Hubski: #hubskiHubski: #hubskiHubski: #hubski Christmas Hubski do love you allI’m grateful for all you shareKeep being awesome're Gone -- song I wrote and recorded tonight steve hockey of X: No influencers were harmed during the production of this blog post is that it reinforces a behavior that’s actually good for you: While the status game that initially got you into the app might be zero sum, the actual physical exercise you have to put in to compete has a very positive, compounding effect.The question is: What other social networks should we build that could have similar positive feedback loops? And what are their proof mechanisms?What he miss is that a pic, a video, a dance, a funny tweet are fun to see/read.Knowing how many pages, how many miles someone as read/run is utterly boring.. I can bet Strava wont last longOh! And of course, Hubski is a proof of smartness :] Are Your Recent Searches - and what can be learned about Hubski Denizens? 26 December HubskiThere are MANY windows into your lives. Here's one: RECENT SEARCHESIf you use Chrome on your phone, you'll see three lines at the very top left next to the word "Google." Touch those lines and a menu pops down. The second item is "Search History."What are your most recent searches? Here's mine:1. Why do squirrels lose their fur?2. Gayness in Schitts Creek (I have never watched this and don't even have a TV, but came across a Twitterer looking for a show that includes a gay relationship but isn't about prejudice and homophobia -- but about the relationship and its development, like any other relationship.)3. Slow cooker chicken soup spices4. Famous double agents5. Hamilton real estate6. Lockdown Ontario7. Filipino Rice Arroz Valenciana8. Binary thinking (This led me to a great article called "How to Avoid Binary Thinking and Think More Clearly"9. Hatfields and McCoysWhat are yours? Christmas, Hubski Holidays, and good cheer all around. thenewgreen b_b ecib founders! and whoever I missed. Is December 10, 2020 indeed the tenth hubskiversary? Let's minimally plan a call and a toast. Is Now the Largest Independent CAPTCHA ...You can beat Google by putting privacy first We are no longer in the midst of an experiment. think you will unanimously be pleased that we are no longer conducting the following experiment:It's clear that no one liked this change. I have no desire to implement something so unpopular, and I don't think I can force users to be nice to each other. Thank you for being patient with me.I am serious about keeping Hubski a place known for thoughtful interaction, and I believe that we have been better at that in the past. I can think of a few factors contributing to this decline that have nothing to do with the mechanics of the site (a lack of attention from team Hubski, an attrition of culture with the loss of early users, and a global pandemic among others...), however, I do entertain that there may be ways that the mechanics of the site can support us being cool to each other.Maybe something as simple as a "please be good to each other" reminder above the textbox would help.If you have thoughts or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.If we happen upon something that seems worth trying, maybe we will.Until then, it's on us. our family cottage, there is a bed sheet that is older than I am... was putting the sheet on a mattress for my daughter the other day. The sheet brought back memories. When I was child, about 40 years ago, it was on the bed in the upstairs of my grandparent's house. It took me back to my grandmother reciting evening prayers with my brother and I and tucking us in.This is the sheet:Enhance:The first time I recall drawing the Hubski logo was in high school. I would doodle it on notebooks, and I spray painted it on a graffiti t-shirt I made.I believe this sheet is the origin. We are in the midst of a Hubski experiment. week, I proposed an unpopular change to Hubski.In short, I suggested that we only see comments from those users we follow, or until the comments have been shared with us. I also suggested that your feed be a result only of what tags you follow. No one liked the idea.In the interim, I've arrived at a less-draconian version of the experiment. It is live now. Here are the changes we are testing:1. When a user makes a comment, the person replied to and people that follow the user, can see the comment.2. If you share a comment, everyone that follows you can see the comment.3. If you reply to a comment, everyone can see the comment.4. After 12 hours, everyone can see the comment.5. Everyone can see all comments on Pubski.6. User promotion is gone. New users can post or comment immediately.In short, sharing a comment reveals it to everyone that follows you. Replying to a comment reveals it to all. 12 hours passing also reveals a comment to all.I'm happy to discuss the rationale behind this, however I am going to be afk for a few hours, so it might take a short while to respond. Also, this is an experiment. It is likely that we do not adopt this functionality, and if we do, it will likely be modified by what we learn. I do hope you'll keep an open mind to see how it plays out.As always, feedback is appreciated!, are we doing it wrong? [Potential major Hubski experiment] Hubski, you follow people, which determines which posts you see. This is how the site has worked for about 9 years. As time has passed, I have increasingly scrutinized the intent and outcome of this approach. These are two primary reasons why:1) In our 10 years, Hubski has never grown large enough that the global feed is significantly different from the feed of someone that follows a modest amount of active users. In theory, as Hubski gets more users, different user's feeds will show different content as the people they follow post and share a subset of the global content. In reality, Hubski has a small active userbase, and any significantly active post gets shared to most users. Basically everyone sees the same posts.2) Comments, not posts, are how users most potently add/subtract value to/from Hubski. We have a mechanism to follow people, but it applies to content they post (primarily external), instead of the comments (primarily personal) that they make.For the past several months, I have been thinking about the site critically. I have been questioning every aspect of it, and trying to reassess every assumption that I have made.One important assumption that I made early on was that posts should earn their audience, but comments need not. To be honest, I never actually thought about it in that way. It is the web forum default. Reddit, Hacker News, and most other sites let comments come in, and then moderate them after they have been posted. It makes sense. Who wants to comment on a forum where every comment must be approved?Once I did begin to challenge this assumption, however, I started to view Hubski's sharing mechanic differently, as well as our moderation tools (which are primarily focused upon countering offending comments).Challenging this assumption has led me to contemplate an experiment with this change:Your feed will be determined by the tags that you follow. The comments you see will be determined by the people you follow.Your feed will be determined by the tags on them. Posts won't be added to your feed by others. Circledotting a post will increase its visibility by giving it a higher rank over time relative to posts with fewer circledots in the same feed (this happens now). There will be a global feed where you can see all posts.The posts you view will only show comments from people that you follow, and those comments that they share. Circledotting a comment will make it visible to anyone that follows you. There will be a global comment stream where you can see all comments.If you filter a user, you won't see their posts or comments, regardless of whether you follow the tag on their post, or if their comment was shared with you.Mute might no longer be necessary.The goal of Hubski has always been to create a place for thoughtful discussion on the web. I'm happy to discuss my reasoning for this experiment below. I do ask that you consider it with an open mind before taking a strong position either for or against. Also, we have experimented with changes before and discarded them, reverting back. If we try this as an experiment, that would not be an unlikely outcome.Thoughts are appreciated! regarding user bans, Reddit closed a number of subreddits including r/The_Donald, which they say violated the site’s hate speech rules.Twitch and YouTube took similar actions.This is an appropriate moment to highlight that Hubski has no policy regarding user bans. Of course, I do not appreciate or support speech that could be classified as hate speech. It is not relevant that a person might live under the Constitutional right to speak their mind in a public sphere. Hubski is a platform for thoughtful conversation, and hate is antithetical to that goal. Furthermore, if you are the kind of person that communicates with hate speech, you are first and foremost an asshole.Hubskiers can mute, filter, and block others users, so assholes usually lose their audience soon after revealing their damaged and self-loathing nature. This has happened many times, and the user that hurts others because they are hurting inevitably leaves. That said, Hubskiers are a kindhearted lot, and often assholes will be lent an ear, and chances to redeem themselves. Sometimes it works. We all have our bad days, and each and every one of us has been an asshole for a time, even unknowingly. We all carry pain.That said, if a user's behavior is making Hubski worse, that user might be banned. They might be given warning. They might not. There is no algorithmic weighting and determination of a user's ban-worthiness or criteria that needs to be met. Hubski is not a judicial body with a goal of fairness, nor an imitation of one. Sometimes assholes do damage for a time before they leave or are banned. Sometimes, Hubskiers quit because of the presence of an asshole. That makes me feel terrible. We have lost some good Hubskiers because we suffered an asshole for too long.If you are worried that you might be banned for being an asshole, then Hubski is not right for you, at least at this time. When you have love in your heart, we welcome you back with open arms.Be good to each other. Update: Weather's update makes Hubski a bit more like the morning paper. Hubski now has a weather forecast! are my current weather conditions:Currently🌥Temperature: 50°FFeels like: 48°FLight breezeScattered cloudsYou can find a link to your forecast in the bottom menu. This is a first roll-out, and feedback is welcome. As you can see, we aren't going for a very data-driven type of weather report. The wind descriptions are from the Beaufort Scale.Currently, the weather is based on your geocoordinates that are provided by your browser using getCurrentPosition().If you have geolocation disabled, you won't be able to see your forecast. We are using the API. The calls only include the latitude and longitude. However, if you think that's TMI, don't use Hubski Weather. The weather javascript is only served on the weather page.If you are in the US, temperature will be reported in Fahrenheit. If you are outside the US, temperature will be reported in a sensible manner.Feedback is appreciated! good to each other, Hubski. Better angels of our nature, and all of that.These are trying times for all of us. Let's make them less so for each other.Remember, you don't know everything about that Hubskier on the other side. If you were standing in this field together, you'd probably have a grand time. Update: Chat now hosts its own chat: you have earned a hubwheel or have been promoted, you can participate in chat.Chat does not respect Hubski markup, and all html is scrubbed. Thanks to kingmudsy who demonstrated the wisdom of this choice by totally breaking chat with JS in the 5 minutes that allowed html. :)Chat comments are not stored in the database, and are wiped if I ever restart the app. Also, currently only the last 180 comments are saved.A link to chat can be found in the bottom menu.As always, feedback is welcome. Hubskiversary MeetUp and lil have agreed on a date and a potential location for the 10th Hubskiversary Meetup. Now I'd like to host an IRC call to throw out ideas about what it might look like.Suggest a time? Hubski meetup! Arbor! feedback you use a setting that sent you an email when someone you followed posted?Just thinking on this. It might be an absurd amount of emails. Would definitely need to be opt-in. State of Hubski: 2019 State of Hubski doesn't happen every year. It's happening this one.Not only are we coming to the end of the 2010's, 2020 will be the year that Hubski turns 10. I created the mk account 3313 days ago; part of launching news.arc includes the creation of an admin user.Since launching, thenewgreen, akkartik, b_b, insomniasexx, rob05c, sounds_sound, and forwardslash have all been part of team Hubski in one sense or other. I am grateful to all of them, and anyone that uses the site owes them the same.As you all know, thenewgreen has been instrumental in building what user base Hubski has, and he remains a committed (if not totally consumed by Forever Labs) believer. insomniasexx, b_b, and sounds_sound take much credit for community development (and our better design decisions) as well. forwardslash remains a constant source of technical support, and much of the code base bears his fingerprints. rob05c delivered a monumental improvement by migrating us from files to a PostgreSQL database, which meant that Hubski wouldn't eventually freeze like the Tin Man. rob05c, if you are reading this, I now have some understanding of your integration, and can actually troubleshoot. akkartik helped me cut my teeth on Arc, to deal with early scaling issues, and I remember one day calling akkartik when I deleted our DNS name servers.mike, steve, ecib, and cgod were pre-Hubski friends that became integral early on, and gave me confidence in what I was trying to do was worthwhile.We don't have any analytics for user metrics, and I have become even more ideological when it comes to internet privacy. Props to alpha0 for calling me out for using Google Analytics about 9 years ago. We've been busier, but we've been less so. I suspect disabling posts for newbies isn't a growth hack. I have some anti-spam/pro-human updates in the works.I could create a massive list of shout-outs to the many friends that I have made here, but I know for certain that I would neglect to include a few critical ones, and I am going to avoid the creation of that guilt. You know who you are, and it's wonderful and absurd that I communicate with several of you as frequently (or more) in person, or by text. I know that I am not the only one that has meaningfully expanded my IRL social network on account of Hubski, and that makes me downright weepy.Ok, fuck that. I'm going to shout-out kleinbl00 and lil, because kleinbl00 and lil. But I don't love the rest of you any less.Having quit my day job and launching a VC-backed "startup", the last couple of years have left me struggling for balance, and Hubski (not just the website) has been a victim of that struggle. I am not proclaiming enlightenment, or even balance, I am not denying therapy, but I can say with some confidence that I have learned some important lessons that are translating into reasonable behavior with increasing frequency. Hubski remains as important to me as ever, and it is important to me that it gets fitting care. This fall, I have pushed more fixes/updates than the last two years combined.Despite my ominous predictions, we outlasted Google Plus!The best way to serve people is to develop tools that make it easier for people to do what they want. Google often does this very well. In my opinion, Google usually succeeds by taking a pragmatic and efficient approach to address a need. However, now that Google is building a social network that spans across their applications, it will be more difficult for Google engineers to build applications that simply align with a particular need. Instead, Google applications now must not only align with a specific need, they must align with the needs of the Google+ meta-application. Over time, I think that this will create an infrastructure that first impedes innovation, and later, impedes quality of service.Huh. Not completely off-the-mark...Hubski is here to stay. Something that doesn't evolve into a reality-bending parasitic shit-show ought to, right?The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2019.Happy New Year, Hubski! Meetup(?), San Francisco’m super here. Staying very downtown. BART’ing hard.I’m a little busy until Tuesday afternoon, but if any Hubski peeps live around here, let’s do it up. Coffee, booze, lunch, dinner, or nothing but me eating my words, whatever. I’m game. share buggy Hubski things here. a bit of neglect, I've been gradually making Hubski more mobile-friendly, and cleaning up bugs as I find them.The last one was the search field dropdown. It now spans the entire top rather than just the corner, and now also displays the daily top comment and top post, which disappeared with the people page.I know of a couple of things that I need to address, but I am sure that I am missing some. If you know of something that's wonky or buggy, please let me know.Thanks! Thanksgiving you live in the US and celebrate this weird holiday or not... I'm thankful for all of you, and I'm thankful for this place. now embed. Update: No more colorbox. of the most mobile-unfriendly aspects of Hubski was the "colorbox" overlays that gave information like post previews, or who shared or badged a post or comment.Those overlays have now been replaced with an inline drop-down that contains the information.I've also made a few other fixes and tweaks (such as sorting chatter by time), so let me know if anything seems wonky. was a pretty cool Hubski UI. too long, we had a stupid landing page: did this guy just steal the HN source code? Hubski emails seem to have graduated from blocked to spam. check your spam folder and mark hubski emails as 'not spam'. I think we are slowly getting off the blacklists. It looks like Google is blocking Hubski emails. are working on getting on the nice list. In the meantime, please check your spam folder. If you see a hubski email, please mark it as not spam. 'Join Hubski' is temporary disabled. have decided that our userbase has reached perfection.Actually, we just are getting slammed with bot accounts, and I need to upgrade our defenses.Enjoy the exclusivity. reintroduction!! I'm lm, hopefully returning from a long hiatus!I've been scarce mostly because a lot of my time has been preoccupied with stuff too personal to post about at the time or just mundane bits of being a grad student. And then once I hadn't been here for a while, returning started to turn into A Thing -- and here we are now.Personal stuffAbout 2 years ago it became pretty apparent to me that I needed to do something about my gender. So, after a lot of thought and talking things over, I transitioned! It's been about a year and I can definitely say that it's been a vast improvement for me. She/her pronouns, pleaseChickensWe had Bertha in the house for a month this winter. Outside, she's at the top of the pecking order and generally wants to be left alone so she can do her bird business. Inside, away from the flock, she spent about half her time snuggled up on my lap or sitting on the arm of the couch next to me.(or sometimes on me)She's all healthy again and back out enjoying the spring mud.UsernameFor pretty much my entire life I've been embarrassed of the person I used to be a few years back. Usually it doesn't bother me that much, but in this case the discontinuity was...unsettling.Also, ilex is a pretty name!I'm glad to be back -- I've missed you all and the sense of community here. How have you been? What's new? it just me or was there no pubski last week? no one seems to have mentioned it? card donations don't seem to work I try to donate using my credit card (well, VISA debit, but it generally works just like a credit card with all the popular processors), I just get the "Hubski is experiencing difficulties" page with a "Hubski 502" title. Is this down to my card being weird, or is something borked? no. WebmasterMy name is Stella and I work for We are trying to remove some backlinks to our website as we’ve recently gotten a manual penalty from Google. I would like to apologize for this inconvenience, and hopefully, you can help us remove these links.Our site is linked on your website below: let me know if you can help with this.Thanks,StellaActually, my reply was: "You put them there. You deserve it. Apologize for making the web a shittier place, and maybe we'll bother with removing your garbage."'Mark all as read' button would be nice to have a 'Mark all as read' button on Hubski. A thread would go back to unread as soon as a comment is added. you know: Hubski is over 3000 days old. Damn. Thanks for the awesome memories thus far... ever post: Almost 2000 days ago:1700 days ago:1600 days ago:1300 days ago: 1000 days ago:Shout-outs to mk, ecib, mike, cgod, lil, kleinbl00, insomniasexx, steve, b_b, forwardslash, flagamuffin, ButterflyEffect, sounds_sound, cW, theadvancedapes, lil, StJohn, Cortez, alpha0, Complexity, BrainBurner, zebra2, _refugee_, veen, caio, scrimetime, ghostoffuffle, nowaypablo, OftenBen, Meriadoc, arguewithatree, Creativity, wasoxygen, flac, am_Unition, francopoli, elizabeth, bfv, katakowsj, oyster, Cumol, swedishbadgergirl, Quatrarius, tacocat, goobster, blackbootz, humanodon, demure, rob05c, galen, and even... ahametals. I'm missing a TON of people in there, but you are the folks that immediately came to mind. I'm getting older and my mind isn't what it once was..I love you all. Thank you for making this a special place then, now and going forward. Onward!-TNG bit of down time. woke this morning to find Hubski hanging up on loading the feed. A restart fixed the issue, but I'm not sure what happened.I'll keep an eye on it, and do some investigating.Happy Tuesday! New Year! love you all. apparently I can promote users now. What are my guidelines? didn't find much about this in the FAQ. Cell Benefits May Let You Cheat Death MyCrypto mulled what benefits to offer employees, the new blockchain startup asked them what they wanted. “Surprisingly, we found that the traditional health benefits and 401(k) benefits—they had no interest in those,” said Taylor Monahan, the company’s founder and chief executive.If employees didn’t want two of the biggest reasons to be full-time, what did they want? “They’re early adopters and they’re tech-minded people, so the concept of living forever turns them on,” said Monahan. “That’s how we figured Forever Labs would be a good fit.” is pushing back the dark went into the city which is something I rarely do This was at the corner of a Peachtree street and I'm disappointed I didn't put it on the street sign I'm also disappointed that I can't find all my stickers. Oh well. These look coolinsomniasexx Again, Lovely Hubski just came back after almost two years away. I'd forgotten what a lovely place this was, and how it restores my faith in humanity.In the years I have been away, I have: had a baby girl (who's nearly 1 already), moved to Paris, started writing a kids' novel.also I forgot how to embed images Update: No more analytics removed our Piwik analytics today. I never looked at them. We were masking the last three bytes (nine digits) of your IP address, so there wasn't much information to see anyway. There's no point in collecting something we don't need. If we have traffic issues, we can tell via the app.I can't say that we won't ever have analytics again, but we'll let you know if we do.I've updated our TOS to reflect this. PM? seems to have figured out that if you can't post links as a new user you can private message people. I just got a PM from a fifteen minute old user named Annie_Olive to join a Discord server called Anti Safe Space. I'm out of data on my phone so I can't download the app and investigate but will tomorrow. mkSome shenanigans brewing The hubwheel is not a "like" button. have all been conditioned to click a button when we like what someone says. An up arrow. A thumbs up. A heart.So we come to Hubski, and - without thinking - click the little hubwheel to register our positive feelings about a comment.Which is not the intended purpose of the hubwheel.The hubwheel is you picking up a lighted arrow and pointing it at a comment and yelling, "HEY EVERYONE! This is something everyone should read!!"I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but making new habits is hard. So I bring this up again.----ExampleSee this post: MK's comment is funny, so 5 people clicked the hubwheel. Which means that now "pics or it didn't happen" is classified as a "valuable post" on hubski. Something that stands on its own, and is a valuable post in and of itself.I know, this seems like useless pedantry. But it is about creating good data. There is a LOT of really valuable conversation on here, and I was just reading fantastic stuff from 1300+ days ago! But it can get lost in the little things, due to the hubwheel confusion.Hubski is not Reddit or Facebook or Instagram or Weibo.It's a different place, with a small number of people, who care, and share meaningfully. Let's treat our data and our tools with respect, and we can keep this community unique and interesting.Thanks for listening! finding a story few years ago someone posted a story about the best mac and cheese in the universe or something like that. It was about a woman who worked in a cafe or something, and a guy who was a space ship pilot who, due to time dilation, went for hundreds (or thousands) of Earth years and hardly aged.Anyway, I'd really like to find it again. Anyone remember it? I may be misremembering parts of it. Get thoughtful or GTFO kid. I kid. Well, kind of.The other day I was ruminating on our comment spammers, and realized that they all want the same thing: links. Starting today, unpromoted users can't put links in comments. Oh noes!When someone deserves it, promote them.Also, I tweaked the spacing on the topbar. post: Project Major Khaaan: The [lost] Hubski Weather Balloon and I were relating this story today. Such fond memories. RIP M.K. spam here isn't your grandma's recipe. around in the tmi area, the wordiest commenter in the last 200 comments will likely be some user made for promoting escort services. And they will likely have posted here:Can't tell if this is happening for multiple posts/users or not. keifermiller anyone here shop for clothes online? personally do not because I like to see how things fit me. I really like to see how an outfit looks in a mirror before I buy it. Also as a short male, not all clothes are created equally. Sometimes I'll try on a small shirt and the top will be fine but the entire shirt will just go down to near my knees. For those that do shop for clothes regularly online, what got you to make the decision? Update: Change to our TOS of the Facebook shitshow, I decided to peruse our Terms of Service, which hadn't been updated since 2014.I made the following change:Previous language:User information will only be shared with third parties in an aggregate form that preserves individual user anonymity. Emails, IP addresses, partial IP addresses, and user-activity will not be shared with third parties.Updated language:We do not share user information with third parties.We haven't gone the "selling our users" route, and we aren't going to. If there's not a better way, then maybe there shouldn't be a way. Hubski Stickers are arriving March 13th. DM me your mailing addresses so I can drop them in the mail to YOU when they arrive! thanks for the epic design by zebra2 here: sent me snail mail had her blocked for a long time. We're both irrascible on occasion. We've made up. They are hand made sketch books!And here's a picture of a dog since I'm at my parents' house. Thanks _refugee_ having fun with inkscape mentioned Hubski on Twitter today and has a good chuckle on one of the responses. 🤗 who has commented you your comments and an alternate domain for Hubski, what I'm looking for is the functionality that allows one to find every time a specific user has commented on my posts/comments. I thought I could find this through any given user's profile under 'replies'. When that didn't work, I remembered some smarty-pants used some format in HTML to find this a while back?I couldn't find it through Google or searching on here... If anyone who can help would post that, then I'll be grateful!Bonus:I found this interesting domain that works for Hubski as well - besslov.tkNot sure why it works/why it was set up, yet. post redesign (with Tufte CSS) used DWol's post as the ground for redesign due to its article look from the beginningTufte CSS seemed a good addition to Hubski, so I went on to experiment with the design. The main feature of Tufte CSS' markup is the sidenotes and margin notes. Check out the latter (with a bit of styling, made from DWol's parethesis comments):Overall, it's a concise design, following the philosophy behind what Hubski currently shows. It gives the post a clean, thoughtful look without distracting the user. Tufte CSS also makes all images and inline videos responsive by default.Under the hood, there are some changes to the HTML structure of the parts shown: redundant elements removed, some class names changed (like removing the dash and the number from all `cdot` circles), some CSS optimization done (like showing `cdot`s per number of votes). I've talked to mk about optimizing Hubski's HTML before but had no reply. It's okay: I know mk's a busy man — which is why I offered to do the spring cleaning myself.Feel free to check out the codepen itself: it contains a number of CSS experiments that could also be introduced into Hubski's design, either directly or as a separate theme. Like... hub mail from lil. Hope is the definition of pushing back the dark. wrote a book of poetry after my girlfriend left me. And I printed real copies and also got one of them published in physical form to be due out in the fall. Lil requested a copy of the chapbook I made and she got a sorta shitty version that I Xeroxed from hand written pages because imposing a book on a computer can be a pain in the ass. But I finally figured out the imposing process for a respectable book and lil got an original and a typed version because she's cool and she was very encouraging when I pretty much posted the whole thing to hubski over the course of one night. If anyone wants a fancy one PM me your address. A donation of some sort would be nice and/or postage but it's not required. There's no point in writing for me if no one reads it. Hope pushes back the darkness.-Chris Stay awesome, hubski. with Fusion: Hubski Wallpaper Edition the original post and the thrilling's Part 3 of Hubski logo galore! I happen to have a relatively large stretch of relatively free time on my hands. It's times like these when often dive into an entirely new skill I'd like to have. Last winter break, for example, I made my Raspberry Pi web-app. This time around I figured I hardly knew anything about CAD/CAM software, even though that's quite relevant to urban design as I found out during my internship. Today I started fiddling with Autodesk's Fusion 360, which purports to be a Swiss army knife of design tools from drawing to rendering to stress-testing to manufacturing. Most of all, it's semi-free and I have some cool things I want to make with it, like 3D prints and CNC milled stuph. So I constructed a Hubski logo as my Hello World. I used my math from that first post and made a simple render in 4k:A while ago I made this wallpaper:So my second idea was to 3D model that. After a mere 2 hours of rendering on my ol' i5-2500K, this is the result:For other formats, see my Flickr!To be thenewgreen kleinbl00 State of Hubski: 2017 is the sixth State of Hubski.I can't say that know the state of Hubski very well. This year I have been more a user of Hubski than an admin, and I have not been as active as I have in any years previous. Within the last year, I quit my day job as a researcher to work on Forever Labs full time; this included a summer in Y Combinator, and a whole lot of travel. For this reason, and others, this has been one of the most transformative years in the 42 I've had thus far.I am glad that Hubski is where it is at now before this year happened.From day time I started Hubski, I knew that it would just be something that I do no matter what. That's not going to change. In fact, in some ways, I am in a better place to support Hubski than I have ever been. I have a feeling that Hubski can yet evolve, that it will evolve, but that the technology isn't there just yet. Hubski is and always will be a place for thoughtful communication. That is its purpose. I can imagine that we can better enable that, but I am not a fan of doing things just because we can.Forever Labs is going to be no less consuming this year. However, I intend to make some deliberate improvements to Hubski, and I value the ability to swing in and chat it up with you all more than ever. You are family. Still, I have this odd feeling that Hubski is going to grow significantly one of these years...Like I said, I can't say that I know the State of Hubski extremely well beginning this New Year. However, I suspect that it is as strong as ever; on my end, it is.Thanks, thenewgreen, rob05c, forwardslash, and insomniasexx.Thanks, hubskiers.Happy New Year, Hubski! PSA on Hubski Privacy with mk's permission.As mk eluded to in his Pubski post:there was something about 'prev'. I'd like to explain what it was, tell you about what I learned from it and share some conclusions.How did the 'prev' thing work?It's simple, really. You go to any post, you get a link that Now, I changed the /pub/ to /prev/. Lo and behold, it took away any restrictions to post access. It could have been a draft, private message or a deleted post or comment, didn't matter.- How was it found?Boredom. I looked through the Hubski's robots.txt file and found something I couldn't recall messing with.- Why was it working?I'm speculating, but I think that because it was intended as a preview of one's own posts, there were no (additional) security measures in place to guard against obtaining the illicit access. By design, it made sense. The only way anyone could utilise /prev/ method was to do it manually. Unfortunately, it was a security risk.What have I learned?I want to stress it as much as possible: I have never read or saved any of the data while the bug was in place. The only posts I accessed were mine or pure accidents. Could anyone else do it? Potentially, yes.What I did do, however, is that I took about 60k posts while those were accessible, PMs, drafts… you name it. I had no way of differentiating them. Then ran them through a bunch of regex checkers and tested them for the presence of the following:- BTC/ETC addresses,- Names that weren't on my lists of common surnames or Wikipedia,- Various patterns of telephone numbers, PO boxes and email addresses,- The last line of message's body containing a name (it was a yes/no).And some other stuff along those lines. I want to stress that it can contain false-positives as I haven't seen the values that were found. I just got tally counts. It also goes without saying that quite a lot of it is likely to come from spam, as they have to put some kind of contact info.Please, avoid sending sensitive information through Hubski. It wasn't made with strict security in mind, it's a third space where we can talk, chill, share, stimulate and try being excellent to each other. It's genuine, and that's a big part of both its appeal and charm. But it's a growing place and odds are that the next IT geek might not be half as nice as I am (or anyone else who helped with patching holes for that matter, I claim no full credit on anything).I am by no means denigrating the work done by mk, rob05c, forwardslash and everyone else who worked on Hubski. It's an amazing project. But it wasn't made with security as the main priority, it's all about utility and I have no bad words or critique to say about that. Graham: What I've Learned from HN (2009) comment here if you or your immediate family has been displaced or hurt during Hurricane Harvey this thread stays empty, but I think everyone here should look out for each other and make sure everyone else is okay. Please throw a comment in (a PM works too) if you've been affected especially if you need any sort of help.update: Some very awesome people have let me know that they're in the area, willing and able to help. e: a lot of kids from Texas at my college, I haven't been able to follow the news due to time but certain kids are being allowed to leave to be with their families in bad cases, so I figured it's pretty bad. to Hubski? Old to Hubski? Can't post? Come on in, let's discuss., lurkers, and newcomers, lend me your eyes!This is a place for fresh faces to stop by, interact, or merely read - though saying hello is highly encouraged! In line with my recent comments, I've seen fewer new names crop up despite the wave from the last Reddit emigration (CEO of Reddit manipulating comments, IIRC). That said, I'd like to think the promotion system is a limiting factor in exploring the site's features. Are you still confused with any form of the system or culture?I know I, for one, posted more than commented in order to get my questions out there - hell that's the whole point of the #newtohubski tag (esp. in conjunction with #askhubski). Perhaps allowing those two to be fair game?Other examples:For the familiar faces, what are your thoughts on the matter now? Here's a chance to reflect on how the 'promotion' system has gone thus far and connect with those directly affected. If you're part of the old guard that can't post, then this is the place for you as well. idea: registering "mention" nicknames has an affectionate tradition of giving people shorter nicknames (not dissimilar from the Russian tradition of dimunitive names, which is adorable). Not everyone is blessed with one-syllable names on Hubski. The list, for such a small community, is extensive:kleinbl00 is kbthenewgreen is TNG_refugee_ is refOftenBen is OBblackbootz is bootzinsomniasexx is insomjohnnyFive is j5 (though I admit: I might have been the only one using it so far)and there's me as TFG(those are the ones I know and remember; don't mean to exclude anyone)So, my idea is to allow registering "mention" nicknames. Those are the nicknames that, when used with the @@ sort of a mention, link to the appropriate user (for example, @TFG@ would link to /user/ThatFanficGuy). This is to aide information propagation through mentions that are quicker to type.Each user chooses their mention (a single short nickname - that should be enough for everyone), which they set in their settings. Mention-nicknames should be allowed to change, though I don't see who would change theirs once a short name is stuck. For example, someone once called me FFguy over IRC, but I've always been TFG for everyone around. now supports !hubski search :) submitted a !bang for hubski. Search is available again for the long delay it getting it back up, but it's up a running. In the process of rewriting our backend to use a proper database we needed to rewrite our search. And now it's back! Faster! Leak-less! More Productive! Comfortable! Not drinking too much! meetup in San Fran tonight? and I are in SF tonight with some free time.Anyone want to meetup? We are think about 7PM,StJohn? Who else is local? related downtime tomorrow night (Tuesday April 4th) hubski will probably be unstable at best, down for maintenance at worst. We will be adding in the columns to our database to enable efficient searching which will take some time, and if all goes well search will be back up by the morning.'s the International Trans Day of Visibility. I'm Trans. Ask Me Almost Anything rules:1.) don't be a dick2.) don't ask me about my sex life (frankly it's boring and nonexistent anyways so there's not much to tell)I Can't speak to the transmasculine experience, I'm a trans woman. I can also only talk about my experience, which is one of many different trans experiences. Ask away. I'll try to clarify lingo as I go - The QUILTBAG community loves its lingo. comments now "Welcome to Hubski" thread. We have halved our server costs, and our annual funding goal. to the SQL work that rob05c has done for us, Hubski is now running on a server that costs us half as much as the previous.Everything seems to be going well, so we are halving our annual funding goal from $2400 to $1200. We are already 42% of the way there!Thanks everyone for the donations thus far. Dare I say, we might just be sustainable. Update: You must be this thoughtful to post to Hubski are going to try an experiment.Starting today, when you sign up for Hubski, you will be able to comment immediately, but you cannot post until you have earned your first hubwheel.Importantly, there are now three ways that you can earn your first hubwheel:1. As before, if your commenting activity is appreciated by the community, you will gradually earn a full hubwheel.2. If one of your comments is badged, you will earn a full hubwheel.3. If someone with a hubwheel chooses to, they can promote you to a full hubwheel at any time.For those of you that have earned one or more hubwheels, you will now see a 'promote' link over the comments of new users. Simply click on it to give them a hubwheel.As always, feedback is much appreciated.EDIT: I don't think that 'promote' is the best word. Definitely open to suggestions there. Circledot?'s IRC! dramatic swing to the right for us! I'll be on IRC for at least the next while. Here's the settings I use in Hexchat. They work if you also tick the 'Accept invalid SSL certificates' box. must be logged in to view this post. am thinking about making all Hubski posts only visible to those with accounts.I realize that this might negatively affect adoption, but it will also make spamming Hubski pretty much a waste of time.Thoughts? will send a lasercut Hubski logo to the first dozen people to donate $10 or more!, on Veen Messes Around with Lasers:I've been playing around more with the laser, getting to know it a bit better. I have a ton of ideas so I got myself some 5mm wood and redid the laser. Since the wood was thicker used a much higher power setting, resulting in a bit more scorched look: kleinbl00 wondered out loud why nobody had ever tried to make a compass out of the hubski logo. Cue fast paced montage of me prototyping that idea:And this is the end result! Hubski: guiding your way. I made six of those, three thick Hubski logos and still have three thinner Hubski logos. So here's what I'm gonna do: the first 12 people to PM me a screenshot of their donation to hubski surpassing $10 and an address via PM will get one from me. I'll cover the postage. First come first serve! I'll try and keep this thread updated with how many I still have left of each. In case you don't feel like giving your cc info to Stripe, you can also send me the equivalent in ether to: 0xbef1ef1daca8519f816b5b342daa9e4b9ba398f5 and I'll pass it on. OftenBen Want -> get?mk send me an address ya bollock idea: What if we could buy badges to award? many times has someone said "I'd badge you if I had one." It would also raise money for the site while offering a bit more than a donation does. Thoughts? Issues? Has this been considered before?mkthenewgreen is Hubski so attractive to spam bots recently? wasn't like that when I joined. The active posters list wasn't filled with bullshit accounts out the wazoo. What changed? Hubski Meetup, February 21, 2017!mk, thenewgreen, and steve invite you to join us somewhere in Denver in just a few days.Hopefully we can get rob05c there. Anyone else around? Research there! I am a student researcher at the University of Michigan who is currently studying online communities. This week are discussion forums and I chose you guys! I've only been on the site a couple of days now, but I feel like this may be a community I stick with long after my class is finished.In regards to my research, I was wondering if any of you could tell me what some of the contributions users can make and how they are incentivized to interact with/contribute to the community?Also, if anyone happens to know what the total population on the website is and the total active population that would be lovely!Thank you so much! I'm excited!Madi global spam can't be mitigated, should global still exist? the spam cant be mitigated at the moment, i think the "shitty hubski" option becomes a design flaw. Unless it can be made ironically shitty somehow. Now thats a challenge.I can't read German, damn it.edit: there's literally a post titled "Angelina Jolie."edit2: Apparently people filtering the same user will eventually auto-filter that user for everyone else! neat-o! request: hide people I've filtered from /people's lists accounts I feel are spammy are sitting near the top of the "active posters" list and thus are knocking other users off of it. to Cut a Hubski Logo with Lasers thrilling sequel to my almost-1200-days old post: This time with more lasers and more wood! I had a great morning where one of the volunteers at the local makerspace explained how I could get my Hubski Illustrator drawing into something, I dare say, gorgeous:The process itself was a bit clunky - the lasercutter is an unintuitive Chinese import with a crappy Windows XP laptop to control it - but man, is it ever satisfying to watch once it's all set up. I tried making 6 wheels. Two of them ended up not cutting right because of mistakes, but the other four turned out very neatly. As they say in Dutch, wherever one chops one will find splinters. Here's a dope as fuck gif that shows you how it looks when it's engraving the logoHere's another shot:BUT WAIT, WHAT'S THAT IN THE CORNER? I also made Forever Labs cutouts! Hope you don't mind me breaching copyright stuffs. They're about the size of a poker chip. I made five, where can I send them to? mk thenewgreen b_b There is one more thing in the background there...but that's for another day. Server downsize last night all, last night we dropped our server from 16GB/8CPUs to 8GB/4CPUs.So far all evidence is that everything is going smashingly. If this continues, we are going to be able to decrease our yearly donation goal (and maybe then make it).Please keep an eye out for general lagginess and timeouts. Of course, we have metrics, but just in case we overlook something. State of Hubski: 2016 was a year of transitions.For Hubski, the most significant transition was that rob05c moved our data from the flat files of the Arc app, to a SQL database. This was a slow and arduous process, but one that has put us in a much better place.On a personal level, 2016 was the year that I incrementally replaced my day job as a grant-supported scientist in a hospital laboratory, as the co-founder of an adult stem cell storage company. Equally important to Hubski, thenewgreen has taken this journey with me.On top of that, insomniasexx co-created the extremely popular Ethereum application, and she and randomuser got married!The effort that this transitional year required of myself and the team has resulted in fewer Hubski updates, and often the choice to maintain rather than build. It's fair to say that aside from the back end development, Hubski has spent much of 2016 in the horse latitudes.For this reason, it might sound strange to hear it, but to me, Hubski feels more essential than ever.I don't believe that I alone harbor the impression that many significant transitions are occurring around us, and the pace and interactions between them are profoundly changing our world. Most people throughout history died in the world that they were born into. That is not our lot.Not only are we experiencing a convergence and acceleration of transitions, the extent to which we share their effects is increasing.Hubski is not your average web app. Hubski is going to be here. Hubski is not a web app at all.The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2016.Happy New Year, Hubski! 1 Year Hubday on the road with family most of the last two weeks that I missed the day despite my counting down to it for a month or so. Anywho, I remember where I was last year making the account and glad I did. Despite going into sleeper mode for a good part of the year, I'm grateful for being here, learning about you all and your views of the world. And, of course, the advice I've received thus far. Here's to some years to come.Hope y'all's holidays are going smoothly and a good new year in store. Happy 6th night of Hanukkah to the members of the tribe out there. Letter To My Future Self years ago I used this website to write a letter to my future self. When I went home after seeing the new Star Wars movie, my brother sent me a link through g-mail and I saw right next to it that the website sent me the letter from two years ago and it all came back to me. A lot came back to me, since that year is like a blur to me now, so this was very helpful for remembering. I don't know how popular that website is, but I've decided to do it again this year. The next one will be on December 25, 2018. It's pretty interesting doing this, you may me completely different in two years, or the exact same person. Maybe this is more popular than I think it is, or maybe it is very old, but try it out, maybe you'll see your past self very differently like I did. Smoking Talent we get per-post activity notification?, there's a setting to turn on/off all saved posts' activity notifications. This is inconvenient when you're mostly saving posts for their content - say, to read later - and come up to a post where it's the discussion in the comments that's of interest. It would be nice to be able to separate saving for later from following a post['s comments].I hope I'm not asking too much of the admins. I know it's quite a job, keeping Hubski up, and it takes time and effort. I'm just suggesting a feature that would make my experience with Hubski better. about commenters: is activity now equal to popularity? the "people" part of Hubski there are, among others, two columns that indicate active commenters and popular commenters, respectively. Whenever I visit the page, both columns are identical in names and order.Was there a change of policy on that that I missed? Why are there two columns that display the exact same data? following a tag affect what is displayed on my feed? is the feed only about the things people I follow share? the hell is this? (New kind of spam posts?) this post in the "most popular today" section. What bothers me is that it has nine comments. I've never seen that kind of disguise of a spam post: to have "people" comment from what I presume are new accounts. And apparently, it has been shared enough to make it up the "popular" section. It's been awhile. What's new?'m going to be completely honest - not sure what has drawn me back here. Last time I was here was 3-4 years ago, I believe. Things that have transpired since the last time I was here:- Changed jobs twice- Passed my CPA exam- Got married- Bought a house- Got a dog - My wife is due in FebruaryMaybe I'm having a low-key "oh shit" adult crisis and I'm using this outlet as a backasswards use of therapy. But anyway, what big events have you guys (personally and hubski-wide) experienced in the past few years? consider donating. Please?'s been a while since I've encouraged donation. Yesterday it took me about 45 seconds to throw hubski some loose change. Please consider it. If you've got a credit/debit card, or if you've got some bitcoin or etherium - consider how much you love this place and throw some at it.There are no ads here. The team believes so firmly in not collecting data about you and maintaining strict privacy. Can you think of another place online where you spend so much enjoyable time that asks nothing of you? They won't even ask you for a donation. They just slip a quiet "donate" link at the bottom of the page. edit: I think mk hates that I even post these reminders.... but I hate the idea of him spending $3000 per year of his own personal money so that I can enjoy this site.Since they won't ask - I will. Throw a couple bucks at hubski. It takes one minute. Whatever we don't donate, these people pay out of their pockets. They already spend their blood sweat and tears to make this place operate. Let's help defray the server costs.No guilt. If you can donate, do. If you can't, don't - and feel good about the content and discussion you can contribute. But if you scrape up some dollars that might otherwise go to pizza or coffee.... consider a donation.I'm matching donations at 10% up to the donation goal of $2400 and I'm already ahead of you guys. Catch up.edit: This is what reminded me to donate today. It's worth a listen (or a read). Nothing is free. Update: SQL migration complete significant thing happened to Hubski this week. rob05c completed the migration of our data from Arc's non-database to postgreSQL.This was no small undertaking, which you may have followed on #devski.rob05c did this on his own time, and we are in a much better place for it. Our ability to scale, to improve the app, and to offer a genuine API have been greatly expanded. In short, our previous architecture was untenable, and rob05c put us on a sustainable path.I'll leave it to rob05c to discuss details, but know that from an architectural standpoint, Hubski is in a better place than it has ever been.Thanks, rob05c. You get all the alfalfa. much spam right now, is it possible to do something about URL shorteners? makes it impossible to filter domains because the actual spam domain is "protected" behind a shortened URL.Edit: I'm talking about the #books tinyurl spam: but as you can see there there are some legit posts that used a shortened URL too.The spammer keeps making new accounts, so filtering users is not effective against this and I don't want to filter the #books tag. Hubski do something like that? pattern reminded me of Hubski instantly. I wonder if there could be something like it with the moon system that is the logo. World is Round!'s like candy. User Data Converted to SQL—Watch for Bugs! just converted user data to SQL. This is a big change, please watch for bugs, and make a post tagged #bugski (or a github issue) if you see any.This was the last big SQL migration. There are a few small things not in SQL, and a number of fields that need de-duplicating. But this was the last big destructive change.If you've been following #devski, my plan hasn't really changed, but to reiterate, with this last big SQL migration done (assuming nothing explodes), everything else can be done in small pieces. Which are, roughly:1. API logins. With user data and password hashes in SQL, implementing API logins should be simple. Which let us serve private data like mail, and your personal feed.2. API pages. I prototyped this some months ago. This mostly means making SQL views to get all the data for a particular page, and the API endpoint to serve it. The view is the hard part. Theoretically, if we make views and endpoints for every page, we can make a static site of pure HTML and Javascript that simply queries the API. Or you can. Or a mobile app.3. Data de-duplication. There's an absurd amount of duplicate data, everything from badges, to 'user_sharing' and 'user_shared_by', to 'muting' and 'muted_by'. Racket/SQL functions need added to e.g. get the posts badged by a user, and the users who badged a post, from a single "badges" table. And the duplicate fields and tables deleted. As most of you know, duplicate data is the bane of my devski existence.4. Converting Arc to Racket. With the last big file loading functions in Racket/SQL now, it's much easier to convert Arc functions to Racket one at a time, from the bottom up. We could skip this entirely, if we decide to fill out the API and make a static site. Or I may do them anyway, at the same time. Because they bother me.5. Get rid of the last files still used. Cookies, tags, probably a couple more. So that all Hubski data is in a single SQL database. This helps the other tasks listed, as well as making our lives easier, making backups easier, making it easier to write a completely new app from scratch. It makes a huge number of things easier if everything is in a single database.6. Synchronise github. With all the Arc/app work I've been doing, I've written a lot of Racket that isn't in the github repo yet, just because I haven't had time. My plan is to synchronise and push the Racket files to Github at the same time I fix and add to the API app, which I also let slide lately.All of these things consist of many small pieces. I can and will do all these things at the same time, one piece at a time.If you need anything, like a particular API function for a script or app you're writing, just let me know. I'm happy to prioritise any particular piece anyone needs.As always, questions welcome. from Lil faces of Hubski. Been a while, let's see your mug!, peppers and my elephant shirt. In the Baltimore airport. chat connection issue'm trying to connect to the IRC and I'm getting an ECONNREFUSED error. Anyone else getting that? - The New Green (additions by flac) might have gone a bit overboard... just wrote a heartfelt damn piece of my soul onto the pixelwork to share with you folks...It turns out that, if you timeout (the "deadlink" page) and go back in history twice by accident then come forward to the "submit" page, what you wrote won't be there anymore.I'm not rewriting this. Wouldn't be fair for the lost.Any way we can implement some sort of auto-storing mechanism or timeout notifications? It would be most appreciated by people like me who write long posts in the submission form. Timeout refreshment for when you return to "submit" page from the "deadlink", perhaps? Refreshing the page by hand is a downer, and things can be lost that thenewgreen (I don't remember which one of you devfolks does the code for Hubski, so calling the ones I know) serves a fine cold brew Portland from San Francisco. I feel like I am on tour.cgod puts coffee ice cubes in his cold brew. So good. August 10, 2016 Flower - aka Hubski Shell II last night that Shell wasn't what I had in mind in the first place.The share count (latest) is off. I think it's because it lacks a center to count against, like the Wheel and the Shell do.kantos, veen, rd95, Cedar, jadedog, FuzzyWords, thenewgreen Card Exchange? guys! I was just going through the photos on my phone and found this from the time I got these awesome Hubski stickers and magnets. So that got me thinking, since receiving things in the mail is kind of awesome, does anyone want to do a card exchange?I personally would love to send out some cards from the places I travel to, not just to my family and friends, but also to random (and not so random) folks online. I'm not expecting a card in return, all I need from you is your address and a confirmation when the card or cards arrive, because that would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, and I can do this with one person or with twenty. So, what do you guys think? Yay, nay, ideas, suggestions? August 3, 2016 Shell - a modern Hubski Wheel this idea for a couple days. Not meant as a replacement idea. I just like edgy. little change about how tags work I say "filter this tag" or "filter this user" I mean I don't want to see it in my feed, chatter or global. That is how it works now and it works great. I can also visit the profile of a filtered user and see what he posted, that's also how I expect it to work. Why can't I visit a tag I have filtered and see the posts there? The behavior is a little inconsistent, sometimes legit content may end up in one of my filters and I may want to reconsider unfiltering it or sometimes I may want to see what other related tags or users fall in my filters to filter them too.TL;DR when I directly visit a tag I filtered I really mean "I want to see what I have filtered" instead of getting a blank page. That is already how visiting filtered users' profiles work. lord. Thoughts on bulk spam? preference is to see new users' posts for all the generally acceptable reasons (to greet them and such). Also, I like to see what's outside my personal feed. I've found it amazing that I tend not to see other active members due to differing topics of interest.On another note, I've read back seeing spam has been an unfortunate problem, also read up on the topic of bottom-up moderation in the past using the #spam community tag. So, I'm keeping this tool on the back-burner every once in a while to allow similar users to enjoy global. All of these kept in mind, headed over for a quick scroll for new threads in global this morning. At risk of sounding like a mindless plea, thought this was worth mentioning considering the situation. . . note: tags. users under 10 hrs since creation: blatent spam. Yes, I could and will filter the users and likely get around to tagging the posts beforehand so no one else has to, but oye. I understand the most viable feature to avoid spam that I know of as a regular user is to filter #spam while yourself or others carefully tag those posts which qualify: I also understand (my first thought) a bulk function of tagging users' posts or users themselves under the spam thread is a huge overreach, AKA not an option that should ever manifest, imo. Boiling down my point: if this is a problem for others that would make sense to address, and if so, any thoughts? Bugski Thread anyone experiencing bugs on the site that haven't been resolved? If you've already let rob05c know about them, no need to reply but if you've not, please leave a comment. Please be as specific as possible regarding what is occurring. I just noticed that each time I reply to someone in "mail," it sends me to the error page. I think I'm missing some mail replies too. Also, the site is loading pages very slowly for me. Anyone else?Thanks all and thanks rob05c for addressing these. guys, how you been?'m back once more, now that I've adjusted to timezones and moved to America.What's the latest? What has the Hubski community been up to? Headed North. I leave for my annual vacation in the U.P. of Michigan.For two weeks, I will be effectively off the grid.Historically speaking, there's a pretty good chance of a dust up here when I am gone, so good luck to you all.You are in good hands with forwardslash, insomniasexx, rob05c, and thenewgreen.If you have any issue, no matter how small or at what time of day, let them know and expect a prompt response.Take care, Hubski. I keep getting 502 errors everytime I send mail/comment. so redirects me to Is annoying.(Also, while I'm here, and becauae I can't mail directly: thenewgreen, would love to be a part of that, PM me the details) Monday, insomniasexx turned me on to's an image host using the InterPlanetary File System.I am keen on supporting IPFS, and also keen on moving away from is your opinion on making the default suggested image host for Hubski? it's my 2000th day. like only yesterday that mk was chiding me over the frivolity of my 1st or 2nd post, not "thoughful" enough or something. I guessed that I'd hang around for a bit just so he would have a few warm bodies to make the place look like something was happening here and than drift off. Like when your friends band plays live for the first time, you just gotta show up.How's this for thoughtful buddy?It's my 2000th day anniversary, deal with it.This place has been buggier the last week or so than it was when it was 100 days old, what up with that?Still having novel and thought provoking experiences here, hell just the other day someone told me "If I saw you in person, I would drop you and kick your fucking teeth in." Surprised it took so long for it to come to that.Have some music to celebrate my 2000th day!This is pretty much the greatest song ever this week.A cut from my favorite album of summer...Can't get enough of those Lijandu Sisters, or any of the other splendid Nigerian and Zamrock classics I been listening to lately.I guess I've been summery, lots of African and Jamaican jams. Herman Chin Loy and Scientist have been getting a lot of play. Lots of Funk and Soul as well but I don't feel like digging it all out.If you got a kid play this for them.And to bring all that good feeling back down to Earth some John Maus, can't get enough of this guy.And one for mk who made this place possible. I been waiting for you to post a choice 80's cut, been holding this the London Beats original version of "I Been Thinking About You" (yea it was from 1990 but it's heart was in the 80's) to lay on you. Than I found out the Dur-Dur band from Somalia did a super credible cover so here it is (This isn't typical Dur-Dur Band fair, no awesome girl singer, and a smaller band but pretty damn good). Year now have been a member of Hubski for one year. I haven't really gone on Hubski and posted things and contributed to discussions much, but when I have, I loved it. I love being a very tiny part of this this small, but great community. Anyways, I'll probably go on Hubski a bit more, but maybe not. Who knows? We'll see. Hide now removes comments on that post from chatter. a small tweak, based on a suggestion that snoodog made:Now when you hide a post, comments in that post no longer appear in your chatter. It makes sense to me. If you don't want to see a post, you probably don't want to see the conversation on it. miscounted thought today was the day. Instead, today is 2001. I'm pretty dang happy that mk invited me to this party a few years ago. Thanks for being good people hubski.Oh yah... And happy Murica day. Livecoding'll also be on IRC to take questions and explain what I'm doing. done. I'll make a post about what I was working on this evening. I might do some more work on it first. TLDR closure tables for publications, to make it fast to get all comments on a post in a single query. #1: Announcement Thread to the first Hubski PsBattle!Where the entries are submitted by you, and the points don't matter!-Stock Image for PsBski #1: Calmer WatersSubmitted by: myself, to start out. (Your name could go here!)Story behind photo: I discover we have kayaking on campus! I'll be on the look out for a bit more interesting material while I'm in WBP tomorrow if we don't have many submissions here in the coming weeks. Happy editing!The Rules: - There are two separate threads for any one battle. - Announcements threads are posted on the 1st and 15th of the month, where the winner of the previous battle is announced and stock images for the next battle are submitted. - The entries threads are posted two weeks following their respective announcement thread.- Both entries and stock images can be voted on via number of shares.- Stock images are submitted and chosen by Hubskiers in the Announcement Thread(s). Images of, for, and by you are encouraged!- Please use this guide for guidelines on a good submissions for stock photos.Feedback appreciated!-If you'd like to be added or removed from the shout-out list (only happens with the announcements thread), let me know!jadedog, kingmudsy, OftenBen does OB stand for?, I can see that OB is used just like OP on other sites to refer to the 'Original Poster', but what is OB actually short for? I can't seem to find anything that states it. And it's just one of those little things that's driving me bonkers not knowing. Popular tags should be fixed. you hadn't noticed, popular tag pages like and were either extremely slow or failing (due to timeouts).It should be fixed. They're still kind of slow, but they should be much faster than before, and not timeout. Let me know if you see a tag page fail to load (timeout).'s chatbot will be sentint next year were hanging out in the IRC channel tonight (if you're not there, you should be), and OftenBen mentioned that soon the resident chatbot, lambda, would start talking back to us without our realizing it. The following ensued:<johnnyFive> lambda: how long until you achieve sentience?<lambda> johnnyFive: Next year, we're not doing anything rude / excessively contratdictory. You're up for quite a day. But i connect to this place.You heard it here first. At least it sounds like he/she will continue to hang out, so that's good. just woke up from the best hubski dream know what happens when the last thing you do before bed is skim this post and comment?You dream that hubski is an actual place and that mk has figured out a way to get around local regulations and _refugee_ posts that there will be a huge rave at "hubski" tonight and that ecib will be spinning for the first 6 hours and that insomniasexx will be working the water station (because free water of course) and that kleinbl00 has almost finished installing the system and since elizabeth lives around at the apartments around the corner with her fiancé, I walked over to make sure they saw the post about the party but she wasn't home so while walking back I ran into insom who started talking about the transcendence of free water and how much joy she got from giving it away for free and didn't care if a bunch of bums showed up because the homeless have to dance too and after I dropped the ladder I was now carrying off behind elizabeth's apartment I walked toward the bus stop where rob05c was waiting I saw mk and forwardslash walking and we all got really excited about the party and I told them how cool it was that I just saw all of these folks and that I knew lil was just working the line at the soup kitchen down the hill and that I would go and tell her about the party because I figured she wouldn't have seen the post yetAnd then I woke up. And started typing. This may have been the best dream I've had in years. Sorry for the no punctuation. I needed to type as fast as I could to remember it. It's already starting to fade. I just remembered that we all joked about how thenewgreen was going to be bummed when he landed in Atlanta because he didn't know about the party until the last minute. It probably helped also that I had previously read this post And had "hubski as a community" on my mind. There were other people from my real life here that were sprinkled in. A woman from church was in the soup kitchen line waiting to get in (yikes). few thoughts after using Hubski for fifteen minutes ten years on reddit, I stumbled upon Hubski a week ago, and decided to give it a try. Here are my first impressions:- This feels so peaceful! No voting, no mods, no wars... I really love the concept!