (and regretting not buying a t-shirt at the show). But if you have spotify (or are willing to sign up), take a listen!▶ Bully by User 414571834 the funny man on campus comesEveryone is right, everyone's aliveNobody likes the bullyUnless they are the bullylil steve -I played hockey Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Forbidden Dimension - Every Twisted Tree Watches as You PassNew Model Army - WinterLié - TruthWreck and Reference - Indifferent Rivers Romance End - Sounds of Laughter Mayfield - If There's a Hell Below We're All Going to Go - YouTube THE WAY - Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho love this song! (NSFW for video gore and language)When I first saw the title, I cringed. The thought of a youtube gamer in a song wasn't really what I had in mind. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it. I really like the tune. The lyrics are inspirational as well.Maybe you need to be a Jacksepticeye fan to appreciate it. I'm a HUGE jacksepticeye fan. The lyrics exemplify him. Schmoyoho has songs for markiplier and pewdiepie, but those don't really depict those guys very well in the way I see them.Maybe steve will like it. Believe in steve! ;) Much For Rain (Add to this song) ButterflyEffect ghostoffuffle rezzeJ randomuser flac jonaswildman blackfox026 BLOB_CASTLE is now selling your information to advertisers Might be Giants: Your Racist Friend - 1990 tracks get you amped up?'ve only recently realised that the "voted most epic film music" Lux Æterna by Clint Mansell... was lead singer of Pop Will Eat Itself. That set me off. How come I've never connected the dots? Then there's Tomoyasu Hotei's Battle Without Honor or Humanity if you want to get fired up on a night out. Bonus for the TaikosWhat gets your motor revvin' hubski? - Run My World Desk: No BS! Brass Band (2013) southeast of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in Richmond, Va., lies a compact neighborhood called Oregon Hill. Historically, it's been a (white) working-class part of town, affordable for students and various bohemian types. Recording engineer Lance Koehler was drawn to the place when he moved to Richmond from New Orleans; it's where he eventually found a two-story garage and converted it into his own recording studio and home. It didn't take him long to start doing business across the Richmond music map: Koehler is good at his job, and he's affordable. His business is called Minimum Wage Studios for a reason.He's also a drummer, and though he grew up in Southern California, his time in New Orleans left a deep impression. Inspired by the Crescent City's modern brass bands, in 2006 he started the NO BS! Brass Band with trombonist Reggie Pace. They had a place to fit between 10 and 13 musicians for rehearsal, and they had the means to document their work. And, owing to VCU and its conservatory program — with a history of producing top-notch jazz players — they had plenty of great horn players at their disposal.Funky and danceable, the NO BS! Brass Band takes after the full black-music continuum you hear in groups like Rebirth or the Hot 8. But it's also proggy, and a bit brutalizing, and full of pride in a different Southern outpost. The group's new album is called RVA All Day, after all. And about that jazz cred: In July, it'll release another album called Fight Song, so named because it features the band's arrangements of Charles Mingus compositions.Recently, Koehler, Pace and nine other musicians piled into a bus and journeyed up the freeway to NPR Music's Tiny Desk in Washington, D.C. They blasted us with songs from the new album — it was so loud, you could hear the music on the other side of the building, a floor down. And this summer, when Pace isn't out with Bon Iver's touring band, they'll strike out from Oregon Hill to fly the Richmond flag up and down the East Coast. --PATRICK JARENWATTANANONNeat of Rage Share Debut Single: Listen of Rage, the supergroup featuring members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill, have released their debut single. It's a new version of Public Enemy's “Prophets of Rage,” from which the band takes their name, featuring new music and a new verse from Cypress Hill's B-Real. You can listen to it below. It'll be available through digital download and streaming services later today, and will appear on an EP due later this year. Mouse - Custom Concern've had a lot of anxiety today, Hubski, and have been on the verge of tears for a couple of hours now for reasons I'm unable to clearly identify. But I think it feels like this. And I think I feel like this. And I'm trying to fight it, I really am.Pinging _refugee_ because...Modest Mouse. King Has Passed: Alan Vega Remembered has not been a good year for rock and roll. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Dead Planet's EyesThe Livelong June - openparen You put me in closeparen Robot mode13th Chime - Noir Throat - House of Thieves Bastards - Be So Happy In To Colors gave me the BPM around 9:30 I finished this at 11:15. Therefore, this isn't that bad for under 2 hours of work from conception to delivery. lil steve I played hockey. Anyone feel free to add to this. I had no idea what it was about till after I listened to the playback. I then added that police sound effect stuff. This song was certainly informed by the news of the past weeks. - Vote for Love Engel - Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss JUly 12, 1962- The Rolling Stones perform their first concert.'m not really a Rolling Stones fan, but I can appreciate that they are a good band. Much better than the Beatles, IMO. The neat thing that impresses me is that they have done multiple styles of music over the years. Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Live) It Alright steve played hockey Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Torture GeometryEschaton - Answer My Prayer Costello- (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - Crack Baby“Happiness fucks you. Happiness is up, sadness is down, but one’s almost more destructive than the other,” she says. “When you realize you can’t have one without the other, it’s possible to spend periods of happiness just waiting for that other wave.”- MitskiI relate to few musicians the way I relate to Mitski. Feeling very bummed the last couple of days. Exploder - Roma Fade by Andrew Bird Killigans - Liquor Store"Past All the Aping" Words by @humanodon and music by me about an hour and a half free tonight and made this. I wrote and recorded a song last night and it took a lot out of me and I wasn't feeling any lyrics. Then I recalled that back in 2014 humanodon gave me a bunch of his stream of consciousness poetry. That's what I used to make the lyrics. Thanks humanodon! steve lil -I played hockeyAnyone, feel free to add to this. in the Rain (The New Green) some autoharp, harmonies, percussion, ebow, etcOriginal song by the lovely thenewgreen Bareilles covering Goodbye Yellow Brick Road beginning is spellbinding."Sprinklers In The Rain" -a song I wrote and recorded tonight. I actually like this one, this is what I made. ghostoffuffle, steve lil (played hockey)ButterflyEffect rezzeJ coffeesp00ns, T-Dog, randomuser, blackfox026 flac kleinbl00 and anyone else... feel free to add to this.Spinklers in the RainNobody could ever say your nameThey hold you like a bottle of champagneNo use using sprinklers in the rainSky is falling, everyone's the sameDon't ever look awayI know you'll never changeYou sound like Harvey said the Son of SamSeated like a sacrificial lambThe Sky is falling everyone's the sameThere's no use using sprinklers in the rainYou never learned to readNot a single wordYou never learned to readBut you always wrote wellNobody could ever say your nameThey hold you like a bottle of champagneAnd There's no need to carry around this painIt's as useless as a sprinkler in the rain Blue Sedan (Modest Mouse Cover) been doing versions of this song in concert for years, woke up this morning and decided to finally record it. All parts performed by yours truly.(Not sure if this fits the hubskioriginalmusicclub tag...) Of July Song I wrote by User 414571834 | Free Listening on SoundCloud to this. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Face the TargetAngelspit - Cult of Fake - Butterfly FX now realized I have this in my collection, and have done for years.Consequences of only listening to albums, I guess.ButterflyEffect & Oates - Rich Girl Avalanches: The Snow Must Go On sample-crazed DJ crew talk about why it took them so damn long to come out with their new album, Wildflower, and the anti-establishment undercurrent that runs through the record.NEW ALBUM STREAMING HERE Era soon... Music is Violence music is applied to warlike ends, we tend to believe that it has been turned against its innocent nature. To quote the standard platitudes, it has charms to soothe a savage breast; it is the food of love; it brings us together and sets us free. We resist evidence suggesting that music can cloud reason, stir rage, cause pain, even kill. Footnoted treatises on the dark side of music are unlikely to sell as well as the cheery pop-science books that tout music’s ability to make us smarter, happier, and more productive. Yet they probably bring us closer to the true function of music in the evolution of human civilization. band released an album it out on Spotify (just paste in your browser without the space in the link):https://'s called Black Pen, Red Ink, and the band's called Karma Wasp. It's up on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and TIDAL (for everyone who forgot to cancel their trial membership after downloading TLoP). We recorded it back in October 2015, and finally finished mixing it in May. The band more or less broke up a couple months ago since life's pulling us all in different directions, but I'm glad we got the chance to record this.If you've just got time to check out one song, check out Sudden Goldfish. - Shot in the Arm - Bela Lugosi's Dead - The Odd Tape classic Guitar Slim for the evening piece of history. Ray Charles produced. 181st Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Wasteland - Cold WarWorms of the Earth - The Nightside of CreationDeath and the Maiden - Dear _____V▲LH▲LL - NiðingrdansDeficit Disorder - Just Drive the Car's all take a moment to appreciate the Future Sound of London. are a number of bands I've heard that have blown me away. None of them are the Pixies.The Future Sound of London are awesome and no one should deny that.Or... would that be presumptive? To suggest that a band you don't like is maybe more awesome than the band you do?Because it seems to me that us Rivetheads and goths over here don't pretend that our taste is the only taste. Youth Goo full album - YouTube's all take a moment and appreciate the Pixies: favorite: What a fucking awesome band. On Zappa: 'Eat That Question' Tells A Contrarian's Story In His Own Words : NPR"If you listen to his music and the ingredients, the citations, quotations, allusions, it's not only that it opens you up to Zappa, but that it opens you up to a great many other great composers," he says. "Because there's Spike Jones in it, there Xenakis in it, there's Varese in it, there's Bartok in it, there's Elgar in it. There's a lot of Howlin' Wolf and Johnny Guitar Watson in it. It's such a huge body of work and that's what I always loved about it: that he opened up the world for me at a very young age. And I'm very thankful for that." For My Daughter lil -Played some hockey Discoveries (May/June) didn't make a post for last month, so this will need to be extra special. Over the last couple of months I've been exploring a lot of Japanese post/math rock, experimental electronic music, and jazzy things. Here are my selections for the best artists I hadn't heard of before.-------------------------Mouse on the Keys-------------------------Post-rock, math rock, jazzThese are top pick for this month. Out of all the Japanese artists I listened to, these ones stuck with me the most. What makes them particularly exciting is that they forego the usual guitar based instrumentation of their peers, instead combining two keyboardists with a drummer. And what a drummer. The guy (Akira Kawasaki) actually used to play drums and keyboard simultaneously in an early incarnation of the band; at the time it was just a duo.The rhythms are bold yet intricate. The dual piano/keys combine to produce a huge sound as well as offering opportunities for the characteristic counterpoint of math rock. There's even some ridiculous saxophone solos. And all of it is tinged with a jazz styling which, when combined with everything else, affords the band quite an incomparable sound.It is essential listening. -------------------------Kinkajous-------------------------Electronic, jazz, nu-jazzNamed after a rainforest dwelling mammal, this ones for fans such acts as The Cinematic Orchestra, Portico Quartet, and Matthew Halsall. This is delicious 5 track EP full of cinematic compositions tinged with all sort of interesting influences. This band shines brightest when they break out of their smooth groove core and gets a bit tangy. When the pieces reach that stage where they're grooving but you're not quite sure how. It holds you in rhythmic trance. -------------------------Fis-------------------------Experimental electronic, IDM, noiseThis New Zealand based composer is part of a new wave of electronic composers who have a deconstructionist approach to the core precepts of dance genres such as Drum & Bass, Jungle, and Hip-Hop. What I'm sure will strike you first is the uncompromisingly distorted sound world that this guys work inhabits. However, if you listen through the haze you will soaring pads, rhythms that lurch in and out of any concept of time constraint (yet somehow still work), and curious sound design. Listening to his debut album 'The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now' could be said to be an unsettling experience, but if you're fond of those that try to find order in chaos then you should be sure to check this one out. -------------------------Toe-------------------------Post-rock, math rockThis is second of the Japanase post-rock bands I'm featuring; the genre made up a majority of my listening this month. By the way, the reason I keep making the distinction of Japanese post-rock is that they seem to do it like no other. At least a far as I can see.This is another act with an insanely good drummer. What makes this one interesting is that a lot of the times it seems the compositions are carried by said drummer. The music surrounding often juxtaposes his driving and complex rhythms. It makes an amazing combination.-------------------------Thanks for reading. to this: Triumphant Me't have time to finish writing/recording this but wanted to share it. rezzeJ, ghostoffuffle T-Dog, coffeesp00ns, BLOB_CASTLENot the best work, but I basically challenged myself to write a catchy guitar hook. That part I dig. Fucking Hipsters - Two Cups of Tea Side By Side Analysis: Is Gucci Mane A Clone? Paul: Am I Black Enough For You Hour of Relaxing Bossa Nova and Jazz by japanese musicians Heads - Beautiful Arabic Surface / Cheerio Inner Moon, kleinbl00 to this song song needs lyrics, vocals, drums, percussion, bass, strings, horns... etc. Go to town!T-Dog, ghostoffuffle, galen, rezzeJ, randomuser Willchill, TiffanyAching, Dendrophobe, Dream-Theater, nothingleftinside, Super_Cyan, Dr_Hix Metal thenewgreen gotrees CDank Fluffy017 ll_drool_j BLOB_CASTLE, jonaswildman, coffeesp00ns vocals from God Only Knows Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Stille WasserTripping the Mechanism - Serpent's TongueSilentways - Silentways Sex Gang - Bathsheba June 17, 1882- Igor Stravinsky is born. famous for his Rite of Spring (above).Funny thing about him is that my grandparents called him an Unamerican communist.Stravinsky's unconventional dominant seventh chord in his arrangement of "The Star-Spangled Banner" led to an incident with the Boston police on 15 January 1944, and he was warned that the authorities could impose a $100 fine upon any "rearrangement of the national anthem in whole or in part". The police, as it turned out, were wrong. The law in question merely forbade using the national anthem "as dance music, as an exit march, or as a part of a medley of any kind", but the incident soon established itself as a myth, in which Stravinsky was supposedly arrested, held in custody for several nights, and photographed for police records. Astley at the top of the charts after 29 years since his debut album"It's amazing, it's incredible," said Astley. "It's been a very, very, very long time."The star first found fame in the 1980s as part of the Stock, Aitken, Waterman hit factory - but his new material presents a more mature, soulful sound.Astley last topped the chart in 1987, three years before Odell was born, with his debut album Never Gonna Give You Up.I'm really glad for the guy. He's very humble. It makes me want to root for him. Just listen to him talk about what singing means to him in the video embedded in the article. Momma Thornton - Hound Dog on Tail: Rain - 1984 Long Marianne by Leonard Cohen - YouTube tag ecib Kiah - Myth her website:Amythyst Kiah is a Southern Gothic, alt-country blues singer/songwriter based out of Johnson City, TN, which has been her permanent residence for nearly a decade. She has been performing in what is known as the Tri-Cities (Bristol, TN/VA, Johnson City, TN, Kingsport, TN) and in various parts of Southwest Virginia.Personally, I love her sound. There's something strong about it, and she's done some remarkable covers. Here's another favorite video of hers: 179th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - GraphicDawn of Elysium - This Rising SunYou - BouquetImpulse Controls - Devour Floyd, Ummagumma (1969) - YouTube Trump raps Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" - Black Leather Mustache's song I never posted. don't think I ever posted this. It's a song by fuffle that I added some minor parts to. I thought I would post it because it is goddamn gorgeous. I think about this song a lot. People deserve to hear it. I'm proud of the subtle touches I added. The tearing paper, the breathing, the synth. I think it all works. But, those things don't matter if you don't have a beautiful song to begin with. @fuffle, you know how to write and sing a tune my friend! never smoke weed. a month ago I mentioned to a friend, casually during dinner that "i wish I had some weed once and a while to record music." As I left his home, he handed me a paper bag. In the paper bag was a jar of some chicken liver pate. AND an eight of weed. Tonight i was listening to an interview with Mitt Romney in which he said that he could never support legalizing recreational use of marijuana because it makes you stupid. That is when I decided I should smoke some. I did. I got real high. And I made this tune. It was a pretty little tune and then I decided to destroy it with lots of distortion. Enjoy. ghostoffuffle T-Dog ButterflyEffect, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, BLOB_CASTLE - this song is for you. Some stream of consciousness recorded this on one track, in real time with no overdubs. What that means is that what you hear happened live in real time. I used a DL4 loop pedal. This is why the sound quality sucks and why it lacks any sense of direction. But, as you can tell... its all about YOU. I didn't have much time tonight and wanted to make something , so I recorded this. It's one track of me and a mic. No instruments. Enjoy. steve lil I played hockey. Edition: Cool It Now - 1984 cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit'm really proud of this summer playlist I made, hopefully you guys will like it! playlists is one of my favorite things to do, but I'm always super picky about them and never feel like they're good enough. One of my friends said he liked my playlist and so I thought I would share my favorite one - Summer! It has a feel-good, beachy feel to it so some might not be into it. Anyways, let me know what you guys think! wrote and recorded this song tonight: "Memory Gone" lil -I played hockey :)Anyone, feel free to add. It's a bit odd. June 9, 1732- Itallian Composer Giuseppe Demachi is born"Tabaluga," a German children's album'm probably late to the game, but I am loving this German kids' album from the 80s called Tabaluga. There are some fabtacular numbers, but the song in the playlist that I linked to, "Nessaja," is astoundingly beautiful. I don't speak a lick of German so I'd love to know what the album is actually about, but "Nessaja" has been covered about a million times and the first verse has been sung in English — see Scooter's cover from 2002:Does anyone else know this thing? Or what the hell it's about? I gather the title character, a dragon called Tabaluga, has gone on to be a popular children's character in Germany. Also, was there some sort of renaissance of quality fantasy in Germany in the 80s? The Neverending Story was German too, both the book and the movie. Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra of my favorite bands is finally returning, 16 years after the release of their debut album "Since I Left You". Check it out! laptops in the DJ booth to the Past by Altwave 178th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread and Ardor - Devil is FineLovespirals - HeartstringsSaigon Blue Rain - Noire Psyché Forster - Was Erntes für ein Banger!Story time: I heard the first single off this album, Wir sind groß, on a playlist of German pop music about a month ago. Wasn't a big fan, but I remembered it just because the chorus is kind of stupid when you translate literally ("The world is small, and we are large"). Then today, my favorite drummer (who's also German) posted the album saying how proud he is of his work on it. I had no idea! But it got me to listen to the rest of the songs, and surprisingly they're mostly really great. So check it out! Quatrarius nowaypablo a year I post this. It's about that time of year......It's the bgood79/thenewgreen's "Rae Dawn Chong song of you will have no idea who Rae Dawn Chong is. For those of you that do, this will still seem extremely odd. But it was a damn fun song to record. bgood79, remember this one? actually... Hubski tells me it's been 545 days since I last posted. it. Enjoy! Benefit - Not for Nothing repeat for a few days now. Hoping to catch them this weekend. Heavy Metal Detector Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM) forward to hearing the rest of the album! Beatles - We Can Work it Out Self Promotion: Need Ya'lls help band "The New Green," is on Spotify. We officially released two albums and I have a couple in the works now as well. I'm proud of what we have made and I'd like people to hear it. In particular, our second album Elaborate Maps. Check it out and if you like it, follow us. It helps. If you only have time for one song, check out Grow Up, it's always been a favorite of mk's. I don't ask for much....Thanks all! 177th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Yours Is A Kingdom of DeathSirus - Full Scale RevoltLARB - Bastic an awesome music video thread. one you love, or one you think noone has seen before. Lets try to keep it to one per post for easier viewing. rock star will historians of the future remember? of a stupid article, really. TV - Are You Experienced Am I Going To Make Fun Of The New Radiohead Album Without Listening To It? .Paak ft. Schoolboy Q - Am I Wrong (Live on Kimmel) guy's fucking crazy. If I could just drum like him, I'd be fine, but he also sings and produces. Geez.'s Day At Disneyland - Song For Dead Malls And Their Surrounding Communities Grey & Mofro - The Sun is Shining Down, Glory - HallelujahThe sun is shining, shining downGlory, Glory - HallelujahI'm alive and I'm feeling, feeling fineDammit why am I tearing up. Jackson Jihad - People II: The Reckoning here's to you, Mrs. RobinsonPeople love you more, oh nevermindOh nevermindIn fucking fact, Mrs. RobsinsonThe world won't care whether you live or dieYou live or dieIn fucking fact, Mrs. RobsinsonThey probably hate to see your stupid faceYour stupid faceSo here's to you, Mrs. RobinsonYou live in an unforgiving place May 23, 1829- The Accordion is patented! Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Come To Terms | AirlocktMelted Cassettes - Bad TripTvlpa - Mountain Of The OpposerHarry Cloud - It Only Gets Worse - A song I wrote and recorded just now free to add to this if anyone would like. I'm not much of a fan. lil -I played hockey :)Miss ya lil. Hope all is well Thunderfuck - Anus youtube link from to prevent google from using javascript (it doesn't need to)----I like how drag queen manage to top heavy metal and rap video style and be fun this one on the backburner for months, finally finished it up this morning. Downtempo with a psychedelic vibe, since that's about all I ever do. Check it out! - Why Can't We Be Friends the best rhymers of all time Ebb and Die Krupps -The Machineries of Joy Joy Division credits Heavy Metal Culture with success of Nordic Countries. his remarks to Finland President Sauli Niinisto, Obama praised the country's heavy metal culture and joked about a possible link between the music genre and good governance in the country.You're god-damned right metal is good and wholesome. Untold Story of Hip Hop in the UK made a moody ambient track that would give me a chance to try out a lot of new synth patching configurations. Check it out! Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Old People Are Wizards - Man With BricksBlush Response - Body ArchitectBrotherhood - Turn The Gold To Chrome Misfits Reunite$AP Mob tribute to Yams "Yamborghini High" results in a music video of epic proportions [and my first gif] I'm out of shapeYeah I'm eatin crepesYeah she feeds me grapes wanna rock! would be amazing if some rock and metal fans create a "wikia" about it, and inside the site we could find bands, historic places, important musicians and much more!!! And when you search for a band, for example, you can have all the basic informations of that. To meet a band, there would are specific methods to do this, like the country of the band, the genre and a alphabetic order (A - Z and numbers). Oh, don't forget the way to communicate with other rock and metal fans, like a public chat or something else! Later it could spread apps (Amino) and... there are a lot of ideas and it can be great! Think about! the Empire - limitless ( some music to get you going ) do I love this song! Always listen to this when I feel a bit on the low side. Mowglis - San Francisco's kind of mindless, but it's fun to sing along with. Society - White Roses resurrecting this old flagamuffin post reminded me of the scavenger hunt for this track.Much younger me felt very l33t for finding all the pieces. - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) - YouTube - I&I (Formerly of WU LYF)'all can keep your new Radiohead and James Blake records. This one's for me. Remember WU LYF debuting and falling apart over the course of 2011/2012 and being blown away. I'm experiencing that feeling again with this song, can't believe there's a new project by Ellery. Talk - After the Flood Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread have nothing new this week. Instead, have that time Merzbow made an album about the lolrus. Bats - Miss These Things course Kirby Metal is a thing. How did I not guess Kirby Metal was a thing? - Daydreaming album is going to be available on Sunday. Blake's New Album "The Colour In Anything" Blake just released his new album, and I wasn't ready for this so early in the day. The album is very much his style, and you've seen his style become far more mainstream (which is why I wasn't expecting it to be better than his previous album). He still manages to create a beautiful narrative in his piece that are extremely haunting and beautiful. This is only an excerpt of one of my current favorite songs on the album.EDIT: I just finished this album, and it is literally perfect. It is by far his best album to date. There isn't a song on it I don't love. I would really recommend this album to anyone. It is hugely deep and haunting.EDIT 2: My favorite piece on the entire album Albini: “I try to be an ally in feminism” last, greatest Radiohead album'm sure I will get smacked for saying this, but the last truly great Radiohead album is "The Bends." The rest have their moments. -Some great ones, but this album is great all the way through imo. Threatens Zappa Over Zappa Plays Zappa of Evil 【Kagemin Rin】 did not translate this song, however I did find lyrics that make more sense then the lyrics that are usually used on subtitled versions of this song. I will make a version with lossless audio as well if anyone is interested. Japanese hologram pop star Hatsune Miku tours North America was at this concert, so ask me anything. Post - Shenandoah my kid has been playing a song as part of his piano practice. It's beautiful. I remember singing this song in choir as a kid. Anyway, I love the arrangement and I'm super proud of my kid. Pardon the mistakes... he knew I was listening, but didn't know I was recording. Here he is playing Shenandoah:The other night I was driving and heard a version of the song on the radio that I've not heard before. It's also beautiful. I guess I like this song.. of Mice - Sleep and Dream Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - DistanceD.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” Can (and Can’t) Do for Tidal. (and an interesting comparison to the Clintons) art, it was an unforgettable act of public shaming. As business, though, it was a gift of surpassing value, suggesting a kind of Clintonian marital bargain, in which pride is sacrificed in service to dynasty. The irony is rich: the man whose presumptive philandering provided the subject matter for this album now stands to profit most from its distribution. That’s commitment. Furman - Perpetual Motion People (2015) Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe fell a metal weekend coming... Fire - Neighborhood #2 (Laika) finished a minimal/optimal set-up of a radio broadcasting studio and transmitting location to the tune of this album.Imagine seeing this band back around the time of this album. The yelling by Regine in the chorus is one of the best parts of the album to me. Stereo: Persiana Americana - 1986 Beautiful Face - 1990 Corea & Gary Burton - Crystal Silence The Rapper ft. Saba - Angels Lennox - No More sharing this one. -Wrote and recorded it tonight. I were a better drummer. bass too. lil -I played major hockey. Guitar solo is pretty damn bad too. ghostoffuffle --- I made this. Thought I'd share. Not much room left in this one. and Garfunkel- Cecilia O'Connor- Nothing Compares 2 U Rachmaninov - Всенощное бдение / All-night vigil I would give to listen to this in person.. Progress - 2 2 because part 1 makes this look like I'm channelling Chopin :/. Since I don't feel as much embarrassed about this one, it screams progress :P.Basic gist of what this is: I'm trying to return to composing and playing piano, this is how it looks after a year of break from training and practice. And my hands growing about three sizes :P. Started practising again last week. I will make it into about once a week update with some notes on what I think improved.Critique is very appreciated, but bare in mind that this is closer to doodling than composing and treat it as a warm-up on my end. I hope to get more in shape by the end of the summer. of the Left - Polymers Are Forever Pixies - Hey HQ (Vinyl Recording) Discoveries (April)'s been over a month since my first 'musical discoveries' post and I've found some cool music since then, so it feels the right time for another. To recap, it's a post dedicated exclusively to the best new (to me) music that I've come across in my adventures.Ismael Alcina Jazz FusionPat Metheny, Esperanza Spalding, Snarky Puppy... If you recognise and like any of those names then you'll probably find something to enjoy with this act. Smooth jazz fusion fronted by Spanish namesake guitarist. For the most part its is tasty grooves with the various band members improvising over the top. Nonetheless, there is some great arrangement and song structures here. An all-round fantastic listen. Fever Dog Desert/Stoner/Psychedelic RockPure energy. This hooked me straight away. This has a real nice raw quality to the recording too which only heighten things (similar in that regard to Little Barrie's debut album. It's probably my favourite rock album for some time. I'll let the music talk for this one.MessengerProgressive RockI adore prog, but most of it isn't very good. However, this London based band definitely have something to them. The lyrics can be a bit cliché but the music is consistently great. One thing I love is the acoustic guitar taking the helm ahead of the electric guitar a lot of time (though the electric does comes out for solos and heavier sections). In this way it has tinges of Roy Harper's acoustic prog masterpiece 'Stormcock'. There's definitely also a sense of Opeth's softer offerings too, which is no bad thing.If you like your prog with a bit more 'oomph' this might fall short for you as it's generally a bit more reclined and contemplative. That's not to say it never goes up a notch, it certainly has its heavier moments and builds to them very successfully. Still, it doesn't bother me!I hope you find something in this month's post to enjoy.[FRESHLY SQUEEZED LEMONADE] It's Beyoncé you uncultured boring fuckin' swine came out at a fantastic time because I'm starting to realize that hubski is that place that's like "a thoughtful place now let me explain to you why a thing isn't racist for 80 paragraphs" and Queen B shields me from those layers of stupidity. It's boring being the only black peep on another website when there are better places for minorities, lol. My sticker says "pushing back the dark" and it's funny how accurate that is but in the wrong way.Anyways yeah at this point you're probs like "ok leave" and I agree but consider this a service because dumb or not y'all need Bey in your lives no matter who you are like shit man it SLAPS tl;dr: sorry (i ain't sorry) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Old Dead Tree - The Nameless DiseasePsy'Aviah - FrozenKoban - Abject Obsessions of Hubski: Add to this. It's wide fucking open... anything. Fucking hand claps... I don't care. ghostoffuffle T-Dog, b_b (get Bex) coffeesp00ns, rezzeJ, jonaswildman, galen, nowaypablo, BLOB_CASTLE, randomuser, OftenBen, steve, ecib, mrjasonetaylor, kleinbl00 and anyone else...lil -a little hockey was played. Flaming Lips perform "Space Oddity" on Colbert Leaves - Random Dudes Busking know where I can find more like this?I didn't know that I'd love violin, bass, guitar as a trio but I do.Also I think the crowd noise makes this video even better. I love the vibe this gives. of Hubski: Add to this song -- it's wide open. Needs bass, vocals, synth, piano, horns, melodica, harp, accordion, saw, whistling -- you name it. T-Dog, coffeesp00ns, rezzeJ, jonaswildman, galen, nowaypablo, BLOB_CASTLE, randomuser, OftenBen, steve, ecib, mrjasonetaylor, kleinbl00 and anyone else...lil -a little hockey was played. Minimal Tech music people!! music thread getting into minimal tech, found some stuff, still searching for more! The tech has found me and won't let go, help, post the stuff you like, can relax to or get energised from..., dead at 57 Garfunkel on Paul Simon: 'I created a monster' - Telegraph the risk of sounding like one of his pupils, I ask about the Beatles, specifically George, who felt his talents were overshadowed.“George came up to me at a party once and said “my Paul is to me what your Paul is to you.” He meant that psychologically they had the same effect on us. The Pauls sidelined us. I think George felt suppressed by Paul and I think that’s what he saw with me and my Paul. Here’s the truth: McCartney was a helluva music man who gave the band its energy, but he also ran away with a lot of the glory.” Slice Of Kiwi Music That Branches Out From The Rest you're after a little bit of New Zealand music for your Spotify playlist, have a look at this! Twins - Iceblink Luck Lennon- Too Late for Goodbyes Feat. Tove Lo - Say It [FRESH] FLUME YAAAAAAAAAAAAS[RUN THE FRESH] "Nobody Speak" - DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels[FRESH AS HELL] Fuck Donald Trump - YG & Nipsey Hussle is amazing.Wouldn't be the USA without Mexicans And if it's time to team up, shit, let's beginIs the hypest line I've heard in a while➜Roy Orbison - It´s Over (BBC SHOW) - YouTube love this performance Trick Surrender WHO at London Olympics Closing Ceremonies.MP4 - YouTube Starkey has been playing with the Who for the past 20 years or so. He's a badass drummer and happens to be the godson of Keith Moon. Pretty neat. Choose What You're Watching - YouTube Lennon - Dead Meat video) Julian Lennon - YouTube Front Bottoms - Au Revoir - How to Fight Loneliness musical companion to a recent post by ThatFanficGuy. Biafra with The Melvins - The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism Get His Weed Card, Ministry's Al Jourgensen Said He Was Invisible — and It Worked Industry Sees First Big Gains in 20 Years Thanks to Streaming Services from the slashdot post Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Nihil - Hollow VictoryCygnostic - The Key a Teen Got Viral Overnight after Singing Jessie J's song? J's songs, Flashlight, had made Tom Bleasby an overnight internet sensation. But unlike other Youtube sensations, the teen was discovered in another unique platform. Learn how he gain an overwhelming response from people around the world here. plays National Anthem on Bass for Kobe's Last Game Carolina concert parody "takes a few liberties" with cancellations, the response is almost funnier than the poster, despite the fact that "Chuck Norris Day and the Time" is kind of brilliant.A summation of the music industry’s mindset toward the controversial new law is this “Funny or Die” poster going around social media, which shows a fictional “North Carolina Music Festival 2016” with most of the acts crossed off -- presumably in protest. And it’s amusing, sure.But at least seven of the crossed-out acts are actually scheduled to play the Triangle in the coming months:Chris Stapleton (May 20 at Cary’s Booth Amphitheatre)Willie Nelson (May 22, Booth Amphitheatre)Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (June 9 at Raleigh’s Red Hat Amphitheater)Ellie Goulding (June 10, Red Hat)Toby Keith (July 10 at Raleigh’s Walnut Creek Amphitheatre)Rob Thomas (July 28, Walnut Creek)Dixie Chicks (Aug. 12, Walnut Creek). for Hemingway (or "why you should use a click track) is awful. Some cool sound scape stuff done with loop pedals. Fun. lil -I played hockey with my dead dog :) Room LIVE from Paris wish I had gotten this off sooner to hubski... this set right now is fire for any who like french house with a dose of electronic vibe and some downtempo stuff in between.Check out Boiler Room if you haven't heard of it before. Fire. Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life you've got a spare half hour there's a really great radio documentary about the making of Inflammable Material in further Oldey-Tymey news, Led Zeppelin is being sued for plagiarism over "Stairway.", a short musical environment I made over the weekend. is a brief generative music environment that I made with p5.js recently, figured it's worth sharing with you all. It's still a work in progress - I'd like to add some sort of system of genetics, and more changes in sound. Also, still kind of buggy.I don't want to say too much about how to interact with it, but I will mention that you can use all 3 mouse buttons to make noise, and the program ends when all the critters disappear.Notes: Works best in Chrome. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet (Parts 1-22) Huxley on the Transcendent Power of Music and Why It Sings to Our Souls – Brain Pickings“There is, at least there sometimes seems to be, a certain blessedness lying at the heart of things, a mysterious blessedness.” Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - CoriolanSØLVE - the negativeMahr - MahrSourvein - Aquatic OccultAs Lonely As Dave Bowman - Monolith Am Alive ---I had some time to play drums and recorded this want to add to it, feel free... & Barnes: Fish Heads - 1978 is the Difference Between Waterproof speakers and Splash proof speakers? buying a Bluetooth shower speaker, identifying the type of speaker you need is vital. Here are the differences of waterproof and splash-proof speaker for you to determine which one fits your activities. to radio from any country and any time period quite any country but what do you want from a free beta? Magic? Idol’s Farewell Season Almost Here Idol Season 15 bids farewell to fans after the 15 successful years in the business. Have you seen the last episode? Tell us something about it – AKA: kill me now week, the Young Musicians Foundation, a nonprofit organization offering scholarships to thousands of young musicians in the Los Angeles area, announced an eye-catching free concert: “Yeethoven.” Pairing segments of Beethoven’s most readily recognizable works (his “Egmont” overture, his Fifth Symphony, and his String Quartet No. 14) with orchestrated snippets of Yeezus tracks (as arranged by composer/conductor Stephen Feigenbaum), the well-intentioned program made big promises out the gate: “As the concert progresses, music by the two will become increasingly integrated, ultimately resulting in a total mash-up of the two. If you find this concert far-fetched, we invite you to come and listen—see if you can tell where Beethoven ends and Kanye begins.” Reading this and watching the promotional video, I felt myself struggling to decide: Was this simply a bad idea, or a really, really bad idea? Johnny Hit and Run Pauline Haggard dies on his 79th birthday are giving away SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker! you a singer, musician, band, or a music lover?Send us your best music video and we will help you get noticed by the industry!Read full details here: - Irony on 23rd's get away from Soundcloud!Posts something from Soundcloud. God dammit. New Swans Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Bacteria CultBlush Response -TranscendenceSpectres - UtopiaAri Mason - Creatures Most Popular Hit From American Idol Singers the past years, American Idol has crafted great artists and singers, who are now enjoying their career. For now, let's go back and celebrate the biggest hits from the American Idol contestants. Collective - Let it Go Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw - YouTube daughter asked if I knew any "lullaby's," so I wrote one. all good children's stories/lullaby's it's kind of spooky. Upon listening, this sounds very "Floyd" to me. coffeesp00ns ghostoffuffle, BLOB_CASTLE, T-Dog, rezzeJ etc... anyone feel inspired, feel free. Surprising Effects of Music You Probably Don’t Know! offers a lot of benefits. But are you aware of the 3 surprising effects of music in our lives? If not, check it here! Today! THE NEW SINGLE BY BAFFY! - "The Numberless Circling Cows of the Crop (Cow Pie) / An Octopus Attacks (At the Bus Stop Across the Street)" A SIDE and B SIDE Single! From the forthcoming "Baffy:The Musical:The Music Soundtrack"PLUS 7 Special remixes! by:-The Oneirologist -Massimo Magee -The Serota Tendency -Animal Machine -Master Taurus -C-WAL -Cinningbao+the original acowpella and instrumental versions for your remixing pleasure!Get it now - Only £100! (All profits donated to the Baffy Millionaire foundation) I made with Lyrics From @Humanodon -Tonight I was making some music and was stuck for words. Then I remembered that you sent me a bunch of potential lyrics a long while back. I dug this one up. This is essentially me improvising your lyrics over music. There are two nice moments that I like, "There are many paintings of me....." -those moments. Great lyrics! Thank you. I really miss your creative energy here. I hope you are well Rico. ghostoffuffle, coffeesp00ns _have a listen. - Nu Tones - YouTube Cyrus and Alicia Keys Joining “The Voice” Season 11 the first time in The Voice history, two female coaches will be joining the show to win the title. Are you excited? Children - Ruins Young - Don't Let It Bring You Down (Live at Massey Hall) Byrds - Eight Miles High you're reading this, I'll be on IRC for the rest of the night. Smith Instruments musicians out there who own/have used/have any beta on this company's products?They're expensive - but everything I've seen online is leading me to think they are worth it. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Love - BitchcraftTerrolokaust - DissensionsHexvessel - When I Am Dead Dead Zone - Exit Strategy Cinematic Orchestra: Manhatta - Storm Comin' On - John Lennon"I don't believe in Beatles. I just believe in me..." Simone - Sinnerman Division: Atmosphere - 1980 Walk in silence, Don't walk away, in silence. See the danger, Always danger, Endless talking, Life rebuilding, Don't walk away. Walk in silence, Don't turn away, in silence. Your confusion, My illusion, Worn like a mask of self-hate, Confronts and then dies. Don't walk away. People like you find it easy, Naked to see, Walking on air. Hunting by the rivers, Through the streets, Every corner abandoned too soon, Set down with due care. Don't walk away, in silence, Don't walk away. Listening: Bill Withers - Lean on Me Manifesto - The Big Sleep're going on tour again. I haven't seen them in 5 years, and don't listen to them much anymore. But I might go anyway. Listen: Andrew Bird, 'Are You Serious' Joke - Democracy Influenced by my 3 day fast ended tonight. 3 days without any calories. Pretty awesome. Here's the post for the fast: ghostoffuffle and lil and anyone else -- have a listen. coffeesp00ns I'd request some bowed bass but I didn't use a click and this song is ALL over the map tempo wise. I wouldn't torture you like that. but... I played hockey lil. Phife. Here's a tribute song Mac Miller put out this morning. Buckley - Hallelujah the work on the production I was just in made me fall behind in my classes.I spent spring break recovering from the lack of sleep and the psychological effects which the play caused.Now I'm back from break and I'm still so far behind.So I came up with #2amjams, for when it's 2am and you're 3/4 of the way through the first 1/3 of the homework that you should've been able to finish about 3 weeks ago. Jackson - Human Nature HQ - YouTube brought my mood up tonight been a long time since I giggled so much before. Silent Discos Bring Us Together Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The Great DeceiverSleepless In Pyongyang - KronosTheologian - Before My Flesh Was Torn By The World - "Die langweiligsten Orte der Welt" travelling back to my hometown for a week, so I figured I'd share the song I always listen to before I head off. Translated, the title means "the most boring places on earth". The song itself is an declaration of love to the small places we come from. It's the closest anything has ever come to describe my feelings when coming here. "You're happy to arriveAnd happy to leave" Fucking Sanders (tng records a weird thing ) long time ago, back in 2008 I recorded a song about Obama and how much hope I had because of his being elected. This is my Bernie song. It's odd. Dead Deads - Lemonade I went to see hed (pe) a week ago and they were excellent though now without their skateboarding homeless DJ who I liked. However, there were five bands total: Guerilla Theory, War of Ages, The Dead Deads, hed (pe), and P.O.D. The Dead Deads destroyed everyone. I had never even heard of them before (they're out of Nashville) and now I have had the CD on loop for a week. Check it out. - "Breaker" (live) Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW. Took a few listens, but I'm sold on the album now.Pouring one out for BFX, he woulda appreciated this submit. Spex - Germ Free Adolescents Ghost of Paul Revere - This Is The End ship is sinking, pass the whiskeyGive me my last cigaretteTell my mother not to worryOh my friends this is the end, this is the endDon't worry, I'm sticking around. Just in a melancholy slump.(Would it be sacrilege to tag this #pubski?) Rang by TNG cW, AnSionnachRua, oyster, bfv bhrgunatha -That poem I posted the other day about being present and in the moment only to have my phone ring and rip it all away, is now a song. -It's not a particularly good song, but it exists and I thought I'd share it. Original post: -I played Hockey.LYRICS:And my eyes were closedAll day longHidden behind screensI opened them to seeThe earth was doing thingsWonderful thingsAnd you were thereAnd I was thereAnd the kids were there tooFor just a moment I could see youI could see youAnd then my phone rangAnd it jerked my neckAnd it scolded my presenceIt rubbed my nose in the carpetAnd I lost you allI'm so sorry that my phone rangMy phone rang - Muzzle of Bees Live George R. R. Martin Was Not The Fifth Beatle, Is Still Alive this is very funny that some people are confused Scrap from me - "Take Your Time" Bird feat. Fiona Apple "Left Handed Kisses" is the part where I would normally shout-out to ButterflyEffect Hubski: What is Your Favorite Album for Productivity? task do you perform while listening to music, and what is your jam to get it done?I've been working on my laptop this weekend, and have listened to Brian Eno's Discreet Music more than anything else. It's soothing and absolutely gets out of the way if you're concentrating. What about you Hubski? No genres...give me an album!' Baker on Audiotree Live (Full Session) don't think I've heard of this person before, this just showed up in my youtube recommended feed and I'm mesmerized. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread's Antennae - Beneath The SereneBahntier - The Age of DiscordIonophore - Sinter PoolsHarakiri For The Sky - Calling the Rain "I Don't Know What You Think of Me", I clipped study time short tonight to record this- it was the guitar part I mentioned the other day.Anybody wanna take a crack at it? Plenty of room for growth. Esp in the rhythm section/guitar additions. Walk of Life Project Walk of Life by the dire straights is the perfect song to end any movie. Dilla - Donuts there was a better format to post this.Guy was a genius.Good study music. Kil Moon: Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes (live) Kozelek comes off as a real dick in interviews, but I'll be goddamned if he isn't a brilliant songwriter. Killer band, too. - "Amsterdam" stumbled across this artist and this video today.I like it. Users of Hubski, post some music or other art from your country's get a little bit of culture up in here. Demby tocando el Space Bass, BLOB_CASTLE, T-Dog - How would you like to play that thing? Pretty cool. This lady is awesome!cgod, I have a feeling you'll appreciate this instrument. Nikolaev - Frank's Tricks Blisters - Finally Bored - a review by steve months ago thenewgreen posted about a Chicago meet up wherein he linked T-Dog's band's site.On that day, I checked out the site, listened to a few tracks, and based on what I heard and my desire to support hubski users' creative endeavors, I bought the CD. A few days later when it arrived, I put it in my sock drawer and told my wife "hey - thanks for my christmas present. You bought me a CD today. Remind me to put it in my stocking"Months passed and when I would see it I would think how much I was going to enjoy dropping the CD in the hi-fi and listening to it. I got so good at delaying my gratification that I forgot about the disc on Christmas and didn't open it until just a few weeks ago.It's now in my car CD player. I've listened to it several times now and I thought I would give it a review here. The Blisters are talented. These are not just average run of the mill musicians. Their timing is tight. Their lyrics are smart. Their melodies stick in my head. This is a band I would want to see live.Favorite Moments:Track 4 - Police - the melody in the chorus is SO CONTAGIOUSLY singable. I find myself singing "What do you expect when you fuck with the Police?" Seriously great song.The transition between tracks 5 & 6 is a thing of beauty.Track 3 - One Day - is a great track mixing crunchy distortion with pleasant vocal melodies and great instrumentation.I could kind of go on and one about every track... but lest you think I am just gushing about this band... here is a spot of what I hope is constructive criticism:The singer is good but I think could be great. I keep waiting for him to let it all hang out and cut loose. I think he's got it in there, but it's as if he's hiding it a bit. The guitar parts are solid, played well and clean... but the solos, like the lead singer, seem to be holding back. It's clear from the songs that the guitarist(s) know what they're doing technically... but the solos didn't feel confident.TLDR - the album is very good... and IMHO, maybe even has elements of genius woven throughout. It's hard not to make comparisons when talking about music. If I could make one - it would be that this album feels like Radiohead's Pablo Honey. Just good, enjoyable, musically thick rock and roll. Keep up the good work T-dog and the rest. Discoveries (March)'ve been here for 3 years, yet I still feel somewhat of a stranger. This my attempt to share a bit more of myself. I spend a large amount of time searching for new music, so this is basically my own personal "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately." But with more of a focus on sharing new finds, rather than just general listening habits. I hope it doesn't step on any toes. And I hope anyone reading find's something they like.Western Skies MotelThis Danish guitarist has absolutely been one of my favourite finds of the last few weeks. An enthralling composer of experimental folk instrumentals, often said to capture the "lonely, barren landscape of the American West." Intriguing, considering the aforementioned fact that he's from Denmark. Mix that up in an intoxicating concoction of strong elements of British folk and ambient tendencies and you'll be some way to imagining René Gonzàlez Schelbeck's sound.He has two parallel albums coming out in April entitled 'Settlers' and 'Generations' which I can't wait for. These two tracks are ones that have been shared so far. Things that especially draw me in on these two are the arpeggios that flutter like the namesake on 'Falling Leaves' and the gradually layered wall of melodies on 'Myriads.'Animals as LeadersThis is a complete switch up from the previous artist. I used to be an avid metalhead as a teenagre so I have a bit of soft spot for chugging riffs that drag you down to depths. However, it's only recently that I've begun indulging this side of my tastes again. Most likely due to a friend who I met in the last year or two who is big into his metal.Anyway, this band are something else. They go beyond metal and are a true fusion of sounds and styles. I guess 'Prog Metal' would probably be the most apt classification for them. The band started off as the solo project of 'prodigious' 8 string guitarist Tosin Abasi and has now grown into a trio. The musicality of all the members is insane and Tosin himself is one of those rare breeds who can use advance guitar techniques with actual purpose instead of just sounding masturbatory and/or pretentious. Compositionally, these tracks are an awe to me too. Another interesting dynamic about this band is that they don't have a bass guitarist, instead pairing two 8 string guitar players. That's enough chatter, here's some of their music.The groove at 1:29 in that second track is particularly special. Probably one of the best I've ever heard. Don't skip to it though, let it come to you.NonkeenSome of you may know one of the members of this trio (Nils Frahm) from his solo electronic work. For this release he's grouped up with childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sepp Singwald. This band have a fascinating history. I recommend reading it if you're interested.. The TL;DR of it is that they were experimenters with sound recording from an early age. However, during one of their teenage performances at a local fair, a ride broke causing member of public to be flung on to the stage and injured on their instruments. At that point they disbanded and swore off music. Their debut album 'The Gamble' was born out of a drunken reunion and are adaptions of the early tape recordings from those childhood days. Often recording over and sampling them.Lofi, electronic, post-rock, jam tracks. These are all terms you might pair with this music. For now, I'll leave you with my favourite track. on Tail - You, The Night, and The Music few days ago, a friend posted something on Facebook to the effect of:"I forgot that I love Jane's Addiction"He went on to say that JA was one of the bands that his friends often played, and he liked their music - but back when music wasn't "free" and instantly accessible - he just never got around to buying any.It got me thinking... what music have I forgotten that I love? This song comes from one such album. I remember buying the CD for one song in particular (that played at the club I frequented) and I turned out loving the whole album. Upon listening again... this song sounds a little to me like some of the work thenewgreen has been cranking out lately... which is to say... I love it.and hey - who doesn't love a song called Slender Fungus?Anyway - you can trip out to the whole album if you want.So think back hubski - what music have you forgotten that you love? We Get Together each other Becoming one family Ah … ah….Here we get together; it’s a gathering of the lovers of God.We are intimate and unprejudiced, inwardly filled with happiness and sweetness.Before we had guilt and indebtedness; today we understand each other and live in God’s love.Our gathering is so joyful without flesh. Brothers and sisters love each other and become one family.Being unprejudiced Being intimate Ah … ah….IIHere we get together; it’s a world-wide gathering.Having been corrupted yet saved, we possess the same language and will.We pour out to each other the parting feelings, and fellowship about our experiences and knowledge.We’ve stepped onto the brilliant path of human life. The prospect is pleasant, full of vitality and light.Pleasant prospect Full of light Ah … ah….IIIHere we get together, but will soon part.Shouldering God’s commission and bearing His will, we’ll leave each other for work.So much joy and laughter in the gathering, so much mutual encouragement at separation time.God’s love inspires our persistent faithfulness.For a beautiful tomorrow, we’ll exert all our strength.For a beautiful tomorrow, we’ll exert all our strength. Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit Mankind who left the life supply from the Almighty does not know why they exist, and yet fears death. There is no support and no help, but mankind is still reluctant to close their eyes, braving it all, drags out an ignoble existence in this world in bodies without the consciousness of souls. You live with no hope. He lives with no aim. There’s only the Holy One in the legend, there is only the Holy One in the legend who’ll come to save those who moan in suffering and long desperately for His arrival. In the people who are unconscious, this belief can’t be realized so far. The people however still yearn for it, yearn for it.2. The Almighty has mercy on these who suffer deeply. At the same time, He’s fed up with these who are unconscious, ’coz He has to wait, has to wait too long for the answer from mankind, from mankind. He wants to seek your spirit and your heart. He wants to bring you food and water. He wants to wake you up. So that you are thirsty no more, hungry no more. And when you are feeling weary, and when you begin to feel the desolation, the desolation of this world, do not be perplexed, do not cry. Almighty God, the Watcher, will embrace your arrival any time. And when you are feeling weary, and when you begin to feel the desolation, the desolation of this world, do not be perplexed, do not cry. Almighty God, the Watcher, will embrace your arrival any time. And when you are feeling weary, and when you begin to feel the desolation, the desolation of this world, do not be perplexed, do not cry. Almighty God, the Watcher, will embrace your arrival any time.3. He’s watching by your side, waiting for you to turn back. He’s waiting for the day your memory suddenly recovers, becoming conscious of that you came from God, the fact that you came from God. You once lost your way somehow and somewhere, O, falling unconscious on the roadside, and then unknowingly having a “father.” You further realize that the Almighty has been watching there. He has been waiting, waiting for your return all along, all along.4. He longs bitterly. He has been waiting, waiting for a response without an answer. His watching’s beyond price and is for the heart, for the heart and the spirit of mankind. This watching maybe will last forever, or maybe this watching has come to its end. But you ought to know, where is your heart, and where is your, your soul. Where are they? This watching maybe will last forever, or maybe this watching has come to its end. But you ought to know, where is your heart, and where is your soul. O… This watching maybe will last forever, or maybe this watching has come to its end. But you ought to know, where is your heart, and where is your, your soul. This watching maybe will last forever, or maybe this watching has come to its end. But you ought to know, where is your heart, and where is your, your soul. This watching maybe will last forever, or maybe this watching has come to its end. But you ought to know, where is your heart, and where is your soul. O… Where are they?from “The Sighing of the Almighty” in The Word Appears in the Flesh"Grab Everyone You Know "-- AKA: TNG Bought an analog synth... my shitty drumming, my bad bass playing. I had to make something today, because I got an Arturia Microbrute -used and on sale. SO MUCH FUN! I actually dig this song too. The last half in particular. lil -I played hockey's a petition to have Fetty Wap perform Trap Queen at Nancy Reagan's funeral - Shimmer 165th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Meth Machine - Tragic Alert. I wasn't looking forward to Surgical Meth Machine because I've been disappointed with the last few Ministry albums, but it turns out Uncle Al just needed to start a new band.Lefterna - Reach OutEnemy on Tape - Violence - Stumbo on, baby let's eat favorite CCR song Dylan’s Secret Archive Ticket to Metric & Joywave in St. Louis tonight I had a buddy cancel on me last minute. Anyone want this ticket to Metric and Joywave tonight? Free cause I like you guys. KENDRICK LAMAR ALBUM: Unmastered untitled. [Spotify] FIIIIIIREEEEEEEEEEEYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏿️✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿ürzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch Hail Satan - Apollo 666 - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) March 3, 1986- Master of Puppets is released and changes Metal music forever OF PUPPETS. This can be argues to be the best Metallica album, although I still hang on to my love of Ride the Lightening. MoP was the first metal album to be taken seriously by the music community and the first metal album to become a Gold and Platinum album. The album got next to zero radio play, instead the band toured with Ozzy. Interestingly, another band would tour with Ozzy that would blow away music fans about five years later: Nirvana.If you are not a metal fan, but are a music fan, you owe yourself a listen. If you are a metal fan, crank it up and rock the horns. \m/' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You favourite version of his classic. One String: Tiny Desk water drumming Bird - Capsized, I totally missed this when it got released some weeks ago! I quite dig the bassline. 164th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread was a good music week.Youth Code - TransitionsIAMX - North StarSpectres - Figures in the SandOranssi Pazuzu - LahjaFilter - Mother E made a song today use some bass: T-Dog coffeesp00ns BLOB_CASTLE or anyone else... interested? Pretty sloppy right now, but I dig the tone on the electric guitar. Using a Little Big Muff and a boss octave pedal through a Line 6 DL4. lil -I played hockeyThe guitar solo is in honor of my pals Ben and Jenny --who should DEFINITELY JOIN HUBSKI! When I Found Her - New Drugs Bird and Fiona Apple Join for "Left Handed Kisses" Kinney - Modern Girl Turns Blue - If Love Could Change This World Drake - One of These Things First Gabriel - Solsbury Hill Byrne - Miss America back #songsforpabs, shit's noisy. You have headphones on to drown it out. What classical music are you listening to in order to help concentrate? curious. Baker - Good News | The Plastic Faction this on my local college radio station while heading to the library. Sounds like Architecture in Helsinki mixed with your standard 90's fuzz band. Enjoy! Order - Singularity that get you high on dopamine are tipped to go on sale next month - ScienceAlert for the drug researchthenewgreen for the musical possibilities Middle East - "Blood" & the Elephantmen - Strange Television knows - Leonard Cohen Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Spread Sorrow - Rumspringa I'm not saying you're bad at the Internet, Cold Spring, but it took me 6 months to hear about this, and I am paying attention.Machabray - Hospitalfields OOlUU - Manichaeus on the nature of water: Marimba -played by Dan Piccolo this with mk this morning. My friend Dan performing. MORNING! Folds Tiny Desk Concert Kissin plays Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 embarked on learning the first movement of this piece a year and a half ago. I had to quit as I was almost done upon the realization that I simply didn't have enough fingers. 16 17 - Emotion Time - Peter Gabriel *Amazing Video* picked up a Roland TR-8 drum machine, wanted to finally make something with a solid beat. Weird Global Appeal of Heavy Metal Morrison is in the front, pockets full of Wisdom. If you listen close, you'll understand why.'s the Second Coming, complete with Rock and Roll, Star Wars, and Jesus Christ. The Crust Chronicles IV: "Cheese Like Napalm" Yourself vs. Sonic Area feat. B'loon - Nous n'avons fait que fuir (Toto) on Harpejji G16 by Mathieu Terrade. - More and Faster wrote and recorded this tonight -I played hockeyT-Dog coffeesp00ns BLOB_CASTLE ---this song has everything but the kitchen sink...except bass. If any of the many bass players on Hubski are interested in recording it, feel free. It's sloppy as all hell so no need to worry about it too much. Have fun! Shout-out to ghostoffuffle -cuz I miss ya. Cheers -S - Heat of the Moment for mk Eno & John Cale: Been There, Done That - 1990 band just released a music video. Total Yuppies - Normal Life it's kind of emotionally crippling for me but whatever Think We`re Alone Now - Tommy James & The Shondells - Grass Stain [Cover I just did] it was applicable to today. Think my playing and singing is slowly but surely getting better. Eh. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Attack - Misguided Attentiona noend of mine - entwinedThe Power of Pessimism - Nature vs Nurture[FRESH] Kanye West - The Life of Pablo't believe you fuckers dropped the ball so hard, can't even post a fucking Kanye West album on hiphop-fuckinghubski like it isn't the biggest release of the year. Gotta come out of retirement just to fix this shit, smgdmfh The alternate album art you need: get your shit together hhh 5 on Macklemore's "White Privilege II" and BLM at Grillby's: An Officially Sanctioned Undertale Jazz album Fox is pretty smart about who he's officially backing to make Undertale cover albums. Between the OST, Determination, and this jazz album I am loving all of it. Big Jilm - 1992 Cab for Yeezy Wake - Watchtower Blake - Modern Soul've been a fan of James Blake since his self-titled album came out, so it's great to hear new music from him. Hopefully, this means we'll be getting some more details on Radio Silence soon. Kantner of Jefferson Airplane dead at 74 on CBC Music only you believe in miracles, so do I.OK, hubski, would you believe that I saw the Jefferson Airplane back in the White Rabbit days? Mountain Goats - Lovecraft in Brooklyn thenewgreen. & Sebastian Piazza, New York Catcher Sabbath-Sweet Leaf is my contribution to the "everyday sound" challenge I posted and all --I used the sound from my cars "start" - I then reversed it and then added delay. It plays throughout. I ended the song with that sound again.Lots of looping. Improvised lyrics. The direction was 100% influenced by the car sound. Fun exercise. cW -I tried to make the song at least 5 minutes long in your honor :)Lyrics:I don't like the clothes that I'm wearingI can't sleepCause everyone's staringThey know meThink they they know meCalls come quick for the latest reportsAll lined up to report what the score isYou know theyDon't control itJust reporting onNothing, whilole lots of nothingIve been wondering why you go outWhen it's not safeJust look aroundI've been wondering how you stay inAll by yourselfYou have nothingAll by yourselfWhole lots of nothinglil -played hockey Tron - Endless Teeth – Tabloid (spin-off from Beach Fossils) vibes! Baca, Charlie Hunter tear it up with ethnic style. Snarky Puppy – "Molino Molero" Strangest Trip: Animal Collective on the Legacy of Animal Collective buddy's band: Vanish - Lifetime James | American Hearts (In A Wolf Sanctuary) - A. A. Bondy Cover a little cheesy, but the sound is nice. Plus wolf-howls. Physics House Band - Titan X – Starlight vibes to kick off your morning! in the Throne Room’s Diadem of 12 Stars Turns 10 Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Spire - ReprimirAdvertising - SniperCuscuta - Fodder for the Callous Boutique - A Happy Death up on shuffle and reminded me of this exchange about that other song that quotes Prufrock with coffeesp00ns. Monica Richards does not sing like a burp. makes an atheist love religious music? and TC - Elevator is one of my favourite tunes from last year. Perry: Oh Sherrie - 1984 Clarence Reid aka Blowfly - Blowfly's Rapp (1980) (NSFW) originally wrote sexually explicit versions of hit songs for fun but only performed them for his friends at parties or in the studio. In 1971, he along with a band of studio musicians recorded a whole album of dirty songs under the name Blowfly. The album, The Weird World of Blowfly, features Reid dressed as a low-rent supervillain on its cover. He created this alter ego to protect his career as a "straight" songwriter. His work was sampled by dozens of hip hop artists (such as Beyonce, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Quik, DMX, Method Man & Redman, Main Source, DJ Shadow, Eazy-E, RJD2, Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane, Mary J. Blige, Brand Nubian, and the Avalanches) but Reid has received almost no money from sampling due to signing away most of his royalties. Jackson - Black Or White - YouTube I was a kid a release of a new Michael Jackson video was a BIG deal. This one in particular stands out to me. The message really resonated with young me. Also, that face-melding stuff at the end was some revolutionary stuff.... Turns 10’s a lot to break down on the massive hip-hop production pillar known as Donuts. In terms of emotion, technique, and legacy this thing is beastly. A 130-page book was written on it! So let’s begin with a bit of background and symbolism to ease into why it’s blasphemous among hip-hop heads to say you don’t like or at least appreciate J Dilla (aka Jay Dee, aka Dilla Dawg, government name James Dewitt Yancey), why fans and posers alike have unabashedly rocked “J Dilla Changed My Life” T-shirts for over a decade now, and why an actual donut shop is to be opened in his honor. member of Earth, Wind and Fire, Maurice White, Dies at 74 easy, Thanks for the jams. Psych/Folk band I'm in did this NPR Tiny Desk Submission video band is Headdressed. I'm on the upright.ButterflyEffect here it is! with Merzbow - Huge -- Leonard Cohen honor of Ted Cruz's victory! song writers, a secret affair, two versions of the same song about the affair. "Our Lips Are Sealed" Go-Go's were supporting The Specials on the latter's 1980 United States tour. According to Wiedlin she and Hall had an affair despite him having a girlfriend back in England and this led to their co-writing the song. The Go-Go's version is significantly more upbeat than Fun Boy Three's, which Wiedlin describes as "gloomier"Jane Wiedlin version with the GO GO'sTerry Hall of the Specials and Fun Boy Three's version.I really like Terry's version.And why not a third version in Urdu Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Love Gods - Down for the CountBootblacks - 8 Sub RosagenCAB - Channel the Past B - Up All Night Henderson: Anthem of Freedom: How Whitney Houston Remade the Star Spangled Banner Impala - The Less I Know The Better [Music Video, 5:42] a music video.Remember when MTV showed music videos? DIIV's new album 'Is the Is Are' - Unsung Reznor on David Bowie and their Outside Tour Guthrie, 'Old Man Trump' and a real estate empire's racist foundations fascinating: Woody Guthrie once rented from Donald Trump's father and wrote songs about father Trump's racism. Puppy - Spasmolytic the Silence in the Music Industry motif of silence and complicity is common when it comes to harassment and assault in rock. In a horrifying Vice piece last October, Rachel Grace Almeida gathered up a slew of stories from women in the industry, many of which resemble the ones that have surfaced about Berru. They range from intimate and personal—about, say, a guy whose abused girlfriend didn’t speak up because he was friends with her bandmates—to higher-up: a boss making advances toward a younger female employee. None of the women or men in the article were referred to by their real names. At the end, Almeida offered a prescription for how to change things: January 25, 1909 Richard Strauss's opera "Elektra" premiers'm not that big of an opera fan, but this is one of the ones I can have on in the background while playing video games. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - TetraphobiaTen Thousand Miles of Arteries - White RobeOOLUU - PorcelainAvarice in Audio - Anthracite Nights - My new favourite music discovery site friend of mine showed this to me the other day, and I fell in love with it instantly. Just select a country and a decade, and see what you find. Barnett – Pedestrian At Best ME ALL YOUR MONEY AND ILL MAKE SOME ORIGAMI HONEY! & Ryan Lewis - White Privilege II The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra covers Kraftwerk’s ‘Radio-Activity’ - Hell Hath No Fury Oak covers Danzig's "Mother" that's a good cover. transcription software is starting to get there music transcription software is usually pretty worthless, but this software has surprisingly good accuracy, despite still having a ways to go. Stankonia, With Love - BOILER ROOM Van Etten Covers Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy" you don't watch the AV Club you might want to check it out. They have 25 bands come in and cover 25 well known songs every year. It's usually pretty good, but this is one of the better ones because the band actually came in and totally changed the song completely to suit their own tastes and capabilities. a look inside my head --TNG Got A Loop Pedal and... a new Les Paul. Two songs here: "In My Heart There is a Soul" and "Hurry Back Home" 20 minutes to spare listening to me loop myself hundreds of times on my new Les Paul? This is how my musical head works. This is me recording myself without a plan, a pre-written melody or anything. This is what happened. Some of it is pretty kick ass. Some of it, not so much. I'd be glad to know that even one person heard this all the way through. Enjoy!lil -I played HockeyButterflyEffect, I thought of you tonight while doing this. I think a loop pedal would be a good thing for you. Road Goes on Forever: the Allman Brothers and the south me the Body at New York's MoMA PS1 [HQ vid] Bridges Road Express Presents: Terry Riley's In C Mali Harrison "All Things Must Pass" Me the Body @ Hadley, MA [Warning: Sludge] on the subreddit my buddy and I started, for this incredible up-and-coming bunch of fuckers out of Brooklyn. West's new song "No More Parties in L.A." !!!!!!!!! that Ian McDonald, founder of progrock icon King Crimson, also founded pop rock band Foreigner that sold 80 million albums. Here is *As Cold As Ice*. also played the sax on T-Rex's Bang A Gongedit: Oops. I should have referenced some King Crimson as well. It starts rocking at about 5:30 if that is what you are looking for. For anyone that is wondering Tony Levin is playing what is called a Chapman Stick, it kind of a bass and a guitar on one fret board. Austin radio host dies - great article about his legacy Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Host - Without a VoiceBlack Needle Noise - Bang BangCelestial Sight - Through the Flat FieldsAbbath - Abbath your band's music here - Past Edition! just found out my old band broke up. I am so proud of the album I did with them. It taught me a lot about how I wanted to play, and the value of simplicity. left the band to go do my master's degree. I told them not to wait for me - But I occasionally wonder what things would have been like if I'd stayed instead. It was a split in the path of my life, a branching decision.There's one song on the album where you can hear me singing a harmony part that we didn't actually record. I was so in to it, and singing out as I played, so I bled into the drum mics.SO!In the spirit of nostalgia, post music from your favourite projects you've been involved with over the years. Tweedy (Tweedy) Talks a Playlist of Songs from His Ten Favorite Albums of 2015 | The Talkhouse Music own T-Dog's album is mentioned in this list. put this track together using all synth and keyboard sounds mixed with analog and software effects. Mitchell - A Chair in The Sky rain slammed hard as barsIt caught me--by surpriseMutts of the planetAnd shook me down for alibisI'm waitingFor the keeper to release meDebating this sentenceBiding my timeIn memoriesOf old friends of mineMy piano teacher introduced me to Joni Mitchell, with the album "Mingus." The album was a collaboration with the Charles Mingus, and includes the closing track "Goodbye Porkpie Hat," an incredible and famous jazz piece written in memory of Lester Young, by Charles Mingus, which Joni Mitchell covered to include lyrics. Simple bliss, and predictably mind-boggling instrumentation and composition by Mingus behind Joni's voice. Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - 20 Minutes of Oxygen MUSIC CLUB -- I NEED SOME ELECTRIC BASS!) "Boat" by thenewgreen -feeling up to adding some bass atop my horrid percussion? What about coffeesp00ns or BLOB_CASTLE or any of the other hundreds of bassists? What about ghostoffuffle -any backing vocals? Synth? Other weirdness? I miss you punks. I dig this song. It's not often I like something I make. This is not well mixed, the drums suck but it's a good song imo. lil, I played hockey. -The lyrics were taken from this poem____BOATYou know all the boats are fineThey get tied up at nightLifted up above the watersSo comfortable in their casualTalk about itIt's not nice to talk about itYou know, you don't rock this boatYou know you're so comfortableIn your casual talk about itIt's not nice when youTalk about itYou know all the boats are fineThey get tied up at nightLifted up above the watersSo comfortable In the casual talkYou know all the boats are fineGet tied up at nightLifted up above the watersSo comfortable Bitter Buffaloes - Running on Empty guys, I just got done mixing a track for my band and I thought you might enjoy it. We recorded it at my friend's pseudo studio--that is, living room--but the sound quality's solid. Probably falls under the umbrella of psychedelic rock. Let me know what you think! Ruin & Lydia Lunch - Serpentine Orgasmatron think I am going to off the internet for the rest of the evening. Some Minds Feat. Andrew Wyatt Is Doomed (Except Adele): The Cold, Hard Truth About The Nielsen Music Report week, Nielsen shared its 2015 U.S. Music Year-End Report, giving a massive statistical overview of how we consume music, how much music we consume, and how our consumption of music in 2015 differed from our consumption of music in 2014. The report was covered by just about every major publication in the world, and all those publications told a similar story about the report. Below, I have created a composite version of that story, using lines from a dozen different articles via a dozen different news organizations, cited Wikipedia style. I think it flows pretty well!“Contrary to popular belief among curmudgeons, the music industry as we know it isn’t totally down the toilet — at least not yet — and the numbers prove it.” [1] “2015 was a good year for streaming services, according to Nielsen’s year-end Music report out now.” [2] “Because of streaming’s ascent, the record business experienced an overall growth of 15.2 percent, from 476.9 million album consumption units in 2014 to to 549.4 million in 2015.” [3] “[S]treaming activity nearly doubled in 2015. On-demand audio and video streams on outlets like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music — which, unlike radio services, allow users to pick exactly what songs to listen to — were up 93 percent, to 317.2 billion songs played.” [4]“The story of the year in the music industry should have been music streaming … But then along came Adele.” [5] “In the music business in 2015, there was Adele and then there was everybody else.” [6] “Adele’s 25 sold 8.01 million equivalent album units — a combination of traditional album sales and streaming equivalent albums — last year following its launch on Nov. 20. That number includes 7.44 million in traditional albums, a whopping number for the music industry.” [7]“25 was also the top seller in vinyl sales, a format which continues its renaissance. Vinyl sales were up 30 percent from 2014 and accounted for almost 9 percent of total physical album sales.” [8] “Nearly 12 million vinyl units sold this year, making 2015 the 10th straight year of growth.” [9]“[The report] contained bad news, too. Both album and individual track sales declined again.” [10] “Digital track sales suffered the biggest drop (12.5 percent) but physical album sales (8.3 percent), and digital album sales (2.9 percent), also continued their descent.” [11] “However, the sheer volume of streams appears to at least partly make up for the shortfall — Billboard notes that the revenue is equivalent to 211.5 million purchased albums. While artists aren’t necessarily getting all that extra money, it’s a positive sign.” [12]So anyway, if you saw this story anywhere, it probably looked a lot like that. And that doesn’t look too bad!But looks can be deceiving. And when I look at this report? I see an entirely different story than the one being told by everyone else. So I’m here to tell you my version. Bowie - Lazarus Bowie on Extras. Rip. Bowie dies at 69 has not been a good month for rock and roll. Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul a handful of albums for the shop from my stacks.One of the albums was John Mayall with Eric Clapton. Instead of the Mayal/Clapton album I found this inside the sleeve. It's outstanding. - Bicycle Race Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Jumeaux Discordants - Les ChimèresZ'ev - Eleven Mirrors to the LightThe Hearse - The Hearse in Music - 2015 I like to have this list done around Christmas, but I just got back from a three week trip to Miami (should I do a trip report? I hardly took any photos at all...). Without further ado, my favorite albums, songs, EPs, and shows. My lists are a bit shorter this year, as I simply haven't had time to listen as much. Top 10 albums1. Harmlessness - The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die2. New Bermuda - Deafheaven3. EMOTION - Carly Rae Jepsen4. Peanut Butter - Joanna Gruesome5. Kindred - Passion Pit6. VEGA Intl. Night School - Neon Indian7. To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar8. The Most Lamentable Tragedy - Titus Andronicus9. The Scene Between - The Go! Team10. Darkness Forgives - The Saddest LandscapeIt should be noted that the first two albums were by far my favorites this year. Top 20 Songs1. I Can Be Afraid of Anything - TWIABP2. Last Year - Joanna Gruesome3. Back Up - Dej Loaf4. When I Needed You - Carly Rae Jepsen5. The Word Lisa - TWIABP6. Luna - Deafheaven7. Trilogy 0 (Debris) - Loma Prieta8. Lifted Up (1985) - Passion Pit9. Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato10. I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) - Jamie XX11. January 10, 2014 - TWIABP12. Alright - Kendrick Lamar13. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars14. Willie (For Howard) - TWIABP15. Back to Back - Drake16. Only One - Kanye West17. Dimed Out- Titus Andronicus18. Go Outside (Stare at the Sun) - Pet Symmetry19. Cheerleader - OMI20. Stuck In My Airway - Super AmericanTop 5 EPs1. Golf Pop - Super American2. Pioneer of Nothing - You Blew It!3. Death to New Year's - TWIABP4. Love - Loma Prieta5. Ledge - DikembeTop 5 Shows1. Broken World Fest 2. Arkells3. Neon Indian4. Motion City Soundtrack5. Joyce Manor about the history of Cigar Box guitars you might be into this - The Sound Of Silence, they nailed this remake. Healing Music - A Few Things to Hear Before We All Blow Up've seen quite a few people post stories about going through a hard time, getting frustrated with life, getting mad at the general state of society, being depressed or lonely, and various other stressors that life has thrown at them.I want to share with you guys some of the music that saved my life when I went through some of the worst portions of my mental illness. When voices were attacking with relentless fervor with stress from school, work, etc piling up, sitting back and listening to these would put my brain into a state that allowed me to rise above it and vanquish my inner demons.When looking for or listening to healing music you need to take a few things into account. First, you need to stop listening to songs and instead listen to albums. By that, I'm not necessarily saying you need to listen to the whole CD that your favorite song was on, but rather true albums that do not have any seams between songs and you can't actually determine precisely where track two or five began. Some albums have very minimal seams between tracks and allow for the same results, sometimes it's just a quiet end and a quiet begin of the next track, or sometimes the songs are just so similar in style and the artist was developing with the whole album in mind so that it doesn't make a difference. This seamless or near seamless album structure is one of the things that will help mend your mind. Sit back, don't make any decisions, and just let the music pour over you for an hour, then move on to the next album you wish to listen to. So many people are listening to radio, playlists, internet radio, etc, which are good tools for locating music and music genres but should not be the way that you enjoy music as it can damage your focus.When listening to a playlist created by you or someone else or even a music CD that is song based instead of seamless, you sit there in anticipation of what the next song is going to be or trying to force enjoyment of the current song because it's your favorite. You are anticipating the end of the current track, and not truly enjoying the song that you are currently listening to. As a result, many people end up listening to songs they enjoy on loop so they can enjoy the song. This also isn't really very healthy as there is no proper "end" to what you are listening to, and you have to decide when to end it by yourself. It also does have a proper "end" that interrupts your self-healing process.Think of it like sleep. Would your body rather have 16 good quality 30 minute naps in a row where it wakes up and gets interrupted, or a full 8-hour continous sleep? Your mind is very similar when listening to music. It would much rather listen to a 1 hour continous quality album than get interrupted and readjust to a new song every 5 minutes.Other ways to reduce the amount of distraction is to either listen to music that has no lyrics, minimal lyrics, or is in a language you do not know. This reduces the amount of friction in your brain as it's trying to decipher meaning from the lyrics, or trying to keep up with what the people are saying subconsciously.Listening to albums like this can repair some of the ills that society pushes on us. We get pushed headlines and summaries of what's happening the world, we get bite sized information shares in the form of tweets or facebook posts, we get micromanaged at work into various metrics, we are constantly texting instead of sharing quality time with our friends, we play video games that are based on being killed repeatedly and starting over, etc. Think of music like a #goodlongread. In fact, go browse #goodlongread while listening to healing music or grab a book. Relax for the first half hour or so and focus on the music, then move on to do things that require your focus and are more passive activities and are not stressful or task oriented with the music in the background. You can also meditate if you are into that sort of thing.Now that my ranting is over, let's get to the actual music.---Williamson - A Few Things to Hear Before We All Blow Up [Spotify] [Magnatune] [YouTube]Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To [YouTube]Robert Miles - Organik [Spotify] [YouTube]BT - Monster Soundtrack [YouTube]Shulman - In Search of a Meaningful Moment [YouTube]Amon Tobin - ISAM [Spotify] [YouTube]Flashbulb - Soundtrack to a Vacant Life [Spotify] [YouTube]m-seven - Activate [Spotify]Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station [Spotify] [YouTube]Xerxes - The Mirror Formula [Spotify] [YouTube]Asura - Lost Eden [YouTube]Ott - Skylon [Spotify] [YouTube]Broadway Project - Compassion [Spotify] [YouTube]Sophie and Ives - Untie Me [Spotify]Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place [Spotify] [YouTube]Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness [Spotify] [YouTube]Little People - Mickey Mouse Operation [Spotify] [YouTube]Bliss - Afterlife [Spotify] [YouTube]Chaos Control - Instrumental Alchemy [Spotify] [YouTube]Patrick O'Hearn - So Flows the Current [Spotify] [YouTube]William Orbit - Hello Waveforms [YouTube]Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden [Spotify] [YouTube]This Will Destroy You - S/T [Spotify] [YouTube]Sigur Ros - () [Spotify] [YouTube]Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune [Spotify] [YouTube]Bluetech - The Divine Invasion [Spotify] [YouTube]Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination [Spotify] [YouTube]Spatialize - In the Midst of Myriads [Spotify] [YouTube]Hibernation - Some Things Never Change [Spotify] [YouTube]Jon Hopkins - Opalescent [Spotify] [YouTube]Jami Sieber - Hidden Sky [Magnatune] [Spotify] [YouTube]Kaya Project - Walking Through [Spotify] [YouTube]Kuba - How the Future Sounded [YouTube]---Have albums or music that has helped you get through a hard time? Share it in the comments, it doesn't necessarily have to be the same style as all of this, I know I tend to listen to ambient psychedelic electronica mostly. I tried to filter out some of the lyrically oriented music that I like as well for "healing" since it went against the ideas I presented at the top (Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Zero 7, and Thievery Corporation immediately come to mind here). Also of note, almost all orchestral or classical music fits this description as well, with the exception of composers that did marches or such like John Philip Sousa.---Let us rememberLife's such a beautiful mistakeIt's precious and fragileSometimes more than we can takeIt's stronger than fireGreater than all things men createAnd I don't know what you want from meBut I don't want to be perfect anymore-Brian Transeau (BT)'s Friday-Night Folk-Music Fuckaround For flagamuffin (Don't Load Mobile, Trust Me) here's the deal Hubski, this past Sunday I promised flagamuffin that I'd think of some good country music worth sharing with him and send it his way. Well, as luck would have it, I had a rough week. I didn't have much time to do the things I wanted to do, eat what I wanted to eat, what the fuckever. Life happens.Here's where I'm going to hopefully make it fun though. Hubski is full of users with great taste. You guys know your musical shit in and out and you love to share. At the same time, there are a ton of genres that scratch the same itch that you get from country music. We're talking blues, folk, gospel, bluegrass, what have you. So what I'm gonna do is start comment chains on here, one for each genre that I can think of. I'll post some songs that I think fit and are good and I encourage you to do the same. I am prepared to admit though, that seeing as how this is a Friday night and you all are a bunch of wonderful, social folk, you all might be off doing your own thing. That's okay though. I'll be more than happy to shout into the cave that is Hubski all by myself. It can be fun playing with echos.Edit: Legit question and personal concern. The majority of these videos aren't hosted by the rights holders. Will I get Hubski in trouble for linking to them on here?Edit 2: I'll stop for now, cause I kind of want to see if anyone else wants to contributes. Plus, I want some dinner.Edit 3: I woke up this morning and the thread was all bogged down by the number of embedded Youtube videos, so I changed some to links to free up some bandwidth or whatever. & Mayhem - Moonway Renegade The Rugged Man - Definition of a Rap Flow Porters - Shine On't let the bastards drag you down. - Ease My Mind (Feat. Niki and the Dove) Remix by Jai Wolf I get some advice on which bands I shouldn't miss at this upcoming music fest? March I'll be going to an all-day music festival, Auckland City Limits. There will be four stages, so I'm bound to miss some of it. I'm only familiar with a handful of these bands - Phoenix Foundation, Che Fu, Naked and Famous, Kendrick LamarSo, I'm asking if anyone knows of any bands listed here that I shouldn't miss. Full lineup so far is below. Thanks Hubski!Kendrick LamarThe NationalAction BronsonThe Naked & FamousSturgill SimpsonCold War KidsGrace PotterLord HuronThe Phoenix FoundationSt. Paul & the Broken BonesHoundmouthChe Fu & the KratezTami NeilsonShakey GravesMAALAKinetic-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[edit] They have announced a few more acts today :Fat Freddy's Drop (yes!!)Modest MouseShapeshifterBROODSLadyhawkeJarryd JamesHighly SuspectKamasi WashingtonGang of YouthsRacing Cure: A Thousand Hours - 1987 Carey - In the Dirt if you feel like watching a live performance.and I don't remember the why we started sharing music with pabs.... but it seemed like a great tag. Rascal - I Don't Need a Reason One Time Where Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez, and Madonna Wayne Gacy were on Phil Donahue Femmes - FULL ALBUM - YouTube aren't many albums that I listened to more as a 15 year old than this one. I would eventually play this entire album on my acoustic guitar at various "field parties" and bonfires for people my junior year of high school. This album was a BIG part of my adolescence. Anyone else dig it? - Debaser - YouTube list of the songs I sing to my son each night Beatles: I willThe Beatles: JuliaThe Beatles: Mother Natures Son Beatles: Across the Universe-My bet is he will either LOVE or HATE the Beatles. Also, it's insane that I can't find any version of their songs online. Yoko and Paul need to make these song public domain. Rant to believe I've never seen this before. of the Planetary Dream Collector! Another modern artist with a flash website Porters - A Ship Lost Its Way In The Fog Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Letárgica - Leis TrimórficasCloak of Altering - ManifestationForrest Fang - The Sleepwalker's OceanThis post marks 3 years since flagamuffin posted the first weeklymusicthread. Here's the first track I posted to one. some LSD you dig this, check out their KEXP set - Long Was The Year Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (Lyrics in Description) - YouTube - All Blue Psycho with Huey Lewis and Weird Al and the original scene and the song the film inspired in me is the original:Here is the song that I wrote titled "Machine" after seeing this film. It was recorded by a bunch of hubskiers adding to it. I love it. Kind of Love -- A song I wrote and recorded tonight. I played hockey Yang - Game of Thrones Violin Cover'm still new here, but I have a feeling I'm one of the older people on Hubski, closing in on 50.Back in the 1980's I used to put on side 2 of "No Sleep Til Hammersmith", stretch my spiral-cord can-style headphones over to my bed, and fall asleep listening to Motorhead. I loved it.Then, my dad and I went to Europe a week ahead of my Mom and sister, who met up with us later. But for that week, Dad and I were on the Isle of Man, going to see the TT Races that he had raced in back in the 60's for BSA.The first week is practice week. Riders doing insane shit all over the island. Then, on the last day of practice week, they basically close the island and call it "Mad Sunday". Anything goes. Utter insanity all over the island.Dad and I were staying in the little village of Douglas - the hub of the TT race. We were walking around and I heard familiar music coming from a club. Motorhead (the original lineup) was blowing the doors off some 200 person club full of insane bikers.So I went in. (Dad decided to wait outside, when he heard the volume.)I stayed for the whole set. At some point I had some small English dude on my shoulders doing our best Brian Johnson/Angus Young impression. We hung out the rest of the week together.I stuck with Motorhead through the rough Brian Robertson years (and still love Another Perfect Day for what it is), Wurzel, innumerable drummers, and right up to the modern day.Lemmy died yesterday at 70 years old. (My Mom will be 70 next year.)People love to talk about how "fuck everybody" Lemmy was, but they miss who he REALLY was... he cared about what he cared about, and let you care about what you cared about. He didn't make others wrong. He just let others live the life they wanted, and he kept his opinions to himself."Don't let the bastards grind ya down" describes Lemmy perfectly. There are a lot of people out there with opinions and ulterior motives and hidden agendas. They are the bastards. But if you stay true to yourself, be honest, and live your life the way you want, the bastards lose.We could all learn something from Lemmy.RIP man. The heavenly band just got a lot fucking heavier. (Remember, Motorhead's drummer, Philthy Animal Taylor, died earlier this year, too!)Thanks for reading my remembrance of this Force Of Nature known as Lemmy. - motorhead (1975) - YouTube Motörhead’s Lemmy Dead at Age 70 electronic music for Nowaypablo Well, you asked, I deliver. This is an overview of the type of music I've really been into lately and don't see too much of around here on Hubski. So I'll guess I'll make a start!Lets start off with the revered Basic Channel, masters of deep dubby techno.This is really their half their discography condensed into one incredible, coherent mixI think this is my favorite Basic Channel track, though all of their music is amazing.Their side label Chain Reaction, meant to release music from likeminded producers, is also excellent. Another label I really like is Delsin, also kinda spacey and hypnotic.Some classic Autechre.And for some more recent electronics; Abdulla Rashim and his Northern Electronics label have really been killing it!If you liked Selected Ambient Works you'll certainly like this trackI'll end with, probably, my favorite track.Or this one, not sure Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Asylum - Sin EaterAri Mason - Dim the LightsWilt - Nocturnal Requiem, what are your favorite songs of all time? as long as I can remember, the week between Christmas and New Year's means our radio is on for the Radio 2 Top 2000. The best 2000 songs of all time as voted by listeners are played in one week, leading up to the winner just before midnight December 31st. It's the list that years ago introduced me to a wealth of classic rock and Dutch music history. Now, it's mostly a list of music I love. It's a cultural phenomenon here: 4,5 million people voted this year (out of a population of 16 million) on their best songs of all time. It's a list full of classic rock, nostalgic Dutch songs and one-offs. You see the list here; they're currently at #1281. I voted for these (future) classics. What would you have voted? What are the best songs of all time? PINK FLOYD - COMFORTABLY NUMBSIMON & GARFUNKEL - THE BOXERAIR - ALL I NEEDRADIOHEAD - PARANOID ANDROIDELBOW - ONE DAY LIKE THISMARLENA SHAW - CALIFORNIA SOULPINK FLOYD - THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKYACDA EN DE MUNNIK - REN LENNY RENCREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - UP AROUND THE BENDSUPERTRAMP - FOOL'S OVERTURETHE DOORS - RIDERS ON THE STORMELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - DON'T BRING ME DOWNDIRE STRAITS - BROTHERS IN ARMSTHE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT - THE TURN OF A FRIENDLY CARDTHE BEATLES - BLACKBIRDPINK FLOYD - SUMMER '68DAFT PUNK - LOSE YOURSELF TO DANCEBOARDS OF CANADA - SATELLITE ANTHEM ICARUSRADIOHEAD - OPTIMISTICTAME IMPALA - LET IT HAPPENTHE WHO - EMINENCE FRONTSUFJAN STEVENS - JOHN WAYNE GACY, JR.LED ZEPPELIN - WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKSJOHN FRUSCIANTE - THE WILL TO DEATHTHOM YORKE - INTERFERENCE Leloup's new album got me into playing guitar again album won 5 (?) prizes in the Quebecois music gala and the more I listen, the more I like it. The lyrics are quite important tho, I'm not sure how it comes across if you don't know french. Let me know!My boyfriend bought the vinyl and it included all the words with the chords so I've picked up my guitar for the first time in a looong time. I kinda suck so I've given up on making music. Do you jam around bonfires or at parties sometimes? What are you go to songs to play/sing? Alan Lomax Sound Archive Now Online: Features 17,000 Blues & Folk Recordings Camera - Christmas Message from Elsewhere (Dec. 2015) Are Other Forces at Work: John Darnielle on John Cage has been in my Pocket for a while, but I'm not sure where I got it from originally. So my apologies if someone's posted it before. Soundsystem - Christmas Will Break Your Heart [NEW] the best Christmas present this year. was able to fly home for the holidays. But that last few years when I couldn't, I fell in love with this song.'s Blue Christmas by me. I remember it used to help me, as cheesy as that may sound.Happ Holidaze Beatles are now on spotify!'t know if anyone else cares, but this made my day. Willie Nelson Willie Nelson you will be missed. You were such an inspiration to many thank you for your music throughout your wonderful long life we cant thank you enough. You were an icon for so many people god bless you willie and your family please send your prayers. R.I.P your music will never die. Punk - The Game Has Changed Lehrer - A Christmas Carol concert recording i've ever seen! Stromae really is an artist and the lights are incredible. hope you enjoy it as much as I did :) Do you have a good live show to share too? - Do You Know Squarepusher – Mushroom (1971) Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do Cline - Sweet Dreams Might Be Giants - I Palindrome I Ride 69 - MK Ultra Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread On Halo - Call for the RainCathode Ray Eyes - And the burial had several different endingsThe Satanic Temple, my favorite trolls, have christmas carols! your favorite "world music" was thinking recently about one of my favorite articles, David Byrne's I hate world music:In my experience, the use of the term world music is a way of dismissing artists or their music as irrelevant to one's own life. It's a way of relegating this "thing" into the realm of something exotic and therefore cute, weird but safe, because exotica is beautiful but irrelevant; they are, by definition, not like us. Maybe that's why I hate the term. It groups everything and anything that isn't "us" into "them." This grouping is a convenient way of not seeing a band or artist as a creative individual, albeit from a culture somewhat different from that seen on American television. It's a label for anything at all that is not sung in English or anything that doesn't fit into the Anglo-Western pop universe this year. (So Ricky Martin is allowed out of the world music ghetto — for a while, anyway. Next year, who knows? If he makes a plena record, he might have to go back to the salsa bins and the Latin mom and pop record stores.) It's a none too subtle way of reasserting the hegemony of Western pop culture. It ghettoizes most of the world's music. A bold and audacious move, White Man!And I've read this article a fe times sine 2004, but recently I realized that when I go to the record store, I shop almost exclusively in the 'world music' section. I was recently in Arcata, CA where I went to two great records stores with a good selection, and I was in Delaware with _refugee_ after 4th of July at a great shop called Rainbow Records, and all three times I left with at least three records, none recorded in the U.S. So, I want to know what all of your favorite non-American records are, across the entire range of genres, from Mali guitar rock to Brazilian folk, to Finnish tradition songs, to whatever you have.[Request] Post the best music by APHEX TWIN!'m hardly familiar besides his selected ambient works records, but I think it's Aphex time for lil' pabs. Hook it up, Hubski!Edit: In your post, comment the title of the link cause all we see is 'Aphex Twin'!'s Favorite Music of 2015 There's a lot I haven't listened to in 2015 (see: I still haven't listened to all of Julia Holter, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Joanna Newsom's new albums from this year, to name a few), and the following aren't necessarily the best albums of 2015, they are simply my favorite albums out of all of the music I have listened to. This is no way a definitive representation of what was released in 2015.Honorable Mentions: Bully - Feels Like, Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly, Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Set and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, Eskimeaux - O.K., Hop Along - Painted Shut10. Pony Time - Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True [Self Released]Highlight Track - Time Tells MeAllusions to Fleetwood Mac are almost a guarantee in getting placed in this list. Having catchy garage rock songs that feel like outtakes from Fleetwood Mac or other soul inspired rock bands discographies help in that regard too. Rumours 2 is a fun album from a great two-piece band with punchy riffs and vocacls.9. Jamie xx - In Colour [Young Turks]Highlight Track - Loud PlacesLoud Places might be the song of the year. The instrumental fifteen second bridge is the catchiest thing written all year and there's not enough to be said about this song. Jamie xx, of The xx, released his first solo album in 2015 and it's a doozy. He builds loops upon loops upon loops and features guests that add layers to already great songs. In Colour is all about being somewhere that's a party, albeit a low-key rave or underground dance party. It's as if there's a play between the light and the dark going on, just listen to the change in atmosphere going from I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) to The Rest is Noise.8. Sports - All of Something [Father/Daughter Records]Highlight Track - Reality TVHow many bands are there named Sports? Probably too many. Either way, this is one of the best jangle-pop albums of the year, filled with short and sweet songs that are sure to get stuck in your head. Every track excels during the choruses, filled with insanely catching vocals and guitar riff. From production to themes, All of Something screams DIY and moving on from previous less-than-stellar life experiences.7. Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Style [Matador Records]Highlight Track - Something SoonOh look, bfx ranked Car Seat Headrest in his top ten again. Yeah, whatever. Will Toledo is consistently putting out amazing releases and Teens of Style, his first album on a label, is no exception. It still has his typical wild voice, overdriven and ready to break with emotion. Per usual the tracks are self-aware and filled with self-doubt, though the tracks are slightly less noisy than previous albums.6. Destroyer - Poison Season [Merge Records]Highlight Track - Times SquareDan Bejar is love. Dan Bejar is life. Dan Bejar is incredibly underrated and one of the best songwriters of the past 15 years. Poison Season is no exception as he continues to go down the path of late-night jazz and baroque influenced music. It invokes a sense of grandeur and life in the city that never sleeps that may or may not have ever existed, back before things became so resoundingly sterile and big business. Whether intended or not, Dan Bejar creates an atmosphere that feels like an all-night ride into the next sunrise and a love for bright lights.5. Colleen Green - I Want to Grow Up [Hardly Art]Highlight Track - Things That Are Bad for Me pt 2I Want to Grow Up is somewhat similar to Time to Go Home in that they are both non-nonchalant while being self-aware of personal flaws and failings. The difference is that Colleen Green seems a lot more anxious, self-riddled, and uncertain about her future. At 31, maybe it is time for her to start thinking about "growing up", whatever that may mean. Some tracks, such as Deeper than Love feature a bit of a departure from her typical sound by being reliant on a drum machine, but it works out incredibly well and create some of the best tracks on this album.4. Chastity Belt - Time to Go Home [Hardly Art]Highlight Track - Cool SlutThis is an album for sad punks, by sad punks. It's got a droning, somewhat sarcastic and condescending tone towards male-driven culture, the punk agenda, and is filled with questioning of what is and isn't healthy. The music itself is great surf-punk, filled with a slimy and sleazy feeling on a lot of songs, such as Cool Slut and Time to Go Home both of which jam out and fade away, like most punk rockers. That said, there is still very much an air of indifference and apathy and the vocals carry along at a level the barely waves and contributes to the nature of Chastity Belt.3. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear [Sub Pop]Highlight Track - Bored in the USAFather John Misty is the alter ego of Josh Tillman, of Fleet Foxes fame. I Love You, Honeybear is cynical, sexual, and laments modern relationships and society. He's self-loathing, conflicted, and willing present the bullshit of life as he sees it. Where else will you find a song talking about the real Josh Tillman having a threesome and singing in three part harmony during it? It's a bitterly funny album, that's almost guaranteed to make you sad and resigned by the end of it.2. Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool [Quote Unquote Records]Highlight Track - I'm Serious, I'm SorryI'm Serious, I'm Sorry contains the best refrain in music in 2015 and encapsulates the album perfectly. It's an anthem for people who are beginning to grow up and hate the mundane nature of getting older, moving away from friends, and everyone beginning to have their own lives. Jeff Rosenstock shares his feelings about getting older - everyone does it, it sucks, and there's not much you can do about it other than damage control. It's a punk album that's instantly classic, filled with emotion and raw energy.1. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell [Asthmatic Kitty]Highlight Track - Fourth of JulyCarrie & Lowell is the most intimate album recorded in 2015. Sufjan bares it all, he strips down his songwriting substantially when compared to his last release, Age of Adz, another fantastic release. The beautiful arrangements of acoustic guitar and other string instruments layers against his lamenting of his childhood and the struggle of growing up in a family that was, at best, dysfunctional. It's a cathartic release filled with inner demons and evokes emotions if you're willing to listen. There aren't too many albums that come along like this one.Favorite EPs: Modern Baseball - The Perfect Cast EPDiet Cig - Over EasyDylan Ewen - Talent ShowSkirts / Comfy SplitFavorite Compilations:Post-Trash - Post-Trash Vol. I Santana & John McLaughlin – The Life Divine Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 I am home sick and hate Christmas music, that's why. Brams Discusses Sufjan Stevens' Album About His Life platform do you prefer to share your music online?'ve been using Bandcamp for some time, but it offers many options I don't need. I just want to put my tracks online for people to enjoy and download for free.Bandcamp seems to be more focused in the selling of works. Even to download a free album we have to pass through a process of choosing a price.I was considering moving to Soundcloud. It feels like it has a stronger community. Or just put my songs in a blog, but the downside of this is that it has no streaming.What would you recommend? considers ending his iconic brand, posts new songs has a new song entitled 'mk'. new song my friends and I wrote "Upside Down" (Rock) year four sweaty children posted a cover of "Hit the Road Jack" to Hubski( now we're back and sweatier than ever. thank you for your very kind words last time aroundNow we have written and recorded 3 original songs ourselves, here is one of them, tell us what you think!!We even have demo album art and everything it's pretty swell Armisen and Sleater-Kinney cover Rock Lobster & Emotional Instrumental Song by Fabian Measures Happy Am I That You Don't Buy CDs was out with a girl the other day and I was telling her about the money that I spend on CDs monthly. It's a line item in my budget. Building my CD collection is a concerted effort right now which involves buying and digitizing all of them so that I can actually carry them with me. SD cards make magic possible like carrying around a current (and needing an update of about 400 songs this month) 12,418 songs.But my point is this. She asked me incredulously, "You still buy CDs?" And yeah. I do. We are at a magical inflection point in CDs right now. They're still being made regularly, and look like they will survive for another 5 years at least. Not to sound like a snob, but they sound way better because there's much less compression. Though DRC will still fuck up your day. But, because of the change in consumer preferences, MP3s are the default purchase medium for most popular music. Moreover, people are getting rid of their CDs at secondhand shops all over the place. I have a V-Stock and an F.Y.E. within 10 minutes of my house and picking up CDs which are over two years old has become a 5 dollar endeavor. It's excellent. The best part is that these CDs are secondhand, but there's no real difference to me. Everyone is getting rid of their CDs as they move on to the next medium. There was a point in time where all those vinyls that people are collecting and going crazy for were being thrown away en masse to make room for tapes and then CDs. That time for CDs is now and it's awesome. The market is flooded and access has never been better. But there's a big difference. Vinyl will always sound like vinyl. You don't get a digital rip out of it, even if you rip it, it still sounds like you ripped an MP3 from a vinyl. Which is fine if you like all that. But CDs are made of better versions of MP3s. You literally get both as long as you have a way to rip the CD. You can even do it in a lossless format to create better MP3s for yourself! Why I think we're at an inflection point is this. That's a new copy of a Veruca Salt CD from 1997, which you should own. It costs 4.99 on Amazon and will be at your house in two days. You can look at the liner notes, see pictures of the band, put the CD in your car (if your car has a CD player of course), and just rip it onto the computer for free. And if you wanted to, you could go and sell that CD for a couple bucks at the local place. You'll still have the MP3s, though this technically does make you a career criminal since those MP3s were only for backup right?Or, you can pay $1 MORE, and get only the music, in a shitty compressed MP3 format. Even better, a lot of Amazon CDs are coming with something inconspicuously marked with "Auto-Rip." You buy the CD, and then all of the MP3s are downloaded into your Amazon music profile to be listened to immediately. They don't expire. You just have them. Adele's 25 $10.99 for MP3. $9.99 for CD with AutoRip. What the fuck markets?Another fun way to commit crimes is to go to your local library. Is your 1970s MP3 collection weak? Don't worry, Dark Side of the Moon is at the library waiting to be ripped to your computer. Do you think Pink Floyd gives a shit? I don't. There's a ton of music there just waiting to be listened to. Corda get this. Also probably trading my K2500XS in for the 88-key Komplete Kontrol 'cuz I miss Kore. Man, you think Native Instruments really thinks about their use of K? McCartney - Flaming Pie: Little Willow - YouTube - La Femme D'Argent // Christmas in L.A. Wish You a Merry Christmas Instrumental Song Christmas music are you favorite Christmas carols? I feel there are good remakes out there but we keep hearing the crappy versions all the time. Share your favorites! Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Növelet - The World in DevotionShad Shadows - Minor BluesBlack Tape for a Blue Girl - 2016 Album Lucier - I Am Sitting In A Room"May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine" - Happy 100th birthday Frank Sinatra a little article I stumbled upon about him. Talent - Saint Veronika's Your Favorite Music Video? title says it all. What's the music video or videos that you like the best? I added the link to a top 30 videos of all time countdown which is separated by top ten of decade. It's pretty good. I just want to watch music videos all day. Let's see what you got.First one that comes to my head is the Mystikal/Mark Ronson video for Feels Right. Hinson - Put down that Sumbitchen Phone really genuinly love Unknown Hinson's take on Country/Western music. HUBSKI: What was your favorite album of the year? thought it was a good year for music. I had one album that stood out, head and shoulders above the rest and that was Sufjan Steven's Carrie and Lowell.I don't often get visibly emotional at live shows but I found myself in tears half way through seeing him perform this album live. I had been listening to it often and I had read, via a Hubski post by ButterflyEffect an amazing interview with Sufjan about the album and what it meant to him. Then, I actually met the guy the night of his show and was able to thank him for his work over the years. His music has played a significant role in my life. It was pretty cool. How about you? What was your favorite album of the year? - Nonstop Pop 2015 Mashup year, another mashup. starters: some classical avant-garde amazing. If you can stand it. Suitable HAPPY BIRTHDAY Song Reed- Walk on the Wild Side. The trans woman who partially inspired this song died today Zé: Explaining Things So I Can Confuse You - YouTube are you familiar with the work of Tom Zé? I was just introduced. The guy seems amazing. Fang - Majestic a minute, I completely forgot about these guys. Then this song was on an episode of American Dad last night. Good band. Definitely one of those ones where you need to listen to their albums as a whole instead of having their songs on shuffle on your phone. by Andy G. Cohen - Happy Instrumental Music Loneliness - Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music (Bonus Track) by Kai Engel - Mouth Mantra Me the Body – Dehydration – Soup (1972) - Chet Faker used to be friendsWe used to be inner circleI don't understandWhat have I become to you Happy | Royalty Free Copyright Music | Non Copyrighted Song's the worst album you own? collect CDs. My digital collection is at about 13,000 songs and my physical CDs account for about a quarter of that. With that, comes a tremendous amount of CDs that I have which are garbage. They've become a special treasure for me because not only do fewer copies exist since the album never sold, but also because I get to listen to them once and it's cool that I'm the only one in a room that has any idea who Vibrolush is. Don't look into Vibrolush. It's not good. But by far, the worst CD I own, is Josie: Unkunvenshunul Girl. It is a special brand of bad, because it is so in the time of its release that someone might have walked into a room and said, "Ok, this can sell now and only now. Get it out the door."But don't take my word for it, head down to your local library and check it out.So what's the worst CD you own?EDIT: I totally forgot what made me think of all this. I was reading old music reviews and stumbled across a glowingly positive review of my worst CD. This review is from September 5, 2001. Six days later terrorists attacked the twin towers. Coincidence? Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - SlavegodWreckmeister Harmonies - Night of Your AscensionBlush Response - Night of the Machines Live Dogg - Gin and Juice Killers - Read My Mind your usual Vibes and Jives, but pretty deece tunes - Tchaikovsky Symphony 4 the movements are great, and if you're hanging out doing some winter cooking or cleaning I'd recommend listening to all of it. If you're short on time, I recommend this, in descending time order.- Full symphony- Mvts 1, 3 and 4- mvts 1 and 4- mvts 3 and 4- mvt 4All of these except for the last one are easy to find on this recording - there are title cards for 1, 2, and 3&4.Mvt 4 is killer, but it's even more killer if you listen to the 1st mvt, and the lead-in from the 3rd mvt to the 4th is amazing.Enjoy, Hubski! Talent - Red Flag Scott Trip II the Moon (Part I) - 1992 Weiland - Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down man was indomitable. Temple Pilots - Lady Picture Show Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland found dead on tour Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Explicit) Jesus and Mary Chain - Reverence my favorite cover of all time: The Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide much of art is about YOU. That's why it's so amazing. I heard this cover at a time of my life when I was meant to hear it. It brought tears to my eyes at the time. I should mention that I also love the original, it's a great song. Damned - There Ain't No Sanity Clause tell my son rock history instead of bedtime stories. get really bored telling my son about Cinderella and whatnot because he's going to hear it from someone else for the rest of his life every March. So instead, I tell him stories about rock history. Once upon a time, there was an amazing band called Genesis. They sang songs of tyrant kings and love and fighting for what's right. But there were two princes fighting for control of the Genesis Kingdom, Peter, and Phil who had known each other since they were little boys in school. They could not solve their disagreements, and instead split the Kingdom of Genesis in two. All of the people were sad and dramatically disappointed with how the two could not get along, but moreover they were upset that there would be no more Genesis songs. So one night, a little boy was crying about Genesis' breakup and his tears fell on a dragonfly. That dragonfly turned into a beautiful fairy who asked the boy, "Why are you so upset?""I will never hear a new Genesis song. Can you grant wishes?""For you, a boy of pure musical soul, I can. What is your wish?""I wish that not only would Genesis make new songs, but that they would make twice as many!"Realizing that she couldn't make Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins fall in love again, as that violates fairy codes of ethics, she decided to inspire them with careers of their own choosing. Phil Collins grew up to write soft tones and dulcet songs of Sudio and Tarzan. Peter Gabriel grew up to write of greed and excess, and songs which inspired John Cusack to lift the heaviest of boomboxes to prove his love to a woman. This is history. This is music.I also have convinced him that Peter Frampton is a robot, which is why the album is called Frampton Comes Alive!As well, he knows that Geffen and Asylum are the product of a magical wizard named David who can conjure muses from the aether. Redding - Try a Little Tenderness - Shinda Shima and Cambria - Deranged - Signals and Alibis B-52's Rock Lobster Boys - Sure Shot Can't, You Won't And You Don't StopMike D Come On And Rock The Sure ShotI've Got The Brand New Doo-Doo Guaranteed Like Yoo HooI'm On Like Dr John, Yea Mr Zu ZuI'm A Newlywed, Not A DivorceeAnd Everything I Do Is Funky Like Lee DorseyWell, It's The Taking Fo Pelham, One, Two, ThreeIf You Want A Doodoo Rhyme Then Come See MeI've Got The Savior Faire With The Unique Rhyme AndI Keep It On And On, It's Never Quitting Time AndStrictly Hand Held Is The Style I GoNever Rock The Mic With The Panty HoseI Strap On My Ear Goggles And I'm Ready To Go'Couse At The Boards Is The Man They Call The MarioPull Up At The Function And You Know I KojakTo All The Party People That Are On My BozakI've Got More Action Than My Man John WooAnd I've Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod CarewYou Can't, You Won't And You Don't StopAd Rock Come And Rock The Sure ShotHurricane Will Cross Fade On Your Ass And Bust Your Ear DrumsListen Everybody 'Couse I'm Shifting Gears I'mFresh Like Dougie When I Set My Specs AndOn The Microphone I Come CorrectTiming Like A Clock When I'Rock The Hip HopTop Notch Is My Stock On The Soap BoxI've Got More Rhymes Than I'v Got Grey HairsAnd That's Alot Because I've Got My ShareI've Got A Hole In My Head And There's No One To Fix ItGot To Straighten My Thoughts, I'm Thinking Too Much Sick ShitEveryone Just Takes and Takes, Takes, Takes, TakesI've Got To Step Back, I've Got To ContemplateI'm Like Lee Perry, I'm VeryOn Rock The Microphone And Then I'm GoneI'm Like Vaughn bode, I'm a Cheech WizardNever Quitting, So Won't You ListenOh Yes Indeed, It's Fun Time'Cause You Can't, You Won't And You Don't StopMCA Come And Rock The Sure ShotI Want To Say a Little Something That's Long OverdueThe Disrespect To Women Has Got To Be ThroughTo All The Mothers And Sisters And the Wives And FriendsI Want To Offer My Love And Respect To The EndWell You Say I'm Twenty Something And Should Be SlackingBut I'm Working Harder Than Ever And You Could Call It MackingSo I'm Supposed To Sit Upon My Couch Watching My T.V.I'm Still Iistening To Wax, I'm Not Using The CDI'm That Kid In The CornerAll Fucked Up And I Wanna So I'm GonnaTake A Piece Of The Pie, Why Not, I'm Not QuittingThink I'm Gonna Change Up My Style Just To Fit InI Keep My Underwear Up With A Piece Of ElasticI Use A Bullshit Mic That's Made Out Of PlasticTo Send My Rhymes Out To All NationsLike Ma Bell, I've Got The Ill Communications (the band) - Vampire!! Vampire!!'s new album - 칠집싸이다 Dance Jockey2. I Remember You ft. Zion.T3. Bell-bottoms (Napal Baji) - MV4. Daddy ft. CL of 2NE1 - MV5. Dream ft. Xia of JYJ6. ROCKnROLLbaby ft. Will.i.am7. A Good Day Will Come ft. Jeon Ingwon7. Old Man Swag ft. Gecko of Dynamic Duo8. Sing (PSYmix) ft. Ed Sheeran Against - Give It All Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Black DevotionDouble Echo - La DanzaAngels of Liberty - Telepathine Adreena - For I Am The Way Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get Boxer Rebellion - Losing You and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence Zimmer - Time Morrison: Return of The Mack - 1996 Killers - Sam's Town - Shop Talent - Stand Up and Run - Madness Mystery of the John, a Mystery Finally Solved a few of you know, I've been on a hunt for a certain popular jazz guitarist and musician. You see, he, like many many musicians at that time, went by his full name. So looking for a three-named jazz musician and only remembering his first name, John, was a difficult task. You see, I wasn't particularly familiar with his music but some of his most famous songs were hits. Eventually, I found a name through hubksi somehow, John Wayne Gacy, Jr. I started to believe that all the songs I vaguely knew and loved were written by various other artists. You see, I like to explore the discographies of artists once I discover them. As you'll soon know from his wiki, finding out the name I was sharing with other people was a serial killer shocked me, not to mention frustrated me once again. He's actually an interesting character, Gacy Jr.But a while ago, I found the real artist, John Lee Hooker. So here's a sample for you. Hope you enjoy it. I certainly did, since it's been a long time coming. Antwoord - Ugly Boy (Explicit) Sex Fiend - Stuff the Turkey Cello Music of the Spheres"Experience mathematical beauty and symmetry in a multimedia work." Love a Rainy Night- Eddie Rabbitt - Chemical Halo (Bruised Regeneration) Mistakes Musicians Make Harris and Muddy Waters - Atomic Bomb Blues Song I Wrote and recorded - Forever Labs made this using mostly vocal sounds. Also a tambourine, a shaker and an acoustic. I wasn't going to post it but mk heard it and liked it. -Thanks pal. ecib b_b - Ticks n' Leeches of their heavier songs. The drumming is really impressive, gotta give Danny Carey credit. Love Your Lifestyle - My Yard emo pop Performs on Colbert (Some Ann Arbor fella's) for the heads up jonaswildman -That was badass. Keys To Enya's Kingdom are no photos of Enya in pants, or without the makeup that emphasizes her alabaster skin and dark, pooling eyes. Her look, like her sound, is markedly different from the norms of musical celebrity: her pitch black hair trimmed short, her clothes Arthurian. On her album covers, Enya’s always posed against a backdrop of nature or old regency; the cover of her 1988 breakthrough album Watermark renders her the subject of an Impressionist painting.-I know it's not cool to like Enya, but I'll admit that I used to drive through the mountains of Montana and listen to Watermark, and guess what? -It was bad-ass. ... in a not at all bad-ass kind of way. Still, it was badass. March Violets - Snake Dance[Request] Post the best music by THE BEATLES! argue that the Beatles are the greatest band of all time. I don't necessarily agree, but since the Beatles' discography is largely unavailable on most music streaming media, I haven't been able to tap into the good stuff apart from the hits. I've heard most of John Lennon's solo discog already.Hook it up, Hubski! Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - BlendwekNeurotech - Evasive - John Lennon by a conversation with someguyfromcanada on Straight Outta Compton you want to understand the importance of "Straight Outta Compton", try to imagine a world without it. There’s an alternate '88 where it bombs, and Ice Cube returns to architectural drafting school in Northern Arizona. Eazy E goes back to selling crack and dodging the battering ram. Dr. Dre rides out his run with the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, sells swap meet mixtapes for spare cash, and never finds the right rappers to implement his vision.Maybe gangsta rap never usurps L.A. electro-funk. Raiders jackets and quicksilver suits co-exist peacefully. Tipper Gore never becomes a shook one. Maybe Inglewood or Watts become alternate Meccas of West Coast rap. Compton never becomes hip-hop’s Hub City and never yields DJ Quik, MC Eiht, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, or YG. Extend this gruesome scenario further and Friday never gets made, Snoop Dogg never expands the English lexicon, and medical marijuana never gets green-lit.How powerful is this song? Even its parody, "Straight Outta Locash", is better than 92% of all rap records ever made. It’s both socio-political polemic and AK-47 shoved in the gullet of Ronald Reagan, Daryl Gates, the CIA, FBI, and concerned parents. Police sirens signal the chase, but Eazy, Cube, Dre, and Ren are anti-heroes too heavily armed, aggressive, and sly to get caught. They’re laughing all the way to rob the bank.If militarized tanks crushed the doors of Compton homes, this was the nuclear response: Led by four nihilistic villains who would smother your mother and make your sister think they loved her. In Cold Blood in Compton. If the N.W.A film exaggerates them as Marvel Comic titans, that’s just how this song made them seem. It wasn’t the first gangsta rap salvo, but it might be the one that matters most. Insurrection in its most sawed off form. —Jeff Weiss Baseball - @chl03k [Cover I did last night] this to previous songs I've put together, I think I'm getting better at singing and putting together full pieces of music.BrainBurner How I Started Writing Songs Again just found this amazing TED talk; I'm surprised it doesn't have more views. As a musician myself, it's really interesting to hear Sting's story and a little insight into his songwriting process. Also, his performances here are pretty incredible. Stay Here Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People (FULL ALBUM) - YouTube bfv Religion - Medocre Minds thenewgreen. The Wand & The Moon - Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness - Streetcleaner"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets." of my Favorites by my Best Friend... Addiction -Been Caught Stealing just finished a rough draft of an ambient track. It's pretty simple, but I think it does a good job of capturing the vibe I was looking for. Check it out! - You're My Waterloo of their best songs, never released until this year Eye Flys my sojourn through the 80s, just a few more of my favourites left.Melvins didn't creep onto my radar until after they re-released Ozma/Gluey Porch Treatments together and damn, I nearly wore my copy out. – Shelter Song to bfx for this one! Growlers – Rare Hearts it too much to dreamThat we can forever beRare hearts that never disagree"Bohemian Rhapsody" on a 1905 fairground organ ran this by a friend of mine who collects piano rolls and she reckons it's a really good arrangement. It sounds fantastic to me, but then I'm not a musician.♩♫ Carl Rogers - Summer Memories ♪♬ Royalty Free Copyright Music Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Coffee - Fear PolicyDead When I Found Her - All The Way DownExtize - Sex, Ducks and Industrial is like the industrial version of one of those Weird Al polka medleys. - Time to Melt (The Power of Lard) don't think Hubksi lets you link part way through a youtube video so here's a direct link Time To Melt.Still you can always listen to the whole thing :) - Doesn't Matter [AllUsTakenOver] Youth - Flower World's Highest-Paid Women in the Music Industry is the list of the world's highest paid women in music. Black - Kerosene's always something to do... Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos couldn't find Funky Town on youtube :( Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Paper Mâché Dream Balloon'm very excited for this. Quite different from previous albums, but damn if it doesn't sound amazing! Silver Mt Zion - What We Loved Was Not Enough go through kicks of post-rock all the time, but Silver Mt Zion had always been a consistent part of my cycle until a few years ago. Just heard about the new album yesterday and cannot stop listening to this track. Efrim Menuck and his collectivism are beautiful and genius. Summer - I Feel Love Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Joke - PylonDay Jobs - About TimeZombie Girl - Killer Queen are your favorite classical music pieces, Hubski? would be:Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor Op. 23 - Allegro non troppo _TchaikovskyWaltz, Op. 437: Emperor Waltz _Strauss IIFranz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (Orchestra version)Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube WaltzProkofiev - Dance of the KnightsMussorgsky - Night On Bald MountainJohannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5...and many many more that I simply do not remeber the titles right now.'s Build a musical Supergroup created a Supergroup today and wanted to share my lineup and see yours. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!Bass - John Entwhistle, The WhoSlash - Lead GuitarDave Navarro - Rhythm, AND A SECOND LEADVocals - Ke$haDrums - Tommy LeeThis band focuses on personality, and awe. on the Power of Music VY - Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo) (Lyric Video) - YouTube is good. - Do You Wanna Get High? [NEW][SOUNDS LIKE PINKERTON] PUT OUT A GOOD SONG.WEEZER PUT OUT A GOOD SONG. AHHHHHHHHH.'s new electrostatic Orpheus headphones are $55,000 for the stupid article, the news is still interesting :3 Mingus – Better Get It In Your Soul [Jazzzz] Angeli - Tiny Desk Concert is some absolutely incredible stuff. I'm immediately reminded of Zoe Keating's recording pedals on her cello, but this is still almost entirely manual and real time. It's almost a piano on a Sardinia guitar, along with drone strings and cell phone vibration motors, propellers, springs, clips, and I'm sure plenty else. I don't know if I'm seen such a highly modified guitar before, and one that makes such absolutely gorgeous music.Tagging thenewgreen because I can't not when there's such fascinating guitar work. Hell & The Voidoids - Time demo version Shake Records: Hell Past & Present e.p. vinyl, 1980, o.p.)[rereleased on (British) Overground over19cd: Neon Boys e.p. cd, 1991][rerecorded for Red Star: Destiny Street L.P., 1982; most recent c.d. rerelease Razor & Tie RE2081, 1995]---Time and time again I knew what I was doingAnd time and time again I just made things worseIt seems you see the most of what is really true whenYou're stepping into your hearse---Only time can write a song that's really really realThe most a man can do is say the way its playing feelsAnd know he only knows as much as time to him reveals---And when I want to write a song that says it all at onceLike time sublimely silences the whysI know that if I try I'm going to take a fall at onceAnd splatter there between my lies---Only time can write a song that's really really realThe most a man can do is say the way its playing feelsAnd know he only knows as much as time to him reveals---We are made of it and if we give submissionAmong our chances there's a chance we can chooseAnd if we take it, by uncertainty's permissionThen it's impossible to lose---Only time can write a song that's really really realThe most a man can do is say the way its playing feelsAnd know he only knows as much as time to him revealsthenewgreen, I think you would dig this, especially the lyrics. A lot to unpack in them. Vinton - Mr. Lonely slowed-down Chipmunks are both brilliant and terrifying · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club Turns 20 (Six Months Ago) found this album in a used CD store in Columbia, Missouri when I was contemplating dropping out of college (which I did and would do a million times over again). While the single for Connection was the only song I knew at the time, I was very, very happy that I purchased that CD.To this day it is a CD which I routinely play and I have a serious crush on Justine Frischmann who is the lead singer. But I'm not alone there. As this article describes, Damon Albarn, the lead singer of Blur used to do heroin with her and plays keyboard on this album under an alias. Not to mention that they were in love and that the break up lead to Blur's 13.Now Justine Frischmann makes some excellent abstract art which I wish I would have known about when I lived near San Francisco. Such is life. I should have seen Harvey Danger too.örk - Human Behavior (Official Music Video) - YouTube Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Fuck in a SuitRabbit Junk - BeastForma Tadre - Ne Peuvent Pas at the Opera: A Musical Journey figured I'd write this out now because I'm gonna be floored by work very soon again. Just a note before I start that I had a major focus on the operatic works, and less on the classical work because after a while I realized how much I really loved vocal accompanying the music. I'm only gonna highlight the stuff that really stuck out for me because if I was to go over every single thing I loved this post would be way to long.This is a story of a young man who had no real knowledge on the opera or classical music in general. He began by asking the wonderful people of Hubski where he could begin his quest. It was there he absorbed all of their suggestions, and created a massive playlist. MozartThe first stop was Mozart's operatic works: The Marriage of Figgaro, Cosi Fan Tutte, Die Zauberflöte, Don Giovanni. I'll be completely honest while their were some pieces in each work that I loved I wasn't too amazed with the work as I was with some of later pieces I got into. I think my favorite piece remains Soave Sia Il Vento from Cosi Fan Tutte. Now the thing is I tried to listen to a few versions of each opera (some I was able to listen to completely, others it was just selections of music from the opera). I am EXTREMELY particular with the version of Soave that I like. It didn't really happen with any other piece, but my absolutely favorite version of it is: Carol Vaness, Claudio Desderi, and Delores ZieglerI struggled to get through The Magic Flute because I really wasn't a fan of the language it was in. I have nothing against the German language I just prefer other languages for an opera. I had the same problem when I tried to get through Wagner's Tannhauser. One of the things that I did notice with a lot of his work is how prolific it is. I mean you listen to Mozart's work and you know you've heard it somewhere on a commercial or movie.While I wasn't a huge fan of Mozart's operatic work, Requiem was honestly a masterpiece. It was a weird occurrence during my time with the music that I was drawn to a lot of pieces that were left incomplete by the composers (mostly because the composer died). I'm not sure what that means, but I just noticed that. I mean my favorite work from Requiem was Lacrimosa which ends after 8 bars. I remember thinking the first time I listened to it why it was so short. I ended quickly opening up to finding on wikipedia why that was. Overall, Mozart's work is without question unbelievable, but none of it remained my favorite beyond a few pieces scattered across his operas. Often times I found myself listening to his music when I had to work through a problem or discontinuity in a story I was writing. I even went on a run listening to a bit of his music, and it really helped with the entire experience as a whole.PuciniI really want to rename this category to Turandot because it is without a doubt my favorite piece out of ALL the pieces I've heard so far. This was by far the closest piece to my heart. I mentioned above that I was able to do busy work or run with Mozart, but I couldn't do that with Pucini. Let me just give a little story to just show how much of an impact this piece had on me. My left knee has been healing up, and I've only been able to jog. I had started Turandot earlier that day, and figured I could get through the rest of it on my jog. I head out and during this run I stumble upon the song known as "Nessun Dorma." Here I am jogging along not expecting something so powerful, and honestly had to stop to cry. I won't even try to mask it, I just straight up stopped in the street and cried. It wasn't like I was sad I was just so blown away by the sheer power of the voice. My absolute favorite version of it is the one by Pavarotti:I could listen to that man sing that a thousand times, and still be completely blown away by his sheer ability. Now the thing was when I originally listened to Turandot I had listened to Andrea Bochelli. I love his voice as well, but there is just something about Pavarotti that just adds some new level to piece. My second favorite piece is "Non piangere Liu", with this piece I do actually enjoy Andrea Bocelli's version:I've listened to a few different versions of Turandot, but most of my favorite pieces from the work are sang by Pavarotti, or Bocelli. I really couldn't tell you who I like more because I equally love both of them. I haven't really talked much about the story of any piece I've listen to it, and I do know most of the stories for these pieces. I haven't really discussed it, but I think it is important to get more background on the pieces you listen to because it definitely changes the way you listen to them. I mean Pucini only completely finished Act I and II of Turandot, so Act III is interesting to listen to as to my knowledge it was pretty much outlined by Pucini, but not finished by him. I actually found out that this is my dad's favorite operatic piece, and hopefully have plans to see it whenever there is a show. One other thing before I move on, are there voices like this still? Are there people who still produce sound like this? The entire time I was listening to this I was just wondering where these voices were. While I did listen to most of Pucini's work I feel like I've spent a lot of time talking about Pucini, so I think from my perspective on Turandot I think it's fair to say that Pucini has a close place in my heart now. CarmenThis was really another piece that stuck out to me. I mean I added music from the list that I loved to my personal playlist, and the one with the most music in my private playlist is from Carmen by Bizet. It is just a beautiful piece. I love "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle", but I love Maria Callas' rendition of the song (I ended up joining a few opera majors for lunch one day, and we discussed Maria Callas. While many of them agreed her work is amazing, it wasn't their cup of tea). For me the way she sings it adds some level of sass to the piece. I mean the translation of the song is "Love is a rebellious bird."For reference I'm just going to drop in Maria Callas:Some of my other favorites from it were: "La cloche a sonne", "Votre Toast", "Air de la Fleur", "Trio des cartes", and "C'est des contraebandiers." This was actually the first opera I began in reality, but I really consider it informal as I had actually listened through the opera of Carmen a few years ago. I think one thing I forgot to mention with Pucini's work and ultimately in Carmen is the amount of emotion in the singing. I mean they managed to change how I feel in a moment with the emotion in their voice. Whether I liked someone's sound or not they were all unbelievably entrancing in their mastery over the voice. When I began this I didn't expect to be so absorbed by the opera, but honestly I can't stop myself anymore. I am currently trying to figure out when I can actually experience the opera. Right now money is tight, but I'm meeting new people, and looking to expand my circle of friends haha.Classical MusicThis is pretty crazy that this is so far down the list especially since this was the original recommendation I wanted, but it ended up becoming a really operatic experience. That doesn't mean I didn't spend countless hours listening to a lot of classical pieces. I'll try to highlight some in this part. Beethoven: I worked my way through a good amount of his symphonies (1-9). I honestly really loved all of them.Shotstakovich: I listened to his seventh and his fifth symphony, and they were extremely powerful pieces. I mean I didn't think it was possible to actually convey history through music, but he did it. The amount of pressure he dealt with while writing this work was absolutely fascinating, and you can really hear it in his work.Stravinsky: I mostly listened to Firebird which let me tell you has actually had me make inquiries into the ballet. Maybe not for the dancing so much as the music. I mean don't get me wrong I have nothing against ballet, but I wouldn't be going to see Firebird, or any other ballet for the dance primarily.Tchaikovsky: I listened to Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. Much like the firebird I wish I had more money to be able to afford the very large list of performances I want to attend now. I mean I've never seen a ballet, but I could imagine the music moving with the bodies of the dancers. I've watched recordings of the ballets, and it is unbelievable that they have crafted a piece of art that balances dance and music so flawlessly.Vivaldi: By far my favorite classical piece is Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The reason this is among my favorite pieces is because I've listened to music do such astounding things. Shotstakovich captured history in his music, Turandot trapped such strong emotion, and Vivaldi managed to translate nature into pieces of music. I actually did my best to listen to the entire piece outside because I felt it was only fair to experience the piece enjoying the thing that it was written about. I think that is really an overall takeaway from this whole thing, but I will get into that in a bit haha.FinaleThis is just a sliver of what I absorbed honestly, I couldn't even begin to describe all the things I've learned. I remember when coffeesp00ns mentioned something about Handel's Messiah that it was an oratorio and not an opera. I just nodded because honestly I didn't have much of a clue. While a lot of this has been really expressive, there was a deep learning that was taking place in the background, and an even deeper appreciation. Since then I have looked into classes, and also met up with some Opera grads who can hopefully get me into some local shows, and some of the university rehearsals to watch the process. I've taken a lot of kleinbl00, and made some real strides to actually experiencing the opera. Like I mentioned before I think my biggest takeway from this entire thing is how unbelievably flexible music is. It can capture any moment, any feeling, any environment, and accurately convey it hundreds of years later perfectly to the listener. I am grateful to have begun this journey. If you've read this far thanks! Just wanted to thank everyone that I mentioned above and to jleopold, nathank, _refugee_, and literally anyone else who gave me those recommendations. Times have been pretty sore lately, but this has really saved me during that time. Street Mob: Break Dance - Electric Boogie -1983 IV - RL Grime Mastermix 2015 Kites - Koala Khool & SGK Video to our new song 'Flying Kites'. Original production from music to video. Amazing Street Artist from Bruges, Belgium with unusual musical instruments of my Favorite Songs - I Burn by Toadies's the lyrics. Driftin' upwardGently liftedLazy on the windRollin' overTurnin' slowlyBeginning and the endFire is brightFire is cleanNever so aliveSmoke is freedomFlame is mercyI am free tonightAnd I burnI burnStoke the embersCleanse the spiritA prayer in every sparkFeel the lick ofBad religionThe finish and the startIn the beginningWe were smarterFlame was heaven-sentThrough the agesWe got stupidNow we must repentAnd I burnI burnSift the ashesFor remindersStony things remainTooth and boneUnimpressiveI have left these thingsBecause fire is brightFire is cleanEfficient and divineTooth and boneCharms and dollsI am free tonightI'm onThe airYou breatheI'm onThe airYou BreatheI'm onThe airYou breatheI burnI burnI burn Time Warp- Rocky Horror. 40th Anniversary is this year honor of a possible Genesis reunion tour: Land of Confusion - Genesis video is freakin' crazy. Atkins: The Evolution of Electronic Music in 26 Records B52's was unexpected.A short Vimeo piece of Juan waxing on Detroit's influence on his music: Rolling Stones - Wild Horses Dylan -- Blowin' in the Wind classic. & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine - YouTube parade in Melbourne, Australia Collective's "Hollinndagain" record is the craziest thing I've ever listened to, Animal Collective in the 2000's was doing "neo-ritual" music with another band called Black Dice. Woah Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Halloween, Hubski.Wumpscut - Praise Your FearsEaster Monkeys - My Baby Digs GravesType O Negative - Black No. 1Misfits - Ghoul's Night OutNosferatu - HauntingDax Riggs - Gravedirt on My Blue Suede ShoesCat Rapes Dog - Mark of the DevilGhoultown - Mistress of the DarkThe Shroud - Spectre MESTIS - Papillion know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I wanted to share this for those who might be into this kind of music. Endings - Koala Khool & SGK original tracks, check out for more songs. New album coming soon on 10/31/2015 [Eucalyptus Keys] Francis - I Will Wait For You Seymour THE HOOPLE - All The Young Dudes [ HQ remaster audio ] - YouTube is one of the first songs I ever learned to play on the guitar. Hott the Hoople consisting at this point of Ian Hunter (vocals, guitar), Mick Ralphs (lead & rhythm guitar), Overend Watts (bass), Verden Allen(keys), & Dale "Buffin" Griffin (drums) perform David Bowie penned All The Young Dudes Young - Thrasher - (lyrics) - YouTube Dee "The Dance of Diminishing Possibilities" VIDEO - YouTube love Bruce Springsteen and so should you (OC and long playlist) love Bruce Springsteen, he's my musical infatuation that's lasted the longest. I've read two biographies about him and apparently a new one is out in paperback. But he seems to fall into some unhip void for people my age and younger that other song writers of his caliber have avoided. Bruce is at least the equal of Bob Dylan and Neil Young despite his most famous work being sorta cheesy 80s arena rock. Cheesy arena rock that makes Bon Jovi look like a bad cover band in comparison.Blinded by the Light is most famous as a weird but catchy kinda prog rock song by Manfred Mann's 70s group the Earth Band. It's actually the first track on Springsteen's first album, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. And the Springsteen version is leaps and bounds better in my opinion even if it's admittedly an attempt to prove song writing chops by a Jersey kid sitting in an apartment with a rhyming dictionary.I'm going to link to a few more tracks on Greetings just because I love it even though it's the most unpolished songwriting of Bruce's career.For You has sentimental value to me since it reminds me of a girl I knew.After Greetings Bruce recorded The Wild the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle which evolved his songwriting to a degree but still has a hefty dose of that New Jersey bar band feel in the lyrics. But that's not exactly a bad thing. Bruce was a work horse with a Protestant work ethic that he poured into his music. He will admit he may not have been the best guitar player on the Shore but he worked the hardest. My favorite part of this album is the entire second side taken as a whole. The E Street Shuffle and Sandy are good but the flow of these next songs, one into the next is the reason the ritual of flipping the album is part of the charm of vinyl. (Can't find studio version, grrr!)After two albums that were hyped by the studio but led to lukewarm sales the third album was a do or die proposition for Bruce. Months were spent recording Born to Run. The album, yes, but also the actual single. The recording of the song Born to Run was a nightmare for everyone involved due to Bruce's perfectionism. One of those books I mentioned was about this album. But that commitment led to the breakthrough and the cover of national magazines. And some of the greatest songs in his catalogue that moved away from the specificity of life on the Jersey shore to the broader troubador style that makes Bruce Springsteen one of the greatest rock and roll writers in the history of the genre.Jungleland and Backstreets capture that Jersey street vibe but elevate it. These are songs that speak to every young person who experiences that love that passionately develops in early adulthood but they broaden beyond the juke joint scene of Rosalita and New York City Serenade.After Born to Run there was a legal battle that delayed Bruce's next album but when it hit it delivered an even more mature songwriter, struggling with the realities of adulthood and leaving a bit of that youthful optimism behind. Darkness on the Edge of Town is the first glimpse of social consciousness that would define many mature Springsteen songsFollowing Darkness is Nebraska, a radical departure from rock and also the E Street Band. Nebraska is an intimate solo folk/country inspired album recorded solo in a bedroom.Nebraska is the turning point from the hardest working bar musician on the Jersey shore to the thoughtful songwriter that marks most of the subsequent catalog. It was also during this songwriting session that Bruce penned his most famous song. One that he turned into an arena rock anthem that Reagan ironically sought to campaign on, entirelt missing its point. The original recording is a completely different song.I'm not even going to touch on the Born in the USA album. It spawned so many singles most people are at least passingly familiar with the majority of the album.After becoming an 80s phenomenon beyond even the success of Born to Run, Bruce disbanded the E Street Band and recorded Tunnel of Love. It's got some 80s synth cheese but it's a remarkable reflection by a newly married man on the uncertainties and insecurities of someone in that position.Despite winning an Oscar, the nineties were a bit of a down time for Bruce. His first two albums of the decade were poorly received despite some gems. He regained some footing with The Ghost of Tom Joad.The Rising saw the reformation of the E Street Band and a return to form. After the 9/11 attacks Bruce recorded some of the best songs of his career, mourning for his city without becoming jingistic or reactionaryly patriotic. What I initially thought was just a 'fuck yeah, America' anthem, The Rising, is actually a moving portrait of a firefighter who dies in the Trade Center.Late career Bruce is a continuation of themes begun around Darkness and experimentation. He's brought on Rage Against the Machine's guitarist, Tom Morello, and it's awesome. Street artist playing music with a handsaw Sun Empire - Arrakis a book and wrote a song about it. book in question: Girl in a Band, by Kim GordonThe lyrics in question:I never said I was the answer you wantedso open your heartlike they do in the movies---What's a mistake if youdon't know any betterI never knewhow to know enough---Don't tell them the lightshave always been out/stainedwe'll leave them that wayand leave through the mirror---Disintegrate and fall into piecesDisintegrate and fall into placeDisintegrate and fall into piecesDisintegrate and fall into placeDisintegrateDisintegrateDisintegrate DisintegrateIf anyone in the music club wants to touch this, you're welcome to. weird one classic essay on the death of Oink and the birth of the new music industry [2007] author is a bit naive and falls into the classic trap of deciding that not only is pirating music not immoral it's actually moral! Great news! However, when he sticks to practicals and steers away from his greedy capitalists ranting, he hits the utilitarians points in favor of filesharing. Marketing, increased fanbases, etc. wrote a lullaby, really an atmospheric electronic track. It's best listened to with headphones that have decent bass--there are some stereo effects and sub-bass that laptop speakers won't really pick up. Let me know what you think! of Time soundtrack medley in various styles - What You Know? an attempt to lurk a little less and to try to contribute something I figured I would share a song a day here on hubski. I've always loved music of all kinds so I figured I would stick to what I know and post tracks I've really enjoyed over the years. I enjoy music from just about every genre so this will probably be pretty random as far as music genres go but I'll try not to be too repetitive with my genre choices.As for this track I came across it when I was starting to dig into the future garage movement and the video really captured me. The track itself is a nice laid back collection of all the usual future garage sounds from pitch shifted vocals to the syncopated shakers and cymbals and deep but low profile bass. Hopefully someone out there enjoys the track as much as I did. How Arctic Monkeys’ debut single changed the music industry and ‘killed the NME’ Dan - Hey Nineteen't resist. Maiden The Rime of the Ancient Mariner may be all hopped up on pain meds while playing Kerbal Space Program and listening to this on repeat. DeMarco - Salad Days John - Right Place Wrong Time xx - Intro Radio is Live! at first, I tuned in and they were playing a fuzzy old recording of Buddy Smith. Awesome!!! Wayne - The Eve of the War Pool Choreo/Freestyle + Skit promoting alcohol/liquor in any way Piano Cover Classic Trance song by ATB. Brings back so many memories Joe (Junkoustic Version) few weeks ago I recorded a song I wrote entitled, "Junko Joe". This is another arrangement of the same song. I replaced the harmonium and electric guitar tracks with acoustic guitar and mandolin and the electric bass guitar with upright/double-bass. affecting one like a drug, not like those audio files that are supposed to make you hallucinate or whatever, But I don't know if it's that I just drank a pot of coffee and only had two apples for breakfast, but I'm listening to the song "Harlem Shake" by Bauuer, on a pair of 'good' headphones, and although I have seen a million harlem shake videos and always liked the song, I had never listened to the full original and in a quiet room with good audio equip. so I could hear everything [things were playing and it popped up on a music streaming website]I love it @u@ so many things happening at the same time, and each layer makes me happy and fills my soul with soul ~ There are lots of pieces of music that move my emotions (happiness, energy, sadness, etc.) But I feel that this was just an overwhelming of the senses, and not boring or annoying like lots of electro music (just a clarification the genre is electro-trap)Do you peeps have any similar music you'd like to share?Full song on YouTube T-Rock & Squashy Nice - Mama Said (Wear You Out) Session With a Bonus and A Time Lapse vibing out to good music this Piano Technique and Enhance Your Playing Style, Flow, and Delivery [Part3] read the description in my Youtube Video on the actual Youtube Website anyone explain to me how something like this has 274 million views? Fetty Wap - Trap Queen. Only heard about it this week. extremely cool, surreal music video: Fever the Ghost - SOURCE Session [SGK & Koalakhool] by Nujabes Piano Cover - One Republic of the first songs I learned back in 2008 Piano Cover - Gnarls Barkley is a piano cover I came up with back in 2012 when I was playing for a restaurant. One of the songs that inspired me to continue Piano. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread of Dust - Like Breath Beneath a VeilLeadeater - OxalisTyske Ludder - Evolution In This Club Piano Cover In This Club by Usher. This piano version is actually David Sides, I was inspired by him, and I added a lil bit of my own way of playing to his. If anything, all credit should go to him for pioneering hip hop music on piano. Much Respect to David Sides. Choreo/Freestyle - Pharsyde [ASAP Rocky] vibing out to a song that caught my attention in the moment. My dance is all about expression of emotions rather than technique and skill. This choreo/freestyle is more lyrical than dancing on the beat, and altogether, it still fits as one. album of 2015 - now there are two to choose from & All Sides - Shutûn Claw ft. Rochelle - Shotgun (Piano Version) & Rockets: All In My Mind - 1986 Theme Piano Cover original composition of The Godfather Theme. Almost original, I was inspired by Peter Vamos and he sparked the idea in my mind for this song. I love piano, I love music, I love life, and I enjoy what I do. Please share and subscribe. band is starting to release an EP on a subscription based platform. What are your thoughts? the progressive metal band, Protest the Hero, has partnered with in undertaking the release of 6 songs over 6 months. Anybody who pays for the subscription will get each song on the 15th day of each month, along with other miscellaneous things. What do you think of this model? How could it affect the music industry? Guy playing a handsaw like a violin by Nujabes is our ROUGHDRAFT of our songs coming out soon. This is a video of us, Koalakhool, freestyling on the keys and the drumpad. The song and the video are not edited so please do not misunderstand that this project is completed. Inspired by Nujabes, we came up with something a lil upbeat with a remorse rhythm to it. Something you would jam to by yourself, or maybe on your alone time. For example: cruising down the freeway, smoking in your garage, or creating new ideas at home. Guy, 10 Skills Brown and The Famous Flames @ the T.A.M.I. Show - Splash - 7-Methoxy-β-Carboline: (Telepathine) once spent over 3 months listening to this track as I went to sleep. The next track I post is similar, but that lasted a couple of weeks short of a year. song in the new's a little weird Zappa - Willie The Pimp this Piano Technique and Enhance Your Playing Style, Flow, and Delivery [Part1] read the description of this video on my Youtube Video on the Youtube Website. California The Eagles - David Osborne Cover - Piano Cover Tal Heights theme High - Born Hater don't even speak Korean, but Tablo and his group Epik High are amazing. haven't been as active as I'd like to be, how's everyone doing? (Also bonus music dump) started up again, and the assignments are piling up, which I both love and hate. The franticness of having five separate programming projects due and bouncing between while helping classmates is something In love, but it absorbs all my time. And I don't have the energy in the evening to check hubski as much as I'd like, or to draw as much as I want to. How's everybody doing?Also, a bonus album for anyone interested, I overheard some people talking about King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and looked them up and fell in love with this album, I only wish the story was longer! I've had it on regular repat for my commute to college. - The day before you came last studio recording and one of their best from a large catalogue of great songs.And live. Kuti - Coffin for Head of State - The Moon Under the Water Acquired by Condé Nast indie1985 - 2015 Mountain Goats- This Year Zappa - Bobby Brown Goes Down's 7th Symphony peeps, time to class up the #music tag. Here is my favorite of the 8 symphonies before the 9th. I crank this as loud as I can get away with when I need to cheer myself up. Shigihara - From the Ground Up Springfield - Goin' Back I can play hide and seek with my fearsAnd live my days instead of counting my years Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - DoppelgangerPanopticon - Autumn EternalPigs - Wronger - Spam NEVER dies! Polka is best Polka! EDM You must Gotta Listen! Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash Surfers - Human Cannonball Weekend - Oxford Comma - Voorhees Stomp - Solstice can never get tired of listening to this track and every time is different. Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean - YouTube Fresh Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide (1989) - As far as I know the only rapper to work in Keith Haring imagery and a reference to the sacroiliac joint . Waits: Take It With Me - 1999 Radio - I'm going dark in about 10 minutes (about 4:20pm MT). For those of you that played along - thanks! I hope you enjoyed the ride.If you feel like listening to some beats today - I'll throw some tunes out there. Today feels like a beats/mashup day. Throw me requests if you want - I'll do what I can in between tasks at work.PSA: I can only broadcast for an hour at a time. If for some reason you hear dead air, just refresh. I'll try to restart the stream on the hour.All props go to my friend GVrill who built these tracks. He's the genus.waywardsamurai because this might be a thing_refugee_ because I want to be on the ground floor of your rap career... Girl playing the bagpipe in the Edinburgh streets"EVERYMAN" -I wrote and recorded this tonight in 45 minutes. Feel free to add to it the Elephant announce new album Tell Me I’m Pretty, produced by Dan Auerbach Russell - Tight Rope is dead, but Dubtrack steps in as a replacement. I'm in there right now. Pinging people who wanted in on the last time plus steve who was doing radio shit earlier that I didn't get to hear.I dunno how good Dubtrack is but I guess we'll play it by ear. (HAH PUNS)@butterflyeffect@ kleinbl00 bfv Bertrand - Ça Plane Pour Moi Space: What Kind of Genius Is Max Martin? - The New Yorker Bartnett's new single "Shivers," produced by Jack White! rare photo of musician Iggy Pop with his shirt on. Playing drums with the blues band the Prime Movers. Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1966 & the Papas - Monday, Monday - Steal My Sunshine - LOVE 143rd Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - The HangingOLMS - VeilDimesland - Psychogenic Atrophy Deal on bass pedal through... Nancarrow - Study for Player Piano No. 25 made this song a while back. honestly don't know why I didn't post it back then. I rather like it. Newsom "Sapokanikan" (Official Video) song is slowly building and growing on me. There is a lot of brilliant in here. - The Night solace - earl sweatshirt Internet's Tiny Desk Concert found out about these guys recently. The more I listen to them the more I love it! & Iggy Pop: Punkrocker - 2006 of the forest: Hokkaido, Japan.'s Prelude in C major from the Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1 Art of Peer Pressure – Kendrick Lamar composition, tells a great story. "Map of Influences," interactive map of Bradford Cox's inspirations for the new Deerhunter album Tracks, give me. have to work so I'll make this quick.Basically all of my music is sorted by album, except for TWO exceptions, one major, one minor.The major exception is that I have four major playlists, each based on a season. (The Minor is that I have sub-lists based on mood when I feel really micro-managy but that's not the main point of this post).Anyways I generally add new music to ALL FOUR playlists ever turn of the season. It was offically fall last week but I was caught up in some shit and now I'm behind (in LOTS of things but for now this specifically, lol). So I need help.I'm gonna make four comments, one for each season, and I'm counting on you to post music you feel matches that weather. I don't care if these are full albums, single tracks, shit you made yourself, whatever. Give me. I'll make Spotify playlists of the four when they're done. (Sidenote: mk: Spotify integration? We've got Soundcloud. Usual "I don't know shit about shit" disclaimer applies, of course).GO GO GO THANK YOU. Debaser Sound (Bradford Cox from Deerhunter) – Te Amo apparently posted this 230 days ago but the people need to hear ._. boyfriend got obsessed with Vinyls lately so this is what my weekends look like now... recently got a new fancy camera so I decided to film a little video to test it out:I plan on going traveling after I finish school and I'm seriously considering starting a vlog thing. Partly because I really like making videos and love having stuff to look back and remember experiences but it would also be really cool if I could build a small following. It would help out a lot when looking for a marketing job back home after 5 months of "gap".So yeah, just wanted to share but also I'd really appreciate some feedback on how to improve the quality (technically and story-wise). -- Definition of a Rap Flow've been jamming to this song all afternoon while I put entry after entry into an endless excel document. Hope you guys like it! with Drums -I added drums to this. Any electric bass players want a crack at it?'m an awful drummer. But, at times it's almost bearable. Stooges some reason this album just feels right this morning. Vile – Hunchback [from the Childish Prodigy masterpiece] than ahunchback WHAAYLE Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Cathode Ray Eyes - Take a bow, CthulhuMissing Witness - Silence need classical music recommendations me start by saying that I know very little about classical music outside of the big names, and their major works. I'm not sure why I never took more time to learn about it.Today, I caught a good friend sitting near a pond at my school listening to "Soave Sia Il Vento" from Mozart's opera "Cosi Fan Tutte." I wasn't going to disturb her, but she invited me to listen along with her. Honestly, I've never been more entranced by something (We listened to some more music, but I didn't dare break the silence to ask what each song was). After I finished classes I had work soon after, but when I got home I started combing the internet for classical music, and opera (I've actually become quite fond of opera pieces like "Habanera"). After maybe an hour of doing some reading and compiling an OK list of music I realized I hadn't even begun to scratch the surface. I'm here asking you wonderful human beings to give me literally all of the recommendations you possibly can, and maybe some resources on where to really learn more about the music. Anything you like, love, or feel is a necessity I want it. I think next semester I'm going to try to take a class focused on classical music or opera(Not to perform, but to learn the history and stuff).EDIT: Ok so I have a 50 hour 17 minute long playlist. I'm gonna work my way through this over the next month or so. I want it to be a gradual process rather than just listening to one after another. I'm gonna report back in a month or so about my experience, the research I've done, and what I learned along the way. Wainwright - Oh What A World - YouTube!'ve been lurking here for a few months. I very much like it here. The phrase "coffee & hubski" has made its way into the lexicon of my household.I've finally worked up the nerve to contribute.I'm an indie recording artist / multi-instrumentalist from the Virginia boonies in the U.S. I live and work in a small home studio nestled between the main stem of the Shenandoah River and the western slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When I'm not wrestling my imagination into music - I'm usually tread-milling the Appalachian Trail with my Australian Shepherd, Sundance (who can be seen in the video).This song/video is fairly representative of what I do. I'm settling in to the rhythms of autumn with the hope of recording a new batch of songs - and this is the first of that batch.Thanks for listening.Lyrics:Hey there wonderfulhope you are wellI was just thinking 'bout younothing to tellyou can hit me backif you are so inclinedbut don't feel obligatedI'm doing fineThe thought it did occur to methat it's been a whileand you should knowthe thought of youit brings me a smileyou can hit me backif you are so inclinedbut don't feel obligatedI'm doing finePlease tell you know whothat I send my hellosand pass my regardsto the friends we both knowyou can hit me backif you are so inclinedbut don't feel obligatedI'm doing fineSmooches + Toodles = Smoodles! YannoSmoodles to you babybut I gotta goSmoodles to you wonderfulI gotta goSmoodles to you wonderfulXXOO Cornell - Nothing Compares 2 U shit that is one good cover. Stream New Bermuda listen to this. I'm not sure what is better, their 2013 album Sunbather or this album, but they both deserve your attention. I'll say this: if you are not ordinarily a "metal" fan or "screamo" fan, still give them a shot. New Bermuda will likely be an easier entry point, as it is about 15 minutes shorter and contains a wider variety of sounds. With Harmlessness being released this week as well, it may very well be that my two favorite albums have been released in the same week! have we not talked about this - ryan adams is covering taylor swift in entirety? also who knew ryan adams really looked like that? help at coffeesp00ns go, dropping a music knowledge bomb on me. Go, sp00ns, go. coffeesp00ns, for the extra attention. I just appreciate the hell out of this comment and think it's worth sharing. I think I might go as far as to say it's my favorite response I've gotten from someone on Hubski yet. - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight another Mark Kozalek (Sun Kil Moon) diss track. can you confirm the following quote:And at the end of a verse praising everything Kozelek likes about Canada, he called Ottawa “the worst Canadian city of all.” Hills - The Weeknd [RL Grime Remix] Mills: 'These visions aren’t supposed to come from black guys from Detroit'"I’m from Detroit but I have more luck elsewhere,” he notes. “There is very little in Detroit electronic music that is negative, and I think that America – especially when thinking about black men – when it’s not negative, if we’re not poor and broke and desperate and coming from the ghetto, it’s not as appealing to the public because there isn’t this great story, this very compassionate story.” DOOM, Aloe Blacc, Hodgy Beats, Anderson Paak, Mayer Hawthorne and Dam-Funk join MED and Blu over 100% Madlib.'D John Misty covering Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift in the style of the Velvet Underground. didn't know memes could go this high. flagamuffin. you remember the 21st night of September? September 21st! Church - Russian Autumn Heart Youth - Schizophrenia can't stop.and for some reason this song plugs me into the universe and I cry a little EVERY time. - Ana Ng can't I even awake?The singularity has happened.I have been replaced by a youtube spambot. Foley - Clay Pidgeons I'm at it - this is another song on my list that I occasionally play in my dreams. - Ballad of Peter Pumkin Head woke up from a dream where I knew how to play this song.This was one of the first CDs I bought from the BMG mail-in service (I know... a what from where?) to Love Low Bit Rates underwater compression of a low-quality mp3 is our generation’s vinyl crackle or skipping CD.[FRESH] What a Time to be Alive - Drake x Future collab hype .gifs from me because this has been a relatively shit year for hip-hop and I haven't listened to this one yet.Give me your thoughts when you do, though. Pink's Haunted Graffiti – "Gopacapulco" Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Tutti Void - f(x). That is all. Vile – Freak Train showed me this song, after I complained that Kurt Vile was a shitty musician (hence his shitty latest album). I was corrected, this is amazing. the Greed by Jim Roll played me this song years ago after he'd written it. The refrain "I took apart the table really fast, I climbed through the window and I didn't hurt myself." Often pops up in the constant soundtrack in my brain. Great to hear this finished version. I love the background vocals. Charade: Meet the bald Norwegians and other unknowns who actually create the songs that top the charts. - Epigram Tour Playlist't figure out how to embed the larger player, so here's a link to the playlist.řák, Humoresque No. 7, Piano by Radoslav Kvapil most known Humoresque of him, but if you like it you should give this playlist a try.Always cheers me up., Etude, opus 25 no. 1, A-flat major Exploder - a podcast where bands take their music apart, block by block'm not too much of a music person but find this podcast to be pretty fascinating. I figured the musically minded among us might get some joy out of this. Odds - I was F***ing Wendy Under the Stars Love - Permanent Holiday've seen plenty of great videos of people using loop pedals for self-accompaniment.This goes to 11.Unfortunately hubski's embedding of youtube videos doesn't respect starting midway.Instead open this link in another tab or window or just jump to 4m 23s Demos -- My City local band that I'm going to see on Saturday. Digging this song right now! Pimp a Butterfly is fucking garbage, here's why.’s been long enough since the album came out, so I decided to write this because I don’t feel like studying for my midterm (it’s next week I got time) and also I’m mad at white people.But Way, you’re always mad at white people.Lol well yeah, but this time is particular because I was going through Boulder’s snapchatBad move.I know, but listen, click click click and this mother is playing a TPAB song on his fucking ukulele.Fucking, seriously? This moment? It encapsulates the entirety of my problem with TPAB.TBAP is shit because it’s a product of a movement while distancing itself from it. It’s a fake-ass album for fake-ass white hipsters that want to be “down” with the movement that they have no understanding of and no interest in fixing. It’s diet-race-realization. It’s for the moderate that tut-tutted at Black Lives Matter protests from the comfort of their homes while getting hyped at Blacker the Berry. To be fair, I was hyped about it too, until I realized the last line is more fucking ‘it’s black people’s fault’ bullshit that I expect from Common, not Kendrick.But it’s cool, Kendrick’s dead to me. If he wasn’t dead to me when TPAB came out and I listened to it for a few weeks, he was DEFINITELY fucking dead to me when he featured on a Taylor Swift song.Believe it or not, Kendrick’s fanbase is like, ENTIRELY white. But this makes sense, considering the modern music industry has been plastering his smug-ass face on every single magazine in existence. Time, Rolling Stone, GQ, the Guardian, 24/7 coverage from Pitchfork — for real, it ain’t no wonder. So there’s something VAGUELY uncomfortable about listening to a dude strum his piece of shit four-string not-instrument while cooing “I don’t want you monkey mouth motherfuckers sittin’ in my throne again” on Snapchat in some dorm-room.Now I got white dudes all OVER hip-hop forums trying to explain to me what the “Black struggle” fucking is, I shit you not! I remember someone wanted me to express my opinion on hubski when it came out, and I refrained for that reason (and also the fact that it was out for like a week and somebody called it a classic). I was going to save this for year 2 of “My hip-hop of the year” posts, but I’m maaaaaad.I’m mad because TPAB is middle-class hip-hop. I knew this, but it was cemented in my brain when I hopped into my boy Rick’s car and this album started fucking playing. Now I love Rick. He’s been my buddy since 6th grade. But this motherfucker has never listened to hip-hop in his life. This shit is not a coincidence. Rick loves apple pie and baseball (seriously), not Dynamic Certified and Public Enemy. The hell did this album come from on his part?And of course you don’t have to be black to appreciate hip-hop. That’s not what I’m saying here. What I’m saying is that TPAB is fucking manufactured for middle-class white people to eat up. It’s the fucking hand-job of protest music — “you know what I really want.” It lets white people feel good about themselves and think they understand shit about the struggle, but then go off to work in their fucking Priuses where they can listen to K-dot say shit like "When we don't respect ourselves how can we expect them to respect us”, and then they nod and go “yeah this makes sense.” Then Azealia Banks puts him on blast for his bullshit and all of a sudden she’s an “angry black bitch that needs to shut the fuck up."REASON BEING! Azalea’s point — and subsequently mine — is not the point that white people wanna get down with. We’re supposed to shuck and jive for y’all the way you want, not have a fucking opinion.So CONGRATULATIONS Kenny — you made some white money and all of a sudden "black people don’t respect themselves", while you ride the wave of black-unrest to a pool of even more middle-class money. And speaking of, where the fuck was this “conscious” bullshit in 2012? Too busy fucking Sherane? Nothing about your album is nuanced or poetic, it’s just a bunch of flimsy “2deep4me” lyrics overlaid with basic jazz samples that white dudes on RapGenius will cream their pants annotating.Fuck To Pimp a Butterfly. my Darling Don't Meow - Meow the Jewels why is this good.This is what my eventual nervous breakdown is going to sound like. Violin - Stereotype video is a little too jumpy for my tastes, but the music is really solid.They also had an interesting interview with NPR this morning - World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Wendover another excellent cut off of TWIABP'S new album Harmlessness, out a week from tomorrow! Order through Broken World Media and Epitaph Records. internet opsys but the fm (command) indie collection music is awesome D- Friendship - Today More Than Any Other Day White shows you how to drum for Dead Weather – Snakeskin Vista Social Club (Full Album) - YouTube Bleach (1989) Full Album to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret - FULL ALBUM - 1999 band, New demo! Check it out! Dogs! covered Season of the Witch for a Donovan tribute record damn. Really, really interesting cover. I want him to play it live. - Black Eunuch 1004 my favorite violin concerto by Bach. This piece has left me aghast and mind-bent after listening to it. This is pure focus music, but in a sense you have no choice but to be tuned into it. I've also found the visualization to be quite pleasing.EDIT: particularly the Courante and Special Sauce - I-76 (RIP Moses Malone) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Black Eyed ManCold Cave / Genesis Breyer P-Orridge / Black Rain - Comprehension Parton - Jolene (33rpm slowed down digital version) before, but damn. Here is the original: - Look Outside Heads: Walk It Down - 1985 Pink's Haunted Graffiti – Baby the original: 1993 6 - "Blech!"Babes in toyland sucked..the Arrested Development came on.. I decided to go chech out Tool.. and maybebump into Tyrone again...Instead I bumped into my cousin.. and then proceeded to be an asshole forabout 2 hours... once every ten minutes or so..Somehow.. I lost my cousin and ended up in the pit.. I was about 1 foot and ahalf (third person) from the stage when Dinosaur Jr. started..I had already bumped into everyone I ever met before in my life.. and I bumpedinto Debaser many many many times.. and Roads - The Head And The Heart [Daniela Andrade Cover] this almost made me start bawling in the middle of work and I don't know why. Crazy After All These Years World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - I Can Be Afraid of Anything we can be afraid of dying now ;) From TWIABP's new album Harmlessness, out in a few weeks on Epitaph and Broken World Media. Reich - Nagoya Marimbas is about the best sounding version I could find. Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves to bring the Hubski back to life'm in there right now. and Lefty Cash- It Ain't Me Babe Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Case For Classical, Courtesy Of Ben Folds went and saw Ben Folds with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra late last year and it was absolutely incredible. I'm really glad that he's incorporating orchestras into his music. It gives the songs such life and depth! Also his concerto is fucking cool. Oh Sees – Will We Be Scared music and junk I've reviewed lately. Ewen - Talent Show. Great musician from Boston, his other band Sulk Scouts also put out an album this week which will be reviewed likely next week.Various Artists - Shoegazer Compilation Album Summer in 2015. This was free as of when I put up the review so fuck it I'm not going to delete and put something else up, though I should put a disclaimer at the top saying so. Amazing collection of tunes.lil asked for a shoutout and I don't know if tnec still wants shoutouts or not. Jennings -Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Bragg - Days Like These Beatles - Here, There, And Everywhere IS ON THE WAY and Regional Identity in Richmond, VA Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread't have time to look for new music this week. My mp3 player tells me the tracks I played most were Faces of Sarah - Misery Turns and Damad - Hide and Seek. On - Major Lazer & DJ Snake [Christina Grimmie Piano Cover] - Everlasting Light - live in Prague are one of my favourite bands and this video gives such an intimate feeling for such a big band. I haven't seen many live videos where you feel like you're in someone's living room watching them perform, but this comes pretty close. Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl Wizard - Dopethrone (Whole album) of my favourite stoner-metal albums. Enjoy :) bunch of "free" music on google play today for the weird link and for all of the ads on that site - but it was the best link I could find to all of the free stuff.Sly and the Family Stone, Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Bill Withers... Some good stuff to beef up your library if you're so inclined. Seat Headrest - Beach Life-In-Death I've yelled at you about him and he recently got signed to Matador, somehow (probably by making amazing music). This is probably his best song, don't know if you've heard it or not. lil, I'd be interested to get your take on these lyrics if you get some free time.Last night I drove to Harper’s Ferry and I thought about youthere were signs on the road that warned me of stop signsthe speed limit kept decreasing by tenas we entered a town about halfway thereit was almost raining at the train stationwe put our hoods on our heads at the train stationwe threw rocks into the riverthe river underneath the train tracks===And when the train came it was so big and powerfulwhen it came into the little stationI wanted to put my arms around itbut the conductor looked at me funnyso we had to say goodbye and leavethe monopoly board still in the backseattook that nightmare left turn to get out of townran into the decreasing speed limits again===What should I do? Eat breakfastWhat should I do? Eat lunchWhat should I do? Eat dinnerWhat should I do? Go to bedWhere can I go? Go to the storeWhere can I go? Apply for jobsWhere can I go? Go to a friend’sWhere can I go? Go to bed===I wrote beach death when I thought you were takenI wrote beach funeral when I knew you were takenI wrote beach fags, well it wasn’t about youbut it could’ve been. well no it couldn’t haveI spent a week in Ocean Cityand came back to find you were goneI spent a week in Illinoisand came back to find you were still gone===I pretended I was drunk when I came out to my friendsI never came out to my friendsWe were all on S----and I laughed and changed the subjectshe said “what’s with this dog motif”I said “do you have something againstdogs”===I am almost completely soullessI am incapable of being humanI am incapable of being inhumanI am living uncontrollably===It should be antidepressionas a friend of mine suggestedbecause it’s not the sadness that hurts youit’s the brain’s reaction against it===It’s not enough to love the unrealI am inseparable from the impossibleI I want gravity to stop for meMy soul yearns for a fugitive from the laws of natureI want a cut sceneI want a cut from your face to my faceI want a cut I wantthe next related video===I don’t want to go insaneI don’t want to have schizophrenia===The ocean washed over your grave===Part IILast night I dreamed he was trying to kill youI woke up and I was trying to kill youIt’s been a year since we first metI don’t know if we’re boyfriends yet===Do you have any crimes thatwe can use to pass the time I’mrunning out of drugs to try===We said we hated humansWe wanted to be humans===Get more groceries get eaten get more groceries get eaten get more groceries get eaten===A book of Aubrey Beardsley artcorrupted me in youthnow I’m trapped inside my youthand you’re in love with late-stage youth===Thank god for the little things and andfuck god that they’re little things I amrunning out of prayers to sing===And pretty soon you’ll find some nice youngsatanist with braces and onecapital o significant Otherand you can take him home to your mother andsay ma, this is my brother===We said we hated humansWe wanted to be humans===Get more groceries get eaten get more groceries get eaten get more groceries===Get eaten by the one you lovewhen they put their lips around youyou can feel their smile from the inside===Part IIILast night I dreamed he was trying to kill youI woke up and I was trying to kill you===Your ears perked upI perked up when your ears perked upyou were all looking aroundand I hoped it was for meI hoped you were using your sonar systems for me===The ancients saw it comingyou can see that they tried to warn themin the tales that they told their childrenbut they fell out of their heads in the morning===They said sex can be frighteningbut the children were not listeningand the children cut out everythingexcept for the kissing and the singing===when they finally found their homeat W--- D----- studiosand then everyone grew upwith their fundamental schemas fucked===but there are lots of fish left in the seathere are lots of fish in business suitsthat talk and walk on human feetand visit doctors, have weak knees===oh please let me join your cultI’ll paint my face in your colorsYou had a real nice faceI had an early death===The ocean washed over your graveThe ocean washed open your grave(how’s your face? How’s your body?)(WE’RE TOO SCARED TO DO SHIT) Me the Body – Death Sounds Seeing 'em live this month! Banning Tyler, the Creator, the Victory International Feminism Needed? laws were used to keep Margaret Sanger from distributing information about contraception, Strossen said, and, ironically, to keep Andrea Dworkin books out of Canada. With this in mind, at what point do we stop censoring people with whom we disagree? Melinda Tankard Reist has identified herself as a “pro-life feminist,” a position I personally don’t hold. Nor do I agree with some of Collective Shout’s targeting and methods, though I wholly share their announced goal of eradicating the rape culture and ending violence against women. In this disagreement, I have the right to counter-speak—same as Collective Shout uses its voice to speak up against the speech of Tyler and other musicians.And when do we choose to forgive an artist—or a person, for that matter—for past transgressions, as they get older, evolve, hopefully mature? The Beastie Boys’ first album, License to Ill, was notoriously sexist, and was originally almost titled Don’t Be a Faggot. It included the cut “Rhymin’ and Stealin’,” which made reference to “rapin’ and robbin’.” As a group, though, they were able to publicly evolve into human rights activists and feminists (recall Ad-Rock’s famous VMAs anti-rape speech, from a person who at one point told the NME that he “hates faggots”). And plenty of other artists who have a history of actual violence against women are allowed to travel freely—Sean Penn, for example, or Dr. Dre. Lennon- Stand by Me, I love this versionthenewgreen lennon- Oh My Love and disturbing "Fantasy" Official Video by JEREMIE PERINI love this music video and just rediscovered it after a couple years. Thought y'all might enjoy it.P.S. NSFW and could perhaps 'trigger' some people. I don't know, I'm not you. Swift Is Dreaming Of A Very White Africa the continent, we are in the middle of an exciting African boom and a technological and leadership renaissance of sorts, led by the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the formerly colonized and enslaved. Waterfalls and mountains and majestic animals do not represent a full picture of our homelands.Swift's music is entertaining for many. She should absolutely be able to use any location as a backdrop. But she packages our continent as the backdrop for her romantic songs devoid of any African person or storyline, and she sets the video in a time when the people depicted by Swift and her co-stars killed, dehumanized and traumatized millions of Africans. That is beyond problematic.I was pretty appalled that she decided to make a video in Africa and not include any black people, but then seeing that she made a fucking colonial fantasy brings it up a notch. Astoundingly tone-deaf. AMA on reddit DeMarco, Lana Del Rey, and the Fading Ideal of a Forever Love’s never been easier to be in a casual relationship with music. In the age of "try-before-you-buy", when almost every new release is at our fingertips to stream in full, we’re able to consume music without having to commit to anything except a few 30-second ad breaks. We’re in an age in which we aren’t looking for "forever", but for instant, intense gratification. It’s not just the way that pop songs are delivered that’s starting to reflect this—the songs themselves echo these sentiments. "Forever" is an outdated concept, at best. Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent - The New York Times value-of-practice debate has reached a stalemate. In a landmark 1993 study of musicians, a research team led by K. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist now at Florida State University, found that practice time explained almost all the difference (about 80 percent) between elite performers and committed amateurs. The finding rippled quickly through the popular culture, perhaps most visibly as the apparent inspiration for the “10,000-hour rule” in Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling “Outliers” — a rough average of the amount of practice time required for expert performance.The new paper, the most comprehensive review of relevant research to date, comes to a different conclusion. Compiling results from 88 studies across a wide range of skills, it estimates that practice time explains about 20 percent to 25 percent of the difference in performance in music, sports and games like chess. In academics, the number is much lower — 4 percent — in part because it’s hard to assess the effect of previous knowledge, the authors wrote.“We found that, yes, practice is important, and of course it’s absolutely necessary to achieve expertise,” said Zach Hambrick, a psychologist at Michigan State University and a co-author of the paper, with Brooke Macnamara, now at Case Western Reserve University, and Frederick Oswald of Rice University. “But it’s not as important as many people have been saying” compared to inborn gifts.Interesting piece, and I have to say I'm curious to know demure's and nowaypablo's reactions to it since, you know, they play there and stuff ;) myself signing this song whilst doing the dishes: Jim Roll, "You" -lyrics by Denis Johnson Fiasco Offers To Destroy Copies Of His Album Lasers With An Actual Laser lmaowaywardsamurai fabulously filmed live performance of Argentinian musician Tomi Lebrero don't really know why I love this video so much. I have no idea what the lyrics are, or what the title is, or even who Tomi Lebrero is, but I really love this particular performance. It just seems so raw.The filmmaker did a TED talk which piqued my interest. It was looking through his YouTube channel that I found this particular video. He's taken a few incredible videos which I think are definitely worth watching. those of you as yet unfamiliar with the musical comedy stylings of Tim Minchin absolutely love this guy. I hope you all do too :) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Surface of the RealThe Harrow - Love Like ShadowsZola Jesus - Nail - Undiscovered First (Live in Studio) FF to 1:10 to skip the initial set up and go to the song. Fiasco EP: Pharaoh Height Metal Gear Solid intro. McFerrin - Decisions (Live remix) - We Burned the City Down is the song that I play as loud as the stereo goes whenever I am driving in the forest to go camping. rolling stones - get yourself together (aka I can see) version 1 - stereo edit via my pal Al's FB page. Me the Body – Steep Rock Me the Body – "One Train" New York sludge for ya. This is a genius collective with frequent features of Wiki from RATKING. were the top movie and song when you were born?'m actually kinda proud of mine: The Color Purple and That's What Friends are For. song I offer up the Hubski Music Club, especially our resident violinist/bowed bass players: "Rich Folk" posted this song a while back and I'll never forget the enthusiasm that mike had for it. That meant a lot to me. I think there is room for some strings on this song and I was hoping that violinist and coffeesp00ns would be willing to work on a song together again? rezzeJ, I would trust your sensibilities with this song for any other instrumentation. What do you think? meaningless conversation with life navigator Ian MacKaye to eye with Ian MacKaye is a pretty wild experience. Not because he’s widely admired for injecting punk with its own fierce philosophy – a wholesale belief in self-reliance, as expressed through Minor Threat and Fugazi. Or the fact that in Dischord Records he built a seedbed for those ideals and never swayed when others chose the pay cheque. It’s not because history will call him a custodian of D.C. hardcore and punk, a cultural movement that has long been the subject of wistful documentaries, many of which, to Ian’s mind, distill the experience of thousands of narratives into one oversimplified arc. The man is just so wise. It’s like dialling into a Google hangout with Aristotle – if Aristotle wore a beanie and was kind of sweary. Springsteen - Thunder Road - YouTube screen door slams Mary' dress waves Like a vision she dances across the porch As the radio plays Roy Orbison singing for the lonely Hey that's me and I want you only Don't turn me home again I just can't face myself alone again Don't run back inside Darling you know just what I'm here for So you're scared and you're thinking That maybe we ain't that young anymore Show a little faith there's magic in the night You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright Oh and that's alright with me You can hide 'neath your covers And study your pain Make crosses from your lovers Throw roses in the rain Waste your summer praying in vain For a saviour to rise from these streets Well now I'm no hero That's understood All the redemption I can offer girl Is beneath this dirty hood With a chance to make it good somehow Hey what else can we do now ? Except roll down the window And let the wind blow Back your hair Well the night's busting open These two lanes will take us anywhere We got one last chance to make it real To trade in these wings on some wheels Climb in back Heaven's waiting on down the tracks Oh-oh come take my hand We're riding out tonight to case the promised land Oh-oh Thunder Road oh Thunder Road Lying out there like a killer in the sun Hey I know it's late we can make it if we run Oh Thunder Road sit tight take hold Thunder Road Well I got this guitar And I learned how to make it talk And my car's out back If you're ready to take that long walk From your front porch to my front seat The door's open but the ride it ain't free And I know you're lonely For words that I ain't spoken But tonight we'll be free All the promises'll be broken There were ghosts in the eyes Of all the boys you sent away They haunt this dusty beach road In the skeleton frames of burned out Chevrolets They scream your name at night in the street Your graduation gown lies in rags at their feet And in the lonely cool before dawn You hear their engines roaring on But when you get to the porch they're gone On the wind so Mary climb in It's town full of losers And I'm pulling out of here to win to Run turns 40 today. Here's Backstreets since it isn't played to death on classic rock radio'm highly disappointed by the lack of Bruce fans online who aren't over fifty Might Be Giants - The Long Grift - Wig in a Box my favorite Wig in a Box cover. Feelin like a dollar. J Dilla Said “F the Police” late producer’s take on the N.W.A classic was inspired by his own experiences with law enforcement Much is Music Really Worth? intricacies of the music industry recently stumped a Nobel Prize-winning economist. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman, sharing a panel with members of Arcade Fire at this year’s South by Southwest music conference, told attendees that successful musicians continue to make most of their money the centuries-old way: live performance. As with the rest of society, though, the lion’s share of that income is increasingly going to only a tiny elite. “I actually don't quite understand how the bands I like are even surviving,” Krugman said. He was being self-effacing, sure—but probably not entirely.So: What is music worth? As Krugman’s improbable-enough SXSW presence shows, the question has gained renewed prominence as of late, from celebrity-stirred discussions about online streaming to last month’s $7.4 million “Blurred Lines” jury verdict. The answer, however, is a moving—if not almost invisible—target. Putting the debates about artists’ income from Spotify, Pandora, and their ilk in a broader historical context, it becomes clear that the money made from a song or an album has clearly decreased over the last several decades. What’s equally clear, though, is that the value of music is almost as subjective financially as it is aesthetically; the economics of music, it turns out, is more dark art than dismal science. Memories from the Road: A cautionary tale on the importance of backing up your life"He confessed he had taken a piss outside the bus in his underwear, and somehow he had locked himself out. Confronted with the embarrassment of having to walk to our hotel, through the lobby and up to my room in just his underwear, he decided it would be better to break into the bay of the bus and steal clothes from one of the suitcases. It turned out the clothes he stole belonged to the smallest, skinniest guy in the band (and possibly the world), which explained why he looked so weird with flares up to his shins, a t-shirt bearing his mid-drift, so tight around his arms that his circulation must have been cut off." rise and fall of Hollywood’s legendary punk rock speakeasy, the Zero Zero Club"We thought, This is great, we get to show off our pussy drawings." Rise of the Punk Rock B-boy hardcore and hip-hop collided in 1980s New York City, the cultural crossover was uncomfortable, dangerous and exhilarating Eternity: Piranha | Style I think you'll like this if you liked Clique.Coming soon: Bandcamp page where all these albums will be compiled for easy download access. Burke - Maggie's Farm - Surreal (CLIPE) has one: What's that one song you want the world to hear?'m not talking your favorite song, but that one song that you want everyone to hear because it's not well know, really catchy, or just plain awesome. So what's yours?METRIC - The Shade old band has a nearly finished album just sitting there, waiting to be mixed for five years. Here's a favorite from it "As Seen on TV" time I realized that this kleinbl00 character was alright was when he complimented this song four years ago when I originally posted it :) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - SubmarineCocksure - Corporate StingPrecious Child - I FallThe Amphibious Man - Witch Hips Mayer - Walt Grace's Submarine Test 1967 [Cover] the process of learning this on ukulele. Music Video? rules are: There are no rules. So I'm putting my two favorites, and you can do as you like as well. Preferably, though, it isn't just your favorite song, but an interesting/well done video. Trapper God & Suicide - YouTube Isley Brothers - Shout [Summer Slam Mix]'S FRIDAY! LET'S GET WEIRD Greenwald composed an ambient album made solely out of sounds from a Guitar Center"This album is comprised solely of manipulated field recordings that were taken from inside of Guitar Center." for purely that, this album is really impressive. easily worth the $4 dollars he's asking for it. Notes Explained Simply good explanation is a kind of performance art. I have seen most of the basics behind music theory before, but never so succinctly and in a way that made things so clear. Heap Gets Specific About Mycelia: A Fair Trade Music Business Inspired By Blockchain Order: Restless - 2015 music triggers your nostalgia? there a song or band that, when you hear it, sends you right back into a memory or feeling of a particular time?For me, it's the Unknown Pleasures album, along with a few other Joy Division/New Order tracks that put me right back in second semester of my sophomore year of college. I saw the film Control, and I was in a performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet set in 1989 Berlin, the soundtrack for which included Ceremony. Also a friend put Love Will Tear Us Apart on my birthday mix CD that year.Tell me about your nostalgia songs, hubski! Yolanda Adams feat. The Roots [Rocking R&B/Gospel] Moon Run - The Mother We Share [CHVRCHES][RADIO1LIVELOUNGE], what's your gear? in the "What are the topics you wish were discussed more on Hubski?" post, I mentioned people should use the #musicians tag some more. So how about we talk about what musical stuff we use? Instruments, gear, rigs. I know musicians tend to like to acquire these sorts of things. Show 'em!Here's my collection of (almost) entirely Ibanez basses, and a cat on my pedalboard blocking out my hubski sticker. 2 Da Naw song Impala – Latenight Moonlight (B-Sides) (The good Tame) of something in the moonlight, what do you think it was?Also peep this Black Sabbath-y track:, what are your favorite Jazz albums?'m a relatively new jazz fan, and I'm always looking for more good stuff to listen to. So far, a selection of my favorites are Kind of Blue and The Great American Songbook by Miles Davis, Burnin' at the Backstreet by the Chet Baker Quartet, and Something Else by Cannonball Adderley.So Jazz fans: What are your favorites? Journey to Prince’s Paisley Park strange, brief encounter with The Purple One was a lesson in expectation management - Cans - A deal to be had - Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitors hesitated to post this... but it's a decent deal.Headphones have come up several times before. I'm not a real audiophile, so your opinions and mileage may vary. But when it comes to a professional pair of cans for studio work, field camera work, or just downright enjoying your music - these over the ear, full blown, sweaty ear monsters are delicious to the audio-sensory cortex.oh - and they're about half off.Get em for $55 here:, randomuser, thenewgreen others? Review: Five Corners - Prime (Indie Pop) great Indie Pop coming out of Eastern NY.Backlog that I forgot to post: Clique - Self Titled. BrainBurner you'd probably like this one if you haven't already heard it.Some reading material for lil, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any critique feel free to share. Bells - Holding On For Life Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Input Error Cloak - Understand Inexora - Omens learning for assiting the process of music composition machine learning not to fully compose a piece, but to assist in the process of composition. There are four parts, linked to from the article. wrote/recorded this tonight anyone want to add to it? was fun to make music tonight. There are parts of this I dig. With some love from you all, it could actually be a good tune. Sorry for the lame guitar solo at the end. I was running out of time and was running my guitar direct without an amp. Just a pedal in to my mbox. Late night, kids sleeping etc :)Anyone want to add something? galen, rezzeJ, randomuser Willchill, TiffanyAching, Dendrophobe, Dream-Theater, nothingleftinside, Super_Cyan, Dr_Hix Metal thenewgreen gotrees CDank Fluffy017 ll_drool_j impedans Formerly_Me DonJohnson Curious_CJ TenNinja OftenBen TroubledClef Eisen-Sabbat miscanth icecrow waffles @explodi@ JuanGrisFTW OftenBen triton77 avaiihn Metal galen jonaswildman @lmarreteet23@ gotrees impedans Vale thenewgreen Embezzle rochecoach avaiihn explodingmonkeys flopper gotrees zdenek2antonin gotrees nullun Pareeeee DonJohnson triton77 Corinne pelicandb mifuyne TroubledClef yutgu coquelicot Dr_Hix DonJohnson Fluffy_bunny thepoleman1 jonaswildman Joke Explained - Wilco to Heaven by Dolly Parton Playlist #1 - August. Curated by me. one is a bit different from other playlists that I've put together but I think it works out very well and makes the point I was trying to make. Hope y'all like it! Black Angels - Black Grease for a specific song mother's trying to find a song that she heard the other day. She remembers the lyric "play a game and whistle", and that it sounded to her like what middle-aged people listened to in the 1960s. Any idea what it could be? N.W.A Flowchart The comprehensive family tree of the world’s most dangerous group - Everyday is Halloween O Negative - Everything Dies Systym - Split Stones Challenge. Post the weirdest cover song you can find. are welcome. Aren’t More Musicians Using Twitch? video game streaming service could be a missed opportunity for artist-to-fan outreach Last Words: The Snub that Led to the Beatles’ Breakup Klein had a contract to manage the Beatles. Unfortunately, there were no longer any Beatles to manage. Cohen - Everybody Knows Melon - Life Ain't So Shitty - Ben Ağlamazken to join the obscure music club:1: Move into Turkrap2: Realize that this music is popular in Turkey3: Accept failure War on Drugs – Red Eyes Flaming Lips – Man Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saved the World Flaming Lips – All We Have is Now the Flaming Lips Deep Cuts playlist on Apple Music– it's flaming. is something I never thought I'd see... There is actually a Ned Flanders themed metal band. The Great Adventures of Steve Aoki shots from the jetsetting DJ’s new photography book “Eat, Sleep, Cake, Repeat”' Spoonful - Younger Generation Adams - Victory had never heard of Yolanda Adams before I saw her on Jimmy Fallon last night (where they got a standing ovation). That version is more rockin and expanded but the sound is glitchy. edit: A MUCH better version of the Fallon performance was just postedThis might be the only gospel song I have ever really liked. Apparently she performed at a star-studded tribute to Aretha Franklin and she said Yolanda was her favorite performer there. – O E A (feat. Kerry Leatham) some chill vibes. Heller Expresses Himself « "NWA" former manager - Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Theme Cover [EDM] originally By Barry Leitch in 2012 I uploaded my first song to YouTube (then deleted it and others in 2014 and reuploaded them again :D ). It was a cover of Barry Leitch's Lotus Turbo Challenge Theme Song. It is my all time favorite track from Amiga music. I decided I had to make a proper cover and here it is! Hope you like it. :) Get the song here: :) Music and art by MotionRide. Flynt and C.C. Hennix - Mount Fuji On My Mind my kid to ride her bike (for the most part) after work today.Chilling out listening to lily white 80's music and freak music.Guess this is pretty straight ahead for Henry Flynt but he's a damn freak anyway. Boyhood: The Abduction and Abuse of Bizzy Bone one member of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony survived a series of traumatic youth experiences I just discovered guitarist Stanly Jordan and I can't pick my jaw up off of the floor just happened upon this very youtube link from Reddit in the comments somewhere but it didn't seem to be picking up a ton of discussion. I just wanted to share this with people I know would appreciate it. Never Die: What it Means for DJs to Grow Old Day Jerry Garcia Died and the Dot-Com Boom Took Off years ago, on a warm August morning, the death of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia and the dawning of the Internet age collided violin solo based on H.P. Lovecraft's "The music of Erich Zann" was researching my favourite Lovecraft story, "The music of Erich Zann", and stumbled upon this. What do you guys think? - Come On Let's Go are grumpy today, Hubski. Have some Broadcast. World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - January 10, 2014 single and video from TWIABP's new album "Harmlessness", out this September 25th! Pre-order here: - American Life (Live) Eternity: Local DIY Festival Review. past weekend I witnessed a pretty DIY festival in Tacoma, Art & Music in Wright Park. Local bands, local artists, local vendors, and just a generally good time and good vibe for all ages.thenewgreen, nothing would make me happier than if you were to start a Pig Snout-esque band with your family.Let me know what y'all think! Cohen / Nevermind Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - TerrorSextile - FleshGynoid - Bliss Through Sounding 8bit is gone :( Faith - Had To Cry Today Rogers & Sons of the Pioneers - Tumbling Tumbleweeds and Johnny - Sleepwalk - R-Type is a personal favourite of mine. I love the chiptune sound of it, which doesn't seem to show up very often in drum and bass. Meatplow - Queenie never knew there was a video for this song. Animals - It's My Life Ace - Pledging My Love Bears - Law saw our mastersSat to dine,Bloated on liberty,Yours and mineI asked,Is there no portionFor the poor? They answered,SurelyAnd belched upThe Law. Pleasure of Practicing: A Musician’s Assuring Account of Creative Homecoming and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Moonmen (full track) YOU HAVEN'T BUMPED THE NEW DRE ALBUM DO IT RIGHT NOW. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD I heard the stream last night and it's available on Apple Music now. HNNNNNNNG THE KENDRICK FEATURES. Floyd - In the Flesh’s 1999: A Comic Strip Tribute, nuclear war, religion, politics, and more sex“Love & Mercy” - Brian Wilson and the Myth of Creative Genius Beach Boys, Chuck Berry and the subtle whitewashing of music history Company, Pressing Hits for Years on Vinyl, Finds It Has Become One, Czech Republic — Zdenek Pelc was not exactly a visionary. He did not really foresee, a generation ago, that vinyl records would one day make a return from near-extinction.But he was smart enough to keep a vinyl record factory here, a relic of the Communist era, through all those years when albums gave way to CDs and then to iTunes and streaming, and to be ready when vinyl suddenly got hot again.And that is why this village of 1,800, nestled in a lush furl of the Bohemian hills, improbably finds itself the world’s leader in the production of vinyl albums. Grips' Zach Hill with Carson McWhirter – Face Tat (live) [NSFYSOR] Safe For Your Sense of Rhythm Danger - Jack the Lion is probably one of my favorite songs. 'the Blockchain' Could Actually Change the Music Industry is an interesting trend of articles talking about bitcoin by referring to the blockchain, but not bitcoin.The Ujo royalties idea seems an improvement. I wonder if PeerTracks will survive the SEC. (07th of August), William Basinski will release "The Deluge", noise, calm and moving. If you haven't heard of Basinski, please check him out. His Disintegration Loops, a series of literally disintegrating loop-tapes, is so dreamy, it's almost scary. Another even calmer work is watermusic I and watermusic II, as well as Silent Night.He put out too much to post it all here. It's all in a similar vein, so feel free to give it a long try.Anyway, tomorrow he will release another work of his and I am super excited to have a listen. Do Lie: The Dark Art of Buying Fake Fans and Followers everyone from indie musicians to international superstars are cheating the system There Any Rules When It Comes to Playlists? transparency about how curation works is sorely needed B and Chance the Rapper just released a Mixtape because FUCK IT WHY NOT don't know where this week is going anymorenowaypablo and other white people that love Chance the Rapper that I can't remember - Steal My Sunshine (It is a guilty pleasure song of mine.) Souls Crew is really good too. I know.... totally guilty pleasure music.You may recognize the redhead dude as Brendan Canning who went on to join Broken Social Scene. Lost World of Surinamese Funk: How a South American Scene Disappeared Overnight is great stuff! definitely reminiscent of his American contemporaries, but it's got some charm. Welch - Red clay halo In Nashville: Authenticity That Makes Room For Rhinestones : The Record : NPR the renowned radio personality and Grand Ole Opry fixture Bill Cody walked onto the stage at the Ryman Auditorioum to welcome Dolly Parton there for the first time in twelve years, he called her "the most beloved artist of all time." Then he quickly, almost imperceptibly, corrected himself, adding a qualifier: female artist." Who knows what flashed in Cody's mind in that moment — perhaps the face of Johnny Cash, the patron saint of believers in musical authenticity, or of hallowed originator Hank Williams, or affable current standard-bearer George Strait. Or maybe the thought wasn't even that formed. His words simply reflected the status quo. Country, like rock, rap, symphonic music, literary writing and virtually every other art world whose reach goes beyond the domestic sphere, has always honored men as more central and more real, defenders of the paradigms that women may expand or even challenge, but never originate.On this night, however, Dolly Parton and her fans didn't let those presumptions bother them, not for one minute. The Mother Church of Country Music became the Church of Dolly. I launched my first ever website. Describing Eternity - A music blog. is welcome! The purpose of this site is to review music that is new and freely available on bandcamp. I had this idea long time ago (ghostoffuffle) and am finally acting on it after reading a really great post by eightbitsamurai which can be found here.I think after a certain point you just need to go for it, and that's what I'm doing tonight. I've been working on this for a few days now and have been sitting on the domain for months and have spent all of my after-work time tonight creating this.The first review is up and it's an impressive EP that I've listened to a lot...tonight. That's half the point, I want the music to be very new, and very freely available. World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - Heartbeat In The Brain Harborcoat - 1984 They crowded up to Lenin with their noses worn off A handshake is worthy if it's all that you've got Metal shivs on wood push through our back There's a splinter in your eye and it reads "REACT" They shifted the statues for harboring ghosts Reddened their necks collared their clothes Then we danced the dance till the menace got out She gathered the corners and called it her gown Please find my harborcoat can't go outside without it Find my harborcoat, can't go outside without it They crowded up to Lenin with their noses worn off A handshake is worthy if it's all that you've got Metal shivs on wood push through our back There's a splinter in your eye and it reads "REACT", R-E-A-C-T They shifted the statues for harboring ghosts Reddened their necks, collared their clothes Then we danced the dance till the menace got out She gathered the corners and called it her gown She said IMHO R.E.M. was at their best mixing melancholy pastoral lyrics with upbeat country riffs. "1, 2, 3, 4." on Sesame Street is the "real" video which I think is absolutely brilliant from both a camera work and choreography standpoint. Desk Concert: Shamir Test Dummies - Two Knights And Maidens "Song" added: This space reserved for a song I will conceive of, write and record tonight haven't made music in a long time. Game on.Edit: This is a steaming pile of poo. But it was fun to make. Anyone feel free to download and add to it if you'd like. The second half is wide open. Over the Rainbow 2011 - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole Money, Mo' Music & Lots of Problems: A Look at the Music Biz may have been the first media format to be upended by digital, but it remains deeply challenged even as video, publishing and gaming continue their path forward (however modestly). If the industry hopes to restore growth and fix the problems with today’s streaming models, it needs to confront its evolution: how have ecosystem revenues – from albums sales to concerts, radio plays, digital downloads and streams – changed and been redistributed? What is the underlying value of music? Did streaming erode this value or correct it? What’s the logic behind streaming royalty models and where are its flaws and decencies? How can it be improved? After 15 years of declining consumer spend, it’s time to stop focusing on what was or “should” be. Industries don’t rebuild themselves.Foreward by Jason Hirschhorn, who is apparently still around? CZARFACE Is Back: Reinventing Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck with 7L & Esoteric track-by-track breakdown of the trio’s new album “Every Hero Needs a Villain” Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - NeonSergeant Sawtooth - This Is TomorrowlandRhythm of Cruelty - Saturated Anarchestra - man invents hundreds of strange musical instruments are variations on common instruments, some are entirely bizarre. "people feel like they have to play instruments, so if you hand a random person a guitar they'll say 'well I can't play that' but for these that doesn't happen. Anyone can play one of these because nobody else has played them before, so they don't have that burden of expectation on them"also, you can listen to lots of music by them: Dre Announces New Album "Compton: The Soundtrack" and Explains Why Detox Never Came Out -Sick Of Waiting got an mp3 of this song off an irc bot back when irc bots were the way you got your mp3s. It popped in to my head today, but neither the lyrics nor the band name came with it. That'll make you crazy. I think I have listened to every song ever to contain the phrase "I'm sick of waiting" tonight.'m In Love With The Coco - Ed Sheeran [Hitimpulse Remix] in the Hay: Elliott Smith’s Self-Titled Album Turns 20’s been 20 years since Elliott Smith first dropped, and like its lead single suggests, it’s often the overlooked album of his catalog. The only proper way to revisit it is by turning to those involved in the album’s creation to speak about its subtle instrumentation, identity cast as fiction, and acoustic meanderings disguising the remarkable beauty of Smith’s songwriting.I'm a slightly bigger fan of his earlier work and holy fuck if I had been old enough to appreciate this album when it happened, that would have been something. I guess it still is something if we're all still talking about. Just in case, b_b. Smiths – What Difference Does It Make? (BBC Peel Session 1983) Knopfler- Romeo & Juliet (Live) Wonder- Living for the City (Live) PHONE WALLET - A comedy pop-rap music video I made folks, I was hoping to hear some feedback on this. Aside from some color correction issues and poor audio quality in the first 6-7 seconds of the video, I was mostly happy with how it turned out.If you'd be so kind as to give feedback, I'd love to hear what you liked / didn't like, laughed at / cringed at, wanted to share / wanted to close out of, or anything else that comes to mind when watching it.Thanks so much!"Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true, but it's a land of passion and creativity. So what we did here is just a huge miracle." Collective - Leaf House love this song. When it was released it seemed so discordant to me. Now it doesn't at all. I wonder if that's because of the evolution of music since (that I've heard) or because I've heard the song so many times. dig it. Ensemble - Fiery River [1974] [Soviet jazz-funk] Clinton - Atomic Dog Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Feminist Solidarity does it mean for women to stick together in a postfeminist age? Electronic: From Bob Dylan to Tame Impala years of abandoning acoustics has brought both greatness and disappointment, with little in between Jaguar (Instrumental guitar music) guitar riffs. Instrumental. Great Visual... Real Names of Musicians googling! :) 1. Michael Balzary2. Dana Owens3. Joel ZimmermanHint: Three different genres of music. Thorogood - "Bad To The Bone" (Small Club Performance) [Rockin Blues] Is the Live Music Business Living in the Last Century? the recorded music biz has started to embrace big data, the live space lags far behind Rallies Against the Sync Button their new album in stores this month, the sibling DJ duo say “no” to automated mixing - The Prole Song Weir - The Happy Wanderer - Elle Me Dit song is really pop-y and a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. My girlfriend is from France (and, sadly, currently there while I am not) and she showed me this song when I asked her to show me some French music. To be honest, I don't really understand it, but I refuse to look up a translation until I know enough French to figure most of it out myself. Hearing the song reminds me of the time I spent with her, though, and it was all very pleasant times. Straits - Telegraph Road (Alchemy Version) was listening to their live album Alchemy today, and this piece is my favorite track on it. Knopfler is a fantastic guitarist and a solid songwriter, and the whole band really comes together to make each song an experience. song I wrote: "OH, MY SWIVEL HEAD!" think this would be a fun one to perform with a band live. It's basically about a guy that can't settle down. ~ Back to Back Freestyle that a world tour or your girl's tourI know that you gotta be a thug for herThis ain't what she meant when she told you to open up moreYeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingersYou getting bodied by a singing niggaBY GAWD DRAKE, DON'T DO IT. MEEK MILL HAS A FAMILY.For those not in the loop (understandably) Meek Mill took shots at Drake because he didn't promote Meek's new album on Twitter. Granted, it's a lot of unnecessary drama, but like shit I'm gonna complain if it means I get tracks like this. Bats : Rainbow sign - Beyond Rain [EDM Chiptune]'s my new ‪‎EDM‬ song with some ‪‎Chiptune‬ arpeggios. Hope you like it! :) You can get the song here: ‪Music‬ and ‪‎art‬ by ‪‎MotionRide‬. Zappa documentary in the works, directed by Alex Winter with family blessing“There has yet to be a definitive, authorized documentary on the extraordinary life and work of Frank Zappa,” Winter said. “I am beyond thrilled to be embarking on this journey.Our tale will be told primarily in Frank’s own words; he will be our guide through this journey.” Winter expects the doc to be finished in time for release in 2017.“This is not an easy story to tell and we trust that Alex truly understands the complex and multi-faceted man that my father was,” Zappa’s son Ahmet Zappa said.'Domini, Ad Adjuvandum Me Festina' by Martini - NMMEA All State Mixed Chorus Mexico Music Educators Association All State Mixed Chorus 2002Complete with a feature by 'baby really too young to be brought into an auditorium.' are some of your favorite music videos?'s one I just saw that I really liked and inspired me to make this post Bagøien: Pogo (black light smoke remix)'s a song I wrote veen heard this in the car the other day on his visit out here, and insomniasexx asked me if I had posted it here. I hadn't so here it is.’s Golden Record For Aliens Now Available On SoundCloud | Popular Science the twin Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977, they carried with them two Golden Records encoded with the sounds of Earth. As the spacecraft flew past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and out to the edge of interstellar space, the Golden Records were intended to serve as a greeting to any extraterrestrials the spacecraft might encounter along the way—like a "bottle in the cosmic ocean," as the late astronomer Carl Sagan put it. Among the sounds selected to represent all of humanity were recordings of rain, a mother and child, stone tools, a heartbeat, and more. Even if you’re not an alien with a golden record player, you can listen to these emotional and thought-provoking sounds, too. The recordings have been online for years now as clunky individual sound clips. But now, for the first time they’re actually easy to listen to—NASA just uploaded them to SoundCloud. So instead of clicking back and forth to hear the different tracks on NASA’s clunky audio player, you can just zen out and listen to a continuous stream of clips. Oh, the humanity.Some hubskiers talk about Space and reflect on Voyager missions: Division - The Drawback best worst song ever... and it's been stuck in my head for a few days. Maybe by sharing it - it will go away for a while. And I guess I could have said "Warsaw" but whatever. To Spill - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) - YouTube Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No. 1 song is my wife's favorite Leonard Cohen song. It has become mine also. It's quiet and sexual and truthful and painful. It's a bit of nostalgia mixed with a bit of love and a bit of resentment. The perfect mix for 1:00am and a bit of a drink. lang - Hallelujah (Winter Olympics 2010) (Leonard Cohen cover) you're happy and you know it clap your hands"This Is An All-Inclusive Space,” Says All-White, All-Male Audience We Reached Peak Vinyl?’s rebound has lasted long enough to raise questions about how much further it can go. The pace of growth remains remarkable. After bottoming out at less than 1 million copies in 2005, sales of new vinyl albums soared to 9.2 million copies last year, according to Nielsen Music. And yet vinyl still makes up only a small niche: 4.5% of the overall U.S. album market last year, according to the Recording Industry Association Of America. Prices, meanwhile, have been climbing: The average vinyl LP grossed $23.84 last year in current dollars, based on RIAA data, up almost 40% from an inflation-adjusted $17.20 in 2005. Let’s see: rapid sales increases. Rising prices. All for a product geared at a relatively small segment of consumers who will pay for a commodity, music, that’s generally available for less — or even, legally, for free — in other formats. It doesn’t take an economics whiz to see the makings of a potential market bubble. If it pops, some indie labels, stores, and artists who helped foster the format during in its lean years worry they could be collateral damage.I mostly purchase vinyl records to a) financially support small time artists I enjoy and b) discover new artists and music. How about you? - HYBR33D M1ND [LSDJ Chiptune]'s my first ever fully made with LSDJ song on my Nintendo DS. I'm hoping to release LSDJ songs in between my regular Sunday uploads. Hope you like it :)You can get the song here: :)Everything (art & music) was made by me (Pete) with GIMP, KdenLive, LSDJ & Audacity. Art of Punk-Short Documentary on Raymond Pettibon's iconic artwork for the band Black Flag Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Razor Invader Primitive Race - Addict Now Paul Robb - Nocturnes Masa - Someday Somewhere EP - Noche Suenos (ft. Danay Suarez) A S H Opening Theme Song 1970 - Aruarian Dance Ukulele Cover started off going, yeah I could probably learn how to do this, and if you watch it you'll realize why I was promptly disavowed of that notion.randomuser would you be interested in potentially reworking something like this? Bordello - Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher) really enjoy this song, and the video along with it, because it makes me think of an issue I normally can very easily stay ignorant of. It's actually pieces of art like this that are what make me think about what our policies should be, and this specific video making me think we need to severely liberalize ones regarding immigration and naturalization. But not just that, laws aren't going to solve all the problems, we actually need to promote a societal shift to accepting other cultures and peoples, and helping them integrate with our own society and cultures, not to completely abandon their own, but to feel welcomed here and become part of our community. And I think immigration is a serious topic that actually gets kind of glossed over in the media, not to say they don't mention it, but they never quite open up dialog on it, in my experience. Passage - Stan Rogers [Highschool Chamber Acapella] some decent headphones and listen to this and tell me you don't get chills. Likeness - New Legion tad more Sin City than I would have expected a video for this track to be, but any Ego Likeness is good Ego Likeness. - Undertow just listing to this and decided it's probably post-worthy. Uncluded - Teleprompters favorite song from the album (aesop rock + kimya dawson) -- Snarky Puppy (delicious synth jazz) Peterson schooling David Cavett [Jazz Piano] Emmanuel Peterson, CC, CQ, OOnt (August 15, 1925 – December 23, 2007) was a Canadian jazz pianist and composer. He was called the "Maharaja of the keyboard" by Duke Ellington, but simply "O.P." by his friends. He released over 200 recordings, won eight Grammy Awards, and received numerous other awards and honours. He is considered to have been one of the greatest jazz pianists, and played thousands of concerts worldwide in a career lasting more than 60 years.My father sat next to him on an airplane once and noticed how massive his hands were and then looked and realized who it was. He was apparently very nice on the 5 hour flight. They talked a lot about archaeology apparent;ly. Vespucci - 2 Days [New / Jeff Rosenstock] might like this? I dunno. Jeff Rosenstock...what a musician.Altogether this record cost roughly $300 to make. You should make a record too. Lovers - Pablo Picasso - Sapphire Simon - You Can Call Me Al & Omi - Cheerleader - CheerleaderPaul Simon - You Can Call Me AlAnyone else think these sound a lot alike? I can't hear the Omi song without seeing Chevy Chase. Uncluded - Delicate Cycle of the more popular songs of the Aesop Rock + Kimya Dawson combo Allen - Fuck You Simon - René and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (In Studio) never realized how much Klaus Floride looks like Fred Armisen until now. Graduate Sessions: I Wanna Be Like You [The Jungle Book Cover] of the Crop: A month-long journey to find the best music-streaming service"The biggest ongoing problem in my technological life is when, where, and how to easily listen to music. There are two reasons why this is a problem: 1) music is a vital part of my life — I need a steady stream of new tracks and artists to listen to, and I need to be able to cue up my old favorite songs at crucial moments — and 2) I strongly suspect there is no perfect way to listen to music." Adams- Wonderwall Street Dive - Rich Girl [Hall & Oates Cover] Goes Cold - Bitch Stole My Time Machine Musical Instrument would you love to learn?'m an amateur pianist but would really love to learn how to play guitar, saxophone, and or the drums. What instruments would you love to learn how to play? Alice kills it with their debut release The Golden Age the kind of soundtrack most people want to begin the day with. I'm trying to force a new tag onto usage though. Lessons That Technologists & Social Media Marketers Can Learn From Taylor Swift …which have nothing to do with her music an email from Wilco today message has arrived in your inbox because you downloaded Wilco's new album Star Wars. Thanks for that and we hope you're enjoying the new tunes.Now a bit of background... We consider ourselves lucky to be in the position to give you this music free of charge, but we do so knowing not every band, label or studio can do the same. Much of the “music business” relies on physical sales to keep the lights on and the mics up. Without that support, well, it gets tougher and tougher to make it all work.With that in mind, Wilco has put together a list of some of their favorite recent releases. We encourage you to explore it (and beyond) and yep, even march down to your neighborhood record shop and BUY. There’s a lot of great music out there, lets all try to support it. After all, it's the years of support (and purchases) of Wilco's music that allowed us to do what we did last week.Adron - Organismo Cibo Matto - Hotel Valentine Empyrean Atlas - Inner Circle Eleventh Dream Day - Works for Tomorrow Full of Hell, Merzbow - Full of Hell & Merzbow Game Theory - Real Nighttime Girlpool - Before the World Was Big Invisible Familiars - Disturbing Wildlife Landlady - Upright Behavior Luluc - Passerby Ned Doheny - Hard Candy Parquet Courts - Content Nausea Richard Julian - Fleur de Lis Scott Walker + Sunn O))) - Soused Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer Steve Gunn - Way Out Weather William Tyler - Deseret Canyon - Destroyer (Cosmo's Midnight Remix) Wellboy - Lay Down Your Blade (live piano version)'m not sure what to tag this as, so I guess rock? Nilsson ~ Jump Into The Fire ~ Nilsson Schmilsson - The Gates (ft. Tonedeff) band greets woman after final chemotherapy session [autoplaying video] Ann Trachtenberg joked she wanted to be escorted out of her last chemotherapy treatment by a marching band, little did she know her niece would contact the Badger Band: The University of Wisconsin Marching Band to do the honors. Step Project & Kyrstyn Pixton - I Alone Can Dance - How Fortunate the Man with None Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot [Folk?] - A Fine Way to Die (ft. Orlando Napier) Faker & Flume - This Song is Not About a Girl Rather Interviews Jack White Sumac - Malambo No. 1 [Samba] Strokes’ Albert Hammond, Jr. Digs Deep into New “Momentary Masters” LP speaks on his latest solo offering and the uncertain future of the band‘Star Wars’ Cements Wilco’s Legacy as One of the Greatest American Bands surprise new album proves why Jeff Tweedy’s gang are referred to as “the American Radiohead” Holly - Yeye [Weezer Cover] Opinion: Jack White Is the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Rock & Roll | L.A. Weekly’s not just Jack White's music that I hate. I hate everything about him. I hate him for making Eric Clapton look like Son House. I hate his stupid hats. I hate his “Look at me, I'm so obscurely retro!”–shaped guitars. I hate that his entire career is built on matching outfits and twee appropriations of what is actually good music. I hate him because Brochella is filled with guys in bucket hats and koi sleeves who know every White Stripes song but have never heard The Mooney Suzuki, The Oblivians, The Delta 72 or the approximately 50,000 other bands who did the same thing Jack White tries to do but way, way better. Ambassadors - Renegades the Burial's Justin Lowe declared missing person (current metal news) few things I'd like to say:First and foremost, I hope Justin is found in good health and able to get the help he needs. For those of you that aren't as crazily in love with the metal genre as I am, Justin is the co-guitarist for (IN MY OPINION, YMMV) one of the best djent/metal bands of all time, After the Burial. I'll link some of their music in the bottom of this post for those wishing to indulge their heavier musical needs.Justin originally posted on Facebook about a month ago, claiming to be part of a rather long-winded conspiracy to take his genetic material, and a generally nefarious plot he CLAIMS the band was in on to "undo" him.The rest of the band neglected to comment on the matter until he was found a few days later, and to quote directly from the article I just linked (for you lazier folks):"This is a very sad and hurtful situation for us to grasp, and unfortunately it is one we still don't fully understand. Our dear friend, our brother onstage and off, has fallen into a very broken state of mind. A state that, despite our continued efforts, we have been powerless to get him out of."We are very sorry we haven't made a statement until now, but there is reasoning behind our decision. Early yesterday after he made the post, he went missing for the entire day. He was in minimal contact with only a few people over the phone, and the information we gathered from them gave us reason to believe he was unsafe in his current state of mind. We were on our phones all day with family, friends, and local authorities trying to regain control of the situation. We felt it was definitely not the appropriate time for us to make a statement, in fear that it may escalate things further. Fortunately, he's back home now. He's safe and in the care of his family. "Justin is ill, and right now he needs more than ever to be shown that the world is not against him. He needs support and love from everyone, and to know that we only want what's best for him. We will continue to support him and his family as best we can through this tough time. "We must ask that, out of respect for friends and family, you refrain from making any comments or speculations about what's going on. We ask also that you respect the privacy of everyone involved while we work through this. "Mental illness is a very serious matter, and we are treating it as such. If you or anyone you know may be suffering from a mental illness, the time to find help is now."I fully agree with AtB's words on the issue, and although I've remained silent until now (to respect the wishes of all involved), Justin has unfortunately been reported missing as of about 17 hours ago in Wisconsin.I'm incredibly worried, as both an avid fan of After the Burial, and as someone that also struggles with a mental illness; my heart goes out to the band and Justin especially, as I know these are trying times. We love ya, Justin. Please be safe :c(I'd like to ask, by extension of his sister's wishes via the article linked in the main post, that postulation regarding potential mental disorders of any parties involved not be discussed here, out of respect for Justin and his family. He needs love and support from us, not baseless theories.)Get well soon, Justin. \m/--FluffFor those interested that would like to hear some of the amazing work this band has done to make the world a heavier place, please enjoy:"Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You" "Berserker" (for those that would like a lighter intro, but the same amazing djenty goodness) "Aspiration" and finally, a video of Justin himself, demoing an Ibanez 9 string (model RG90BKP), and exhibiting just some of the incredible musicianship that I know makes him an awesome person, as well as one of my guitar idols. - Why You Feel So Low video is really cool too's a long way to the top (If you want to rock and roll)- AC DC [Original Australian Version] - Gold Guns Girls (Live on KEXP) The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die's New EP "Death To New Years" 7" out on Topshelf Records this August. Also, new LP entitled "Harmlessness" out this September! Zappa - Peaches En Regalia feat. teen Ella Ferguson on violin Strokes "Is This It" -Full Album - Your Friend Always [EDM Chiptune]'s my new song! It's EDM with Chiptune and a little bit of Dubstep. Hope you like it! :) Get the song here: :) Music and art by MotionRide. Ra Tempel listen to this album from time to time. I really like this kind of experimental ambient/rock music. just realized I really like so many songs played by blind people. Can you add to my list please? Flowers w/Zappa Plays Zappa - MonatnaJeff Healy . Very SRVStevie WonderAmadou and Miriam. - Give the Anarchist a Cigarette makes headphones for people with big heads? you may have surmised, I have a big head (~25in/63.5cm). I'm currently rocking a taped-together pair of Turtle Beach X12s that I got on sale a year or two back. Both plastic pieces that slide up into the headband are broken, so it's just duct tape holding these things together. I ordered a pair of Logitech G35s but the issue is that the headband is too flat or short and pushes down into the top of my head. I need a pair that doesn't squeeze my head like a vice. I highly prefer closed ear models. Any advice is greatly appreciated. "Ce n'est pas bon" de Amadou et Mariam & Mariam are a Grammy Award-nominated musical duo from Mali, composed of the couple Amadou Bagayoko (guitar and vocals) and Mariam Doumbia (vocals). The pair, known as "the blind couple from Mali" met at Mali's Institute for the Young Blind. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Nöla & the Black Hole - Irrelevant ShapesCold Showers - PlantlifeFront 242 - Lovely Day openparen Remastered closeparen / Take One openparen RadicalG Mix closeparen Green - Tropical Island am asked to play this song at least once a day by my daughter. She's 4. She loves it and I don't recall how that all started... story of an Artist - Daniel Johnston Johnston is an American singer, songwriter,musician, and artist who was super influential upon the grunge movement. [Source] - Playground Love - Moon Taxi this song live in telluride this past weekend.delicious music. Suspicious Minds fact: Elvis' weird late career jumpsuits were modeled on the look of his favorite superhero, Captain Marvel Jr. That's also why his TCB logo features a lightning bolt. And Captain Marvel Jr. was redesigned to look more like and be a fan of Elvis a few years ago. Thanks for reading comic history through the lens of Elvis with host tacocat. Faith - Blind Faith (Full Album) Harbors - iamsleepless is a song off from the album of some guy I've been following for a really long time. He used to be a YouTuber, but now he's really focused on making music - and he's doing a great job. This is a song from his album that just came out less than a month ago, and I'm really digging it. It's just a super relaxed and chill song.If you want to hear more from him, here's the a playlist of the album on SoundCloud. Is this good Dubstep? discovered this "unknown" artist, (Moon Veil - (track),Ivory). Jurassic 5's Live Show is Still Worth Your Time classic rap sextet has aged gracefully Sunshine - Down by the River (ft. Catnapp) Jane Coles dub persona "Meow the Jewels" track released - Meowrly the fuckwhat am I listening tooh my god it's actually not bad, I don't know how I feel about thiswait what, the two tag system is back? stop, this is only confusing me further.WAIT WHAT IT RECOMMENDS TAGS. WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN.OftenBen & Punisher and muppets as Leaders - Behaving Badly is the kind of song you can play in the morning on your daily commute, that perfectly captures all the activity of the city, and yet is incredibly chill at the same time. Just puts me in a really mellow mood. Waits - The Heart Of Saturday Night - Magnifique love Ratatat and just started streaming this. So far, so good, the guitar gives off a Queen vibe and is altogether more melodic. Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night this song just recently. Being a fan of this sound (Daft Punk) I fell in love with it. Got It - Cousin Stizz (Hip Hop) heard this for the first time, Stizz goes hard. someone please help me figure out what it is these two songs have in common that I love so much, and where I can find more of it? be clear, I am not musically literate. I love most music I hear. I listen, I dance in my underwear, and I feel things, but I suck at identifying genres or even identifying which instruments are playing beyond "drums," "voice," and "everything else."With that said, there is definitely a certain dark, sexy, sultry, shivers-inducing quality I can detect in these two songs: I am not sure what does it but I want to find more of it. In both, the drum beats and vocals (although not necessarily the lyrics) definitely contribute, even though the two singers' voices are very different. I am sure that the rest of the instruments do as well but I can't even identify what instruments are playing. I especially love the beginnings of both these songs.If it helps, other songs that provide this quality, although to a lesser degree, and mixed in with other feels too, are these: I would love to identify what these songs share so that I can find more like them! Thank you in advance!▶ Wilco Album "Star Wars" free album stream and free download're also giving away free downloads right now via http://wilcoworld.netGO GO GOButterflyEffect, ghostoffuffle, T-Dog, sounds_sound, cW, nowaypablo, @anyoneelsethatlovesmusic..... journey through space, time, and music broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there—and the older the music you’ll hear. Wolf - A retelling of Beowulf in the American south, set to bluegrass music can listen to the full soundtrack at the link. Unfortunately, the play is no longer showing, but the music is beautiful and worth a listen. Sisters & Danny Kaye - Civilization No - It's Alright feat. Lizz Kellerman [NGHTMRE Remix] Schulz - Atlas Hands [Yako Rework] - Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) heard this song for the first time in 2014 with my wife in the car. She looked at me and said, "This is your theme song." Attenborough - What A Wonderful World is just nice. to start work on first new album in five years, says frontman Damon Albarn a pretty big fan of the group it is exciting to hear that there is new material on the way. Color Is This Song? Test the Emotional Ties Among Your Senses you’re at a concert with a friend who leans over and whispers in your ear, “What color was that music?” It may seem like a strange question, but there are some people for whom the answer is entirely self-evident, and perhaps your friend is among them. Such individuals have a neurological condition called “sound-to-color synesthesia,” or “chromesthesia,” in which they effortlessly and spontaneously experience their own personal light show while hearing music and other sounds.1 Interestingly, many chromesthetes grow up assuming that everyone has the same visual responses to sounds as they do, and are shocked when they discover this is not so? Marilyn Manson - Album: Eat Me, Drink Me - Track: Putting Holes In Happiness you don't think you're a fan of Marilyn Manson, give this song a try. It's from his most mainstream album, Eat Me, Drink Me, and it's more of a hard rock ballad than anything. Manson may be best known for his industrial metal tracks, but he genre hops between albums, and Eat Me, Drink Me comes off sounding like something from the 70's or 80's at times.-The sky was blonde like herIt was a day to take the child out back and shoot itI could have buried all my dead up in her cemetary headShe had dirty word witchcraft I was in the deep end of her skinThen it seemed like a one-car wreckBut I knew it was a horrid tragedyWays to make the tiny satisfaction disappear-Blow out the candles on all my FrankensteinsAt least my death wish will come trueYou taste like Valentine's if we cry - you're like a birthdayI should have picked the photograph, it lasted longer than you-Putting holes in happinessWe'll paint the future black if it needs a colorMy death sentence is now a storyWho'll be digging when you finally let me die?Romance of our assassinationIf you're Bonnie, I'll be your ClydeBut the grass is greener here and I can see all of your snakesYou wear your ruins well please run away with me to hell-Blow out the candles on all my FrankensteinsAt least my death wish will come trueYou taste like Valentine's if we cry - you're like a birthdayI should have picked the photograph, it lasted longer than you-[Guitar Solo]-Blow out the candles on all my FrankensteinsAt least my death wish will come trueYou taste like Valentine's if we cry - you're like a birthdayI should have picked the photograph, it lasted longer than youBlow out the candles on all my FrankensteinsAt least my death wish will come trueYou taste like Valentine's if we cry - you're like a birthdayI should have picked the photograph, it lasted longer than you Trap Queen the greatest love song of our generation? heard about this article today at a poetry event and was interested in what Hubski thought about this question. I thought it was a really interesting question to ask. Costello - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding Live Boiler Room Set [2013] love being able to watch an artist develop into something really huge. I think he really set the tone for a lot of popular new EDM, and I don't think that you get to something like Kygo or Thomas Jack without first hearing Flume. - Shazam and funky electronic track with an insanely catchy hook, and lots of fun timbral variety. Miranda - Send in the Clowns Trice - Got Some Teeth Lemon Demon - Album: Damn Skippy - Track: What Will Happen Will Happen is one of those songs that gets me in a better mood. It starts off slow and mild, kind of telling you to cheer up, and then pumps you up by getting into a rap section. I like the message of the chorus, because it's calming on a bad day.So what if I'm down? Stuck in reverse.I look around, it could be worse.What can I do? Honestly, Ive got nothing to Offer at all. Why should I grieve? Why should I fall?I'd rather breathe, cover my ears, open my eyes and see what appears.-What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. There are days to wake up for. There are dreams to be had. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. There's a reason I'm freezing at eighty degrees in a summery season: I'm totally mad.-So, I'll let it go.No need to sink now that I know that I can think,Therefore I am able to choose when I give a damn.I refuse to be dumb, this is my niche.I wont become misery's bitch if I can hold apathy under total control. -What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. There are days to wake up for. There are dreams to be had. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. And there's a reason I'm freezing at eighty degrees in a summery season: I'm totally mad.-Not a hip hopped, not a heart stopped.Everybody's gone stone cold crazy, like a cherry tree chopped.Maybe Martin Scorsese's new movie just flopped, orMaybe some baby in a groovy helicopter. -We do, we do nothing but hold the window shut to keep the worry out. We never wanna see the daylight fade. We gotta masquerade to keep the worry out.-But they have ways of making me think.I can't blink, can't drink,Can't put up a stink about the rattling battling and the countdown paddling.The motherland straddling the weaky freak link. -We do, we do nothing but hold the window shut to keep the worry out. We never wanna see the daylight fade. We gotta masquerade to keep the worry out.-Imagine a world without the Unabombers, and the Jeffrey Dahmers.Wouldn't we be calmer?Now, of course by 'we' I'm only speaking for me,But its easy to assume that other people agree, you see. -We do, we do nothing but hold the window shut to keep the worry out. We never wanna see the daylight fade. We gotta masquerade to keep the worry out.-If I, at my own convenience, forget what they say,I find it easy to focus on living each day.If I could change it I would, to do what someone else should,But I believe that the problem is misunderstood. -What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. There are days to wake up for. There are dreams to be had. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. There are days to wake up for. There are dreams to be had. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. What will happen will happen whether I'm happy or sad. Jam - Black (Unplugged 1992) y Moi Produces for His First Rapper, Named Best New Track ok ok ok ok I have a small question for the site's russophones., a couple of weeks ago I saw this video, and ever since I've been wondering, does the saying "plenty of fish in the sea" exist in Russian? If so, are there any equivalents? Thanks! - King The Offspring - Album: Smash - Track: Time to Relax (Intro) it appears this wonderful site is big on sharing, and big on sharing music (be it one's own or someone else's), I'd thought I'd join in and partake in said activity. I'd like to share my collection, from tracks from my childhood to songs I've just discovered. I'll be posting music in a semi-random fashion, and try to include lyrics and what the song means to me. I'll only be able to post if it's on Youtube or elsewhere, of course, so I may not always be able to find the track (or find a version that isn't blocked in your country). I'll do my best!I've tried this before with individual people (emailing them a song a day, or making compilation CDs), but I think this website gives me a nice opportunity to try it at large. My range, for those who'd like to follow along, goes from Metal to Ska and back again, so there should be at least a bit of variety for anyone.But to begin with this... er, song... um...Okay, this one isn't a song, but I want to start here because it's an intro track, and because it works as an intro to my collection. You could put this at the beginning of any playlist. Had a stressful day, need to unwind? ThenIt's time to relax, and you know what that means: a glass of wine, your favorite easy chair, and of course, this compact disc playing on your home stereo. So go on and indulge yourself. That's right: kick off your shoes, put your feet up; lean back and just enjoy the melodies. After all, music soothes even the savage beast.Real music music starts next time. But this counts as music for the tag. Right? Right? the Ruins - Gods Amongst Men Sweet- Girlfriend Beatles- If I Fell Live Day - Rush Bastille Day :D Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon in Heights - "Murakami" Cash - The Man Comes Around Chameleons - Paper Tigers's "Lose Yourself" in American Sign Language an amazingly talented signer. I could go down the rabbit hole for hours with her other stuff...(Not sure if my tags are entirely appropriate. I figured I'd include #language since this is a translation & people there might be interested. Feel free to add a better tag!!) Makes Three - Do Wrong Right Folds- Bitches Ain't Shit Bloomfield/Al Kooper you ever had one of those moments in life where you feel dumb/silly/immature because you were the LAST person on earth to hear a great musician - but it's mixed with the thrill of finding a new artist to enjoy? That was me last night. I'm almost 40, I love jazz, I love the blues, but I've never been the guy who studies up who is who, but when I'm in the car, I'm usually tuned into the local jazz station. Last night, they did a showcase on Michael Bloomfield. Anyway - today's tunes have been rather bluesy and I couldn't be happier to have caught that special on the radio last night. So if you like the blues... and maybe you've never heard of Michael Bloomfield or Al Kooper... well, you're in for a treat (I think). - UNIT5 [EDM Chiptune Happy Hardcore]'s a new song with a popular chord progression and melody. The latter part is Happy Hardcore. Do you remember this Nokia 5160 phone? It was my first cell phone. Hope you enjoy the song! :) You can get the song here: :) Music and art by MotionRide. Impala -- Currents -- NPR first listen WITH BOB KATZ anyone getting into mixing/mastering music, or just does it for fun, this guy is pretty much the master when it comes to mix balance and gain staging on both the perceptual, technological, and mathematical sides of how music mixes work. write music in the style of the late 18th century. What do you think? jokey lil' song Hubski, here's a song I finished a day ago. I'm seeing some other people sharing their songs, so I wanted to join in. There's some awesome music on this tag. I do one every week so I'm not so fond of all of them, but I think this one turned out well. Desk: Girlpool Sheeran - CoCo (Hitimpulse Remix)'ve always thought CoCo had great potential, and this remix certainly proves it. Reminds me of randomuser's music :)Check it nowaypablo insomniasexx thenewgreen Despot! House Of Bricks'O by Djemynai, a Lojban rap album Segall – 2+2=? Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Race - Follow the LeaderGirls Names - A Hunger ArtistEgo Likeness - When the Wolves ReturnThe Digitariat - Are You Afraid of the Poor? Why Not? ROLLING STONES - WAITING ON A FRIEND Stetson - Fear of the Unknown and the Blazing Sun to the album page from his record label's website: Excerpts from the album page:"Colin Stetson is a horn player of uncommon strength, skill and genre-defying creativity. He composes and performs otherworldly songs that combine a mastery of circular breathing technique with percussive valve-work and reed vocalisations, making a polyphonic solo music that combines influences as diverse as Bach, early metal, American pre-war Gospel, and the explorations of Jimi Hendrix, Peter Brotzman and Albert Ayler." "Stetson is able to weave an uninterrupted flow of arpeggiated swirls and chordal progressions while simultaneously singing yearning melodic lines through the reed of his horn – a technically powerful combination, exponentially intensified by Colin's innate sense of pace, phrasing and trajectory. Stetson approaches his solo work with one foot firmly rooted in a pop sensibility, harmonically and in terms of overall song structure – a sensibility on fine display in longer pieces like "Judges", "The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix)" , "Clothed In The Skin Of The Dead" and "Fear Of The Unknown And The Blazing Sun"." Difference Do Expensive Headphones Make? like listening to music very much and often have to switch from the 2.1 to headphones when I have to be focused on the work. So far, I've been using cheaper Sven headphones (the latest I have is AP-540) - the sound they relay is far from perfect and clean, but in a minute I'm getting used to it enough not to notice the flaws.I've been hearing and seeing Beats by Dre headphones around quite often but have never tried anything like it. How different is the experience with those? Are they worth their money? Are any expensive high-end headphones worth their money if I'm looking for above-decent quality of sound?, sacred grounds, singns I like to draw to in the evening Stones - Sympathy for the Devil (Classic Rock) of my favorite's by the stones. - Somebody's Watching Me World - 96 degrees in the shade [Reggae] Gonzales - Pop Music Masterclass with me - I'm serious that if you're a music nerd this is cool as hell. It's nothing new, but I think it buttons up pop music a bit and deflates classical music a bit too.edit: If you're interested, here is the playlist. - Express Yourself [Hip Hop], the new Tame Impala record, leaked yesterday and it's pretty dope! Wright - Express Yourself - Dreadlock Holiday Dylan - Man In Me (ala The Big Lebowski) feat. Sophia Eris - Batches & Cookies [Hip Hop] "Gangsta" - Live at ACL [Lo-Fi AfroBeat Jazz] Graduate Sessions: Mack the Knife Trench - Pop 101 Davis Group- Gimme Some Lovin' Corea & Hiromi - Old Castle, by the River, in the Middle of a Forest good friend Tim Monger performing "Outside The Venue" is for Matt Jones' River Street Anthology capturing Michigan based artists. Pretty cool project. b_b, mk, ecib, bgood79, jonaswildman -check it out. John Misty - The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment Finally gave I Love You, Hunnybear a listen today. One of the best albums released in 2015 this year, which is shaping up to be an amazing year for downtrodden folk/Americana.'s Best Ambient Tracks missing from this list that you'd add? Magic City, the Atlanta Strip Club that Runs the Music Industry [NSFW IMAGE ON TOP OF PAGE & throughout] 53 - Writing, Waves, and Food don't really like posting my show every week, but I really liked how this one came out, and I wanted to ask hubski what they thought of something I'm trying out.I want to have the music we use more easily searchable. I've started crediting it more clearly in the description, but I'm trying out having comments pop up at the start of each track. I'm not sure if the way I did it really works. Let me know what you think! Shakes - Sound and Color [Rainy Thursday Morning Groove] groove, very unique vocals, super relaxing. at Coachella 2012"White Lines (Don't Do It)" by Melle Mel and GrandMasterFlash (1983) Lines is a hip-hop-funk song by Melle Mel, released in 1983 on Sugar Hill Records. It is one of the first hip-hop songs to succeed internationally. The song waas inspired by the NYC cocaine epidemic of that time. The bassline is sampled from a performance of the Sugar Hill house band (featuring bassist Doug Wimbish) covering "Cavern", a single by post-punk band Liquid Liquid. Source.Fun Fact: Melle Mel is such a pioneer that he was the first rapper to ever call himself an MC. In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel (known from Reservoir Dogs)"Stuck in the Middle with You" is a song written by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan. The song was inspired when their record company and producers were conducting business across Rafferty and Egan at a restaurant table.You may know this song from one of the most renowned scenes from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs movie. I love that movie as it is especially known for showing excessive violence when the fact is that it rarely shows any violence whatsoever. Night Videos: Afterwards by Danielle Ate the Sandwich Perkins - While You Were Sleeping modern folk artist. Collaborative Song -Now With bowed bass from coffeesp00ns, this sounds pretty awesome now. Moody. Could use some more strings throughout.... violinist others...?Calling on all Hubski musicians, who wants to add the next part to this song? Anyone can participate, just let us know. Just download the mp3 and overdub on top of it. It's old-school. Here is the first song: T-Dog, ghostoffuffle, galen, rezzeJ, randomuser Willchill, TiffanyAching, Dendrophobe, Dream-Theater, nothingleftinside, Super_Cyan, Dr_Hix Metal thenewgreen gotrees CDank Fluffy017 ll_drool_j impedans Formerly_Me DonJohnson Curious_CJ TenNinja OftenBen TroubledClef Eisen-Sabbat miscanth icecrow waffles @explodi@ JuanGrisFTW OftenBen triton77 avaiihn Metal galen jonaswildman @lmarreteet23@ gotrees impedans Vale thenewgreen Embezzle rochecoach avaiihn explodingmonkeys flopper gotrees zdenek2antonin gotrees nullun Pareeeee DonJohnson triton77 Corinne pelicandb mifuyne TroubledClef yutgu coquelicot Dr_Hix DonJohnson Fluffy_bunny thepoleman1Anyone that wants to be removed from this list, let me know. Thanks to Willchill for the musician list. Also ANY OF YOU can upload a track of your own and ask us to add to it. It's a blast!, do you have any Jazz recommendations? it has only been in the last year or so that I've grown to appreciate and enjoy jazz, and now I listen to it quite a lot at work and in the evening. However, I tend to listen to just the same few musicians (Cannonball Adderley, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Miles Davies, Ahmad Jamal, Thelonious Monk and The Oscar Peterson Trio) though, and I'm looking to branch out. So, Hubski, do you have any recommendations? Prince of the Player Piano brother created an app so you can share music with friends Slipstream Music Player, tap connect, and you and your friends can see and play each others music. The sound is output through one phone, and everyone can vote on what plays next. - Girl in a Sling [New Track / hype hype hype]'ve never figured out if any of y'all care about The New Pornographers / Destroyer (aka Dan Bejar) and/or Neko Case but here ya go. Very orchestral track and moving track. - Bottle Rocket is the single from creal's last album, which was released like two weeks agothey're pretty neat Take On Me was so addicted to A-Ha for so many years. I remember watching this performance when it aired.It may not be the best music ever... but it takes me back to a happy place.I think mk and mike saw them live at a show just a few years ago. I was jealous... Mashup (Happy Get Lucky) - Pomplamoose - It's a Long Way to the Top [1974] [Aussie Bagpipe Metal]"It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" is a song by Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It is the first track of the group's album T.N.T., released in December 1975, and was written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young and (their late singer) Bon Scott. Musically, the song is notable for combining bagpipes with hard rock guitars, drums and bass guitar and in the mid-part of the song there is a call and response between the bagpipes and the lead guitar. strange and strangely incredible. So Percussion. found out about these guys through Dan Deacon and I just recently heard a Radiolab episode where they provided a live score for a show they did. Check out Dan Deacon too, if you haven't already. song off of my second album titled, "Grow Up"'ve posted this before, but it has been a very long time. This is one of my favorite songs that I recorded with The New Green. It's off of our second album titled, Elaborate Maps. The song is called, Grow Up. Enjoy. Any feedback is welcomerandomuser, you may dig this one. Cale's choral orchestral arrangement of fellow Welshman Dylan Thomas's "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" Love (live from SNL) - D'Angelo and the Vanguard Punk - Face To Face/Short Circuit - Alive 2007 searched and didn't see any Daft Punk, so I thought I would share one of my favorites by them. Daft Punk is what I grew up with, but I never made it to their concerts. I'm hoping they tour once more just so I can live through it. If you like/love Daft Punk feel free to share your favorites. - You Can Love Her's dreary in St. Louis today which is my favorite weather, and this is my favorite dreary weather song. I love a clean house, a big chair, a chai tea with milk, a magazine from my backlog pile, and this song. Star - Wasted Loops - Down South you know of any equally chill songs? (full movie) synced to Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) McCartney Interview: In the Shadow of John Lennon & The Beatles were equal. When John got shot, aside from the pure horror of it, the lingering thing was, OK, well now John’s a martyr. A JFK. So what happened was, I started to get frustrated because people started to say, “Well, he was The Beatles.” And me, George and Ringo would go, “Er, hang on. It’s only a year ago we were all equal-ish.” - Fish: Russian Big Band Music? I dunno how to explain it. Just give it a listen. first heard this song a while ago, it's so much fun to listen to. - Summer Mourn call it Cave music. Like House music, but more primal Hooch live at NPR Tiny Desk ConcertSet: 'Tubes' 'Number 9' 'Bari 3' Stevens John Wayne Gacy Jr there be a more gorgeous and haunting song? John Wayne Gacy Jr -For those of you unfamiliar with the subject. - Blackwater Park is one of my favorite metal albums of all time. I highly recommend you give the whole album a listen. - Burned From the Bone is a terrific short thrash/metal song from 2013 else with some awesome metal suggestions should use #metal Young- The Needle and the Damage Done thought there should be an opposite tag to #jivesandvibes so I made one. Case- I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight (Live) Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett sing Elliott Smith - Twilight - Be Alive [EDM Chiptune]'s this week's song. It's a mix of EDM and Chiptune. Hope you like it. :)Music and art by MotionRide. is Creepy - The Shins Sheepdogs new song "downtonwn" first single from the Sheepdogs yet to be released album "FUture Nostalgia" album has had the most influence in your life? Steeples by Dispatch has played a big role in my life. What are yours? Weeks- Brother in the Night performance from a local band I'm a fan of, just thought I'd share. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread & Punisher - Melk En HoningMaiden Names - ViralShadowhouse - Stay Away! I'm new to hubski, let me share some music I like so you we can get to know each other better! is my band - I play guitar and synth bass. I'm not sure what to call the genre, but I think of it as experimental jazz fusion. Hope you enjoy! Grin - Playing With Fire old friend of mine really got me into them. They don't have that kind of "fast" feel that many death-core and metal-core bands have, but they still are pretty great. This is the song that got me into them. If you like this, check out their Ashes to Ashes album, it's got this kind of vibe to it. If you want something more brutal - like with an Ingested feel, go look at their Self Titled EP and older albums.I really like Chelsea Grin. I had the privilege of seeing them play along Carnifex and a couple other bands this year in Columbus. They were absolutely great on stage. - Comes And Goes are an independent band based in South Korea. They released their first EP "20" in 2014 and started making waves in the Korean independent music scene by word of mouth. Their second EP "22" was released in May 2015, and just recently (July 4th, 2015) caught the eye of the South Korean public after appearing on a very popular TV program. They're really special to me and I hope someone stumbling upon this appreciates them.Gondry (Acoustic version of Primary, Oh Hyuk and Lim Kim's collab)OhioWi ing Wi ingPanda BearHooka the Blade - The Human Hive (full album from YouTube) rustling someone's jimmies by tagging the Andrew WK - Party Hard post as #metal, I decided to take up the endeavor of showing Hubski one of my new favorite Technical Deathcore bands, Boris the Blade.I first discovered this band by accident, actually. While suffering through a particularly bad depressive episode, I had a "fuck it" moment: I decided, impulsively, to go to an Oceano concert taking place that night, with supporting acts Boris the Blade, and Lorna Shore (another REALLY awesome tech-death band.) At the end of their set, I was so impressed I ended up chatting up their lead guitarist for a while. BtB is based out of Australia, and manages to have a pretty distinct sound in comparison to other deathcore acts (such as Whitechapel or Carnifex.) Even when performing live, these guys were obvious veterans to the genre; every note was on point, every knob dialed in exactly how they wanted, every nuance accounted for sound-wise, and they STILL managed to have the most energy on stage that night, which really blew me away. They also had a shirt styled after a Game of Thrones White Walker sitting on the Iron Throne, which I bought immediately after their set; it wasn't much, but those guys deserve every bit of recognition they can get.Now I'll be the first to admit, this kind of music is not everyone's cup of tea; but I know a few metalheads have to be out there in the Hubskiverse...right? :)Well I've fanboyed WAY too much about these guys, so let me know what you think below if you like them! :DEdited to the Youtube link due to mistakenly using my League jams webpage instead xD Bärtsch's Ronin - Modul 45't get enough of this band lately. Borrows equal parts of classical minimalism and funky jazz fusion. - Passchendaele Lively Ones - Surf Rider Vampires' Sound Incorporation - The Lion and the Cucumber Faint - Danse Macabre is one of my all time favourite albums. Thought I'd share :-)Link to the whole album Nilsson - Jump Into the Fire Musicians Index my recent #askhubski thread, I made a spreadsheet that easily displays a list of instruments and Hubski users who can play them. It could be helpful to those looking for a Banjo player for their next song or just to look at the wide variety of instruments the Hubski community has to offer. They are sorted into sections such as Brass, Woodwind, Modern Strings and Traditional Strings so that it is easy to jump to each section you require. I will do my best to update it frequently. Hopefully this proves useful!Please reply below if you need me to edit or add an entry.LINK Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner Danny Elfman, The Strange Worlds Of Tim Burton Just Make Sense : NPR Burton's shadowy tales have taken audiences from a pastel suburban paradise in Edward Scissorhands to the dark streets of Gotham City in Batman.A personal favorite: Who - A Quick One While He's Away drops his sticks for real, my favorite part. Kinks - Village Green La Havas - What You Don't Do is releasing a new album July 31 "Blood", and this is the most recent single released from the album. Hope you enjoy it as much I do.I found Lianne La Havas about two or three years ago. I fell in love with her music. She is a bit of Soul/Folk. I would definitely recommend listening to more of her stuff Molly - Float love Flogging Molly. Really great, passionately emotional music. I can't decide whether I want to sing, drown myself in a bucket of stout, or both. Somewhat hard folksy Irish stuff. Here are a few of my other favorites from them. WK - Party Hard my fellow Americans getting ready to blow stuff up tonight :D Road – Diamond - Them Changes funky! Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water my brain is wonky. I chose "America" from Concert in the Park by Simon and Garfunkel as my "Song of the Day" on Google. Yes, I do use Google. Do not judge me.I then listened to the entire album. Like I am wont to do. This track is haunting. A tour de force. A shining moment that separates itself from an epic work. This is his moment to shine, and he grabs the moment and makes it his own. This is, perhaps, the quintessential one hit wonder.What a great show, great album, and especially a great performance. Enjoy, and if you so desire, post your favorite song from your favorite album. Through sharing we keep the great music alive. Prine - Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore Shorty & Orleans Avenue - Jazzwoche Burghausen 2011 [Jazz] Milk - Old Glory Andronicus - "A More Perfect Union" 4th, Hubski! Parker and Matt Stone - America, Fuck Yeah!"Born in the USA," proudly blasted on July 4th every year, reveals itself more effectively in this acoustic version recorded in a bedroom Springsteen - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 4th of July to the American contingent. - Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round[first post!] My first big project "Tough" all, I just happened upon this site last night and thought I would share my "magnum opus". This song is probably the most labor intensive track I've ever recorded. This one is about transitions and growing up, places only existing in memory. It's hard for me to grasp the fact that I'm about to graduate from college when it feels like just yesterday that I was a kid in middle school without a care in the world. I'd love to hear what you all think, enjoy.PS: I saw that you guys have an online band so to speak, I'd LOVE to get in on that. If anyone is ever in need of guitar, bass, vocals, or keys let me know! Being a one man band isn't nearly as fulfilling as sharing and writing with others. Drive - A relaxing and unusual electronic piece I wrote recently been on hubski a few hours and really enjoying it. Looking forward to hearing everyone's music. - Ready For The House is Jandek's first album, from 1978. What do you guys think? Random drivel that could be spouted by any child with an out of tune guitar; or art naif genius in it's purest form? song I made a while back : The Dot Under The Question Mark've been sitting here listening to some of the great things other people have posted, and it made me want to share something of my own. So here's a rambling acoustic sort of track. Hubski Summer Playlist it may be the middle of July, there's still time to make a hubski playlist for the beach days and barbecues still to come! Hubski has great music posts and I hope that with our powers combined we can make a summer playlist for the ages. Post suggestions, preferably with a link, and I will try to have a spotify playlist together soonish.Some suggestions of my own:Stand Tall - Dirty HeadsLay Me Down - Dirty HeadsMy Sweet Summer - Dirty Heads(I really like Dirty Heads)Walk of Life - Dire StraitsSultans of Swing - Dire StraitsGive our Dreams Their Wings to Fly - Tim McMorrisOriginal video had stupid fucking audiojungle ad, had to use lyrics video.[Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes]()Edit: I've tried to fix the foramtting, but I don't understand why one video is embedded but the rest aren't. Sorry for any inconvenience.Edit 2: ButterflyEffect has confirmed that he is not updating his list anymore, so I shall combine the two threads and hopefully have a spotify playlist up by today.Edit 3: Spotify Playlist! Rolls Deep 2, for you lovers of all things djent thought I'd get the #djent tag started here, in case there are others migrating from reddit (or native Hubski-ers!) that love the djent side of life. A.D. - Hickory of Hubski, what instrument(s) do you play? How long have you been playing for? What made you start learning that instrument? interested in seeing what kind of musical talent we have here! Of course if you make electronic music then feel free to say that as well!I play the tuba and this is my third year learning it. I started because I really enjoy the 'warm' sound of low brass and low woodwinds such as bassoon and baritone saxophone. Jazz Bass guys, I'm currently trying to teach myself more about walking bass lines and jazz bass, but I don't have a good way to practice true improv. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to practice improv? Zappa - Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk Melon - No Rain Missile - Detachable Penis Temple Pilots - Creep - Vol. 3 #86/Trapper Keeper Reprise guys have to listen to these guys. I've seen them live like 10 times or something like that and they just keep getting better and better. Strokes, Live."Barely Legal," from their MTV $2 Bill concert.I've been jammin heavy on these boys all week. They were the first rock band that just floored me growing up. I love their recordings but their live show is just too electric to be contained. They really get grooving here.Full concert (well worth it): Warzau - Welcome to America & Sebastian "It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career" - Tous Les Mêmes am completely in love with this video and the song. Talks about the back and forth of relationships and gender roles. offer this song up to the Hubski Collaborative Music Project while back I recorded this song and I lost the Pro-Tools session. -Don't ask. So, all I have is this bounced MP3. Anyone want to add to it? It's pretty wide open, especially in the middle. But do whatever you want to it. ghostoffuffle, T-Dog, jonaswildman, randomuser, rezzeJ, galen, mrjasonetaylor, bgood79, ecib, BLOB_CASTLE, coffeesp00ns, and anyone else interested. Go to town! Weekend - M79 Episode 52 - Alan Watts, Choices, and Synthesis year of this podcast thing I've been doing now. Kind of a weak episode, but I wanted it to somewhat mirror our episode 1, which was a very weak episode itself.I used thenewgreen's music again this episode as well, the same music I used way back on episode 20. It's nice over one of our contributors reading a piece of an Alan Watts lecture. Although his reading is a bit dull, I think the music adds a lot to it.Here's to another year! of the Conchords - A Kiss Is Not a Contract Waterhouse - This is a Game'm going to see the Rolling Stones tomorrow night. What's your favourite stones track? know I've asked this before but humour me. I have a 3 hour drive tomorrow and will listen to the tracks you suggest. Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore've done "what's your favorite cover" lets hear about your least favorite. like to play Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" on the juke box at my work 3-4 times as much as often as the original, wow I hate it. Springfield - I Only Want to Be with You, Kanye West, live at Glastonbury 2015 music performances have sure changed. - Donkey Kong Arcade [EDM Chiptune REMIX] with Donkey Kong Poster Speed Drawing! you like Donkey Kong Arcade? I do and I like drawing too, so here's a speed art/drawing of the game's poster! And my remix/cover of the music used in the game! :)Music and art by MotionRide. Diamond - If You Go Away Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Junkie - Soul to SoulStendeck - FolgorBlack Bug - Push You Church - Under the Milky Way Skies - Paul McCartney made this song tonight - anyone want to add to it?, ghostoffuffle, randomuser, rezzeJ, BLOB_CASTLE, coffeesp00ns, jonaswildman, galen and anyone else I am forgetting... go to town. This one is pretty silly. I haven't recorded anything in a LONG time. It's been over a month. I needed to make something and this is what happened. I actually beat-boxed. That's a first. Anyone want a crack at this? Molina's long dark blues Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. front man produced a prodigious catalog of stark and heartbreaking music. Then he disappeared.A hubski search didn't turn up anything on one of my favorite artists of all time. If you're unfamiliar with Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co., or Jason Molina it's worth a listen.One of his best pieces: Farewell Transmission finally happened! Straight people, your wedding vows mean nothing and gays are coming to do sexy stuff to you as we speak O'Rourke - Women Of The World (with lyrics) - HD (this songs been in my head all day) & Wine - Lion's Mane Soundtrack good it hurts. I love jazz.This reminds me to renew my gift to the local public jazz radio station... I Dropped Everything And Started Teaching Kendrick Lamar’s New Album 21st century students are great consumers. They are saturated with information, media, and layers of subtext. If we don’t ask them to critique different kinds of media, to “read” the world through a critical lens, we aren’t teaching literacy at all. They must become producers of new knowledge and new understandings, new texts and new meanings.If I pedagogically ignored Kendrick’s album release at a time when my students were reading Toni Morrison alongside articles about Mike Brown, Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter – and considering the disposability of black bodies in an America that constructs a standard of beauty based solely on whiteness – I would have missed an opportunity to engage them in a pivotal conversation about race, hope, and justice. I would have missed an opportunity to speak to their hip-hop sensibilities – their hip-hop ways of being and knowing. I would have missed a chance to develop a set of profound connections to a popular culture text that is part of their lives. Spastiks - Dumb! Remix feat. Yesh Raff - Latino and Proud (the Broad City intro song) Souleyman - Bahdeni Nami Stewart - Cold Beer Society - Setting the Example Beach Boys - Good Vibrations - Rare Studio Recording Film Footage - YouTube Sometime back in the 1960s, my brother's band got into a massive Battle of the Bands competition to be held at the Hamilton, Ontario, Armouries. His band then was called The Hawthornes, named after the hometown of the Beach Boys. They primarily did Beach Boys covers and sang in harmonies.It seemed as though every other band in this event were early heavy metal or hard rock bands along the lines of Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly.When it was The Hawthornes turn to perform, they played Good Vibrarions - light gentle, happy.They won the Battle of the Bands.Watching this reminds me of that Battle of the Bands, back in the day.' more music. Heavy Maschinery. from BoJack Horseman's opening theme. Free to download, remix, sample, blah blah blah. Do what thou wilt. (technically under Creative Commons)E: Also sampled the drums from BadBadNotGood - Guv'nor (Instrumental) Exploder - A look at the Game of Thrones theme song is so cool. I'm currently working my way backwards through the podcast history. I first learned about this podcast because its amazing House of Cards episode was featured on 99 Percent Invisible, but I totally forgot to check it out. n' Daze - Spilt Beer [Folk Punk, Thrashgrass] Grohl, Chad Smith and more on Ringo's drumming Daredevil Netflix Intro Soundtrack - Opening Theme Piano Cover Netflix Intro Soundtrack - Opening Theme Piano Cover 128th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread V▲LH▲LL - Shadow Talesno:carrier - Ghosts of the West Coast - Terraria Overworld Day & Boss 2 Medley [EDM Chiptune REMIX] originally by Scott Lloyd is a fun game I used to play a year ago. It's got some amazing songs in its soundtrack (by Scott Lloyd). I decided to make my own versions of Overworld Day and Boss 2 themes. Along with the music I present you with another bottle cap pixel art. This time it shows a random Terraria player character. Hope you like it. :)Music and art by MotionRide. Pink's Haunted Graffiti – Baby're sobaby!‘1989’ Album Taylor Swift’s NOT Available on Apple Music pop superstar Taylor swift will no longer be bringing her cutting-edge album to Apple track, BuzzFeed news reviews, depriving Apple’s quickly-to-be-stay streaming service of the most important record of the last two years. However while quick’s most latest full-duration release, closing year’s 1989, gained’t seem on Apple tune, the provider has secured the rights to her back catalog, giving it one up over key rival SpotifyThe pop icon removed her entire back catalog from the Swedish company’s streaming service last year. Taylor swift been outspoken about her disapproval for Spotify, claiming that it doesn’t pay artists fairly, and arguing that “music should be consumed as albums.” Swift kept her older music on paid-subscription services such as Rdio and Tidal, but ensured that her latest album was only available as a CD or paid download, a business decision that ensured she sold more than 1 million copies of 1989 in its first week.Apple’s failure to get the rights to 1989 won’t help it stand out in a crowded music streaming market, but Taylor decision is hardly a surprise. The pop star maintains that free music is devaluing her art form, and Swift’s label Big Machine records says that it has still has no plans to release 1989 on any streaming service in the near future. night guilty pleasure music contribution:George Micheal: Father Figure - 1988 If you're not a bit embarrassed, you're doing it wrong. Manor - "Catalina Fight Song" Moulder: Recording My Bloody Valentine's Loveless years after its release, My Bloody Valentine’s second album, Loveless, is regarded as something of a masterpiece, yet at the time the story of its production threatened to overshadow the music. Contrary to its title, the album was a labour of love for guitarist, writer and singer, Kevin Shields, who spent two years battling to get the ideas from his head onto tape. Alan Moulder, the engineer who helped Kevin realise his goal, explains how the album that almost bankrupted Creation Records was made. gum you like is going to come back in to style blast from the past Corporation - Wakey Wakey – Headless Hill's pre-Death Grips band, Hella. Absolutely crazy shit but something deep down tells me they know what they're doing.At least, they know how to lose complete control of what they're doing :D y Gabriela cant stop dancing when this song is playing."I Forgot to be Your Lover" by William Bell Trumpet & the Social Experiment - "Sunday Candy" - Wildcat - Loser - Nite Rite Belafonte- Jump in the Line Derulo Sets His Sights on Pop's Throne band no one has heard of? your inner hipster out! What's your favourite (relatively) unknown band? For me it's likely Unexpect out of Montreal with their album In a Flesh Aquarium Negrito - Tiny Desk Concert in the Rye || Tiny Desk Contest Submission Segall is a g at Bonnaroo, Day Three: On the festival’s best evening yet, why do I feel like music is doomed? Comical Mess that is VNYL—the “Netflix For Vinyl” Service an online music pyramid scheme conned 50,000 people OF THE NOW of the coolest music videos I've ever seen (Young Rival - Black is Good) It might take a few tries to adjust your eyes properly. Trust me, there's more to this video than just visual static. Just try and adjust your focus as though you are looking at an object that is behind your computer screen. This is easier to do on a large screen at a high resolution (sorry mobile users). of The National and Menomena form Pfarmers is a new band comprised of The National’s Bryan Devendorf, Menomena’s Danny Seim, and Dave Nelson, a horn player Say no more. Just put the album on on Spotify and already loving the ambiance of the first track. Sara - "Mona Lisa" Don't Love Me, Again - Anyone want to add to this one? bass? Drums? Percussion? Backing Vox? Synth? Strings? -Bring it want to take a crack at this one? Who is up?T-Dog, coffeesp00ns, BLOB_CASTLE, randomuser, ghostoffuffle, jonaswildman, bgood79, mrjasonetaylor, uhhuhhunny, galen, rezzeJ, I had about 100 songs on a hard drive that crashed. I couldn't recover them. It was awful. This is one of the few that I had a bounced MP3 of. It's never going to get used and I like it. I thought you all might be kind enough to add to it, breath some life in to it. lil -I haven't played Hockey in a while, need to lace up the skates this week :)"Green City" am a new member of hubski! I would love to hear what you think of this tune. My band made an EP a couple years ago but didn't end up releasing it. We might eventually though, but here is one of the songs from it. Seksu - "New Years" Metal Idol Band. BABYMETAL - メギツネ - MEGITSUNE dont remember how I found about this group but I find them strangely appealing.Its interesting how we value authenticity but in the east idol groups are the biggest things. interest in a Hubski musician's feedback group? know there are a lot of people here who write their own music. I rarely finish anything myself - I usually get a few parts down that I like and then hit a brick wall with it, and I bet I'm not the only one. I don't really want to throw up a bunch of unfinished snippets on my own (Dear Hubski - listen to these projects I couldn't finish!!! Ugh, no.), so is anyone else interested in starting a group where we share our works in progress and give each other feedback? I'm not sure what the best approach would be for doing this here. Regular threads where everyone posts their stuff? A specific tag that we could all follow?Any thoughts? - "貧乏なんて気にしない" Cole - Be Free (Live on Letterman) of the more memorable performances from Letterman's latter days.'s make a playlist: Hubski Songs of the Summer, 2015 Edition. your song and I'll add it to the list. I'm a firm-believer in the playlist being greater than the sum of its parts so let's try to aim for that.1. Real Estate - Green Aisles2. Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City3. Logic - Soul Food4. Redbone - Come and Get Your Love5. Walk the Moon - Different Colors6. Kishi Bashi - The Ballad of Mr. Steak7. Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly8. Pepper - Ashes9. Juj - Birch Slap10. ABC - The Look of Love11. Ra Ra Riot - Dance with Me12. PIG vs. Primitive Race - Long in the Tooth13. London Grammer / LCAW Remix - Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me14. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?15. Lake Street Dive - You Go Down Smooth16. Metric - The Shade17. Tame Impala - Eventually18. The Vaccines - Handsome19. Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really LIke You20. Jai Wolf - Indian Summer21. Galantis - Water22. Vetiver - Can't You Tell23. Don Henley - The Boys of Summer24. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano feat. KiFi - Come Follow25. Milkman feat. Brandon Skeie - Summertime26. Kygo & Dillon Francis feat. James Hersey - Coming Over27. Madeon feat. Passion PitSPOTIFY PLAYLIST. Thanks a ton to psudo for putting it together. Weeks: Commercial Composer by Day, Alt-Pop Philosopher by Night was on Tom Green's show the other day! I got the chance to play a couple songs on two episodes of Thomas Verde's show. One with Kat Von D and the other with Pauly Shore. I'm going to try to keep getting on there, it was awesome. Check out both episodes in full, but not being one to pass up some self promotion, here are both of my performances cued up! Kat von D: Pauly Shore: Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Vaculi - Return of the EmpireblackQueen - Sleepless/Deathwish. There are not nearly enough Christian Death covers in the world.Golden Gardens - Mirror of Silver Pit - Carried Away Elliott Smith (Cat Stevens Cover) this posted in a Hubski thread. And it finally got me to watch Harold and Maude, Texas- Waylon Jennings want to tag it with #countrythatisntshit but that's a mouthful and I don't see it catching on violence in the punk community Zoltan - Deixame Subir should also check out his other songs if you like this one. made some stuff. just recently joined hubski and would love to hear what you guys think of my tunes. I've been really into the "future" sound recently, and have been trying to peg it down for a while now. Let me know how I'm doing!This is my latest. Another one I'm quite fond of. Annnnnnnd one more (I'm aware of the clicky bass near the end). Brut EP II listening to some of the different tags on bandcamp, if you're a fan of the synths, give it a shot. Alternative tags could be "synthwave", "dreamwave", "retrowave". "80s retro electro", "synthpop". "retro synth", "new wave". "chillwave" ...' Serge - Le joual it to your French friends, and make sure to watch their reactions. it make sense to learn playing the piano on your own? a decade ago, I decided that I want to learn an instrument in the future. I've never been very musical (despite listening to it) nor what I'd call gifted. I know how to read basic sheet music and that's about it. I've always been impressed by the piano because it's so powerful, versatile and I think you can play from very, very easy stuff to insane stuff that only a couple of people on earth can play properly.Since I currently can't afford a piano teacher neither financially nor time-wise (I'd probably would have a medium commute to get to the next one), I thought about teaching myself playing the piano. That's a method not unheard of for many things, for example language learning. My plan would be as follows: Buy a somewhat decent portable keyboard for a beginner for about 160 bucks, look for some beginner sheets for starters and pick the stuff I like and start practicing it. Maybe buy one or two basic/beginner books and study and practice, practice, practice. I think the internet would be a very helpful and rich resource to help me on my journey.I know here are a lot of very talented musicians, so I want to ask you: what do you think about my plan? Does it make sense to you? Is it a bad idea? If yes, why so? Should I only start when I will be able to get a proper teacher? Will it be not enough for me to read enough about the basics to be smart about them and then just practice over and over again? Or would my style get polluted by too many bad habits and possible shortcuts that will cost me a lot of extra time at a later stage? My goal is not to play in a band or even on stage or anything, I simply enjoy piano music and I think if I could play a couple of songs here and there it would be relaxing and beautiful (and I'm sure my girlfriend would appreciate it, if I could play her some songs ;) ). I don't want to master Chopin (although that would be awesome), but if I'd brag that I can play piano, I want to be proficient enough to be able to sit down on a piano and play a nice and enjoyable piece on it where normal people would think "well, seems like he wasn't lying". Let's go: destroy my dreams or make spend a bunch of money for a keyboard I might rarely use :) I'm a Bum (Utah Phillips) The Clash - London Calling (1979) Full Album - YouTube love this live performance of Chilly Gonzales' 'Never Stop' actually prefer this to the album version. Are there any songs where you prefer a live performance to the version sold on the album? out my band's first recorded jam!!!! recorded it on an iPhone, first-take and no plan! It gets pretty good after we settle in!thenewgreen ghostoffuffle and the rest of the hubski music club, take a spin on it if you like, though that may be hard cause there is literally no structure.. Esso - "Coffee" man with two brains: inside the strange mind of Nile Rodgers were on the topic of Nile Rogers on the Daft Punk album.camarillobrillo am_Unition an African MP3 market really interesting photo essay about getting access to music in a place where there's practically no internet.Seated practically thigh to thigh, these vendors crouch over laptops, scrolling through screen after screen of downloaded music. They are known as téléchargeurs, or downloaders, and they operate as an offline version of iTunes, Spotify and Pandora all rolled into one.' - 音の中の『痙攣的』な美は、観念を超え肉体に訪れる野生の戦慄。'Ectasi Del'Orro'll be honest: I heard this on SpongeBob 2 Rogers & The First Edition - I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition) vibes from this! Corduroy by brasstracks. my opinion, similar:Vulfpeck 1612 Dirty Loops Baby Brew - Coffee, God, and Cigarettes great memories associated with this song :) La Havas full set at Afropunk 2014 (Soul/R&B) is an absolute wonder, I recommend her to pretty much everyone I know. Hope you guys fall in love with her as much as I have! Coleman, Composer and Saxophonist Who Rewrote the Language of Jazz, Dies at 85 Coleman, the alto saxophonist and composer who was one of the most powerful and contentious innovators in the history of jazz, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 85. - Traditional Irish music album something different for #hubskioriginalmusicclub! Not my own creation but in fact, my mum's! It's an album she made earlier in the year with 4 of her own violin students, and something that I for one was pretty proud of.My personal favourite is track 9 which begins with a beautiful rendition of an old Irish emigration song (performed by the youngest member of the group, only about 15!) - "The Medic" Metal album so far in 2015?'re now about half way through 2015 and we have seen some pretty solid releases come out so far. So which are you're favourites? I'm torn myself on which one claims the top but there are several that are contenders: Kontinuum - Kyrr : Only discovered this one today and only listened to it once but so far pretty awesome Leprous - The Congregation : It may just be me but the different between Bilateral to Coal and Coal to The Congregation is much less. Not that is necessarily a bad thing, especially if you enjoyed Coal. I enjoyed Bilateral more but this is still a solid album Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. : Beautiful. Just listen. High on Fire - Luminiferous : I haven't listened to this yet but it's HoF. It has to be awesome Enslaved - In Times : I'm not familiar with Enslaved but I'm really digging this album. I find myself going back to relisten to this at least once or twice a week What do you guys think? Am I daft? Dan & the Scurvy Crew - Broadside on spotify only available for paid users on the free version of spotify? Suggestions everyone, I'm going to give you a little background of what music I listen to and it would be awesome if I could get some suggestions for new music.Music I listen to now (in no particular order):Grimes, Little Dragon, Caribou, Gold Panda, Bonobo, The Cinematic Orchestra, Four Tet, Toro Y Moi, Hot Chip, Sbtrkt, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Kraftwerk, 808 state, Massive Attack, MGMT, Art of Noise, Mr Fingers, Pantha Du Prince, CHVRCHES, Lapalux, Chic, Cool & The Gang, Prince, Jamiroquai, Donna Summer, Com Truise, Zomby, NZCA/Liness, Gorillaz, The Heavy, King Tuff, Stone Foxes,So this generally going through my spotify playlists and my vinyl collection. Hopefully you have found something new you may like too! Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. help me like Wilco know that may sound really weird. We're just supposed to like the music that speaks to us.For some reason lately I've been in a musical rut. The old stuff in my library is still great but I don't want it to get stale. I haven't found much new that I love. A few really important people in my life LOVE wilco and tweedy to an almost unnatural level. I respect these people and our tastes overlap in lots of ways. But for some reason I've never really gotten past a song or two from wilco.So there it is hubski. Help me like wilco. Where do I start? Why's your favorite wilco or tweedy song? made some more music today! Two of them! bored about mid-day and started noodling on the piano; this happened. I'm actually very proud of it.Then later on I was working on learning to use my new (to me) Maschine Mikro (finally took kleinbl00's advice) with a sample of Down North's Heartbreaker and this happened.Let me know what you think, and as always, feel free to do whatever you want with my music! Oh, and to that end, Noodling is 59 bpm, Progress is 95 with somewhere around 30% swing. Drive's cover of RAtM is monstrous! chime in, if you could have any band cover another band, who would you choose?I wanna hear Stick to Your Guns cover "Cute Without the E" by Taking Back Sunday album from Anti-Flag "American Spring" of my favorite bands just released a new album and I love it. It has a darker feel than their other albums, but one of their weak points IMO is that their other albums are in a gray area between light and dark, so being pushed in one way is great. Lots of interesting material in the album, from drone strikes in Yemen to the wealth gap in America. - Slippin' Into Darkness Disintegration Tapes by William Basinski Disintegration Loops are four albums by William Basiniski released in 2002/2003. TDL came to be through Basinski's attempts to digitize old recordings made on magnetic tape. As the magnetic tapes were being transferred they begin to slowly fall apart which produced the effect you can hear. The recording of the tapes finished on the morning of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He then spent the rest of the day recording the video of smoke billowing from the tower and listening to the tapes.I find it to be an absolutely beautiful art piece about time and decay that coincides elegantly with 9/11. The music falls apart at such a slow pace that you cant realize the differences until the end. Or at least I cant. Beats - Sleep Cycles [Full album] last thing I submitted to hubski, almost a year ago, was Neat Beats's album prior to this new one ("Cosmic Surgery"). I commented that I listened to Cosmic Surgery "so many times". This new album is shaping up to be the same - since its release, I find myself going back to it more and more. Definitely worth a listen if you like instrumental hip hop, trip hop, or just electronic music in general. Records re-releases DANGERDOOM on vinyl eightbitsamurai nowaypablo Coleman, Jazz Iconoclast, Dies At 85 : A Blog Supreme : NPR Feminism Needs Punk history of punk feminism often begins and ends in the 1990s with riot grrrl, but that, as Nguyen notes, is a story that assumes that punk simply needed a temporary fix by feminism, as if it were only created by boys until Kathleen Hanna picked up a mic. This story writes out the earlier struggles of Albertine, of Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, of Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and of Patti Smith across the Atlantic. Styrene shrieked, “Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard, but I think—Oh bondage, up yours!” Albertine cranked the treble on her guitar to find a sound that didn’t sound like the men she heard and argued with Mick Jones that the Clash should be more political. Through her clothing, Vivienne Westwood turned sexual images into semiotic weapons that challenged what women should look like. The old story leaves out the possibility, as Ellen Willis once wrote, that the anger in the music could be just as inspiring to young women as it was to men. And it implies that riot grrrl’s battle was won. is your LEAST favorite genre of music, and what is your favorite song from that genre? there a story behind why you like the song? Or does it just stand out to you as better than the rest of the genre? new to hiphop, I love Run the Jewels, can you recommend some awesome hiphop to me? blockbuster night part 2 on Silicon Valley and loved it. Played this album at least once a day since. I was never huge into hip hop, outside of Beastie Boys when I was younger, but I can't stop listening to this. Makes for a great running soundtrack, and just in general to get pumped up. I stuck more to punk and rock when I was younger so I guess I kind of missed out on hiphop entirely, so what can you recommend for me?, I love obscure music. Post what you know that you think no one else as ever heard of., New Wave, Country, Folk, I love it all. Share what you got, maybe I'll share more.[New Song] Teardrops Start To Taste - CHARLES this new song on YouTube and I think it is awesome! What do you think? – Vitamin C Puppets - Up On the Sun be back on hubski soon! Mononoke theme synth cover Prince of Bel Air theme as a blues(ish) song's also technically an ad for suits. But the music's good! Song: Ease Up's been almost a year since I finished a song. This is a new song. It's about my son. Now time to start working on the material thenewgreen sent me forever ago.[New Video] Death Grips - The Powers That B [memerap] - Glitched Up [EDM Glitch Hop Chiptune]'s my new song for you. This one is much louder than my previous tracks. It's also less "bassy" because I've spent more time equalizing, compressing and amplifying all channels and the exported WAV. I hope you like the change. :)Music and art by MotionRide. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Pox - Between the Horizon and the AbyssGianluca Becuzzi - DeceptionlandFLOWERS - Seraphs Punk - Giorgio By Moroder Bill Broonzy - Black, Brown, and White Soda - Shawn Wasabi's So Funny) 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding - Elvis Costello and The Attractions Song Remains the Same- Led Zeppelin Bruce Springsteen man wanna be rich Rich man wanna be kingAnd a king ain't satisfied til he rules everything Heavy - Coleen (feat. The Dap-Kings Horns) For A Connection In An Infinite Jukebox : The Record : NPR's a famous, heated scene in the 1982 film Diner in which Shrevie (Daniel Stern) has discovered that his wife Beth (Ellen Barkin) has been listening to his 1950s-era record collection, which is organized neatly by name, date, and genre. While Beth "just wants to listen to the music," for Shrevie it's extremely important to recognize his organizational process for a collection that means everything to him. "Every one of my records means something!" he screams at her. "When I listen to my records they take me back to certain points in my life, okay?" And by the scene's end it's clear that the argument has less to do with putting a record in the wrong place and more to do with the fact that Beth doesn't recognize the nostalgic and emotional powers embedded in creating a personal music library. is your favorite genre of music and your favorite album from that genre? Ramones - Cretin Hop this day in music Death Grips shared an album by "the i.l.y's - All She Does is Kill Shit". New DG side project thing. have become our own Jenny Death. Virginmarys album King of Conflict [2013] the tradition of the hard UK rockers of the new millennium. Franz Ferdinand, The Fratellis, etc. Prince Billie- You Will Miss Me When I Burn Vega - Toms Diner Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? using only my laptop which is on my lap while Top Gear plays in the background. I'll take it. Hero - Jake Bugg Richardson: [Erik Satie] Velvet Gentleman W.K. on Dealing with Depression Andrew,I'm a depressed person. I get sad and unmotivated and basically just feel like being away from everyone, including myself. It's weird because most of the time I don't really have a good reason for feeling so bad, I just feel it anyway. Do you have any advice on what to do with bad feelings like this? People don't understand me. I try to tell them, but they think it's just me being too sensitive, or I should just snap out of it. You always seem so happy and I really look up to you for that. But do you ever get depressed? How do you stay so positive?Thanks, Downer In The DumpsAll hail the party God. But in all seriousness, this was a great read from one of the more interesting music figures of the past decade-ish. I've been posting too many interviews lately. - Cirrus at Glastonbury 2014 you like Shigeto... After Dilla: 25 great post-Donuts instrumental hip-hop mixtapes a new track! galen - More don't pretend to be anywhere close to J Dilla, but this track was heavily influenced by his work. Instrumental hip-hop, sort of sample-based. Hope you enjoy.’s All Partake in the Yearly Ritual of Watching the New “Gathering of the Juggalos” Infomercial Loves A Drunk - Richard Thompson Jackson 5: I Want You Back Badalamenti explains how he wrote Laura Palmer's Theme, Church and Life: An interview with Stones Throw's Knxwledge"Always a rotten apple": BB King, poison, and the daughters of an infertile legend Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - ExistentialWinterkalte - Climate Change DenialTransparent Flesh Flag - Demo 2015 Master Fraud? Did A Hip Hop Pioneer Fake It To Make It? recently spoke with Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and Furious Five original member Scorpio, who still performs with Melle Mel and keeps good relations with the rest of The Furious Five, minus Grand Master Flash. He tells a story of extortion, fraud and betrayal. He tells the story of a public eager to embrace Hip Hop and looking for Hip Hop heroes to believe in. A story of a man who knew the truth, but decided to push that to the side for money and fame. Scorpio and Melle Mel refer to Grand Master Flash as “the Milli Vanilli of rap” song by the guys I played in a band with in high school Smail brothers were in a band with me in HS called "Welly." Scott on drums and Shaun on lead guitar. Here is the title track from their new album. Vampire Sound Inc - The Lions and the Cucumber - The Black Sheep [EDM Chiptune Cover] originally by AceMan's my cover of a great song by AceMan. This song won a competition for the best Amiga MOD at the Decrunch copy party in Wrocław last week. You can find AceMan on the following sites: to the original version of The Black Sheep here: Music and art by MotionRide. Davis - Bitches Brew - Tanglewood 8/18/1970 so hard. Clapton - Promises always liked this one. Hill - Hits from the Bong JONES:Tchaikovsky Medley, It's worth watching the whole crazy thing Jukebox ft. Von Smith - Titanium [Crooner Jazz Cover] Holmes -- The Waterboy seen on Scorsese's documentary on Bob Dylan, "No Direction Home." Must-watch. Kak - Daa Nyinaa and the Maytals - Love Is Gonna Let Me Down music just isn't like any other music. – Shut the Door loud Monitors-Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) by doo wop. Nancy – Bam Bam Cale & Terry Riley - Church of Anthrax (1971) Test: J Dilla, and why posthumous releases miss the point often those most talented among us are taken away too soon.Thankfully, we can always celebrate their lives and pay our dues that way. We can keep the memory alive through the art they leave behind. With modern musicians, this celebrating has increasingly involved monetising the art left behind, sometimes past the point of what is acceptable. As fans and consumers, where should we draw the line?I'll confess I often feel uncomfortable when listening to posthumous releases; to a certain extent, it feels like I'm invading the deceased artist's privacy for personal gain. They didn't choose to release what I'm listening to, probably for a reason, but I'm disregarding their choices in life for the sake of coming to some intangible and fundamentally selfish 'greater understanding' of their work. What do you think? Are posthumous releases justified? Do they invade artists' privacy, or allow us to further celebrate the deceased? Callas - O Mio Babbino Caro Who - Behind Blue Eyes State - Portraits [Debut album premiere] is the full-length debut from Chris Davids and Liam Ivory, who formed Maribou State after meeting at college in 2011. They went on to release a series of well-received singles and EPs (for labels like Fat! and Southern Fried), as well as remixes for Kelis and Lana Del Rey, leading The Guardian to dub them "the downtempo Disclosure." As for this new album, Stereogum calls it "some of the most textural, cohesive electronic music we've heard this year," before adding, "just spooky enough to soundtrack a rave held in a graveyard--and just catchy enough to keep you dancing." Toxic Event - Elizabeth ... "she said all your songs are sad songs" Desk: Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear there's a special place in my heart for music that doesn't need great speakers, and for family music. Did you know my mom's a choir director? Day on soundcloud [dance, electro, pop] mentioned these guys last year. Worth bringing up again. I rediscover them all the time. Still can't find much published music, which really really sucks (although they're touring with Tove Styrke?). Amazing sound, retro and new all at once. Faith - Theme for Young Lovers one and only for a good trip: Bad Company presents Burnin' Sky believe my soul's on fire Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Frozen Niagara FallsLegaic - The Faex Has DecimatedSecret Sign - O.M.S.R. - Generation Zero [EDM Amiga Chiptune] with photos from Decrunch Copy Party/Demoscene in Wroclaw, I attended a retro event called Decrunch. There were a lot of retro gaming /computing enthusiast (mostly of Amiga). There was also a competition for a Demo/MOD/Chiptune track made with original Amiga/Atari/Commodore 64 software. Unfortunately I didn't submit any of my music because I was too lazy to read that you don't have to turn it in on a floppy disk! :D The day before, I fired up the old ProTracker (actually a Windows/Mac clone) and played around with it, trying to recall commands and the overall GUI. The last time I had used ProTracker before that was 18 years ago! The short melody I made with it I mixed into my usual modern EDM arrangement. Hope you like it! :)Music and photos/art by MotionRide."No Eyes" by Baths sent me this song on a mixtape recently and I can't help but think there's some kind of Message here new feel good jam, Galantis's Peanut Butter Jelly it Come and Get Your Love! Three day weekend Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination [Complete] Bachman - field recording of "Song For The Setting Sun II"▶ Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York 1993 (Full Show) - YouTube - Over De Syngende Øde Moer the Trap Lord - FXCK WIT IT Flemons - Po' Black Sheep - Go [C64 Chiptune Cover] originally by Chemical Brothers late than never! Here's a C64 cover of Go by the Chemical Brothers. I used an Atari ST voice synthesiser - STSpeech - for the chorus "vocals". Hope you like it and make sure to check out the original song. :)Music and art by MotionRide. Graduate Sessions: Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes a little bit tipsy recording this. Winter Blud :: Garden Face song from Buffalo band Thick Winter Blud. Features members of dearly departed band I Can See Mountains Bachman: NPR Music Field Recordings Child's Mind – Shigeto there is a god, Shigeto is his jazzy orgasm.Also recommended from this straight-shooting epic album– as opposed to his more experimental No Better Time Than Now– the Ann Arbor series: lo-fi folk music came to be associated with coffee and Spotify are teaming up to make coffee-shop music not suck. The streaming music service will give the coffee retailer’s 150,000 employees free subscriptions in the hopes they will make killer in-store playlists that promote the Spotify brand. and Sebastian - Sleep The Clock Around - Parasite - Elodia Tribe Called Red Ft. Northern Voice - Suplex (Official video) Songs That Make Us Cry : All Songs Considered : NPR makes you well up?Not a new question, but still:For me, this one can do it when I actually stop and think about what the lyrics represent.