- The site is too slow. I feel like this could decrease my motivation to come back regularly- I find it weird to require two clicks to access external content. Any reason for that?I'll try to reflect again after using Hubski for a few weeks and see how my thoughts evolve. haven't posted in 140 days (~5 months). What is new? new about hubski? New features? (I know I could just check but I'd much rather do this). New users? Any users gone? days. Thank you all. of the best decisions I ever made started with downloading news.arc.Here's to the next 2000!BTW, I am missing a bunch of pics. If you have one with me in it, post it!EDIT: Heck, just post any meetup pic! Blue Github Repo for Bugskis and Feature Requests're hoping to start using this to track issues.If you find bugs, you're encouraged to make issues here. This will make it easier for us to keep track of them, and less likely to forget they exist.You're also encouraged to make feature requests here.You can also browse the Github issues, to see if your bug or feature already has a case.You can still make posts tagged #bugski, if that's easier for you. But if you make a Github issue, it reduces the chance we'll miss it or forget to add it there ourselves.Questions and comments welcome. Hubski meetup! the lovely rjw for some Indian food this afternoon, which was both of our first times meeting a fellow Hubski person. Here's to meeting more of you soon!If, by some off chance, anyone is able to meetup with me in Italy or France the next few weeks, let me know! Update I should make a Devski post. It's been quite a while since the last one.I haven't really been less transparent, I just haven't accomplished much. My life got really busy about six months ago, between a new job, house church, and tai chi classes. About a month ago, I finished up the code to convert and load user data from SQL. If you remember some instability early one week last month, that was why. Despite being far less data, the user data has about twice the database columns and tables as publications, and proportionally, we saw about twice the issues pop up. Unfortunately, I knew I wouldn't have time to fix them, so I ended up reverting the changes.The biggest issues we saw involved the hubwheel dots, and the number of people who actually shared the post, not being the same. This was caused by vote data being duplicated in like four places, and the SQL conversion not saving in all the duplicate places correctly and atomically.If you're beyond, like, a sophomore computer science student, you know duplicate data is capital-E Evil. This kind of thing is why it takes a considerable effort for me not to criticise the Hacker News source (from which Hubski was forked), its language, and the author of both.So, I reverted the users-in-SQL work I spent several months of free time on, and started working on removing the duplicate vote data. Fortunately, one of those duplicate places was publications, which we converted to SQL last Summer.I've been at OSCON all week, so I spent most of the last five evenings doing that. It's pretty much de-duplicated now. The only duplication left is 'vote' data, versus 'shared by' data. But all the 'votes' are in one place, as are the 'shares', and just this evening I changed publication 'score' to pull from the 'shared' data. Votes and shares aren't quite the same, so it's going to be a lot more work to combine them, and I don't think it's as big an issue.If you noticed some slowness in feeds earlier this evening (Thursday), that was me. I made the score load immediately from SQL when needed, and pushed it live. Turns out, the score was being loaded unnecessarily often (like so much other data). I saw the slowness, figured out what functions were being called too much, and did some higher-order-function magic to fix it. So yeah, lots of vote/share de-duplication. Should be mostly done now.Next on my list is moving password hashes into SQL, and API app code to log in and create tokens. API logins will then let us make private user data API endpoints, e.g. for a user's personal feed. So, with logins, we'll be able to add API endpoints for all data, one at a time.Somewhere in the middle of that, I might try to apply the SQL user data migration again, if I'm at a point where I know I'll have time to fix the issues that pop up.As always, questions welcome. Days of Hubski from London, hubski! It's been a thousand days since I made my first account (and 970 days since I changed to this one).I want to thank you all for so many good posts, discussions, rants and lessons. Some shoutouts that come to mind: thanks to kleinbl00 for always helping and being awesome, thenewgreen for being so welcoming that I just had to stick around, steve and Meriadoc for the beardiest beards, insomniasexx and randomuser for being at least five times as cool as I, lil for inspiring me to write, flagamuffin and pseydtonne for having someone to talk to about the Tube, and b_b & mk for saving the world one research grant or start-up at the time.Here's to the next 1000! Features've just added a new option in your profile settings that will allow you to opt into seeing beta features which we are testing out on the site.At the moment this will just let you see our working version of post previews which will be a button that shows up next to the save draft button.The features will be works in progress, but you'll see them before anyone else - for better or worse. For instance, there's a really weird css bug on osx safari that prevents either the draft button or preview button from showing up (God bless front end development.)And for any developer or developer-curious hubskiers our there, the markdown renderer we're using is based on markdown-it and is open source. As we find bugs and discrepancies between our sever rendered markdown and the preview rendered markdown we'll be updating that repo with bug fixes and tests. Eventually we'll be expanding the features of our markdown as we move away from arc to languages with more developer support. Idea: Follow a user's posts but not their shares are a few people on here who post interesting content and share a much larger volume of less interesting content. It would be cool to choose to only see that user's posts instead of following them and playing whack-a-mole with filtering out any domains or tags I don't want to see. is a humbling thing beautiful fellow Hubskinites!As some of you may know, I really like playing bass. I play in 6 bands in Portland, OR and gig often. The band that I write and arrange tunes for is The Sextet, a six-piece Groove Jazz band.We're looking to get into the studio soon to record an EP and we just launched a kickstarter to fund the album. kickstarter linkIt's very humbling to ask friends, family, and acquaintances for money. It causes me to think about the role of music in everyone's life, my own included. Music has often times raised me from some very dark places (as discussed way back when in a thread where lil and thenewgreen dropped some wisdom). I want my music to help raise other people from dark places so that they may be in a state of happiness and actualize their highest self. If you're interested in helping out, check out the link. The goal we've set is very modest and I'm certain that if everyone gives a little, we can make this happen :)I love you all of you Double Post Protection delay can you add a double post delay? I.e. cant most more than once every 5-10 seconds to prevent double posting? It seems to happen to me a lot when I click submit too many times and end up double posting. Kind of annoying request should automatically get a badge to 'spend' when you receive one from another hubskierlike the multiplier effect!"Included" in private messages. Could these usernames wrap around in the same container width as text in a private message? Currently, at least on mobile, the list of usernames will span a single line until all usernames have been displayed.This is kind of a pain when trying to see who's responding to what, and who's there in the first place. The above proposal would keep everything in the same field of vision. Dutch-American Friendship Day, Hubski! YOU KNOW THAT......the Wikipedia article for Dutch inventions and discoveries is one of the longest listicles on the English Wikipedia? ...almost all names in New York are adaptions of the original Dutch names, back when it was still called New Amsterdam? Brooklyn, Flatbush, Broadway, Greenwich and Wall Street among many others all have Dutch origins. ...this official day was proposed by the US Congress nine years ago?...the Pennsylvania Dutch are actually German and not Dutch at all? ...I totally spent way too much time carefully carving Hubski into Gouda cheese on this productive day? ...I stole this format from thenewgreen? I hope this doesn't negatively affect our Dutch-American's an appropriate song to make up for it. what just arrived in the mail! out to grab what is usually junk mail from my mailbox, returned home with this. Thanks to insomniasexx and the rest of the Hubski team, it feels great to get a gift from LA! One magnet is already on my fridge, another will travel across town tomorrow morning.Now, just let me eat and I will be covering my laptop with "What Can Be Learned?" stickers, those look absolutely sick. Encrypt SSL old SSL cert expired today, so we've updated ours and are now using Lets Encrypt to manage our SSL certificate. Let's Encrypt is an important part of securing the web and I'm excited to be able to use it for hubski. Plus it saves us money, so there's also that. Update: Filter filter filter filter days ago, we tried a new approach to spam.It didn't work as intended.In short, we created a one click link to tag posts with the community tag #spam in the global feed. New users also filtered #spam by default.The intention was to leverage existing behavior to more easily send spam posts into the abyss. The effect was that we codified the community spam tag as the principle means to avoid spammy posts, and made moderation less individual. The spam tag became more powerful, and its application more controversial.Today we are trying a different approach that we feel is more aligned with the nature of Hubski and its characteristic individual moderation.In the global feed, you can now find a 'filter' link on posts. Clicking this link will filter the user, removing their posts from your feeds.We have long used filter as one signal to bring spammers to our attention, and will continue to do so. Thus, filtering a spammy account does help remove spammers from Hubski. However, unlike the #spam community tag, it does not have an immediate effect upon everyone else.You can still community tag posts with #spam. However, like with other community tags, you will have to open the post first to do so.As always feedback is welcome. Robots That Have Fun With Women.. Update: Spam spam spam spam may have noticed we have had a new wave of spammers recently.It has become common practice that people will community tag these posts with the #spam tag, so that they can be reviewed and filtered en masse.This update adds three changes to better take advantage of this effort:1) If you have earned two hubwheels, you will see a 'spam' link on posts in your global feed. Clicking this link will automatically add a #spam community tag to the post.2) Logged out users do not see posts with the #spam tag.3) New users are automatically filtering the #spam tag. They can unfiltered the tag if they wish.There are a number of ways that we can address spam. This is an experiment that leverages an existing behavior. Let's see if it is an improvement.We monitor which posts are marked as spam, and will continue to do so.As always feedback is welcome. global feed is fucked cant imagine how any newcomer to Hubski would look at this and say "oh boy what an intellectual hotbed!"This is my second day in a row clicking on global and its the same endless feed of spam. its not even spamin English anymore.What do, Hubski? using my other accounts couldn't login using my c account so I tried recovering the password of it, I receive the email, I copy & paste the password in hubski but it still says "Bad Login".I logged in on my F account and tried to post this but I am being redirected to the 502 error page when clicking on submit.Edit: it looks like my other post was made even after receiving the error, I'll delete it. Hubski ever ban users? Hubski not ever ban users?Even better! We let YOU PERSONALLY ban ANYONE YOU WANT.In the real world, people have to be convicted of heinous crimes to be 'blocked' from society. Imagine if you could mute anyone you don't like, and never hear from them again! On Hubski, you can! With just three simple steps:1. Go to On the left side of the page, under 'moderation,' click the 'block' checkbox3. Click the nearby 'Update' buttonAnd voilà! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!You can also Hush, Filter, and Mute. And for only three easy payments of...In all seriousness, there are two general governmental approaches to handling undesirables: Nanny State (often employed by Socialism), and Liberalism (Classical, Social; a.k.a. Libertarianism). We take the liberal approach. We don't tell you who you can and can't hear from. We're not your parents. You can block anyone you want.If someone is generally bad, everyone blocks them, nobody sees them, they eventually get bored, and leave. This generally works. Until someone posts something particularly nutty, and a lot of other people start shouting 'ban the witch slanderer!' and we admins become confused. We're like, 'But, you can block them? Did you know you can block them? The button is right over there. You'll never hear from them again. Do you see the button? It''s right there.'—I wrote this last year during the HubskiGate, and never posted it. Figured things have calmed down enough to share. disagree with the mute feature allows people to dishonestly stop people from attempting to refute them.If they want to ignore certain people there's no way that can be stopped on a board with identities but they shouldn't be allowed to affect other people's view.@mk Hubski's IRC offline?'ve been trying to connect to the IRC channel in more ways than one, to no avail. When connecting to the IRC server (, Mibbit web IRC client replies with "terminated".EDIT: never mind, it's working. DNS issues Ocean was having some DNS issues this morning. for the spotty connectivity. of the Hubski API? have been patient, and intend to remain patient, on the feature of a Hubski API, but I am curious what the current state the API is in. Has it actually been started? What percentage is complete? Is there an estimated date of arrival? Where on the priority list is it?I'm only interested in real answers to these questions and related questions. I do not care if your answer is tomorrow or a year from now, I just want a moderate degree of accuracy and honesty in the answers. Delays happen, designs change, it's fairly low priority, etc, I understand. But I would like to know so I can plan and prioritize the other work I wish to do in the coming year(s) (I have fancy plans for the API, and pants to match). Cleaning URLs've made some changes to how the urls look to make them 'pretty' and make them (hopefully) more intuitive. So, for instance, to get to your user page you go to something like instead of process of making this switch was finicky to say the least, so it's more than likely that some url won't have changed over or will break. If somethings not working right and it was last week, probably has to do with the url rewriting, so ping us and let us know. Also, all the old urls should still work, so we shouldn't have dead links floating out there like trash in the ocean. it possible to make usernames case insensitive when logging in?'s approaching the end of the quarter... and you guys haven't hurt my wallet badly enough.My pledge to be 10% of the overall donations to hubski this year is too easy.You've got that tax return coming. You didn't buy that super-venti caramel macchiato. A friend bought you a round on Friday night... with that in mind, consider throwing a couple of bucks at hubski.com you enjoy the content, the people, the atmosphere... if you like to just lurk.If you're only here for the weekly pubski...please consider a donation. This site takes money to run. It's been up and running for 1926 days and all of the server fees, travels, stickers, etc. have come out of personal pockets.And that says nothing about the time and talents of the developers. Countless hours of genius burned into this labor of love.I'm not a member of the core hubski team - but I'm a member of this community, and as such, I care deeply about them, their families, and their time. And I care about YOU and the content you share and the voice that you have.Their goal of $2400 isn't astronomical. That's 20 people chucking a $10 bill at them. Look at the last bar tab you have. Look at the last time you bought a burrito, burger or pizza. I'd wager it's near or over $10.So today - I packed my lunch and save that $8-10. Tomorrow, please consider doing the same. And once a month... throw a couple bucks at hubski.It feels good. am happy to be back you very much mk for re-activating my account, I've been lurking for a long time and today I saw that post about account re-activations and decided that it was time to come back. I am a happy lurker again because I can occasionally comment again if I find something interesting or worth discussing. - Ability to add my #meetHubski to my profile? know I can just type it in the text field. And maybe I should just do that.But. I'm bored at work and want to post this as a question. Account re-activation you inactivate your account, you unfollow everyone, and lose all of your followers. Also, your username is replaced by 'user-inactivated', and your email is removed from your account.Previously, the only way to reactivate an account was for me to do it manually.Starting today, logging into Hubski after you have inactivated your account will reactivate it again.That is, if you remember your password, you can reactivate your account. As we no longer have your email, we cannot reset your password once you have inactivated.For users that have inactivated prior to today, the only way to reactivate is to contact me directly.Thanks! If you are observing buggy behavior, click update in your settings. will affect just a few of you, but there is an known issue that can be resolved by doing this.Thanks. hubski on DuckDuckGo with !hubski now have a duckduckgo bang for quickly searching hubski! If you're like me and have duckduckgo as your default search provider then you can search hubski from your browser's url bar. No email alerts or notifications. am not getting notifications or emails when people respond to my posts.Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm trying to track down what is going on here.UPDATE: I found the problem. I switched some Arc code to Racket, and it was making some writes that Arc could not read. I'm working on it. any of you want to spend next weekend in pittsburgh hanging out with me will be going to the museums is there a hidden code at the bottom of Hubski? the links at the bottom of the page there is the following code: 19vVrqzbbLFKJL7ta9dvR7zX7uk6hdTWwU with a white text color.The html class is "btc", which might stand for bitcoin? Update: PM emails and notifications problem with private messages has been that if there are multiple people in a PM, only the person that is being replied to directly would be notified of a new comment.Today we added email alerts and notifications for PM conversations.That is, if someone makes a new comment in a PM, everyone in that PM will now receive an email alert, and the comment will appear in their notifications.You can toggle 'private message emails' in your settings.In addition to this change, there are two aspects of PMs that we would like to get feedback on: 1) Should hubwheels be added to PMs? 2) Should the OP be able to add more people to the PM? This is currently possible. As always, feedback is much appreciated. try to make it general known, but I'd like to reiterate that the feedback you provide is invaluable.As an example, yesterday flagamuffin made this comment:Once I read this, I couldn't believe that we hadn't been doing it. Now we are. One comment, and just a few lines of code significantly improved PMs.As I mentioned to flagamuffin, we will also add notifications for all comments in a PM soon.We do get a lot of feedback, and some of it does fall through the cracks. However, we do have a long list, and are always working on something. Feel free to remind us if you think we have forgotten about your suggestion. It's very likely on our list. However, we are always shuffling based on priority and ease of implementation.Feedback is much appreciated. We really mean it.p.s. We also added Ether to our donation options. Challenge have a goal: My donations to hubski will equal 10% or more of the total donations for the year. You donate $10? I throw in $1. You donate $200? I throw in $20 and so on.At the time of this post, the total donations for 2016 year are $246.So far so good. I'll keep this up as long as it is sensible/feasible.Can you break me? Can you make me cry uncle? I challenge you. Search we are improving upon our search capabilities we've made an advanced search page. As we add more functionality we will add corresponding fields to this page. Feel free to leave any feedback on the page or on how good/bad the search results are here. the nearest window, and take a picture of the view! found this question on reddit, and thought that it was an interesting one!We come from all corners of the earth and all walks of life, and this will be an interesting way to share that with each other!Here's mine: construction should be finished by my junior year of college, and will absolutely destroy the nice view I had (as if it hasn't done that already). C'est la vie, though, I'm happy that my campus is expanding! You can't see it in the picture, but across the street from the monstrosity is Memorial Stadium, where our football team plays on Saturdays. I've loved being in college, and part of that is the games! I can hear the entire game from my room, whether I want to or not.So, hubski, what's your view like? Where are you, what are you up to, and how are you doing? Update: The donation bar most of you know, we created Hubski to get rich. As the old adage goes, "If you want to print money, start a social aggregator".thenewgreen only drinks bourbon bottled before he was born, insomniasexx collects passport stamps as a hobby, forwardslash spends every waking hour in virtual reality, rob05c is building a Slack service for AI, and mk is building a private Fort Knox of cryptocurrencies.All these things cost money, and our server costs are not helping.Thus, to feed our insatiable need for currency, we have created an annual Hubski funding goal. If you aren't viewing the site on a mobile device, you can see it on the upper right.Currently, Hubski's server costs are $212/mo. That equates to $2544/yr. These costs are too high, and reflect an inefficiency of the Arc app. We are currently working to correct this inefficiency, and once this work is completed, we expect that out costs will drop to $116/mo, or $1392/yr.In addition to paying for servers, we buy stickers a couple of times per year, send them to people, and typically buy a few meals, drinks, and t-shirts. We might also include occasional travel expenses in these costs, but Hubski meetups feel too much like vacations.Hubski has always run in the red, and the money has come out of our pockets. This isn't an ideal situation, but it is a bearable one. However, there may come a time when our situation is not so bearable, and we thought it would be a good thing to be clear about where we are at.We have set the 2016 funding goal to $2400. Assuming we can bring our server costs down as planned, $2400 should enable us to pay for our servers, and leave some money for stickers, swag, meetups, and some room for an increase in server demand.If you donate to Hubski, you will see it reflected in our donation bar. Thanks!As always, feedback is much appreciated! Years along... I've got the math right... which I probably don't - Today is 5 years on hubski for me.Thanks for the good times and the hard discussions. Thanks for the inspiration and creativity. Thanks for the friendship.This is not a complete list... but here are some fun bits from along the way:I got muted by kleinbl00I got unmuted by KB - Apologies goes a long way.We've posted some stickers_refugee_ sent me a recordWe've had some meet-upsthenewgreen was kind enough to let me put video to his audioI get to keep up with some old friends like cgod and ecibI've got a new friend in lilI've had some changes of heart.Anyway... mk, insomniasexx, forwardslash, rob05c, thenewgreen and the rest of the team - thanks. Thanks so much for your endless dedication to this place. It's so much more than just a site to me. And thank you to all of the users who make this place amazing. Thank you... for everything. State of Hubski: 2015 is the fifth State of Hubski. Let's do something we haven't before:Perhaps we should do this every year.Yesterday thenewgreen posted a summary of 2015 which you should listen to.tng's summary does a fine job of addressing my thoughts and feelings regarding what has happened in the community over the past year. It is no exaggeration to say that this place has enabled friendships that I could not have had otherwise.Five years ago, I had an inclination that a rare kind of space could exist on the internet, and that anyone could be a part of it. You all have proved that possible. I am constantly surprised by what people bring to this site, and the conversations and collaborations that result.From a technical standpoint, one of the most significant things that happened this year is that rob05c joined the team. As #devski indicates, good things are afoot. Reading over previous State of Hubski posts, I realized that we have been promising an API for about 4 years. To be honest, I made some mistakes in the last two of years that resulted in significant development delays. Specifically, in 2014 we embarked upon a rewrite of the site that was too ambitious for our team's part-time capacity. As a result, forwardslash and insomniasexx spent much time and effort on work that you never got to see. This was a painful experience. In 2015, we corrected our course, and forwardslash and insomniasexx didn't kill me.More generally speaking, we have learned a lot in this past five years, and IMO 2015 has found us on firmer footing. Hubski is growing up. Questions have been answered. It has become increasingly clear what this corner of the internet is all about.That's not to say that we aren't going to be experimenting. Hubski is always a work in progress, and there are changes in store for 2016.On that note, forwardslash has a New Year's gift for you all: for being part of Hubski in 2015. You make this place what it is.The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2015.Happy New Year, Hubski!Cheers! 2016 haven't seen a New Year on Hubski yet, so maybe you guys already do something similar. But on Reddit, there's a rather new tradition of a /r/Project20__. Basically, a private subreddit for people to encourage and help one another with their goals for the year. I think Hubski would be a good place for something similar. Monthly or semi-monthly check in threads, and then just a common tag for advice or questions related to the project. The goals wouldn't have to be resolutions, but just in general anything you guys want to do over the year. Of course, being Hubski, we'll make it our own. And there's no way (or sense) to make it a private group. If people are interested, or have ideas, put them here. Or just tell me it's a stupid idea and to shut up. First order of business should probably be a better name.Edit: think a site wide group of accountability partners. night IRC and chill? Christmas not a huge deal in your family? It isn't for mine, and after xmas breakfast everything is pretty low key. So I'm making a Hubski IRC call-out for those like me! We can do a music-share (one of my fave hubskIRC activities), seasonal and non-seasonal alike welcome. Or just come chill and chat.Don't celebrate Christmas? Come on and hang out and share some tunes! Getting away from your relatives who are a little too merry? We're here for you, and we won't talk to you about how we were first attracted to your grandmother for her "Legs that wouldn't quit - until they did."Away from home on Christmas? Come hang in a place where you can be with others and grab that togetherness.I'm thinking a 7:30pm est start? I can't stay all night (I work at 6am tomorrow), but it'd be cool to hang with peeps. is Me - What it's like to be blocked by kleinbl00 last time I wasn't blocked by kleinbl00 was 168 days ago. I know this because I remember what I was blocked for.If you don't want to read, that's fine. I said something he didn't agree with, he told me as much, neither of us changed our minds, and he blocked me. I wasn't an asshole, I just didn't take his word on something and he got pissed off about it. I'm supposed to apologize for not agreeing with him if I want to participate in his comments again.To quote kleinbl00, "I'm the biggest asshole there is." "Hubski doesn't need assholes."So if you want to know what it's like to be muted by kleinbl00 - it feels good, man. It feels right. Theory: An open letter to qiy, as well as everyone I have ever or will ever mute, you're unmuted. If you'd like to know why, it's this: I'd like to apologize for troubling them and won't directly reply to them anymore unless they tell me it is OK.Thanks. Appreciate that. As I've said before, apologies work wonders. In fact, I've said pretty much everything I've about to say, over and over again, pretty much every time there are new people.So I'm going to say it once, I'm going to say it for good, and I'm going to save it so that six months from now and a year from now and a year and a half from now and two years from now when everyone in the discussion is user-inactivated but me, I can refer back to it and save a lot of time. I'm not the only one who mutes. I'm not the only one who blocks. However, I'm the guy who invariably gets open letters like this so, really, the task of explaining why Hubski lets users block other users falls to me. So here we go.On the Internet, you can't ask someone to stop being an asshole. It's probably the biggest problem with the Internet. For further reading, I recommend Trust Me I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday, So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson and You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto by Jaron Lanier. Simply put, there isn't enough context to textual conversation and without a whole lot of context, no one has the empathetic weight to shape someone else's behavior in any direction but down. I'm the biggest asshole there is. I can crush you like a bug. When it comes to in-the-mud combat, the only guy I ever ran across that was better than me was violentacrez, and that's because he wanted it more. Think about that for a minute: the guys that can beat me in a bar-room brawl are the guys that will happily go on Anderson Cooper just to be told what subhuman scum they are. If I've muted you, it's because I'm choosing not to be an asshole. Because really, everyone is an asshole, you just need to make them show it. The best thing about Hubski? It's built around asshole control. Not that you're an asshole. Read that again: I'm choosing not to be an asshole. I value this place because the conversations tend to be polite, erudite and heartfelt. That doesn't happen between assholes. A climate friendly to assholes tends to either (A) turn everyone into assholes or (B) drive out the people who suck at assholery and both results are catastrophic to discourse. So I practice asshole control. I know what destroys conversations. I know what drives otherwise sane, rational people to all-consuming rage. I know how a casual conversation about "no, we don't need more moderators, thanks" into people pretending they're about to commit suicide because you're such a horrible person. Been there, done that, got the troll count. Hubski doesn't need assholes. This is a third place where we know each other, where we have context about each other's lives and where impolite discourse between two people can put a damper on it for everyone else. This is a place where we help each other get jobs, send each other postcards, meet up and get drinks, encourage each other to lose weight and compose songs together. This is a creative space of collaboration, empathy and mutual support, not a place of discord and hostility so listen closely: By choosing to not engage you in an asshole contest, you win. You can still read my content. You can still read my comments. What you can't do is engage me in a pissing match. What you can't do is remind people how much you hate me and why. What you can't do is goad me into being an asshole. You can be an asshole to anyone else you want, just not to me. I have no power to block you from the site. I have no ability to keep you from commenting anywhere but directly to me. It's a big wide world, it's an eclectic site, and at least three of the top ten users on here have acknowledged we can't be civil to each other and the place is still standing. But if you want to interact with me, don't be an asshole. Do you see how much your diatribe about me is actually about you? About your freedom to post, your freedom to interact, your knowledge, your experience? This is only appropriate, really, because you know you far better than you know me. Because on the internet, no one can ask you not to be an asshole. You have your experiences, you have your background, you have your environment, you have your troubles and worries and dreams and hopes. I know only what you tell me. Conversely, you probably don't know that I just finished the worst job I've ever had or that I'm having to sue my property manager for 5 grand or that for the past year I've been spending all my free time trying to get a quarter million dollar business off the ground. You don't know how stressed I am or how difficult it is to be civil. You can't begin to know my background in the subject we're discussing. You only know your own, and if you don't know me, you don't think anything of flippantly telling me I'm wrong about everything I've said. And on Hubski, we don't have to.On every other site, you can choose not to interact with me. However, the only way I can choose not to interact with you is by leaving: public comment boards such as Reddit hold sacred your ability to troll the shit out of anyone, following them around and harassing their every comment or post. Hubski is different. If someone doesn't want to hear what you have to say, they don't have to. And as if by design, the site is functional for everyone. That's why you were/are/will be muted and why I didn't/don't/won't feel bad about it.And neither should you. And if you do, well... Money on Your Smartphone money on your smartphone, is a popular trend. Learn about two apps that will pay you to unlock your cellphone. Weather Carolina has some of the most craziest weather. Click the link, and read about the weather in my home state. Bubblew Pay Member Back Pay?, was a residual writing site that many writers used to earn extra money. I discovered that the site shut down. I would like the money they owe me. Do you think Bubblews should pay up. Pay Per View Writing Sites Fads you know anything about freelance writing, you are aware of the pay per view sites. Do you consider these sites fads. friends.'s everyone doing? Just registered an account here, but I've lurked a few times and saw interesting discussion each time. So I figured I could make an account and actually post. I hope I can enjoy my stay here. Reality of Earning Money Online money online is tough, read this post about the reality or earning money online. More more have been sneaking more information into the 'more' link that you see above a feed while on a device with a desktop resolution.As an example, here is what the 'more' link currently reveals on the #poetry page:This information can now be found above your feed, the global feed, and tag and domain feeds. It's likely that I will sneak some similar information into post pages in the near future. Weird Way of Making Money is a weird way of making money, but one company is willing to pay you to do. If this interest you, click the link. Money Online you like to earn money online, click the link and learn how to make money online to get 100 million people translating the web into every major language for fre to help while learning a new language for free. Testing share counts. few days ago, we expanded share counts to comments on posts in addition to those in chatter.Last night on IRC, it was suggested that we unify the 'shared by' functionality in the feed as well. We decided to give it a shot.Previously, if a post was in your feed only because it had been shared with you, you could see a username of one of the people that shared it with you, as well as a '+n' if more than one person had done so. (i.e. 'shared by _refugee_ +2')Starting today, we have added the total share count to posts. Clicking on the number will show you who shared the post, and who shared it with you.The result looks fine to me. My only concern is that shared counts might put too much focus upon the number of shares a post has.Let's try it out for a few days. We can always change it back. Let me know your thoughts. of Blogging you are interested in blogging, click the link above and see the list I created. A Living Writing you like to write for a living, check out this blog post. Old Hubski: What is, and what could be will always be a work in progress. However, our goal always remains the same: We want to facilitate thoughtful interaction.This weekend I had the opportunity to chat with steve in person about the site. I think about Hubski a lot, and it's always interesting to get a perspective on the site from another long-time user.This is what is currently going on behind the scenes at Hubski: rob05c is continuing our data migration to SQL, and building the foundation of our API. forwardslash is improving our new search application. insomniasexx and myself are working up a new layout for laptop and desktop size/aspect ratios. thenewgreen is laying the foundation for something that is going to be good for Hubski's longevity.In my conversation with steve, we talked about site functionality, and how it might be improved. We also talked a bit about what we think the site can do, and what it cannot.I have a long-term vision for Hubski. That vision is centered upon the conviction that thoughtful interaction is something valuable for a significant amount of people, and that facilitating that interaction results in interesting things. I wouldn't say that my vision for Hubski is anti-commercial, but it does exclude some avenues of future development. For example, I believe that Hubski should not strive to serve as many people as possible.Our migration to a relational database coupled with an API is going to significantly free our hands when it comes to future development. We have a number of ideas of what we might like to do with the new flexibility, but I think this would be a good time to have a general discussion about how the site is working, and how it is not. If you have any suggestions, no matter how insignificant or crazy, we'd love to hear them.As an example, I've considered making a book exchange for Hubski users, baked into the site. Admits Windows 10 Automatic Spying Cannot Be Stopped - Forbes default Windows 10 Home is allowed to control your bandwidth usage, install any software it wants whenever it wants (without providing detailed information on what these updates do), display ads in the Start Menu (currently it has been limited to app advertisements), send your hardware details and any changes you make to Microsoft and even log your browser history and keystrokes which the Windows End User Licence Agreement (EULA) states you allow Microsoft to use for analysis. We now accept bitcoin donations can find our bitcoin address on the donate page.Importantly, BTC donations are anonymous, and are not associated with your Hubski account.Thanks! Hubski: What questions would you like us to ask the next person from the community? is the project we have begun working on:and Here is our first participant, elizabeth:We are going to choose another participant and we will promise to release a new interview at least once ever three weeks (okay, maybe not promise...but we will certainly try). We need your help though. What questions would you like to hear your fellow Hubskiers answer? It does not have to be Hubski specific. Thanks! Just Launched the Easiest App Yet for Anonymous, Encrypted IM | WIRED countertop craft automatic brewery for the inexperienced home brewer Redirect page has huge logos made a response and got sent to this page, which has enormous logos and no proper markup. I haven't been able to reproduce it, but opening that URL on Chrome on Windows 10, on OSX Chrome and Safari all give me the same page (so it's not my cache or OS messing up). Thought I'd let you know. My response as well, ThatFanficGuy. insomniasexx rob05c mk's your opinion about spam here? should be done with spam? I have seen users like this who are usually ignored and sometimes tagged as #spam but do you think that their posts should be removed? Do unregistered users see the posts tagged as #spam or are they hidden? How can we report spam? does not confirm email address when creating an account it intended, or just not implemented? to Freedom to Freedom is a movie about four slaves escaping from a North Carolina plantation. The movie highlights their journey north to Canada. we have desktop notifications somehow? would be pretty nice if we could have desktop notifications., I'm an IRCop on I made a HUBSKI channel. ##hubski. at me if you need help figuring out IRC. Yell at me if you want to talk! Typing my name in the channel will usually wake me up. growth suggestions: Give them here!'m looking for some suggestions on how to grow a fairly niche tag. I've been working on #tih here and there for quite a while. I'll still do it even if it stays small, but I would love for it to get bigger. Do you guys have any suggestions? that replaces human intuition with algorithms outperforms 615 of 906 human teams. Places to Receive Your Original Content you like receiving upfront payments this blog post can help you earn money. Technologies of 2015 Getting to Switzerland Students Should Consider Freelancing jobs being hards to come by, college students should consider freelancing. Once Sued YouTube For A Billion Dollars; Now It's Just Released Over 100 Movies For Free On YouTube | Techdirt no longer lets you opt-out of a Windows 10 upgrade do we put lights on Christmas trees? Christmas tree: It’s long been a symbol of the holiday season. Each year, people around the world cut down an evergreen tree and decorate it with lights and ornaments, but have you ever thought about how this tradition started?People started putting lights – candles to be more specific – on Christmas trees in the middle of the 17th century. These were attached to the end of tree branches with wax or pins and were adhered to the tree to represent shining stars. This tradition started in Germany and spread to Eastern Europe over the next two centuries. Because this was a serious fire hazard, most people didn’t put their trees up until December 24, ensuring that they would only be up for a brief period of time while the tree was still fresh – and much less flammable.The custom of putting strings of lights on trees began in 1882 when Edward Johnson – an associate of Thomas Edison – wired red, white and blue bulbs together and placed them on an evergreen tree. In 1895, President Grover Cleveland followed suit and decorated a Christmas tree in the White House with stringed lights. The public took notice, and the tradition started to catch on.However, it was extremely expensive to have a lit Christmas tree. General Electric sold bulbs for this purpose, but they needed to be wired together by a professional electrician. Additionally, if a homeowner wanted a lit Christmas tree, but didn’t have electricity yet, they’d have to purchase a generator to keep the lights on.In 1903, the American Eveready Company developed an easier to use light set involving screw-in bulbs and a plug-in for the wall socket. Even with this easier to use equipment, electric tree lights weren’t catching on rapidly. People were still using unsafe candles as a way to light their trees, until Albert Sadacca came up with the idea to make the lights multi-colored in 1917.He and his two brothers Henri and Leon started NOMA Electric Company, which became the largest Christmas lighting company in the world. Since that time, lights have continued to evolve.Miniature bulb sets came about in the late 1960s and came in strands of 25 or 50 lights. These were very similar to the standard miniature lights available today. However, there are more options available for size and color today than there were in the past.The latest advancement in holiday lights is the use of LED (light-emitting diode) technology. These lights are far more efficient than incandescent lights and have a much longer life-span.Halloween and Christmas are coming soon. Get ready fo them carefully! To look more experts' advices you can here made it to solve a problem I had. from Home Individuals you are a work from home individual, this blog can be of service to you. I Make a Living as a Writer a living as a writer is something many writers worry about. Read my post and get my opinion on the topic from Home Categories you like to work from home, you will need to know about the work from home categories. of Windows 10 please check in and vent, praise or say whatever you think of it.'t hold back now.Let'r rip. to Earn Money Online is a generic work from home article that features multiple work from home sites. If you are looking for a online earning opportunity Work From Home Individuals can help you. request: Better options for spam comments request is twofold. I'm not sure they're both needed, maybe one precludes the other.1. Remove comments from posts with the #spam tag from global chatter. The majority of such posts are truly spam so there's probably not a huge side-effect to this. Several of the recent spam accounts have started commenting on their own posts to get greater visibility, and even once the post is tagged and thus filtered from global posts, the comments are still visible in global chatter.2. Comment tagging - or at least the ability to mark comments as spam. This feature, coupled with the option to filter spam comments may be a better option but both features could conceivably work together.'m Better off Self-employed about being self-employed. If you think you have what it takes to be self-employed, read my story first. request: Recent Interactions an idea I came up with today. If you click your notification wheel when it's grey, all it displays is 'no new notifications'. I think it would be nice to see the most recent interactions there - basically, the last x amount of people who responded to me or mentioned me. Thoughts? rob05c mk Future Is Decentralized Update: Donations's update has been a long time coming.You can now donate to Hubski. You'll find the link in the bottom right.We are using Stripe as our payment provider. Your credit card information does not touch our servers, so you needn't worry about us handling it securely.You can see the total amount of your donations in the stats section of your profile. Only you can see this information.We will be updating the look of the donations shortly. Thanks to rob05c to getting us over this finish line.As always, feedback cash money is much appreciated. many of you are lurkers? in my Digital Media class we had a discussion about what roles users fall into, and they were grouped into three categories:Creators (People who make post) (About 1% of users)Synthesizers (People who share and comment on posts) (about 10% of users)Lurkers (People who look at the content but do not interact with it) (about 90% of users)In addition to this we talked about the value that lurkers have, and how even if they lurk in one place, what they learn from it may encourage participation and content creation in other places. As someone who mostly lurks with the occasional comment on most things, I'm curious to see how much of Hubski's base is like me. I know if the past there have been lurker roll calls but I want to know how it works out now.How often do you make posts on Hubski? What about comments? And do you make posts on any other sites, if you don't here?, that $750 generic pill is a pure artifact of regulation article will make you wonder how much of the cost of so many things can be attributed to regulation.Is it really worth it?I think not.Think about it. in pen Panels Are About To Get Way, Way Better Global, Today Global Chatter. What can we as users do about the spam? of these feeds have been essentially useless the past two days due to a stream of bots posting endless, lengthy spam posts. I tagged several dozen as spam yesterday but that's a rather time consuming method of cleaning up global and has no effect on chatter. If this is to be a community or self-moderated site, how can we improve the tools available without giving trolls too much ability to interfere with beneficial content. guys! Tomorrow, I'll be a youth MC at a TEDx event in my hometown! much exactly what the title says!I mentioned it offhandedly in pubski a week ago, but I'm going to be announcing youth speakers and entertainers at my town's TEDx this year. Originally, I was going to share this role with a friend of mine, but she's come down with the plague, so I'll be soloing this adventure.I've done some public speaking in the form of high school debate, but this will be my first true public speaking event. Hopefully I don't mess up, and hopefully I don't need index cards to make it through!If you want to watch, it'll be streaming here:'ll be on stage at 10:35, 10:42, 1:40, 2:00, 2:25, and 3:35 for about a minute at a time, but if you want, you can try and watch! familiar? (Crossposted from reddit) this after seeing it on /r/space, thought it looked similar to the logo from hubski. out, but no notification was called out in:but I don't think it showed up in my notifications. I just stumbled on the post in my feed. Any ideas? often do you come to hubski? what's your favorite thing about hubski?And last thing (I have so many questions): Is it hubski or Hubski? can I search/order posts by publication date? want to read old posts, is this possible? I removed the badge counter in a minimalistic fit. was late and I was tired. It can easily be restored.You can still see the number of badges you have to give in your profile.Let's try it for a few days and see if I can be redeemed. does your Hubski main page look like?'s mine.’s too late to give machines ethics, they’re already beyond our control've said the same thing here.Nothing to get uptight about. There's nothing can be done about it.This makes far too much sense for a human to have written: I refer to this third replicator as techno-memes, or temes, and I believe they are already evolving way beyond our control. Human intelligence emerged from biological brains with billions of interconnected neurons. AI is emerging in the gazillions of interconnections we have provided through our computers, servers, phones, tablets and every other piece of machinery that copies, varies and selects an ever-increasing amount of information. The scale of this new evolution is almost incomparably say nothing of the speed. years we have the ability to hide posts now that spam is here? was just reading a thread with 26 comments at least half of which was a single comment full of spam. That's a lot of scolling on a tablet and it will probably only get worse.I don't look forward to playing whack a mole with spam bots (I not so fondly remember the heights of GNAA spam on /.) but I'd at least like the ability to hide it when it's at a low level. Learning Machine Teaches Itself Chess in 72 Hours, Plays at International Master Level Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology - YouTube little under 24 min and worth every second.Uploaded to you tube on Jan 12, 2007 of the road for journalists? Tencent's Robot reporter 'Dreamwriter' churns out perfect 1,000-word news story - in 60 seconds is downloading Windows 10 to your machine 'just in case'- The Inquirer told us: "For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they’ll need if they decide to upgrade."When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device."In other words, if you are patching via Patch Tuesday, as you should of course be, then you are going to get a big hefty folder on your hard drive ready so you can update to Windows 10 on demand. landing - 43 seconds and blind politicians too can be a cyborg“It felt weird for a couple of weeks… Then I started to understand that I’ve forgotten what it is to carry a badge to work, I’ve forgotten what it means to open a door with a key,” said one cyborg who is currently employed by Kaspersky, an internet security firm. Microsoft's data case could unravel the US tech industry "no" to the government is never a good idea. But Microsoft had little option.In a little under a week, Microsoft will again head to a Manhattan court in an effort to try to quash a search warrant, sought by the US Justice Department, in an international drugs-related case.The warrant itself isn't out of the ordinary, but it does contain a crucial facet: It is demanding data on an email account stored by Microsoft in a datacenter in Ireland.Microsoft argued the search warrant goes way beyond the means of a traditional search warrant because it forces the company to hand over data it stores in another country, which in itself is subject to different laws and regulations.This one case will determine -- effectively -- how far the US can use its own legal system to compel companies doing business within its borders to hand over data it stores overseas.As one report put it, the case will determine whether data has a "nationality."..."Big deal," you might think. "Why should I care?" Because the case is the first of its kind, it sets up the possibility that -- should the government win -- that it can do this on-demand in the future, without using the courts.That may have a catastrophic effect on the US businesses -- the same kind of economic impact between China and the US in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations. Converted To SQL – Watch For Bugs!, the conversion is done, publications are now stored in SQL. It was a big change: there are bugs. If you see a bug, make a post tagged #bugski and mention me, rob05c.The title is a bit misleading, it isn't all our data. Publications are the vast majority, but other things like user data are still in flat files. I'll be converting those to SQL in the near future. I'll also be adapting the internal API to not serve private data, and serving it externally in the near future. It's only publications, so it's a long way from a complete API that you could use to e.g. make a mobile app. But it gives the devs out there something to play with, if you like.I'll also be bringing down and back up a couple times this weekend, probably late at night, to verify loading and saving to SQL works properly. Restarting the app takes about 30 minutes.As always, let me know if you have any questions. down for maintenance 2015-09-04 at 5pm EDT title. I'll be on IRC during. Might be more than an hour if I encounter issues.I'm moving most of our data to SQL. It's a big change: there will be bugs. If you find a bug, make a post tagged #bugski and specifically mention rob05c. I'll post with more details when it's back up.EDIT: conversion is done. Printing Is Here; What New Living Creature Would You Create? longing for dictatorship hubski feed has been static for the last week.'s making the site incredibly boring. I see the same topics every time I visit. I try using chatter or global, but there are few to no comments there at all. I feel like this site is more a bunch of people linking things to get people watching them than it is people actually interested in discussion. I liked reddit for the community, and thought hubski was about encouraging that aspect, but that isn't turning out to be true so far.Anyone else feel the same? To Make Something People Give A Shit About Regulation: Robot Cars, Blockchain and Robotic Pharmacies consider a company or industry that uses blockchain databases.Given that the software ensures all transactions happen in a transparent way, automatic “inspections” will be happening all the time by everyone, and there will be less need for regulators to enforce through specific targeted inspections.'m back. took a 10-day break from the internet and I'm back. That is all. Testing current search system, as you may know, is lacking and not that performant. We've been working on updating the search backend to use some more tried and tested technology - namely Elasticsearch. You can see it's current state at here. You can do basic queries, get only posts by a user with @user, and get only posts in a tag with #tag. Let me know any issues you find or ways that you wish you were able to search here. 'us' is the state?'s Excuse For Shutting Down Services That Highlight Deleted Politicians' Tweets Is Painfully Ridiculous | Techdirt Formatting Update'm changing up how we deal with paragraph spacing slightly. Basically your text should be more What You See Is What You Get, if you create a new line it will create a new paragraph. The reason we didn't do this before is because our formatting is based on a subset of Markdown and Markdown has some weirdly peculiar rules about paragraphs.Hopefully this won't break anything, but because of trying to work around Markdown's edge cases things might have slipped my tests, so let us know if anything strange pops up here or in #bugski we need a post where people suggest/nominate "Awesome Comments" for the newsletter.'s all in the title... weight egalitarian ideal Update: Comments are shared to chatter week, we mentioned that a change would be coming to chatter.That change has come.Starting today, your chatter shows badged comments, the comments of people that you follow, and comments that they have shared with you.That means that clicking on a hubwheel next to a comment shares it with your followers.Also, on your chatter page (and other pages featuring comments), you can now see who has shared a comment, and who shared it with you.As always, feedback is much appreciated. video will make you angry | CGP Grey looks at memetic ideas seeing pyrrhonic's post about Tumblr vs. Hubski I thought it would be a good idea to share this video which talks about how ideas can spread virally on the internet and the effect this can have on the communities. vs. Hubski there's been comparisons of Reddit and Hubski, but relatively few of Tumblr and Hubski. I'd like to take a moment to share my observations. I don't want this to become a Tumblr hate-fest, but I do want to be critical.UserbaseTumblr's userbase is almost the antithesis of Reddit's. Where Reddit leans toward right-wing 20's-30's males interested in STEM fields, Tumblr users are more often than not teen-20's left-wing females focused on social issues and art. Hubski's userbase appears to hew towards the middle of all of these spectrums. Or rather, there is a certain level of diversity in which various extremes are not over-represented. (I'll admit I'm no moderate in some regards).There is a certain level of group-think which has developed on Tumblr. Even when I have tended to agree with it, it still has proved a little frightening. The epitome of this for me was the "trans asterisk" episode. People of a certain age involved in LGBTQ communities have been accultured to using the term "trans*" in order to be inclusive of people whose gender identities fall into a gray territory not covered by the male/female dichotomy. This terminology has been used since at least the early '00's to make sure these people's existance and presence was acknowledged and welcomed. Then around late 2013 there was a swift reaction against the asterisk. The Tumblr consensus claimed that the asterisk actually represented the exact opposite of what those of us in our late-20's and 30's had taken it to mean all of these years. Now, there were a few in-depth, well-considered posts that inititated this change in the tide, but they were quickly overwhelmed. What I saw on my dashboard was a sudden roar of posts to the effect of, "If you write 'trans*' you are a bigot and I will immediately unfollow you." What should have been a cordial discussion about a nearly trivial point of syntax quickly mushroomed into a slew of judgemental, malinformed ultimatums. It took months to blow over. By the time I actually found the posts that made some decent arguments against the asterisk, I was already disabused of Tumblr users' pretensions to individuality and critical dialogue. (Runner-up: "Don't say 'stupid,' that's ableist.")My experience of Hubski so far is that divergent viewpoints are generally welcomed, so long as they remain civil and non-trolling. Indeed, I've already had challenging and productive discussions with people I don't see eye-to-eye with. While that's not impossible on Tumblr, it's certainly not the norm.Group-think also exists on Reddit, of couse. But it tends to be a product of, and confined to certain subreddits. Which is not to say that talk of transhumanism or "alphas" and "betas" doesn't leak into evidently unrelated topics. When they do they might be carefully considered, dismissed or accepted. The reaction depends largely on the culture of the particular subreddit. The ideas that are widely accepted on a large part of Reddit still don't have the site-wide hegemony of some ideas on Tumblr.Site Functionalitytags: There's some differences between the ways both sites use them. I find it interesting that Hubski only allows OP to use two. This artificial scarcity seems to necessitate the user to think carefully about which to use. Tumblr users often use very customized tags. These can come in very helpful for looking for a very specifc kind of content. The most infamous tags used on Tumblr are TW (trigger warning). I never understood purpose of putting "#tw gore" instead of just "#gore". This is where the tag functionality on Hubski beats Tumblr's. Hubski has a built-in method for blocking tags. I noticed instant improvement in my feed as soon as I blocked #sillyseason , for example. Whereas, to do the same on Tumblr I'd have to install a third-party browser extension. And then these extensions often break when the site updates. This lack of functionality is due in part to the Tumblr staff's lack of response to user concerns. It took over two years for them to even make a block function, which is a standard feature on social websites.dashboard: The Dashboard is Tumblr's trademark feature. It is a feed of all of the posts of Tumblogs you follow, listed in reverse chronological order. My first problem with the Dashboard is that doesn't actually provide timestamps for posts. If you follow a lot of blogs you can go hundreds of posts down your "dash" and not know how much longer you have to go until you catch up to where you left off last time you checked it. I get the sense this was an intentional design, tho, again it can be fixed by third-party applications. Another example of a-feature-not-a-bug is the notification of likes and reblogs. When someone else interacts with your posts, that appears on your dash instead of a seperate notification area. That can be useful, if someone adds a comment, or if your post only receieves a few responses. If you make a popular post, however, your dashboard will be flooded. I made a post that went viral a few months back, and haven't had the patience to use Tumblr since. Last I checked it was closing in on 40,000 "notes" (likes or reblogs).These two points aside, the entire format of the Dashboard itself is just "flat". Compared to the different content discovery methods on the top-right of Hubski (or subreddits, or StumbleUpon, or even a '90's webforum) the dash just feels like a content treadmill. Even with the aid of a third-party filter, there's still an inordinate number of posts that are just not interesting. So many people that post excellent stuff you won't find anywhere else also post untagged junk. For me the fandom aspect of Tumblr was what really turned me of the most. I didn't know it was possible to be tired of Harry Potter before Tumblr.Conclusion:Hubski's interface and users both make it a superior website than Tumblr and Reddit when it comes to general interest topics and current events. There is an aversion, part build-in, part volitional, to trival junk. For the moment Tumblr and Reddit still beat out Hubski in regards to many niche or obscure topics. My prediction is that in the coming years the user experience of the Web will further bifurcate into the quantity-over-quality Stream services like Tumblr, Twtter, and Facebook, and carefully crowd-curated content discovery services like Hubski and /r/DepthHub . circle dots received by a comment my knowledge there is no way to view this information once the pinwheel is full because circle dotting does not equate to a share as it does on posts. Can this info be added? that the Hubski community is racist. humanodon doesn’t trust white people. Hubski clearly approves. That day I also learned that if I’m not attracted to people of a different race than mine, I’m literally worse than Hitler.Do I dare point out the obvious? I do. Notice the angry reaction that my simple statement provokes. I’m arguing semantics and projecting. This is when people started libelling me and accusing me of being racist, even though I’m the only one here who speaks out against racism when he sees it.This guy tries to redefine racism so he can openly insult white people (but remember, I’m the one who’s arguing semantics).User lil rushes to justify humanodon's racist statement.Quatrarius too, while admitting that humanodon's comment was racist, doesn’t find anything wrong with it. You see, it’s not racism if it’s an admission, and white people probably deserve it anyway. Again Hubski shows its approval.humanodon admits that he has prejudices, but it’s okay because according to him everyone has them; he then tries to shift the blame on others, using the same projection argument seen above.User _refugee_ thinks there’s nothing wrong with bigotry and racism, so long as it’s directed towards whites. Whites are evil and deserve all our hate! We’re not racist!humanodon thinks that prejudice is not inherently bad, and good people shouldn’t worry about getting rid of their own bigotry nor recognise it in others. He even has white friends!So we’ve seen that some of Hubski’s most popular users are openly racist and not ashamed of it, while those who speak out against racism are the ones who end up getting libelled by creeps like ThatFanficGuy. It’s obvious what this says about Hubski as a community.This has been a public service announcement brought to you by one of the few people on Hubski who gives a damn about truth. are the topics you wish were discussed more on Hubski? are a few prominent and most seen topics on Hubski: #thehumancondition, human rights and equality (racism in particular), politics and Reddit (for some odd reason). Those are fine, but why aren't people discussing more games, pornography or personal issues and how to deal with those? It's not to say I support those or that they're supposed to be here, but I don't see them much.What are your topics you'd like to see discussed? freedom of speech isn't's an interesting time to be a new user on Hubski. Overall I find the site design and tenor of conversation to be really appealling. But I've also noticed some issues that seem to have been coming to a head recently. It looks like a lot of that has to do to what degree this is(n't) a Reddit alternative and how the culture of the userbase differs. From my perspective, a lot of what degrades the quality of exchange across the Internet, especially Reddit, has been spurious claims to violation of free speech, which too often go unchallenged. Here's a few articles that demonstrate how "free speech" is misappropriated these days:- an article published yesterday about how freedom of speech debates have been playing out over the past few decades: For many modern free-speech advocates, the First Amendment is irrelevant: their main target is not repressive laws but shifting norms and values.'s it called when I link an older post in a comment? know how if you link to another hubski post, it looks like this?Would it improve the experience if the original poster was notified when their post was reposted? Like - should ButterflyEffect get a notification because I just posted a link to his/her post? I think it would be cool if I got a notification of something I posted being re-linked in a new thread.But maybe not - maybe it would be over-notification.EDIT: it's funny that just yesterday I said that I rarely make recommendations for the backend system - and really just try to enjoy the people. I guess I made a lier out of me. Sorry mk, /, and others... "---" is a pedophile and a rapist. thought you should know. That is all., anonymity and parameter mismatch: a Hubski hypothesis OF A HUBSKI DUSTUPI. THE INFLUX - A. A New Cast of Characters - - 1. Lots of new posts - - 2. Lots of enthusiasm - - 3. Lots of new social connections tested - B. The Recurrents React- - 1. "What tags do I filter?"- - 2. "I'm going to stay away for a while."- - 3. "Things will be fine when they get their sea legs."II. THE CONFLICT - A. Migrant Go Home - - 1. "Hubski used to be cool now it's full of Reddit refugees" - - 2. "Without new blood this place calcifies into an echo chamber" - - 3. "The only constant is change" - B. Mad As Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore - - 1. "You know what? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on." - - 2. "Me too." - - 3. ^q^qIII. THE DENUEMENT- A. Pour one out for the departed - - 1. "I miss X" - - 2. "X left under similar circumstances to Y" - - 3. "The World is Speedily Coming to an End" - B. A Plague on both your houses - - 1. "You insular shits reap what you sew" - - 2. "If you want to see what's wrong look in the mirror" - - 3. "Be the change you wish to see in the world"- C. mk ponders ways in which the algorithm can be refined - - 1. "This will fix all our problems" - - 2. "This will fix none of our problems" - - 3. "Can we stop talking about our problems? I'm in the middle of (major life change)." RETURN TO I.______________________________________We’ve done this a few times. We’ll do it a few times more. Personally, I’m invested in this site because it’s a social news aggregator, emphasis on the “social.” However, it’s also a “news aggregator” and those are hostile, angry places. I’ve studied online behavior more than anybody else I know, and that’s frightening because I’ve known most of the community managers at Reddit. This shit is truly the Wild Wild West and everyone is working it out in real-time. Hubski has the distinct advantage of caring, which puts it lightyears ahead of Reddit, SA, 4chan, Imgur (yech - who woulda thunk?) or any other similar website. It’s also go the most robust method of dealing with content curation, in that there is no middle man between you and the site. Hubski puts users in absolute control over their feeds and their friends.That does not mean, however, that Hubski gives them the best tools to do so.I’ve been following my own behavior and observing the behavior of others across several different forums, both open and closed. I’ve been paying particular attention to Hubski and the connections formed here and I think I’ve come up with a hypothesis.HUBSKI IS NOT YOUR FRIENDHubski is just a place where friends congregate. HOWEVER because the visual and conversant cues we receive do almost nothing to differentiate one person from another, WE SUBCONSCIOUSLY RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER AS OUR FRIEND “HUBSKI.”Think about it. To you, I’m either blue, green, gray or teal. You’ve probably never even said my name aloud (and looking at it now, you’re wondering how you would). If you click on my name, you see a weird cat-thing that you likely don’t understand and a bunch of ridiculous stats. I might as well be a line in a database.But because this website is so deeply wired towards human connections, we all form them. This website is what it is because we all treat each other as human. there’s more affinity here than there will ever be on Reddit, except in some of those quiet, private corners still left in the dross. So we’re trying to treat each other as friends, but the visual cues we get aren’t allowing us to subconsciously distinguish each other. When someone says something nice, “Hubski” is saying something nice. When someone says something mean, “Hubski” is saying something mean.This problem extends to new members - they see “hubski” being very chatty and insular… with itself. Hubski becomes a “person” that isn’t trying very hard to be your friend, rather than a community of friends that hasn’t yet warmed up to you. When one person on Hubski treats you poorly, all people on Hubski are treating you poorly. I don’t see this problem nearly as often on VBulletins. VBs go out of their way to put your name, your avatar, and a little bit about you next to everything you say. The site of any VB is pretty much limited to color; on the other hand, Reddit’s functionality, Hubski’s functionality, slashdot’s functionality, Hacker News’ functionality are all different enough that it’s the site that’s distinctive while the users are effectively anonymized. BUT YOUR FRIENDS ARE ON HUBSKIMy deepest regret on Reddit is functionality I couldn’t make happen. Kickme444 was a friend of mine before he worked for Reddit, and HonestBleeps said nice things about me in private, too. Me and Dan were talking one night about how is a lot more human than Reddit - it’s got (optional) real names, it’s got avatars, it’s got participation, it’s got all that “human” stuff that Reddit sorely lacks. So I approached Dan - could that stuff be scraped? And I approached HonestBleeps - could RES pull info off Redditgifts?The idea would be that a double opt-in (you as the profile holder, you as the profile seeker) have both approved “yes, I want RES to provide RedditGifts info on a Redditor’s profile page.” Either side could opt out at any time, and either side would be opt-out by default. But if you both agree, suddenly that stupid username that is clearly a shitcamel becomes a friendly, smiling kid from Michigan who likes Yu-Gi-Oh. Would it have “solved” reddit? I doubt it. Would it have made Reddit a lot more human?I firmly believe so. Hubski provides limited customization of one’s profile page. This limited customization is miles ahead of its competitors, but it’s still pretty spare. More than that, there’s absolutely no marker of affinity between you and someone else beyond changing the color of your name. This is not a fault of Hubski, because again, it’s further along than anywhere else. But I don’t think it’s far enough along.AND YOU SHOULD KNOW ITNothing that follows has been considered beyond the “spitballing” stage. I was talking about this with mk yesterday and we were going to chat, but I thought it might be more useful to get everyone to opine since the strategic development of Hubski is crowdsourced more than any place I’ve ever been (even if the coding is not). The general idea would be simple, low-impact ways in which users can be differentiated from each other in order to better align our members psychologically with “I’m talking to a bunch of people on a website” and away from “i’m talking to a website.” Pulled completely out of my ass: - There should be more information shared on your profile page if you’re following the person looking at it. This should be opt-in information and we should come up with a way to psychologically incentivize it. - When I look at someone else’s profile page, I should see it in their theme, not mine. - I should be able to see the content and comments I’ve shared by someone very easily, ideally from the main page. - I should be able to customize the way my name appears (color, font, points, etc) for people who follow me. People who follow me should tell me that bold italic gothic in 18 point blue is pompous as fuck. - I know mk hates the fuck out of avatars, but I should be able to opt-in to a hover avatar, especially for people who follow me. ______________________________________THAT’S ENOUGHBasically, I think this site is very good at getting people to talk at a deeper level than they would on any other news aggregator, but not as good at reminding people that every one of us is a different person with different wants, needs, desires, peeves and pleasures. I think we all benefit by differentiating this from a sheer stability standpoint. The more we can say “That guy pisses me off” the less often we’ll say “Hubski pisses me off” because the problem with a love/hate relationship is half the time you’re angry. Anyway. Now I need to eat lunch. Update: A pre-update PSA, chatter shows badged comments, the comments of people that you follow, and comments on posts that you have shared.Soon, this will change.After the next update, chatter will show badged comments, the comments of people that you follow, and comments that they have shared.That means that ‘upvoting’ (circledotting, blooping, etc.) a comment will send it into the chatter feeds of the people that follow you. Comments will be shared.In addition to this change, just as on posts, comments on your chatter page will feature "shared by" information indicating who shared the comment, and who shared it with you.We are giving a pre-announcement for this update, because it means that comment 'upvoting' will no longer be anonymous. If you'd like to see the comments that you have shared, follow the link below, changing 'mk' to your username: you can see the comments that you have shared at this time.We are making this change for two primary reasons: 1) Chatter and feed functionality will be similar, and the sharing mechanism for posts and comments will be similar. 2) It is our hope that removing anonymity from comment support will increase the support for thoughtful comments, and decrease the support for less-thoughtful ones.As always, feedback is much appreciated. people worth following is a huge jumble of some interesting users I've found. (Sorry if I have the same user twice on here, it's a long list.)wasoxygen dashnhammit goo mhr Isherwood empty xofaith War eightbitsamurai yellowoftops CraigEllsworth hogwild keifermiller DC-3 ThatFanficGuy tla caeli kleinbl00 unique_username theadvancedapes backtoyoujim edricarica ooli ButterflyEffect cgod arguewithatree lelibertaire aeromill hamburger rinx randomuser bfv insomniasexx b_b deepflows OftenBen mk graphictruth thenewgreen StJohn _refugee_ wonton elizabeth swedishbadgergirl demure nowaypablo lil BLOB_CASTLE crafty JTHipster nobodycares are some tags I should follow? am currently following seven tags:#space , #science , #literature , #photography , #movies , #music , #lawAny others you would recommend? API on Github, New Tag: #devski'm making a new tag: #devski. I'll be posting future development updates to #devski and specifically not #hubski, unless it's sufficiently user-facing. So if you care about code updates, follow #devski. If not…carry on.I expect a lot of my work to be not–user facing. I also expect a lot of my work to be on Github. Starting now. is this??! That's the C trigraph for a vertical bar. But that's not important right now. That is what I've been working on for the last couple weeks. Don't get too excited—it's an internal API, not a public one (see my previous to-do list).Specifically, this code:1. converts the internal s-expression publication data to PostgreSQL2. serve the PostgreSQL publication data over an internal REST JSON API, for raw internal publications, and which accepts both reads and writes via GET/POST.3. adds Racket functions to read and write from the REST interface, which can be called directly by the primary Hubski Arc service.At this point, it's about 95% complete. The big things that need done now are converting static data, and doing tests and timings for converting the live data. The s-expressions have some eccentricities which I'm not 100% sure the conversion functions handle perfectly. Hence, tests.I'm not a Racket expert, so if you are, feel free to suggest improvements. We're not really looking for pull requests at the moment; maybe in the future, but right now, as small as this project is, it's probably about as fast to write as to review.My to-do list is now:1. Write tests validating sexpr–sql–json conversions.2. Test converting the full publication file 'database' to SQL.3. Convert to the internal API service. This involves both converting to SQL, and converting the primary service to read from REST.4. Convert more data. Publications are by far the biggest data we have, but there's a lot more. Hopefully the publications API will act as a framework, and the rest will go faster.5. Create a public API, based on the internal API.My long-term timeline hasn't changed. I'm conservatively estimating: 1,2 in the next couple weeks, 3 in a month or so, 4 by October or November, and 5 by the new year.I have a few nonspecific things on my list too, like changing markdown→html parsing to use a library, and reviewing and publishing the Arc code. At some point, these to-do lists will appear as Github issues. funding experiment: What did we learn? just turned off the funding experiment.We won't be implementing this as a funding model, which is probably not a surprise at this point. However, IMO the experiment was worthwhile, and at the very least, it helped us to learn a thing or two about what we want, and what we don't.We haven't crunched the numbers to determine the movement of bits across the userbase, but of 700,000 bits, 228310 of them ended up in the Hubski account.As a user that did not start with any bits, I donated a total of 3325, and had 46 left to give. I was on vacation for much of this time, however.Personally speaking, I was surprised how quickly I forgot about the experiment, and how as a result it had almost no influence upon my behavior. Although that might be considered a good thing if one is concerned about the influence of money upon site activity, a funding model that no one remembers is probably not going to be a successful one.What we have agreed upon, is that a basic donation model is something that most people want to see, and that it should exist, even if other mechanisms are implemented. We are working on setting that up at the moment.That said, feel free to share your thoughts regarding the experiment. Did it play out as you expected? Did it influence your behavior? Event Test'm just curious about what create event does. Is there a tag that I can self impose that's pretty universally ignored? field on mobile? posting earlier I got a date field on my phone. Is this supposed to be there? Does it do anything? I would love to be able to schedule posts.Just curious. do you interact with other Hubski-ers outside of the site? and I were gaming together earlier tonight and it struck me that perhaps interactions like ours were happening between others on Hubski. So how do you guys interact with each other outside of Hubski? often do you visit Hubski? How much time do you spend here? Why? text. The whole question is in the title. Edge, your layout skills disappoint me Panopticon's resistant to porn because people won't want their porn showing up in the feeds of their followers with whom they have Classy Discussions. People might still make new accounts specifically for posting and sharing porn, but at least it won't be like reddit where people can subscribe to porn subreddits and vote on porn without anyone being able to tell by looking at their account. we add a profile option that excludes ourselves from any more "experiments" or "studies"? I'd like to opt out while staying logged in. do not want to be a studyI am an old fuddy duddyTake my words for ads to sellBut as a subject I'll scream like hell did an informal study about Hubski I joined Hubski a month and a half ago, coming from Reddit. On Reddit, the separation in to autonomous subreddits mean relative isolation for each community. Sure, practically everyone is subscribed to multiple subreddits, but individual users rarely break the walls between subreddits. Some subreddits will link related ones on the sidebar, but these "webs" are very limited in scope.Hubski has been described as a mix of reddit and Twitter. The action of following tags and users, within an overall smaller community I've found lends a sense of this just being a forum rather than a social aggregate site. A user may find themselves interacting with some people more than others, but given enough time, it seems one is likely to interact with practically everyone. This makes Hubski obviously unique from reddit or Twitter. A wonderful uniqueness for sure.Another claim about Hubski I came across in my early experience was the lack of 'group-think.' Of course, as others were quick to point out, everywhere has 'group-think,' but Hubski's unique moderation system does allow a different approach to issue. By not having widespread consequences to being filtered or even muted, posters who may not be widely agreed with are still visible to the majority of users. So, I ended up wondering how ''popularity" worked on Hubski. Just looking at my feed, it seemed like a lot of posts had either a few shares or a whole lot, but very few had a medium range. I was a (sort of) established user though, and I wanted to look at sort of the average experience.Experiment: So, I made a second account, to try to replicate the average user. I believe I once saw statistics about the average number of tags, users, and domains followed, probably on the TMI page, but I haven't been able to find them since. What I remember them being though were about 15 tags, 20 users, and a handful of domains. So, using the tags page, I followed the top 15 tags with the most followers, since I figured those would have the most meaningful activity, compared to the tags with the most posts. I figured there would be little movement in the tags that make up these 15, so I won't bother to list them. The community page provided some more difficulties in choosing which section to use. There is no list of the most popular posters or commenters, so I decided to try split up the 20 users about evenly balanced. I followed the top five of the most badged, active posters, popular commenters, and active commenters. The most recent badged were left out, because of all the categories, this was the least likely to warrant a follow. Of course, there would be some discrimination with an actual feeling and thinking user, but I ignored this. Many users appear on multiple of these lists, and for those, I simply ignored them in their second lists. I did this around 4:00 Central Daylight Time on 7/27/2015. Looking now, a list has changed, as is to be expected, as these are more ephemeral rankings than the tags.To preform the experiment, I was interested in looking at how many shares the posts had. Specifically, how the amount of shares was distributed across the posts. I did the first three pages of the second account's feed, by activity, rather than time, which would have skewed results towards the lower numbers of shares. Since this was rather limited, for an interesting comparison, I then did the same with chatter, again the first three pages, and by activity. Results: For the Feed, formatted as: number of shares:number of posts-- 0:11 1:8 2:16 3:7 4:7 5:6 6:4 7:2 8:29 Total:90For chatter, same format--0:32 1:31 2:17 3:5 4:2 5:2 6:2 7:0 8:0Conclusions:I am in no way qualified to make any conclusions from these data points, and I realize that the study is very limited in scope, so I'd like to hear any other reactions and thoughts concerning either my conclusions, the set-up, or the data. My preliminary observations about there not being many posts with a medium number of shares seems to have been pretty much right on. Posts with 5, 6, or 7 shares account for only 13.3%. Somewhat surprising was the jump at two shares. It is twice either 1 share or 3 shares, which seems pretty significant. I'd say that people are more willing to share once they see someone agrees with their opinion. I was very surprised by the number of posts with 8 or more shares. Almost a third of the posts; more than the next two largest points together. Combined with the low number of posts with a medium number of shares, it becomes obvious that once a post takes off, it really takes off. On reflection, this makes sense given how the user following system works. As each user shares, the post appears in exponentially more feeds. Basically, a popular post is a rumor.This reveals something deep about the social structure of Hubski. It isn't really a web, it is mostly a pyramid. There are thousands of users with just a handful of followers, if any, at the bottom, many of who follow the prime commandment of 'lurk moar.' There is then a pyramid reaching up, each tier consisting of users with more followers. At the very top is mk, whose posts are practically guaranteed to reach any active user. On the other hand, should the second experiment account ever post anything, it would appear on relatively few feeds, receive relatively few shares, and sputter out relatively quickly. At the same time, 'web' attributes do exist. The pyramid doesn't work one way, users further up may follow users further down. The global page is a great way around the limits of the feeds. To me, though, the data points I collected indicate that in the broad sense, for better or worse, Hubski is a pyramid. Luckily, social mobility is a simple here. Several of the users the second account followed were less than three months old.The main thing I gleaned from the comments stats is that it seems in general, votes for comments are more meaningful than shares of posts. On one hand, this makes sense, as a user may share a post they find interesting, even if they strongly disagree with it, while they would be much less likely to vote for a comment they are opposed to. On the other hand, this seems simply weird, because sharing with your followers should be a much more important action than voting for a comment. Maybe this disparity could be explained by the sheer number of comments (which, in hindsight, I should also have collected data on, but oh well, maybe if I do this again at a later date). So, that's what I have. It leaves some questions and interpretations open, but, personally, I found it an interesting and worthwhile study to do in some free time. I hope you enjoy and find it interesting or useful. reminds everyone how marketing should work delivers over on /r/Trees and it all went much better than you would expect. "I made something pretty cool. Did you make anything cool? Oh, and here's a custom to let you know I'm talking about something cool." I'm not sure if I'm making a suggestion. I'm not sure if this could even work twice. But it is kind of cool. after you got back from doing something fun, what did you have for dinner? had/having: a baguette, a bar of chocolate, an apple, a Clif bar and a bottle of Portuguese rose. Debate: Follow Moderation instead of election a man were qualified for office by petition signed by four thousand citizens. He would then represent those four thousand affirmatively, with no disgruntled minority, for what would have been a minority in a territorial constituency would all be free to start other petitions or join in them. All would then be represented by men of their choice. Or a man with eight thousand supporters might have two votes in this body. Difficulties, objections, practical points to be worked out — many of them! But you could work them out. . . and thereby avoid the chronic sickness of representative government, the disgruntled minority which feels — correctly! — that it has been disenfranchised.I've been thinking about The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Heinlein's stance on governance (or lack there of). It mixed in with Hubski thoughts and I started wondering.I'll be the first to say that this is a solution for a problem that doesn't exist yet and it's more a thought experiment than anything else but - what would happen if we could follow the moderation options of other users.This would, of course, make de facto moderators to the site. It would, of course, congeal power in the power users and create a system where getting on the bad side of a few could blacklist you from most. But it still interests me. It creates a curated experience for new users or users who don't have the time or inclination to fight trolls, and gives the users the power to abandon moderators and still get to participate in the site.This may have been discussed before, but a few quick searches didn't turn up anything. you use the mute function for ideological reasons? Other reasons beyond avoiding hostility? As a downvote button? Future impact? just noticed that I've been muted by a user. Hubski sure does make it obvious! I was somewhat shocked, though, because I've made a point of being extra polite here. Taking a quick gander at their user page I see that we probably disagree about some things politically. Other than that, I can't think of another reason. So in all likelihood this person read something I wrote and didn't like it, so they muted me. That doesn't bother me in the least, but it hadn't even occurred to me that people would use the function that way. Now that I have reason to suspect someone does it makes me wonder how common it is and what else people use it for.What do you use the mute function for? Have you used the mute function? Do you think the mute function should be used sparingly? Liberally? Will excessive muting lead to a chilling or splintering effect on Hubski?Should there be some loose, unenforced guidelines about when to mute other users? A sort of generally agreed upon reasoning in order to keep the community from fragmenting? What would that look like? Should it be considered reasonable to repost a thread to the same hashtag if the previous one is submitted by a mute-happy user? Personally, I'd never used any of the mute, hush, or user-filtering functions on Hubski until I blocked the person who muted me. Should that, by the way, be considered reasonable or poor Hubski etiquette? How do these kinds of scenarios affect Hubski and its functioning? What happens when we have a bunch of tribally splintered groups with their own mute lists? Is that something to be avoided? Is it something that can be avoided? or late? recently joined Hubski almost 24 hours ago because I was tired of Reddit's bullshit. When did Hubski start? Did I join early, late, or somewhere in between? proposed value add donation system proposal - a value add donation system. It can be built up later, but it starts with purely mechanical practicality. The first thing that people get for donating is servers that stay online. It's not sexy and it's not supposed to be, the sexy ideas are for when we need to attract people, but right now there's a constituency of users who want to contribute to the site. This dynamic, willful donors and a service in need, has been thoroughly explored by nonprofits like NPR and PBS and they go with a straight donation model. It could easily be replicated on hubski by, once a quarter, having a jimmy wales style bar that shows how much in donations is needed to pay for the servers for the next 3 months. What's interesting though about the NPR model, and this was more true in the 90's, was the swag. Swag added a bit of social currency to the donations by giving away "limited time" coffee mugs, bumper stickers, sweaters, and other visible badges of support. Hubski could create similar social value through a digital badge system. In my mind there are two valuable types of donors - those who donate regularly and those who donate a lot. To account for this each profile would get two badges: one that progresses for every time you donate, one that progresses in relation to how much you donated.In theory, this creates a system where people's financial donations translate into unobtrusive social currency. The problem is that a very similar system was created with reddit gold and that wasn't enough to support them, but I'm hoping the smaller size and different makeup of hubski can counteract that. Another problem lies in people who don't want their donations to be public. This could be addressed by allowing people to turn off their badges. The benefit is that it creates the foundation for a system that converts money to social capital which could hopefully expand with the needs of the site. Community and Real Names a time my profile had a link to my personal website. I felt comfortable sharing this with y'all. Incidentally, during that time it would be trivial to find out who I am, in the real world. It's probably still really easy to find out who I am.I have shared that I go to a boarding school in the Northeast, that my girlfriend is on Hubski (calling her out by username), and have shared videos and pictures of my accomplishments with y'all that put a face to the name. I put a "follow me on Hubski" button on my personal site.Conversely, I chose a username on Hubski I barely use anywhere else, my Facebook profile is relatively limited as displayed to the public, and at some point in the past month I got rid of the link to my personal site to limit my exposure. I found myself willing to connect my name to my username when I felt that the community was smaller, but found my willingness to do so diminish as the community grew. I know many around the 'ski have connected their names/pennames to their usernames (thenewgreen, _refugee_), and I'm on the fence about doing it again. There are also people whose usernames are simply their first names (mike, steve), but I think I'm the only one on Facebook with my first name.I stand behind the opinions I post here, the content I post here, and I already have a resume-style website where I connect my accomplishments to very concrete pictures of my face and my actual name. So I'd like to hear your thoughts.Have you associated your name with your user? Would you consider doing so or continuing to do so in the future, even as our community grows? What do you suggest? simplest funding idea a donation buttonmessage donators about stickers first do I give badges? hubwheel has gone all the way around and is at 1 circledot again. But I don't see a way to give badges and my profile says I have 0 badges to give (at least I'm assuming that's what "badges given: 0 of 0" means). Are newer users unable to give badges (I'm only 2 weeks old)? Or is there something else I'm missing?Thanks I'm advance for this probably dumb question :) us on IRC; we're making a Hubskian language! are currently attempting to create a language by and for Hubski! Feel free to incorporate previous vocabulary to fill our lexicon.Join us in the chat room for live developmentsThus far, much of it is based on English so we'll need your help to prevent it from being a relexification.If you can't make it to the chat room, feel free to leave suggestions here in the thread!Thank you for your time and interest! Idea: Private Room's a late night idea I just had. Hubski could offer private rooms, allowing invited users to share content separate from the global feed. Perhaps the ability to open a private room would be tied to some level of contribution or donation?So this post has been sitting as a draft for well over a week now and I still have mixed thoughts about it; I'm not sure how I, personally, would use it. I don't think these "subhubs" or whatever you want to call them (I think "private room" is a little more.. distinguished, but also has a bit of innuendo) should be like subreddits; having them become a locus for particular topics of discussion when hubski is about people, not topics, isn't beneficial. Regardless, as the community grows and expands, I wonder if people might appreciate having a more private space to discuss and share among a narrower group of friends.I think the global community that everyone is thrown into is crucially important to establish the "hubski" ethos, honest open dialogue about issues and events, and to kind of learn who people are, what their interests are, et cetera; fragmentation might be a big downside. However, people are quick to block others for engaging with people they disagree with, so having some spaces separate from "global" might ease those disagreements; perhaps it might also give a space for established members to temporarily retreat to when there are influxes of new members. Lastly, and I think this could be the best upside to a feature, it might allow people to be a little more personal, I know I might be willing to share more with just a small group of people I trust, but less so with the global community.I think some open questions about how it would work could have a big effect on how people would use the feature: How big is a private room? Three or four versus fifty or more? Are private rooms visible to those outside? Perhaps they are invite only, or something anyone could enter and leave at will? I think it was Kleinbl00 that suggested the possibility of hubski's code being compartmentalized and distributed to other sites as a discussion framework, I would think a feature like this would seem like a natural extension of that.What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Boring idea? I had searched last week and couldn't find a similar suggestion, so I apologize in advance if this isn't a very original idea. Off the grid each year, I head north to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Tonight I leave for two weeks. During that time, I will be more or less unreachable.But Hubski is in good hands.thenewgreen, insomniasexx, forwardslash, and rob05c will be holding down the fort.Feel free to reach out to them for all your Hubski needs.Have a good two weeks, everyone. Spoken Here (Introducing the Dictionarski of Hubski) HubskiI amused myself in a comment thread here imagining the Dictionary of Hubski. So I am making it a separate post. Some of our terms here (like mute, hush, troll) can have one meaning in the real world or interwebs, but a unique definition here that newbies should know. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE. I need to figure out a way to format this so the Dictionarski can have a place for real-world definition and hubski definition. So here's my first two entries in the Dictionarski of Hubski:Word .................... HubSpeakUpvote ........................ CircleDot, CDTTCW, or BoopPower User ........................... active contributor with many followers(note the difference between "user" and "contributor") Update: Block and collapsible comments we are implementing a new moderation option: Block.Block toggles on the hush, filter, and mute moderation options. In addition, you and the blocked user cannot PM each other, or reply to each others comments.Like our previous moderation options, block is individualized. However, block should be considered a last resort, and it is intended to be used only when other moderation options have failed.We would prefer not to have any moderation tools on Hubski. However, as in real life, constructive conversation is based upon a mutual agreement whereby participants are taking part willingly. Thus, people should have the option to avoid conversations that they do not want to be a part of.The decision to implement block was not made lightly.I am more pleased to present our second update. Comment threads are now collapsible.At the top of any comment tree, you will see a '—'. Clicking the '—' will collapse that comment tree.As always, feedback is much appreciated. Request: Auto-escape all executable symbols use tildes "~~~" a lot to break up some colloquial and light-hearted text instead of harsh full stops, or bland dashes; but then many comments become spoiler-black-bared.. I'd love to be able to switch a setting to ignore all formatting rules and have a reverse-escape character if I want formatting, which I \* sometimes \* do... feedback/ feature request - follow others' block lists has millions of users - they join en mass from facebook, because they are hipsters and hiding from mainstream people - home feed and tags are flooded with pictures of dead cats and natzism.I don't want to spend my life blocking a million users, but I trust b_b user or whatever, they have some block lists I can subscribe to >> "Nemesis List" - List of usernames I can see>> "People with shocking spelling/ Grammar List" - has 105 mystery users>> "Natzis/ Racist List" - unspecified number of usersI subscribe to them all, and sit back, relax; and have an ever updating democratic filter I don't need to update.And actually I set up one list, since I know that my work can easily impact more users than just myself This way people can join hubski, be themselves, you can easily filter users within your communities/circles It's true that it could lead to circle-jerking common ideologies, but people should be free to do what they want ability to tag/flair users think it would help because people with as bad a memory as mine sometimes need help reminding them why they followed a certain person, for example. the nature of hostile vs positive commenters my short time on Hubski, I'm noticing a stark dichotomy between two types of comments:First: Helpful, positive, encouraging, neutralSecond: Combative, hostile, argumentative, attackingThe first, I like. The second... I've studied the nature of violence, psychopathy, conflict, chaos et al. Life is a continually in flux thing, where emergent growth comes into play. Life, death, growth, decay, violence, peace, orgasm, anhedonia, conflict, resolution, postmodernism, classicism: each of these things are needed. It's the evolving cyclic interplay between these things that makes life, forward motion possible. It's how the universe was formed. Insisting on one way of being over another fails to take the complex nature of life into account.Yet, I've been befuddled and annoyed by the argumentative, hostile comments I'm finding on Hubski. Why would someone choose to act like that? When it is painfully obvious that it detracts rather than helps? (Realizing full well my own subjectivity in this.)Then I skimmed through a hostile comment today. Structure, syntax... it seemed oddly familiar, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I realized: I used to do the very same thing.I was a wordy, ponderous idealist in my younger years. It was very important that others have the same beliefs as me, and if they didn't, I saw it as a personal attack, one which I HAD to defend myself against. There's a friend I used to have, who was very impressed with how well read, educated she was. Our conversations were filled with labels, textbook definitions, elite narcissism, which I tolerated. And then she "attacked" me one time. For the sake of anonymity, let's say she was an avowed socialist, and she wrote me a lengthy email on how I was a capitalist, and all the ways I was wrong in being so. I was incensed, wrote an even longer email back, delving head first into dismantling her argument, that I was not, in fact, a capitalist, and insisting on how she was wrong, couldn't she see how limited she was? I stopped being friends with her because of this. That wasn't an isolated incident. Embarrassingly, I can remember too many times in which my insistence on literalism and adhering to rigid ideals hurt relationships, how it pushed people away. Thankfully, with time, I learned to be less rigid, more open-minded. And I continue to try.So I wonder: the hostile vs positive comments--is it a matter of maturity, age? Or is it something else instead? Structure for Online Forum, I'm new to Hubski but I've been looking for a replacement for Reddit recently. I wanted to have a discussion about the basic model that a community forum operates on but with all the pitchfork copypasta going on there I decided that this place seemed like a cool place to have this out. reading the linked article, I've been questioning whether a corporate startup environment is the right way to handle an online marketplace of ideas and discussion. There will always be the Imgurs and 9Gags out there to share pictures (shoutout to Plag and their fantastic app I found recently). But for larger and longer discussion that can give voice to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses maybe a different structure is needed.I know, that's blasphemy in today's Silicon Valley or Wall Street, but maybe that's part of the problem. Basing a community on the foundation of shifting sands that is VC funding is maybe part of the problem? Haven't corporate interests shown that most people can be bought eventually? An old corporate negotiating tactic is to invite the leaders of the opposition to your ivory tower and treat them like equals. Pretty soon they start to identify with you rather than who they're supposed to be representing and you get whatever you wanted. Slashdot, Digg, SourceForge, and now Reddit seem like they were bought out that way.So, respectfully I offer my two ideas about what may work:Mutual Organization: Pros: This is funded by members who are customers. Extra funds can be used to invest with and be at least partially self-funded. Perhaps at $5/yr it would cover costs and have extra to drive growth and investments to maybe lower costs or offer rewards/dividends. VC funding could be used to start with the understanding that they then would be bought out when investments start to roll in. Cons: This does not preclude people being elected into powerful positions and then being more interested in squeezing the most money out of members for their own pay/bonuses. VC is always a mixed bag. Sometimes filled with angry cats.Cooperative (perhaps Consumer or New Generation): Pros: Could be non-profit and able to be a little above the typical corporate capitalist drama. Because all the users are in control the likelihood that someone will try to take over for their own benefit seems less likely. Also could let you do some really cool stuff like fund clean water for a remote village or a jobs fair for homeless in a specific area. Cons: Literally all the users would have to pony up to start the deal. Trying to find a standard price to buy into at the beginning would be difficult and/or getting credit to fund at the could be SUPER dicey. Having a completely democratic structure could mean that painful decisions get done at a glacial pace or not at all.I've also thought about voting. Intrinsically I like the idea of only having a positive option, but recently The Verge cut off comments and they used that style. I think the issues they have are much larger, but perhaps a different way of voting is possible? Perhaps you could choose one of a list of category to mark a post. Helpful or Unhelpful, Funny or Not Funny, Agree or Disagree, Insightful or Ignorant. They could be listed above and below their synonym/antonym and you could only pick one. Then you could only pick so many per day. That would make posts kind of RPG-ish but I think aid in stopping downvote brigades but still letting a variety of content be able to surface from the firehose that tens of millions of daily visits would give you.This has gotten a bit less focused than I meant, but what are your thoughts?(Edit for formatting) Hubski funding ideas that don't involve bitcoin I’m not personally a fan of our new micropayment experiment, but I also feel that experimentation is far and away the best way to figure out what works. I also think that it’s essential that Hubski figure out a a way to pay for its expenses because right now, we’re enjoying the hospitality of a handful of dedicated volunteers serving us all out of the kindness of their hearts and as great as they all are, we can’t expect them to continue forever.I’ve been knee-deep in the business of aggregators for a while now and am a reasonably clever person, so I know that this is harder than it looks. But I’ve been knee-deep in the business of aggregators for a while know and am a reasonably clever person, and I honestly think Hubski has a better chance than anybody else. To whit: - Hubski encourages ownership. Your posts are your posts, your relationships are your relationships, your conversations are your conversations and there’s no intermediary between what you share and what everyone else sees. - Hubski encourages original content. The makeup of the site favors the creation of things as opposed to the theft of things. Because discussions move slowly, “karma” is deprecated and context is important, the repost hit’n’run approach common on Reddit and Digg is much less favored here. - Hubski favors pseudonymity over anonymity. A member on Hubski is a part of a social fabric whose absence alters the makeup of the site for all who interact with them. Reputation matters more on Hubski. Relationships matter (at all) on Hubski. In short, members have a stake in Hubski. And while I have no illusions that this stake will make anybody rich, I’m confident that it can be made to pay the bills.What follows are five ideas, none of which are proven, all of which may be stupid, all of which can be tested… after a fashion. They aren’t mutually exclusive and they aren’t equally lucrative but they’ve all got some precedent out in the world so maybe we could try them out?__________________________________________________________(1) THE SOMETHING AWFUL MODEL. I did some back-of-the-envelope calcs on what Reddit “costs.” I might share them later. Long story short, Reddit is profitable at about $2 per username per year. Something Awful has always used a signup fee to cover costs, pay salaries and disincentivize trolling; act like an asshole and you have to pay your Ten Bux again. - The idea: determine a sustainable “cost per account” for Hubski and charge members that much as a one-time fee. It needn’t be immediate - I’d probably let everyone operate with full privileges for a month, for example, and then hit them with the fee after 30 days. - The drawback: people will likely feel shaken down after 30 days unless the fee is nominal. Textra recently went from free to paid and the internet was alight with indignant rage… until everyone determined that Textra wanted 99 whopping cents. - The test: Well, this one is more of a Survey Monkey thing than anything else. I suggest doing three or four quarterly surveys of the user base to see what Hubski is worth to them. We needn’t know publicly what Hubski’s “member cost” is but it would be useful to correlate member age with member price sensitivity. Ask everyone how long they’ve been on Hubski and what one-time price they’d be willing to pay to keep using it, and ask it more than once. Then consider that survey behavior doesn’t perfectly correlate with actual behavior but hey - it’s data points.____________________________________________________________(2) THE NPR MODEL mk has said he doesn’t want to “beg like PBS” but the fact of the matter is, patronage models are time-tested. As a “thoughtful web” there are likely other sites and services that would be interested in sponsoring Hubski for the exposure to an erudite and drama-free audience. Hubski isn’t 100% pure thought leaders, but as Reddit hemorrhages user base the smart ones aren’t going to Voat. I’ve done pledge drives for public radio in the past and when you have a concrete goal and a concrete way to fulfill it, people make the connection between value received and money required. - The Idea: show Hubski’s “actual costs” (could be a dummy figure) over time and incite people into paying for it. - The drawback: - The test: You know, the fact that my upper left hub wheel and “feed” go to the exact same place. And we’ve got the “you’ve got satoshis!” code built out already; can we turn that wheel into a “health” indicator? And when I click on it, can I see, like a projection of funding going out 12 months in a happy graph? ‘cuz I want to be able to use my funny money to fund shortfalls. And you know what? I want to be able to donate in other people’s names. And I want the option (not the requirement) of showing that I helped keep the place running. Let’s try it with fake money and see what happens. ______________________________________________________________(3) THE VALUE ADDED MODEL So at $2 per account per year, it becomes pretty obvious that one month of Reddit Gold pays for two accounts. If one person in 15 buys a year of Reddit Gold, Reddit is profitable. Unfortunately what you get with Reddit Gold is bullshit. However, it demonstrates the Pareto Principle pretty well: you don’t need everyone on board, you just need the ones that are paying. - The Idea: entice Hubski’s more active members to underwrite the site for everyone else through perks. - The drawback: Coming up with perks good enough to entice people to pay for something they’re getting for free. - The test: I noticed that my “interactions” graphs are gone. I suspect they were a casualty of site influx. Put them back… for a fee. Come up with some schemes that aren’t f’n hideous and let me use them… for a fee. Hey - let me inflict my choices on my posts… for a fee. See what that sort of two-level culture does when the distinction is artificial. Turn 20% of the current member base into “patrons” at random and see what happens._____________________________________________________________(4) THE TARGETED ADVERTISING MODEL Something that has always bugged me about Reddit’s self-serve is that Reddit has your complete interest profile. They know what you upvoted, they know what you down voted. They know what subreddits you’re subscribed to, they know which ones you have blocked… yet when it comes to advertising, you get straight, conventional CPM thinking. - The Idea: determine how successfully Hubski can target ads, while also giving members control over their ad experience. - The drawback: Ads. - The test: forwardslash was talking about messing about with Markov chains and the like… I’d like to see Hubski extract my shares and my follows, first and second degree, to get a weighted chain of “interests” based on my behavior on Hubski. Then I want Hubski to use that data to create a query… and maybe give me something off Google Image search or the like. Better yet, show me what it’s extracted, allow me to edit it, and get several searches, then let me pick one out of three that allows me to select my own “ad experience.” If you can make this work, you’ve got an ad platform that blows the doors off anything else available… well, more on that in a minute._____________________________________________________________(5) THE SELF-CURATED ADVERTISING MODEL Building on the above, targeted advertising is better than scattershot advertising… but it’s still advertising. And it’s something I’m not in control of. If you give me three choices of the ad experience I get, I’m engaged. But if you give me three choices of the ad experience people see on my posts, I’m even more engaged. Better yet, rather than serving me ads give me the option to buy my own ad experience on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Anticipating that you’ll make 50 cents off my CPM this year? Let me buy out of all ads for a dollar. Let me buy my friends’ ads. Let me buy pretty pictures instead. Hell, let me sell a marketplace of “things that aren’t ads” to put into your “ad network.” - The Idea: take the above one step further and increase engagement. - The drawback: Ads. - The test: continue the fun and see what comes of it._____________________________________________________________I switched from days to overnights yesterday. I’ve had two or three one-hour naps but I’m definitely sleep-deprived. As such, I’m sure there are stupid ideas here and I invite anyone and everyone to shoot them down. I also invite anyone to build on them or suggest something entirely new. We all benefit if we can make Hubski self-sufficient in a way that doesn’t suck for everyone, and there’s nobody better at figuring that out than Hubski members. there a tag like goodlongread but with images as a focus? reason I ask is because I love sites like Speedhunters, not only because they have great articles, but they have tons of gorgeous, high quality images for each one. It's one of the things that keeps me coming back, because I feel it adds to the value.I would love a tag that let's people know when an article has great images to go with it. I was personally thinking of using #magnificentimages myself if there isn't something already. However, I don't want to try and start something new if there's already something in place. Update: A funding experiment we are starting an experiment.What we are testing may not work. However, if it has a chance of working we want to know, and if it doesn't work, we want to know why.Starting today we are testing a bitcoin-based donation model to fund Hubski. We are not using real bitcoin or real donations. However, we are asking that to the best of your ability, consider than the donations are real, and act appropriately.Here's how this donation model works:When you donate to Hubski, these funds are converted into bitcoin, and deposited in your 'donation bank'. When you share a post or circle-dots-to-the-clockwise (bloop, uphub, etc.) a comment, some bitcoin are transferred out of your donation bank. These bitcoin may be split between Hubski and the author of the post of comment. You determine the amount of bitcoin transferred with each share, and the ratio of the split between Hubski and the author. If this were not an experiment, you could withdraw your balance at any time.You can find the balance of your test donation bank in your profile. There is also a link there to your donation settings. You can use your donation settings to control how much (imaginary) bitcoin is transferred with each share, and the ratio of the split between Hubski and the author.We are well aware that there are reasons why this idea could be considered good, and reasons why it could be considered to be terrible. We have discussed many of these reasons. However, as I have previously written, the current model for funding a social aggregator is flawed. We want to make more informed decisions regarding our future funding model, and this experiment is designed to help us do that.For this experiment, we use the unit 'bit', which equals 1/1000000 bitcoin. Currently, 3500 bits has a value of about $1 USD.As stated above, this is just an experiment, and these bits are not real. Do your best to pretend that they are, but understand that they will be erased after the experiment is complete. We expect to run the experiment for about 2 weeks.Feel free to share feedback and your predictions below. I am sure we will have plenty to discuss when the experiment is complete. Thanks in advance for your participation!We are running the experiment with 20 test donors, each starting with 35000 bits. We have selected 12 people to be donors. If you want to be one of the remaining 8 test donors, let me know below.Update: We now have our 20 initial donors. 700000 imaginary bits are now floating about. Let's see how they move. Thanks! limitations of the moderation system have moderated a particular person who has blatantly been using hubski to incite hatred. Multiple users are calling him out on it but he still seems to feel vindicated here no matter how people tell him otherwise. Maybe because people are following him out of, I choose to assume, morbid curiosity?mk insomniasexx thenewgreen et al fixed a bug that made us see muted folks posts in tag feeds and I'm genuinely thankful for that, but the aforementioned person has now discovered they can reply to my comments on others' posts and I thus now feel significantly less comfortable about commenting. So far this has been merely used for simple mockery, but I am loathe to find out how far it will escalate. And yes, I am aware this post itself will likely escalate it, but I think it's more important to speak up than be intimidated as I trust this isn't supposed to be a site exclusively for the thickest skinned.I'm not sure whether this has a technological answer. There's obviously a practical limit on how much personalized moderation can be implemented before it weighs the whole site down with the complexity. There's comments on others' posts, comments other people make on muted posts that show up on their user page, there's the posts and comments on the community page, and there's certainly more.I'm going to keep participating for now; this isn't a him or me ultimatum. His nonsense is so obviously ridiculous and ridiculed though apparently not filtered enough, and so far it is successfully highlighting others on hubski who don't deserve my eyeballs. I'm just documenting how it's making me as a newcomer feel, and wondering what the long term solution is.If there is one. community tags, some community tags have been used to insult the author of the post.Community tags are intended to improve the site by enabling the community to add another dimension to a post, often as a discussion on the post has evolved. Sometimes the tag is used by veterans of the site to add a tag that the author might not have been aware of.Regardless of the motivation, using the community tag for insults does not improve Hubski.If this remains a common occurrence, we will have to modify community tagging so that it doesn't detract from the site. One obvious approach is to deanonymize community tagging, so that users can see who left the most recent tag.Currently, you need to earn one hubwheel before you can add community tags. It was our intent that this give the user some time to get acclimated to site and its culture. Hopefully, we won't have to adjust this, but IMO it might be too optimistic of an approach. request: minimizable threads of the simple UI features I use on reddit is the ability to minimize a thread so I can see where I'm up to in a multi-thread discussion or mute a thread I don't care to read through/scroll past.Have I missed the setting to turn this on?If I haven't, plz can has? people showing in tag feeds've sadly already had to filter people here, and I'm noticing that the more prolific of these is still show up when I am exploring tag feeds.I can't downvote their nonsense anymore than I already have with the filter/mute/hush trifecta, so how can I moderate them from polluting my exploring?(poking mk thenewgreen insomniasexx) am loving how nerdy you all are. just five days on this site, I've taken part in discussions about philosophy, neuroscience, programming, interior design, psychology, socioeconomics, et al. My feed is filled with all sorts of nerdy, geeky things, quantum mechanics, anthropology, literature, physics, foreign languages, and the like. The comment threads I read are filled with actual English--rather than memes--, complex sentences, educated thoughts, paragraphs of useful, enlightening information. Language runs wild, creativity gallops about, neurons fire in epiphany-laden directions.Reddit required anesthesia, dumbing down. Hubski is the opposite. Thank you for this. does one report a spam account? understand the potential for abuse, and why hubski might be wary about adding such functionality. Is there anything going on in the backend that would alert the hubski team about potential spam accounts?By spam account, I mean one like this: recail Update: Welcome rob05c! + more tag info off, we would like to officially welcome rob05c to team Hubski!rob05c brings programming firepower to the team at a much needed time. Like all of our team members, rob05c was first a hubskier, and it is clear that he gets what we are doing. Speaking for myself, I knew that rob05c was a great pick when he said that he could only join us if we open-sourced the code.So yes, we are open-sourcing the code, and that will happen once we have made sure that there are no vulnerabilities exposed in the release.rob05c is already at work, and he is also leaning on us to clean up our workflow. :)All in all, rob05c has already been a great addition to the team. Feel free to send him all bug reports. :DWelcome, rob05c!Regarding updates, a couple of days ago flagamuffin inquired about some information that used to be available on a tag page. Previously, you could see the users that most commonly used that tag.We have brought that back, plus a little bit more.Clicking on 'more' on a tag page will reveal some additional information about the tag.It's likely that this functionality could be incorporated elsewhere on the site in time.As always, feedback is much appreciated.Welcome, rob05c! we just watch site traffic live? is a really far out there suggestion and probably not feasible, but I would love it if there were a way to watch how many people are on the site. Even if it's one of those old clicker counters from the geocities days. Things are fluctuating in the world of news sources and I'm interested in seeing their effects Reddit Alternatives Trying So Hard Mechanics! Achievement unlocked. do you live where you live? it where you grew up? Is it a transition place until you have the resources to move elsewhere?Or, is where you live just not a priority? Grouped Feeds (for Domains/Users/Tags) is so much content here on Hubski that I can't possibly aggregate it all without multiple accounts. I can't remember what Reddit called it (it's been too long since I've had an account there), but they had like a multi-reddit thing or something where you could group subreddits together. Maybe the same thing for here?For instance, I like cooking food, but #grubski and #food have way too many posts in them that intermingle with my news updates, entertainment updates, etc. If only I could have one grouping for entertainment, one for news, one for food, one for etc, etc, etc, I could manage all that information rather it all coming up in one feed and missing a lot of things. Did We Learn From the Anonymity Experiment? created, hated, and loved ThrowMeAway1 in 5 hours. People instantly and vehemently (and not always nicely at all) were polarized by her creation.Though all of Hubski had the ability to filter, mute, and hush her, ThrowMeAway1 was dead in five hours. Buried in an unmarked grave (e-mail was changed as well as password so that it can't even be reset and re-activated), and left to fade.So Hubski, what did we learn? And what will we learn from ThrowMeAway2? Made a Community Throwaway So People Don't Have To Create One this week someone asked if we could have an option to post anonymously so they could avoid making a throwaway. Especially with the influx of Redditors and their more common use of throwaways, I wanted to create a way to avoid the sudden creation of a bunch of dummy accounts that just take up network time and server space. So I created a community throwaway. It's kind of an experiment. I don't know if anyone would want to use it, but it is now available.Username: ThrowMeAway1 Password: ThrowMeAway1Go crazy folks.EDIT: Someone killed it. Time of Death - 19:39 CST Newsletter #044 everyone. It's been a great few weeks with a steady influx of new users. There has been a ton of activity, a ton of comments and posts, and a lot of fun. Remember to check out the global feed if you get bored. There are a lot of new users posting interesting content that may not have a lot of shares! You can sign up here.And you can see the past newsletters here.Thanks to all of those featured in this weeks newsletter:Creativity thesummerking PetesPassing Corvus camarillobrillo am_Unition goo ThatFanficGuy paxprose thenewgreen LookICanType Willchill kingmudsy aeromill minimum_wage DarkLinkXXXX lil Corvus Grendel Quatrarius Sheauwn yellowoftops icecrow ButterflyEffect ghostoffuffle LIONHEIR briandmyers psychology thundara bfv Quatrarius demure theadvancedapes OftenBen ButterflyEffect ll MerpWithAMouth enjoyablethings PetesPassing there a chance mk or insomniasexx could post a graph showing site traffic for the past 90 days?'m kind of curious as to how much the two reddit influxes increased insomniasexx for the nostalgia, hubski!'This space intentionally left blank' do you find content? is a very broad question, and one that keeps spawning smaller, related questions the longer I think about it. Personally, I rely on aggregators such as Hubski, Hacker News, and to an ever decreasing extent Reddit to find new content. But I almost never post to any of these sites because the majority of the content I enjoy was found on at least one of them and has already been reposted on the others. I imagine the people who post more often must either be very quick to share new discoveries or else spend a great deal of time combing through the miles of less interesting stuff. Then this morning, I read this post by goo and it made me wonder if it's just a personality difference.Ultimately I strive to be a less passive member of Hubski, but I never want to post just for the sake of posting. But the obstacles to finding content worth sharing continue to mount. Mainly it's about a lack of time, and an aversion to being bombarded with ads.So how do you find the content you share? And what motivates you to share it? Update: Follow links, RSS, and IRC we are making two quick updates, both suggested by new users.A number of you, like goo, have lamented that it is difficult to follow tags while on mobile. Previously, to follow or filter a tag, you needed to navigate to a post that carried that tag. Now you can follow or filter a tag from your feed:It's not perfect, but it is definitely an improvement. insomniasexx and I are in the midst of a CSS spring cleaning at the moment, so more tweaks like this are likely to follow soon.kainjow recently suggested that RSS include feeds for tags as well. We have now added them.Check out the RSS page for all the feed options.Here is the feed for #blog.hubski: other news, thanks to thundara and CashewGuy, we have a new IRC channel:#hubski @ irc.frenode.netA permament link has now been added to the TMI page.As always, feedback is much appreciated. We Add the Option to Add a Comment When You Follow Someone? think it would be nice to let someone know what they said that was impactful enough to earn a follower. Instead of simply getting an e-mail that says, "scaryghost is following you" (which would be scary in real life but in Hubski it means something else), it would be nice to see "scaryghost is following you. They said, 'I liked your comment about scary ghosts being different on Hubski.'"What up with it? was your first Hubski post?'ve been on Hubski for a whole whopping 2 days and yet have been too scared to post something, so here it is:How long have you been on Hubski, and what was your first post? (Randomly came up with this and decided to post it on a whim), meet Lichess. You should be friends. just thought I'd give a shoutout to lichess, not so much because it's a great site to play chess, but rather as an example of a successful site with a philosophy very similar to Hubski. Lichess started some years ago and has consistently increased its user base, becoming one of the main sites for playing chess online. See google trendsThey are open source and started taking donations last year to help with the servers. It has worked pretty well it seems.'s the stance on discussion of things like Drugs and Piracy? these things are illegal, but I just want to know will the discussion of them be banned? I didn't see anything related to it in the FAQ."You saved this post." should be styled differently than the actual comment to avoid confusion you get a notification on a post you saved, you get a message that looks like this: The "You saved this post." looks too much like it's part of the actual comment. It should be styled differently. Look how big of a difference a small change can add to the readability: Changes: #hubski @ irc.freenode.net peeps,As per this post, the new IRC channel for hubski has move to #hubski on freenode. Thanks to CashewGuy for transferring control of the channel.#hubski @ irc.freenode.netTo any hubski admins who wish to have access, if you register your nickname with NickServ (/msg NickServ help) and I can grant you founder access to the channel. This gives full control including the ability to ban / unban users, set the topic message, and give founder access to others (I think...).mk, thenewgreen, insomniasexx, forwardslash lists will start by saying I really like the design of the site. I find the mobile site really presents the information you want and nothing more.However I do have a bit of a problem with forever scrolling lists. Is there a way view the posts as pages instead? If you've clicked on a post then hit back it only loads the top posts, so you have to click 'more' a few times to get back to where you were. But even if it did, the back would cause a lot of post titles to load at once which makes the whole thing slow down on the mobile. I'm genuinely not convinced this is a better method of navigating a large list than pages was, but I'm happy to hear if you think it is.Of course it's all just suggestions and I'll carry on using it anyway! to double comment. you auto-disable the button/link on click through javascript?Just a small bug that I experienced on my first comment here. Turns out that accidentally double-clicking the submission "button" in chrome leads to double posting comments. are your favorite little known tags to get unusual content? to expand my feed on Chrome on Galaxy S5 (though likely applies for Chrome on other devices!) me start this off by saying I. Love. The mobile site. It's clean, looks just like the site, polished and uncluttered. Gorgeous, and for once, I'm happy to use a mobile website.I have noticed, however, that there seems to be no option to follow a tag. I will click on a tag, it brings up the page... But the "follow [tag]" appears to be missing.Hopefully I'm not just missing something, but as someone who uses their phone for browsing 90% of the time, this would be a key feature. let me get this straight been looking around Hubski for a few minutes trying to understand how this place works and I came to the conclusion that in short this is a mix between reddit and twitter in the way that instead of sub forums there are hashes.Is that correct or I'm missing something? (I know that it has a lot of filtering functions and other stuff, but in short, is like that, right?) Server Stats are Hubski's server stats?What does hubski have on the backend? and filtering combinations of tags and users admit I haven't been on this site for very long, but from what I gather so far, this is how you are supposed to use it: To show content you want to see in your feed, follow users and tags you find interesting. To hide content you don't want to see from the Global feed and comment sections, filter tags and use the moderation tools on users.This seems like a pretty novel approach compared to a site like reddit, but I have two problems with it: users can post many different kinds of content, and tags can mean different things depending on which other tags they are used in conjunction with. This makes it less desirable to follow users and tags, which I think works against the goal of the site.ExamplesHere's an example of what I mean for each issue:1. Take a look at the #suggestions tag. When used together with #hubski it usually refers to suggestions for the site, but when used with some other tags like #music and #books, it instead refers to recommendations. That's two completely unrelated uses for the same tag.2. If you take a look at my user page, so far I have posted and shared content related to programming, gaming, psychology, LGBT rights, Denmark, and socialism. It seems realistic that someone would want to follow me because of my programming and psychology posts, but why should they also have their feed flooded with gaming-related content?The SolutionMy proposed solution is this: extend the search functionality to have the following two features:* Allow the user to follow or filter the posts matching any individual search instead of just users and tags.