▶ The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop - YouTube Bell - Any Other Way (Broke For Free Remix) Unwritten Rules of Music Festival Etiquette frat boys and the girls desperately trying to fuck them, take heed.I'm sure none of Hubski is guilty of this crap but I feel like too many of the gen pop of your average music festival seems to go just for the Instagram selfies. We all bought a ticket I guess but if you're drunkenly screaming in your flingy hookup's ear during the Tame Impala Sunday night finale you'd be better off by the portopotties than behind my love and I.AND PUT YOUR GODDAMN PHONES AWAY! was Sony Music's contract with Spotify parts:In section 4(a), Spotify agrees to pay a $25 million advance for the two years of the contract: $9 million the first year and $16 million the second, with a $17.5 million advance for the optional third year to Sony Music. The contract stipulates that the advance must be paid in installments every three months, but Spotify can recoup this money if it earns over that amount in the corresponding contract year.Of course, the biggest question is how much Sony Music gets paid per stream, and well, it’s complicated. Section 10 shows how Sony Music separated its label fees into three distinct tiers — the ad-supported free tier, online day passes (which no longer exist), and Spotify’s premium service. In each of those segments, Sony Music can pull in a revenue share fee that is equal to 60 percent of Spotify’s monthly gross revenue multiplied by Sony Music’s percentage of overall streams. (So if Spotify earned $100 million in gross revenue, the labels would would get $60 million. If Sony Music made up 20 percent of the streams, it would take home $12 million.)In addition to the advance Spotify must pay Sony Music, it is also required to give the music label free ad space on its service. The "credit for advertising inventory" clause mentioned in section 14(a) grants Sony Music a total of $9 million in ad space ($2.5 million in the first year, and $3 million and $3.5 million in the subsequent years). And the free ads don’t come at market rates either — they must be given to Sony Music at a heavily discounted rate.In the wake of Swift’s departure from Spotify, many musicians rallied to her cause, vilifying streaming services that paid a fraction of a penny per play. But this contract makes it clear — the pay per stream rates aren’t the only issue. According to its financial disclosures, the majority of Spotify’s revenue, around 80 percent, has been flowing out the door to the rights holders. "You can’t squeeze blood from a stone," said David Pakman, the former CEO of eMusic and partner at Venrock. "Your beef can’t be with Spotify anymore." At least not with Spotify alone. Stevens' "Fourth of July" set to the visuals from The Sandlot (1993). is the best video I've seen in some time. Wow. Waits - "Take One Last Look", new song on David Letterman Ones – Sleep Walk (Surf City 1963) little 60's surf-rock to ease the pain of Kendrick Lamar doing a collab with Taylor Swift Coldplay cover with an African vibe Jam: Experiencing Music Through A Cochlear Implant : Shots - Health News : NPR Sam Swiller used hearing aids, his musical tastes ran to AC/DC and Nirvana – loud bands with lots of drums and bass. But after Swiller got a cochlear implant in 2005, he found that sort of music less appealing."I was getting pushed away from sounds I used to love," he says, "but also being more attracted to sounds that I never appreciated before." So he began listening to folk and alternative music, including the Icelandic singer Bjork. Crossley, Networks of Sound, Style, and Subversion: The Punk and Post-Punk Worlds of Manchester, London, Liverpool, and Sheffield, 1975-80 Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Token Eastern Song 123rd Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Response - Future TyrantsNear Earth Orbit - End of All Existence - DynamiX/Boomerang Kid Cover [Drum and Bass Chiptune] week's song is an outcome of me listening to some Prodigy songs and watching a review of Quatro Adventure PEGASUS (Famiclone), that includes Boomerang Kid. As usual, I had a problem with coming up with the title so I took it from a deodorant I use. :D Enjoy!Music and art by MotionRide. Holmes - $165 Million Plus Interest - Electric Worry - Mesmerise King jams a bit while explaining why he named his guitar Lucille - Dive King Dies at 89 King, whose world-weary voice and wailing guitar lifted him from the cotton fields of Mississippi to a global stage and the apex of American blues, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 89. Cyrus - No Freedom (Happy Hippie Sessions) blah Miley Cyrus oh no. Whatever. These Happy Hippie sessions are really damn good. On mobile or I would link the rest. Shakes - Live on KEXP the 2nd tag with a grain of salt.Did anyone see their performance at the Artists' Den? Absolutely electrifying. I was transfixed for the whole hour. - Territorial Pissings My Friends Are Different - Yo Gabba Gabba!'t pretend you didn't love this... T and the MGs - Hip hug her damn fine instrumental soul for your sandwich. -The Commodores Shocked "5 AM In Amsterdam" - Endless Challenge [C64 Chiptune]'s a C64 song (emulated with a VST), made in a tracker in 3 channels. The name of the song came to my mind when I was doing CodeMonkey challenges ( Hope you like it!Also, if you like/make pixel art, like Team Fortress 2 or Chiptunes check out this cool site by James Ball: :)Music and art by MotionRide. Mingus- Better Git in Your Soul Graduate Sessions: Work Song - Hozier shit I need to change that picture. Impala - Let It Happen Homes remix by randomuser posted this song about a week ago here:Since then, randomuser made the above version. It's badass and deserved it's own post. I really enjoy this version as it embodies what I dig most about these Hubski collaborations, the song is completely different than it would have been in my own hands. There's NO WAY I would have brought the same sensibilities to it. Great work!Those that heard the original, check this out: galen, BLOB_CASTLE, T-Dog, ghostoffuffle, coffeesp00ns, mk, lil, kingmudsy, eightbitsamurai, OftenBen, insomniasexx, steve, camarillobrillo. Covered 'Beer' by Reel Big Fish and put it on SoundCloud going through my list of songs that I know well enough to play with confidence and stumbled upon this song. Decided to do a ballad-ey version, and the recording from my phone didn't sound half bad. Blake - Life Round Here (Sid Sriram Cover) Demarco has quickly become the goofball prince of Indie Rock. Now he wants to be taken seriously. [P4K Cover story+New song link] Stick I know shared this on FB. Very interesting string instrument. Pianist Obituary Column - 1991 – Canzona Serenata Op. 38 No. 6 Poulenc – Intermezzo No. 3 in Ab played by Rubinstein only Poulenc could compose so elegantly. Awesome piece and performance, excited to be learning it! World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - From The Crows Nest on Fire Street version of a song the band will be releasing this summer on a split. Kennedys- Police Truck - Garden of Error [EDM Chiptune] of Error is a name I came up with playing a Heroes of the Storm map, called Garden of Terrors. The idea behind the picture came up after watching Terry "Tezza" Stewart's latest video about Macintosh Plus and rewatching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. :) Hope you like the little rhythm chancge in the second part of the song! Enjoy! :DMusic and art by MotionRide. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread du Mal - El Mago En TiSleaford Mods - No Ones BotheredMari & The Ghost - Superstitions - Happy Ft. D.Martin - YouTube Monsters and Men - Little Talks Baltimore - 2015 Baltimore Nobody got in nobody's way So eye guess u could say It was a good day At least a little better than the day in Baltimore Does anybody hear us pray? 4 Michael Brown or Freddie Gray Peace is more than the absence of war Absence of war R we gonna c another bloody day? We're tired of cryin' & people dyin' Let's all take the guns away Absence of war—U and Me Maybe we can finally say Enuff is enuff it's time 4 love It's time 2 hear It's time 2 hear the guitar play Guitar play, Baltimore Ever more If there ain't no justice then there ain't no peace If there ain't no justice then there ain't no peace If there ain't no justice then there ain't no peace If there ain't no justice then there ain't no peace and Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson (Live from Central Park) record is one of my favorites in my collection. thenewgreen there was once a thread that I think you posted (having trouble finding it) about what concerts people would have attended if they had the chance. This is another one worth adding to that and sorry if that thread wasn't from you. the Gangnam Hit the Floor called, they want their joke back. cover of You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' Masse's stuff is great in general. Got one of those chameleon voices. Smiths – What Difference Does It Make you thenewgreen! Protest Music of My Life - Laura Jane Grace girl from Pulp’s Common People is now married to the Greek Finance Minister - Epic Battles and Adventures in Space [LSDJ Game Boy Chiptune]'s song is an LSDJ Game Boy chiptune inspired by oldschool amiga/c64 demos/cracktros. The artwork is a result of me being excited for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens movie. Hope you enjoy. :)You can get the song here: :)Music and art by MotionRide. Smithereens- A Girl Like You Weren’t Opinions: Could a Band As Loud As Nirvana Ever Be Popular Again? years later, it’s easy to forget just how loud, lacerated, and altogether ugly some of Nirvana’s songs were. And throughout the movie, it’s hard not to wonder just how the band became so huge, how this Hale-Bopp career happened. Cobain was blessed with an irrepressible mind-gem of hummability in his songwriting, that preternatural thing that colors generations and confounds parents. But throughout, Cobain is portrayed as the consummate sacred artist, far more interested in the pursuit of personal expression and privacy than in fame, money, stardom, or any of its vagaries. As he grew older, Cobain’s songs blackened with char and pain. The burns imprinted by Steve Albini’s production on In Utero are like a ritual branding. Cast out the warmth, bury the natural light. But it kept creeping in. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” was. “Rape Me” is a beautiful pop song. Cobain never could help it. Replacements- Alex Chilton Satie: Gymnopédie No. 1 - 1888 Diabolical Biz Markie sings the classics- Bennie and the Jets Tour me up.I don't usually do the concert thing anymore - but this one is at a decent venue, and this is a band that means a lot to me.Let's hope tickets aren't too expensive. Boys -Paul Revere Cave And The Bad Seeds - Dig Lazarus Dig - YouTube do you think vinyl is making a comeback as a form of media? recently began to wonder this as I wandered through the yard sales off M-15 this past Saturday. The whole place was bustling, but a surprising amount of activity was seen near the sections of the rummage sales that had old vinyl records. I'm guilty of this, too- I picked up a record for my own collection, small as it is. It seems like there's been a resurgence in interest towards vinyl in the last couple of years, punctuated by the rising tide of music record sales. My question is, why? Morrison - Tupelo Honey's hot and sunny out and everything feels lazy and shrouded in the haze of being in your early 20s. Asshole Backed Hard disclosure: a friend wrote this, but I love it. Flood (song inspired by and performed in ancient babylonian) the article: Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Devil & The Universe - Walpern II - The Blocksberg SessionsMindless Faith - Eden to Abyss Pixies-Debaser - YouTube Child O' Mine Music Video - YouTube of the greatest guitar lines of all time in my opinion▶ U-MV112 - Jim Carroll - People Who Died - YouTube - Priority“We’re basically the white version of Odd Future,” her face slightly dropping as she realises what she’s said and how she can never take it back. Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You - Dreamland Mortal Orchestra – II (Full Album) Good At Being In Trouble (7:28) - Extended Sleep on the waterfront in Kowloon young performer was singing her guts out near the waterfront in Kowloon overlooking the city lights of Hong Kong. Her voice was haunting and wonderful live.I approached her and asked if she has a CD I could buy. She directed me to her youtube page... I gotta say - she's better live on the street (but still good on the youtubes) E. King dies at 76 on Baltimore & Being a Part of '92 L.A. Riots: 'Young Black Men Are Targets' last time there were riots in Baltimore were in 1968 when Dr. King was killed. It's not like people are walking out of their houses on a regular Tuesday or Wednesday and setting buildings or cars on fire. It's always in a state of unrest and people are tired. I'm not taking away from any other race, white or Latino, but I'm talking African-Americans, just black people in general. The struggle and strive of black people just to get to an equal level. I'm not talking about Obama being in office [because] that's amazing. That's great. It's another item we've accomplished; it’s something we can put on the walls and in the history books. But that's minute compared to the struggle we've fought just to be looked at as an equal race for hundreds of years., Symphony 7, Allegretto, mvt 2 (Visualized) finally succumbs to industry pressure and shuts down just now. I have been genuinely confused that they were still running for a long time. Musician Challenge: Cover this song so the music matches the lyrical content the fuck is this song about breaking up/being cheated on so bouncy?You can make the music contrast with the lyrics and have it work but I have no idea why you would write a heartfelt song about your professional partner and girlfriend and then record it all bouncy and slick, seventies studio rock style unless that was the only way to get it on the album.I think this would be awesome recorded stripped down in a minor key. About the only way that'll happen is if someone agrees with me. I make art and I'm usually not super excited about taking request, least of all for free. I just felt like throwing this out there. Maybe we can start a creative challenge tag where one week you have to bake an edible cake with live goldfish in it or something and the winner gets $3 off at SuperCuts. produced a track! galen - Araby's not shit! I may have stolen the hook from somewhere, hard to know for sure. Still super proud of this track.Considering using galen as my pseudonym? It's not bad, and I don't really have other ideas.PS Please please pretty please use good speakers or headphones :) - Find Your Way track! - True Survivor [Chiptune Kung Fury Cover] originally by David Hasselhoff'm really excited for the upcoming 80s style short film called Kung Fury ( Recently David Hasselhoff recorded a song for the movie, called True Survivor ( I like the song so much that I decided to take a shot at making a Commodore 64 version of it. At least the visual part because the (chiptune) instruments I used sound more like Famicom/NES than SID. I hope you like it and share my excitement for the movie! :)Music by MotionRide. Art made with from still imgaes taken from True Survivor's official clip. No More - Everything's Ruined Adams finally covers Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams had a heckler ejected from the venue in this video for requesting this song repeatedly (and drunkenly I've heard). The more temperamental Adams finally fulfilled the wishes of his fans who are as creative as the guy who yells Freebird. Shadow - Endtroducing.... (Full Album) earl sweatshirt solace music from when i hit the bottom and found something space will be a poorly recorded song before 12:00am EST. (Hinckley - Quail Run) thenewgreen's ideas to get off my ass and try and put something together. Parrish - Ebonics deep groove by deep house grandmaster Theo Parrish! Hanzo X Kai Ohio - Feel Fire Fall Down Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club to this right now. Okay, okay, back to work. should watch the Stones Throw documentary on Netflix, also listen to these old tracks prod. Peanut Butter Wolf, you. Brothers - I Don't Know Enough About You swear I've posted this before on Hubski. Gather that one for evidence, everybody. Jackson Jihad - Kokopelli Face Tattoo, there's too much music. Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Rosenrot of the Pioneers - Tumbling Tumbleweeds Impala – 'Cause I'm A Man'm a man, woman! Collective – My Girls was the last album you heard that was amazing start to finish?'s been a while since a question like this has been posed and I need some new music as I'll be driving a ton in the coming weeks for work. The album that most recently blew me away is still Sukierae by Tweedy.* -there's not a stinker on it and the flow is amazing. Great songwriting, great as a whole album and as individual tracks. Loved it. What about you? What's your pick?------flagamuffin, ButterflyEffect, humanodon, sounds_sound T-Dog, ghostoffuffle jonaswildman, randomuser cgod and Owl -I'm personally interested in your answers. Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland - Neon Blast [C64 Chiptune/Synthpop] was trying to do a C64 chiptune but at some point it turned into a hybrid of that and 80s synth pop. It's probably because I was rewatching Blade Runner and playing some Commodore 64 games lately. Sorry for the quality. The video was recorded with from a VHS tape (joking). :DIf you like the song you can get it here: and art (except for the free VHS template) by MotionRide. The VHS template comes from: Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread the Baptist - As The Camp BurnsThe Last Dance - RuinsThe Leather Nun - WhateverOrganic - Empty Century Colour - Cult of Personality Report: 8 Semesters of Choir I'm sitting backstage waiting for my last concert of my college career to start. I can confidently say I've grown up with more music in my life than average. I started violin lessons when I was three, played trombone in band from sixth grade to the end of high school, and started teaching myself guitar when I started undergrad. I played in a pit orchestra for one musical in high school and sang in two others. I joined Men's Glee freshman year and now I've sang with them for eight semesters. These guys have made my time here unforgettable. Curtain call coming up! See you at the after party hubski! Motel - My Type - End The Suffering space now has a song. and "yes" kleinbl00 -I'm going to have a "clap" at the outset, I'm going to be meticulous about my click and I'm not going to shout out to you because you're on hiatus. Okay, I lied about that last one. If you see this, I hope you are well pal. Song to follow!mk, lil, camarillobrillo -Apparently claiming that something will be "amazing" doesn't make it so. I started recording three different songs tonight and this was the least sucky one :) Petty - Runnin' Down A Dream to Spill - Randy Described Eternity Ave. Dreaming: Dancehall, Hip Hop and New York Tables: How Brit Soul Lost Touch with its Black Roots Music - Same Old Scene Heads - Life During Wartime is Roxy Music so underrated? any of you under forty even heard of them? Do you know who Brian Eno is? Roxy Music preceded The Talking Heads and influenced them. They were pioneers of electronic music. And the only reason I've heard of them is because my mom listened to them in college.The Talking Heads are easily in the top 3 new wave acts of all time according to anyone who knows what they're talking about with multiple charting hits, becoming a classic rock radio staple. Roxy Music fizzled out relative to the Heads with one US hit but influenced rock music beyond their recognition in the public memory, much more if you include solo and producer Eno whose indifference to the band killed it. That's what it means to be underrated. To be remembered mainly by obsessive nerds who post on the internet about forgotten bands at 12:30AM despite a tangible influence on your field. Yates - Better to be Loved are the Talking Heads so underrated? god, someone please explain it to me. I never hear them mentioned amongst the greats. Their style was so unique and they blended so many influences. David Byrne's voice was godly and could take you from pure aesthetic bliss to unsettling mania at will. Their lyrics were intelligent and artsy, cold and neurotic, tender and lighthearted. Their rhythms were always top notch and their funk level was off the charts.Talking Heads are my GOAT. They have like 50 songs that I've played the shit out of. Their live performances are out of control. Alright, I think I've said enough.If you've only heard "Burnin' Down the House" or their other hits, you seriously need to give them another chance. Livestream NOW in Yerevan, Armenia! Armenian genocide commemoration concert and SOAD's first ever in Armenia. (4 hour show) republic square (center of the city) has been closed down and my friends have been waiting on the square since 6am to get a spot for this concert, and it's happening now.edit: serj looks tired (edit2: maybe he's just old now) :( apparently it's raining insanely hard though, which has got to be a thousand times more awesome for the crowd House - Italian Plastic song has addicting chords. Station Soma Space Station Soma channel.Great for productivity, writing, and vibing with coffee on a snowy (?!) April afternoon. Shoutout to demure for posting the site. Gallants - We Are Undone (bluesy folky rock thing?) for the name, stayed for the music. - Motion Man Theme [LSDJ GameBoy Chiptune] week I tried to make a chiptune song that resembles Mega Man music. It's a theme song for a fictional game character (that's actually not from any game :D ). I took the name from the way +Njenkins ( calls me (Motion Man or Mr. Motion) when responding to my comments on his videos :D . If you like the song and would like to support Motion Man, so he can continue running endlessly, you can get the song here: :)Music and art by MotionRide."A North Country Blues" by Bob Dylan. A lesson in imagery. was just gonna post this in my music tag #vibesandjives and #music, but took a look at the lyrics and decided it's important to take note of the vivid picture Dylan paints. So the mining gates locked Come gather 'round friends And I'll tell you a tale Of when the red iron pits ran empty But the cardboard filled windows And old men on the benches Tell you now that the whole town is empty. ... And the red iron rotted And the room smelt heavy from drinking Where the sad silent song Made the hour twice as long As I waited for the sun to go sinking. - Atomic – Big Feelings listening to recent full album release "Dark Red," I think the top tracks off of the previous "Bad Vibes" have more going on. This is an incredible piece. few months or so, I have to repost the song "Wolfman" by Sandro Perri to make sure everyone has heard it. Logan: Pearl Of Them All -1999 Eno Meets East India Youth man who broke the music business of Glover’s best customers worked at the plant, and for those he trusted most he devised an even better deal. Rather than paying five dollars per movie, for twenty dollars a month you could buy an unlimited subscription—and you didn’t even need the disks. Glover had set up his own topsite, and once you’d bought an account you could download anything you wanted. There were current DVDs, plus the latest copies of games, music, software, and more. At the time, video on demand was the technology of the future, but, if you knew Glover, it had already arrived. He was running a private Netflix out of his house. - Mining Melancholy [EDM Chiptune Donkey Kong Country Cover] originally by David Wise - Mining Melancholy [EDM Chiptune Donkey Kong Country Cover] originally by David WiseBack in 2012 I made a cover of a song called Fear Factory from the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack ( Recently, I decided it's time for another song cover from the series. Mining Melancholy (or Kannon's Klaim) was my favourite song, when I was playing through Diddy's Kong Quest (there's a word pun there, it's supposed to sound like 'conquest'). I hope you like it :)You can get the song here: and art by MotionRide. Pipettes - Stop the Music Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall - Don't Stop Me Now - Coulda Been My Love Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Desolation SoundsGranite Mask - Her Venomous HissLogical Tears - Japanese LoversCrystal Castles - Frail you're wondering what Ringo's up to these days song to come of the Hubski collaborative music project or second best?, I listened to this song like 5 times tonight. Your work is awesome on it. Makes me wish we could write more together. It's a great tune and it couldn't exist like this without each of us. That, in my opinion, is the true essences of collaboration! Survivor - New music from David Hasselhof WDBM East Lansing: The Pulse school radio station. Hanging out in the studio with the host of tonight's show. Kaiyote - Molasses this to the summer playlist! Their whole EP, By Fire, is great, but this track really sticks in my brain. Artists Are Taking On Police Brutality What Does a DJ Do?▶ David Byrne - Miss America (music video) - YouTube - Creep IDES Exclusive '94 Tape Wu-Tang Snoop Dogg Warren G Nate is a club. Try to fit this groove. a song. If it fits the groove, I'll add it to the mix.#1 Real Life: If I Could Be God Tonight (mk) #2 New Order: True Faith (camarillobrillo) #3 Lower Dens: To Die In L.A. (ButterflyEffect) #4 And One: Military Fashion Show (bfv) #5 Severed Heads: All Saints Day (kleinbl00) #6 LaTour : People Are Still Having Sex (kleinbl00) #7 Depeche Mode: My Secret Garden (cgod) #8 KMFDM: Itchy Bitchy (kleinbl00) #9 Front 242: First In First Out (kleinbl00) #10 Wolfsheim: Once in a Lifetime (mk) #11 A.Squared: Retrograde (OftenBen) Update: Thanks everyone. Great set. Supremes - Stop! In the Name of Love Death - You Suffer Album Is Immortal anyone should be ditching the format, it's young, Internet-native musicians like Tyler, the Creator and Kendrick Lamar. Why do so many artists stick by it in the streaming age? Dilla - Time: The Donut of the Heart Beatles - For No One White Stripes-Fell in Love With a Girl lyrics - Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood is a tag that would be interesting to see posts, how come there is no link in the post to the tag? paints the music she sees. Life: Portrait of a Young Man As a Drummer in New York - The Story Unfolds [Chiptune] ... inspired by Amiga music. :) - The Story Unfolds [Chiptune] ... inspired by Amiga music. :) You can get this song on Bandcamp: :)Music and art by MotionRide. Bellion - All Time Low Sledge: Nobody's Voice Broke As Many Hearts As His away yesterday at 73. RIP. Vines I made inspired by Dendrophobe posted this awesome video from Ramona Falls, a band I had never heard of but glad I know now. I incorporated the music into these timelapse videos I made on the roof of my apartment. The Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams - AM I CRAZY OR IS THIS MUSIC VIDEO KIND OF AWESOME?'m crazy. I was thinking about songs about regret because of this comment from Duo, which I hope is a joke. Anyways, it led me to this song. – Live from the Basement: "Optimistic" Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society - Full Album - YouTube花はこの春とても淡いだった。 has leaked the bus so no link, but it's out there. J Dilla May Be Jazz's Latest Great Innovator bought Donuts. So damn good. song was #1 on the Billboard charts the day you were born? For me, see post: to this instrumental -Hubski Collaboration, b_b, ghostoffuffle, ecib, BLOB_CASTLE, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, galen and anyone else...This weekend b_b and his lovely wife visited us. We saw a hockey game and had a lot to drink. b_b's wife is a musician and we recorded this together. I woke up the next morning forgetting we had done this. Yep, it was that kind of night. Last thing I remember, b_b was on my couch in my studio playing stairway to heaven with one eye barely open. Missus b_b is playing an iPad app's Melotron and I am playing a melodica and some poorly played drums. Still, there's a base here that could produce something interesting. Anyone want to add to it? Who is up first?Enjoy!, The Creator - SMUCKERS (feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne) Cherry Bomb leaked it's okay but I never liked Tyler anyways. Stones Release a Soulful Never Before heard acoustic version of Wild Horses is a DJ's role in today's dance music festivals?▶ Neil Young - Thrasher - I listened to this album today. Great stuff -Check out the tag. Use it. me about some of your favorite concert experiences.'ll be honest: I'm just here to brag. I got to see Dan Deacon last night and it blew my mind. I have been to a lot of concerts. One of the benefits of living in CA was that I had SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Davis, Mountain View, and San Jose all within an hour of me, which meant that usually if a tour came through the state, it came into my neck of the woods.So when I've been to that many shows, it's always a really cool experience to see something new. Deacon is, first of all, an incredibly nice guy and is so bubbly that he's just fun to be aroundy. Then he also had four drums on large poles filled with robotics he was controlling and projecting things onto as well as the best sound system in DC at the 9:30 Club, and a sold out 1200 person crowd makes his otherworldly music magnificent. He started us off by having everyone face the center of the room, raising our hands and gently resting them on the head of the person in front of us. He told us to close our eyes and think about ourselves, our memories, and our conception of consciousness, before telling us to switch them with everyone around us while cracking jokes before starting in on his first song. So an already unique start to a show. He engaged the crowd by having us open up the floor for a dance competition, telling one side of the room to "dance like that scene in Jurassic Park where the raptors are getting in and on the computers all like 'aw man no one is reblogging my tumbls'" and the other side to "dance like in Game of Thrones but without the patriarchy". Later he had us split down the middle again and had everyone take a knee and look to our' team captains', who were then the hive mind leaders, and whatever movement they did, everyone on that side was supposed to do also. The entire time he was genuinely funny and energetic and creative. Through a mosh pit I somehow ended up at the front railing, and when he saw the cameraman in front of me, he went down on a knee and was making cute poses. The crowd except for us in the front, no one could see that. It was purely him just having fun.Anyway, both he and I are huge Orioles fans, and I really wanted to meet him, so I sat freezing outside in just my Markakis jersey, freezing, so I can tell him about the absolutely gorgeous and improbable gem that Ubaldo Jimenez threw for us yesterday that he surely missed. If you don't follow baseball, Ubaldo was a huge signing for us and sucked miserably last year, but just dominated in his first game back. One hit one walk. When I finally saw Dan he came over and shook my hand, was just as blown away as I was when I told him about the game, and then signed my record (his only that I didn't have, thank the gods they were selling it at the show) So now I have this wonderful piece to remember the night with. I'm done rambling now. What about you guys? Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Majesty - Unknown to the IJarboe - Zen J JazzCemetery - Wind and Shadows Lee Lewis, Whole Lotta Shakin', Crazy and not giving one fuck. - Monsterfish [EDM Chiptune] - Monsterfish [EDM Chiptune]This week I'm uploading on Friday because I will be super busy on Saturday and Sunday. :)You can buy the song here: :)Music and art by MotionRide. Forest of Stars - Drawing Down the Rain with the Flow: How Drake and Kendrick Found Their Voices - Farewell [EDM Chiptune REMIX] originally by Square Punch - Farewell [EDM Chiptune REMIX] originally by Square Punch This week I decided to take a shot at remixing Lukas Daum's AKA Square Punch's song Farewell ( It started out as a remix but along the way I only used 2 small loops and all the rest is made by me from scratch. So, it's more af a cover, I guess. If you like my version, please listen to the original ( :)Art & Music by MotionRide Walking -Something I made tonight interested in adding to this? T-Dog, BLOB_CASTLE, ghostoffuffle, bgood79, rezzeJ, rob05c -cause I mentioned it in IRC, jonaswildmanA long time ago I had a conversation with both mk and kleinbl00 on Hubski about how hippies are actually the meanest social group and that goth tend to be much nicer. Last week I was driving and saw a hippy walking down the street with a blind smile on her face. I thought to myself, "I wonder if she's made anyone cry today?"Thus this song was born. I've been walking around with the refrain, "the hip, hippy, hipsters are walking down the streets, happy as can be" for the past week. It's not that great of a tune, but I needed to make it. Feedback welcomelil -I played hockey.[SUPER SUMMER FRESH] Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane) by Towkio Fathers - White Men are Black Men Too still need to listen to this (hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow), but I'm expecting something big from this album. For what it's worth they're one of the best and most intense live performers I've ever seen. Interested to hear how eightbitsamurai and flagamuffin feel about this one, maybe you'll be interested. The title alone has caused some provocation. - Beercan - YouTube▶ Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens (with Lyrics) - YouTube Holiday: A Singer Beyond Our Understanding artists belong to their times, but Billie Holiday, born 100 years ago Tuesday, fits in the present. In a way, she died before her time, just as the country was beginning to talk about race, drugs, feminism and misogyny — all of which converged in her life. Pit - Until We Can't (Let's Go) - Drums and Wires (Full Album) Shining Road - 1994 White Hot Gold La Soul's New Album Puts a New Spin on the Sampling Controversy 39 - The Inca, Time, and Toys haven't shared an episode here on hubski in a long while, but I'm particularily happy with this one. I think it's possibly our best episode yet. A good combination of insightful stories and captivating music.The three pieces are: -Rene Sanchez "The Meaning of Reciprocity" -Bernie Green "Time" -Job Ranger (Louis Reich) "Play Well" - Staring at the Sound [LSDJ Game Boy Happy Hardcore Chiptune] - Staring at the Sound [LSDJ Game Boy Happy Hardcore Chiptune]Happy April Fool's Day everyone. Lately I've been in a Happy Hardcore / UK Hardcore mood again. Enjoy :)You can buy the song here: :)"I've never written the THX story down (nobody ever asked). So, here's the whole story: " Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Vs. Primitive Race - Long In The Tooth Orphx - The Sonic Groove Releases Pt​.​2 Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down Archie's - Sugar Sugar & Teeth - Mixed (rough) things:1) This is two hours with a head cold. It ain't the best that can be done.2) Things would be great for future collaboration, for whomever starts the ball rolling:2A) State tempo (ie, 237 BPM)2B) Put something loud and sharp like a clap on the "start" of the track, wherever that may be2C) Everyone who collaborates from that point forth, make sure that "clap" is a part of your isolated trackProbably an hour and a half of that two hours was fishing parts around to make sure they lined up with the original. I understand that it's easy to just sort of upload stuff but it's hella more useful if I can hit it the first time without having to get forensic on its ass.This was fun. I almost threw some garbagey triphop drumloop underneath it and hit it with a Farfisa but not this time.rezzeJthenewgreen, mad props for successfully exporting a .ptf sans dramaBLOB_CASTLE Go Forth - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) anyone interested, here is a musical collaboration between myself, BLOB_CASTLE and rezzeJ dig this one quite a bit. jonaswildman, ghostoffuffle, T-Dog - Stand Up (LeMarquis Remix) Vs. Primitive Race - Long In The Tooth"Kimmy Schmidt" composer Jeff Richmond on the show's viral-friendly songs Listen: Waxahatchee, 'Ivy Tripp' I'm kind of disappointed by this but I'm such a massive fan of American Weekend and Cerulean Salt that it's hard to live up to those expectations. This album is just a lot flatter and while it is still personal the lyrics and songwriting are not nearly as memorable. I could write a lot of words about this (would anybody be interested in a lengthier review of this and the new Sufjan Stevens album, along with whatever else I've been listening to?). Could see this growing on me, right now I'm still musically astonished by how good Carrie & Lowell is and it's hard to shake that when listening to anything else. Lamar, King Kunta DOOM and Flying Lotus are teaming up for a collab album: Mask of the North Star YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH How Independent Artists and Labels are Getting Squeezed Out by the "Vinyl Revival" the Half-Assed Hubris of Tidal TIDAL the Future of Music Streaming? Anthony Fantano/theneedledrop yet! - Happy Song [ EDM Chiptune ] - Happy Song [EDM Chiptune] Here's a happy song for you. It's called Happy Song, ha ha. :) You can buy the song here: :)Music and part of the art by MotionRide. – In the Shower (2014) [Demarco-esque]! DuVall of Alice in Chains reveals “The Guitar Heroes Who Lit the Fuse”, Hampton, and Verlaine provided a masterclass in musical storytelling Glitch Mob’s Boreta asks "How would you spend your last few months alive?" Glitch Mob’s Boreta honors Oliver Sacks for his empathy, musical passion and scientific exploration is an all-Jewish Skrewdriver cover band called ‘Jewdriver’ Hathaway – We're Still Friends (Live @ The Bitter End, NYC)'s goin on? Winehouse - Jazz Standards Out These Tunes I Recorded With a Friend and Teeth by I like to hubski is up for some collaboration? I wrote and recorded this tonight. lil, you'll be glad to know that I'm "playing hockey." Who is up to add to this? It is wide open. steve, kleinbl00, mk, nowaypablo T-Dog, rezzeJ, jonaswildman, bgood79, ecib, galen, ghostoffuffle, BLOB_CASTLE, mrjasonetaylor, coffeesp00ns, theholywombat ---AND ANYONE ELSE I MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN....rezzeJ, maybe the same type of sensibilities you put forth for this one: feedback is welcome. Here are the lyrics: I've seen the waves and I've seen the sky I've fought them both And I've barely tried And I saw my teeth gnashing At them both The sound of one hand clapping As she goes And I saw my teeth gnashing At your boat The sound of one hand clapping As you go Tell the sidelines it's hard to breath The wounded hairlip fell to his knees As the cracked moon smiles showing teeth It's getting harder, harder to breath Take those breaths cause In your death I die too I am me in you Take those breaths cause In your death I die too I am me in you I die too I am Tell the sidelines its hard to breath the wounded hairlip fell to his knees The cracked moon smiled showing teeth It's getting harder to breathe, O Moyle / The Minstrel Boy beautiful performance.The minstrel boy to the war is gone,In the ranks of death you'll find him;His father's sword he has girded on,And his wild harp slung behind him;"Land of Song!" said the warrior bard,"Though all the world betrays thee,One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard,One faithful harp shall praise thee!" Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Sell Your Face Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return is an odd choice of song to make a video for, and kind of a boring video next to the last one, but I'm digging the song itself. Volt 9000 - Glitch in Time Love a Rainy Night- Eddie Rabbit'm not sure why I'm posting this. I try to limit the music posts to obscure stuff Scott- Powerhouse, This is a song from Looney Tunes that you'll immediately recognize Oddity revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. Paso by Danielle Ate the Sandwich Myth: A Conversation with Sufjan Stevens an advance copy of Carrie & Lowell to review and it's incredible...definitely going to be in the running for album of the year this year. What a story behind the album too. Gray: Smoke Rings -1937 - Tomorrow [NES Chiptune] - Tomorrow [ #NES #Chiptune] Today I was in a mood for some #crack / #keygen #music. I fired up good old #Famitracker and made this #song. Enjoy :) You can buy the song here: :) If you like the song, please upvote it on Reddit: :) or like/reblog it on Tumblr: :) Thanks! :) Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été (Large Version) Piano Cover is my piano cover of a great piece of music composed by Yann Tiersen. It's the soundtrack of "The fabulous world of Amelie Poulain" but in an extended improvised version i have found in the internet. - Sell Your Face, a palestinian hip hop group tackling patriarchy in the arabic world is a big problem in the arabic world. Women take care of cooking, laundry, ironing, cleaning etc. While the "men of the house" go to work and bring in the money. A very traditional role devision. Which still persists in many households in my home city and other Palestinian cities.It is changing though. In my family, traditions clashed with european values. My mom is polish, father Palestinian. This resulted in a mix between the traditional role of the stay-at-home mom and the working mother.My mother still takes care of cooking (my father is a horrible cook), laundry and cleaning. In addition to working a 40 hour job. My father takes care of the stuff that my mother can't physically do. Even though the situation is better than other households, it is still unequal.The difference came with me and my sisters. I was the oldest and the first to learn how to cook. When we cleaned the house, all of us had to do it. Roles were divided equally between us. I never felt that I have the right to ask my sister to iron my shirt. Even though it appeared that me and my sisters are equal, we still are not. My sisters simply don't have all the freedom that I have, even to this day. Officially, they are not allowed to have "boyfriends", have sex, go drink, travel wherever they want to. From my point of view, they are allowed to do everything that I am. Sadly, when they return to the arabic society, this is not possible.I happen to know Tamer and Maysa (from the video) through friends. Good and talented people with a rough childhood.P.S: the video has subtitles - Wanderlust - Miami Device Likeness - When The Wolves Return & Jeesh - The Trouble a little more sunshine on a gray afternoon. of Prove It All Night from the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour were known for being epic, 1978 Passaic, New Jersey we made Is This It - The Strokes have more memories tied to Is This It than any other contemporary record. Cool C and Steady B Robbed a Bank, Killed a Cop and Lost Their Souls rap legends Schoolly D, DJ Cash Money and others try to make sense of a tragic journey Andy Summers’ Police Investigation guitarist confronts the rise and demise of one of rock’s biggest and most cantankerous bands Ergs! - Hey Jealousy Mikey Erg and Dave Hause perform last night and it exceeded my already high expectations. Two great, funny, and talented guys playing music for almost nothing. Great crowd too. on the Hip Hop Messiah Do All Records Sound the Same? TECH SOUL - THE CREATION OF TECHNO MUSIC TECH SOUL is the first documentary to tackle the deep roots of techno music alongside the cultural history of Detroit, its birthplace. From the race riots of 1967 to the underground party scene of the late 1980s, Detroit’s economic downturn didn’t stop the invention of a new kind of music that brought international attention to its producers and their hometown.I've seen every one of these artists in the city in the early 90's. Great documentary. Played 'The Boys Are Back in Town' on a Bar Jukebox Until I Got Kicked Out is stupid and hilarious. About the author:Timothy Faust lives in Brooklyn and runs a backyard wrestling league in Austin, Texas. Joss - Tune Down' Wolf - Backdoor Man Lee Hooker - Boom Boom a Nerd Have Soul? found Mayer Hawthorne (and this article) by way of the documentary Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, which profiles Stones Throw Records. I have to say, I'm a much bigger fan of ST's earlier offerings--give me Quasimoto and J Dilla over Dam-Funk and James Pants any day. Not really sure how to feel about Hawthorne, though. It's solid soul, there's just not much else there.There have been plenty of singular soul sensations in recent years — John Legend, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Amy Winehouse, Ryan Shaw, Raphael Saadiq, Cee Lo Green; but they all added something to their references, even if it was the equivalent of a musical condiment. Hawthorne seemed to be more of a soul literalist. Flag - TV Party've got nothing better to doThan watch TV and have a coupl'a brews - Still [ EDM / Chiptune ] - Still [ #EDM / #Chiptune ]Some more EDM / #Electro / Chiptune #music for you this week. Enjoy. :)You can buy the #song here: :)Please like/reblog this song on Tumblr: :)Please upvote the song on Reddit: :) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Trade - Acid for the Royal Familypseudonym - no_evidenceFormalin - SalvationCzhebartol -Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Jahrusalem that you would probably never encounter. This band was recently featured on BBC and takes day-to-day arabic music like Dabke or wedding music with some electronic influence and english lyrics. Enjoy :)If you like that kind of music, check out this comment. Friday. My Dying Bride - Roads Friday? Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliott Smith that Somebody That I Used to Know Friday: Ben L'Oncle Soul - Seven Nation Army covers Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream Your Records Will Ruin Your Life of collecting is knowing when to let go’s Meghan Trainor Shaming Us For This Time? only the thicker-than-your-average pop star was actually sex-positive and pro-woman - English Settlement"Ball and Chain came up in my shuffle this morning in iTunes and I've been listening to the rest of this album since. The longer I listen, the more I realize what a fan I am. crap this is good.damn... these guys are musical geniuses. w/ Diplo & Skrillex Diplo and Skrillex Became the Coolest Guys in Music: An in-depth interview with Jack Ü Grips - Jenny Death (Leaked) are many things I will do at work. Listening to Death Grips in my office is not one of them. Cube Sequencer in the Snow - Stephanie Knows Who - 1966, early racially diverse rock group'm feeling the throwback multiculty rock tonight Pimp A Butterfly ALBUM REVIEW (The Needle Drop) - ...For the Whole World to See - Proto Punk black brothers from Detroit recorded a punk album three years before the Ramones first album. They recorded most of a studio album but it was never released because the lead singer refused to change the band's name causing Columbia Records president Clive Davis to drop his support of the band.There's a great documentary about them, A Band Called Death. Here's the trailer: 89.7 Studio X - Grand Opening months after really starting this project we finally celebrated the Grand Opening of our new studio for the local college radio station. I haven't been involved with the later phases of development but was very involved in the earlier planning and execution phases so seeing this finally be realized is, if nothing else, relieving. I was directly involved in the initial fundraising campaign and creating it, working with other departments such as alumni relations, and even got to submit my first ever grant request (which was accepted!). The last thing is something I would like to do more of, grant writing for organizations could be a valuable skill in the future. This is what I alluded to in today's Pubski and is the biggest project I've ever been a part of, with costs hitting six figures between construction and equipment. Not to mention all the time and people involved. Happy Wednesday.Marking the day in the old studio, which is being maintained as a place for training and other purposes.My roommate, the general manager of the radio station, giving a brief commencement speech before handing it off to the president of our university. The men standing to their left are the architects and other people involved in the drafting and blueprints of the new studio.New studio from the outside. Soundproof glass is a great (and expensive) thing.Not a great quality picture but I wanted to get a picture of the board and desk and some of the equipment that we're using. I'm very excited to be DJ'ing out of this location on Friday nights from now. Feel free to listen here. Tagging some people I think would be interested in based on music/radio experience: kleinbl00, ghostoffuffle, thenewgreen. Needle Drop's Take on To Pimp a Butterfly think ND is generally on point. But I pray to god this isn't the peak of Kdot's career. Would rather see his next album top this one :p - Super Adventure Star Punch [EDM/Chiptune] :)Music and Art by MotionRide. Music to Me: Share the John Lennons, Bob Dylans, and Eric Claptons (inclusive) that strum a guitar and sing a simple song with IMPACT! Graves is my pick, the song "Seeing All Red" from his most recent album "Nobody's Fool." This is the inaugural topic of New Music to Me, a tag I'm starting where people can name any sort of genre/era/style/musician, as a request to others to share in the comments their favorite songs and artists relevant to the topic of the post! Follow #newmusictome and make it your go-to for a quick post when you're digging for music and could use a point in the right direction! So, Hubski, hit me up with the lyricists and simple guitarists– I guess largely constituting "folk" but not limited to it– that can make you feel all the types of ways they want you to feel. I threw in Clapton but I don't know him at all so if he actually fits into this, and is actually worth listening to, I'd appreciate that too. Joplin - Mercedes Benz"Pretending" -lyrics to the closing track of an album I'm working on I'll say I'm working late You'll pretend to be hurt again I'll promise I'm gonna change And you'll believe me Cause it's convenient I'll swim in my own head You'll say you wished for presence I'll pretend I want to change And you'll pretend that would fix everything Pretending fixes everything Suspending your feelings Makes me modest Makes you young again You were just a kid Who liked her hangers all in black and I was just a boy that You left stopped in his tracks Dirt roads and rail ties Cereal in a bag Barefeet out the window Always driving just to get there the Messy Divorce of Lil Wayne & Cash Money Records the exit of the label’s flagship artist mean the end of its 20-year reign? Song Is Not About A Girl - Flume & Chet Faker Pimp a Butterfly Pimp A Butterfly: It's a damn classic to the album in all its entirety. It's no exaggeration when I say it'll go down as a classic. I'm throughly impressed by Kendrick's introspection and also the unique presentation of his songs, with (spoilers) a continuous "spoken-word" poem running through the album (/spoilers). The last song in particular, Mortal Man, had my jaws on the floor. The album far exceeded my expectations. How did it fare with the hubski kdot fam? LAMAR JUST RELEASED THE ALBUM ON ITUNES! [Explicit linked] A WEEK EARLY AAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!Edit: IT'S ONLY CLEAN WHAT THE FUCKEDIT2: ITS GO TIME Hamasyan – Kars 1 is my hero/idol-type dude and by far my favorite musician. I just saw him live again two weeks ago, as he began his U.S. tour for the new album "Mockroot," following another master's degree at the Mannes school of music here in NYC. Basically, I think his work is genius, his skill and grace on the piano is unmatched by anyone i've seen in jazz today, and uncontested in composition and creativity with all this electronic shit going on in the new record.Read this NPR piece! song, "Kars 1," refers to the city of Kars (or Kharz) that was sieged during the Armenian Genocide and destroyed. He blends the sorrow, the fear, the anger, and the pride of the people of Kars with an old Armenian folk song mixed in (the opening vocals,) on which this whole piece is based. Oh and, wait for it: the song evolves (devolves?) into an insane thrashing jazzy-metal throwdown. Garraway - The Legend Zelda - remix - Just Another [LSDJ Game Boy Chiptune] - Just Another [LSDJ Game Boy Chiptune]Here's 'just another' song made in LSDJ. I hope you like it. :)Music and Art by MotionRide. 114th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Machine Gun - The Future Unformed. When you're Sister Machine Gun you get to use William Gibson lines as album titles. Trepaneringsritualen - Veil the World Mahr - Her Manifesto Lamar - King Kunta (Full track from 'To Pimp A Butterfly') going OFF! The hype is real.eightbitsamurai caelum19's the first song you were "in to" as a kid that wasn't a "kids song?" parents are young. I mean, really young. When I was born, my mom was 18 and my dad was 20. So, growing up my parents were listening to some pretty decent music. I was surrounded by Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones, Alice Cooper, Bowie -On my dads side. My mom listened to Michael Jackson, Blondie and the pop music of the day. Of all of that music, the first song that I really adopted as a "favorite" was Centerfold by J Geils Band. Maybe it's the melody on the keys, the use of the "na, na, na's," that got to me. I do know that I had no idea what a "centerfold" was yet. I think my parents and there friends thought it was hilarious that a 5 year old was singing about such a topic. What's your first song? Grant - Electric Avenue!ondie - Heart Of Glass's The Bends At 20: The Story Of An Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Cynicism Classic Story of an Airport at 20: Holy Shit Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? - Unsung Lamar Releases Latest Song From New Album: "King Kunta." It's goofy and genius. Sartain - Ruby Carol Doors - The Mosquito castles in the skies - Stupid Girl - Bela Lugosi's Dead Breaks & Beats: An Oral History essential vinyl collection transformed the sound of music and helped funky beats conquer the world Marvin Gaye’s Estate Denies Lawsuit Against Pharrell’s “Happy” similarities to “Ain’t That Peculiar,” the family has no plans to sue comes first: The lyrics or the melody? all musicians on Hubski. Please help out an aspiring musician to gain some inspiration and write a few songs to perform. I have been playing music for quite a while and also have been singing for a band over the years, covering songs but I haven't ever been able to answer the golden question i.e. What comes first: the lyrics or the melody?Could someone please throw some light on the same.Additional question: How do you proceed with writing lyrics and songs, is there a specific way that you follow or anything else which helps you to do the same?Thanks again Hubski. Grips - On GP - YouTube Grips is the dumbest music meme on the planet. Still gonna cop Jenny Death tho Behavior: Sexual Violence On Tour rape culture derail one of America’s most successful rock festivals?"We can’t forget that Chris Brown is more or less a Diff'rent Strokes-level child star gone wrong.." Brown & Tyga's “Fan of a Fan: The Album”  does a great job of reiterating what we already believe about Chris Brown The Renowned Photographer Behind Kendrick Lamar's Powerful Album Cover | The FADER By Me : Ben E. King Redding (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Mercy Me : Marvin Gaye'm a Ram : Al Green Did Kurt Cobain Really Die? The Murder Conspiracy Theory, Explained [warning: gawker] found it interesting - I'm sure those who have followed the theories more than I have will find it meh. ;) - Khala My Friend - Zambian Psyche from 1975's a pretty good album. Vocals are a little high in the mix for my taste but I love that a bunch of Zambian guys saw the merit of psych rock and let it loose. This is the chillest track. Lamar Reveals Album Artwork image's caption also possibly hints at the album's title: "Don't all dogs go to heaven? Don't Gangsta's boogie? Do owl shit stank? Lions, Tigers & Bears. But TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY. Its the American dream nigga...." - lil Homie. This record will make history. Musicians Share Discuss Their Favorite Radiohead Songs I'd say the great Bends masterpieces, like My Iron Lung, are my favorite because RH was visceral and daringly crafty at the same time back then.Later in the progression I'd say Paranoid Android was a great track, and then Pyramid Song off of Amnesiac, Wolf at the Door, Everything in It's Right Place, Climbing Up the Walls, and Daily Mail/Last Flowers/Go Slowly as the three crazy sad songs. I can't choose a favorite personally.