* Allow the user to use logic keywords in their searches, à la Google ("AND", "OR", etc.)To solve example 1, then, one might follow to the search "+#suggestions +#hubski" or "-#music -#books +#suggestions". To solve example 2, one might instead follow "+@zunpre +(#programming | #psychology)" (I hope the syntax is fairly intuitive).ProblemsWhile I am not familiar with the code behind Hubski, I assume these features would require some major changes to it. Nonetheless, I think as Hubski grows larger (and it seems to be growing faster than ever right now), I think they would go from "nice to have" to basically a necessity. Additionally, I have described the implementation of the proposed solution in terms of search. This is probably not the easiest way to implement it. The main requirement is the ability to follow particular combinations of users and tags, not necessarily arbitrary searches.The main non-technical objection against this feature is probably the idea that allowing users to customize their feeds to such an extend would create strong "filter bubbles". I have two problems with this (I seem to have exactly two problems with a lot of things).Firstly, consider what I believe is the core idea behind Hubski: that users should be in full control of what they see. Instead of organizing the site into communities and letting certain people moderate those communities, each user is their own moderator: users discover new content by viewing the Global page, follow people they like, and ignore people they don't. If choosing what you follow carefully creates a filter bubble, then perhaps filter bubbles are actually desirable for a site like Hubski.Even if you disagree with this conclusion, I'm not convinced that the proposed features actually would encourage users to create a filter bubbles for themselves. Refer to example 2 again. Say someone was interested enough in the programming content that I post, but doesn't care about anything else. If I only post programming content occasionally, but frequently other types of content, a user following me might decide to filter the #europe and #lgbt tags, for instance. This would result in that user generally avoiding seeing posts with these tags, when in fact all that user wanted was to only subscribe to certain types of content posted by me.Okay that's all I've got. This feature request was a lot longer than I expected it to be, so thanks for reading! feeds for tags? there feeds for specific tags? I didn't see any on the rss page. I think this would be a useful addition.'m interested in a history lesson of Hubski a Reddit refugee, i'm interested in learning a litle bit more about how this community began.Who started it, and why? Who were the first posters? What were their backgrounds? site almost perfect on IPhone 6 the layout and everything works alright, my only complaint is there doesn't seem to be a way to follow tags on the mobile. Other than that it works great! Questions Hubski,Been a bit aloof of late, but still living the life on irc.A few of us were chatting on the irc channel today (#hubski @ and one user brought up the fact that no one has operator status on / ownership of the channel. Additionally, they noted that mountai is a somewhat obscure network (it appears to be by and large for a random Minecraft server) and that mountai has been buggy for large group discussions in the past (not allowing people to connect after a certain number).Unfortunately getting ops on the channel would require everyone leaving, which is near impossible with the current number of idlers. I and others suggested as a replacement, as it is a popular server with decent channel / nick services, is committed to open source software (which Hubski may soon be, eh eh?), and is usually co-localized with irc users already connected to other software projects' channels.I registered ##hubski @, but unfortunately #hubski (which is recommended for official channels) is currently being squatted by an old user who did not wish to give up the channel and +m'd (forced silenced) the channel after we contacted them about it.If you all want, I can pursue this with network's staff and see about re-registering it under a hubski admin or volunteer's control. So the question now is: Should I pursue this with the staff? Would the admins rather not have an official irc channel? Would you all rather move to a different network?I like freenode and I'm of the opinion that ##hubski is annoying to remember and could look like a typo to the uninitiated. But I don't want to proceed further without community input.mk love the "Hubski difficulties" art. What's the story there? the share button for comments work the same as for posts? saw on one of the intro threads that the button on the left is not an upvote—it shares that post with whoever is following you. Does it work that way for comments, or is that more like an upvote, where it doesn't share with anyone, just moves it up in the thread? anyone else getting a deadlink when trying to follow a new tag? having this issue for the past hour, unfortunately. Temporary disruption at 1PM EST today. servers are under a bit of strain at the moment, and we are going to bring them down for a quick resize.Previously we've been back up within 15 minutes.Thanks for your patience, and Welcome Redditors.UPDATE: Well, we had to do it twice. governance? many, someone mentioned hubski on reddit so I came to check it out. Looks like there is some good discussion, and you have kleinbl00 being a regular user so there MUST be something good about the place.However, I'm interested in knowing how hubski intends to handle growing, if that happens, from a governance perspective.Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, have failed or are beginning to fail, because the original intent of the site was lost when serious money and influence became involved.I liked Kleinbl00's idea of voting for features by allowing people to put a bounty on them. That's a cool idea.So, does hubski intend to avoid a repeat performance of the social media discussion sites that have come before it and do something innovative in this area?'t Follow or Dismiss Notifications at Times Tried to dismiss a notification this morning, but I got a message saying that the end process couldn't be found (or something like that). Just tried again and it worked this time, but I also just tried to follow a new user and got the same message. Is this just server overload again, or more #bugski ?Just checked my history, and it seems that it leads to a dead link, saying "Unknown or expired link." there a way to Unfollow Tags? everyone! I am from the influx of Redditors checking out the site and I am really liking it so far. My question is, is it possible to unfollow certain tags? For example, there was just a post at the top of my front page with #technology and #cars. Now, I love technology, but I couldn't give two shits about cars. Is is possible to exclude that post? I think that feature would be a wonderful addition to really narrow down the things that you are interested in.Thanks! there an API for hubski? am a recent reddit migrant and very amateur programmer. I am wondering if there is an API for hubski to create bots and the like. Looking forward to meeting this community. Temporary disabling of email notifications. probably have notice some Hubski jankiness these last couple of days.We performed a server migration, and it resulted in some bugs that weren't immediately obvious.We have isolated the email process as a primary culprit, and in the interest of a better user experience, we are disabling emails until we get the issue fixed.Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience! as a personal or company blog?,I've been wondering if it was possible to use Hubski as a personal or company blog? Would that be frowned upon?I don't want to maintain my own blogging solution, and with the help of tags and the comment feature, I could easily write up my thoughts here, and then link the blog itself to other websites.EDIT: Thank you everyone for your responses! I am glad to see that high quality personal blogs are welcome. I should've been more clear about a company blog, but I was thinking about using Hubski as a space to post technical content from a company, something like or similar. Hubski server maintenance starting around 11PM EST tonight. it won't take long, but you just never know.See you on the other side. Hopefully! :) Update: Suggested community tags week we added suggested tags for posts.Today we've added suggested tags for community tagging as well.Perhaps just as significant, you no longer need to navigate to another page to add a community tag (or to see the suggestions) to a post. Hopefully, this will make community tagging a bit more useful, and further improve the tagging ecosystem.As always, feedback is appreciated. Hubski is comically broken's not like I was missing out on a good conversation but that's just embarrassing. Commonplace Book? concept of a concept of a commonplace book is rather simple: a collection of useful information. It can be in the form of quotes, recipes, lists, notes, pictures, anything. The info can be self created, or copied, or adapted. The goal is simply to make a personal resource.Blogs can be a good example of commonplace books, especially the early ones, which were mainly just a collection of links. Other technologies that are now used (beyond a physical notebook) include OneNote and Evernote. The ability to easily sort the information is a vital.Now, Hubski has a pretty great and unique set-up. The tags, like those on a blog, allow for easy sorting. Hubski as a whole could be taken as a sort of commonplace book. I was thinking though, that by using a single dedicated tag (#commonplace), a more identified, eloquent, and coherent core of a public, sort of 'open-source' commonplace book could be made. By using associated tags, it would be easy to sort it further, and would create a place to keep useful links and self posts on Hubski. With the amount of users, a solid base of rudimentary info could quickly be created that would serve as a sort of archive for quick reference. Obviously, Hubski in someway already serves this purpose on both an individual and community level. But it seems to me that an isolated tag could help seperate more discussion based posts and news posts from more information based ones. It could be a good idea to customarily reserve #commonplace to be a community tag added by someone other than the OP. I'll be using this post as an interest gauge, and if it seems this is a good idea that people like, I'll post some links with more info on commonplace books to help get the ball rolling. when do we have tags suggestions? the best thing since the invention of the upwheel !! And it changes the suggestion based on tag1 ! I still don't know what each tag is for. At one time the second was chosen by the others users, but then we had 3 tags, then only one.. then two again but different. Confusing. But I don't care, since I have a suggestion now ! I feel the posts can be better classified , and searched . Hubski or: How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love Zen Mode is mostly aimed at all the new users but a reminder for the old guard.WHAT CAN BE LEARNED?Why are we here? Why not Reddit or Voat (unrelated note, that place is a wasteland) or any other vomitorium of social dialogue?We are here to learn from others through good shares and thoughtful discussion. Hubwheels are a helpful barometer but as a recovering karmawhore I've grown tired of hitting the refresh button just to see who agrees with my latest witticism.Enter Zen mode. A beautiful piece of Hubski code that blinds you from your own selfawareness. A post or comment goes celebrated or unloved? I'll never know and it won't matter because I've shared my true perspective.Zen is what seperates Hubski from all the other aggregators and I invite everyone to try it for themselves. I've seen the light and I'm not going back Jim.Yes, I'm high as a kite right now. Starting the search for the next Hubski team member are considering the addition of another programmer to the Hubski team. forwardslash and I are currently making due, but based on our current trajectory and our goals for the site, we feel that this would be a good time to start looking.The ideal candidate would someone that has modern web app development experience and is familiar with Lisp. Just as important, the person should use Hubski, and understand our goals for the site.This is not to say that we will definitely add someone to the team in short order, but we would love to know who might be interested.We'd be happy to answer related questions here, but not discuss individual inquiries. If you are interested, please contact us by email at hubskier at, and let us know why.Thanks! Update: Suggested tags of the shortcomings of tags on Hubski is that it is difficult to understand how they relate to each other. As a result, it is not always easy to decide which tags are most appropriate for a post. In addition, unintentional dilution of topics caused by similar posts carrying different tags decreases the ability of users to establish communities.This update is a step towards solving that problem.Starting today, when you enter a primary tag in a post, you will be given up to nine suggested secondary tags once you click on the second tag text box.Here is an example:Clicking on any of the suggested tags automatically adds it as the second tag.The suggested tags are those tags that are most popularly used with the primary tag.As always, feedback is much appreciated. anyone else checking Google trends to see how the site's growing? love checking Google Trends every day to see how Hubski is growing. While Voat did run away the big winner from the reddit exodus, Hubski and Snapzu are fighting it out for the title of 2nd place with Hubski in the lead. It's great to see this community grow! WWE Money In The Bank 2015 LIVE Tonight WWE Money In The Bank 2015 LIVE Tonight I make a suggestion for tag usage on this site? would love to say first of all, that I absolutely love this site from the users to the layout. So if I'm stepping out of place here, please forgive me. I'm really, really sorry.I did notice a bit yesterday and a bit more today though, that a lot of users often post with very vague tag usage. For example, this great post here is tagged as both #f1 and #motorsport, two tags that are very specific. What it's missing though is a more general tag, such as #cars.Similarly, this post is tagged #lemans and #racing but is once again missing the more general tag #cars.If we take a look at this post we see it's tagged with #putindidit and #russiaid, two very vague tags which I doubt will be repeated anytime soon unless they somehow become a community meme. Personally, I would have tagged it first #news and then #russiaI understand the mechanic on this site of following people and that if I follow someone who has the same interests as me and they happen to share one of these posts, it'll end up on my feed. However, as time goes by and this site grows even more (man, look at that Reddit exodus I accidentally became a part of due to timing), it could become really easy for subjects people might be interested, and new users they might be interested in following, to inadvertently miss their feeds due to people using tags that are a bit too esoteric.With that in mind, I think it might be a good idea for people to use for their first tag slot for something very general, and their second tag slot something specific. Heaven forbid that additional noise drowns out something I or someone else would want to see.As an aside, I did notice this morning that I now have the ability to suggest tags for threads. I'm a bit afraid to use it because I don't know if it's a one shot deal like badging a post. Could mk, insomniasexx or thenewgreen fill me in on how that site mechanic works? request: Add an ETA for posts to read another site I found a cool feature where for each text post there was an ETA for how long it was estimated to read a post. Do you guys think it would be useful on this site or would it encourage people to only read the shorter posts? can I tell the age of a post? knowing when a post was made, I'm having trouble putting posts in context. Is this post about a new invention 3 years old or a day old? I assume this information is available somewhere, but I cant find it. joined this site, really like it, would like to discuss how to make it easier to use and reduce site strain there! I've migrated from reddit and from what I've seen so far I think I would really like it if this became my main site. Everyone here seems really thoughtful and nice so far, so I thought I would at least give my opinion of what I think of the site layout so that it might be better in the future :)The first thing I notices was that the body font was very small. This make it a lot harder, for me at least, to read through long posts without straining my eyes. If you look at other text dominated sites (for example, the New York Times and other newspaper sites), they have all increased their font size to around 14px or 16px to alleviate this problem. Also, because of the large amount of white space on Hubski, I don't think this would have any negative effects on usability.For an example of this, the post title font size and author font size on the feed only differed by 1px (13px and 12px). I changed the the title to 16px which I think was a significant improvement. I also changed the color of the header to a light grey which helps dictate the flow of the page, helping the user to more quickly distinguish between the static menu of the site and its content. I also changed the a:visited attribute to a lighter color so it is easier to tell when links have been visited.That's all I got for now, but if this gets a good response I would be happy to keep suggesting things! is your job, hubski? us a little bit about what you do everyday. Do you enjoy it? Do you feel like a productive member of society? If/ If not, do you care? Would you probably like to do a different job than the one you have now? think I've found my new front page I have been on here for about two hours now and I have decided that I am staying mode stuff'm a user/lover of zen mode, but yesterday I found myself wanting to see and change a list of what/who I was following, but it's not displayed in profiles in zen mode. Probably makes sense to not see what other people are following, but IMO it'd make sense for practical reasons to be able to see it in one's own profile. Any agreements/disagreements?cc: mk (sorry, you're probably getting mobbed with requests/suggestions ATM)edit: for any curious new hubskiers, zen mode is a toggle in your settings that hides the number of shares items have, most profile information, and your badgewheel progress in the top nav. in various feeds should have a timestamp now there's no indication how old a post is and I'd be far more interested in a post that is 3 days old than a post that was posted 935 days ago. Idea: (for example) would link directly to that tag's page. am well aware you don't want to make this site reddit and maybe this would segregate content too much, but it would be a good way to easily access a particular tag that interested you.Thoughts? there the same discussion that I had on reddit present here? I will move from being a runaway redditor to dedicated user of hubski. In the meanwhile how do I get my fill of things that I got from reddit over here? I don't know much about Star Trek but I subscribe to the /r/daystrominstitute so that I can learn. I enjoy /r/spaceshipporn, /r/abandonporn, /r/sweatypalms but I've never posted. I like to discuss my favorite video games like #spaceengineers, #spintires, #cityskylines etc. Is there any discussion like /r/outdoors here? et alYou get the picture. I know if the topic isn't here then it is expected that the user bring it up. Most of the subs that I visited on reddit. I would spend the majority of the time reading and becoming knowledgeable but not contributing.Please don't tell me to go back to reddit. how active is Hubski? in how many posts are made per day with each of the more popupar tags? I find difficult to answer this question myself, since post dates aren't shown in any obvious place.'t really find good concept on hubski. title might seem like I'm trying to say bad of this website but I'm really not, I'm just trying to find any good concept. You see like many people I found this website from Reddit and I came here not because I wanna use the freedom of expression to say taboo things (like many other did) but because I actually like to take part at meaningful discussions in topics like philosophy, thinking, art and science. And while in theory that would be a really good way that I found this website, I just don't see any of the good concept. All I find is one reddit-hubski difference circlejerk where people just say why they prefer this website than Reddit or just talking about hubski in general but I don't find any of the concept that make it worth it, So could you give me some help, when it comes to the interests I said above. Because when I search for philosophy in this website I find pretty Mich nothing than dead threads with 3 or 4 replays. Whike in reddit there are good communities such as /r/philosopy full of new concept and actual debates of an active community. While here all I see is a circlejerk, so what's the point? So where is all the good concept and ideas you talked about? Keep in mind that I'm not trying to attack anyone but skeptically looking at the whole webaite . Thank you! site looks kind of bland without post thumbnails. Even if they have to get pulled from an image in a text post, that should still happen. the page looks so bland and ugly without much color immigrant here: Would Hubsky ever get thumbnails? hello there, I just got here from the massive Reddit migration, this place looks clean and simple, I love it, I hope I can call it my new internet home :)I'm curious whether Hubski would ever get thumbnails or if there's any way to add thumbnails to the way I read hubski posts.Cheers hubski's model's see if I've got this right:1. You follow people, tags, or domains.2. Posts go to tags and may or may not come from domains.The interface looks sort of redditlike, which is confusing coming from reddit since "subreddits" have no equivalent... But instead of comparing it to reddit, because it looks like reddit, let's compare it to something well known which functions similarly.On Twitter you can follow users, and you can view #hashtags. Hubski operates similarly to that, with a few changes:1. followed users and tags get blended together on the main feed2. posts/tweets aren't limited to 140 characters 3. comments/replies actually create a thread (which behaves sort of reddit-like) instead of just being standalone posts/tweets of their own.Do I have this right? came up with the "hub" voting system? It's so cool! it says in the title. I love it.One of the worst (and most addictive) things on Reddit is karma - it encourages groupthink and one-sided debates.Hubski's system is much better. I don't see a score when I look at the dots, it's more like a group of people saying "interesting point". appreciate how much thought has been put into this platform'm among the many who started looking for Reddit alternatives upon the announcement yesterday (I apologize for how much it keeps coming up), and had initially dismissed Hubski because at a high level, it looked like what was called "long-form Twitter". I was looking at the time for a direct replacement for my previous platform, rather than a true alternative.When I had mentioned as such, a poster more wise than I came back with great counter-points to my dismissive stance, and I decided to give it a try. I've been researching a little bit about what Hubski is, how it works, its goals, and its interface, and I just wanted to say:Thank you for putting so much thought into this tremendous platform. Its design is so simple and elegant, and reading some of the posts by the administrators highlights just how much thought has been put into each design decision. It's a great example of how less can be more, and how you can focus on the most effective portions of design, rather than a lot of needless features "just 'cause".So thank you, Hubski team, for creating and maintaining Hubski. I'm ready to call this home. Hubski, you might want to fix your SSL certificates threw into ssllabs and noticed that the score was very low, server is vulnerable for poodle attacks! Those have been around for quite some time and that shouldn't be. there something comparable to Alientube for Hubski? found as a good way to get some more or less sensible comments on Youtube.And I know there is a way to embed Hubski on your own site.Is there something comparable? Could Alientube be changed to display Hubski Comments instead? Would you want something like that? Welcome to Hubski, Redditors. of you reading this post today will have come from Reddit.If you are looking for thoughtful conversation, you have found the right place. That is and will remain to be our goal.Many of you might be looking for a Reddit replacement. For some of you, Hubski will serve that purpose reasonably well. For some of you, Hubski will not work well as a replacement for Reddit.I started Hubski about five years ago with the goal of creating a place where quality discussion could thrive. Three others (thenewgreen, insomniasexx, and forwardslash) are now part of team Hubski. Together, and with a lot of help from the Hubski community, we have come pretty close to achieving that goal.If you are interested in trying Hubski out, it might be worth reading about our moderation (each user is his/her own mod), about our privacy policy (we log next to nothing), and about our stance on personal content (we welcome it).Like most things worthwhile, Hubski takes some getting used to. It will take some time to discover all of the functionality, and to get a feel for how the site works. Feel free to ask us and community for tips and clarification.If you are looking for a place to create or participate in a community like /r/fatpeoplehate, you won’t like Hubski. We want to host content that is worthy of thoughtful discussion. For that reason, we may remove content that only serves for titillation. We have always been clear on that, and we don’t want to pull a bait and switch on any one. That is not a cool thing to do.Every community site must decide what kind of content they want to host, and they should be clear about it. Our litmus test for content is this:If the content can be considered to be a topic for thoughtful discussion by a reasonable person, it should stay on Hubski.Of course, the application of that measure can be debated, but it is up to you to determine if we do a good job at it. If you think we aren’t doing a good job, let us know.Our servers are under a lot of strain right now, so the site is slower than normal. We are actively working on it.Welcome to Hubski. I wanted to make an app for Hubski and I knew nothing about programming where would I start? wanted to learn how to program this summer anyway and this seems like a good project as any. Also would be interested in making a RES type extension so I can change a couple things with hubski. I'm guessing I got to learn Java for an android app?, I just registered.Just wanted to say hi :)Hope to have a nice conversations with all of you! :) Dang Reddit Links! Stop breaking my happy place! (Data thread) it's 12:30am PT and 3:30am ET. thenewgreen is going to sleep. mk has been pulling all nighters working on a new grant...I hope he's asleep. forwardslash is trying to make the server stop borking. And I have 30 more minutes of rendering the video I'm editing (don't you fucking dare say the word avid).And you took away my happy place.So...let's give ya'll some data!The server is on eastern time. Meaning it's 3:30am.On June 11, 2015, we have had five times as many visitors as we had on June 9, 2015. And it's only been June 11 for THREE POINT FIVE HOURS! In the time it took my to type that sentence, we had 70 new visitors and 240 actions (even though the sites probably barely chugging along right now.)Da-na-na-na-na-na.... TO THE MOON!(sidebar: why can't bitcoin prices do that again? I have like....a bunch left. Should I sell or keep waiting?)Let's compare some little things to the last Thursday. Question? Are the tidderers sticking around for longer than a minute?Last Thursday: 11 min 44s average visit duration 38% visits have bounced (left the website after one page) 5.8 actions (page views, downloads, outlinks and internal site searches) per visit 0.8s average generation time Last 12 hours (we started getting big reddit stuff ~8 hours ago now?): 10 min 30s average visit duration 45% visits have bounced (left the website after one page) 8.2 actions (page views, downloads, outlinks and internal site searches) per visit 3.15s average generation time Answer: Nope - their actually doing more, in about the same amount of time! Somehow! Even though it's taking (on average) 4x as long for the pages to load! Also, whoever hasn't closed Hubski for like a week...or is ctrl+f5 like a madman, you are a my new favorite (or least favorite) person: ---@ 3:30am PT / 6:30am ET - The number of people who successfully loaded the last javascript on the page have doubled. No sign of slowing yet. to control how many things load after clicking the "more" button I'm trawling through a tag to find a post I forgot to save or when looking through the chatter after waking up in the morning, I wish for a Wikipedia-like "show 25,50,100 per page" option or something of the like. I'm not a fan of the "scroll down, click, scroll down" thing in the first place, but a larger expansion per click could mitigate that a bit. Another setting maybe? you want to steal some reddit users, this is your chance is in flames at the moment. Following a stricter "anti-harassment" policy put in place by new CEO Ellen Pao, and the "imgur incident" yesterday (where imgur staff started arbitrarily deleting certain pictures that made it to the front page), a large subreddit called "fatpeoplehate" (which had more than 150,000 subscribers) has been banned.The reaction of the reddit community is like nothing I have seen before. We're talking about a site-wide fire, and a lot of people there are seriously considering leaving reddit for places where freedom of speech is taken seriously and the users are not sacrificed on the altar of profit and political correctness. Reddit clone Voat will surely take advantage of this situation to grow its own userbase; what about Hubski?'s talk about following each other. critique I commonly hear about Hubski is that it feels insular, which can be intimidating to newcomers. Also, as some long term members have far more followers than others, the content is dominated by these few personalities.tacocat recently made this observation, and I think it's one worth having a discussion about.From my perspective, the only sacred cow of Hubski is that we encourage the kind of thoughtful conversation that we are all after.Do you think that Hubski's user-following mechanic is deleterious?If not, is there something we can do to reduce the effect that tacocat describes?Would you change Hubski if you could? What would you change?Personally, I think tacocat raises a valid criticism. Server upgrade might have noticed that Hubski has been experiencing some downtime recently.This morning we upgraded our server, which doubled our RAM.One inefficiency of the Hubski Arc app is that data is stored in files rather than a database; the app loads these files into memory and although there is some cleanup, it does not drop files that haven't been accessed for a time.We are actively working on this issue, and forwardslash has been integrating the Hubski app with a proper database. That is, the app will write to a database, and will be able to read from it as well. The first result of this will be a search app that can take advantage of a relational database structure. We are using Elastic Search, and are testing it now. Following that, the app will read and write to the database in realtime, rather than to the file structure it currently uses.That read/write functionality will also be the foundation for the API.But, we need more memory now, so we doubled it this morning. you ever invited someone to Hubski? happened? Update: Events we are adding a new dimension to posts. You can now label a post as an event with a specific date.We have plans for how we want to expand upon event posts (including getting notifications for ones that you save), but thought it best to introduce them in their simplest form, and then to be guided in their development by your use and feedback.To see all events, simply click upon ‘event’ in any event post. By clicking upon the date of a specific event, you can see that event, and all events scheduled to come after it.Like community tagging, you must have earned one badge to give away before being able to create events. If you can create an event, you'll see a 'create event' link in the upper right of the submission fields.As always, feedback is much appreciated., Did You Know....some info for newbies and some remembrances Did you know that insomniasexx will send ANY OF YOU stickers? Doesn't matter if you are new to the site or have been around forever. PM her!1. Did you know that we have been quietly adding new features left and right of late? 2. Did you know that we have a laundry list of improvements yet to come? 3. Did you know that forwardslash is busy developing "search" for Hubski and that soon we'll be asking for people to help us test it out? 4. Did you know that a Hubski API is coming this year? --it's been a long time coming. 5. Did you know that we now have "Cards" that will display a teaser for internal Hubski links? See:6. Did you know that videos embed and that the first tape I bought with my own money was License to Ill7. Did you know that _refugee_ is a published poet and recently self published a physical book which I've very much enjoyed?8. Did you know that Personal Content is Not a Sin?9. Did you know that there is a welcome post for newbies to sign? Did you know that you old-timers should sign it too? 10. Did you know that the Social Aggregator is a terrible business model?11. "Did you know that lil is the most positive, encouraging, and helpful person on Hubski.? -Bar none. Without exception. Magnificent, lovely, intelligent, giving and capable, lil is there for us all. lil is kindness personified. 12. Did you know that eightbitsamurai is a damn fine writer?13. Did you know that ghostoffuffle has a beautiful voice? 14. Did you know that according to humanodon, "Western haiku is like General Tso's Chicken"15. Did you know that now I really want to eat General Tso's Chicken for lunch, WHILE writing a haiku? 16. Did you know that mike bought a viking camp and that while visiting it, mk, steve and Mike all took turns throwing axes at a bulls-eye? It happened. It's awesome:17. Did you know that steve and I make podcasts/videos with content provided by the Hubski community? Check them out here:18. Did you know I'm working on one about #drugs? -Did you know you can make a tag a link? 19. Did you know that minimum_wage has a heart of gold?. -Seriously, my favorite answer in the post. 20. Did you know that Josh made a Hubski Enhancement Suite 844 days ago?21. Did you know that we have to pay the Carl Sagan estate $365 a year to use this as our first post?22. Did you know that #21 was a lie? 23. Did you know that mk and I were interviewed by NPR's Michigan Radio? 24. Did you know that I'm late for an appointment. Gotta run....25. One last thing, Did you know I'll be in Vancouver in a few weeks and that we will have a Hubski meet up there? More to come!Have a great day everyone! Update: Homepage updates in one day!Today Quatrarius made a few good suggestions.One of them was that you should be able to choose a page as your 'homepage'.So we did that.You can now choose your homepage to be one of the following in you settings: feed, global, chatter, or badges.Your feed is the default selection.Quatrarius also suggested that the global feed be sorted by 'time' rather than 'activity' as the default. I have received similar feedback that suggests that is what people would expect. So we are also trying that out.Now global, badges, and tag feeds sort by time by default, rather than activity. We will see how that feels.As always, feedback is much appreciated. Update: Welcome post and badges for all other day we were discussing the new user experience, and two ideas came out of that discussion that we are now testing out:1. A Welcome post is stickied in every new user's feed.This is that post:Feel free to sign in post facto.The reasoning behind the Welcome post is simple. New users typically need some guidance, and a welcome post is a good way for us to introduce them to Hubski. Also, if one user poses a common question, subsequent users can benefit from the answer in the same place.2. Everyone follows badged content by default.Starting today, badged posts appear in your feed, and badged comments in your chatter by default.Of course, no one should have to follow badged content, and you can choose not to by toggling 'follow badged content' off in your settings.Our reasoning behind following badges is thus: Badges are intended to highlight the best content, therefore, it makes sense that everyone can more easily see it. Also, giving badges more visibility makes them more potent. Finally, new users don't follow anything by default, and the badge feed is likely to provide some of the best content to get them started.As always, we appreciate any and all feedback. for the "chatter" tab and other tab-related things should be an easier way to access global chatter. It takes me three clicks to get to global chatter sorted by newest. Could the "sort by time, sort by activity" buttons in global chatter be put next to the boopski-circles at all times, as opposed to having them there only after clicking on the circles? Or better yet, have a way to default the chatter tab to global chatter. I've never used chatter for whatever it defaults to now.2:In the same sort of idea, I'd like there to be a way to make the "global" tab button to default to "global, sort by newest". It's another thing that I click every time I go to the tab.3:I'd like there to be a way to make the default window when I first log in to be something other than my feed. For the same sort of reasons as the above, I do a lot more with the other tabs than I do with the feed.K I'm done being spoiled now. or hubspokes?'s the name for the boops that go around the wheel? social aggregator is a terrible business model.'s not terribly expensive to provide a place for people to share links and conversation on the internet. However, if you provide the service for free, you don't have a sustainable business model.Social aggregators with few people tend to draw few people. Therefore, asking for people to pay for the service upfront is a sure way to keep your community small (i.e. Metafilter and Something Awful). Popular aggregators are usually subsidized in one form or another. HackerNews is subsidized by Y-Combinator, and Reddit was subsidized by Y-Combinator, then Conde Nast, and now 50M of VC funding. Less popular and newer aggregators like Hubski are usually subsidized by sweat equity.If you run a social aggregator as a business venture where the plan is to become very profitable, then at some point you are going to have to change the deal that you initially made with your community. This is primarily due to the following reasons:1. If you charge users up front to use your service, all things being equal, they are more likely to use one that is free, especially if an up-and-coming one offers something new and compelling.2. If you charge your users by selling their information and views to advertisers, then your service is beholden to those parties that buy the information and views, and this results in motivations that take priority to the user experience.For these reasons, starting with VC funding is a poison pill for social aggregators, as the profit pressure runs contrary to the conditions and patience necessary for community building and early growth.The Hubski team has been talking about revenue for some time now. Hubski does not cost much to run, however we do put in plenty of sweat equity. At our last meeting, I asked the team whether or not Hubski was a business. After some discussion, we realized the question actually is: Are we planning on running Hubski for profit, and if so, how much?Currently, Hubski is legally a Limited Liability Corporation. I suspect that it is useful for Hubski to exist in a legal sense, however, I am not sure that a LLC is the best definition.We all would be willing to work on Hubski full time and to draw large salaries from revenue generated by the site. That being said, Hubski does not exist to be a business. Hubski exists to fill a space in this world. We feel that Hubski is worthwhile.We are going to introduce a means to generate revenue from our users soon. Most likely, this is going to be a simple donation mechanism. We may also be changing the legal structure of Hubski to better reflect our vision for it.We would love to hear your thoughts on these matters, as they will influence our decision making (as they always do). hardly know you. wasoxygen and I had a discussion about the whereabouts of Hubskiers. I related to him what we know and what we don't, and thought it might be worth sharing with you all.This is what we know:I grabbed that map and data from our Piwik Analytics.I've mentioned this previously, but we do not log your IP on Hubski.We host Piwik Analytics on our own server, and we mask the last nine digits of your IP address (i.e., so we can only resolve visits by country. We don't know what state you reside in. Piwik also expunges user activity data every 24 hours, and it respects 'do not track' requests.In short, we don't want to know more about you than what you choose to share on the site. Capitals are pushing back the dark (and hopefully the Rangers)! Introduction video introduction video on hibski is nice, it made guesswork quite outdated - thank you to Hubski to Hubski! We are glad you found us. We have been around for a while now, you can find our first ever post below:Hubski is a community for sharing thoughtful information and conversation. Here you can find stories, original content, discussions about whats happening in the world and outside the world, debates over the latest technologies, longer form content, and exploration of ideas. The best part is you can post & share what interests you with others. If you don’t see your favorite topic of conversation being posted, post it yourself – there is a diverse crowd on Hubski.In addition to discussing topics together, we have book, food, and film clubs, and we collaborate on making music and podcasts. In addition to meeting here (and at our weekly Pubski post), we meet in IRC, and in real world places like DC, Detroit, Amsterdam, Seattle, and Denver.Here are some other helpful links to get you started:- Hubski Primer- Hubski Newsletter- Hubski Post List for New Users- You can use #suggestions & #bugski if you have an idea for a feature or stumble upon a bug.If you have any other questions, PM thenewgreen, insomniasexx, or mk.So, enough about us. What brought you to Hubski? How did you find us? What are you hoping to get from the site? Are you confused about the user interface? Want to test the waters before diving in? There are many of us here that would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Add a comment below.FYI, you can't post immediately to Hubski. Once you've contributed to discussions for a while, you'll be granted the ability to post.We look forward to seeing you around the site! Update: Cards time ago, insomniasexx suggested that it would be nice if Hubski links on Hubski itself could be more informative.Starting today, when you put a Hubski link in a post or a comment, the link will convert to a 'card', which provides more information about that link.For example:This is a post link:and this is a comment link:We are likely going to make a few tweaks to these cards, and as always, feedback is much appreciated.p.s. You're welcome, thenewgreen. ;) slogans small suggestions to post message, I press it every time I've written something because so many other things do it.Remove deleted comments from chatter, 'This comment has been deleted' doesn't really scream "great read, amazing conversation" to me haha. Hubski's best days ahead of it or behind it? questions that came up on tonight's call. Everyone said ahead (except thenewgreen who was promptly tarred and feathered and thrown under the bus).I want to hear from all hubskiers. Ahead? Behind? Why? Trying to Understand Comments on Hubski after what struck me as a particularly vitriolic exchange between myself, Quatrarius, eightbitsamurai, thenewgreen and others, I had to take a step back and evaluate why I responded so defensively to Q's criticism of my comment. In the wake of this consideration, I sent the following question to lil:How could I have better dealt with this situation? I've found that when I'm faced with conflict the only way I know how to respond is defensively (or offensively, by actively raising the stakes). I'm not fond of this quality.galenlil and I agreed that you all might be interested in our discussion, so here's the rest of it.lil:I read through the thread.Here's how I interpret it.From what I can tell, you gave a one-word comment.Q gave what seemed like a criticism --8bit - tongue-in-cheekily, ramped up Q's criticism. The only way I can read that is that 8-bit was mocking Q for being critical, not mocking you for your one word.tng - FOR FUN ramped up 8bit's comment and was MOCKING 8bitThen it all became a discussion of grammar.You mute someone -- not clear who. Q badges you - ironically?So before I go any further -- That's how I read it.lHow do you read it.galen:My reading:Me: One-word comment.Q: Unnecessary criticism.Me: Biting, sarcastic response.8bit: Further mocking Q's reaction, in a similar mode.TNG: Mocking 8bit as we mocked Q.Q muted me. I responded sardonically, and Q (ironically, probably) badged me.lil:> how could I have better dealt with this situation? Good question. So you see the problem with a defensive reaction (biting sarcastic response). You recognized your own reaction as sarcastic which equals "full of pain." 8bit and tng jump to your defence because they felt your pain. They are empaths in their own ways.We don't really know what Q meant or why he said what he said. Your defensive feelings will come first and fast, but with practice you can stop yourself from assuming the worst and just ask questions, like "What do you mean?" You have to wonder: what is his goal by making his comment. The thing is -- we don't know his goal. So you can use a wonderful communication tool called the perception check.It goes like this:1. Describe behaviour: "Hey q, when you said "Quality input" I'm wondering whether ...."2. Suggest one interpretation: "you are criticizing my one-word comment" or3. Suggest another interpretation: "you wanted to know more about what I mean."4. Ask for feedback: "What was your goal?"This response will likely elicit an answer. If the answer is critical and sarcastic, ignore it and move on.It's called the perception check.Your goal: Assume you know nothing. When you are feeling irritated by something, just say some version of "what do you mean?"I'll grant that my reaction to Q's comment was unnecessary, perhaps escalatory. I need to work against the counterproductive responses that I tend to give, and recognize that insensitivity will rear its ugly head throughout my life. I guess I was just expecting more from Hubski.Oh, and a final irony: Q himself probably won't see this, now that he's muted me. meetup tonight: DC my way in from Bethesda. Sounds like they are a few mimosas ahead of me.Pics and periscope to follow._refugee_ Meriadoc arguewithatree wasoxygen crap, previously on hubski? it a surprise feature!? Did I miss something? What fun. Your role in filtering spam just patched a hole that let a spammer tap into the @hubskihose.Of course, if you want hose of #vpn reviews, you are free to turn display globally filtered users to 'on' in your settings. Currently, the global filter doesn't apply to tag feeds, but it likely will soon (with the option to display them, of course).At any rate, when you personally filter a less-than-thoughtful user, that filter is part of a useful signal to us. If a user is destined for the global filter, your filtering of them (often) helps them along. Request: Zen mode hides badges sure if this one should be bugski. But I figure if we're hiding dots in Zen mode, it seems reasonable to hide badges as well. In a way, they are dots with usernames attached, just with a limited supply and an extra social connotation. small experiment: Word counts other day, flagamuffin, veen, and I had an exchange about ways that we could encourage mindfulness about the quality of comments.veen suggested that a word count for text boxes might make us a bit more aware of comments that might be interpreted as flippant, or perhaps not as thoughtful as they could be.We thought it was an interesting suggestion, and easy enough to test.As such, you will now notice a small word counter on the top right of comment text fields. If you don’t want to display this counter, you can toggle it off in your settings.Let’s give it a shot for a couple of weeks, and see how it feels.As always, feedback is much appreciated.'m back and this time around I want to stick around! So I'm back from circling around and honestly i like where hubski is heading. When i signed up a while back, i wasnt contributing much and rarely signed on. But now that there's an app, it makes it a lot easier to keep up. Are there any fun tags o should follow? rebirth Update: Tags: a bit less personal eight months ago, we made a significant change to tags. Prior to that update, the author could add up to two tags to each post, and once posted, the community could add an additional third community tag. Personal tags such as #blog.hubski were optional.Since that update, the author could add up to two tags, where the first tag generated a personal tag, and the second tag was a suggested community tag.Today we are rolling things back to the original functionality.Once again, the author can add up to two tags to a post. A third tag can then be added (and changed) by the community.To make a personal tag, simply add an @ to the end of the tag. For example, for veen, "technology@" will create the tag #technology.veen.I'd be happy to explain our reasoning behind the reversion below.As always, feedback is much appreciated. light of the ages style font is different(?!?!) HATE CHANGE But seriously have there been major changes to appearances in other styles? Which is the best one now? Update: Drafts's been too long since we've had a Hubski Update.Today, we are rolling out drafts.Now when you add text to a post or a comment, you are given the option to save it as a draft, rather than posting it right away.A few things about drafts:-A draft remains only visible to you until you publish it. To do so, toggle the draft selection to 'no' when editing the post or comment.-Shoutouts and reply alerts are only sent when a draft is published.-Posts and comments that have been posted cannot be reverted to a draft.-You can find a link to all your current drafts in your profile.You can thank insomniasexx for this one.As always, feedback is much appreciated. NOW FOR BIG BOYS AND GIRLS PM?! WHAT ARE WE IN, DAYCARE?!?!?! if you still wanna talk power of hush. made a tiny change to the user profile page today; I changed the order of the moderation settings from: filter mute hush to: hush filter mute Hush doesn't do much. It sorts a user to the bottom of comment threads when you view them, and the user is unaware of it. However, when you feel like muting a user, hush can be cathartic alternative. It makes you felt like you did something, but isn't as provocative as mute, and doesn't preclude future interactions or understanding.According to the tmi page we each hush an average of 0.8 users, and mute 0.7. I'm glad to see that hush is preferred. It'd be nice if that ratio was even greater.I've seen a few instances where muting results in missed opportunities for us all.I'd encourage everyone to consider using hush before mute. happens to your posts when you leave hubsky? anyone know what happens to a user's data when an account is closed? Do the posts remain or get deleted? Thanks.'m back. all. I used to have an account on here by the name of "delta." Let me start this post by saying that I really miss you all. I felt like nobody here gave a damn about what I had to say so I deleted my account and left. I have a bit more self-confidence now, so I'm going to start using this account and contribute to the discussions.I migrated from here to 4chan and I'm looking to cleanse myself of that hellish place. You have to sift through so much filth to find anything of value, and I'm tired of it. I have no expectations of its condition improving, especially now that moot has left.Anyway, what has changed about hubski in the last eight months? Are there any new features that I need to know about? How are you all? It's great to be back.'s talk about this invite thing., thenewgreen, insomniasexx and I were bouncing around an idea that struck our fancy. I mentioned it in pubski, and the response seemed mostly positive. The half-baked version of the idea is this:Except for the first day of each month, when registration is open to all, account creation on Hubski would be by invite only. Hubskiers could spend their hubwheel credits on either badges or invites.I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Is it worth an experiment? Should we modify it in some way? new beginnings Stamps veen's image. Conceived and delivered by wasoxygen.Can be used on letters. - A Kink In The Hubski Hose me, mk, but...Whilst I can filter useless, spammy feeds on Hubski and even when I do stumble across them can instantly recognise their lack by the lack of updots, the Hose neither filters nor does it distinguish for its followers between content, style, age or worth of any content.So to the uninitiated, this list looks like a regular and equally valued set of posts from Hubski:If it were me, I'd skip adding posts to the Hose from members who have been registered for less than 24 hours.Actually, if it were me, I'd selfishly add a new feature which would let me filter posts that had been mutually filtered by any more than X of the people I already follow (and therefore trust). An extra checkbox: community filter. A database and logic hit building the feed? Community filtering a slippery slope?And curate the Hose in a similar manner. More tricky, that, though, and more likely to attract accusations of censorship or provide opportunities for abuse maybe. Did You Hear Of Hubski? am curious how everyone found this site. It does not even have a Wikipedia page. In this day and age, that is fairly close to not existing.And yet, after I browsed for a bit when I arrived here it seems active and used by an abnormally high percentage of not-assholes.So, how did you find Hubski and why do you stay? against terror problem with Hubski enough people ;(Takes forever for people to respond to posts and commentsCan we try to set up a referral system of sorts so people will be encouraged to invite their friends?'ve always thought of the hubwheel as a upvote button - not a share button then, I guess I should stop being so generous of what I share of single issued Hubskiers? trying to point anyone out, just thought it might be useful to suggest that list to newer people Most of us are all over the place ;)I can only think of a couple signle issue oreinted Hubskiers wrote an article about Hubski getting back into the writing for cash business (I need enough for a car in like... a year)Couldn't think of anything to write about, then I said"Why not Hubski"Was a bit sleepy while writing and it get's a bit repetitive (Couldn't think of too much to put on there)But it got featured :D(BTW, if you want to write for seekyt too, mind using my refferal code? Ty :) Hubski Best of 2014 List with the help of mk and insomniasexx. It's been a great year of content! What was your favourite post? FYI those that have overlooked it. we doing this again? Connection Graph made a thing.Type in a user and click 'Go' to create a graph. In the graph, click on a user to expand their connections. Mouse wheel zooms. That's about it.Users with a lot of connections are a bit slow, especially on mobile. You might want to start with someone with fewer followers.It should work on any modern browser, including mobile. I tested on Chrome and Firefox, for Linux, Android, and Windows. If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll look into it.The graph library has a ton of configuration options. For example, I initially made it draw arrows for follows and followedby. But that kind of felt like 'I follow you, why don't you follow me‽' so I changed it to simple lines.If you have a request to make it do something different, let me know, and I'll do it if it's easy.technicalIt's a single html page, built with vis.js. I wrote it in a day, so I'm sure there are all kinds of bugs. If you see something, let me know and I'll fix it, definitely maybe.It's terribly hackish and fragile. Any changes to the hubski /follows and /followedby uris will break it instantly. Does hubski have an API I'm not aware of? That would be handy.I'm not primarily a web developer, so I'm sure there are all kinds of not-best-practices. If you see something bad (except the xss :P), let me know and I'll make it better.I wanted it to be entirely browser-based, so it uses a CORS proxy to do xss, because hubski doesn't publish CORS headers.Changing it to use a server instead of xss would be trivial, and in fact, if anyone actually has a desire for that, I'd be willing to write up a simple Go server for it.Changing it to use local resources would also be trivial, if hubski wanted to use it. Both my code and vis.js are MIT-licensed.EDIT: I think https is fixed.! Happy New Year! I sang you Auld Lang Syne. Not well. Anyone feel like joining in?'s a collaborative music tag somewhere about but I don't remember what it is. Anyway, by my calendar it's still 12/31/14 until I go to sleep and I thought it'd be cool if we shared recordings of ourselves singing Auld Lang Syne. I know you can all sing and strum and bang and whatnot.Here's mine. My recording setup is not as good as many of you musical people (technically nonexistent) but you can hear the individual words!'s to a fucking awesome 2015! State of Hubski: 2014 is the fourth State of Hubski post. We are 28 in dog years.I have no defined intentions for this place beyond enabling thoughtful interaction. However, something else has transpired. Whether it was the IRCs, the meetups, #grubski, 103 #weeklymusicthreads, #pubski, or just a critical mass of comments and posts, many of us interact in ways that transcend Hubski itself.We remain a small, yet uniquely vibrant corner of the internet. I’ve met many of you face to face, and each time, the conversation felt too short.There is a spirit to Hubski.There were less Hubski Updates this year. That was not due to a lack of activity. forwardslash and insomniasexx have been toiling away at a complete rewrite of the site. For our "second job" team, the task has been a heavy one. However, there now exists an alternate version of Hubski, and it is written in Scala and Node.js. Expect an invite to test and break it in the month of January.It was a difficult decision to channel so much of our limited resources into a rewrite. We have a number of Hubski Updates in the queue, and it has been painful to delay them. I am very excited about one update in particular, and I am glad that 2015 will see its implementation.*We are also excited about the robust API that the new Hubski features.On a call a few weeks ago, the Hubski team started talking about new stickers. We had an idea, and immediately contacted sounds_sound, as we agreed that he could pull it off best. The next Hubski sticker aligns well with my thoughts and feelings regarding Hubski of 2014.The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2014. Thank you for being a part of it.Happy New Year, Hubski!It has nothing to do with tags.****Ok. Those might be changed too. in a New Year in a perfect world's Favorite Hubski Posts of 2014 if you're not on here, I would have ended up posting everything on Hubski in the past year pretty quickly. Rest assured I probably love one thing every single person on this website has posted at some point. Two of my own posts are there out of fondness more than anything else, and the reason I posted "I went to a Party" is to draw specific attention to kleinbl00's comment. I don't have the capacity to compare one year of hubski to any other, since I've only been here for about one, but I think this was a pretty good one.Happy breaks and Chirstmases and Hannukahs and any other holidays, peeps.'s do this again: Give an unshared post a second chance. should be a word to describe the feeling of watching a cherished post descend your feed unshared.Here is one that I want to give a second chance: A beautiful and sorrowful poem by Ilya Ehrenburg.You can get a quick overview of your unshared posts by swapping my username with yours in this URL: dots to the clockwise. for Hubski: scheduled posts warning: I'm slightly drunk. In a couple of days' time, SpaceX will attempt to change history by landing a rocket on a floating platform. Elon Musk is a popular topic on this site and I've no doubt there are many people here who are keen to follow the launch as it proceeds. Now, the world is infinitely interesting, and depending on what other global crisis is emerging at the time, people may or may not remember to follow the launch as it unfolds. This thought was weighing on me (and weighing oh so heavily) as I prepared to post a reminder about the launch just now.In times past it was not uncommon to to see Hubski likened to an amalgam of twitter and Reddit. One feature available to twitter users but not (afaik) to redditors is the ability to schedule tweets via tweetdeck. It occurs to me that posting a link to a live feed of the Falcon launch and then scheduling that post to appear on Hubski 30 minutes before take off (for example), would ameliorate to some extent the problem of people's interest being derailed by the latest campus shooting, or what have you. (And before anyone states the obvious: Yes, I know that SpaceX isn't broadcasting the launch live. There are, however, other sites that are tracking the launch as closely as they are able (and Elon Musk himself tends to be quite prolific in tweeting updates about missions of this calibre). In any case, my point was simply to use the launch as an example, rather than a reason, for the added function.) I'm sure there are several good reasons involving spamming or suchlike for why this wouldn't be a good idea. I thought I'd put it out there while my enthusiasm for it is still strong. - Names Encyclopedia There are several people in Poland whose last name is Hubski. You can see the picture of one of them on this link. Hmmm, he looks familiar. one-sentence stories saw this today, a set of sad 6-word stories. There were some good ones there, but some not-as-good ones as well.Can Hubski give it a shot? Maybe 6 words is too restrictive... how about a sad one-sentence story? Whatcha got? we have a wiki? in from the "make more work for somebody else" department:I know you guys are busy as hell, and I know you've got a big push to rebuild the whole thing under the hood, so I'm hoping this wouldn't be too much to incorporate. But I'm much better at copywriting than coding, thus the suggestion.There's been a lot of effort made to "explain" Hubski, or make it more comprehensible from a new-user standpoint. I applaud this initiative and think it's definitely a great place to expend effort and resources. I will also observe that a lot of what makes up Hubski is best defined as "folklore" - little tips and tricks that are either undocumented or documented in a milion different places that are largely invisible to the very people who need it most. "Folklore Engine" is a term that is never applied to a wiki but if you look at it, that's what it is. A wiki gives every (qualified) person a place to organize and restate the scattered bits of wisdom that they may have about something. Yay welcome videos, yay tutorials, yay demo pages... but if we had a Wiki, every time one of us comes up with a "here's how I did this" or "here's how you do that" it could be added to the Wiki so that new people could learn and old people could refer. I mention it now primarily for two reasons - animated gifs, which _wage figured out how to hack to make work, and the fact that I failed to embed a jpg in my last post because the URL had plus signs in it. Having a general repository about gif hackery and URL confusion would be great, but why stop there? There are a bunch of things that we've sort of figured out how to make the site do that aren't exactly documented. This would be a great way for people to see the tips and tricks, while also giving another perspective on the general layout of Hubski as a site.My wife built a WikiSpaces for her and a friend just to share a project, so I know there are low-tech, low-impact ways of doing this but they're also low-elegance and low-compliance. I wouldn't suggest this if I didn't have a strong suspicion that the various Wiki backends are designed to be incorporated in most platforms but I'm also a ham-handed hacker and it remains easier for me to suggest than to do.insomniasexx mk thenewgreen forwardslashIs this feasible or desirable? notifications's a simple idea that we had on last Monday's team meet:You can choose to get email alerts when a specific tag is used.Thoughts? Hubski, Thanks for Trying today, I sent a message to kleinbl00, one of the apparently chosen Gods of Hubski. I have complained about him to multiple people before in PM, but I decided to just mute him and tell him directly why.You can read that here. I had originally decided not to be that asshole, but I'm leaving, and I've read enough complaints about Klein here and elsewhere to feel justified in posting it.I knew going in that Klein would only respond in a self-glorifying egomaniacal way, and I was right.You can read his response here. The "PS" was a link to a short I posted here a while back - don't mind the overly-obvious passive aggressive included. Also don't mind his blatant "this is the size of my dick" measuring.What I find sad is that so many people have apparently sent him the same e-mail. Instead of improving himself or trying not be an unwelcoming person, he's instead "crafted a boilerplate" passive aggressive, condescending response.This is not the sort of person I want to share a community with. It is not a person I will be a serf of, as if I lived in feudal Japan.He is right, to an extent. His name is all over this site. For some reason, he's glorified. I have no idea why.As I posted earlier today to flagamuffin, Hubski is not a place for intelligent discussion. It has good days, and some of you are fantastic people, but you are out voiced.Hubski is Klein's, as he so politely points out, "I'm still all over this site. I get 3-4 shout-outs a day. I have nearly a thousand followers. So if I'm the one thing keeping you from enjoying Hubski, best bail now, son... 'cuz you'll have an easier time getting the chocolate out of a Chips Ahoy."Hubski isn't your's. It's his. And if he doesn't like you, you'd better "bail."So that's what I'm doing. Hubski could be better, but it won't be, because it doesn't want to be. There's no reason for me to participate here. I want to, because with the exception of Klein, I enjoy the community. But I won't put up with being chased around and shouted down at every opportunity.ironpotato thenewgreen did you have for dinner hubski? I had cereal anda gin tonic The url and text fields can't both be blank. wrote a Hubski theme song!, not wrote exactly. It's to the tune of Hank Green & the Perfect Strangers' "Hug Scream" (but without the second chorus and bridge). Of course comments and edits are welcome, and it'd be really sweet if someone could record it! (cough cough thenewgreen)Anyway, here's the lyrics:Lemme tell you about a websiteWith people that are both funny and brightAnd discussions ranging from architecture to Twelfth NightIt's a thoughtful alternativeTo the standard forum narrativeThe community is just not normativeCuz I've searched for many yearsGone through many options and a lot of tearsBut I'd never found a home until I found...Hubski, Hubski, everybody HubskiWith a Hub and a ski, will you do it with meJust Hubski (yeah!)Hubski, Hubski, everybody HubskiWith a Hub and a ski, will you do it with meYou gotta Hubski (yeah!)If you're a disenchanted RedditorYou can come, just please be sureThat you understand the quality of discourse here is higherSee, we're pushing back the darkThis community's not a larkMost members are dedicated to making their markWe are a very small communitySo personal interaction is the keyRemember there's a person on the other side of your screen, andHubski, Hubski, everybody HubskiWith a Hub and a ski, will you do it with meJust Hubski (yeah!)Hubski, Hubski, everybody HubskiWith a Hub and a ski, will you do it with meYou gotta Hubski (yeah!)Hubski (yeah!)Hubski (yeah!)Hubski (yeah!)HubskiPS After writing this out I totally have semantic satiation of the word Hubski Orange is Bigger Than Yours monday on our weekly call, mk, thenewgreen, forwardslash, and I were talking about the current state of data you can view about yourself and others. Basically, right now, it's just those little spark graphs that are in your profiles. TNG, like me, was mildly aware of them but it was actually quite cool to look deeper and compare posting, sharing, and commenting history with each other. They may be little, but they're packed full of information.Here's mine - you can hover to see the amount of shares / posts per day over the past couple weeks:You can also see the total number of shares, total number of posts, and both as a percentage of the total activity:Some interesting discoveries:1. mk tries to keep his oranges and teals about the same and has about 2,300 posts about 2,800 shares. I personally like sharing more than I post. 2. thenewgreen also likes his blues bigger. While TNG's ratio and my ratio is about the same, he beats my total number of shares by 7,269! He's also been on the site for 384 more days than I have...but that still means he's been sharing an average of 18.92 more posts/day than I have. (I might have done that math wrong? Otherwise TNG is literally insane :-P).3. minimum_wage's orange is bigger than yours (and the teal) with a whopping 66.9% of activity being posts rather than shares. 4. Unless "you" happen to be Mindwolf, who's orange is bigger than minimum_wage's (and yours) with 97 point fucking 4% of activity being posts. This is the largest orange I've found that isn't all the way 100% (which I am ignoring because typically those with 100% are at worst spammers and at best non-commenters. LMK if you find an exception to this assumption).So Hubski, what does your orange say about you? Is it big? Is it small? Do you think it accurately reflects the way you consciously use Hubski? Can you find any other crazy high ratios (in either direction)? In An Hour accommodate Europeans (rjw), I'll be online starting in an hour, and throughout the evening. Gotta make some dinner first. thenewgreen, lil, galen, eightbitsamurai, mk, ButterflyEffect, min_w I remember you disliking being in tagspam? You can connect through Mibbit (web-based IRC) by clicking here, or read ironpotato's how-to-connect-to-IRC post here.See you all soon! this Wednesday? up for Wednesday evening HubskIRC? Click here for a great intro to IRC by ironpotato. Reconsidered did not want my comment to appear on emcad's mirrored website, so I'll just add a very brief comment here in a new post. Anyone who hasn't seen the original post can check the tag #longformtrolling creatively added by someone, not me.Clearly hubski isn't for everyone. The saddest part of many sad people is that they cannot see their own contribution to their sadness. It's much easier to blame others for misrepresenting themselves (??), than to critically examine how they might have contributed to their own disappointment. Perhaps they had expectations that were unrealistic. Perhaps they had not looked hard enough or deep enough for thoughtfulness. It must be the fault of the website that one's needs aren't met - right? How could it possibly be my fault?One goes to a website to meet various needs: information, thoughtful discussion, laughter, friendship, insight. If one's needs aren't met, then the website is not for you.Or if you see something in the community that you like, you can contribute over a long time to develop that relationship. Nothing is instant. Some people are intrigued and lurk for a long time before seeing how they can contribute.I find the hubskiverse so fucking thoughtful, that I don't have time to read or share or express everything that I would like to.Bravo hubski. And bravo to Team Hubski for sharing. Y'all are so cool. a thoughtful web? Flashback: 10 First Posts got bored last night on dogs and started playing around with Hubski's archives. I began with Welcome and bounced around. Gave me a great feel of how this site and it's community has evolved. I thought since we're celebrating so many birthdays it'd be fun to pick 10 users at random and showcase their very first posts.b_b's The Supreme Court Saves Us from Evil Regulators Again!beezneez's Groovy Youth in Vietnamcgod's Amazing site, Gapminder: 200 years that changed the world (Technically #2. First was broken.)lil's The Social Network Paradoxblackbootz's Hipsters on Food Stampsinsomniasexx's The girl in the windowOftenBen's The Nucleus Project - Connecting People to get stuff donenowaypablo's Contemporary jazz from the Middle Eastveen's Video footage of the city of Groningen, the Netherlands from 1916. Shots from the top of the long gone tram. (veen's been around a lot longer. He just changed his name. I'm on to you man.)elizabeth's Hyperbole and a Half: MenaceHere's mine. Feeling bored? Looking for some perspective? I encourage you to find yours. Anniversary 1 year-ers, it appears we have had some Hubski birthdays of late, because about a year ago we had a large influx of new users. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You've been here for 365 days, you're part of the community, you use the site regularly... but DID YOU KNOW:1. Did you know that Hubski used to have columns?2. Did you know that today many conversations, discussions and interactions happen via "mail" but that originally Hubski did't have that function?3. Did you know that it is encouraged for you to reach out to authors and have them come discuss their work on Hubski? This is particularly successful when there is already a robust conversation occurring around their work. 4. Did you know that Discussion Via Hubski was born out of a project inspired by theadvancedapes, lil, StJohn and others that we originally called Mirrored Threads?5. Did you know that 496 days ago we read StJohn's book Radium Baby for the Hubski Book Club hosted by Witted? 6. Did you know that we once did a Hubski Music Exchange?7. Did you know that Running Sucks8. Did you know that mk kills snails?9. Did you know Hubski has styles? Ugly -thanks khaaan10. Did you know that every year on NYE mk does a State of Hubski post? Here is his first11. Did you know we used to have pluses for "upvotes?"12. Did you know Hubski has a Twitter Feed?13. Did you know that Hubski has a gambling problem?For all you 1 year anniversary guys/gals, I'm glad you found us, it's been a good year Economy: A thought experiment many of you know, the idea that somehow, someday Hubski will need to raise a little bit of money has been discussed several times in the last couple years. I threw an idea at mk today, and he fleshed it out a bit that we wanted to get community perspective on. Please bear in mind that is a purely hypothetical exercise. It's intended to generate discussion, and not to scare you into thinking you're going to be charged any time soon.That said, here's the idea. You create a Hubski bank account of sorts, the amount "deposited" being completely up to you. Then, every time you comment or post, you are charged a fee (say, one or two cents), which goes to Hubski's coffers. Alternately, when you upvote or share, the same fee is transferred to the account of the user whose content you are appreciating. You would also have the ability to transfer credits to whomever you want without having to share or upvote. At the current comment rate, a penny per credit would pretty much offset the server costs, although one would expect the comment and post rate to drop were there a fee attached, even an insignificant one.I think this does a couple things. First, it will keep out spammers and undesirables. Second, it will probably limit useless comments (for example, the other day I got a million upvotes for whiting a smiley face), thus making an eternal September or a replay of the SRS debacle very unlikely.Third (and this is the most interesting aspect, IMO), it would create an economy on the site based on social capital, as credits would be passed around, bought, sold, and given away based on appreciation from the members. The negative side, of course, is that this could represent an upward redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich, so to speak, but it could also encourage development of ideas, since each comment would have a value. It is my conjecture that members who may not have much or any money, but who are valuable would be supported by the richer among us. I think there would be a mixture of shrewdness and benevolence that could give an interesting dynamic to the marketplace, and that it would be a cool internet experiment.This was a quick brainstorm, so I'm sure many holes could be poked in it, but that's kinda the point here. Poke as many holes as you can think of. It's still free...for now :) loneliness's Feed is Stellar have to say that the reading available on my feed this morning is fantastic. Sadly, I have to go offline now while everything is still spinning: kleinbl00's relation to gravity in response to nowaypablo's vague question; theadvancedapes discussion of the global brain; poetry; money; videofeed of Snowden and Assange from New Zealand; and on and on.If you are bored with your feed, remember you can switch your name at the end of the feed URL and replace it with anyone else's and see what they're reading.Have a nice day, hubski. me commit Hubski social suicide are great! Labels guide our decision making from food to information consumption and tell us, in an instant, if we should engage with their particular contents or if it should be avoided completely. Labels are the ultimate summaries and for that they are very powerful and save us a ton of time. Labelling can be particularly useful in the realm of information, allowing us to quickly navigate through the vast sea of social media, news, ideas, opinions and ideologies out there and around us. For example, to hear that something or someone is right or left wing, is enough for the politically activated individual to know (without actually knowing the content) if their views are in line with that piece of information or person.On a subtler level, however, in the less self-aware minds, labels may perform a more insidious function not very aligned with our personal and cultural growth. By consuming information through the filter of labelling, we are defining the boundaries of acceptable discussion, both on the personal and cultural contexts. These boundaries can become so rigid that as soon as a certain label is mentioned, we know immediately if it should be given any attention at all. We all like to think of ourselves as open-minded but when it comes to labels we all have immediate emotional, sometimes gut reactions leading to judgements of value as soon as we hear them. One of such labels (and the focus of this rambling) is conspiracy or conspiracy theory or tin foil conspiracy.Somehow the label conspiracy has become associated with something born out of paranoia from possibly mentally unstable individuals. It is quite possible that some theories originate out of such mentality, whoever I strongly believe that this is an unwise and even dangerous assumption to make for all conspiracies. Without actually investigating the origins of each theory, we can not know for sure if it isn't in fact "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful" worthy of our utmost attention.Contrary to popular belief, conspiracies don't tend to generally form from out of thin air but out of facts that contradict the official narrative. One of the conspiracies with the strongest facts backing it is 9/11. To be fair, without investigation the 9/11 conspiracy theory label does sound very outlandish and surreal because if true the questions whom, why and how would have vast consequences on how we believe the world works. However if we don't jump to conclusions and simply try to look at some of the questions which make some people to stop and research, we'll be much better placed to honestly self-identify ourselves as truly open-minded.If you're still reading, this is where I commit possible Hubksi social suicide by coming out and admitting that I have looked into the so called 9/11 conspiracy theories and I agree that there are some facts and troubling questions which until today have been unanswered. One of the facts is that besides the 2 towers, a 3rd building collapsed on that day known as building 7 of the WTC. There are currently 2200 (yes twenty two hundred) architects & engineers which believe building 7's uniform, free-fall collapse could not have happened due to office fires (as the official NIST report claims) since fires alone do not provide the high temperature necessary for steel beams to collapse simultaneously. This single fact alone has huge weight and a cascading river of implications if correct, considering how the foreign and domestic policies of most of the western world have been shaped since this enormous catastrophe.So today, in the anniversary of 9/11 I have decided that the cost of social suicide was for once worth the potential of the truth being uncovered by associating myself with the 9/11 truth movement. If you read this far and feel like looking into this I encourage you to start with architect Richard Gage interview on C-SPAN below.Thank you for reading and keeping an open-mind. on Hubski from a potential ex-redditor this on /r/hubski, got a few upvotes but no response - so thought I should probably best post it here:Hubski on the surface looks like the kind of thing that answers all the issues I've had with Reddit, and offers a lot of really great ideas. But I do have some questions, some concerns, and also ideas for improvement. Hope you don't mind me sharing!1. I think it needs a better intro guide - after going through it, I still didn't really understand what was going on, and that was coming from being experienced with reddit which let's be honest Hubski is rather similar too. Your site could really do with a good explaination as to how it works - perhaps a video? This might also help promote the site.2. The site is really, really quiet. Why so? For something a few months old I can understand that - but Hubski is, what, over 2 years old? It would really benefit from people submitting a ton more content. Any way to encourage this? The founders could certainly play their part.3. Where are the rules? I can't seem to see any outside of standard legalese TOS. Does Hubski have any rules against defined objectional content?4. What is the moderation policy? Seems you have this silencing system which is user controlled. Can you elaborate on how this works?5. I'm not sure about the #subject.user tags. Why are they together? I find that a bit confusing as to what the subject is. Why not separate them?6. The site is very monochrome. Why not add some colour? Having certain colours asigned to certain tags would be very helpful in seeing what type of content it is at a glance.7. Thumbnails! Also very useful at getting an idea of the content at a glance before clicking on it. Any chance of such a feature being introduced?8. What about avatars? One issue I have with Reddit is the difficulty in remembering who anyone is just from a name. Avatars are good at giving more of a memorable personality to a poster.9. Do the admins have any policy on administration transparency? This seems to be one of the big issues with Reddit and source of a great deal of conflict and conspiracy theories. never do this. Ever...... I commented on a reddit post that mentioned Hubski. Team Hubski has a pretty strict rule to not engage on reddit when someone mentions Hubski. We prefer to leave that in all of your capable hands, but mk was on vacation and well.... I was bored. It turned out that someone with the handle OutbreakMonkey asked some good questions and they seem sincere in their curiosity. Therefore, I'm going to post their last comment below and answer it to the best of my ability, calling on forwardslash and insomniasexx to jump in regarding more specific privacy concerns etc. I welcome b_b to jump in too. Here is the last comment:Hi, me again. I've had a look, generally like what I see. A few more questions if I may. I understand you follow individuals and what not. Fine for big topics and controversial issues (I get what you're saying about reducing the circle jerk). I do however Frequent some if the niche subs with specific interest. How would you emulate that? Do users have to know all of the hashtags likely to be used for an interest? Edit: I read your privacy policy which is pretty "boiler plate". But if leaves some questions. Second , you've got my email with my login. How are you going to guarantee me you won't abuse it OR worse, lose it like so very many "secure" big sites. How about logging, is read history stored or just post history? Edit: Deleting IP address details doesn't particularly anonymise data or access if it's tied to a username. How about account deletion. What is deleted when I leave ? Can I take EVERYTHING with me and vanish? Finally, how is your financial backing? Obviously end goal is to sell your product and IP, but what is the current arrangement and big players with a decent chunk? When you do sell refer to previous question about deleting my data. I like the partial anonymity that reddit provides, not that I say anything controversial or particularly care. Just one less thing for users to think about, and one less vector for spam or identity leakage. Still interesting site. Edit: I'm not trying to bash you. Just want to know your position on these things. Like I said. Nice site. Edits mobile phone auto corrects.My responseHey OutbreakMonkey, You write:I understand you follow individuals and what not. Fine for big topics and controversial issues (I get what you're saying about reducing the circle jerk). I do however Frequent some if the niche subs with specific interest. How would you emulate that? Right now you can follow tags to attempt to get a specific experience around a singular topic, however the reality is that unless it's a tag like #science, #music, #technology or any of the other most active tags its not likely to be terribly robust. What we find is that by following a mix of people and tags you get a varied, and interesting array of content. -Try it out. My guess is that the people in our community don't use Hubski exclusively but use reddit, HN and any number of other aggregators, all for different reasons. I always say that I don't eat at just one restaurant, why would I visit just one aggregator/site? As for privacy, we aren't interested in capturing your data for the purposes of capitalizing on it. In fact, we take steps to guarantee we have a bare minimum. forwardslash -can you speak to this? As for you giving us your email, that's your choice. You can literally put and create an account here. Should you share your actual email address, you will receive emails for comment notifications etc, but you can easily opt out in your settings. We never send unsolicited emails though. Not our style, not our intent... which leads to: Finally, how is your financial backing? Obviously end goal is to sell your product and IP, but what is the current arrangement and big players with a decent chunk? -NO, NO, NO. This is not the end game. We would rather burn the place down than compromise its integrity for money, page views etc. -This is not some ploy, this is at the very core of what/why we are doing this. The goal is to foster a place for the thoughtful exchange of ideas. Period. We actually don't refer to Hubski as a "startup" because of the connotations that come with that. We are a boot-strapped "project" with no outside money interests involved. -We've been at this for a while nowDon't get me wrong, if we could figure out a way that Hubski could pull in revenue while not compromising the integrity of the site/community, we would be foolish not to do so. The community here often asks if they can help support the site financially, which is a pretty great compliment. I like the partial anonymity that reddit provides, not that I say anything controversial or particularly care. Just one less thing for users to think about, and one less vector for spam or identity leakage. -You can have anonymity on Hubski as well. However, once you start using the site, interacting with the community and participating in discussions you better be careful....before you know it, you'll start recognizing usernames and then you'll realize that the site is comprised of people, people you actually begin to care about. -It's the damnedest thing. Thank you for the questions OutbreakMonkey, I hope to continue our discussion here. Cheers! many hub many vikings.mkmikedccrux hubski suggestion regarding feeds - thoughts? wanna say I ran this by thenewgreen in a pm a while back but maybe I imagined that conversation. Anyway, I'm wondering if there's a way to optimize post weights on feeds based on whether you follow one, two or all three elements of the post (domain, user, tag(s)). If I see something from Mindwolf, #science, -- I probably want to read it an order of magnitude more than if it was just Mindwolf, #science and a domain I wasn't a fan of. Logically, this is how we should be using the following system, right? So I'm pressed for time and I won't elaborate and hell maybe hubski already does this for all I know but I don't think so. What do you guys think? does moderation work on Hubski? guys, can someone clarify the Hubski filtering system please?From the FAQ: Users can control the content they see by 'filtering' users, tags, or domains. By using the 'mute' function, users can control who may comment on their posts.Will the user be informed if his account has suddenly become filtered/censored? Or is this similar to ghost banning on YouTube where users won't have a clue they've been censored until weeks later when they realise noone is replying to their posts?If a user is filtered by many others, and the user's posts don't generate thoughtful interaction, the user's posts may not appear in the global feed.It would be helpful to know how many users one must be filtered by before they are considered unworthy and therefore censored from the global feed. Is Hubski at all interested in protecting the free speech of minorities? It feels that people with legitimate unpopular views or views that are simply different from the main stream consensus of Hubski, will not last long around here with this kind of filtering system. Downtime to my alerts Hubski was down for at about six and a half hours this morning. This was due to a power outage in our datacenter which took our servers offline for a while. This isn't the first time we've had an issue with our servers in this datacenter being taken offline, but it has been relatively rare. My hopes for the future are to finish our rewriting of hubski to allow for a more distributed architecture which won't be affected by downtime in any one datacenter; boo single points of failure. Hubski Stickers that I didn't put up!! I left a few laying around the office of the radio station before I left for my internship, and went over there a couple days ago to hang out with the DJ and get some related work done and found these in a nice little cluster. I don't know who put them up, but maybe he/she is on Hubski. That'd be weird.The red phone is our music director's hotline. All praise the red phone. thoughts on post titles. posting a link to an article, I occasionally find that the title of the article doesn't best describe the content, is unnecessarily link-baity, is overly simplistic, or is bombastic.As a result, I will title my post with what I think is a more-appropriate title for the article. Most of the time these are subtle changes. For example, today I changed the article: 10 questions about Nasa's 'impossible' space drive answered to Questions about Nasa's 'impossible' space drive answered as I find listacles to be annoying, and a question count to be unnecessary.In other posts, I added some information, changing Scientists threaten to boycott €1.2bn Human Brain Project to Scientists threaten boycott of European commission-funded Human Brain Project, and changing Sony admits defeat in e-reader battle with Amazon to Sony admits defeat in battle with Amazon, discontinues e-reader.Most of the time these edits are fairly innocuous. However, I wonder thoughts you all might have on the matter.IMHO, titles are often the weakest part of a journalistic piece, and as they are typically decided by the editor, and not the author of the article, I don't feel compelled to mirror them on my post. Personally, I'd prefer that my feed be comprised of titles that reflect the content behind them, and nothing more. old are you, Hubski?'s get some data on the current age range of Hubski. Who's reading what you're writing? thread replies was thinking about this the other day. Whenever I see that the post count for a thread I'm participating in goes up, because of hubwheel ratings it is a little difficult for me to find the new comment(s). I think it would be most appropriate if the Chatter page showed unread replies to threads you've posted in in addition to what the people you follow are talking about. to add a "Submit to Hubski" button to your WordPress-powered site! are "Submit to Hubski" buttons, but you can't integrate those with WordPress. Here is how to add a "Submit to Hubski" button to your WordPress-powered site! 1. Go to your admin panel > Settings > Sharing2. Scroll down to "Sharing Buttons" and click "Add a new service"3. - Set "Service name" to "Hubski" - Set "Sharing URL" to "" - Set "Icon URL" to ""4. Click "Create share button" and drag the button to your enabled services.Save your changes. Ta-dah!It doesn't work with the "Official" button style though, unfortunately. about a 'global' feed that excludes all followed tags and users? a thought. I noticed that I've followed enough tags that most of the items on the global feed are on my user feed, so I started to wonder what the global feed would look like if it were only comprised of tags and users I don't follow. Surfing through the 'tags' list is nice for finding new tags, but I've found it's more useful to me to follow tags I've seen in context--that is, I find it more useful to go through headlines and find tags than to check through each possibly interesting tag to see what the headlines look like.I'm curious what you guys think about this--especially kleinbl00, since I'm about 75% sure he'll point out something I missed and make me realize why this was a terrible idea in the first place :P Optical Illusion Will Boggle Your Mind | IFLScience (looks like hubski logo) feature: from team hubski All, As many of you are aware, the mute feature has been a contentious subject of late. I want to speak on behalf of team hubski. The mute feature isn't going anywhere. There have been some decent suggestions that we will discuss internally, but we won't eliminate it, nor will we ask people to apologize; we're not your parents. Our hope is that we can go back to using the site to share and discuss interesting and provocative content, as that has always been the intent of hubski's continued existence. FYI, I will not be responding to any comments on this post, as my headache grows worse with every comment about muting, and I officially consider the matter closed. Peace-Ben"You are muted here. Have you tried apologizing?" we've currently got two factions engaged in a 2-day-deep flame war. These factions are: - "Muting is literally Hitler" (MILH). The argument of MILH is that one person, no matter how much she may dread and fear the interactions of others, is duty-bound to accept their comments on her posts because "freedom" or something. Further arguments are that since muting only works on your own posts it's stupid and useless and should go away for that reason also. - "People Can Walk Away At A Cocktail Party" (PCWCP). The argument of PCWCP is that since Hubski is about conversations between people who seek out conversations with each other, the ability to not suffer conversations with people they are actively avoiding is a huge plus. Further arguments are that douches should really be driven out of the pool and in an environment in which there's no real good way to show disapproval, "mute" is the only way to send a message.MILH is wrong and PCWCP is right. Let's get that out of the way right now. However, the reasons MILH has come to erroneous conclusions are social and comprehension-based. It might be worthwhile to re-think the syntax of muting. And, since Hubski is a social site that leverages the connections between users, it might be beneficial to provide a little social lubrication towards resolving the MILH-PCWCP wars.Currently, a user who has been muted sees 'muted here'. A terse statement, to be sure. It also provides no insight as to how or why or what to do about the fact. My guess is it's this way because nobody is really enthusiastic about 'mute' functionality, even its most ardent users. We 'mute' people like flushing the toilet. Nobody really wants to get into the plumbing.It's not the most positive experience for those staring up from the cesspool. 'Mute' definitely has punitive aspects to it that, for the greater good of the site, could be mitigated a little. One thing that I hear regularly in these battles is that the process of getting yourself 'unmuted' is unclear. After all, you can't message someone who has muted you (not a bug, a feature). Another thing I hear, reading between the lines, is 'muting' rustles jimmies, hurts feelings and belies the 'social' aspect of the site.SO HOW BOUT WE FIX IT LIKE THISInstead of the terse 'muted here' we currently have, how 'boutYou are muted here. Have you tried apologizing?Let's turn that "Have you tried apologizing?" sentence into a hyperlink. And when the user clicks on it, they see a list of 'follows' that the muter and mutee have in common - 'mutual friends' if you will that could intercede on your behalf.I've unmuted maybe 6 people because they've apologized. It's a great feeling. We're friends again, and the process has increased the affinity we have for each other. We've recognized that we're all human, that we all have bad days, and that we often take it out on the wrong people.Let's streamline that process.Thoughts? to the party! Shut up! et al., I have followed the moderation discussion with interest but haven't spoken up because (1) I didn't have any constructive suggestions and (2) I was muted on the most relevant posts. But eventually I came up with a suggestion.The "ignore" features seem to give little offense. "Filter" is recognized as useful, and "hush" seems pretty innocuous. Most of the angst has been over muting. I feel that kleinbl00 was on the right track in looking at the feature from multiple perspectives. For every user who mutes, another user is muted, and we should consider what's best for everyone.In my view, moderation should have three goals:1) Encourage contributions from those whose input is generally valued, while if possible not letting it annoy those with minority tastes.2) Discourage contributions from those whose input is generally shunned, sheltering those who don't want to be exposed to such content, without making it hard for new arrivals to find an audience.3) Strike a balance for those who are charming to some and annoying to others, with a compromise that gives the best value to the community.The site has been aptly likened to a cocktail party. People are milling around, some clustered in little groups, many participating in multiple dialogs at once. For every conversationalist, there are many more nearly invisible lurkers who don't speak up but enjoy following along.When someone says things you find annoying, at a real party you have to wait for them to shut up or else leave the conversation. On the site we have the miraculous power of the TV-B-Gone, which we can point at an oaf and shut them up directly.Right now the tool does not work well, and neither side is happy. The Muter cannot make the oaf shut up everywhere, only in those conversations the Muter happens to have started. If conversation drifts to new topics, the oaf is still locked out — unless the oaf knows about the back doors that allow breaking in to conversations where they are muted. If the Muter joins a conversation somebody else happens to have started, the oaf is free to spout irritating nonsense and there is no recourse but to walk away or endure it.We need a better remote control. Suppose the Muter can make the oaf's idiotic drivel inaudible, and also fast-forward them so their nonsense takes no time. Anyone else in the conversation who cares to can hear and respond to the oaf. If everyone in the conversation has muted the oaf, no one will see or respond.Wherever the Muter goes in the party, the oaf's contributions are automatically inaudible and therefore far less irritating. If others respond to the oaf and the conversation looks interesting, the Muter can choose to rewind and replay selected bits of the oaf's dialog, to see what the fuss is about.Here's how it might look if I mute thenewgreen.Let's see how well this compromise accomplishes the goals.1) Valued contributors are free to add content anywhere they like. The rather arbitrary circumstance of who happened to post an article first does not restrict them. Anyone who doesn't want to see these contributions, anywhere on the site, is automatically (but not irrevokably) protected from seeing them.2) Spammers and pinheads will be able to pollute wherever they like, but in the worst case scenario this is unavoidable, since they have the nuclear option of creating new accounts. The approach above makes it easy to follow correct procedure for dealing with these types. Some widely-shunned users have been extremely vocal in complaining about the current mute behavior.3) For the middle cases, there is benefit for everyone. The muted user can still express the ideas that many want to see, wherever they like. The Muter suffers the minor inconvenience of knowing that unwanted contributions exist from that user, but this was already the case for conversations started by others and via back doors. The Muter might even enjoy seeing friends deliver staggeringly witty rejoinders to oafen stupidities.Lurkers far outnumber contributors, and we should look out for the interests of the silent majority. At present the mute feature has no effect when they use it. Users they want to hear from may be blocked by others. And they have to see content from users they don't want to hear from when it appears in conversations they want to read.There used to be a function to collapse old comments from newly-muted users. I say we make this the entire result of muting, and nothing else. drew the Hubsquad in SnapChat ummm I got to work early today and I drew you all in snapchat there will be many many more i tried very hard enjoy also add me thev33d i love youkleinbl00thenewgreenflagamuffineightbitsamurai_refugee_minimum_wage with additional details based on this post"you are muted here" can comment in this thread, but no one will see it. I've never interacted with the submitter in any way, but they have me on mute. Due to this feature, I'm shut out of a conversation that's likely unrelated to the one that led them to mute me. By being first to submit it, they have the power to decide who can and can't discuss it.Does this bother anyone else? We shouldn't have to worry about how our (hopefully) civil disagreements might lead us to be shut out of unrelated conversations.edit: It looks like they unmuted me, but the problem remains."Take a Tour" Bug (Header Links) noticed something showing one of my friends Hubski today - he clicked on "take a tour", but in step 5 the header links weren't visible. They're there for the rest of the tour, and I haven't seen them invisible under any other circumstances, but when the tour box highlights them, it's blank:Anyone know why this is happening / if it's a local issue? I'm using Firefox on a Windows 7 machine, but the links are visible when I do the same thing with Chrome. Came In! thenewgreen, also veen for the design and insomniasexx for maintaining the redbubble shop, I believe. I'll be wearing it often. Tag format update days ago, we started an experiment appending a Personal Tag to each post.One thing we learned quickly, was that most of us didn't like the repetitiveness of posts displaying a tag, followed by a personal tag. For example, if rrrrr tagged a post with #privacy with a community tag of #linux, the tags were be presented as: #privacy · #privacy.rrrrr · #linux Based on suggestions from users including Aeiri and galen, we are trying a different format. In the feed display, the tag and the personal tag are combined. For example, rrrrr's post now will display: #privacy.rrrrr · #linux Here, 'privacy' links to the #privacy tag page and 'rrrrr' links to the #privacy.rrrrr tag page.Similarly, '#privacy' will be blue if you follow the #privacy tag, and '#privacy.rrrrr' will be blue if you follow that tag.As always, feedback is welcome., is there still gonna be an API? be useful precise Hubski fractal generator did all the heavy lifting, check out his generatorExtracted the controls to allow for more precision so you can get your fractal looking exactly as you want. Added color selectors so getting the colors you want is super easy. Also added ability to save your creations as an image.Enjoy! Hubski explorer woke up in a weird mood this morning. Made this web app for us to play with. I think there's a lot of cool stuff in here. Go easy on the depth of iterations, beyond 5 or 6 and it gets slow.Please share interesting finds in the comments! Update: This time it's personal begins a fairly significant experiment. doesntgolf recently commented that he would like to be able to follow tags in a user-specifc way, regardless of whether or not that user had created a personal tag for a post. That is, he could follow to get just my posts with the #music tag.We thought this was a very interesting idea, and the conversations that ensued led us to this update.Starting today, whenever you tag a post, a corresponding personal tag will be created for it. These tags can be followed or filtered just as any other tag.Here are some details:1. The personal tag is automatically generated based on the post's tag.2. Posts no longer carry a normal second tag.3. The author may now make the first community tag suggestion on their post. This replaces the second tag.4. In your profile, you can find a link to a page with all of your personal tags.5. If you have follower-alerts turned on, you will get emailed when someone follows one of your personal tags.There are a number of reasons why we thought this experiment was worthwhile, and I will be happy to discuss them below. However, not all of functionality that will likely accompany this change is in place. For example, it is likely that when you visit a tag, you will also be able to see the most popular personal tags under that tag.Of course, this is an experiment. If we find that this isn't an improvement, we will modify it, or roll things back to where we were before.As always, feedback is much appreciated!p.s. For previous posts, if there wasn't a community tag (which was >90% of those posts), the second tag was promoted to the community tag. However, the author of the post can still suggest a different community tag for their previous posts.UPDATE: Based on the feedback we received here regarding the repetitiveness of the two tags, we have since formatted them in a way that combines them. Bento off PlatinumGames' blog Hubski Stickers by kleinbl00 and insomniasexx in this post, here are a couple of hubwheel fractal designs. The background color is #3a3a3a (my favourite dark grey color), if anyone wants to use them for wallpaper purposes. Currently my favourite. Has a flower-like look to it. I made these three yesterday: Which lead to this design:And here's the text versions of these:Inspired by Escher's Sky and Land. Common Complaints from New Users introducing people to Hubski I have repeatedly run into three complaints/small annoyances. The first is that the URLs aren't "pretty". There is often a "?id=" on URLs, which only saves four characters when removed, but it's an annoying four characters. Obviously, I don't know how your systems work so I assume this is more complicated than a bunch of RewriteRules. A few past posts indicate that it's not that simple.The second is that the number of comments is far to the right of the links, tags, and so on. This doesn't bother me, I like the spacing. But it is annoying to some. I guess the way to fix this would be move it towards the other information. Maybe make the whole column thinner based on the max title length. Opinions?Finally, a live preview of how your markup will look when finished would be nice. Although editing afterwards works just about as well.Thanks for considering these. on Zen Mode've been using the zen setting for a couple weeks now and am enjoying it for the most part. One thing I noticed is that I don't have access to the mute/ignore stuff in people's profiles, which I would like to still have access to so I can still regulate my feed.If it were up to me, I would also like to still be able to view people's bios, although I can see why some would want that excluded in zen mode.And one last thought: (although I could easily do this with a line of custom css), I wouldn't mind if the "sort by" line in feed, global, and chatter were to be removed in zen mode. Simplify the interface to just use feed, chatter, and global, without the number of shares, since it's being hidden on each individual post anyways.I'd love to hear other peoples' thoughts on this, especially if they're using zen mode. I'd be curious to know how many others are using the setting. is "The Red Pill?" there, I really don't actually like doing this, but I guess it's something a little bit inevitable and I need to nip it in the bud, because what I'm talking about today is one of the shittier things to have come out of reddit and it's growing popularity among disenfranchised young men is incredibly concerning. To get in front of a criticism that I know will arise, either from members on site who I'm not familiar with or from members off site, yes, I do care, significantly about what happens to the community on Hubski. I am not always the most active, but it's a good community to be part of, and I want it to stay free from exploitative ideologies. The best way to do that is to tell everyone about The Red Pill and what it actually stands for. But first, let me further preface this little rant and mild investigation.I am an old hand at the internet. I have been on a forum since I was 11. I have interacted with hundreds if not thousands of people through forums and discussion sites, I've had my philosophies broken down and rebuilt and broken down again. I have said some absolutely fucking stupid bullshit: I once had a two page argument typed up explaining why a farming commune would obviously be superior to what we have now. I wrote that because I was 14.At no point during any of this do I want to smack a kid over the head for having a moron's viewpoint. It's part of growing up, and moving past stupid views that you had is part of becoming an adult. It's the primary separation of maturity; the ability to accept, and not just pretend to accept, the fact that you may be wrong and that your judgment may not always be the best, and then correcting yourself when given the chance. People do things because they are hurt, because they are confused, because they need to make sense of their lives when something goes amiss. A great deal of The Red Pill is made up of people who have done exactly what I have done: pursued someone who wasn't interested in them. All that happened was that they took a different path, and unfortunately the path that they took is incredibly unhealthy and downright exploitative. As a very last bit, I do not think there is anything wrong with masculinity, and "being a man" is not something that should necessarily be frowned upon. Masculinity is not manipulation, it is not exploitation of people with past traumatic experiences, and it is not hiding your feelings behind a mask of sociopathy. It is not being sexist. Boys treat women like they're children, men treat women as people. This is the Red Pill in a nutshell.. Let's get a little bit more in depth.The Red Pill is an offshoot of two things: a very broken and bitter branch of MRAs long since pushed out of even that movement, and pick up "artists." It is focused around emotional manipulation in order to fuck women who are open to emotional manipulation. It takes a perverted view of masculinity and offers it to a solution to men who are vulnerable as a way handle the world around them; that they, by swallowing "the red pill," no longer have to deal with complex relationships that can sometimes end in pain and heartbreak and can have sex with almost anyone. The subreddit shares "success stories," articles about masculinity, weekly advice, has "sponsored" (not paid, but officially endorsed) posters, and an evangelical mindset born from the idea that the members alone understand truth in a world corrupted by varying forces that all lead back to women. It loves evolutionary psychology, "biotruths," and lies that sound wonderful to anyone who has bought the bullshit. It's also, if you took the time to look through the imgur album, horrifically sexist and naive. It is also ineffective, but that evidence is conveniently ignored. It is a subreddit and a philosophy that promotes behavior that ranges from mildly good advice (get in shape, be confident) to disgusting (treat women like children) to abusive (sleep with multiple women so that she never gets to view herself as important.) Why am I talking about this here? Well, real simple. I noticed a post a few days ago, that would've normally flown past my radar until I actually clicked on the link. I was brought to [the red pill times]( This confused me greatly because I thought it was just a shitty subreddit, so I looked in to it more. I also questioned the poster if he was associated with the subreddit in the topic itself and received no answer. So I looked a little bit further. The articles were mostly some amateur journalism, which struck me as fine but really didn't fit the name. Maybe, I thought, it was an actual "red pill" reference from the Matrix. Maybe the author was trying to be dedicated to truthful journalism? Well, sure, that's possible, but it didn't explain the "Your Daily Dose of Manliness" on the page. And then I stumbled across this. Beyond that, there's more. So many more that I don't even want to list them to give the articles hits. Very few of them were posted on here, but they exist on that site and there's nothing actually stopping them from getting on hubski, ever.There are numerous reasons why The Red Pill is wrong, wrong on so many individual accounts that it's not worth anyone's time to go through and catalog them all just to trot out every time someone decides to be delusional. At it's core it is flat out ignorant of how the world operates, and it's ignorant because the world we live in is one of vast complexity. But the solution to the complexity is not to double down on a simple worldview, it's to build and grow yourself as a human being, to keep an open mind to new people and experiences. If you aren't confident, build some. Be adventurous, be brave. Go talk to someone who you wouldn't talk to, but to become a better you, it doesn't require degrading another human being. I'm not calling for a sitewide ban and I would only ever call for that if it was a clear invasion by an outside community (see what stormfront has been doing to reddit for almost a year). I'm putting information in front of people in the best way I know how. And for the love of god, if you see someone in a thread being a shitbag, tell them that they're wrong. You don't have to destroy them, but nobody learns without criticism. I'm sorry to anyone who expected a hyper vitriolic rant. I can't always be angry against a human being. Just movies.Fuck movies. Update: What's in a name? we have three modest changes to share:1) We renamed the 'ignore' function to 'filter'.In short, we feel that ‘ignore’ has negative connotations that misrepresent the purpose of the function. The intention of the function is to exclude posts from your feed based on the post’s domain, user, or tag. Of course, filter can be used to omit posts from users that you personally dislike; however, it can and should also be used to omit content that you are simply not interested in.After much discussion, we agreed that there is not a perfect word that describes the filter function. However, we do feel that the name of the function had influenced its use, and the perception of its intent. For that reason, we have opted for a more neutral term.2) We have removed the multiple editor function on posts. Simply put, users almost never added editors to their posts, and when a user did add editors, the editors did not use the function.We feel there are ways that we can better support collaboration on Hubski, and it is a goal that we are actively working on (expect a post about this soon). However, multiple post editors didn't address a current need, and if we do revive the function, it will likely be in the context of another.3) If you have created a personal tag, you can now see a count of the personal tags that you have created in your profile. This personal tag count links to a page with a summary of the personal tags that you have used. Personally, I had forgotten which personal tags I had created, and I am sure that I am not alone.Of course, feedback is always appreciated. well. Ann Arbor, MI. Chapter 4 props to veen.There may or may not have been a very subtle color reference there, by the way. Hubskina's primary export is oranges...pretty delicious, you know. PSA: Reply-alerts and comment-alerts have been combined no one sets these toggles differently, so for the sake of clarity, we are combining them.That's it.A related question:If you had to pick one feature or function to remove from Hubski, which would it be? -- some observations Are Public: News to Me! was just looking at the new Hubski Reader app and noticed it wasn't asking for my password, yet had an option to view my feed.Poked around and now I see that my feed is public as is everyone else's, even those posts I decided to "stick".I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, yeah I guess it can be derived based on my public followings on my profile. On the other, I kind of like being about to see other people's feeds to see what else there is on the site. Then again, I can just go to their profile and see what they follow.Perhaps an option to select if this is public? I might even leave my feed public if I had the option, I'm not sure yet. It's just a matter of I know other people will see this as someone looking over their shoulder at a coffee shop. It can feel a little bit too far sometimes.At the very least, my stuck items should not be on the feed unless they were going to be exactly at that place anyway. Granted, they aren't displayed as stuck, but it's pretty easy to determine what is stuck if you look at someone's feed over a moderate amount of time (even 2-3 days should be plenty). you like to know your personal moderation stats? is, would you like to see how many people ignore, mute, and/or hush you?In this case, the numbers would be visible only to you, in your profile. You could not see the stats of other users, and likewise, they could not see yours.I just added some community moderation statistics to the tmi page. The stats are drawn from the last 384 active users that have made 10 or more posts and/or comments. At this moment the global stats are: moderation (10+ posts/comments) muted by: average: 0.3 median: 0 mode: 0 ignored by: average: 1.4 median: 0 mode: 0 hushed by: average: 0.3 median: 0 mode: 0 We would like to know if this information would be helpful, or if you think it could be deleterious in some way.Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks! Reader I started working on a simple android app for Hubski. As of now, it's just a collection of RSS feeds. I'm hoping to figure out how to add hubwheels using some magic but that isn't done yet. If people are interested I wouldn't mind fleshing it out into a more full-fledged app, but I'd probably need help from a more experienced developer. It'll make it just a bit easier to access hubski on mobile.There wasn't much in the ToS about third party apps so I hope this is cool? The precedent I saw was the browser extensions like HES. I don't mean to violate any of Hubski's copyrights or anything, so if it needs to be changed in any way I can do that. Any suggestions/questions/criticism? request: it seems like tags are the main things here, somewhat similar to communities on that site which shall remain nameless. Although I've also seen a fair share of tags being used like hashtags of twitter, but majority are used as the former. In that regard, the URL for accessing tags is kinda awkward and unfriendly: "/tag?id=sometag". If it were simply "/#sometag" that'd be much better, no? Apart from being easy on the eyes it'd become easier to discover, or even just revisiting, tags more intuitively. Even better would be being able to browse multiple tags and those tags alone, so you could browse without all the other things.#categorizationIsAwesome! #optionsNeverHurt is silly Why write anything? There's no reason to anymore. Everyone and their grandmother has some form of camera. Record, upload, and everyone can see what you have to say. There are those of us, however, that find the camera to be unsatisfying. Why, you may ask. If we have the means to speak to a wide, diverse audience, how could you dislike it? When you look at a screen, you can see who is doing the talking. There is nothing left to imagination. That can be a problem for people like me. I want you to see me, not through a lens, but through these words. Envision a small room. The walls are painted a bleached yellow color. They aren't important. That's the point of bleached yellow. You don't see it. What you do see is a desk. It's small, but it seems to be serving its purpose well enough. Who is seated at that desk? He's a male, maybe in his late twenties. You feel energy flowing behind his brown eyes. Curiosity. Although he is still, you feel him moving, never losing focus for a minute. He speaks. There is a foreign accent, but it isn't distracting. You never feel like you have to wade through it to get the words coming from his mouth. Instead you compare it to an acoustic guitar. It has a unique sound, but nothing that stands out and should be payed too much attention to. Instead you listen to the notes it plays. You have an image in your head, now. This is how I want you to think of me. Did you notice the key wording there? This is how I want you to think of me. It isn't who I am. Now for the kicker. I've been lying to you. I find videos to be just as good as writing when it comes to getting the message across. But I wanted you to believe I was better than our age of technology. Our age of never missing a beat. The truth is, I am beneath it. I am afraid. Instead of the tall, dark, and handsome figure I just put before you, looking upon me would yield an image of a trembling, frightened boy, trying to be heard over the thousands of voices speaking at once. And you would see that he's failing. Some write to tell a story. Some write to tell their side. Some write to tell the facts. I write to hide. If you're into this introspective, sending-a-message style of writing, let me know. I would be happy to keep you supplied with something to think about. You can choose how to take this piece. An application to participate in conversation on Hubski. A declaration that I am a voice to be listened to. A humble offering to the grizzled veterans who want to defend this wonderful home from the squeals and screeches infecting the rest of the internet. However you choose to view this, I give you my salutations and my reguards. I hope you enjoyed. IRC? was looking around, and found that the IRC information on the tmi page is either out of date or incorrect. The mibbit link works... but it looks like 64chan doesn't exist any longer.A quick google found at least three other IRC servers used over the past few years. Is there a new one in use, or has it been left in the wind? I was hoping to ask a technical question about hubski, and IRC has always been a good place to ask quick questions without drawing attention to how dumb I can be. To Hubski? Check out this Post List for New Users list of posts for new users. I added a few more today. Check it out.Other references for new users:1. Primer Page2. Hubski Updates & More Hubski Updates.3. #suggestions & #bugski to see past conversations about suggestions and bugs. 4. #newtohubski - new users can always use this tag if they have any questions.5. Lastly, shameless self plug for anyone has any recommendations for additional posts that I may have forgotten, please throw them in the comments and I will update the list. feature request (does anyone agree with me) Would just pm this but I wanted to see if anyone else thinks my request would be helpful.Here is a screenshot. Down toward the bottom, next to blackbootz' link, there appear the words 'shared by BrainBurner [plus]3'. These words are awesome. Why? Because I can click on that '3' and see this amazing screen, one of the most helpful features hubski's got.I love being able to see exactly who has shared what. Because I know you all and your general interests, it often tells me more about the link than the title does.The feature request is: why doesn't this 'shared by username [plus]3' show up next to every post on my feed? Presumably it appears next to blackbootz' link because I'm not explicitly following the poster, domain or tags, so hubski is telling me why that post is on my feed at all. That's great, but take it a step further. I want to be able to see who has shared everything, because I don't just use that feature to figure out why something is popping up on my feed, but as another way (the main way) to curate which stuff I click on.Thoughts? I think/hope this is a pretty easy extension of existing site functionality.EDIT: I should mention that obviously I know I can access the shared-by screen by clicking on the link, but I'm looking to eliminate that extra step. Hubski Devs for the New Mobile Browser! speaks for itself. Just want to give a shout out to whoever programs the site. The mobile interface is sleek and functional. Makes my third shift so much better. Awesome! Great job!, is anyone planning on going to DEF CON this year? housemate is definitely making a trip for work, and I'm seriously considering making the flight out for it. I know we have quite a few people here who'd be interested, and insomniasexx is only a hop, skip and a jump away from it. I'd love to have a mini, hubski tech-meetup. Other tech hubskiers? mk, forwardslash, ecib and minimum_wage (? wasn't sure), and I know I'm forgetting others. If any of you know others that would be interested, please shoutout to them too.Also, Vegas. spam on Hubski like Hubski has grown enough to attract the attention of spammers who go beyond basic linking. In case of linkspam ignoring them usually was enough, but ignoring, muting and hushing the comment spammers doesn't hide their posts. Self promotion should be acceptable as long as it is relevant and contributes, posting the exact same comment on topics tagged #bitcoin, no matter how relevant the comment is to the post, shouldn't be. As Hubski grows, this will only get worse, and current self moderation options don't go far enough, especially in topics without many comments. Maybe a "report spammer" button to take care of these?User in question: living dead Days : Hubski, or what have I learned? started an account here earlier on, did a few posts, then ran back to reddit for about a year as my main input/output internet community then came back as a lurker. Over the years, Hubski has changed so much, but I see a lot of familiar users from back then. I've realized that especially anonymous forums, it's a great place to learn, test some boundaries and all that. Now it's become also a great news source, and the common mores encourages me to think that not all internet media is about command-and-control. This is a little corner of the web that allows a positive, free flow to thrive. I'm laughing in tears're killing me hahahahaha *are* bad for the community. Moderation is a frequent topic on Hubski, and new users often inquire about it. For that reason, we thought it worthwhile to clarify how moderation on Hubski works, and about the philosophy behind our approach.User moderation functions on Hubski:Moderation on Hubski is largely in the hands of its users. Currently, users have three moderation functions that customize the content that they see. These functions are: filter, mute, and hush. Filter moderates feeds, and mute and hush moderate comments.Filter: By choosing which users, tags, and/or domains to follow, users create a customized feed that represents a slice of all posts on Hubski. To fine tune their feed, users can filter any user, domain, or tag. Thus, you can follow #astronomy, but filter, in order to see all posts with the #astronomy tag that are not from primary purpose of filter is to enable you to see the posts that you want, and to hide the ones that you don't.Mute: The mute function prevents a specific user from commenting on a post that you have submitted. Thus, if you mute Oscar, Oscar cannot comment on your posts. Mute has no effect on posts that you did not submit. Muted users cannot shout-out to you.The primary purpose of mute is to prevent comment spam, and to discourage commentors that consistently detract from thoughtful discussion.Hush: The hush function sorts a specific user's comments to the bottom of comment threads. Hush only affects comment sorting on posts that you view. It does not affect comment sorting for other users.The primary purpose of hush is to diminish the impact of commentors that you do not find interesting, or that you find disruptive, on the posts that you view.Other moderation on Hubski:It is our goal to rely on individual user moderation whenever possible, and to employ top-down moderation as little as possible. Currently, there are two types of top-down moderation:Global filter: If a user is the target of a significant amount of user moderation, particularly filter, their posts may no longer appear in the global feeds. The global filter trigger is automated; however, we closely monitor the list of globally filtered users. There are a number of factors that determine whether or not a user is globally filtered, but the most significant factor is how much the user is filtered by other users of Hubski. Other aspects of that user's activity are considered, as well as the aspects of those users that interact with them. It is extremely difficult for a member of Hubski that is appreciated by even a small fraction of the community to be globally filtered. Posts from globally filtered users may be seen if you toggle show-global-filtered to 'yes' in your settings. Globally filtered users can be followed and shared as normal.The primary purpose of global filter is to remove spam from the global feed. SEO posts about vacation hotels are an example of the spam that we intend global filter to target.Direct moderation: Members of the Hubski team may specifically remove content or globally filter a user. It is our goal to do this as little as possible. Some instances where we might directly moderate are: personal information has been posted against someone's wishes, in response to the request of a valid copyright holder, or if we judge that a reasonable person could not imagine the content to be the topic of thoughtful conversation (for example, titillating images or advertisements). We may employ direct moderation in cases of clear harassment, but typically only after user moderation has failed to resolve the situation. Frequently content may qualify for direct moderation, but we may not intervene.The primary purpose of direct moderation is to remove illegal content and spam.Our moderation philosophy:Ideally, people would interact in a respectful manner, and would use Hubski as intended. However, this isn't always the case, and sometimes moderation is desirable. There is no such thing as perfect moderation, or a perfectly-moderated Hubski. At best, we can apply moderation in such a way that most users can agree that the overall result is beneficial. Our goal for moderation is that Hubski is fertile ground for thoughtful conversation. Our goal is not that everything but thoughtful conversation be removed. In fact, we strongly believe that only by allowing deviation from thoughtful conversation, can Hubski be a home for it.It is not our intent that moderation on Hubski should prevent conflict, insults, or hurt feelings. Hubski is open to anyone that has access to the internet, and conflicts and hurtful behavior will occur. Hurtful behavior is strongly discouraged, and moderation is one tool that may minimize it, however, we do not view the occurrence of hurtful behavior to be a failure, as we feel that an effort for eradication of hurtful behavior would do more harm than good to Hubski overall.If something can be the basis of a thoughtful conversation, we have no interest in applying top-down moderation to it. Users can decide if they want to avoid certain opinions or subject matter, and moderate their interactions with them.The power of not responding:When it comes to discussion, the most effective moderation tool a user has is the option not to respond. If a specific comment evokes negative emotions, it is worthwhile to examine the purpose of your planned response, and to determine whether or not your response changes Hubski for the better or worse. An unanswered deleterious comment is less detrimental to Hubski than a thoughtless exchange.I'd be happy to clarify the mechanisms above, or expand upon the rationale behind them in the comments.p.s. doesntgolf recently proposed that the user moderation functions appear with descriptions next to checkboxes in a user’s profile. This was a clear improvement that removed ambiguity, and we made this change.p.p.s. It was recently suggested by steve that a muted user should be able to PM the user that muted them, as the PM has been a means of conflict resolution in the past. We would like to hear the community’s thoughts on this. Hubski case anyone else was curious. to post on certain threads. this is a new feature but I haven't seen it before now. I cannot submit a comment to as there is no submit button under the textbox. I can submit on other threads though. Any ideas? EDIT: Ok it seems kleinbl00 has muted me. He may have a good reason for this but in the event that perhaps it was a mistake, could someone perhaps send him a quick PM with a link to this thread? If he feels my muted status was well earned then thats fine. Best of Hubski? would like you all to discuss the best posts, which people to follow and some of the most awesome discussions you have had. This will help new users find good content and not leave them thoroughly lost and confused as to what's going on.The best posts will also let users know what hubski is about. So a compilation of the best of hubski here would be really helpful.Who are the best people to follow will allow new users to get fresh content in the start from which thay can diverge. People who provide new posts, comments and are generally very active etc. can be mentioned. People who share a lot about a particular field can be mentioned(oh you love physics? Follow this guy). This will improve the experience. Thank you! many registered users are there on Hubski, anyway? and gang, are there any statistics you can make public as to how many active registered users there are on Hubski? I have no reason for asking other than mild curiosity. The place has grown a lot over the years and, after reading insomniasexx's recent post, I got to thinking what a line graph tracking new users from t0 to the present would look like. Of course, there may be good reasons for not posting the data, in which case disregard this post (with apologies). the past few days, we've had 8,888 people visit Hubski from outside referrers. since we updated the way we collect and track users, these numbers are not 100% accurate but they are still interesting nonetheless. Just take them with a grain of salt.It all started Friday morning with this listicle from Mashable:50 Websites to Waste Your Time OnThis brought in 1228 users in the first 12 hours and 2887 total. Not too interesting. Makes sense. What is interesting is what happened next! It's the phenomenon sometimes referred to as "blogspam". Mashable posts a listicle and it gets reposted EVERYWHERE. ---Next up was:TECMUNDO - Portuguese --- 50 websites para você passar o dia todo navegando --- 4446 hitsVoz Forums - Vietnamese ----50 websites giết thời gian cho anh em --- 586 hitsEngenharia e - Portuguese --- 50 sites para você perder seu tempo ---- 320 hitsetohum - Turkish ---- 10 Eğitsel Internet Adresi --- 68 - Macedonian --- СТРАНИЦИ ЗА ТРОШЕЊЕ ВРЕМЕ --- 59 hitsLojiloji - Turkish ---- Zaman Öldürmelik 50 Websitesi ---- 16 hits---Overall Stats of Referred Users: 8,888 referred users from May 2nd - May 8th.19,764 actions by those usersAverage Actions per visit: 2.22 --- (direct entry users: 8.15 actions)Average time on site: 5min 19sec --- (direct entry users: 13min55sec)Bounce rate: 67.3% --- (direct entry users: 35.38%) ---Two interesting notes:1. Each site had no problem copying the text word for word. Some even kept the same fonts, etc. But each pulled new pictures. 2. I sincerely doubt that Tecmundo actually brought in more traffic than Mashable. This may have to do with the demographics of users on Tecmundo vs Mashable. I'm guessing those on Mashable are far more likely to be using a new computer with a new browsers and having "Do Not Track" turned on (by default or by choice).Questions:1. Is Mashable affiliated with these other sites in any ways?2. Does the same thing work in reverse? Will Tecmundo write a piece and Mashable will repackage it in English? Just how does this giant recycling media machine work? Taking a page from lil's book, I would like to ask, "What can be learned?”1. I learned how prevalent this type of blatant reposting occurs online. It's a really interesting journey through how content is generated online. This is one article that were tracking through referrer links. If this same thing happens to every blog everywhere…wow!2. This makes me think of an old comment from reddit regarding blogspam: "The BEST internet is one where every single blog, website, forum, image gallery, e-commerce site, news aggregator, etc is trying to post dense, high-quality, original content. The WORST internet is one where every site is instead trying to hijack page views by re-posting content that is already available elsewhere. The PURPOSE of sites like reddit is to drill down to the interesting, original, dense content. The HOPE is that this kind of approach will spur more and better content creation and a less-cluttered internet."3. I also learned that English blogs are far less likely to post a copied Mashable article, but any other country totally will. 4. I also learned that influxes of users from blogs / news articles are seem to be far less disruptive that influxes from reddit. So, Hubski. What do you think of this? What do you make of it? Interesting? Hopeless? Amazing? Surprising? PSA: Shout-out and notification improvements might have noticed that edits of a post or comment didn't initiate or resend shout-outs to other users. The intent was so that each new edit wouldn't result in redundant notifications. However, the downside of this approach was that adding a new shout-out had no effect.Starting today, if you add a new shout-out in an edit of a post or comment, a notification will be sent to the newly added user, but not to users that had previously been shouted-out to upon submission or in previous edits.In other news, insomniasexx makes it a habit to ask new users for feedback to help get a fresh perspective on the site. In a recent round, one of our users (I don't know who, insom will have to give the credit) suggested that notifications could be sorted by type. That seemed like a good idea. On your notification page, you can now view all notifications, or those from: comments, mail, shout-outs, and posts you saved. This is still a work in progress, but the basic functionality is there.Of course, feedback is always appreciated.EDIT/example: Thanks to lil and kleinbl00 for pointing out the need for the shout-out improvement. Hubwheel Bar 2.0 know how sometimes you have a good idea or great moment of inspiration, and you get into the Flow and suddenly your dinner almost burns because you didn't notice the time passing by so fast? The result is a burnt dish shown above. Lil posted hubski's slogans yesterday and while I still like my Hubwheel Bar image, I felt inspired to make a better one, this time in sticker format. What do you guys think?lil thenewgreen Logos and Slogans So Far honour of my first 1000 days on Hubski, I compiled all the slogans and logos that have been suggested for hubski into one post. Many of them were originally here.Regarding logos, the hubwheel is the #1 logo and appears on the stickers.#2 logo is probably veen’s hubwheel bar.The slogan on this graphic is hubski: you’re invited.Hubski’s official slogan is: Hubski: a thoughtful webSuggested as a tagline by mk in jest: "Sigh, I'm on Hubski, ok?" Here are some others:katakowsj: "Hubski is an online pub with creative and thoughtful people belly-up at the bar of reason and sanity."forwardslash and me: "Some websites are just people shouting into the void. On Hubski, there is no shouting. And there is no void.”me: "Hubski, a beach on the ocean of thought.”mk: "Hubski, improving Reddit by example."mk again: "You can't fight a thoughtful web." March 28, "Hubski: where everyone knows your fake name."StJohn: "Hubski — always your first drink, but never your second." mk again: You should be sleeping, but Hubski . . ._refugee_: "Hubski. Virtual third place. Cocktails welcome."minimum_wage: Hubski: Circledots to the Clockwisebfv "Do read the comments." 317: "Share news, share knowledge, share thoughts...One dot at a time."BLOB_CASTLE: My explanation of Hubski to friends: "It's the oasis of the internet. Imagine a place with no trolls and no memes. Yes, it really does exist."supasmasha: "Hubski: the non-judgemental friend who is willing to help or just chat."and my favourite, adapted from a kleinbl00 post: Hubski: Pushing the darkness back just a little bit more.and a new one from kb found here:Hubski: It's the shit between the dots.EDIT Here's a new slogan (motto, philosophy) by veen from a discussion over here.Hubski. Civility by design.Veen said further that mottos must be in Latin, and gave us this:Hubski. in civilitate consilium.Suggested by nowaypablo from a post by kb: hubski- a good partySuggested by eightbitsamurai in the previously cited post:Hubski: A Thoughtful Web for Thoughtful Users.and yet another by veen: Eight out of ten/ Would hubski again.Suggested by am_Unition "It's almost as bad as real life, but slightly better than 4chan." from nowaypablo inspired elizabeth's post.Hubski: A thoughtful revolution of Chinese nationalists.Not necessarily a slogan -- maybe a sticker, suggested by _refugee_ and vouched for by steveReddit is my cheap and dirty entertainment. Hubski is my friends.caelum19"Hubski, your holiday home."Hubski: Just be arguewithatree inspired by rd95Hubski is a social network taken from cyberpunk: an amorphous community of people spread out all over the world." by keifermiller First 1000 Days on Hubski First 1000 Days: Highlights1000 days ago, August 10, 2011, I stumbled upon hubski. thenewgreen encouraged me to visit saying it was a cool place. At first glance, I wasn't aware of the discussions. It seemed more like a wall of links to articles primarily about technology. I was curious but didn't get it. I was not a refugee from Reddit or any other web aggregator. Any article (such as those on Reddit or the New York Times) followed by 2000 comments seemed unreadable to me. It was a lonely web. I posted my blogs from time to time to an audience of robots, some friends, and strangers. If I found a computer-related article of interest, I posted it on hubski. Then sometime early in 2012, I started posting blogs on hubski. My hit count started to climb. There were comments and discussion. Later in 2012, I was added to dvh. Sweet. My web loneliness began to evaporate into internet ether.dvh was a major highlight of my first 1000 days.Enjoying people's writing, especially poetry is another highlight. The first #todayswritingprompt was in February 2013. There have been about 20 so far and a lot of great writing. Often the prompts would arise from suggestions from other hubski posts creating a thread of continuity between people and discussions.I began to think that humans ran and participated in hubski and the Detroit meetup proved it. Another highlight. Soon after I met forwardslash in Vancouver. More humans.I enjoyed participating in tng's podcasts and various attempts at collaborative poetry and fiction. I love insomniasexx's newsletter.I must confess that other highlights occurred when hubskiers would pm me with personal problems, saying something like: "I've been reading your thoughts on life and love for the last couple of years, and would like to ask your opinion." Not only did I realize that there were real people out there, but I suspected that I might also be a real person.Often, I would write hubski with a question and I'd get great answers and support.I won't go on with highlights. There have been many. I will post my 1000 birthday present to hubski in a separate post. It is all the suggested hubski slogans that I can find, in a more or less readable format. Probably my favourite is adapted from a kleinbl00 post: Hubski: Pushing the darkness back just a little bit more. Page Reveals User-Inactive Names? you go to the community page and hover over a name at the bottom of the page, you can see how many followers the user has. I noticed that one of the most badged users inactivated their account, and showed a zero next to it. Hovering over the 0, you can see the username of the unactive account, and clicking on the zero shows the regular "[User]'s Followers" page, with no names, obviously.Not sure if this should be considered a bug, or what the policy on inactive accounts is here, but I figured I should make a note!Paging mk for input. did you hear about or find Hubski? many of you know, the Hubski team consist of mk, b_b, insomniasexx, forwardslash and myself. We are first and foremost users of the site. We dedicate what spare time we have to trying to make Hubski a unique and valuable place. That said, we are not the most sophisticated when it comes to monitoring where are users are coming from. I'm always curious how people find out about us? We do not advertise and we rarely participate in media interviews etc. We rely almost solely on word of mouth. Over the years we have had a few notable influxes of users from other aggregators and this comes from people mentioning us favorably, something we are thankful for. But how did you find Hubski? Have you ever mentioned it to a friend? I like growing via word of mouth, it's real growth, it brings in interesting people and it generally means we are doing things the right way. Thanks in advance for any insight and thanks for being here. I think we've got a good crew these days! comments / submissions and badges? is more of a question than a bug. minimum_wage submitted a comment which was badged, and later deleted it. In the thread I see the deleted placeholder, but if I click on the badge icon it shows me what the comment was prior to it being deleted.Is this the way that is supposed to function? Just curious. Did you know... (info for new users and a look back for us old-folks) Did you know that WE HAVE A Newsletter and it kicks ass. Sign up.1. Did you know that Hubski dot com is an anagram for Butch Kids Moo?2. Did you know that we have a number of content creators on Hubski, check their profiles for links to their projects: theadvancedapes, _refugee_, lil, veen, StJohn, BorgoPo, emcadwaladr and many others.3. Why do content creators post their work on Hubski? Because Personal Content is Not a Sin4. Did you know that mk predicted that Google Plus would mark the beginning of the end for Google?5. Did you know that I was born with a cleft pallet? 6. Did you know that sounds_sound introduced me to the architect Louis Khan?7. Did you know that I was once really excited for the 100,000th post on Hubski and hoped it would be an enlightening post or comment and instead it was Did you know that we have #stickers ? Like a whole crap-ton of them. PM me if you'd like some. Happy to mail them anywhere.9. Did you know that b_b is recently engaged despite having made one of my all-time favorite comments on Hubski: My own version of the 7th layer of hell would be having to get a gift registry full of esoteric kitchen items. "Look, Honey, Aunt Cuntface got us the olive boat we wanted! This will go great with our new serving platters!!!" Its one of the reasons I'm against marriage. -Good ole Aunt Cuntface. Brilliant. EDIT: to be equally vulgar to both genders feel free to use the term "Uncle Cockface" instead. 10. Did you know we have a #hubskidrinkclub and that we still need to pick a spirit for our next one? Any suggestions? What's that?... did you say "Scotch?" I heard scotch. Who would like to volunteer to lead the scotch round?11. Did you know that we have a #hubskibookclub? -What's shaking with that? Who's turn is it to lead/pick a book flagamuffin, humanodon?12. Did you know that we have a video/podcast that steve and I make? #tngpodcast -check 'em out13. Did you know that sounds_sound designed the current Hubski sticker along with many other amazing designs?14. Did you know that we have something called Discussion Via Hubski?15. Did you know that we have a PRIMER PAGE for new users?16. Did you know that the #weeklymusicthread started by flagamuffin and championed by bfv has been going for 68 weeks straight!!!? 17. Did you know that some of us Hubski users have collaborated on songs?18. Did you know that elizabeth and Aksalon are both fantastic photographers and post a weekly #photochallenge?19. Speaking of photography, have you ever been to Area 51?, well thanks to this photoessay by kleinbl00, you have now. 20. Did you know that lessismore organized a Hubski March Madness tournament in 2012 and it was a lot of fun. Pretty sure scrimetime won. 21. Did you know that you can stick to your feed?22. Did you know that once you obtain a full rotation of your hubwheel you can do more cool things on Hubski? Such as community tagging and badge giving?23. Did you know that you can shout-out to users? Watch this.... littlebirdie -hopefully that works. 24. Did you know that Hubski has quick quotes?25. Did you know that Hubski hosts magnet links?26. Did you know that you have a print view on Hubski -check out that link, it's a poem by the uber-talented mike. 27. Did you know that you can build lists -this is pretty kick ass and needs to be utilized more imo. 28. Did you know that we have different "styles" that can be accessed via your settings? Just click on your username, then on settings and check out the style options. Also, check out "Zen" -it was inspired by the always inspirational alpha0. 29. TMI30. Did you know that our mission is to be a trusted place to find, create, share and discuss the most interesting content on the web.31. Did you know that we will never compromise the integrity of the site and would rather burn it to the ground than chase page-views. 32. Did you know that we must NEVER FORGET major khaaan -the snail that bravely sacrificed his life to satisfy our whimsy. 33. Lastly, did you know that you can add a personal tag to a post by putting the @ sign after the tag? For example, this post will read hubski.thenewgreen because I tagged it hubski@. What did I forget? What should new users know about Hubski?, mute, and hush: how they work, and how you expect them to work has been brought to my attention that the 'ignore', 'mute, and 'hush' functions do not work in the way that some users expect. This is currently how they work:ignore: You do not see the ignored user's posts in your feed or the global feeds.mute: The muted user cannot comment on your posts.hush: The hushed user sorts to the bottom of comment threads that you view.Some users were under the impression that mute would prevent a user from responding to their comments anywhere on the site. Currently mute only prevents a user from commenting on your own posts. The primary reason is because we did not intend anyone but the author to have moderation capabilites on a post. For example, if ecib muted kleinbl00, I would not be aware that kleinbl00 could not respond to ecib on my posts.That being said, if these functions don't work as a significant number of users expect they should, it's worth reexamination. I'd like to hear if you think the functions are working as you expect, and whether or not you think they should be modified, and how.I can't promise that we will change them, or that everyone will agree upon an implementation, but these discussions often provide good ideas, or at the least, more clarity. Source Hubski (particularly mk and insomniasexx, as I don't know the others off the top of my head), would you ever consider releasing the Hubski source code for users to screw around with? I think it would allow for some pretty cool personal modification on the HTML + CSS side. I know we can access the visual coding right now (F12), but it's not exactly readable.Feel free to point out any downsides of releasing the source code. are you currently working on Hubski? curious to what everyone is up too. Update: More Privacy we are updating our Privacy Policy.The substantive changes to our Privacy Policy reflect one thing: We do not want to know anything about you beyond your username, your email, and what you choose to post on the site.The Hubski application and servers do not log your IP, and our Piwik analytics software (which we run on our server) masks the last three bytes (nine digits) of your IP.In addition, as your activity on Hubski (the pages you visit, the times you visit them, the browser you use, etc.) could be used to identify you, user-specific activity is deleted from our Piwik logs every 24 hours.We will not share any user-specific information (including emails, IP addresses, partial IP addresses, or user-activity) with third parties. We don't only feel that privacy is important, we believe that it adds value to the Hubski experience.As always, feedback is much appreciated.p.s. In an upcoming and related update, we will more specifically address our approach to moderation on Hubski. was wondering if we could get some updated hubski growth statistics recall seeing some numbers at some point, probably during the last big influx, of how many new users hubski had gained over the past day/week/months/whatever. Any chance of an update? Curious.Also wondering about unique pageviews over time. Update: SSL has been a long time coming, and considering the heartbleed bug, it may have been worth the wait.When you log in to Hubski, you will now be directed to for your patience!In related matters, we will soon be updating our Privacy Policy. In short, we don't want to know anything about you beyond your username and email. We will make that clear.As always, feedback is much appreciated. Hubski Experience? this from one of us? The user has a whole sting of videos with this name. Hubski Gems or What is wrong with you people?! know the feeling. You post something to Hubski and watch it slowly drop down your feed unshared.Well, here is your second chance.Find one of your favorite posts that hasn't been shared, and sell it.BTW, searching with your username is a great way to search your posts.Example: user:mk squidAlternately: it be better to have users re-enter passwords when changing them? just changed my password (I've been changing them everywhere after I heard about heartbleed), and I noticed that all I had to do here was enter the new one. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have users re-enter the password in a second form to make sure they don't leave the caps lock on or mistype it? URL query strings may have noticed that the urls in some feeds have changed recently. There are now a number of values that can be part of a URL query string that can customize a feed request. If you like, you can ignore these, but if you feel like fooling around, the values that can be part of a feed url are:author: posts by xex: posts shared by xex: comments voted by xex: image, text, video, audio, or magnet postsex: posts that x replied toex: posts with x sharesex: posts with more than x sharesex: posts with less than x sharesex: sorted by time, as opposed to activityex: can be stacked. For example:'s likely that this functionality will be further integrated into the site. However, we thought it would be interesting to get some feedback, and see what you all might be interested in doing with it.'s "Loose Ends" got me a date isn't an April Fools' thing, promise.So yesterday I got a pair of new headphones (Panasonics, because I'm an audiophile with sophisticated tastes...and a small wallet), and I decided to break them in on the bus this morning. I get the window seat and settle down for my ride to my University, and, after TURN DOWN FOR WHAT, used "Loose Ends" to get an idea for how well this pair could handle dynamic sound. What I didn't realize was how much sound actually leaked out of these 'phones, and I forgot what's considered appropriate volume for over-ears that don't cancel sound(previously had ear-buds). So bam, thenewgreen's honey-suckle voice starts up in clear listening range of most of the seats around me, including the pretty redhead that just sat next to me.She asked me who I was listening to and that she dug it, we had a conversation, and now I'm getting coffee on Thursday. Thanks TNG, you're doing God's work April Fools, hubski! (I ... hope) I really like it as an option. e.m. cadwaladr (1st piece in my Hubski Suite) minimalist piece dedicated to novelist and painter emcadwaladr. performed and recorded on masonboro island N.C. on a relatively still day. it is the first piece in the hubski suite.musiciansJared Rosenbaum James Maro Jakob Virgil experiment: My interactions days ago, veen made a provocative post called Humanizing Hubski. He presented some interesting ideas, and asked some good questions.One idea that I found particularly compelling was that previous user interactions could be better presented. As a result, I started to experiment with information that might help us better understand our relationships with each other.As many of you have already noticed, when you visit the profile of another user, you will now see a section titled "my interactions". These are my interactions when viewing insomniasexx's profile:According to Hubski: I have shared 40 of insom's posts, I have voted up 194 of insom's comments, and I have replied to 116 of insom's comments or posts.The sparkline graphs represent the last 30 days of my activity. The numbers link to pages displaying the respective activity.This is still a work in progress, as are the pages that are linked to.Your feedback is much appreciated. Personally, I already find this information interesting, but I am sure that improvements could be made.In addition, kleinbl00 and doesntgolf rightfully called out the "interested in" tag list as not very useful. As suggested, it has been swapped out for "tags used", a list of tags the user has recently used. Went to a Party was going to make this a blog post, but then I realized...yeah, people I know read that, gonna have to reign it in.To put some things into perspective - I've never drank or done any sort of recreational drug, and I don't plan on doing it any time soon. So if you are good with context clues by looking at my presence on Hubski, you'll know that I'm A) Ridiculously anti-social (or as people like to say incorrectly to feel better about themselves, "introverted", and B) I've never been to a party in my life. Well that's not entirely true, there was that time, what, Sophomore year of High School, but I don't count it because I only stayed for 15 minutes.I've been told many times that I avoid parties because I'm being purposefully contrarian - that I'm looking down on the people that have them. Yup, it's totally that, and not crippling social anxiety when it comes to people I've never met before. Nope, definitely not that.That being said, I don't really get the point. My idea of a party is 9-10 of us playing Super Smash Bros/Munchkin and eating junk food.But I decided, whatever, I'll go to this girl's birthday party because she's incredibly persistent about me going, and kinda cute. Fine, whatever.So I get to this giant house at 10PM, which is already way past my bedtime. I knock, nobody answers, so I open the door and realize the reason no one was answering was because the music was really, really loud. Way too loud for 10PM, but I digress. The girl who invited me emerges from a sea of sweaty, shot-taking bodies to greet me. She's, like, saying things, but the music playing was at the exact volume that lets you hear syllables people are making, but not enough to understand what they're saying."Hey, 8-Bit, glad you could come!" she says. "I'm not!" That's what's great about the super loud music, you can pretty much say whatever you want and everyone has to just sorta nod and smile. She introduces me to people I'm never going to see again."So this is [Interchangeable Sorority Name], [Interchangeable Sorority Name], and [Interchangeable Sorority Name]!""I have already forgotten who you are!""And this is my boyfriend, Alex!"This is going so well right now.So after that I do what I normally do in these situations, which is lean against a wall and pretty much morph into it like a shadow. This is actually usually more enjoyable than many would think, because I get to people-watch. But in this instance that wasn't really the case. The more I stood around with these people, the more I realized I had nothing in common with any of them. A bunch of wealthy white kids drinking crap-tons of alcohol. Sorority girls dropping the n-word in the most disingenuous way possible while singing to mediocre rap songs. Standing around, talking, but not really saying anything because they're wasted. I'm not really judging the way they do things. There's just such a massive disconnect, it's like I'm not even on the same planet as them. And I get it, "you need alcohol to cope with, you know, the people you love," (Simon Amstell), but it's really fascinating to me how much alcohol has to be a part of the college experience for it to be any fun. Is it something you pick up before college starts? Did I just miss that in High School because I was too busy, I dunno, doing whatever it is I did in High School?I feel like - and I'm not trying to say this to be dramatic - with all the stuff I've been through, I didn't really have a party phase. It was wrung out of me through all the responsibility I got from a relatively young age. I have to be in control 100% of the time, and that makes it difficult for me to be "in the moment." I guess that's that's what the inebriation is for. I dunno. Either way I left the party very early, and relatively upset, without really knowing why. And then I wanted to write my experience down, without really knowing why either. But yeah. I went to a party, 0/10 would not do again. Hiatus from Hubski fellow Hubskinites, As some have you may have noticed, my activity on Hubski has been scarce the past few months. There are two reasons for this. 1) Life is hectic and reading through all the articles I'd like to read I find posted here, ingesting them, and formulating through-provoking/insightful responses takes a lot of time. 2) I can't shake the notion that having great discussion here is like preaching to the choir. While Hubski is great, it removes the great thinkers from the rest of the community (a la Atlas Shrugged or Bioshock). I've since been posting thoughtful questions on Facebook to stir the pot a bit a get people thinking. I find it to be that many of the people on Facebook are too concerned with which celebrity would be their significant other, which flavor of yogurt matches their personality, or the 21 ways why something trivial is the best thing ever. I think that if we'd like to make the biggest impact on the world, we need to bring the conversation to those who need it – not just feed our own egos. If you'd like to find me on Facebook, my name is Robert Jerome Castillo. You'll find me there asking people questions which would hopefully increase awareness, mindfulness, understanding, and compassion. Peace and love, BLOB_CASTLE My roommates and I started the Church of Jerome jokingly. We have about 5 members. It's essentially Hinduism, but "Jerome" instead of "Brahman." Hubski once in a while, we have discussions here on hubski about hubski. Like Ask Hubski, Reposts and the Better Angels of our Nature, Unfollow Guilt and What Hubski can learn from old-timey forums. It's been a while since we had a discussion like that, and I've been sitting on some unanswered questions & ideas that I'd like to share and discuss. Over a week ago, kleinbl00 commented on the dehumanizing nature of reddit. It reminded me of an older comment of his and got me thinking. One of the conclusions of earlier discussions was that we should aim to make hubski even more human. It's one of the things hubski does well and what makes this community more than the sum of its parts. There's a reason the bar analogy is often used to describe hubski. I think this place should be about the people and their conversations, just like a bar. At the same time I think that with the combined knowledge that we have here, we can make hubski more human than it already is. The question then is not if, but how: how can we make hubski even more human? I've got some ideas for y'all to shoot at. They're mostly refined ideas that sprouted from earlier discussions, but they got slightly buried. In one of the posts at the top I talked with thenewgreen about ways to improve the relationship between users. We came to the conclusion that a good step to do that would be to make relationships easier to foster. When I'm discussing with someone here, I'd like to know who I'm talking to. Questions that arise then, are: who are you? How do I know you and what is our history until now? I think I have some ideas to answer those questions. Who are you?One of the ideas was to maybe introduce avatars. As much as I'd like to believe I have good memory, it happens every now and then that I forget who the people behind the usernames are. It's just not that simple to link all the conversations I have had with the right username. Avatars would help to recognize other users and make it easier to get to know users. But they are far too obtrusive to the layout, and not having an avatar makes you stand out, which shouldn't happen. Currently, you can embed images in your profile like I have. The bio does a great job at this already. Maybe we could get more people to have a visual bio by introducing something along the lines of MIT's Media Lab: an algorithm that generates a deviation of the logo based on the username sounds cool. Another idea I had was to ask people what piece of art they like best, and display that. How do I know you?I don't have a brilliant memory, so once in a while I forget who I'm talking to. Currently there's a counter that tells you how many posts someone shared of you. But I think we can do more with this. Wouldn't it be great to be able to see who that person is in relation to yourself? E.g. they joined x days earlier, they comment more or share less often than you. How many dialogues have you had. Do they share the same things you do? And those metrics are just with what we have available now. These could be visible in a hover window, like insomniasexx designed hereOf course, there is more to relations than numbers. One of the functionalities I'm missing is a quick way to see previous dialogues with others. I'd love to go read my previous conversations with someone, where ideally I could sort dialogues from oldest to newest, the other way around, by most shared and by length. You could define a dialogue as subsequent posts where person A says something, person B responds and person A responds to that. Or make it longer - ABABA - that isn't really important. This could easily be placed on someones bio so you can see the latest dialogue.What do I think of you?Ideally, I would look at someone's name and go aah, you're mk, you started this place. But often, that requires me to analyze their bio to figure out who they are, and most people don't have simple labels. Reddit has RES tags, where you can label persons anything you like. Maybe this can be implemented in the hover screen, where you could have a small field to say something about a person. A mnemonic, for me to remember who someone is. All of these ideas together might be too much, but I do think all of these can make hubski more human. I'd love to hear some thoughts though. Especially the recent influx of people: how do you think we can improve getting to know each other here? Do you recognize a lot of names already?Btw, due to time zones, I'll probably be responding tomorrow sometime. Hubski has a Wiki... only has three pages though. Hubski euphoric or full of neckbeards or anything else I need warning of? have just found your site through the whole Edward Snowden censorship posts on reddit and I must say I like the look of it.What is the community like versus reddit? alerts modification a small change...Based on feedback, we've changed the alert notification. Now your personal hubwheel turns orange when you have received a notification since you last viewed them. That is, viewing your notifications returns your hubwheel to gray.Previously, you needed to dismiss all of your notifications before it would turn gray again.Let us know how this works out for you. question about hubskis URLs guess this question is really for mk but I noticed when browsing that hubski uses a reserved character in its url for filtering the Feed page. If you want to only see posts with 2 or 3 or 7 points on the hubski wheel then you click the appropriate icon at the top. The thing is that it uses a colon ':' in the url which is normally used to denote the port number of the url. could be a chance that some browsers or mobile devices would not open the page correctly... http standards use an '&' character to divide query string parameters so something like .../feed?id=Kaius&filter=o7is how it normally works.Not a biggie, im sure it works because the browsers are smart enough to figure it out. & Old/Peeled Stickers got the stickers, thanks thenewgreen! PSA: Greater or less than feed sorting. is part of something in the works, but I thought I'd let you know about some behind-the-scenes functionality that you might find interesting/useful.If you add &filter=# to the end of your feed url where # is a number, you will get all posts in your feed with # shares. For example: Returns all posts with 3 shares in my feed.Also, this works: returns all posts with more than 3 shares in my feed. all posts with less than 3 shares in my feed.We will be applying the same to other feeds, global, tags, chatter, in time and expanding the sorting options on some pages.This is still a work in progress.UPDATE: As Kaius mentioned in a post, our first implementation using a colon could confuse some browsers. We've updated to using query strings, and I've updated the links above to reflect it. (I had to make them dead links, as the markup was choking on &, something we will have to fix.) roll call you never (or almost never) comment, drop a hello.I'm curious if we have any long time lurkers here.Of course, I realize doing so might cramp your style... call -- lurkers, everyday users and the occasional droppers by -get your stickers now have had approximately 30 people request the new stickers be sent to them. Let's double that amount. If you are interested in having me send you some Hubski stickers, just PM me your address. I plan on heading to the post on Friday. I'm happy to send them! Markup of the things that we often get feedback on is our markup. It's a custom, hacked on subset of markdown which has had, shall we say, issues. Today we made some important changes to how we deal with our markdown so we can do things like bold and italicize things willy nilly and deal with links with parentheses without bleeding all over the place.Exciting, I know.Basically, you should be able to properly nest markup as well as escape symbols such as * with a backlash (\). The changes we made should also allow us to more easily add more formatting options.Big thanks to kleinbl00 for taking time to test out the new code. If you want to know some of the more technical aspects behind the changes I made a post here. As always, feedback is welcome. Beer, Wine and Whiskey Club: First call of order -- Procure the wine some deliberation I have decided that our first foray in to the world of collective online drinking will be via wine; more specifically, red wine. I was going to suggest that we choose a varietal and a region and go from there and I was going to crowdsource the decision, but guess what... that takes way too much time/energy and therefore I'm just going to pick.For the first round of the Hubski Beer, Wine and Whiskey club we are going to choose a varietal but not a region. This is going to be a pretty general and wide open tasting. The varietal I choose is Pinot Noir. For those of you on the west coast (US) you should have some wonderful options near you. There are some fantastic Pinot's from the Carnero's and Willamette Valley regions and indeed all over the world. -My apologies to the french for pointing out US Pinot's but I think we have more people from the US here. That said, check out wines from Burgundy, which is where the grape originated.I think it is acceptable to include blends of a variety of grapes so long as Pinot Noir is the predominate one. While Pinot is grown all over the world, it can be a very difficult grape to grow well. It requires a special climate; cool and damp and often you'll find it succeeds where fog is prevalent.Prices for Pinot Noir's will range from ten to hundreds and even thousands of dollars a bottle. Because of the varietal though, you ought to be able to get a good representative bottle for less than $20, no problem at all. I had this bottle of Sean Minor Monday night and I think I paid $15 for it. -If you like bright, fruit forward wines then I would suggest trying to find this.Things we can discuss regarding the wine's we are trying:BodyRim VariationTannins/AstringencyBouquetMouthfeelLegsNose ....etc....Really, I think it will just be fun to be trying something all together. I'm going to head out to the store today and I'm going to pick out a special bottle for myself. I'll post what I get and if anyone would like to join me in the same exact bottle, that would be awesome.I would very much like cW to join us on this one as he is a wine guy, a sommelier and is one of the most passionate people I've met about the fermented grape. -But he's not a snob about it at all. I hope to enjoy the experience, have some laughs and hopefully learn a bit.Research in advance about the bottle you are going to drink would be a great idea.THE FIRST EVER HUBSKI BEER, WINE AND WHISKEY CLUB WILL CONVENE THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16th We will commence a bit later than some might be able to in order to accommodate our west coast (US) peeps.9:00pm EST.Also, while I am leading the "wine" meet up, I would love if someone took the reigns for the beer/whiskey version to come. First things first though, Let's throw back some grapes!_refugee_, mk, b_b, insomniasexx, flagamuffin, theadvancedapes, humanodon, cW, wasoxygen, zebra2, ijustcantanymore, ecib, Meriadoc, lil, cliffelam, sounds_sound, cgod, kleinbl00, elizabeth, pseydtonne, istara, steve, OftenBen, zebra2, coffeesp00ns, flagamuffin, BrainBurner, codingvagrantWho is in? Russia actually have more Hubski users than any other country? to look up on Alexa. I was a somewhat confused and intrigued by the demographics. Lack of Fear a personal thing, but I'm never even a little anxious about posting to Hubski like I am/was about reddit or a few other sites. I think this is because I don't feel the need to post every little thing here, so the articles, sites, music that I post must be clearly 'Husbki-Worthy' before I even think about posting them, if that makes sense. Rather than just being a blogspam aggregator this site definitely lives up to it's motto.Cheers to the Thoughtful Web Hubski Wine, Beer and Whiskey Club is the idea, we pick a Wine, Beer or Whiskey (Bourbon or Scotch) and we all procure it, then on a set date we all enjoy it on the same evening and give tasting notes and hang out in the Hubski IRC. We could also have a cocktail that we all make etc... the possibilities for providing reason for internet drunkenness are endless.Anyone interested? I'll do shout-outs to those I think might be interested and those that were on the recent wine post_refugee_, mk, b_b, insomniasexx, flagamuffin, theadvancedapes, humanodon, cW, wasoxygen, zebra2, ijustcantanymore, ecib, Meriadoc, lil, cliffelam, sounds_sound, cgod, and anyone else that wants to imbibe in a targeted and "thoughtful" way.What do you think, bad idea... or brilliant idea?istara, you and steve can be our designated drivers. Hubski Stickers - Who wants some? that would like a sticker, just PM me your address. We are happy to send them to you free of charge! Thank you all for your continued support.They look pretty good! A big thanks again to @soungs_sound@ for designing themI literally have a 1000 of these, so don't hesitate... even if you already have an old iteration think I'm supposed to be doing it this week, so: TAG OF THE WEEK: #birds yeah, not sure if I was supposed to be doing this this week or next week, but I'll do it and if I'm wrong I'll just delete this.This week's tag is #birds. Truthfully I was thinking of making it poetry, but minimum_wage requested it, so I figured why not?Feel free to share any bird related things you find. It could be something ornithology related. It could be music with lyrics relating to birds. It could just be an ascii art of a pigeon saying "What's up" (I guess). As long as it's a bird, it's A-ok!And the person who has the most shares here (Excluding myself if such an event occurs) gets to pick next week's tag. I think that's how this works. Hubski can learn from "old-timey" forums it's current form, it can be difficult to articulate how Hubski differentiates itself from reddit more than something like "well, it feels more like a community and we shy away from memes and low effort content". Now, I don't think Hubski should change just for the sake of being further differentiated from reddit. But - for better or worse - the format is largely the same, and I think Hubski ought to take the strong points of the reddit format and implement strong points of ye olde-style forums like and many others, where the environment was a lot more conducive to forming a community-esque feeling. I'm sure there are lots of possible ideas, but here are the four I think would have the biggest impact:1. Implement a reputation system. Higher reputation = votes count for more. Have the rep be some sort of function of followers and badges received. Have it on a scale from 1-5 or something so that those with a high reputation don't completely override others. This would dissuade people from creating additional accounts for voting purposes (obviously isn't an issue now, but could quickly become one since the site is growing quickly). It would also be less likely for rehashed content to get voted up a ton. And I have a feeling that most of the people currently here who would have a high rep will be generally more apt to share higher quality content than new users, and this might increasingly be the case as time goes on.2. Let users set a profile image. And have it so hovering over a user's name for a second or two makes the image crop up. (This was discussed a bit a few days back in the Unfollow Guilt thread.) Would be really great for fostering more personal connections and recognizing users. Also, if clicking on a user's name led first to a popup similar to the markup popup, rather than directly to that user's profile page, I'd be a lot more likely to click their name to learn about them, since I wouldn't have to leave the comment page.3. Have all posts be "self-posts". I'd be interested in hearing what others think about this. I think it would be more conducive to getting good discussion going. It's really a strong point of older forums that new posts are created not around individual links, but individual topics. It can also typically be seen on Hubski that self-posts have more activity than non-text posts. (I'm using the reddit definition of the term "self-posts": posts that don't go directly to a link, but to the comment section.) If someone wants to specifically share one link, they can have their post specifically just be their link in the textarea. This would also encourage this hypothetical user to give a bit of background or introduction or snippet from the link.4. New user limits. The other day, mk made it so that users that haven't completed a hubwheel can only send a single PM every 10 minutes, which I think is great. Similarly, I think it'd be great if new users couldn't submit a new post until they've commented 10 (or 25 or some other amount) of times. This would go a long way toward preventing spam posts or product promotion from users who are here only to promote their own product (or their company's product, or whatever), and not actually participate. I think HN might have a feature along these lines.I think Hubski's in a very unique place to be able to try to capture the spirit of older forums more conducive (I need to find a different word) to community and discussion, but in a better format like that of reddit and HN. These are obviously all just ideas, and I'd love to hear what others have to say about this subject. TAG: grrlski ad-hoc hubski women's collective has created a new tag: grrlski. Please see it as an invitation/shout-out to women on hubski to share ideas around a post or article. Everyone's welcome and we don't know or care what genderski you are... but we know who we are.The first post so-labelled was this one originally posted by minimum_wage. do we report spam? I've never encountered it on Hubski before now. IRC - What Was It Like? said, "It's like hubski, only faster."There we were: at least 5 bots with names like trenchfoot or trenchmouth and about 10 of the distributed hubski community - from B.C., NC, NY state, Maryland, Boston, Colorado, Florida, and Michigan - writing more or less simultaneously about topics including beer, music, tequila, bitcoin, snow (2" and fluffy), technology, sleep apnea, ADD, robots, salt, Belarus, Poland, the Netherlands, and one another.At one point mk challenged everyone to fill in Yossarian's Flash Fiction Challenge - so if you see a bunch of activity there, all around the same time, that's why.Was it silly? Yes, very silly. Even laugh-out-loud funny at some points. Did I learn anything? I'll just say (quoting kleinbl00), the darkness was pushed back a little more., b_b, insom, thenewgreen and forwardslash to be on Hubski IRC around 11pm EST., minimum_wage posted about the new Hubski IRC. We have our team call tonight at 10pm and should be done around 11pm and we will all jump on IRC around then.Hope to see some of you there. Hubski IRC so the former #hubski channel on is becoming unusable. the channel spontaneously unregistered and can't be reregistered, so nobody has channel operator, and the server admins have apparently abandoned the network, so we can't get assistance there. even if we could get control of the channel back, it seems like a bad idea to maintain a channel on a dying a new #hubski channel has been created on and i believe it will be more reliable. the server admins are active and explicitly supportive of our channel. the network itself is founded around a fairly new imageboard site, but the associated community has been around for years and i can guarantee the servers will be cared for well into the;dr: hubski multiplayer notepad is now at irc:// so come idle's New User Experience: Primer Page Evening Hubski.Recently, we've heard comments about the new user experience and how it might be improved.Today, we have added a page in response to those comments. It covers the basics and will hopefully aid new users in understanding what Hubski is, what makes Hubski different, and some of the unique features that can be found on Hubski.Feel free to share this page with people that you think would be a great fit for Hubski.As always, feedback is appreciated.Enjoy! Buddies, everyone! This is an idea I've been thinking about since I first joined this site a few months ago. This post, however, was sparked by my recent contribution of Salt Man, particularly the interest thenewgreen, elizabeth, and others showed in it.New users to Hubski - like uh_oh right now - often find the site hard to navigate and even harder to find their way into the community. I've seen the friends at a bar metaphor thrown around several times. It's a lovely characterization of the community atmosphere here. And it's gotten me thinking about a friend system where older users make it a priority to get to know new members by following them, giving them feedback, and generally showing them around the place.It's likely that some want to log on, enjoy their drink, and not be bothered. That's how I was at first, but I'm sure there are other lurkers who'd love to commit more time if they knew they'd be considered seriously. On the other side, there are several of you who seem to have a gift for introducing and making people at ease.It's just an idea, but I'd like to know your opinions on it. guilt other day, ecib and I were having a conversation about following and unfollowing on Hubski. He made the point that 'unfollowing' someone can be a bit uncomfortable at times, because it might be considered to be a negative opinion towards that user.IMO it is important that people feel the freedom to curate their feed based upon content rather than user relationships. For that reason, I see how displaying user relationships could be problematic.ecib suggested that we make following anonymous; in that case, you can see the number of people that follow you, but you cannot see their names.Personally, I think this might be going too far, as someone that starts following you might be someone that you would like to follow in turn. In addition, I think people (especially new users), might be reasonably suspicious about follower numbers that cannot be verified. Furthermore, it might be argued that high-lighting user relationships improves the discourse we have here, as it stresses the connectivity between users; however, I am not sure if this is true or not.After thinking on it, I suggested to ecib that one solution would be to drop the follow color (green) and the co-follower color (blue-green), and only highlight the users that you follow (blue). Although this wouldn't completely alleviate 'unfollow guilt', it would make unfollowing much less obvious, and people might feel more free to do it.I'm interested to hear everyone else's thoughts are on the issue. Update: Hush and fare thee well recently posted about making comment sorting user-specific.Post I, Post IIThanks to your feedback, we settled upon one idea which will begin the experiment of custom comment sorting on Hubski.Starting today, you can select to 'hush' another user. Hushing a user will sort that user's comments to the bottom of a thread that you are viewing. In essence, a hushed user's comments fall more quickly to the bottom of a thread.Hushing is anonymous. No one knows who has hushed them. Hushing only affects comment threads viewed by you. Your hushing does not affect other users. You can hush a user on their profile page. You can view the users you hush in your settings page.The hush function is an experiment. Let us know how it works out for you.The second part of today's update regards account inactivation. I occasionally get requests for account deletion. Oddly, most of these requests come from users with little or no data.At the bottom of your settings page, you will now find a link for account inactivation. Inactivating your account is permanent. When you inactivate your account, your profile can no longer be viewed, and in posts and comments, your username is replaced with the text 'user-inactivated'. Your email is also removed from our data when you inactivate.Posts and comments are not deleted by account activation, only your attribution is removed. If you want to remove a specific post or comment from Hubski, please do so before inactivating your account. We do not have bulk deletion of posts or comments, however there is no timeout for their deletion.You cannot retrieve an inactivated username. Previously used usernames are no longer available. Only inactivate if you are certain that you want to. It's a one-way trip.As always feedback is much appreciated!'s Do The Time Warp Again PSA: user-specific search is the best Hubski search night I made some changes that increased the depth of our search, particularly user-specific search. For example, if you want to see all my posts and comments where I mentioned elephants, you would enter: user:mk elephants Apparently, I've mentioned elephants twice prior to this post. If you did the search, you might also notice that I mentioned them in a post 970 days ago; user-specific search now covers the whole of our post data.As explained by forwardslash, we have plans to significantly change our architecture which will improve search even more. However, I thought this improvement was worth mentioning.Also, tag pages pull from all Hubski posts as well. You can see my elephants post near the bottom of the #biology feed. hubski works and how we plan to make it better the spirit of New Year we thought it was a good idea to give a little insight into how hubski works and what our plans for the technical future of hubski are.First a little history of hubski's codebase. As mk said in his State Of Hubski we started out as a clone of Hacker News which is written in Arc Lisp, Paul Graham's experimental lisp dialect. HN is a rather focused side-project with design and code decisions made for specific ends for the hacker community pg wants to see: from the text-centric, process-list-esque design to a highly simplified markdown implementation. This is the what hubski has been built on, or hacked on in some cases.One of the main issues that comes from this is that very few other people actively work on or with Arc. There are very few libraries written in arc so that means if we want to interface with most other software we need to write our own client library. The other option is to just code it ourselves, but most of what we write would pale in comparison to other software which have had a ton of time put into them by brilliant communities.How things work currentlyWhen you first connect to hubski you hit nginx which handles much of our static content as well as cached content. If you aren't logged in nginx will check a redis server to see if that url has been cached, otherwise it passes it on to the application which is a monolithic app which handles everything.All of our data is stored in files each of which is just an s-expressions What the app does is it loads some to all of the posts and comments into memory in a hashtable. At the point we're at now we can't load the entirety of our data into memory due to issues with RAM size and expensive function calls. A lot of functions - such as detecting duplicate posts when submitting, searching, or retrieving feeds - are basically map calls across this entire working set. In addition to this our working set is a bit of a memory leak because it doesn't have a way to manage its size so it just keeps growing until the we reset the app (which we do fairly often).Plans for the futureThere are a lot of things that we would like to do - things that have been asked for by the community. Ideally we would have a system setup that automatically scales to deal with traffic and that makes adding services and features in any language relatively simple.One of the first steps is going to be to give hubski a proper database. Separating the database from the hubski app will be a big step towards being able to add other services. As an example this will allow us to more easily integrate mature search solutions to hubski such as Elasticsearch or Solr Right now every post has a list of words which search as its search text and we map through our working set. This of course limits us to search through only what we can store in memory which is unfortunate.The next step will be to make hubski horizontally scalable, i.e. allow us to run multiple copies of hubski and load balance between them. One of the things that this will allow us to do is run different versions of hubski at the same (like have a beta version that beta testers can use).What this all meansHopefully this will give some idea of the hurdles we face when developing hubski. The ultimate goal of our work will be to make hubski's code into as much of a fertile soil as hubski is. My dream is this:1. Have hubski run and scale on its own while having the ability to add functions and services on the fly with a plug-and-play simplicity.2. Have a development environment which can be set up in a short amount of time so open source developers can help develop hubski or just hack away on their own.3. Have an nice RESTful API for people who want to build things with and for hubski.There will be a lot of questions to answer along the way such as what is an appropriate API policy to allow people to be creative (and we have a very creative community) while maintaining a long-term healthy relationship with people who choose to use it and what parts of hubski would we want to open source with what license. At the end of it all I do think that we will be in a much better place. Even for those of you who have no interest in the technical details behind hubski we will, for instance, be able to better respond to your feedback.I'm excited for the future of hubski and I keep this goal in mind whenever I'm working. We have a lot of potential as a community and I firmly believe this will give us a firm foundation. Book Club: Blood Meridian: Discussion 2, StJohn, DiamondLou86, AnSionnachRua, _refugee_, minimum_wage, flagamuffin, fuffle, b_b, hugitout, JakobVirgil, zebra2, AdSeriatim, mk, thenewgreen, SufficientGrace, ecib, kleinbl00, cliffelam, hootsbox, lil, rezzeJ, cgod, blackbootz, onehunna, AshShields, BLOB_CASTLE, insomniasexx, kuli, cowboyhaze, louderwords, Floatbox, maynard, hiss, NikolaiFyodorov, Meriadoc, wasoxygen, BlackBird, jayfixkleenit, crimsonlight, Kaius, spearhard @eightbitsamurai@, @StJohn@, @DiamondLou86@, @AnSionnachRua@, @_refugee_@, @minimum_wage@, @flagamuffin@, @fuffle@, @b_b@, @hugitout@, @JakobVirgil@, @zebra2@, @AdSeriatim@, @mk@, @thenewgreen@, @SufficientGrace@, @ecib@, @kleinbl00@, @cliffelam@, @hootsbox@, @lil@, @rezzeJ@, @cgod@, @blackbootz@, @onehunna@, @AshShields@, @BLOB_CASTLE@, @insomniasexx@, @kuli@, @cowboyhaze@, @louderwords@, @Floatbox@, @maynard@, @hiss@, @NikolaiFyodorov@, @Meriadoc@, @wasoxygen@, @BlackBird@, @jayfixkleenit@, @crimsonlight@, @Kaius@, @spearhard@ Good evening, all!I know we're a week late, but here's the second discussion of week two. Unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up, despite this being one of the best books I read in 2013 (last year!)I hope you all enjoyed it! I don't have the list of who leads the club next, but if you're one of them and want to lead this round, come forward in the comments as well! surrounding circles - part II second part of my blog post inspired by the hubski logo! comment sorting: a Hubski functionality in the making [part II] weeks ago, I posted an idea about how we might introduce custom sorting of comments.The general idea was that users could anonymously and individually rate other users as 'poor' 'neutral' or 'good' in regards to their comments. As a result the ratings would customize the comment sort for a user based on his/her ratings.After some more discussion, it became clear that the most useful signal for influencing the comment sort was if a user's comments were considered to be 'poor'; It is much easier to draw a distinction between a 'neutral' or 'poor' commenter than it is between a 'neutral' and 'good' commenter', as a result, the signal is more reliable.The point was also raised that rating users could become taxing, and this could make the effect less useful.For these reason's our thinking on the issue has evolved, and so has the possible implementation.Here is the current scheme:In addition to being able to 'ignore' or 'mute' a user, you can 'hush' them. 'Hushing' a user increases the rate at which that user's comments fall to the bottom of a thread. Thus, all things being equal (time and votes), comments from users that you have hushed will be found at the bottom of comment threads.Hushing a user will only effect your comment sort, not the sort for other users.It is possible that the amount that a particular user is hushed could serve as a signal for some sort of global bias. However, generally speaking, that is not an approach that we prefer to take. Instead of applying community signals to top-down moderation, we prefer to allow individual moderation to lead to global effects. For example, if many users ignore a specific user, that user's posts are less likely to be shared and seen by the rest of the community without need for top-down moderation. Hushing keeps with this approach. If a significant number of users hush a specific user, that user's comments are less likely to be voted-up, or responded to, as a result, the effect of hushing can alter the comment sort across the entire community.Another reason why this implementation seems preferable to the one originally suggested, is that it is functionally similar to 'ignore' and 'mute', and would be both easier to implement and to explain.Your thoughts are much appreciated. State of Hubski: 2013 is the third time I have written this post. Here are the two previous: SoH11 SoH12Going by pub ids, the first State of Husbki was after 12431 posts, and the second was after 41509 more posts. As this post's id is 125341, we've had 83832 posts since the last. If our growth rate holds, that suggests the next State of Hubski post should be around id 295000.But, whether the SoH14 post id is 150000 or 1500000, I'll be here writing it.Back in 2011, when I downloaded news.arc and booted up a clone of Hacker News, it was not my intention to build the next big thing. I had two goals: 1) to teach myself a language other than FORTRAN, and 2) to create a place that I wanted to exist. The first goal was for my benefit, the second goal had something to do with you.Hubski is not about being a better aggregator. Contrary to popular opinion, Hubski is not about getting right what Reddit gets wrong. Hubski is not the next generation of social media.Hubski is about good conversations over thought-provoking content.We do not lack for information. However, despite the technical possibilities, we do suffer from a paucity of places where intelligent people can get together and synthesize this world about us. There is no reason we should only watch and listen.Most of you that have found your way here know why Hubski exists.In our effort to adapt and improve the site, we don't always get things right. However, we know what our goal is. That will not change.This year has been a good one. We have gained many new members that have had a positive influence on the site, and are still graced by many of the old cast that continue to make Hubski the unique place it is. I count many of you as my friends. We had a couple of really great Hubski meetups in 2013, and plans are being made for more in 2014. (BTW b_b and I will likely be in Rotterdam in early May.)This year forwardslash and insomniasexx joined the Hubski team! It might not be readily apparent, but running this site takes a significant amount of time and effort. Not only have forwardslash and insomniasexx brought invaluable energy and ability to Hubski, but the fact that they 'get it' goes a long way to ensure that we continue to work towards our goal. (They are also extremely fun to be around.) I must also say that we all should thank thenewgreen. The energy and passion that he has given to Hubski has more to do with where are now than any other factor.We have some interesting things planned for this coming year, some of which we will start discussing soon.Thanks for being part of Hubski in 2013. The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2013.Happy New Year, Hubski!p.s. I initially drafted this post with a bunch of shout-outs, but it started getting ridiculous. Happy New Year to each and every one of you!p.p.s. If you haven't already, check out the Best of Hubski: 2013. Written New Year surrounding circles blog post was inspired by the Hubski logo RSS really isn't RSS was adding hubski's rss feed to my feeds aggregator and I found it is not RSS formatted.CC: mk Sunday: How are you thoughtful?'ve spent the last long week in Hong Kong. While I was there I managed to read _refugee_'s post on reposts and the better angels of our nature before my phone completely died. It, and kleinbl00's post in particular has been running around my head since. Especially this part:Lately? "Here are my completely groundless and unexamined thoughts on a subject I barely understand, reward me."It fueled a worry every content creator must have at some time. What if I don't know what the hell I'm talking about? People voting because 'here, have an upvote'. How could I achieve that which is praised here so often, that state of thoughtfullness? So I responded to bl00's post. But as he noted, it's now buried in a week old post and it's a topic that deserves more discussion. As late to the party as the sunrise.How can you be thoughtful? It's a question that should be central to hubski's functioning, as much of the decisions and discussions are about promoting thoughtful, interesting posts. Yet what that is seems undefined, no more than a feeling comprised of keywords like interesting and inspiring. Kleinbl00 noted that it's about gaining perspective, which is a great approach but I doubt that it's the only way or opinion on this matter. What are your thoughts, hubski? tag suggestion'm a big fan of the personalized tags (i.e., but I think the implementation could be just a little bit better. Right now, if I want people to be able to follow all of my #linux posts, I have to tag posts as both #linux and #linux.doesntgolf, and people would have to follow #linux.doesntgolf. I think it'd make a lot more sense if I just tag everything as I normally would (without the personalized stuff), and someone that wants to follow all of my #music posts but not all #music posts can just follow #music.doesntgolf (or whatever other format might be put in place).Any other thoughts on this? comment sorting: a Hubski functionality in the making basic philosophy underlying user-specific feeds on Hubski is that common pages often suffer from group dynamics as they become increasingly popular. That is not to say that everything about community spaces is bad and should be avoided (tags create community spaces), but they bring significant challenges, and can lead to a lowest-common-denominator effect.Feeds are customizable and individualized on Hubski. Comments are not, with one exception; currently, if you ignore or mute a user, their comments will tend to sort to the bottom of a thread when you are viewing that thread.As Hubski grows, the shared space of comments may be strained. Easily accessible comments may accrue more votes than more thoughtful comments, and a lack of customization might result in less interesting comment sections overall.We are considering an experiment that would bring individual customization to comments. Here is the general idea:When viewing a user's profile, you will see a simple rating device, with settings that represent: 'poor', 'neutral', and 'good'. The neutral setting is selected by default. You can opt to change the setting to 'poor' or 'good' if you like.Selecting 'poor' will tend to sort that user's comments to the bottom of a thread. Selecting 'good' will tend to sort that user's comments to the top of a thread.Rating would be individualized, and anonymous. For example, I would not know how insomniasexx rated me, and how she rated me would affect her comment sort alone.This is the seed of an idea, so we decided to share it with you, and to get some feedback before we ran a trial of it. It's likely that some alternate implementation might be even more useful or interesting.Your thoughts are appreciated. Mobile Beta know that using hubski on a small screen can be a pain and we've had a number of people ask for mobile apps or mobile versions of the site. I have personally spent a lot of time (mostly in class) fumbling around with hubski on my phone and before I joined hubski was working on an Android app. In order to give as many users as possible a pleasant mobile experience we have been working on a mobile version of the site. As it stands it has most of the functionality of hubski in a format which is much better suited to small screens. It can be accessed from or by clicking the mobile link at the bottom of the page.We would love to get feedback from everyone on hubski mobile as we continue to develop the site as we only have so many mobile devices to test on., what's next on the interrnet? searched the #askhubski archive, and didn't see anything quite like this. Funnily enough, when I was searching for the thread that inspired this, I came across @advancedapes@'s latest post about the future of the internet, but that's not the "future" that I'm looking at.As a migrator from Reddit a few months ago, and someone who has dabbled in the .onion network, Hubski was a great "what's next" for me, with its high level of informed discussion and opinion. At one time, Reddit was "what's next" for me, after things like billboards. Now, things like Twitter, reddit, and (positively or negatively) 4chan are becoming more and more mainstream.So my question is, Hubski, What's next? what is the next "lesser-trodden" area of the internet that you're heading towards? What is the next application or social media or community that is attracting early adopters?I'm particularly interested in answers from people like kleinbl00. While I have never met them personally, their arguments and interactions in the "Ask Hubski, Reposts, and the Better Angels of our Nature" thread left me with the impression that they are the kind of person who is continually attempting to outrun the Eternal September that started in the early 1990s. Where are you going now, if waves of people like me are starting to drive you away from Hubski and other places like it?I've never seen early adoption in action, and I think it would be at least be interesting to see it, or try it, even if I find it's not for me. it, Hubski. friends, acquaintances, and strangers,I haven't been here for a week or two now; I just can't. It is so difficult and so frustrating to me. I feel this way because I love this place, and I love you people, even the ones who may hate me. I love hubski because it has the nuances of a true community where ideas can be offered and received, and for the most part neither end is done blindly, ignorantly, or in a narrow-minded way. But it's feeling very exhausting to stick around. There has been a lot of conversation and a lot of complaining. I think it's easy to complain, as I am doing now. But I'd like to address some directed towards me recently here, without taking things personally, I'm just making myself clear.kleinbl00, _refugee_, I feel that posts like my vague questions aren't intended to break ground or create original thought, I am simply offering a prompt, whether its been offered before or not, for people to share, and perhaps offer something for other people to learn from. I want to listen and respond. So, if my question is exactly the same (as it has been) or similar (as it has been) to one from the past, I apologize but it's not like I'm stealing from a previous poster-- it's a discussion, not OC. However, I absolutely agree- and in ignorance did not recognize- that one should absolutely make effort to credit previous posts of a similar nature. But there are things that we can benefit from being asked every single day! I'll be damned if every morning you ask me who i am I won't give you a different answer, ever so slightly. Although I'd probably be really pissed that you're asking me questions like that before i've gotten my coffee. My point is, and I think this will especially fall in line with kleinbl00's frustrations: If you want to make the 'share' more valuable, make the sharers more reliable in taste, and ensure quality in posts-- you need to let it happen. You need to allow a natural growth, flow, and progression (even if it's regression! don't be afraid to step back, we have nowhere to rush!) because there is no fighting father time. the userbase will fluctuate, grow, spill over the top and maybe be too big to control at some point. Good. It might be everything you hate. Good. This is not my Hubski, nor yours, nor ours. It is its own, and it quite surely will develop on its own. Just post what you think is good, and talk about it with others. That's it.Okay. Necessary disclaimer at this point. I am making no effort to be logical, rational, reasonable, just, fair, or factual, as I believe discussions, shared content and OC should be when appropriate. I'm speaking from impulse, feeling, and emotion. So i could be wrong, and I'm more than willing to be told that. I may be one of the new kids here, but I don't feel i am of the "here's my opinion shut up" hivemind, and to be honest I really don't see it much here at all.I want to go back to the idea of why I'm sporadically absent. Sure, it's mostly because busy, but that's not what I'm talking about. When I go on Hubski and I see these rich walls of text and mile-long threads on my feed, I'm overjoyed, and hungry for it. But I just feel so tired reading it all. It's often unbearable to type out all the thoughts and reactions to things people contribute. It's often impossible to deal with the rainbow of personality types and mentalities that flow in and out of the community. Hubski is small, but only relative to the websites that are big. Honestly, there are a lot of people here. There is no reason to expect them to be all right, similar, interesting, or attractive. That said, there is no reason to expect them to not be any of these. I don't really know what I'm talking about. As my energy simmers down to a sleepy halt, I think we need to just appreciate everything, even the bad things. And come around once in a while, do what you want, take a break, and come back again. Just loooove, maan..edit: I'm not offended by people pointing out things about myself and the rest of the community, i guess it sounded that way but im not taknig any of it personally! Best of 2013 continued.... enjoyed this post Vi Hart on Google+/Youtube Integration: by mk and the conversation between jaggs, mk and cgod was interesting/amusing as well: users come over and I write the "Better Angels" post -some nice discussion: Employee by thundara: -I enjoyed this read:, You're Not Entitled to Your Opinion by NikolaiFyodorov -good read, nice conversation: Year I Started a Cult by kleinbl00 -One hell of a comment: on the term hipsters: Snowden's Half Baked Revolution by kleinbl00: Live in a Surveillance State by mk: Self Help Books Helpful by lil and a nice conversation with SufficientGrace and others Stardust -bolded because it is an amazing post from a Hubski user that stopped by for only a short period but made a strong impact on me. andralisa, I hope you are doing well.The Seven Step Hangover Cure by cW's comment on minimum_wage's post: The Democratization of Architecture: to share my cancer experience by mike: Baby! by StJohn: songs for fuffle's mom:, and by NewMonyaSquatting by Lu -How'd that project go by the way? by forwardslash -the coming of Hubski mobile: pen-pals by BLOB_CASTLE -fun project that lives on: Population Bomb by theadvancedapes: am a vigilante by cgod: do you generate ideas and keep track of them by humanodon with some great comments from cwenham, specialk16, fuffle and rjw. Good one: Restaurant at the Start of the Universe by kleinbl00 -A very enjoyable readI saw a car accident and I stopped -by me, but some really nice comments: truth about women in combat, posted by winston and with some great comments from kleinbl00, MattholomewCup, flagamuffin, b_b, vlehto etc. -Good stuff. designs a new sticker:'s Ominous Prophecy posted by NotPhil, the dark side by lil, with some notable comments from JTHipster, wiffleaxe, wrenauld, wilson, AlderaanDuran and others. will the future think of us? by khaaan Dualism Program: Part 1 a Historical Primer by b_b with a nice discussion between him and Saouka are you doing with your life, why and how do you feel about it? by isla_es with some great responses from Owl, AlderaanDuran, shoe77, ButterflyEffect, teenagewangst, dupurz etc... graph of Hubski by rozap: honey from the new hive by briandmyers with a great comment from one of my all time favorite hubskiers that needs to come back and say "hi" to us... littlebirdie: choices are just me scrolling through the badges and picking out some that are memorable to me. There is no doubt that I've missed some of my favorites. If only had more hours to dedicate to this. It's REALLY fun going through old posts and seeing where new people entered the community and where you were first introduced to users that have now become friends and acquaintances. Cool stuff!'s best of 2013! Had to cut myself off. Very enjoyable hour looking back. the Voynich Code, from ooli.What Happened on the Flight from Dallas, from insomniasexx.24 Books You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Will Change Your Life, from kleinbl00.Spengler's Ominous Prophecy, from NotPhil.Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part 2, from Butterfly Effect.Comments:Pictures of my vacation, by JakobVirgil.He's So Who, by littlebirdie.The year I started a cult, by kleinbloo.Myth Aborning, a letter from a deceased friend, by thenewgreen.Public Art, by littlebirdie.My favorite discussions:On abstaining from the voteOn women in combat is this? Who did this? of Hubski 2013: Your Help Needed Hubskiers,We are going to put together the best content posted to Hubski in the last year and we need your help! Next Monday, December 16th, at 9am PST we are going to post 4 different categories for you to submit and vote on:1. Best Posts2. Best Discussions / Debates3. Best Comments4. Best comment that, when taken out of context, is even better.Get your searching hats on, go through old posts and comments, and try to find the most amazing stuff of the year.We will let the voting continue for a week and then put together a page containing the Best of 2013 in the final week of December. We realize we may need to do a final round of voting using another system before then. We will play it by ear. :)We would also like to invite you to make your own #bestof2013 posts throughout the remainder of this month. They can be your own best comments ( cough narcissist cough ) or the best content from your blog or favorite site. They can be insightful, weird, thoughtful, outrageous, or anything in between. Remember, you can now use post lists to collect all your Best Of's!Have fun with it and we look forward to remembering and rediscovering the very best of the best. Thank you!fuffle kleinbl00 forwardslash humanodon wasoxygen lil BorgoPo AlderaanDuran theadvancedapes mk alpha0 elizabeth ecib _refugee_ bfv AshShields nowaypablo eightbitsamurai thenewgreen insomniasexx flagamuffin BLOB_CASTLE cW sounds_sound cgod ButterflyEffect mike veen b_b NotPhil caio steve JakobVirgil JTHipster Saydrah onehunna white briandmyers OftenBen mpoe beezneez iammyownrushmore ms626 redsox44344 dead5 Mindwolf C4SS psulli scrimetime fr33lunch q- Complexity zonk ooli louderwords delta mknod coffeesp00ns Cortez Kafke Meriadoc BlackBird AdSeriatim Pseudocrat Lists: a work in progress other day, I had the idea that it might be useful to be able to build lists of posts and/or comments.Starting today, you can build a list of posts and comments, by listing their pub ids in the url as such:,121323,121447,1,1133,5584,8...Here is this very post listed 3 times:,121928,121928I am sure that we could improve the ease of building lists, and the ease of sharing them. However, before we went too far down this road, I'd love to hear any ideas that you might have about what we might do with this functionality. Badge and Notifications indicator?, my circle of dots has been completed, but instead of having a Badge, the website tells me I have a notification. When I click on, it says "no new notifications" and there's no way for me to clear that pseudo-notification. My badge still says x0, but when I click on my profile I get told the following:badges: 0badges given: 0 of 1Assuming it didn't disappear mysteriously, I never have received it in the first place. Weird bug or am I being dumb? I demand my badge! :P be on Hubski IRC for the next 30 minutes to answer questions about mk's personal life of the "new link problem" on HackerNews Hubski Meetup??'ll be in California at the end of the month, from Christmas eve through the first few days of the new year. Anyone want to do a meetup around San Francisco or the general Bay Area? I'm not even sure if there are many California hubskiers outside insomniasexx and kleinbl00 down in LA. Orange notification circle, but no notifications I cleared my last notification by clicking "dismiss" and the circle stayed orange. I've had the notifications in there for a week or so, but I don't think thats the problem.Edit: Clicking "dismiss all notifications" returns it back to the regular color. a HN clone in Rails'm a long-time arc user, but I've been playing with this a little and it really is quite a nice alternative. One big advantage: it comes with email notifications out of the box, which I know mk had to slog to build out here on hubski. reddit + bittorrent you know that there is an unofficial Hubski IRC? runs it.I'll be there hanging out till about 1:15am EST. Swing by. Hubski genetic algorithm car challenge. posted this HTML5 genetic algorithm car program two days ago. It's awfully addictive.In that post, cgod then suggested using the seed 'hubski' for the world generation.I've run it over night, and seem to have topped out at 180.52 d:175.78 h:-0.36/8.19m (gen 758).elizabeth suggested we have a contest, and I think it's a great idea. If only because I want to get pass 180.52m.Using the seed 'hubski', the person that gets a car the farthest distance by Tuesday Nov 26, 12PM EST (with a screen capture), gets a Hubski t-shirt.Unless of course, that person is me. :)Bring it.UPDATE: The track must be fixed, and your screenshot must include the track graph.UPDATE 2: With a distance of 1865.85, mike wins the challenge!'m actually impressed. Average comment length in hubski is greater than the average comment length of reddit.'s going by subreddit (sorted by highest words per comment and characters per word). The TMI page does count by words, right?Nonetheless, I'm very impressed. Also, it appears I'm the wordiest commenter of the last 200 comments :P sorting user relationships do not play a role in comment sorting. However, we plan to change that in the next couple of days. Specifically, if you ignore or mute a user, their comments will sort towards the bottom of a comment thread. This seems a reasonable mechanism, based on clear and specific user input.However, we have been discussing another method of comment sorting, and I thought it would be worth getting your thoughts: The idea is that if you follow someone, they might sort a bit higher than normal in comment threads that you view.The rationale is that as Hubski grows, it might be nice to preferentially see those folk that you actively rely upon for content. I wouldn't want to make it a strong bias if we did implement it, perhaps give those comments the added weight of one extra share.The obvious downside argument is the creation of an echo chamber. Of course all the comments will still be there, however, the top ones are probably the most read, and any sorting bias might make the conversation a tad more insular.At any rate, I am not married to the idea, but I could see it becoming useful if the average number of comments grows substantially.I've been thinking on it, and I thought it would be worthwhile to see what the general consensus is, and/or if there is anything we haven't considered. Meetup This Friday, Nov 22nd at 8:00pm in Washington DC -All Are Weclome! Friday, November 22nd mk, b_b, insomniasexx, thenewgreen and ecib will be visiting DC and we'd love for you all to come hang out with us.We will meet up at 8:00pm at Bourbon in Adams Morgan.Here is the address: 2321 18th St NW Washington DC 20009 _refugee_, wasoxygen, arguewithatree, Meriadoc, humanodon, cW and anyone else interested in attending... we'll see you there!For those unable to attend, we will update a post throughout the night of increasingly more bizarre and blurry photos. elizabeth, maybe we could all try and take photos for your challenge too....See ya soon Hubski DC! Book Club: Blood Meridian: Discussion 1, all!It's time for discussion of the first half of the book, or through the end of chapter 12. I hope everyone's enjoying the book so far and has made it the whole way. Some medical issues and an inordinate amount of work have forbidden me from being all the way, but I've gotten most of the way and I'm absolutely loving it. I'll discuss more in the comments, along with everyone else.eightbitsamurai, StJohn, DiamondLou86, AnSionnachRua, _refugee_, minimum_wage, flagamuffin, fuffle, b_b, hugitout, JakobVirgil, zebra2, AdSeriatim, mk, thenewgreen, SufficientGrace, ecib, kleinbl00, cliffelam, hootsbox, lil, rezzeJ, cgod, blackbootz, onehunna, AshShields, BLOB_CASTLE, insomniasexx, kuli, cowboyhaze, louderwords, Floatbox, maynard, hiss, NikolaiFyodorov, Meriadoc, wasoxygen, BlackBird, jayfixkleenit, crimsonlight, Kaius, spearhard @eightbitsamurai@, @StJohn@, @DiamondLou86@, @AnSionnachRua@, @_refugee_@, @minimum_wage@, @flagamuffin@, @fuffle@, @b_b@, @hugitout@, @JakobVirgil@, @zebra2@, @AdSeriatim@, @mk@, @thenewgreen@, @SufficientGrace@, @ecib@, @kleinbl00@, @cliffelam@, @hootsbox@, @lil@, @rezzeJ@, @cgod@, @blackbootz@, @onehunna@, @AshShields@, @BLOB_CASTLE@, @insomniasexx@, @kuli@, @cowboyhaze@, @louderwords@, @Floatbox@, @maynard@, @hiss@, @NikolaiFyodorov@, @Meriadoc@, @wasoxygen@, @BlackBird@, @jayfixkleenit@, @crimsonlight@, @Kaius@, @spearhard@ Android App Is 'Ridiculous' And The Creators Know So Daily Dot - Meet Tin Can, the "ridiculous" social network that runs without the Internet"The idea was germinating in my head for about three or four years," Katakowski, founder of Web community Hubski, told the Daily Dot. "It just seemed like something our phones should be able to do." Book Club: Blood Meridian: Updated Schedule and Stopping Point, everyone. Hope you're getting along well is Blood Meridian. I'mcurrently only a couple chapters in due to some hospitalization and extreme fatigue due to it, but so far really enjoying it. There's a line early on when they're burning down the hotel when covered in mud that McCarthy says they looked like creatures pulled from a bog. It seemed like a good metaphor for man as a whole and a great setup.Anyway, I looked ahead and saw that Chapter 12 ends almost exactly at the center of the book, so our first discussion will be at the end of chapter 12, which will commence next weekend, unless we decide more time is needed.eightbitsamurai, StJohn, DiamondLou86, AnSionnachRua, _refugee_, minimum_wage, flagamuffin, fuffle, b_b, hugitout, JakobVirgil, zebra2, AdSeriatim, mk, thenewgreen, SufficientGrace, ecib, kleinbl00, cliffelam, hootsbox, lil, rezzeJ, cgod, blackbootz, onehunna, AshShields, BLOB_CASTLE, insomniasexx, kuli, cowboyhaze, louderwords, Floatbox, maynard, hiss, NikolaiFyodorov, Meriadoc, wasoxygen, BlackBird, jayfixkleenit, crimsonlight, Kaius, spearhard @eightbitsamurai@, @StJohn@, @DiamondLou86@, @AnSionnachRua@, @_refugee_@, @minimum_wage@, @flagamuffin@, @fuffle@, @b_b@, @hugitout@, @JakobVirgil@, @zebra2@, @AdSeriatim@, @mk@, @thenewgreen@, @SufficientGrace@, @ecib@, @kleinbl00@, @cliffelam@, @hootsbox@, @lil@, @rezzeJ@, @cgod@, @blackbootz@, @onehunna@, @AshShields@, @BLOB_CASTLE@, @insomniasexx@, @kuli@, @cowboyhaze@, @louderwords@, @Floatbox@, @maynard@, @hiss@, @NikolaiFyodorov@, @Meriadoc@, @wasoxygen@, @BlackBird@, @jayfixkleenit@, @crimsonlight@, @Kaius@, @spearhard@ to build a Hubski logo with HTML5 veens original post as inspiration I wrote some JS to draw the hubski logo.View the code here: the full screen version here: version: there any meaning behind the Hubski's name and/or logo?'ve been thinking about this recently, and it just kind of seems arbitrary. Is there any particular reason hubski was named the way it is? And where did the logo come from? Is it just because it looks nice?I'm really curious about the design choices that went into it. Are the two colored dots in the top right just to signal the different colors of hubski, or are they supposed to represent something? Hmm... to Build a Hubski Logo with Math by the sticker contest and the response from mk and insomniasexx I've visualized a more precise Hubski logo. Refining mk and mike's definition of the logo:The inner circle is only defined by the centerpoint of the logo. Assuming a value for the radius of the inner circle, draw two larger circles with the same centerpoint; one having two times the radius and the other three times the radius. The outer circles are thus defined as having their centerpoint exactly on the circle with the double radius, such that the outer circle would fit there with the same centerpoint as the small circle. The surface area of the outer circle is 1/8th that of the inner circle, so the diameter of the outer circle is 8sqrt(2)/π times smaller than that of the inner circle.If someone wants the original Illustrator file, message me.And here is the same image without the text. I think it looks quite nice: Hubski IRC Exists the link above, or alternatively,1. open irc client2. /connect irc.mountai.net3. /join #hubski4. don't /quit will Hubski support SSL? is soooo 90s. Hubski! love to the hubski team (thenewgreen, insomniasexx, b_b, mk)! And hopefully it will be my jersey at future Hubski meetups! Book Club: Blood Meridian: Start!, everyone.I hope you've all had a chance to get your books. I heard of some problems so I waited a few days to start this post. If you do have it, feel free to start. I think the best way to do this book is going to do it in two halfs, three weeks for each half. If you someone could see a good halfway point, let me know in the post and we'll settle it from there.I'm also going to be making periodic posts regarding the book and the author to give us some more insight or perspectives or just know the author's mind some more. I encourage everyone to do the same because it really adds to the atmosphere. For example, here's a *Science Friday* podcast with Cormac McCarthy, Werner Herzog, and Lawrence Krauss that I found fascinating.Enjoy!EDIT: My formatting didn't work from my phone, so it lost the list and link. Here's the Science Friday link:, StJohn, DiamondLou86, AnSionnachRua, _refugee_, minimum_wage, flagamuffin, fuffle, b_b, hugitout, JakobVirgil, zebra2, AdSeriatim, mk, thenewgreen, SufficientGrace, ecib, kleinbl00, cliffelam, hootsbox, lil, rezzeJ, cgod, blackbootz, onehunna, AshShields, BLOB_CASTLE, insomniasexx, kuli, cowboyhaze, louderwords, Floatbox, maynard, hiss, NikolaiFyodorov, Meriadoc, wasoxygen, BlackBird, jayfixkleenit, crimsonlight, Kaius, spearhard @eightbitsamurai@, @StJohn@, @DiamondLou86@, @AnSionnachRua@, @_refugee_@, @minimum_wage@, @flagamuffin@, @fuffle@, @b_b@, @hugitout@, @JakobVirgil@, @zebra2@, @AdSeriatim@, @mk@, @thenewgreen@, @SufficientGrace@, @ecib@, @kleinbl00@, @cliffelam@, @hootsbox@, @lil@, @rezzeJ@, @cgod@, @blackbootz@, @onehunna@, @AshShields@, @BLOB_CASTLE@, @insomniasexx@, @kuli@, @cowboyhaze@, @louderwords@, @Floatbox@, @maynard@, @hiss@, @NikolaiFyodorov@, @Meriadoc@, @wasoxygen@, @BlackBird@, @jayfixkleenit@, @crimsonlight@, @Kaius@, @spearhard@ Hubski! great milestone went a little overlooked in the post yesterday! Thanks to lil's post I quickly made this. which posts/comments you've badged? And seeing how many badges you've given out? there a way to do this? If not, can it be added? to Hubski - tags question there ever any 'consolidation' of tags? For example, I see tags for Chevy, Ford, Nissan - could there be an #automotive tag, one that if you are following will also show posts for those OEMs, plus BMW, Audi, Fiat, and so on? Or maybe those old posts would have to be re-tagged with the new umbrella tag..Seemingly, that would need to be done manually, for now, maybe once per month.I've also seen a fair number of posts about drinks or alcohol, but no similar tag to follow. I assume that just tagging with a new tag will create it. May I try? these appeared in my physical inbox today a gracious offer recently from thenewgreen, 10 of these great little numbers arrived in my hands Down Under!I'll be holding onto one with a yet-to-be-determined display (maybe a little desk ornament?), and the rest will probably find their way around Sydney CBD soon enough! wheels - are these really the best way to explore content?, I'm trying to understand why the Hubski wheels at the top are the way that they are. They allow you to view posts with a precise number of shares. Generally though, people don't want to view posts with a precise number of shares, but post with at least a number of shares. Like, I might want to be able to view all posts with at least 4 shares because I believe that posts with less shares are unlikely to be worth my time - Hang Out and Listen to Music With Friends haven't tried this yet. I've tried Turntable FM and am going to write on how awesome it is - but MuMu has the apparent added benefit of being able to upload music on your computer for others to listen to. I figured if we had a Hubski Listening Party every now and then, it'd be pretty cool. Thoughts? Update: Editors have been a number of times that a group project on Hubski has been awkward due to individual post authorship.Today's update addresses this issue: Posts may now have multiple editors.On the submit page, you can now see a small '+ editors' link. Clicking this link will reveal a 'cc' field where you can add the names of users that you would like to give editorial privileges to for that post.You can add new editors, or remove them as you like. Editors may edit the text field of the post, not the others.As always, feedback is much appreciated!"Homogenization Bias" on hubski? don't usually go meta because this is a great place that runs really well, but I happen to have some thoughts to share.Was reading this article about the pointlessness of sharing opinions on twitter (or something), and the author had an idea that I've been wondering about a lot recently. Does twitter by nature, like a bad presidential cabinet, surround its users with "yes-men"? Unless you actively follow people you disagree with, studies seem to show that you're wrapping yourself in a bubble as surely as if you get a liberal arts degree at a small private college.That's all well and good, but I don't remotely care about twitter. What I care about is hubski, and hubski's founders have in the past mentioned twitter when attempting to explain what hubski's model and mission is. The following and sharing aspects are at least relatively similar. So that of course makes me wonder -- are we encouraging a homogenization bias on hubski? (Or is it too small at the moment for such a bias, but could eventually end up there?)I think it's possible. We have a small active userbase, admittedly, but I'm not actually sure how small -- because the same people pop up on my feed day after day. Threads have been made in the past about how, while we don't have power users in a conventional sense, we certainly have them in an accidental sense, and that's completely true. 10-15 users consistently either are on my feed, or share a lot of what's on my feed, and that's got to encourage homogenization of opinion. Maybe everyone's feed has their own individual "power users" -- but that still seems to limit the sorts of opinions we might see.Is this a symptom of the following system, and of the attempts made by both twitter and hubski to build community to an extent not seen on agg. sites like reddit and slashdot? Is it fixable/worth fixing? Am I wrong? There are some counterarguments, at least when it comes to hubski. We have big weekly and monthly threads that are so big that I imagine almost ever active user of hubski is aware of them -- music sharing, book group, podcasts, etc. This should limit the natural segmentation I'm talking about. We also, of course, have tools to find users who aren't on our radar naturally -- the no-share hub at the top is the big one, but also the list of badges makes it hard to miss the site's great posts, and chatter means you can always have a quick conversation about something even if your specific feed isn't too active.So maybe those fixes are enough to alleviate this problem that twitter demonstrably has and hubski might have now or in the future. Maybe not. Thoughts? is working and we are testing it.'s it on b_b's cracked Nexus.We will be testing it this week, and plan to release it the next.Once again, big thanks to insomniasexx who helped salvage the project.For those of you not familiar with the Tin-Can saga, start at this post, and read the others here: #tincanIn short, Tin-Can is a one-to-many messaging app (think Twitter,, etc) that does not connect to the internet or use any cellular service. Instead, messages hop directly from phone to phone over wifi. When you turn Tin-Can on, you exchange messages with other Tin-Can apps in wifi range. Messages spread like the flu. In general, it's terribly inefficient. However it should work well in high density, especially conventions, gatherings, protests, etc. Obviously, it also can't be disrupted by loss of internet or cell service. It is built for Android, and it will be free. week ago was my birthday, today I received these courtesy of thenewgreen week, my friend TotalBossa made a post on Hubski commemorating my birthday.Shortly thereafter I got a message from thenewgreen asking if I wanted some Hubski stickers for my birthday.I said yes like any sane person would. Then a week later, these. Thanks thenewgreen! I supposed to be able to do this? was looking at the URL for my Hubski feed, which is: I noticed that if I swap my username with another Hubski user, the feed changes and includes tags/people I'm not following, so I'm assuming I can see what other user's feed look like if I just swap their IDs into the feed URL.I don't really have anything against it, just thought it was interesting. Has this been brought up before? Is this a conscious decision in Hubski's design? Update: Sticky posts you simply want to keep a post in your feed for a while. Sticky posts allows you to do that. Click on the 'stick' link on a post, and that post will remain on the top of your feed until you 'unstick' it.That's it.You can thank forwardslash for this one. It's one of those ideas that seemed so useful that we had to implement it straight away.As always feedback is much appreciated. people be up for some friendly Debates on the #Debate tag? was thinking since this place is so good for thoughtful discussion, it could be good to have set up debates under the debate tag with certain controversial topics. Ideally the poster would just set up the debate in the top without taking either side, and could debate in the comments. Each user could start by stating their own side and backing it up and then let the debate go on from there.What do you guys think? Or do you think it is too confrontational to do well here? Request: Ability to follow users from posts + more. was just thinking that it would be pretty neat if there were some metrics which were made privately available to users which detailed what content they had put out attracted users to follow them. As it stands now, this doesn't seem feasible since a few added changes would need to be made to even entertain the idea. I'm quite new here, so perhaps this is against the philosophy of Hubski? Do let me know if this is the case, but I feel like this could be a good thing.So...1.) Add the ability for users to follow users from any post which is made.2.) When someone follows a user, that user which is followed receives an update (enable/disable in settings) which informs them that user-x has followed them because of post-y.3.) On a user's profile, there would be a graphical display available to indicate where they've attracted the most followers. This would be made private to each user and not publicly available on everyone's profile.I think this achieves a few things. Mainly, I feel that this encourages users to continue submitting quality discussion because it allows them to realize which posts specifically were enjoyed by people enough to want to hear more from them. As it is now, I am seeing users follow me, but I'm not able to easily discern what exactly prompted them to do so.By keeping things private to each user, it doesn't encourage others to jump on bandwagons or aim to farm imaginary internet points. Instead it aims solely to inform users which areas they are most loved for and that way they may choose to focus moreso on those areas and/or choose to attempt improvement in areas which have attracted less followers.With all of that said, I feel that this is enough to warrant entertaining the possibility of adding these types of features in the future. What do you all think?~Esrever--------------------------------EDIT: Upon further thought, I realized that it may be an even better option to instead incorporate some of these things with shares rather than the following of users. I'd think that people are a bit more liberal with clicking save rather than clicking follow, but I could be wrong. Though, both together would be great too. The more data available, the better! did you find out about Hubski? personally found out about it by a post on Reddit. Introduction To Myself would just like to give an introduction of myself through letting you guys know about what I am good about and so I can also help people around here.I am more into the following:market updates, stock markets, hard assets, search engine optimization, magazine publication, Internet marketingAnd some other interesting things. Please tag me if you want me to help you with the above topics.Thank you! Users, Old users and the better angels of our nature - started out as a comment I was composing for this post by Meriadoc in response to this comment by _refugee_Many of our older users will recall the huge influx of circlejerkers that came over from reddit last December. It was amazing how many came over and how destructive some of them were. They were attempting to turn Hubski in to their version of reddit. It was a challenging time, but somewhat exciting too. Rather quickly, what happened is that they got bored and left. Some of them were great from the get-go and stuck around and our community grew and received some of my favorite hubskiers to date. -flagamuffin (I think), BLOB_CASTLE, and ButterflyEffect all come to mind. My point is, the group we have right now that just came over is WAY more civil and seems genuinely interested in knowing more about Hubski. How do you find out more about the new place you are at? You ask questions, thus the huge influx of #askhubski posts. Take in to consideration that the link on reddit was an askreddit post and it's no surprise that the new users are using the tag often. -This happened last december too and it will subside.steve, ecib, cgod, b_b, insomniasexx, lil, theadvancedapes, mk and many others can attest that this has indeed happened before and that it will eventually become more stable and hopefully, the site will be better for it.As for yours and others suggestion that people can't submit a post until they have a full hubwheel from comments isn't going to work. Some of my favorite hubskiers never or rarely comment. scrimetime posts some of my favorite links to the site but almost never comments. My suggestion is to use the tools we have in place. -Prior to last december I ignored nobody, after the influx I was ignoring 119 users. It took a little time, but it worked.At the same time though, I wouldn't be too quick to "ignore." Many people will start by asking questions like "why is hubski better than reddit..." etc. It's natural to kick the tires, to ask hey, why is this place so great? and to behave in accordance from where you came. It takes time to assimilate, but have faith that with some help, guidance and time people will realize that this is Hubski and it is it's own thing.So go forth and shephard these newbies, we were all once new to the site, myself included and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Trust that most of the new people have only the best intentions.We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature -It has been my experience that when you let them, people will exceed your expectations.This post is meant to quell the anxiety of long time users regarding the latest influx. I for one am encouraged by the new users behaviors and would like to take this opportunity to welcome them. just stumbled across a dirty little secret of Hubski... redirect to Zork? Really? That's pretty awesome.Edit: apparently works as well. there a good way to not keep seeing the same posts over and over? am new to hubski and I follow very few people, I follow a semi-decent I guess amount of tags... I know its a smaller site with not a crazy amount of posts, but I keep having to start at the top again and see the same posts. Do people just hide them? Or not follow tags? judicious are you about sharing? thought this would be a useful discussion since there's so many new users now. So when "voting" on posts, how often do you share something vs. pass it by?I wonder because I get the impression that most redditors vote on every single thing that crosses their page and feel that they should do that.However on Hubski if people shared that way I think its natural segmentation would break down. If everyone shared everything everything would end up on your feed.Personally I only share a small fraction of things that come on my feed, and I've kinda assumed other people do it that way too. So how does Hubski share? does Hubski make a profit? don't see adverts and I'm genuinely confused as to how this site is able to make a profit. app want to start poking around some Android dev in my spare time. Is there a public API for Hubski where I can pull posts and other info? do the Hubski settings do? our settings page we see a long list of drop-down buttons along with simple words that are supposed to give us an idea of what the setting does.Most of these words, however, don't tell us anything about the functionality of these options. to hubski, how do you go about gaining followers? seems that you are introduced to the most followed users and that's all you have to choose from, how do you find new submitters? Or further, how do they find YOU? does zen do? 'my settings' there is an option to turn on 'zen.' to hubski: How does the third tag voting work?, the title is pretty self-explanatory: I registered today and clicked through the tutorial multiple times as well as the FAQ. I found the information that a third user-voted tag will be added to submissions, but how is it voted or decided on? I couldn't find anything regarding that on these pages, while browsing on the site or using the search function.Thanks for the help!PS: If I just didn't miss it, it may be something you want to add to the FAQ or tutorial! Hubski downtime've taken a bit of a pummeling in the last few hours, and Hubski is running in a light mode while we get a handle on things. As a result, post lists may seem shallower than normal.Welcome AskRedditors.UPDATE: I'm awake. forwardslash is 3 hours later, so maybe he is eating cereal. We will do our best to respond to all comments/questions as we can. Thanks! do you get a new dot added to your hubwheel? was under the impression that every time someone shared one of my posts or agreed with a comment, I'd be rewarded with a new dot on my hubwheel, but it seems to be more involved than this.I seem to only get 1 dot a day regardless of how many dots the hubwheels of my posts/comments get. Does anyone know how the hubwheel/reward algorithm actually works? vu has all happened before and it will all happen again. Hubski Team, can our followers be sorted from most active to most inactive? so I know who to purge and whose accounts to frequency check out. you click the wheel to share content does it mean you endorse it? I'm unsure if I should click the little wheel to share the content as I feel it's important information but don't agree with the actual content.An example is the recent sentencing of 35 years for Bradley Manning. I think the sentence is too harsh and I worry that if I share the article, it'll come across as if I endorse it.What do you do in instances like this? are badges on hubski? are badges? Maybe create a Wiki page that explains how hubski works for newfriends. suggestion: Show the date of the latest comment along with the commenter., when viewing your feed or a tag, hovering over the comment icon will show you which user has most recently commented, but nowhere will hubski indicate the age of the post. Consequently, I'll often find an interesting submission that I wish to comment on, only to view the comments and discover the post has been dead for a month and is no longer worth typing up a comment for. Being able to see when the latest comment was would help me identify which comments are worth reading and which posts are worth commetning on at a glance.Here's a quick mockup of what I mean: It seems like a little thing, but it would actually improve my experience a ton.Thanks for everything you guys do! change all!You may know me as asvdveen, and that's my default username on most websites. Most of the times when I participate in an active community, people call me Veen. After a month of trying Hubski out, I found out yesterday that this username is still free (a rarity on the internet these days). I've asked mk if there was any possibility to change my username, but it is too interwoven within the code that it isn't really possible to change it. So better to change as early as possible!I must say I really enjoy hubski so far. Quality of discussion is high here, and I get exposed to a ton of new and interesting ideas. Hubski feels like a fresh shower compared to the mind-numbing sameness of other social media. Above all, this community seems much more genuine than other sites. When I read a discussion here, it seems like everyone participating actually means what they say, and don't say something just to appeal to other people.I am more of a lurker than a contributer ("do not speak unless you can improve the silence") but I'll be sure to stick around, under this better and shorter name. a phoenix from the ashes. We will have more to say soon. Many thanks to insomniasexx who had much to do with getting us here. Hubski Newsletter --- your name appears below then you have the distinct privilege of having been featured in a past version of the Hubski Newsletter that insomniasexx has been putting out every week or so. If you've not already done so, click here to subscribe to the newsletter. It's a great way to find posts that you might have otherwise missed, to find new users that share common interests and to read old posts (from the vault) that may have been before your time here.Also, it's my opinion that the Hubski newsletter is a great way for those uninitiated with our community to "dip their toe" in the Hubski waters. You may not believe this but I've been told that Hubski can be a bit intimidating at first. Crazy, isn't it?!Also, we've implemented a new "new user signup" process that we think will help make it easier for people to join the site. This along with the tutorial at the bottom of the page which was designed by forwardslash with input from both insomniasexx and kleinbl00 should also help people along. That said, we are always open to suggestions as to how we can improve the new-user experience. If you have any friends that sign up for the first time, have them provide some feedback, it's invaluable stuff.We have some exciting new features that we are working on, not the least of which is a mobile version of the site which should be done in the not too distant future.Exciting stuff!Without further ado, the as of yet chosen few:theadvancedapes, lil, onehunna, Cortez, louderwords, NikolaiFyodorov, exe, zebra2, eks, humanodon, eataudio, ooli, urbantimes, Floatbox, ecib, kleinbl00, mattrose, bfv, Seneca, capisce, Zygar, mike, Saydrah, caio, supertod, ike.If you have any suggestions for content that you think should be featured, feel free to reach out to insomniasexx. Finding posts for the "from the vault" section is particularly fun.Thanks for all the great posts! content isn't a sin. am often asked by users whether or not it is acceptable to submit their own content to Hubski. It is acceptable. When the content is quality, it is encouraged.Some web communities suffer from a hypocrisy rooted in this tenet: Do not submit your own content; however, you may submit the content of others. I call this the ‘Not Mine’ policy.Sometimes the ‘Not Mine’ policy is explicit, sometimes it is implied. Sometimes breaches of the ‘Not Mine’ policy is tolerated in small doses. Any ‘Not Mine’ policy is dishonest and harmful.When creators cannot submit their own content openly, they often do so by other means. They create puppet accounts, and they ask friends to submit on their behalf; sometimes they pay for this service. Not only is this behavior wasteful, it normalizes deception, and increases suspicion among the community. Often members spend time trying to expose others for their ties to the content they submitted. At worse, original content becomes suspect when ‘Not Mine’ is perceived to be a safeguard against nefarious influencers with commercial or political interests.Ostensibly to keep things real, some sites make a distinction between content submitted by commercial and non-commercial creators. However, both individual bloggers and publishing houses can make money from page views, and even non-profit creators hope to increase their readership, perhaps to one day turn a profit. Enforcement of a ‘Not Mine’ policy funnels commercial submitters into established advertising mechanisms, which may be a profit motivation for enforcement, but it provides fewer options for individual content creators. Making matters worse, since the content of large publishers is likely to be submitted by a non-related user anyway, the ‘Not Mine’ policy favors the visibility of commercial content.A ‘Not Mine’ policy also implicitly equates external validation with value. Methods used to garner attention typically involve a paid or private marketing network, and often involve obfuscation of support. Putting content creators on unequal footing implies that value lies in a content propagation network, rather than in the nature of the content itself. At a fundamental level, ‘Not Mine’ values consumption above creation, and grants undue significance to general acceptance.There has been a recent increase in publishing platforms that invite content creators under one roof. One advantage for these platforms is that the individual creators do much of the work of content propagation, while keeping the centralized monetization platform at a respectable distance. The ‘Not Mine’ policy buttresses these centralized content platforms.The need for a ‘Not Mine’ policy is a matter of design. When users have the tools to avoid unwanted content, open submission of personal content actually decreases the need for global moderation and anti-spamming mechanisms.Hubski doesn’t have a ‘Not Mine’ policy, not even an implicit one. Submit your own content. The community will be the judge of its merits. mk, can we have expanded search functions? the ability to search 'keyword' user:flagamuffin_shares or 'keyword' user:flagamuffin_posts or presumably other stuff I'm not thinking of.Thoughts? the Hubski Comments WordPress Plugin – a cool way to bring the thoughtful web to your blog [Freeware] | The Red Ferret Journal to announced a free tool to help WordPress blog owners embed Hubski comments on their sites quickly and easily. We developed this little plugin with much help from Mark and Steve, and we're hoping it will help spread the Hubski community out to a wider audience. Cheers. I get to meet these guys today! request: sources been in product management and web development, I kind of feel guilt even making a request...What would be the possibility of creating a page that lists the most popular sources? I know if you click on the source in a listing (i.e. it lists all the shares that originate from that source. It might be interesting to see what other sites or mediums (i.e. text, video) are the most popular on Hubski. tags change? the hubski tags change? Am I going crazy? made hubski look like Reddit! may be thinking Reddit is ugly and hubski is beautiful! I agree, but...I thought I'd brush up on my CSS so as an experiment I themed hubksi to look like Reddit. I have only tested this on firefox, it's probably horribly broken on other browsers. Have a go with it, tell me what you think. Anonymous car mechanic to whom I bequeathed the old bumper of my Toyota hope you are reading this. I hope you became curious about the hubski sticker on the back of my old car part and used google. I hope that you will blossom into the first new hubski user I have ever recruited.Most of all, I hope you did not judge me for having an accident with an illegal immigrant. Interview With The Founders Of Hubski'm sure you don't need any introduction to the people behind Hubski... so let them do the talking. Click the link! 999 days ago mk. authors? when I post an article, I will include the author's name. I like to give credit where credit is due, and also it reminds me that an individual wrote the words that I am reading.For some time, I have been contemplating if it would be worthwhile to include an author field on posts, and whether or not authors could be followed, just as users, tags, and domains. It might appear like this, where 'Venkatesh Rao' is the author:I have considered that the author field might only be available when the the url field was not blank, but I am not sure if that is necessary. Of course, the author field would be optional.We've talked about it a bit, but if you have any thoughts or ideas about it, I'd like to hear them. Hubski Zen Setting: What Can Be Learned? Set your zen to "yes" What can be learned? All posts are created equal. All posters are created equal. All badges disappear. All followers disappear. All following disappears. My profile disappears. My identity disappears. Insom just wrote me Her wheel is already full! But my spring My eternal spring remains. Sigh. Set your zen to "no" And like baseball Everything is measured. Am I loved? Exactly how much? Were my words read? Were my words appreciated? Am I still loved? Am I loved enough? Sigh. User Interface Contest? there's a lot of web developers on Hubski, or maybe I just see the same people posting the same thing a lot. Anyway, I have a fun little idea and I think it's possible as long as mk and the others are willing to provide some form of base code.A contest for the profile UI and Stylesheet design.We'd have to really discuss what standards the designs would have to be up to, as well as limitations and optimization, but I think its possible.First, second, and third place have their themes uploaded or something else. hubski should propose new people to follow on shared tag, or shared liked post. Something like twitter cause I simply dont have time to check new people interested in the same type of article as me.Intuitively I believe I dont care for people sharing the same guys I follow. But Tags!! Yes new guys with same tags selection! Want to hear about them.EDIT: Tags suggestion is less important. Tags are easy to come by. Users, we dont even know their name. So we should have users suggestion. are you doing right now? in class, typing a paper, I'm yearning to be home right now so I can get on with some important projects of mine but what the hell I guess I can sit here for eight hours. How about you ladies and gentlemen? ever happened to a Hubski API?'m pretty new here but I was searching around for a app for android. Correct me if I'm wrong but there isn't one. So I looked around and quite a while ago someone mentioned that there was an effort to develop an API. It seems like nothing has happened since then, the reason I'm asking is I have quite a bit of experience developing apps for android and I'm sure there are iOS developers here as well. I would love to create a Hubski app, but is there any on going development of an API? if not who would I need to talk to to get the ball rolling? First Hubski Newsletter went out today and many of you were featured posts were in the newsletter? Was there content that you missed out on that you should check out? What conversations were featured? What original content? What was the post chosen from the Hubski vault to feature?Only way to find out is to subscribe.Great work insomniasexx!'s something you're interested in but too lazy to learn? for me, I can do CSS, HTML, some Java, and PHP, but when I try to learn C++ or C# for a certain project I just get so tired and bored that I either fall a sleep or I go play video games for the rest of the day.What about you Hubski? Do You Decide Who To Follow On Hubski? like to look at the post/share percentage. I try to follow people who post a fair amount of original content (aka, people who post material as much as they share material) because I feel that way I'm actually getting to the info - in on the ground floor - as opposed to people who just share a lot.But I've been thinking about it lately and I realize that you may choose to follow a certain individual because you share a lot of tastes, so whatever they share, you know you'll probably like - whether or not they post original content.Are there any other approaches out there? Curious.Forgive me if this has been posted before (which I fear it may have) Hubski IRC, so the last hubski irc channel on gamesurge was an abortive failure. there were connectivity problems with gamesurge around the time we got started that prevented anyone from actually joining, and since then the user list has dwindled to just one person (me).so let's try again. i've registered #hubski on mountainet, an irc network that flagamuffin is associated with.irc:// Anonymous computer repairman to whom I traded my old laptop parts for hard drive extraction hope you are reading this. I hope you became curious about the hubski sticker on the back of my old machine and used google. I hope that you will blossom into the first new hubski user I have ever recruited.Most of all, I hope you did not judge me for the contents of my hard drive. Hubski: Hubski profiles... How could they be better? would you like to see in your or other users profiles? Do you ever click on a users profile? If so, why? Do you have a bio written or an image embedded? What would you like to know about other hubskiers when checking out their profiles etc.Just curious.I often look at profiles to see the bio section and I like when people link to their own blogs etc.Profiles -how could they be better? reset? hubwheel was full, and then it suddenly went to one. My badges are still at zero. Is this all normal? tags have an auto-fill list, this always bugs me when I'm submitting a post, and I don't know if it has been submitted before, but can we have a menu of suggest tags drop down when we start entering one?Kind of like on Google if I type in "sug-" it auto-suggests "sugarfish" "sugar cookie recipe" etc.If it would do that using existing tags in the tag box it'd be great and help people submit to existing tags instead making random new ones no one will find.See, making this, I wasn't sure if I should enter "suggestion" or "suggestions" as a tag. One is more popular than the other. If they were perhaps ranked by popularity, or came with a # of posts next to the name, it would make tags more efficient I think. all new, totally awesome, Hubski Newsletter! all Newsletters Here---Hey all!So I'm going to be launching and curating a Hubski newsletter! It's going to feature the best discussions, the best original content, the best links, and a section totally dedicated to random, awesome, or mostly-unseen things on Hubski. Also I'm going to try to include at least one old school post from back in the day - at least a year ago.For now, it'll go out once every two weeks. As we grow and I get used to it, we might bump it up to once a week. Might. :PHopefully, it'll be a great way to see some things you may have missed, find new people to follow, stimulate new conversation in older or unshared posts, and give you a short and sweet recap of the past two weeks on Hubski.For those posting anything, anywhere on hubski you have a chance to be featured in the newsletter. I'm really going to try to go deep and include stuff that may be mostly unseen/unshared. So just because I'm not following you or your post doesn't get a full hubwheel, doesn't mean it won't be included. Time to step up your game! :DAs always, if you have any advice for me in new role as part of the Hubski team or regarding this newsletter, feel free to shout out, message, or comment me! Or you can now email me directly at taylor at hubskinewsletter dot com.Also, I've only tested the whole newsletter forms like....3 if you get any bugs let me know!Thanks everyone, and I hope I can make this a valuable addition to the quantity & quality of Hubski in all of your lives!<3 insom are you today, Hubski?'ll keep this simple.I'm doing great. to use RSS Feeds only ever had a vague idea of what an RSS feed was. I always kind of ignored the little orange-yellow icon. This was useful to me, maybe it'll be useful to others! new reddit? Update: insomniasexx and Hubski Discover one year ago, insomniasexx crashed one of our Hubski Google hangouts. Ever since then, thenewgreen has made our hangouts private. :) However, ever since that hangout, we have often commented on how insomniasexx would make a great addition to the Hubski team.Now she is!Last week, we actually invited insom to a hangout, and she agreed to join us.insomniasexx has long been a valuable and active member of the community, and it was clear from the beginning that she understands and values our goals. She has a lot of good ideas, and even more energy. We are very excited to have her aboard.Welcome insom!In addition, we have a feature update. forwardslash has created Hubski Discover, an extension for Chrome.You can also find a link to it on the tools page.When you are browsing, Hubski Discover will tell you when the page you are on has been submitted to Hubski, and how many comments are in that discussion. When that page hasn't been submitted to Hubski, clicking the Hubski Discover icon will help you submit it.It's very nice.As always, feedback is much appreciated. at hubski have been on from the past few days. This is a cool community. It's wasn't late that I found that not many posts were driven by an Indian, or from a developing nation, perspective. So, now I start is thread as a call to people from India or from other developing countries. Anyway, why don't we plan to get more people involved here? People from different places, cultures, arguments, professions? Anyone thinking of an idea? "editors"? idea I had the other day, not sure if it's been suggested or discussed before: the notion of "editors" of sorts. Not necessarily people who curate content at all, but merely suggestions of people to follow for newcomers who regularly post/share quality content in certain tags: so you would have a few "news" editors, a few "politics" editors, et cetera.Suggested "editors" wouldn't even necessarily have to be people: URLs could be listed. For example, I'm always pretty damn well satisfied with every post I find from problem I see with this is the system becoming as problematic as the reddit subreddit system, not allowing for variation. That's why I think having them as pure suggestions would be interesting. Having them renew/update would be interesting, too - perhaps every few months, to avoid stagnation etc.Thoughts? Qualms with Ignoring/Muting Hubski Users. have a mental debate nearly daily when I'm here. There are a few users-- and one in particular-- who, in nearly every thread I'm in, especially ones about politics, posts something that I so strongly disagree with in such a sarcastic, snarky way filled with vitriol that I want to block them. I believe these users are older, so I can understand why they're so set in their outdated ways of thinking, but their ideas are downright dangerous in many cases. The quality of their comments is on par with the dreadful ones I see on news websites, but with better spelling. General oversimplification of difficult issues, and always attempts to make these issues into a way to smear some figure on the (American) liberal left.This is where my dissonance arises: I don't want to censor things, especially censoring the data I intake. I vehemently oppose the mindset of forcing opinions out just because you disagree with them, especially when this person is involved in so many discussions on the site, and I certainly do not want another situation like reddit where users become encased in their own bubbles, ignoring all outside it.Thought oppression is a terrible evil, even when it's just what you take in yourself, but I don't know how to go about it.... and maybe that's a strength of Hubski, that I have to endure those things and see these awfully thought out, bitter, right-wing opinions. They're just as much factor in the American process as the legitimate, well-argued right-wing opinions, or my own opinions. Perhaps it gives a full perspective, that one should not be swayed into a "left or right" mindset merely from the best philosophers of each, but to see what a majority or minority of those camps truly believe.In the end I'm still seeing crap that I could solve with a simple action but ideology is holding me back from it (how's that for a cross-section of politics?) How do other users feel about it? Soho Suggestions sure where to place suggestions so I will start a thread that anyone can add to. I think on submitted articles it would be nice to have the submission date shown without having to open the comments. Maybe also have a date for the latest comment or something to that nature.'s secret underground headquarters maybe just me holding a sticker in front of the 5th ave Apple store... on hubski? I start wading into politics on here, I was wondering if hubski leaned one way or another. Not really interested in posting links/opinions if the site is a circlejerk for the opposing view. do you change your hubski style? don't see an option in my profile... I saw there are a couple different options so I'd like to check em out! do I change the tags under "interested in" in my profile? some reason, Hubski has decided that I'm interested in #maps and #goodlongreads. Bars Were More Than Just Bars know mk just went MIA but I'd be curious to see how Hubski stacks up to the bar analogy. I hope that one day, we will be able to walk into the internet and get a beer. Going off the grid'm leaving for an annual pilgrimage to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan tonight. I'll be more-or-less unreachable for about 12 days.If you have any Hubski-related problems, contact forwardslash, or b_b, who will be around (thenewgreen is on vacation elsewhere).See you on the other side. Hubski "style" do you use? (um... just kidding it's in your profiles)'ve been using the default "clean" for a while and I think it's time for a change. I'm going to switch it up to "Spring." Probably not for too long though it tends to get a bit "smurfy."Here are the current stats: clean (default): 72.2% dark: 17.8% snow: 5.6% spring: 1.4% office: 2.0% ugly: 1.0% Not a lot of love for "ugly"I smurf spring.If you want to check out the different "styles," go in to your settings by clicking on your username. Started - Round Two 1:Hubski: A Thoughtful WebYes, it looks like a wall of text. But in that with that text we create meaningful conversations, relationships and that is where the big ideas happen. Like anything worthwhile in life, it takes an investment of time to see what Hubski truly has to offer. (edited thenewgreen's recent comment)It has also been described as an online pub with creative and thoughtful people belly-up at the bar of reason and sanity. It is a location for intelligent, rational social discourse and offers habitat for creative ideas to roam and grow as they become self-supporting. (katakowsj recent comment)Slide 2:So how to I get invested? How do I find content that is meaningful to me?Slide 3:Let's start with tags. Click "tags" at the top of the page. Here, we see all the tags that have ever been used.Click a tag that interests you. Follow that tag. But more importantly, follow the people who use that tag.Slide 4:Hubski is about following people. These people will have similar, but not identical, interests. This is partially how meaningful discussions happen - by talking with people who are interested in things you've never known about or with people who have viewpoints that differ from your own.Slide 5:But how do I know if I really want to follow that person? What if they're a weirdo?Well, they seem to share a common interests with you. So that's a good reason. If you want to get a deeper sense of that person, click their name. You can use this page to check out what else they're about.Slide 6:Okay, this is tedious. I want instant gratification and I want it now.Slide 7:If you want to look at posts, regardless of who you follow, you can click on the hubwheels at the top. Happy?This is another way to follow people that share content that you find interesting.Don't be afraid to follow people. You can always unfollow them later.Slide 8:Is that it?Well there are a lot of layers and nifty features on hubski. Things like data-filled TMI page and the awesome "badged posts" page. The chatter page only has comments that are recently posted. You'll discover more and more as you explore.Slide 9:Remember, hubski is what you make it. Share stuff that interests you, start discussions about stuff you don't know much about, posts original things you create, or just post that adorable story about your weird toe. Share, follow, learn, discuss, and most of all, enjoy.Slide 10:Links to posts with more info? How to contact mk/tng? How to report a bug & request features? What else? All those stupid little details.Now rip me a new one, lovers. I wrote this is 20 minutes and you know I prefer pretty things over writing, so, help. Feel free to revise, rewrite, take slides out, add slides, move shit around, tell me I'm a horrible writer, you hate my headphones, whatever. I need you to perfect this. for an updated view mkI had an idea for a update to the feed view. I would like to see the text field represented in the feed view. It could be placed tabbed between the headline and the submitter.Maybe make it a setting for people that don't want to see it.What do you think?'s this Hubski thing that I'm hearing about on NPR?'s this excellent thoughtful creative website called hubski that was just featured on Michigan's Public Radio program "Stateside". You may want to check this out. Pretty cool. started here! I actually did it! Round 2Okay hubski.I think we can all agree that having a simple "Getting Started" tutorial type thing would be helpful for new users. I stumbled upon this random site a while back and found their getting started page was clean, simple, easy to understand, and would be easy to create. am so down to make one but I need your help, content wise. I'm an okay writer but with a little teamwork, I think we can make something truly exceptional and easy to understand. Then I'll make it pretty.I think that the technical features (like how to click the hubwheel) can be omitted as people don't really give a fuck about those. People want to do something, and clicking something is how they do it. Therefore, if we show people how to do the thing they want, they will learn how to click the things to do the thing. Still with me? Good.1. What is hubski in one sentence.2. How to get the content.IMO, this is the more important part. If we can get this right we don't even need the rest.How do people follow people and things that are relevant to them? How do they find new things? New people have a hard time figuring out how to find, follow, and get posts that they want to see. I also know there are a lot of different ways to go about this. How do you do it?I was thinking something along these lines:a. Using tag page to view tags, follow tags and follow the people who use these tags (explains following people, tags, community tags here)b. Using profile pages to get a deeper sense of the user (recent posts, tags they are interested it, etc) (explains users, profile pages, here)c. Browse the global pages to find content that is interesting to you and follow those people. (explains hubwheels/sharing here)d. Remember, you can always unfollow people so don't be afraid to follow someone.3. How to post your own content4. Nifty features/references - TMI page, markup, badges, chatter, ???'s shortcomings: What are they?'ve had a few conversations lately with the Hubski crew about where Hubski might be improved, and how we should go about it. We have a number of ideas, and are currently working on a few things, but we thought this would be a good time to look to the community for some feedback.In short, we are wondering where, if anywhere, you feel that Hubski falls short, and what you think might be done to improve it.Also, what pages do you visit most, and which pages do you rarely visit? We have some analytics, of course, but sometimes it's more insightful to hear someone describe how they use the site.I'll add my own 2 cents, but I don't want to start by leading the discussion.Thanks! in other languages? folks. While browsing today I found some interesting articles in Swedish and went "these would be good for something like hubski". That got me thinking: what's everyone's opinion on having posts in languages besides English on here? There would be some technical challenges I'm sure.. just implemented Hubski 'Shoutouts' Who knows :) wrote an amazing article on Vile-Rat, one of the four that died in Benghazi September 11, 2012 is incredibly sad, and I think everyone should take the time to read it. do you get over the boring and demotivational slumps? have found myself very bored lately, and I've had time to really learn new things that I normally wouldn't and when I want to take advantage of this I find myself to demotivated to even try, and I really have to blame that on the boredom. Does anyone else suffer from this? If so have you gotten over it and how? context button similar to what reddit has? you are given the option to hit "reply" or "dismiss" in your notifications. This is the foremost feature I find myself missing. Normally instead of clicking reply or dismiss, I click the thread title and scroll to find the comment in question so I can refresh myself on what was said, and then I - when you feel better, of course! forgot how much more laid back this place is than most communities. normally sit here logged our during the day and just read some of the older posts from earlier last week/month, I never really check the comment sections until recently and I discovered a lot about everyone and what they're up to and it makes me excited and happy about what I'm doing.So, just saying hi after a few months. there any way to browse through tags to find interesting ones to follow? best I could find was the "popular" list on the community page. -Just want to make sure you know we have them: importantly, I want to make sure my fellow hubskiers know that we have a "submit to hubski" button. Just drag it to your tool-bar and you're all set. Easy.90% of the time, it works every time. Hope this saves some people some copy/paste(ing) is maturing saying. If i had a screenshot of the origional site i would post a comparision but it seams to have changed a lot. can't seem to sort my profile into my posts and my shares separately anymore.<span><a target="_blank" href="user?id=mk">mk</a>~, it looks this came with the slight profile redesign. Can the "posts/shares" header at the top be made into links directing to the old page with just posts and just shares?EDIT: it's fixed; there's no real need to share. Remember you aren't upvoting a post (presumably to agree with me) -- rather, you're making it viewable to a lot more members of this website, including many who don't care about seeing a site-fix post that's already been taken care of.I've noticed this a few times so I figured I'd bring it up now. vs Plaza online communities PSA: Testing some limits. have significantly increased the data we keep in memory today. We are going to be keeping an eye on things, but if you notice anything odd, we would appreciate if you'd let us know. of hubskiers from around the world with their most prized possession/s taken from thenewgreen's post here. I thought it would be sort of cool to do the exact same thing, but with us! So I'm starting things off.That's me with my wonderful Giant bike, which I've ridden nearly every day for the past eight years or so. It's my favorite hobby, my primary mode of transportation, and the best place to listen to music and/or meditate. Couldn't live without it. (I was in a hurry to get somewhere and asked some passerby to take a quick picture, so excuse the utter lack of quality.)I'd love some input from all of you! was Hubski? or Mmm, humble pie.’m sorry if Hubski was inaccessible for you today. For a few, it may still be.I did something embarrassing.A few weeks ago, we migrated Hubski from a Linode to Digital Ocean virtual server.Over the last couple of weeks we have been pulling things out of the linode, and basically winding it down. We finished a few days ago.This morning at work, as I sleepily sipped my coffee, I decided to finally shut the linode down. “…no wait, I’ll actually close out the account. It will be just one less thing.”And so I did.A few minutes later I got an email from thenewgreen: Subject: site down.“Huh, that’s weird. It’s too early in CA for akkartik to be restarting it.”I logged in, and Hubski was humming along. That’s when I got the feeling: The last time I had that feeling was when I walked into Physiology class, and while I pulled out my notebook, everyone else started putting their books under their desk.I typed “There’s Hubski… ...Oh. no.”The domain was pointed to name servers on Linode.Yes. Thanks to me, today we all had to wait for the DNS to propagate before we could visit Hubski again. Luckily most didn't have to wait long. However, I fear an unfortunate few are still waiting. Does Hubski Burn My Eyes? of the reasons I enjoyed coming to Hubski was because it was like going into the library, where everyone knows to be quiet; a silent, comfortable place to do your reading. Hubski's soft colors felt easy on the eyes. It let me enjoy. I believe this to be a place of reading, reflection, and response. I do not believe this is a McDonald's style website where the colors are designed to push you out the door sooner. Even Adobe software has, quite thankfully, switched to a darker color scheme. If not bringing back the dark color scheme by default, can there be an option? Signed, A New Skier, Heero've been managing the Hubski FB and G+ pages. Any suggestions?, Hubski has a Facebook Page and a Google + page. Truthfully, I'm not entirely sure we as a site benefit much from either but occasionally we seem to get some people that discover the site via them.My question to you is this, how could they be better utilized?I'm not entirely sure they can be, but there is no doubt that I'm not the most well versed person regarding G+ and FB. Any tips are appreciated.I do think the hubskihose via twitter is pretty cool but sometimes I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels with the FB/G+ stuff.TIA.I just received this in my mail:New Likes Talking About This Weekly Total Reach 0 5 271 -50.9%What does "talking about this" even mean? Request: Could we get personalized domain filters?, I really love how a major part of the user experience here on hubski is personal filtering. You can filter out users you dislike, and tags you never want to see. However, I think if you took us one step further and allowed us to filter out individual domains, it would make it the (near?) perfect experience.For example, I really love #history, I'm subscribed to the tag, and usually if I see someone submitting a lot of cool things with that tag, I end up following them as well. However, I really have no desire to read anything from wikipedia. Unfortunately, wikipedia articles are commonly submitted under the tag #history. I'd love to be able to filter out wikipedia entirely, so I never see another wikipedia article on hubski again. I have similar feelings about imgur. Update: Where are my badges? might have noticed that the first number next to your name decreased today.Instead of showing the total number of badges that you have earned to give away, we are now showing the number of badges you currently have to give.For example, hubski currently has 4 badges to give, has earned 2 badges from others, and has 490 followers:We think this is less confusing, and more informative.You can still see the total number of badges that you have accrued and given away in your profile.Speaking of profiles, on the advice of BLOB_CASTLE, in the profile we have made it easier to distinguish the posts that a user has shared and those they have made.As always, feedback is appreciated! simple would it be to1. Allow/default to an HTTPS connection2. Do whatever "verifying" the site's "identity" entails? If either would be relatively trivial to do, I think it would be worth doing. implications of being able to edit post links was recently brought up with me that it could be potentially terrible if someone on hubski were to post good content, let it get shared so more people see it, then have the poster change the link into something, well, much less popular. I understand the reasoning behind letting people change the link, but I think that if it were a popular site, this kind of feature could be taken advantage of by trolls and advertisers. - which users should we follow?, I love the interface on Hubski, but my one major concern is that it's really difficult to find users to follow right off the bat. You're given a small list of people to follow when you first jump on (presumably mods, right?), but there's no indication of whether they're representative of the larger Hubski community, or of your particular interests.Now, don't get me wrong- thus far, I've been really happy with the people I've been following (thanks for putting out great material/thoughtful comments, all)- but it just makes me wonder about how many users fly way under my radar who a) have great stuff to say and b) follow my general line of interests.So if your first choice of who to follow is more or less arbitrary, how can we insure that really great users don't fall under the radar? Is the "chainlink" approach- that is, follow an initial mod and then follow people who respond to that mod's post in ways you find thoughtful, and then follow posts off of those users etc.