[REQUEST] Please share your favorite Bob Dylan! Is there any Dylan where he gets angry?'m in a very Dylan mood and I'm listening through all of it. At this point i've heard most of Bringing it All Back Home and some Blood on the Tracks which my Dylan-loving homie claims is his "true best even though everyone disagrees with me."! I'm also curious if there are any examples of Dylan getting a little pissed in his lyrics or a song that has a bit more edge showing from him. I think It's Alright Ma gets close just because of how powerful the topic/story is, but it's not quite an expression of anger.THANKS! finds Pharrell, Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye song for 'Blurred Lines,' awards $7.3 million. love his version far more than the stones... and I can't really put my finger on why. Armstrong - Basin Street Blues's your favorite jazz music Hubski ? Are The World -A minute by minute breakdown squabbles! Shiny tracksuits! Michael Jackson! Inside the epic all-nighter that birthed USA for Africa's charity smash Mike - Reagan (2012). Some questionable political ideas but it's refreshing to stumble upon some political rap on YouTube - Gott Mit Uns to find a song by Sabaton that rhymes even a little bit. Lyrics are not their strong suit. Boy from Sicily who Became a Drummer for AC/DC Currenti traded a life of hard rock, fame and fortune for a family pizzeria Beaches – Speedway King [absolute insanity] - ReMake You [EDM Chiptune] - ReMake You [EDM Chiptune] The idea for this song came when I was listening to this one: :)Art & Music by MotionRide. 113th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Hanover - Besides The AbyssSidewalks and Skeletons - White LightHaust - Light X Posse - Ruff, Rugged & Raw Dylan on Sacrifice, the Unconscious Mind, and How to Cultivate the Perfect Environment for Creative Work First of all, there’s two kinds of thoughts in your mind: there’s good thoughts and evil thoughts. Both come through your mind. Some people are more loaded down with one than another. Nevertheless, they come through. And you have to be able to sort them out, if you want to be a songwriter, if you want to be a song singer. You must get rid of all that baggage. You ought to be able to sort out those thoughts, because they don’t mean anything, they’re just pulling you around, too. It’s important to get rid of them thoughts.Then you can do something from some kind of surveillance of the situation. You have some kind of place where you can see it but it can’t affect you. Where you can bring something to the matter, besides just take, take, take, take, take. As so many situations in life are today. Take, take, take, that’s all that it is. What’s in it for me? That syndrome which started in the Me Decade, whenever that was. We’re still in that. It’s still happening. argument for hearing a work with a Nazi reference is difficult to tell from a score the full effect music will have in performance. But it is simply impossible, as it is in the “Leningrad” Symphony, that someone could hear Mr. Tarm’s sour take on “Horst Wessel” as a neutral or sympathetic presentation of this material. Obviously the melody may lead listeners to think of the Nazi period — that is its point. It is not the role of an arts institution to spare audiences from history that might upset them. Quite the contrary. Lamar confirms a new album and a release date at March 23rd. am the hypest of hype. Bottom Blues -Derek and the Dominoes On the Radio - Dirtywhirl - Moo Moo Meadows Theme [Mario Kart Wii EDM Chiptune Cover] by Asuka Ohta and Ryo Nagamatsu, this is my cover of my favorite Mario Kart level music on Nintendo Wii. If you manage to suffer through the whole song you will hear a part that I call Moostep. ;) Making this one gave me so much joy! I hope you'll enjoy it equally! :DEverything (art & music) was made by me (Pete) with GIMP, KdenLive, SunVox & Audacity. Truth Behind The "New Wu-Tang" Album for the Reddit link, but HHH is mostly cool, and this is pretty big in regards to the link posted yesterday Kulthum - Al Atlal it Cumol who was sharing her music on IRC? If it was, thank you for doing so. I like her singing very much.A note for any Arabic speakers on Hubski: Are the English subtitles as inaccurate as this video's comments say? I have no trust for them anymore. Graves' new album is excellent, and back to the roots– Nobody's Fool Khalifa - The Sleaze – Blue Boyîc and Mychael Danna - First Push links to prove that this season will go down in history in reviving hip-hop. (BBNGxGhost & the new Kanye single) is BBNG resuscitating Ghostface Killah, back from the soul cemetery and a little sour about it.This is Kanye West putting his foot down on Drake, and the pop hip-hop community. He's pissing on the industry because he's the alpha-male again. Teaming up with youngsters like Theophilus London, nobodys and up-and-comers, Kanye the self-proclaimed God is shining down on his subjects. Bonus:If you haven't heard already, Kendrick Lamar's recent flaming fireball of fury, The Blacker the Berry: This is an incredible time for hip-hop. I'm pumped. - 14 rappers from 14 different countries celebrate hiphop proceeds from buying the song go to UNICEF. Hype. - Paper Moon [NES/Chiptune Cover of Papierowy Ksiezyc] originally by Halina Frackowiak - Paper Moon [ NES Chiptune Cover of Papierowy Ksiezyc ] originally by Halina FrackowiakIt's a cover of a song from my childhood. Something that shaped my musical taste. :) I hope to make more covers of songs I grew up with, both in chiptune form and mixed with other genres. Maybe a remix, if I find vocals. :) Heard the $5 Million Wu-Tang Album That Won’t Be Played Again in Public for 88 Years new and possibly final Wu-Tang album is more than two hours long. It features 31 tracks, all eight living MCs, most if not all Wu-Tang affiliates (Sunz of Man, Redman, Cher), sirens, bombs, samples from kung fu cinema, and original skits. And it took more than two years to produce, mostly because eighty percent of its vocals were re-recorded to capture the intensity of early Wu-Tang records. The album’s title: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Here is some additional info: the CD is housed within two nickel-silver boxes that were hand-carved by a Moroccan artist and his team of ten workers over three months; there is only one physical copy of the album in existence; all digital versions have been destroyed; and bidding starts at $5 million. And we learned yesterday that Once Upon a Time in Shaolin will remain under copyright until 2103 — that’s 88 years.So if you didn’t happen to be at MoMA PS1 last evening — among a smattering of journalists, high-bidders, and Power 105 contest winners — you will likely never experience the entire album, or even the 13-minute sample heard by Flavorwire. Unless, that is, Shaolin’s future owner decides to distribute it for free — an unlikely scenario. This Way: In Defense of Lady GaGa’s Schlock Pop the pop star’s derided third album reveals a glorious exercise in bad taste Best Photos of Taylor Swift Shows Why She is Most Lovable Celeb Best Photos of Taylor Swift Shows Why She is Most Lovable Celeb[SUPER FRESH] All Day - Kanye West't really matter what I make, boy, you know I still go wildLike a light skinned slave, boy, we in the mothafuckin' house Hopping with Chris Thile - YouTube man is incredible. - Big Blue [EDM/Chiptune/Punk F-Zero Cover] original comes from the Super Nintendo Entertaining System version of F-Zero video game. I hope you like it. :)Art & Music by Pete (MotionRide) Baker - I Get Along Without You Very Well's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) – Bob Dylan unusual tune from what I know of Bob Dylan..a really cool track. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Noir - Cardinal NoirSwallow the Sky - EP 2015 Rosenstock - The Internet is Everywhere to the Where was your first kiss? thread. of the Conchords - Robots (The Humans Are Dead) Gilberto, João Gilberto and Stan Getz - The Girl from Ipanema Miami 2: Wrong Number OST (WIP) - Talisman Smith Thinking About Making Music Again, please God let this happen, let this be true.I want Willie to get on the grimiest Chicago-ass beat and go to town, with Kanye or some shit. Shit would pop OFF Williamsburg pulled the plug on America’s hippest music scene? 1967 Van Morrison recorded 31 intentionally awful songs in order to get out of his contract thought I remembered seeing the album on Spotify but it's not there now. Some of the tracks are on YouTube. It's difficult to find music of the caliber of Want A Danish? toady: Cut Connie - Shake It Little Tina about Syd Barrett, his rollercoaster history with Pink Floyd, "Have You Got It Yet?" and the fact that Wish You Were Here was made for him. to Roger Waters, Barrett came into what was to be their last practice session with a new song he had dubbed "Have You Got It Yet?". The song seemed simple enough when he first presented it, but it soon became impossibly difficult to learn and they eventually realised that while they were practising it, Barrett kept changing the arrangement.[79][82] He would then play it again, with the arbitrary changes, and sing "Have you got it yet?". Eventually they realised they never would, and that they were simply bearing the brunt of Barrett's idiosyncratic sense of humour.[83] Waters had called it "a real act of mad genius".[79][82] Also TIL about Pink Floyd: Every song from Dark Side of the Moon is about something thing that too much of will make you crazy! Money, Time, etc. Y Moi – "So Many Details" [groovy woovy wavy blippy bloppy music] him live in May!!!!! Straits - Brothers In Arms Media is Dead to Donald Glover, Action Bronson and Iggy Azalea"In December, everything Donald Glover had ever posted to Twitter and Instagram mysteriously disappeared. All of it. Thousands of posts. Rumors suggested that he’d wiped out his accounts in solidarity with an organization called Blackout for Human Rights, which may or may not be true—Al Roker seemed to have not done that sort of homework, otherwise he’d have mentioned it specifically. But in reality, Glover may have just realized he’d had enough." Private Photo Shoot that Sparked a War Inside Van Halen 1979 David Lee Roth met Helmut Newton, inciting an ego-fueled power struggle that ultimately split the group apart Every Rose Has Its Thorn - 1988 & The Kickstarter Celebrity Cash Grab screams entitlement more than this group’s brazen pimping of crowdfunding You! Black Emperor Return music is for the children: The Shoreditch Experimental Music School, 1969, Blood and Noise: The Violent Roots of Manchester Punk blow-by-blow history of the raucous 1970s scene that birthed Joy Division, Morrissey and Buzzcocks are giving away a live version of their (fantastic) album "Flood" small catch - you have to give them an email address. Some classics on this one, like "Particle Man", "Istanbul (not Constantinople)", "Your Racist Friend", and my personal favourite, "Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love".Go grab it! Gartner: Hashtag Blessed: Music’s Unfortunate Social Media Side Hustle music DJ Wolfgang Gartner weighs in on the "Some artists adopted a technique of subtle “dick riding” (and some not-so-subtle) in an attempt to bolster themselves up to the level of those who were in a position higher than them. And as this all took place on Twitter, the whole world (and the music industry; agents, promoters, managers, record labels) got to watch it. Those who played the game and played it well often found themselves closing the gap between them and their idols, as a sense of online kinship between two artists seemed to convey “equality.” Some strategic artists found ways to exploit this, and as they positioned themselves as equals on Twitter with their idols or rivals they suddenly found themselves as equals on stage, in billing, and in overall profile or earning power." synth lovers here? in synths electronic music or music production in general? Guiliana with Jeff Taylor - Improv weird. So cool. West by BBNG: Flashing Lights Insanity. Springsteen - Thundercrack, Live 70s performance with a strange intro about his 16 year old girlfriend and stretch socks love this song and this performance of it. This song never made it onto a proper album. The bizarre intro and live guitar work at the end make this my favorite iteration. Springsteen's about the most straight laced rock star to ever blow up and play arenas while being critically acclaimed but that bit at the beginning about an underaged girlfriend would have destroyed his career today. 111th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Hanover - Hallow - SynchronizeThe Spectors - Like SandLost Trail - Lamentations OST - Black Forest (Suspiria OST) Best Advice Imagine Dragons Ever Got for the Beatles blew their minds, but their greatest lesson came from… Charlie Sheen? Dre’s Secret (Sequined) History 1983 a teenaged Andre Young ventured into a Hollywood punk rock club and West Coast hip-hop changed forever Said Knock You Out friday all. Graves - The Waters (Live at KUTX) version of this track. Drake Disrupted Kanye’s surprise album rockets to #1, while Ye fails to deliver on his brash promises Riot - I Can't Breathe Changing Color of Hip-Hop Thompson Reveals Jeff Tweedy Produced Album - Exiled Off Main Street - Exiled Off Main Street is awesome!“It was mostly my suggestion,” said Thompson when asked whose idea it was to use Jeff Tweedy.“We’ve worked with Jeff live,” says Thompson. “In fact, last year in the States we toured with Wilco. They’re very conscious of the roots of music so we think in a similar way about how to make records. So I think it was a fairly easy single-minded process.” Pops Staples - "Friendship" from T-Dog's FB page. I've always loved Pop's voice, so amazing. We used to watch the Last Waltz in college about 2-3 times a week and would rewind his parts and rematch them again and again. What a voice. scrimetime Bird - Echolocations: Canyon in the Coyote Gulch canyons of Utah, Echolocations: Canyon is first in a series of short films and recordings by Andrew that will document site specific compositions in exceptional national and urban environments. Bird says:“Ever since I was a child I would test different spaces with my voice or whistle or violin. Whatever sound you make it’s like a giant limb that can reach beyond your fingers and grope the corners of the room. Now when I’m on tour playing a different theater every night we “tune” the room hunting down the bass traps and the standing waves to give the listener the most even and wide spectrum sound. There are certain frequencies that resonate while others are lifeless. Sometimes the room refuses to yield and I have to consider playing different songs that will work in that room. It’s a challenge but I enjoy the moments when I must yield to the environment. So I thought it would be interesting to take all this outside where the reflections off the landscape are triggering countless inferences and steering the conversation.”thenewgreen - Calcium reminder to us all to wish for good bones and calcium. John Lennon"Penny Thoughts" by me wrote this demo for a project I'm working on but I'll not be using it and thought I'd share it here. Maybe someone will dig it. jonaswildman, ghostoffuffle, T-Dog"Some People" -Humanodon Lyrics and Ipad sounds and guitar by me, humanodon, T-Dog, jonaswildman-I had to be very quiet tonight because I have company over, therefore I recorded a song almost entirely with my iPad. I little lightly strummed guitar at the end. The lyrics are from a poem (below) that Humanodon offered up as lyrics. Some people will never be kissed by someone who loves them, not even by their mothers. Some people will never eat Chinese food, even though life is a buffet and no one ever gets full. Some people spend their whole lives eating dessert, never knowing that one “s” could change everything. Some people spend their lives trembling like suddenly little dogs through thunderstorms. Some people cannot ever remember enough to forget. Some people are self-inflicted wounds, already infected by flesh eating viruses, which rarely give up eating unless there is simply too much of a body. Some people never fall out of love with their own voices and cease to understand any voice from the outside. Some people will never go on a boat, or fold one out of paper and set it free in the gutter of wherever it is they say they live. Some people are invincible. Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home Ghost in the MP3: created by salvaging the sounds and images lost to compression via the MP3 and MP4 codecs - TNT - Matsuri is this? I feel like I am flying to some outer spaceee Velvet Underground - Heroin An Oral History Stevens - No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross [New] it out b_b (and everyone else). - Vitamin C John Misty covers Heart-Shaped Box girlfriend put this on a birthday mixtape for me when I was like 15. I've always wondered whether she had really grasped the song. We didn't last. Pit - Lifted Up (1985) - YouTube excited for this album - Kindred - an album about family.I could use something like that. Tweedy's Subconscious Songwriting Up - Vixen Up is indie pop/rock from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Catchy melodies and uplifting songs made by two brothers and two neighbours who met each other at elementary school and have been making music together ever since. Callaway, “Scoring Transcendence: Contemporary Film Music as Religious Experience” Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Unit - Final FlightWhorid - The Will to Speak Shall Be Severed, I released my acoustic mope-fi EP yesterday. I hope you like it. Pickett -Hey Jude with Duane Allman working on this cover for a good portion of tonight. Belle and Sebastian - The Boy Done Wrong Again., talking about music with you made me pick up my guitar and get his down (ish). I don't think it sounds that bad for what it is, and I love the original version which can be found here.I haven't been doing nearly enough with music lately. Year of @Pharrellhat: A year ago, I created a viral Twitter account. Here‘s what happened the viral Twitter account @Pharrellhat? It was created by @wGruger a year ago. Here's what he learned."If You're Reading This It's Too Late"'m not really a Drake fan, but there are many happy people around today - 20.7 Million-ish, to be more exact. Pedagogy Comes At Halftime: Nas As Black Public Intellectual [Excerpt]"Weird Al" Yankovic - I Lost On Jeopardy Covers 'Latch' by Disclosure maintain that some of the best music occurs when an already good song jumps genre. I taught my computer to write its own music X-Rated Lyrics and Digital Beats Delivered Dancehall to the Masses 1980s Jamaica, slackness and gun talk inspired a new generation of electronic riddim builders River North - Delicate (Damien Rice cover) a fan of the gravelly vocals around 3:30 Wilson - No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun me this ain't one hell of a groove. It's in something stupid like 21/4 too. West heading into the studio with Taylor Swift a time to be alive. is the most important innovation in the history of rock 'n' roll?, historians and critics tell us what they consider to be the greatest game changers for the industry releases torrent bundle! BBNGxGhostface Killa, MF DOOM [Epic Music Video Inside]!The Sour Soul BundleI recommend skipping to the 4th track, Vices, after hearing the opening track/video. Awesome stuff.edit: this is actually great. No droning, no repetitiveness, I'm on edge and interested. This has got to be my favorite release from BBNG yet?!??! eightbitsamurai, resident Soul Sensei, what do you make of this? Gordon: ‘Women aren’t allowed to be kick-ass. I refused to play the game’ Britain, journalists took to asking me a single question over and over: “What’s it like to be a girl in a band?” I’d never really thought about that. The mostly male music press in the UK was cowardly and nonconfrontational in person. They would then go home and write cruel, ageist, sexist things. I assumed it was because they were terrified of women; the whole country had a queen complex, after all. I refused to play the game. I didn’t want to dress like Siouxsie Sioux, or act out the role of an imaginary female, someone who had more to do with them than with me. There was a popular look at the time – the vintage dress, the makeup – that just wasn’t me. Sound - Te Amo's great. College [Post-Metal] this track, album, and artist. Jeph Jaques makes this music, but also writes a successful webcomic called Questionable Content.'s Hermits - a Kind of Hush lil and mk Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - The Math Song've got a brain, and nobody really needs another love song. - Genesis[FRESH SON] Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker the Berry[INSERT FIRE EMOJI MOTHAFUCKIN HERE, SON.] Might Be Giants - We Want A Rock music behind the worst album covers ever. nsfw are a couple of album covers in there that are certainly not safe for work. Nigel Pepper Cock and My Pussy Belongs to Daddy chief among them. Some of the music is actually pretty intriguing. I love the Zip Zap Rap. and this craziness:'re Gonna Find Your Mistake blues for cgod and company that I don't think sucks. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Final Product Orations - Orations Paper Dollhouse - Helios La Peste Negra - Ritos Ancestrales Murphy - Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem Cult - She Sells Sanctuary Gainsbourg - Aux Armes Et Caetera Hi - The Stars Just Blink for Us live @ Boom Festival 2014 am not sure if there are any psytrance fans here. This is a very danceable set that I enjoy listening to, give it a try :)Careful, the bass is heavy - Wait for the Moment is the most easy of easy listening music. Or whatever this may be. Banhart – Mi Negrita don't speak spanish!Devendra has this funny t-shirt!Devendra has this awesome song as well!Gooooo Devendra!!!!!! Edit: Some songs are in english! They are weird! McCartney: Little Willow Taylor - Undead Lover bought the record and exchanged a couple emails with Jeff. Fantastic musician, and a super nice guy. Check it out. Importance of 432Hz Music is perhaps a speculation of why A=440Hz ET and higher concert pitches can be perceived as a brighter, thinner, outward of the head, whereas concert pitch at A=432Hz 12T5 or C=256Hz can be perceived as an inward experience of feeling. Our heart has more morphogenetic fields than the brain and is one of the first things to form in the womb, beating out the soliton pulse of cosmic musical DNA. We feel our emotional bodies from the heart and our solar plexus is the nerve cluster that senses those feelings like a microphone or transducer. From my own observations, some of the harmonic overtone partials of A=432hz 12T5 appear to line up to natural patterns and also the resonance of solitons. Solitons need a specific range to form into the realm of density and span from the micro to the macro cosmos. Solitons are not only found in water mechanics, but also in the spiral ion-acoustic breath between quarks and protons. The universe depends on the existence of solitons and without them vortex motion would not form.Some audiophiles have also reported that A=432Hz music seems to be non local and can appear to fill a room, whereas A=440Hz can perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.Whether you believe what it says or not, it's certainly an interesting idea. I'm going to tune my instruments down to A=432 and see if I notice anything different. - Breezeblocks Cave: Stagger Lee - 1996 quite safe for work. Hysteric in Metal Criticism Justice for All got to hang out with Lars and James for a day at their studio a few years back in San Rafael. You would never know it was there because the building looks like an industrial warehouse in a non-descript part of town. Metallica had rented a portable rock wall that my buddy owned as a side business. Apparently Lars is into climbing with his kids. I got to harness up James and he climbed to the top and did this whole kamikaze thing off the wall on the way down. I was bummed to not meet Kirk or Rob. I learned that their tour manager is from Monroe MI, same place I grew up. They were all easy going. And man, I fucking love an album full of 6+ minute rock songs. Playing Ping Pong - F.U. first post is not as inspired as it may have been, but I would like to share with you this song. It is very catchy.'ll Be the Day Your Memory: Title Fight's New Sound and Old Haunts 2015, Title Fight’s stature has continued to shift and mutate. People have always seemed to struggle to place the band in a particular spot: You’ll see them referred to as emo, hardcore, post-hardcore, and nowadays shoegaze, with some writers throwing their hands up at the whole genre game entirely and simply referring to them as “indie” now. These are the kinds of growing pains that can come with the transition Title Fight are making, from being well-known and maintaining a fervent fanbase in a specific community that can have a lot of its own arcane and rigid classifications and rules, to having songs premiered on Vogue’s website, of all places. This time around, the impetus is their new album, Hyperview. While there might be more of their DNA intact than it sounds on an initial listen through the new record, it’s also easily the furthest, most committed departure from where they started. Full of bleeding watercolor guitars and dreamily detached vocals, it’s also the kind of record that could, whether they want it to or not, begin a severing with one world and a closer relationship with a new one. It remains to be seen what effect the record will have on their career, whether it’ll be a sharp delineation between the past and whatever comes next, or whether it’ll be another incremental step in a process that has, in reality, been slow-burning since 2012. versus Music if the other time-based arts – film, dance, theatre – had their parameters of perception change as swiftly as those within much modern music? Could a film or a play remain comprehensible if its dynamics, timbres, colour saturation, visual editing, etc. all change at the rate of, say, that Klavierstück? Why DO composers write so many notes, with such densely-changing parameters? Carpenter - Wraith (ohGr Remix) embedding seems broken. forwardslash?link Order - PIL - Sugar Cubes and I went to this concert.Oh yes we did.(cleaning out the garage is therapeutic. It's embarrassing to see some of the things I haven't yet thrown away) Promote A New Album, Bob Dylan Gave His Only Interview To ... The AARP? : NPR turns out Bob Dylan is big Frank Sinatra fan. You just probably won't hear it from him. To promote Shadows In The Night, an album of songs Sinatra made famous, Dylan gave just one print interview — to the AARP."Bob [Dylan] intentionally wanted to reach the AARP audience," says Bob Love, editor in chief of AARP The Magazine, "and he thought that this record would be more appreciated by people who have more wisdom and experience in life." Is the Road to Awe - Clint Mansell The Fountain's soundtrack. Gibbard and Mark Kozelek Talk Benji, St. Vincent, Modest Mouse in E-mail Thread McGrath - Bruce Springsteen - Antiwar Irish Folk Pop Art dnb mix yeah I've been listening to this for three hours Sheppard's arrangement of "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" Hughes's birthday today. 108th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Nowhere The Long Losts - Scary Songs to Play in the Dark. I missed this back in October. Having seen it, I'm really surprised no one had done an album with that title and cover before. antiPLUR - The Day I Didn't Speak My Mind Mehldau - Paranoid Android piano cover suicide // waste yrself [punk-pop, lo-fi, bedroom tunes] with vjoriqor's bedroom tunes idea. I loved this post, so I thought I would contribute. Feel free to mention other similar bands. If you're into this kind of stuff, look into attic abasement as well. I love their sound. Mayfield - Pusherman's Talk About Death... Grips. Death Grips.some questions off the top of my head include:why?how?what the fuck?If you share these sentiments, I strongly urge you to watch this album review, get a Grip (heh) of what's going on, and gently apply context to your ear-wounds before you listen to the great, glorious fountain of horse shit that is Death Grips.I hated and mocked my friends for bandwagon-ing this band, but as a fan of Fantano's album reviews for a while, I gave Death Grips a chance after watching it. I also appreciated producer Zach Hill's work a lot more on this record, and the experience of my first determined playthrough of Exmilitary was focused more on the sounds Hill brought to the table than MC Ride's spoken-word Benadryl overdose. Thoughts?If you haven't heard of Death Grips, or Anthony Fantano, or don't frequent 4chan, or aren't a horrid human being, then this is not the post or the album for you. The Blues, A US Envoy Hopes To Boost Ties With Ecuador of Gold - Cover Version friend of mine sings. This happened last night. Songs At 15: On Hearing Sufjan Stevens For The First Time : All Songs Considered : NPR the summer of 2003, I got a lengthy letter from a guy asking if we would please play his music on a show we used to do called Open Mic. It was a showcase for great unknowns. (Don't bother looking for it, it doesn't exist anymore.) The guy's name was Sufjan Stevens and he'd just put out a record called Michigan. It had arrived unceremoniously with all the other albums we'd get from unknown or unsigned artists, and I threw it in a stack to listen to on my commute. I remember driving home with Bob one night, putting on the song "Romulus" and telling Bob, "You know, this guy is pretty good!" I just bought tickets to see him at an awesome venue in Durham on May 7th! mk, come visit, I bought a ticket for you and gq too :) the Jewels - "Lie, Cheat, Steal" (video) is the one I come back to the most. That verse when K-Mike jumps in. A revolutionary bangin' on my adversariesAnd I love Dr. King but violence might be necessaryCause when you live on MLK and it gets very scaryYou might have to pull your AK, send one to the cemeteryWe overworked, underpaid, and we underprivilegedThey love us, they love us (why?)Because we feed the villageYEAH. Chance The Rapper Is Forgoing Solo Fame To Make Jazzy Songs With Friends always have to double check if your handle has one e or two, haha. Recording Artists Survive Spotify? used to get music from the record store. Then the CD store, then the iTunes store. Now, we stream it online — via YouTube, Spotify or Pandora.For the artists who record the music, that’s a big problem. Their royalty deals pay best when people buy a CD or download a song. If a song is broadcast on the radio or streamed, they get less. If it’s streamed by a customer who doesn’t pay a subscription fee (like three quarters of Spotify users) the royalty is practically peanuts. And streaming itself may be in trouble; growth is slowing and Sony says it's shutting down its Music Unlimited service.Recording artists want to get their music to as many listeners as possible. But as technology has made it easier — and cheaper — for consumers, it’s also made it harder for artists to make a buck in the ‘business of pennies.’ Twin on SoundCloud | Zoë Keating 2. Meriadoc History of Digital Album Leaks you follow the data released by Nielsen, you’re well aware that music consumption is distinctly trending away from…well, consumption, with sales of digital files and CDs—the sources of leaks themselves—giving way to self-contained access points like Spotify and Pandora. Even though mp3s don’t trigger the fear and loathing they once did within the record business, last week’s leaks show that the compressed digital files are still capable of causing significant headaches. As for leaks themselves: in their current form as a technological byproduct of demand for music, they date back at least to Dylan: if there’s a strong enough desire to hear something, those with access will cobble together tools to free music from its private, pre-release circulation period, regardless of the artist’s or label’s wishes.Over the past 20 years, pre-dating Napster and continuing well into the streaming moment, a history of the various rationales and reactions to digital leaks charts the history of the record business itself during its externally-imposed digital transition: tactics of copyright enforcement, technologies of circulation and surveillance, ad-hoc promotional strategies that have sedimented into business practice, and the alternately fraught and symbiotic relationships between music fans and the musicians themselves. musical double feature, oh my! I wanted to post a song, then I wanted to post a different song. I decided to post them both. A wild, innovative idea that's sure to catch on among the hip-young-old folks of the day. Whitaker: "I Thank You God for Most This Amazing Day" - a setting of the poem by E.E. Cummings heard this on the way home today. gorgeous.Text: I thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes (I who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun's birthday; this is the birthday of life and of love and wings: and of the gay great happening illimitably earth) how should tasting touching hearing seeing breathing any - lifted from the no of all nothing - human merely being doubt unimaginable You ? (now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened) - A projection mapped skull | My friend Charles and I completed this collaborative project today!'ve been absent from Hubski over the last few days and it's because I've been cramming in the work to get this done. It was done for my 'collaborative project' module on my masters. My friend charles did all the visual work, with myself doing the audio and composition. Our friend Eve designed and built the skull.I'd love to know what you think. We approached it in a way that made it a 'true' collaboration, instead of just the audio solely following the visuals. A lot of things did go wrong during this project but I reckon we pulled it off!kleinbl00 I'd love your opinion on my sound work. Elliott Smith on Freaks | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios - YouTube up // soft power [flower punk, lo-fi, bedroom tunes] i am hoping to find some people who dig this kinda thing. been digging lvl up, cyberbully mom club, eskimeaux, kississippi, spook houses, forth wanderers, mitski. all rad as heck bands. MANX harness and wheel (2005) - YouTube band that I recently discovered when the owner of my favorite record store in town let me know that he played in it. Saylor Quintet - "Take the A Train" me a lot of the version from Study in Brown (Clifford Brown w/ the Max Roach Quintet). Awesome solos, and who knew Jazz at the Lincoln Center had a Doha location?I was surfing around Youtube, saw Joe's name, and couldn't resist. He's best known as the drummer with Jon Batiste & Stay Human:I saw them live a while back and it was phenomenal. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - A Place in the Sun Theologian - Pain of the Saints Also Laibach posted a video for No History off last year's Spectre, and it is wonderful. Meriadoc - Julia My Fire - Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band Patrick Harris & Felicia Day - My Eyes (On the Rise)'re doing this song in choir and I am so pumped Young & Crazy Horse - Down by the River So it Begins: First Meow the Jewels Snippet can't believe I paid money for this shit.Oh wait, yes I can. Falls - I say Fever should I do about Youtube? Dead reunion with Trey Anastasio of Phish set for Chicago, July 2015. is going? b_b, bgood79? – Live at KEXP've been listening to this performance, especially Ringleader and R Life, for about a week now. So much respect to this guy. The MPC work is just some rainbow sprinkles, but that live drumming is one hell of a cupcake. By the way, there is some startling resemblance between Shigeto and thenewgreen, Ann Arbor and everything. Has anyone ever seen them in the same room at the same time? Hm.. Ting Tings - Do It Again (live) This Band Emo? Swift is not an emo band. Tiny Desk Concert and I - Ingrid Michaelson had a shitty start to the day. Lots of yelling.I listened to this song like twice in the car on the way to school, and I brought my ukulele with me to play it, and a few other songs during my lunch break.Ukulele's are built to kill bad moods, scientific fact. - As long as I can see the light and Seek - Antoine Dufour Guitar Cover to with headphones and the volume up. Amazing resonance. Departed - Shakey Graves feat. Esme Patterson I didn't know I needed in my life until today.(Shoutout to my boy flagamuffin who put it up first a long time ago though) - 1612 Mitchell - Little Green've encountered Joni Mitchell's music for the first time only few weeks ago, listening to "Ladies of the Canyon" first, then "Blue". I've been playing this song to death since then. Can't wait till I learn to play guitar well enough to play it : ).The song's about a daughter she born being 22 and poor. She gave her up for adoption.Lyrics: Born with the moon in Cancer Choose her a name she will answer to Call her Green and the winters can not fade her Call her Green for the children who have made her Little Green, be a gypsy dancerHe went to California Hearing that everything's warmer there So you write him a letter and say, "her eyes are blue" He sends you a poem and she's lost to you Little Green, he's a non-comformerJust a little green Like the colour when the spring is born There'll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow Just a little green Like the nights when the Northern Lights perform There'll be icicles and birthday clothes And sometimes there'll be sorrowChild with a child pretending Weary of lies you are sending home So you sign all the papers in the family name You're sad and you're sorry but you're not ashamed Little Green, have a happy endingJust a little green Like the colour when the spring is born There'll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow Just a little green Like the nights when the Northern Lights perform There'll be icicles and birthday clothes And sometimes there'll be sorrow Dylan - All Along the Watchtower'm so used to the Jimi Hendrix version and that's the one I normally listen to, but I found this one again and I am really digging the harmonica. Zeppelin – Going to California [not your usual Zeppelin] minute ago you were thrashing to Zeppelin, you didn't even notice this song came on, but you've already stopped moving and you've sunk into oblivion..örk's New Album Vulnicura Is Out Now leaked. Like, three months early. YEESH. Really Is No Excuse To Steal Music Anymore I work for a company that specializes in fighting music piracy, but I have definitely illegally downloaded my fair share of music from torrents and file-sharing sites over the last decade. I’ve never been busted by the police, nor have I ever had my internet service cancelled, but I will admit to my parents having received one or twelve letters from Comcast threatening to throttle our connection speed if said piracy should persist. Thankfully, things never came to that, but looking back now, they easily could have, and I would have almost certainly been at fault. Something changed, however, and it wasn’t my income or my parents’ willingness to support my addiction to new music. It was my understanding of entertainment not only as an art form, but also as a business, and it was at that moment I understood the true impact piracy has on the industry at large. and Applied Composition: Game and Film Scoring is soooo cool sounding.. kleinbl00 while I realize you're (probably, heh) not going back to school, you might find the concept interesting. - Ocarina of Time Jazz Covers ThemeSarah's SongSong of Storms CODE: How the Colombian army sent a hidden message to hostages…using a pop song Jose Espejo was a man with a problem. As the Colombian army’s communications expert watched the grainy video again, he saw kidnapped soldiers chained up inside barbed-wire pens in a hostage camp deep in the jungle, guarded by armed FARC guerillas. Some had been hostages for more than 10 years, and many suffered from a grim, flesh-eating disease caused by insect bites.It was 2010, and the straight-talking Espejo was close to retirement after 22 years of military service. But he couldn’t stand the thought of quitting with men left behind enemy lines. He needed an idea, and when he needed an idea, he always went to one man. Yardbirds - For your love Dad had a record with the Yardbirds and I don't recall exactly which one it was. But I do have a distinct memory of playing the record in the background while my brothers and I would play Contra III in our basement. We would go crazy and make hilarious faces when the music got faster and sometimes if someone (AHEM PAT) wasn't paying attention, we'd get into a little bit of a scrap which would provoke my mom into yelling at us to get off the Nintendo and go outside. kinks- a well respected man of the best bands of all time 106th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread Death Cycle - Dark SkiesX Marks the Pedwalk - Amplified DichotomyCygnostic - Blindfold Edwards' (Benge) talk about vintage analog synthesizers (Ben Edwards) is a UK-based musician, who has amassed probably the biggest collection of analog synthesizers in the world. In this video he will talk about his collection and 20 Systems album - a CD with 20 tracks made on 20 synths spanning 20 years from 1968 to 1987. Ben will speak about most interesting examples, demonstrate how they work and let us enjoy their vintage sound. Castle Lake - Sync you ever fallen in love with a song? An emotional explosion that perfectly complements everything you need right in that moment? Cloud Castle Lake's "Sync" from their EP, "Dandelion," has enraptured me. A song that wants me to break down and destroy myself, but is building me into something greater within the same moment. It mimics how I feel and how I wish to feel in a mix of anxiety and assuredness.Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy described beautifully how it's possible be so fine, yet poised."The songs build and build and build until it becomes unsustainable.""'Sync' opens the album quietly and elegantly, and then begins to fold over onto itself, again and again, and that disintegrates into a tear-jerking horn section."I highly recommend reading what she wrote about the EP (also everything else she has written). Okx|Helikopter - 1993 be followed by:At least get to 2:25. Fiasco - Mural dunno how long this is gonna stay up.But, wow. That beat took me to another planet. Good eatin, thanks Lupe. Brown Greatest hits full album | Best songs of James Brown your money maker... Baker – You Don't Know What Love Is.. don't know how hearts yearnFor love that cannot live yet never diesUntil you've faced each dawn with sleepless eyesHow could you know what love is ooo-wee! There's just somethin about musicians with heroin problems. Lowda and the Humble - Curse the Weather was really into these guys in my pre-Hubski days. The band I was in actually played this song at our first gig; it was pretty much my favorite of our set (except maybe Watching the Detectives). Now that I cancelled my Spotify subscription (because I like musicians too much to not buy albums), I've been getting back into some of the stuff I used to dig, and I stumbled upon this album. Listen to it in full on their Bandcamp. Richter, Maurice Ravel, "Pavane." all to just let this play through at one point today! Mike Eagle sings Qualifiers from a Laundromat Lynn - We'll Meet Again Village Voice's 42nd Pazz & Jop Music Critics' Poll: The Last Word on the Year in Music By Numbers Love - a song I offer up to the originalmusicclub, ghostoffuffle, BLOB_CASTLE, coffeesp00ns, galen, jonaswildman, rezzeJ, mrjasonetaylor, bgood79, ecib, kleinbl00 and anyone else interested... feel free to add to this song. It's just acoustic guitar, an electric guitar track vocals right now. galen, you wanna add some drums? It's a pretty straight forward songHave fun! Religion: American Jesus Nirvana Live At Satyricon In Portland 1990, A Never-Before-Released Bootleg Recorded 25 Years Ago Today - years ago today on January 12, 1990, Nirvana played a show at a Portland punk venue called Satyricon. To celebrate the anniversary of that show, Youtube user WY97212 has uploaded his or her own recording of the whole concert. It’s a pretty important one in terms of Nirvana history: If a Daily Beast article is to be believed, it was the show where Kurt Cobain met Courtney Love for the first time. Dale Crover of the Melvins — the band that would later introduce Cobain to Dave Grohl — was playing on drums, and his band opened for Nirvana that night. You can listen to the whole bootleg and check out a setlist below. Ladies - Hello City Dougan - Clubbed To Death + erica -- Have a listen just met Erica a few days ago. She's great and happens to know a number of the same people I do from the Ann Arbor music scene. ghostoffuffle, T-Dog, jonaswildman have a listen. Springsteen's "Nebraska" - 2 57s and a portastudio an Echoplex used wrong but who's counting.ghostoffuffle are a signed, BBC broadcast band who like to give tracks away for free. Like this one. and performed by Lee Boyd & Moriah Nixon 2014. of Sharon - Title Fight Title Fight's upcoming album Hyperview. I'm getting more and more excited for this! Berry Live 1972 ~ My Ding-a-Ling Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread - Fuck Bodybuilding I Just Want To Grow PlantsVandalaze - Body Plaza's Best of Hip-Hop 2014 ya'll time to get your yearly schoolin of what was poppin and lockin in the hippin and hoppin. This isn't in any particular order but if you're looking for a primer or a hype playlist then it'll be a good place to start. There'll be a few "Not really hiphop but still amazing/hiphop that came out before 2013 that I stumbled across" nominations at the bottom. Albums Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2Let's go EL-P. It's Run the Jewels. They're the Mel Gibson and Danny Glover of hip-hop, except they're criminals instead of buddy cops. I somersault in the room and then pop to the van damme split on em. The whole thing wrecks, and improves on the first album with some pretty heavy material in some tracks. It be feelin' like the life that I’m livin' man, I don't controlLike every day I’m in a fight for my soulCould it be that my medicine’s the evidenceFor pigs to stop and frisk me when they rollin' round on patrol?And ask “why you’re here?”I just tell 'em cause it is what it isI live here and that’s what it isHe chimed “you got a dime?I said “Man, I’m tryin' to smoke and chillPlease don’t lock me up in front of my kidsAnd in front of my wifeMan, I ain’t got a gun or a knifeYou do this and you ruin my life...The production is Godlike. Listenining to Angel Duster with some good headphones for the first time is akin to a religious experience. And it's free! Free. Stop reading, go download.---Clockwork Indigo - Clockwork Indigo EP My first experience with the Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers, and I am sad about this because I loved this mixtape. ButterflyEffect (I'm sorry for making this joke twice) is one of my most played tracks this year. Super chill, great all around, also free, go download!---Childish Gambino - STN MTN/KauaiI'm pretty on the edge with Bino. I get hyped for his stuff, then it drops, and I'm super hyped, but it gets pretty much no replay value after my first couple of listens. Gambino is like the Cheesecake Factory of hiphop - you go because you know everybody can find something to eat at Cheesecake, but there are also way better places to eat. But I also posit that If your man don't wanna lick it/I volunteer as tribute/you niggas on them Hunger Games/I'm eatin o's like onion rings is one of the best hiphop lines of all time.That being said, this is a very high quality mixtape, and I honestly liked it better than Because the Internet, so, good work Donald!---Flying Lotus - You're Dead!Is this hiphop? I dunno. Is it awesome? Uh...FlyLo knows how to produce like his life depended on it. He's able to create an atmosphere in his tracks that makes you feel, in the case of this album, uneasy. Like you're walking through some alternate world, a land of the dead. Good stuff. Excellent interview with FlyLo here.---SinglesLupe Fiasco - Mazinger ZWhen I heard that Mazinger Z opening I was grinning like an idiot. It's nice to see Lupe indulge his inner Otaku again, and be able to release some label-less music, because he's at his best when he does that. ---Kendrick Lamar - iYa'll know I wouldn't put "Best of Hiphop" without Kendrick showing up in here somewhere. Kdot on that chicken dancin' shit, I don't even know.Anyways, this song is just so damn fun! People complain about it appealing to the mainstream, but I disagree. It's not poppy enough, and that third verse is unheard of on the radio. I'm especially interested to see where the song fits into the rest of the album that (PLEASE GOD HOPEFULLY) comes out this year. ---Kanye West - Only One Jan. 1st 2015, but I'll allow it. I went and hugged my mom after hearing this song.---Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With YouThis song is so stupid, I LOVE IT----The Rap Momument42 Minute Freestyle. Ridiculous, but it gets a little stale near the end, after Killer Mike's verse. It needed more Kilo Kush intermissions in between, in my opinion.---The Real Awards - Not Really HipHop but still Amazingcs_Electro - Live Slam JamCOME ON AND SLAM, AND WELCOME TO THE JAMI still dislike Charles Barkley, though.---nakinyko - Poolside IdentityOh man.---Killer Mike and Action Bronson freestyle on tradmills"What the fuck are you doing?"---Bob the Builder x Bobby Shmurda - Bobby Bitch---John Mayer Trap Remix---Taylor Swift - Shake it Off (Tesher Remix)_refugee_SO THAT'S IT. Alright year for hiphop, better singles than albums, really. I think 2015 will be better. Heeeere's hopin, thanks for reading, etc. etc. - Ave cesaria can't remember where I first heard this guy's music, but he's very good. Biography of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios, Its Ownership, and Other Black Memories wasn’t a musician but I came to Richard a confused kid—a black kid who felt very black but wasn’t particularly interested in the kind of blackness that the local radio stations seemed to be shilling—with no idea of what I wanted to do next. Richard, a man of zero sentimentality, rescued me by allowing me to learn about black music and culture as living histories rather than parts of a storied past. From him I knew that Electric Lady Studios was seemingly the only place in a constantly evolving city and an increasingly digitized recording industry that still somehow preserved the psychedelic sensibilities of its first owner, Hendrix, the god himself.This is spot on with its details of the evolution of the blues scene, its influence, everything. Fantastic. We can't forget. to the studio, with hits in hand pumped for this album! every word of this article is wrong. I'm sharing it because someone thinks it's right.Come at me, bros. Clapton - Cocaine, yeah, I know. Everybody's heard it before. But I really like the live version of the song. Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough's friday night. You should probably dance. Gees - Nights On Broadway You! Black Emperor - Storm (Movement: Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas to Heaven...) most important band to me. And probably the most life-affirming piece of music I know. It's kind of weird, as their other music isn't any kind of positive. Anyway I almost have orgasms when listening to this track. - Work Song my time comes around,Lay me gently in the cold dark earth.No grave can hold my body down,I'll crawl home to her. Play: Nels Cline & Julian Lage Room Bowie - Life On Mars? Birthday Starman! good at being in trouble vibe to this song. Saw them live at Laneway 2014. Was a really nice day in the sun. Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect one from me tonight, I promise. Smashing Pumpkins- To Sheila Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket Pumpkins "Graceful Swans Of Never" Documentary Pumpkins Drown (full, better quality) post in my #nightofpumpkins Electric Swing Circus - Bella Belle you're reading this Veggie, thank you. This is a really good song., what musicians will you be telling your friends about in 2015? Can't wait for Tigran Hamasyan or Charlie Belle's releases. So Hubski, who'll you be telling your friends about in 2015?For me, it's Rivvrs, the fantastic indie songwriter I first heard on About a Boy, and Mark Ronson, whose new album Uptown Special I am seriously looking forward to. Anyone else think Bruno Mars is maybe not underrated, but over-hated? Belle - Get to Know local band, my age. Really dig their stuff. EP next month-ish? Young and Crazy Horse - Down By The River is dead, and Steely Dan killed it: Remembering the day other music fests died tried to kill Coachella before, but this year, they finally got it right. With AC/DC, Jack White and Steely (“making records since Johnny Unitas wore the blue and white”) Dan on board, we can officially stick a fork in this sucker. Have fun Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber’s hat. We’ll be home wrapping up our taxes.Don’t despair. It happens to every festival. Artistic invention meets fan base and devolves into a money grab for organizers and just another stop on the circuit for crusty rockers. Here are a few other examples. Zappa - Willie the Pimp Impala – Solitude is Bliss to this awesome band that I very much detested because I thought of it as "UrbanOutfitters Indie" like "Starbucks Jazz" but didn't really give it a chance until my first playthrough of Lonerism.Anyway, this video is so damn good! Psyched for the record release this year. Off To A Good Start: A New Year's Puzzler's another new year and with it comes more resolutions, decisions and responsibilities.How do you get off to a good start? That's a question many composers ask themselves when writing a piece of music. Some dive right in — BAM! Others ease into a new composition gently. See if you can identify these opening measures of music. Score high and consider yourself good to go for 2015. Score low and think about starting all over again! Go! Team – “The Scene Between” Longer the Hea