- efficient enough?In light of this, I'd love to hear some thoughts on who people generally find well worth following, and why. Do they align with your interests, or do they just consistently bring neat stuff to the table?Been having an awesome time here, but I want to make sure I'm not missing out on more great stuff. text trail on hubski? use an iPad on dark theme, and it seems as if all text has a trail. Is it just my eyes being crazy from the contrast, or is it coded into Hubski to be 'easier on the eyes'?Edit: I tried to take some screen caps while scrolling, but I couldn't see any trailing. Im thinking its just the color scheme/iPads screen.Does anyone else see text on Hubski trail? are going to order some more Hubski stickers. What should they look like?'ve almost exhausted our supply of Hubski stickers, and we have decided to order some more, and send them to anyone who wants them.We'd like to make these look different from the last batch, and thought you'all might have some ideas that were better than ours. There are two constraints however: they should be square (we are thinking 3"x 3"), and they can only use one color of ink (otherwise it gets pricey fast).Thanks!If we choose your design, we'll send you some stickers for free. Just like we will for anyone else who wants them. :)BTW, those are gordonz88's stickers. server migration at 10PM EST today we are going to be migrating Hubski over to a new server. We plan to start the process at 10PM EST.If all goes according to plan, Hubski should be back in action within the hour.Thanks!'s say I post a question that continues to generate discussion. I'm informed when people respond to the original post, but sometimes relevant replies are posted to comments. The commentator is probably informed, but not the original poster - is that right? In particular, I'm talking about discussion here that showed up five days after the original post. Is there any way to give the original poster the option of being informed about replies to comments. I'm aware that replies to comments are not always of interest to the original poster. suggestions I hadn't visited hubski for about 2 weeks (I was busy, my dog ate my homework...). I just noticed 2 little things that might be worth improving.1. The title on the pages are "feed" or "submit" etc. If it was me i'd change them to " - Feed", " - Submit". It just looks more polished and is a really easy change. Also the profile page has no title at all and displays as "" in chrome....2. On the "feed" page we have the Vote, URL, Poster and tag links all on the left side. And then all the way over on the right is a tiny link for the comments. How about the following:(Vote) (URL) "domain" by [Poster] to #[tag] - [icon #num "comments"] - [hide] - [save] - [search]Now this pushes everything to the left which makes it easier to see/click, I dont need to scan across to see how many comments a item has, also the comments is a larger link and easier to hit. The downside is that the right side is empty but adding a list of trending posts, tags etc could be placed there.3. Add some javascript helper to the tag field on the submit screen to show a list of tags as you type.Just some ideas, feel free to ignore if there is already a reason behind the current layout.Edit: I found one more4. Change the "target='blank'" on all links to "target='_blank'". When you call the target "blank" that means you are giving the new window the name "blank". When you click another link in hubski it will open the 2nd link in the same window as the first because the window is named "blank"... change it to "_blank" and all the links will open in new windows which I think is what was intended.Edit(2): I found some more 5. Make the textarea on the submit page resizeable to the width of the post. The table cell it sits in needs to have a colspan="2 or 3" attribute added.6. On the tag page e.g. "" I'd like to see how may people follow that tag. I noticed i post a lot to #articles (I may be the only one) but I have no idea of how large an audience there is...7. Ordering, when looking at a list of links on the feed or tag pages id like to order by number of comments or votes. This allows me to filter for popular/interesting/controversial topics. It will be essential when the number of items gets larger.8. Tags - Its hard to find them! Right now I click community, look at the list of trending/popular tags as this is my only source. a. Give me a list of tags with some stats (number of posts/comments/activity etc) b. Make it really really easy to follow a tag. Right now I have to go Community > click Tagname which loads a new page, click follow tag which loads a new page, then click back twice to return to the list. Just list the tags and give a small [+] or something beside them to follow and [-] to unfollow... It saves me 4 page loads!9. Let me style lists in Markdown. Right now I cant seem to list anything nicely ( i may be missing the correct symbol), the item above has a nested list but it doesnt display correctly.10. Fix the URL links on the profile pages. The one on my profile works because I included "http://" at the start of the URL but if you look at theadvancedapes profile it doesnt work as the URL starts with www. after hitting "submit" I would like to be taken to my post for a doublecheck, not my feed. the Hubski Profile Page we were having a lively discussion about how the user profile page could be improved, and after some time we concluded that it would be helpful to ask you all about your thoughts on the matter.What do you look for on the profile page? What is currently there that doesn't matter to you? What would you like to see there that isn't?The page could be improved by a redesign, and we have some ideas. However, before we go forward, we would love to get your feedback.Thanks in advance! the username under "recently badged" on the community section... take you straight to the badged post/submission, instead of to the user in question's profile.Shouldn't it? Thoughts? HN was down because hubski uses the same codebase; I could totally imagine making this mistake some day. sounds_sound for the new badge. has some design chops, and thenewgreen was able to convince him to do a treatment of Hubski the other day.He gave us a bunch of good stuff to work on and to work with, however his suggestion for a new badge was such an improvement I had to implement it straight away.To be fair, khaaan among others had previously pointed out that our previous badge was too similar to the hubwheel. (khaaan also just shared this interesting idea.)At any rate, I wanted to give credit where credit was due. It's likely that some of the other ideas that sounds_sound gave us will be working their way onto the site too.Thanks sounds_sound, and thanks to everyone else that has been sending their creative energy our way. previews in main timeline posts wounded if it would be posible to somehow get an image preview of images posts on rollover., jQuery, and Modules: Refactoring the Hubski Enhancement Suite userscript's reading break here (that means I have the week off from classes) so I thought I'd take a stab at creating a blog. Figured working with the HES would be a decent first post; let me know what you think. reddit admin on tags point seems to be that discussion will differ depending on which tag a story is found at. Is that why you restrict stories to one tag, mk? v0.2 Release Enhancement Suite v0.2 has just gone live, it includes:* Compatibility updates for the recent major site redesign. * Post selection (with j/k) highlighting now matches your current theme - the awesome work of @ forwardslash@. * Never Ending Hubski now autoloads user comments, eg mk's comments. * New keyboard shortcuts - 'a' will now share/unshare a post when it's selected and '1-9' will take you to the global page corresponding to that number of shares.Updating is still quite cumbersome - however there are ideas being floated about how to improve that.Currently, the best way to update is to download the script and then follow the installation instructions to overwrite your current copy.Please report bugs/request features here and I'll try and respond as quickly as I can.Cheers, Josh. Update: A new look brings a significant change to the layout of Hubski.There were two primary objectives behind this effort: 1) to give content more space, and 2) to make navigation a bit more intuitive. I am happy to discuss our thinking behind the redesign below.It is likely that we will make some adjustments as we go forward.As always feedback is much appreciated. Priority tried to search to find a thread that explained this but nothing came up.I first thought it was by popularity, then by most recent. But the only thing I can see is that the most belligerent, one-sided arguments tend to be at the top of the comment tree. How does it work? or Broken Link? of the time when I try to post I write it all out, and submit, and get some error about expired link. I think I'm taking too long to think out and type out what I have to say. Luckily the back button remembers everything I type and a quick Ctrl+c, refresh, Ctrl+v fixes all problems. But is there a way to prevent this in the first place? Enhancement Suite guys and gals of this wonderful community,I've been spending quite a bit of time here recently, and I'm been missing several things that Reddit Enhancement Suite does - so I've gone and created a clone for Hubski.Currently it includes: * Autoloading of new posts as you scroll. * Collapsing comments within threads. * Keyboard shortcuts.(and probably a million bugs), but anyways, I've been enjoying using it since I hacked it together several nights ago and thought it may be useful to others.I hope it's useful and I'd love to hear everyone's feedback, especially from mk, thenewgreen, b_b, akkartik and the other admins.Also, I'll be using the #enhancement tag for for release notes & other relevant information - so follow that if you wish. Mui author of "Fasten Your Seatbelts: Google's Driverless Car Is Worth Trillions" visits Hubski the link to a post on Hubski that I thought raised some interesting questions, so I reached out to the posts author. Hubskiers that were a part of the conversation, @ teenagewangst@, b_b, flagamuffin, briandmyers, IntimidatingScones, sounds_sound, dooble, MrScience.Chunka Mui has provided links to parts 2 and 3 of his work and has encouraged anyone to ask him follow up questions. I think that's pretty cool of him Directory there a tag Directory with a description of each tag? with spammy users came across user surajramnani, who submits all his posts from the same site (which is completely full of advertising). I understand that aspiring bloggers want to get as much traffic to their site as possible, but I think this is an example of someone who doesn't actually want to contribute the community, and instead wants to pollute it for their own benefit.I'd be interested to see what other people think about this, and whether we need to introduce a "report spam" button or other method of penalising users like this. Update: Spring is here time ago, <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=Raxyn13">Raxyn13</a>~ asked if we might have a more vibrant Hubski style. Today we are adding 'spring' to the list.Enjoy!As always feedback is much appreciated.p.s. You can select your Hubski style (and set other options) by clicking on your name, then clicking on 'my control panel'. mobile style for mobile firefox on android I noticed it is currently pretty hard to browse hubski from my phone but that the design is actually pretty flexible.So what do you need? - The style I linked - Mobile firefox for android - The stylish addonWhat it does is pretty much enlarge most elements and fixate everything in a single column layout.It is possible that it will work in other browsers as well, I am just not aware of any other mobile browsers that support userstyles. Update: The Return of Tags me begin by apologizing for the rash of downtimes and general weirdness over the last 24 hours. We are making some significant changes behind-the-scenes, and it has been a bit more interesting than we hoped for.But, on to other interesting things…Tags are back!That is, you can now follow tags again. In fact, if you were previously following some tags, you are following them again.I’d be happy to talk about our rationale for doing this below. However, the short version is that people really missed following tags, and we think our filtering mechanisms can make up for most drawbacks that can come with it.Happy birthday, <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=kleinbl00">kleinbl00</a>. :)In addition, we have split the ignore function into two. You can now ignore and/or mute a user. If you ignore a user, you don’t see that user’s posts anywhere. If you mute a user, that user cannot comment on your posts. You can ignore, mute, or both.Finally, posts that are in your feed also show up in the global pages. Many of you requested this, including <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=Seal">Seal</a> who made the point that it gives the posts in your feed some context. Done and done.As always, feedback is much appreciated.p.s. It’s been a busy month for Hubski in a number of ways. Thanks for the time and interest that you all have put into making this the best place it can be. We will keep working at it on our end. open letter to the hubski admins. want to take a moment to thank you, admins, for taking such an active role in the ongoing development of this community. Sometimes, I will admit, I have gotten annoyed with some of the changes made or being discussed, because in my head I am envisioning the problems that could occur with 50,000 or 100,000 users. However, after a moment I remember that how hubski functions right now is not necessarily how it will function when it has 50,000 users (as opposed to the 5,000+ here currently).Thank you for continuing to tweak and change things as new features are suggested and the userbase continues to climb. This is just one of the many reasons I keep coming back to hubski on a daily basis. PSA: downtime about the interruptions and general lagginess this morning.We are working on a performance issue atm. Hubski should be snappy, and we are determined to make that so. Apathy was initially very excited about what hubski brought to the table.I've been around for a little over a month (lurking at first), and I've had some very interesting discussions and seen a lot of thought-provoking material. But the longer I stay here, the more I feel apathetic to the cause.I'm not sure why that is, but I'll try to explain as best I can. Take it for what it's worth.I think that hubski shows some real potential, mostly because it allows good content to get to the right people. What I think it does "wrong", or at least not as I would hope is that discussion becomes somewhat of a back-burner part of hubski. (this is my disclaimer - I am mostly referring to new users' experiences) Sure, just like any other website, IRL group or team, sometimes awesome discussions and experiences are had. But the more I look, the less I see it. While I was first impressed by the community aspect of hubski, I now start to question what this really means. The most popular users (thenewgreen, mk, kleinbl00, etc) are almost given a VIP pass to popularity. I think that the way it is set up, the people who are already popular are given a much higher chance at gaining new followers, and rarely because of the actual content they post. If I were to best describe it, hubski is whirlpool where the superusers gain momentum from followers, and continue to suck up all of the users and fill up the userspace, leaving little room for new and less popular users to gain a following. I certainly don't discredit hubski from making gaining popularity possible, but I see it as less and less likely, especially with more users coming in. I might be overstating the problem, but I think it will become more and more apparent as hubski becomes more popular.Your 2 questions: 1. Why would this hamper discussion? 2. If you don't want to see them, don't follow them. Why is it a big deal?1. I don't think this inherently hampers discussion. What I do think is that hubski is becoming more "link/content-oriented" versus "discussion-oriented". Now this is where I have to make a disclaimer that I don't do this often enough, but I think that comments should be where hubski is centred around. Without an active dialogue about what you just read, what was the real point in going to hubski in the first place, instead of just going through your RSS feed or something? It might feel better to go on hubski, but eventually that feeling will become dull. Hubski should be a place where you just know that the comments on a post add to the content in a meaningful and insightful way. And I have got to say that it doesn't happen very often. The thing is, it does. But on first glance at my feed, and the global feel while logged out, there are 2 posts with comments that add anything to the content of the submission. I guess this is my call to arms, which includes me, to start commenting more, and with more effort. If you don't have enough time, or don't know enough about the subject, whatever. I'm sure there are enough people at this point to at least have meaningful discussions in every 1/5 to 1/10 posts. It is hubski, so the posts should be interesting enough to have something to say about it. I don't want hubski to turn into a link aggregator, and I don't want it to turn into a wall of 2 sentence witty replies that add nothing. There is a balance to be found.2. It is a big deal. Powerusers have been proven to wreck websites, look at digg. No matter if the users can ignore them, at some point their backing becomes too strong to avoid their influence on the site. This is a big warning sign, just to say "watch out!", because just by the fact that users have followers, hubski is prone to a big problem of group-think and mob-mentality.So after writing that, it occurred to me that I've provided very little constructive advice. Complaining doesn't really help. So here are some suggestions, take them with a grain of salt:For users: - Be careful what you share. Be sure that you are sharing content because you found it interesting and think your followers would too. - If you have something to add to the conversation, please do. It's typically better to comment than share. (do both!) - Instead of spending 2 minutes on 10 posts without adding anything to the discussion, spend 10 minutes on 2 posts and add insight into the discussion. Choose posts that you have an interest in. - Play devil's advocate more.For admins / powerusers: - Post what you'd like hubski to look like. (interesting articles, insightful opinions, whatever your ideal is) - Understand how many people are affected by your decisions.One last point that I had (and yes, I am a hypocrite) - hubski promotes posts about hubski a lot. Maybe this is a good thing. And sure, ignore #hubski. But I just find it really interesting that we like posts about our own community so much. Maybe it's pretentious, maybe it's cautious, maybe it's just interesting. I can't really say. Just thought I'd put that out there.I realized that a lot of #hubski posts are very positive-natured, and rarely is the site criticized for things in its own community. I don't mean to say huski is in any way going in the wrong direction, as a matter of fact I love the place. It is very cool. Just thought we should be cautious about exclaiming that it's perfect and flawless already - there's still work to be done. (and we're all happy to be part of that work) Hopefully this didn't come across as mean or anything of the like, I only want self-improvement. The user base has a lot to do with this. (this is one of the things mk can't do himself :))Alright, enough rambling, am I off base or no? Any other suggestions to improve? Hubski is Awesome've been wanting to join hubski for a bit, but when I tried to sign up yesterday I found the 15 letter limit to user names. Not feeling creative, I delayed until I could think of a good way to shorten Intimidating Scones from 18 to under 15. dupurz contacted an admin, and then told me to try again today. So, well, you can see for yourself why Hubski is awesome.^ Hide domain would like to be able to hide posts from certain domains, because their content is never appealing to me and they keep "polluting" the global. you TheNewGreen and Hubski! really appreciate getting these, thank you for taking the time and sending them to me! what's the actual deal with Hubski? Is NSFW alright? any of you remember me from Reddit, I'm mostly just a provider of entertainment - both SFW and NSFW. Is Hubski alright with NSFW content? Or will that just make people angry? Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island. Please discuss. for hubski feed think the title makes enough sense. Is hubski open source? If not, is it possible to get a pseudo code version of the algorithm? mk? akkartik? something special in the mail you so much, thenewgreen, can't wait to start spreading these around! Thought On Sharing Posts's the point of sharing a post without commenting? My best experiences on Hubski have been in discussion with those whom I don't agree with. If anything, I like simply reading through what others have to say. This isn't me trying to promote the popularity of a thread, but rather I'm trying to promote discussion. If I post a link, sure, I'd like for others to see it. But it's also an invitation for you to express your opinion on the matter. Even if you agree, say something. Someone who disagrees will comment and thus a discussion is born. I don't want Hubski to become a just another link aggregator. Hubski is a place for thoughts. Update: Salt, save, akkartik there is one major development and two minor updates that we want to share.First, the development: <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=akkartik">akkartik</a>~ has joined team Hubski! Actually, akkartik has long been a behind-the-scenes asset. He is an Arc enthusiast, and has often served as my Arc sensei. It’s no exaggeration to say that he understands the workings of Hubski more deeply than I. However, more important than his expertise (and doubling the size of our development team), akkartik ‘gets’ Hubski, and our goals.Welcome aboard, akkartik!The updates:First, thanks to akkartik, passwords are now salted. Passwords had previously been hashed, but now a salt is added as well. <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=DanQ">DanQ</a>, <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=ll">ll</a> and others have made other good security suggestions, and we plan to implement more improvements.Second, as you might have noticed, you can now save comments. <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=BLOB_CASTLE">BLOB_CASTLE</a>~ suggested this some time ago, and we agreed that there was little reason why comments couldn’t be saved like posts. In fact, comments are often the most valuable content to be found.As always, feedback is appreciated.p.s. Sorry for the extended downtime last night at about 1AM EST. We were implementing some changes so that akkartik and I can more efficiently collaborate, and it took longer than we anticipated. we have a date/time stamp on posts in the stream? says it all really, it would be nice and I don't imagine it'd take too long to do. Of course, if you have more important issues to fix first, by all means, I just think it'd be nice to know when something was posted with only a quick glance. HUBSKI: What do you think of the new logo?! [UPDATED] new logo for The Advanced Apes is ready!It took a lot of hard work for a close friend and collaborator. What do you think Hubski?!EDITWhat do you think of the second image?! per Post based on tags made a really simple analysis of the amount of shares my posts get based on their tags. Obviously this isn't a perfectly accurate calculation, because I have one or two posts in a lot of tags, but I thought it was an interesting proof on concept. I wouldn't even know where to start to do this on the entire site (I just hand typed this one), so if you're interested in showing me some stuff maybe we could figure something out. Of course, if mk is alright with us crawling the site for a few minutes. Tell me what you think. posts still showing up in global? freshen up my feed, I hide posts I've already seen. However when I go to the global tab, if it's a popular post, it shows up anyway. Is this intended behaviour? If so, could it not be? comments extension for Hubski [edit: bug fix] in both Firefox Greasemonkey and Chromium. Should work on any page where comments are wrapped in "div.outercomm".To install in Chromium, open chrome://extensions/ and then dragdrop into the list.To install in Greasemonkey, just click the link.I could have made it do a fancy slide animation but it was kind of glitchy so instead of fixing the bug I just made them disappear instantly, thus concealing the problem. I also could have made the [-] change into a [+] when collapsed, but I'm a lazy fucker. At a total of 39 lines including comments you can tell I really worked hard on it.old vers with byline bug, I was going through the early Hubski posts and This was my Favorite! job, ecib. Good job. to connect to the Hubski Internet Relay Chatroom to join the hubski IRC channel if you have no clue what you are doing.If you don't feel like downloading something, or want to pop in for a quick chat, the following website is a web chat client. Mibbitclick on server connect choose a nick/name channel #hubskiFollow the steps below if you prefer a background client.Step 1. Download and install an irc client.Some popular windows clients are: Mirc Hexchat Kvirc IcechatSome popular mac clients are: Colloquy Xchat LimechatLinux? - Pssh! You installed linux, you can figure out how to get on IRC :P In all seriousness though Hexchat Irssi KonversationStep 2. Connect to server(The place where #hubski is hosted)You will see a chatbox, there you type. type "/server" then hit enter. (the server is the server that hosts the hubski chat)Step 3. Join #hubskiType in the same chatbox "/join #hubski"Step 4. Say hello and meet some fellow skiers!--Thanks Cortez and the #hubski channel for editing help--'s response to the 404 error just realized this, and I have to say it's my favorite 404 page so far. Job: What Does Hubski Badge? is a social network and link-aggregating service that has built a small, but strong and growing community. They have accomplished this by promoting thoughtfulness and providing an enriching environment for discussion. Over the past two weeks, several Hubski users (e.g., JakobVirgil, rozap) have conducted studies to better understand the current state of Hubski, and potentially offer the creators with some useful advice for future growth.In this article I will attempt to better understand what Hubski has traditionally deemed “badge-worthy” in order to gain insight into the types of content users of Hubski find thoughtful. These data should help us gain perspective on the current comment rank system, but will also be useful in understanding other past trends, most importantly: what does the thoughtful social network think is thoughtful?mk was aware of this studies development.Note: If you would like to contact Cadell Last you can find him on Hubski (username: theadvancedapes), or contact him via email ( or on his website: The Advanced Apes. check out this new link-sharing site everyone is leaving hubski for to hubski! to hubski! This is a simple guide to everything you probably need to know before doing anything. The first thing you should do is create an account. This is as straightforward as any other website. You need an account if you want your feed to be full of interesting things that correspond to your interests.So once you have an account, you will probably want to follow some users. But where do you find people? There are 2 main places to start:1. Community - This is the page to find people who are popular, tags that are trending and just generally what is going on in hubski. My recommendation is to follow a bunch of top followed users, and slowly pick away people who don't post things you're interested in, but that is just me. It's totally up to you who you follow. When you click the person's name, info about their recent posts and what they usually post. Use that as a guideline on who to follow. 2. TMI - This is good for some insight into who is popular at the moment. If you're not into people who are popular, feel free to ignore these two and surf global for a while and find people who posts awesome content.Once you have followed some people (15-30 is usually a good amount to keep from clutter), you can start participating in discussions and submit content. I'll go over these two things.DiscussionsThis is probably the most important part of hubski. This is what makes our site unique and interesting to visit. It could not be for you though. If you find yourself to be someone who can't bear reading a big wall of text, maybe you should should some time lurking before you start discussing. Generally we expect you to have read the submission, and if you are responding to someone, that comment. It's pretty rude to comment otherwise.A good comment made by StephenBuckley about general expectations of users on hubski can be found here. You should read this.So this is the part where I tell you that hubski is a place for interesting, insightful and respectful discussion. All 4 of those words are really important. Generally, if you are critizing, be constructive. If you aren't well versed in the subject at hand, either explicitly say so or research some before posting. If you want to tell someone anything, be respectful in your tone. Act as if you would in a book club where everyone knows who you are and how you act. Understand you are talking to another human being with feelings just like yours, if not more sensitive. Generally, do not be a dick to other people.It's really okay to talk about any topic on hubski, but remember that hate and disrespect will be follow up with people ignoring you. If you like a topic, feel free to start a conversation about it.This is important. mk, b_b and thenewgreen and plenty others have worked exceptionally hard to make this site what it is today. If you have a complaint, a suggestion or a bug, remember how much they have to deal with. These guys are really awesome, and deserve nothing but praise. You make mistakes too.Small notes: Posting comments in threads that are old is okay. We strive to make content "time-less", meaning that it does not matter when it was posted, but rather what is inside the post. This is different than a lot of forums and social networking sites.Be sure you understand the formatting of comments before making them, and check to be sure it is formatted correctly before going along on your way to other posts. Formatting is available by clicking the "markup" button beside text boxes.SubmittingThis is the part where you make hubski a better place by putting just a little effort in. This is also the part that you should not feel obligated to do. If you don't have anything that you think people should see, there's no reason to post some low-effort content on this site.If you do have things you'd like people to see and discuss, post them! As you prove yourself to post interesting content, more and more people will begin to follow you. It might take some time, but eventually if there are people who want to see it, they will follow you.This is where I advise you not to think of this like reddit, or any other "karma-based" reputation systems. In fact, your shares are only visible to you. So please, please do not treat hubski like a competition.Note: Hubski is not like reddit (I use this site because it is a direct example) because submissions do not get "burried" if shares do not come in quick enough. If you have posted, it will show up on your follower's feeds. If they share it, it will show up on theirs, and so on. So do not think that just because an article is long or takes time to go through it will be ignored. Oftentimes the posts with the most shares have the most amount of content, with the exception of text posts.BrowsingSo you are probably confused with how the hubwheel (hubski's logo) works with posts and comments, and why some users have different colour names. These are common questions, with simple answers. When you click the hubwheel on a post, that shares it to all of your followers. When you click it on a comment, it acts in a similar way as an upvote on other websites (HN, reddit). Comments gain visibility in the thread with more votes, while shares broadcasts the posts to your followers. Posts with more shares are rarely prioritised in your feed over other posts, because the amount of shares is not how likely the content is appealing to you. It is way more about who shared it to you, and how many people of the people you follow shared that content.The colour of people's usernames are as follows: Tags are used to indicate what the post is about, try to be as specific as possible without making the tag irrelevant. Only one tag is allowed per post, but the community can add a second tag if someone has more than one badge.Generally, you should share content your followers will find interesting based off your previous posts. Sure, there is nothing wrong with sharing something out of the ordinary, but be sure to understand that people follow you for different reasons and that kind of content may not be one of them.Three more things1. Badges are earned through an algorythm that detects how much discussion your posts start. This includes things like shares, comments and comment votes. The hubwheel that is under your name on the left hand side indicates how close you are to earning your next badge. Once it becomes full, you can use that badge to highlight extra good comments and posts.2. The "discover" links are useful for finding content you would not find on your feed. Content there is everything that does not show up on your feed. The global feed is a good place to find popular and unshared content.3. To private message a person, click their username and press the "send mail to username" button. These conversations are good if you have a concern about what they have said and want to clear things up privately. It's good for all other kinds of things too.A short note about ignoring: You can ignore both users and tags. Ignoring tags prevents any post with that tag attached from going on your feed, and ignoring users prevent their posts from making it to your feed and their comments are not shown on your posts. Use the function to it's best ability, but don't overdo it. (it's always possible good content could come in a tag you've ignored)GlossaryHubwheel - The logo for hubski in the top left corner that indcates how popular a post is. Badge - Something given to posts and comments that are exceptional by people who have earned badges. Followers - People who have followed you, similar to twitter followers. Posts / Submissions - Things users post to generate discussions with others.Hubski is a place for sharing thoughtful information and conversation. Here you can find interesting stories, ideas and events, and share what interests you with others. Feel free to spend some time here, and if it's not for you, it's not for you. Thanks :) is no Reddit migration is not a migration from reddit to hubski. What? Let me put it in national terms reddit has 43 million users that is 3 million people more than Argentina. There are less than 6000 accounts on hubski that is about the same as Saint Pierre and Miquelon ever heard of it? To rephrase it in a way that Americans can understand if reddit is America hubski is the Cayman Islands.What we are experiencing here is not a symptom of reddit's decline but and testament to it's strength. In my estemation Hubski has had a period of growth because like anything else that makes it to reddit's main page we got a hell of a lot of hits.Continuing the national metaphor it is as if Brad and Angie visited the Caymans, raved about their trip and some people planned their vacations based on that. User Guide - Compiled Information’s the FAQ and the about Hubski, below is compiled information about Hubski from word of users and developers. A lot of stuff may have changed but this is a basic idea. If you feel something should be added to this, please make a post in the comments.About Hubski are a couple of basic features I'll leave it to less biased users to sell them: You have three symbols under your name on the upper left: a hubwheel, a badge, and a follower icon, with counts to the right of them.The hubwheel goes around and completes as you use the site, and others appreciate and share your contributions. Every time you complete a hubwheel, you earn a badge that you can award to another user's post or comment. Click 'badges' in the menu on the left to see what has recently been badged by others. The center of the hubwheel turns orange if you have non-dismissed notifications. once you earn 1 hubwheel, you can also start adding community tags to postsThe badge icon keeps track of how many badges others have given you.The follower icon is pretty self-explanatory. Click the 'markup' link on the top right of a textbox to see how to do text functions like shout outs to other users, like this one to b_b. In general markup requires book-ending text with symbols. Under 'controls', you can switch your hubski style. In addition to dark, you can choose 'snow', 'clean', or 'ugly'. You can also post images in comments.- MkThis is hard to markup, seeing as it has code in it already, they counter each other out.Hubski markup Text surrounded by asterisks () is italicized, if the character after the first asterisk isn't whitespace. Text surrounded by plus signs () is bolded, if the character after the first plus sign isn't whitespace. Text surrounded by vertical bars (hold shift and the button beneath backspace for verticle bars.) is quoted, if the character after the first bar isn't whitespace. A user's name surrounded by at signs (@) links to their hub, and the user is notified that you mentioned them. A word surrounded by hash signs (#) becomes a tag and links to posts with that tag. Blank lines separate paragraphs. Text after a blank line that is indented by two or more spaces is reproduced verbatim in a different font. URLs become links. Text can link to URLs by using the following format: linked text Image URLs (.png, .tif, and .jpg) will embed automatically. - iPilotTheNewGreen runs a Hubski podcast, provide ideas support. is a microwave cooking genius. – Hightech cooking..The Hubski IRC is #hubskiMark ups.Spoiler markup: Surround text in ~s -Insomniasexx logo am looking for a high resolution version of the Hubski logo. Could someone please link me to one? Of Logical Ignore Operations For A Cleaner Feed? like to trawl global for interesting things. When posts are tagged #music, I'd like to include interesting texts or links to, say, a TED talk about music or a blog entry, but not the countless tracks submitted.Could there be an option to:ignore (#music && [video] && [])orignore (#music ! [text])etc?Would this be of use or interest to anyone else? on dolphin browser android clicking a username in landscape mode the frame opens in the current tab, loads, but does not display anything, its just a blank frame. I change to portrait and the frame loads properly then stays readable when moving back to landscape.HTC vivid Android 4.0.3 Dolphin 9.1.0Edit: just tested it and the same occurs in portrait. important part of the hubski TOS new users from reddit should see. By using the Service, you agree not to make available Content that: is threatening, unlawful, abusive, harmful, harassing, or libelous; is harmful to minors; falsely impersonates a person or entity; falsely misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity; allows use of the Services by others in a way that violates these Terms.Full TOS here keeps dropping people I'm following refresh a page and notice that one or more of the people I'm following are no longer blue linked. I then go to their user page and yup, sure enough, it give me the option to follow them again.I've had to re-follow @syncretic about 5 times now Hubski was once not just grey on grey on gray on grey about necroposting?'m pretty sure this has been mentioned before by someone, but I'm still not sure how it is regarded as here.The timeliness that mk feels is unnecessary, seems to encourage necroposting more, which would be quite interesting. Most forums and other community-websites absolutely hate necro-posting. In reddit it's just ineffective, since the post will never be seen.Personally I think necroposting can be a good thing. Maybe a way to see if there's any new posts since a long time like RES does with comment threads would make it easier to see if a thread is being necroposted. do we need to change the amount of shares to fill the hubski wheel? was having a discussion with a friend who is new to hubski recently and the idea came up about how a post only needs 8 shares to "fill" the wheel. At some point when hubski is more popular (which is coming soon - I've seen tons of new users recently), this will probably need to change. Our two ideas were:1. For each circle to represent more than 1 share. This would need to change dynamically based on traffic and/or users online. 2. To have different "levels". This means that the circle changes colours each time it gets more than 8 shares, and each level is a different colour. This might be confusing to new users and might not scale as well.What are your ideas about how the hubski wheel will evolve with the amount of users on hubski? Hubski IRC - Information Station!'s the info to the Hubski IRC. Join up and come #hubski PSA: Hubski will be down for about 20 minutes, starting at 11:55PM EST is going to step outside for a moment. I like most about this site. downvotes, therefore no downvote brigades.Whats your favorite part? PSA: You killed Hubski! aboard!It looks like time for more memory.I'll probably will be announcing a planned outage very soon, before we have another unplanned one. make ignore hide all comments from a user as well as posts. I ignore a user I want them to go away forever. feel I can't share a post when it doesn't interest all my followers'm not going to suggest "subreddits" as a solution because eliminating mods in favor of ignoring/following makes moderation more decentralized and likely that Hubski will avoid the authoritarianism of reddit. In place of subreddits Hubski has "tags" and "following". This makes Hubski user-centric and thus a friendlier place than reddit. Reddit is largely the democratization of thought, not discussion for its own inherent value.Back to my main point; sometimes I feel I can't share something because it may not interest all my followers. My followers interests all overlap with mine in different ways. This is because friendship is not a binary. People talk about different things in different contexts and with different groups of people.Tags are also not a solution because anyone can spam a tag's stream and then we're back to subreddits with authoritarian mods. So interest/discussion-context clusters do not match users or tags.So, how we need an algorithm that recommends posts to users through their overlap.Where users' posts overlap there is formed a discrete interest. The transitive property can be used to connect these overlaps as they are actually the same interests. UI on hubski sucks the hell decided it was a good idea to make links a half shade lighter than the neighboring text?Who the hell decided size 11 font is readable? userstyle that emulates Edurne a bit, and puts the sidebar right, and the threads left. one for reddit fanatics who have been so active on reddit they want the convenience of having everything in a reddit-like layout/UI. This doesn't do that, though, only those 2 simple things, and change some colours.This only works properly on Snow theme and Clean theme, by the way. that places age of submission next to the user directly.'m personally very used to seeing it there, thanks to Reddit, so I find it very convenient for me, personally, to use this extension. It makes the initialization of the webpage quite laggy, because I'm using a regex on the webpage where the zoom is.I would have no other idea of how to check the time, so I'm afraid it'll stay laggy like this for now. boxes for Hubski. made a script that puts comments in boxes, and makes them selectable also. The selecting is quite useless, but it's a habit of mine thanks to Reddit & RES.I hope there are more people that will find this handy and nice for the eyes, because that's the only point to it.I might work on a 'Hubski Enhancement Suite', but I'm not sure what functions are needed and possible for me to program, because I'm not that good at programming. how big is Hubski? redditor here who is getting sick from it. How big is the community here? HUBSKI: Is internet voting a popularity contest? friend needs some thoughtful feedback:I work at an Armenian-based not-for-profit in Toronto which works to cross-comparatively approach genocide and human rights studies, keeping a global perspective as far as possible. While most of our support comes from the Armenian community, I myself am not Armenian, and this organization does everything in its power to remain impartial and base all decisions on facts and truth as far as those are available. (While I believe “facts” and “truth” are inherently problematic terms in themselves, I also feel that aspiring to them as ideals is not something to be scoffed at).Today my office received an email from someone who has us on a listserv that I thought was particularly intriguing. There is an online voting competition in which new tech start-ups in Europe compete for a pan-European award. These competitions seem more and more popular, with radio stations and popular organizations such as using them to showcase new up-and-comers in their industries. In an email sent out to a presumably Armenian Diasporic audience, a man requests “Friends and Compatriots” to “Like” the idea on a voting page, a pretty standard procedure for anyone even remotely internet savvy. The email specifically draws on ethnic historical memory and antagonisms when it notes, “Can we ask to share the link among the Armenian Diaspora. Now he is in the 5-the [sic] place among 630 participants. Right now he is in tough and unfair competition with a Turkish project that is leading the raise [sic].” Turkey and Armenia have a dark history coloured especially by the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915 and the ongoing Turkish denial of that genocide. Which side is correct is irrelevant to the extent that the sense of enmity between the two is likely impossible to diffuse at this point, at least in the short term.The feeling I got when reading this email reminded me of being in my teens. In high school, voting for class president often seemed like a popularity contest as well. The candidates all gave speeches outlining why they should be elected, but the real mechanism of support was popularity and this was clear in such cases as Joel Escalator, who was elected to some position in council after swallowing a live goldfish whole on stage.So, is Internet voting similarly a popularity contest? Are people really winning contests by an unbiased recognition of their achievements or are they simply winning because they appeal to friendships, shared ethnic backgrounds, historical antagonisms, or cheap theatrics? Shouldn’t awards be based on merit and not the level of internet action of a specific and biased group?What are your thoughts?Not his real name now has funding'll be interesting to watch them as a (very loose) hubski competitor.There's some interesting discussion on HN: sent me stickers! hope this isn't spam, but thenewgreen was kind enough to send me stickers when I asked about them in a previous post.This is honestly the most generous/most enjoyable online community I've found in quite a while. You're all great :)At the moment imgur is having problems, but once they're not I'll post a mirror photo there. Thoughtfulness: Relationship between important Hubski user data to conduct this study was granted by mk and thenewgreen.Opinions are my own. Data was collected from If you would like the pdf document or the raw form to the data in excel, that is available upon request.If you would like to contact me, feel free to message me via Hubski, email ( or via my website ( interview with mk, thenewgreen and b_b on the challenges of starting a thoughtful social aggregation site. if this counts as spam. Request [very small!] mk, are we able to have the date posted on posts? Obvious reasons I guess. exploration of the Hubski Trinity (Are there divisions in hubski?) included the chart here in case folks want to refer to it. of Hubski users shows Stratification. people need to support! we get a tally of how many community tags we've suggested listed on our userpage? like tags. I really enjoy the dynamic between the tag suggested by the OP and the tag suggested by the community. There are a lot of different tags that have been used (and I'm sure many more that haven't been thought of yet) that can give insight into how the OP views the article or why they wanted to share it. For example, choosing to use the tag #goodlongread shows that the OP is sharing the article because of its length and depth. If the tag #nottheonion is chosen, you know the OP thinks the article is outrageous and could be mistaken for satire. Neither of those tags are restricted to a specific subject, and both of them serve to give a little flair and personality to this website, imo.I would like it if more users felt compelled to use the community tag feature. Not very many of them do. I absolutely love being able to suggest tags, and the first thing I always do when I finish reading an article is suggest a tag for it. More often than not, no one else has done so. I was thinking of simple things that might encourage more people to suggest community tags, and while I was thinking about that, my mind wandered a bit and I started to wonder how many community tags I had suggested so far. Dozens, surely.Then it occurred to me... why not simply tally them on your userpage? Watching the number climb as you suggest tags would provide a subtle encouragement to keep doing so, without breaking anything. More posts that have community tags means more users are benefiting from the feature. Finally, if more users started suggesting community tags, there might actually be more than 1 tag suggested for each post, which means the crowdsourcing aspect of that feature will finally start being, do you think this would be a good idea? request: Find users by what they are interested in think the title makes enough sense, but I'll elaborate with an example:I'm really interested in Linux and Open-Source software, and I'd like to find people that post about those types of things. Now I could search under #linux, #ubuntu, #slashdot, etc. but I could not really be sure the posts there are people that consistently post about linux. I could spend a lot of time looking into their profiles and find out if that's the case, but that seems like a waste of time. I'm wondering if it's possible to just search for users who are "interested in" such-and-such topic. I'm open to ideas that are similar though, or ways to do it already. created a wiki for hubski, and I'm looking for some help., after lamenting the inadequacies of the FAQ in another thread, I created, and mk said he would link to it in the sidebar when it has some content. My problem is, I'm having a bit of trouble deciding where to start. Although my account is 487 days old, during the first year I spent perhaps a few days using hubski, max. I've only been heavily active for the past few weeks - and there's a lot I'm still learning about hubski.For instance, when mk removed the ability to follow tags, it almost completely changed the way I used hubski, while I'm sure many long-time hubski users hardly noticed. I was following a lot of tags with a few users thrown in for variety, while most people were following a lot of users but only a few tags.I'm afraid the 5+ years I've spent using reddit is will influence the overall tone of the wiki, and I'm still not sure I know about all the features hubski has to offer (it seems like I'm learning about a new one every other day), which is why I'm asking for help. If you think you're pretty well knowledgeable about how hubski works, and want to help new users integrate into the community effectively, please feel free to contribute to the wiki! I need all the help I can get. hubski have general expectations for its users? If so, what are they? am relatively new to hubski (as is, very new), and I'm wondering if hubski has some sort of enforced standards for content and comments, or just general expectations. I've looked through the FAQ and some other info pages, but found nothing specific about this. I just want to make sure I am not going about posting / commenting wrong. Hubski Immune to Eternal September? my brief time on Hubski, there's been a lot of touting of how Hubski promotes (or wants to promote) interesting and thoughtful discussions, and that people who don't want that shouldn't be on here. I'm certainly all for thoughtful discussion, and I have to admit that the majority of conversations I've had on here have been enjoyable and edifying. However, I have no reason to believe that a massive influx of users of any quality (and a slight change in the ignore function) would lead to a significantly less enjoyable Hubski.I think as long as the ignore function has the ability to: 1) Stop the person from following you. 2) Stop the person's post from showing up in your recent notifications 3) Hide or at least significantly lower the position of posts by that person in comment threadsThen there's no reason that even if all of myleast favorite people from the internet came here that any given user would have to suffer unduly.Granted, I'm new, I'm not that widely followed, and I have yet to absolutely prove this to myself, but I'm going to mock up a "Hubski simulator" over the weekend to double check what I think.But, if I understand how things get on my feed correctly, then the users I choose to follow need only be ones which I find to be particularly interesting. So if 1,000,000 people joined who I find uninteresting/harmful to my experience, I won't follow them. The only issue then is that if they follow me then they might be all over everything I post and ruin my experience. Barring that, though, I can only think of ways that they could ruin my day through rather extreme collusion.I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is the case, or why it would be wrong? as an alternative to reddit? do you guess? Can we use hubski as an alternative to reddit in a near future (or now)? As you know, reddit's policy made it difficult to use it. Can we switch to hubski now? Would Be Great To Know What Made People Follow You would be an excellent feature to know what comment/post people used to start following you. That way you know what people like about you! On the other hand, maybe that's too much pressure. Personally, I'm a data glutton, so I find myself curious what made people think "This content is good enough that I'd like to see more of it!" the popular page no longer a "top" page? seems to change every time I reload it. we turn the FAQ into a wiki?, I'm sure you're sick to death of all the requests I've been making lately, so feel free to tell me to bug off. :)I have absolutely zero programming knowledge, so I don't know how hard it would be to implement a wiki, but it seems like hubski has a steep learning curve, and I've seen a lot of questions from new users that aren't answered in the FAQ. For instance, I had absolutely no idea how to edit community tags until someone told me (you need to fill your hubwheel completely at least once). Actually, that would be a decent requirement to edit the wiki as well.I just think a hubski wiki/knowledgebase, if it were possible, would be pretty cool. An idea to put on the long-term list, perhaps? Update: Hiding posts and most used tags we have two updates of note.First, you can now hide posts. This removes them from your feed. Currently, you can only hide posts within your feed. We will see if we want to move this functionality elsewhere after using it for a bit. You can thank <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=syncretic">syncretic</a>~ for this new feature.To see the posts that you have hidden, or to unhide them, click on the 'hidden posts' link in your controls.Second, as <span><a class="ajax" href="at?id=dunkellic">dunkellic</a>~ suggested, you can now see the tags that a user has recently used the most in their profile.As always, feedback is much appreciated!p.s. Two updates in two days. Let’s not get used to it. :) sort of infrastructure is Hubski running on?'m just curious about Hubski's infrastructure strategy and how it handles load spikes, etc. give us the ability to see what tags a user uses (the most) hope the headline doesn't come off as entitled ;)As the title says, how about the ability to check the most common used tags by a user. For example, if I click on syncretic I could click on "show tags" and see what he uses for his submissions. Right now if I want to find people to follow, I can't get a real overview of what content they post (well, not everybody give such a clear description as syncretic), I can view their recent posts or shares, or view all their comments, but for active users, this hardly gives any overview. With the ability to see the tags they use, one could decide with a single glimpse whether you share any interests or don't. The tags could be sorted by frequency, or maybe show only the five (or insert any other random number here) most used tags, or the tags whose posts got the most shares, or... Out What I Got In the Mail Today western Chicagoland area shall be covered in Hubski stickers. is the search box case sensitive? the search bar in the left is case sensitive when you search for users. If someone searches 'stephenbuckley' nothing comes up, but I do appear for 'StephenBuckley'. That seems like a bad call! on Self-Promotion? was thinking, since this is a place for discussion, what is the policy on submitting your own work (not that I have any)? Does certain self-generated content have more value than others? If a user posts a song they created and asked users to check out their album, would/should it be removed? What if the user post a link to their own paper and asked for reviews?Maybe this is an issue that has to be handled on a case by case basis, but if the community increases in number, it would be increasingly difficult to monitor. IRC channel? there an official hubski IRC channel anywhere? Preferably focused on social interaction with other hubski users rather than development or support. there be a "new" link on the sidebar between "popular" and "community"? would like to be able to see submissions that have not yet had any shares... I like to see "hidden" posts from users who might not have very many followers yet. When a new user posts something, it's a good boost to their submission when I can find it and share it with my 166 followers. I like finding and following new users, hopefully it will encourage them to become active in the community.'d like to be able to hide posts after I have read them. the slow turnaround, my feed fills up pretty quickly with posts I've already read. Usually the #1 link in my feed is a post I read, can we get a hide/unhide button? State of Hubski: 2012's Hubski's second New Year, and I am happy to say that I don't have a fever this time.It has been another good year.The community has continued to grow, and so has the diversity of ideas and conversation. One thing that tells me that we are doing something right is that despite time and changes, many faces are still with us. I can still look forward to social critiques and perspectives from NotPhil, new music and strong opinions from cgod, and a sprinkling of art, ideas, and Blondie from alpha0.insomniasexx has learned to code, and forwardslash created our first plugin. kleinbl00 and I still disagree on functionality, caio still supplies math and poetry, and thenewgreen started giving us #tngpodcast.Of course, these are just a small slice of the personalities that have continued to make this an interesting place to be.Just as important as those that remain are the good people that have come aboard this past year. cliffelam has been a refreshing counter to my political beliefs, thundara has brought some of the most varied and quality content, and theadvancedapes, lil, and JakobVirgil have reinforced my belief that people sharing their own writing on Hubski is a good thing.I didn’t intend this to be a folksy shout-out, but that is how I feel about this past year. It has been a good time hanging out with these people in a small but growing space. It is possible that such a personal retrospective won’t make as much sense in future State of Hubski posts. However, I do hope that everyone’s individual experience can be as personal and rewarding if they seek it. In fact, that’s my goal.Thanks to everyone that’s made this second year a good one.In what felt like a Holiday surprise, syncretic (whether intentionally or not) opened the tap on a flow of new users this week. Welcome to all of you. This shake up has helped us to identify some things that we are doing well, and some things that we could do better.It’s clear to me that everyone wants something just a little different from Hubski. I don’t expect that to change. However, when you take away the differences, I believe we have much in common when it comes to the type of experience we are looking for. Our goal for Hubski remains to be a place where people can have fruitful conversations over thought-provoking content.As many of you know, thenewgreen has been an invaluable part of team Hubski for some time. Over this past year, b_b has also stepped into a planning and community outreach position. We have no payroll, but if we did, there are others that I feel like could be on it based on what they’ve given to Hubski. sounds_sound in particular has devoted a lot of time and consideration to our development.In related news, we have another programmer coming on board! A proper announcement is forthcoming, but someone that has been close to Hubski from the beginning is going to join in the development team, which will double in size! There has been recent talk about an API, and because of these extra hands and expertise, one will be built this year.The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2012. Thanks for being a part of that!Happy New Year!'d like to be able to see the age of posts in my feed and in tag/user profiles. than having to view the comments to see the age. Any reason this isn't the way it is?, do you/do you ever plan to monetize Hubski? I'm sure a lot of us know, after it got to a certain amount of traffic and popularity, Reddit was sold to Conde Nast. There are also lots of ads all around the site. Will that ever happen here? Internet Relay Chatroom. if this has already been done but. A Hubski IRC has been setup at #hubski.If you're an administrator of this website (founder/co-founder) come in and I'll pass you the director status/channel registration and step down. Just thought it would be nice to get everyone who is active together for potentially interesting conversations or to simply idle until you have something to say. can posts only have one tag? users and Hubski like the idea that you follow users, rather than tags on Hubski. However, this does not really come across in this website's design. I know this is a pretty new site, and a lot of the details have yet to be worked out, but a few things could be done to emphasise Hubski's "user-centrism".First is by switching around a little bit of the terminology. There's a nice big "submit a post" button. But that feels very "reddit". You could change the text to something more along the lines of "share something", making it a little less like posting in a forum, but without discouraging people.I would also make user profiles a little more "full fat". When you click on a username, in the popup window, the actual username is shifted off to the right of the page. It's very easy to blank out when looking at a profile. It causes a sort of disconnect between the content and the person, and doesn't encourage me to follow anyone.However, I would NOT change the look of tag profiles. The fact that they aren't particularly inspiring helps this user-centrism concept.Anyway, I'm rambling a bit, and I can't think of anything else right now, so I'll stop.EDIT: Now I've posted my first proper item, another suggestion I would make is to put a user's newest post at the top, and have it move around the page based on time and "hotness". It's a bit ego-stroking, which is exactly why I suggest it.'s try to increase hubski's rank. hubski means more page views to our blogs and websites. Isn't it? Let's help each other to grow both sides. better way to get to hashtags? I've been a user on here for a day or so from the Reddit move over and a problem I seem to notice is if i want to view all the posts on a specific hashtag (i.e. #science). Sure I could go from my feed to clicking on #science to all #science posts but that seems like a long way to go for a relatively simple task, however it may be just me.Maybe a possible solution to this would be on the side under the discover row to put a "my hashtags" or something to that extent to make navigating around the site better. Seems like it would be simple enough to code as well with just another </div><div class="bottomcoltop"><span class="leftmaintitle">Hashtags</span><br> (keep in mind I only have a basic understanding of web design so that may not work) and then coding in the individuals followed hashtags, all assuming the want for a feature like this was high enough.Unless of course there already is a way to do this which I am completely unaware of, which I would greatly appreciate knowing about. Comments: Pros? Cons?'m sure many hubski users are familiar with reddit's method of expanding or collapsing comment threads. Considering that hubski has the same basic setup for threads, I was surprised to find that there doesn't appear to be any way to collapse them! then I thought there might be a reason, and not just oversight or technical inability or something.So, is there a reason? I've been thinking about it, and it seems like not having collapsible comment threads has its barbs and its petals, so to speak. On the plus side, it will introduce a sort of physicality to the threads which can't be got around- popular things to talk about/debate will necessarily take up more of the page and (presumably) garner more of the attention. On the minus side (?), it means that if something is particularly popular, other responses are less likely to be viewed. I haven't been here long, but it seems like the thread isn't sorted by popularity. Maybe there are filters I'm not seeing? Anyways, if your comment already has 500 responses by the time I come along with a different perspective, my perspective will now take up 1/500th of the screen space that yours does (or the children of yours). Not sure if there's a way to get around this/if one would even want to get around it. Just spitballing.Anyways, what do you think? Or is there a way to expand/contract that I didn't know? the original poster's username in the comments've read the comments of a couple posts where the poster said something that only made sense if I knew it was the poster saying it, and so I had to go back and check the poster's username. Similar to reddit, I think a highlight over the poster's username would make for a better comment reading experience. with ssl?'ve been trying to pitch hubski to my friends, and one of them(a opsec nut who virtualizes his firefox browser and is extremely paranoid) brought up that there is no SSL support for hubski. Is there a reason why there is no SSL now? Not worth the effort, technical difficulties? It would definitely calm the extremely paranoid and would be a nice security feature overall.I'm not trying to be nitpicky, just genuinely curious about this, and how it will be done in arc in the future. API guys, I've had a quick chat with mk about a hubski API, and the consensus is that I'm going to start to spec out a RESTful API for Hubski client apps to use. I'm looking for anyone with experience developing and designing RESTful services to give me a hand with it, so that we can get the best experience for client apps as possible. I'll post any updates I have to the state of the API design under the #api tag from now on, so that I don't clog up #hubski. Let me know if you're interested in helping out! there a way to donate to hubski? a programmer myself, I can see the amount of work mk has put into developing and running the site. I'd like the site to remain the way it is, an interesting and engaging aggregator with a high standard of discussion. I'd also like to reward mk for his work developing the site. Is there a paypal I can donate to? An amazon wishlist? Let me know! Request: A notification when someone you are following has been inactive for X number of days. like to keep the list of people I am following neat and tidy, and when users have been inactive for a large amount of time (say, 90 days), there is not really any point in following them until/unless they become active again. It would be really great if there was some sort of setting in the control panel that notified you when someone you are following has been inactive for X number of days.'m curious, with all the attention we've been getting from reddit today, how many new users signed up?, would you be willing to divulge some traffic stats or other data? is "Ignored by: #" listed in your controls? feels to me like a quantification of how good of a troll one is, which obviously, is not what we want. hubski open-source? I'm new here.I've been poking around the site and I was wondering if I could peek at the source code. website is pretty new to me, mind filling me in on some features so I can get to know it a little better?'ve come from Reddit as of today and I surely intend on sticking here, Reddit has lost its taste for me and I've come to really dislike a majority of the default communities there.So, users of Hubski, tell me about your website, tell me some cool features that are active and coming soon. Pretend that I'm an audience of people interested in Hubski but are skeptical of it. Mobile Apps'm new to hubski, and so far I've been very impressed by the standard of discussion and content here. I did a cursory search on the App Store and google play, and I can't see any mobile apps for hubski. Would any of you be interested in using a hubski mobile app? If so, what platform(s) would you intend to use it on? And for the technically minded among you, does hubski have an API? I heard it's based on the HN source, which would indicate probably not. Thanks in advance! Notifications?, new here. I think I like it already.Quick question -- I want to disable email notifications, but ideally would like to keep notifications to keep appearing under the tab under my username.If I disable these notifications, will it also disable them in the in-site notification area? the next reddit? thread about reddit's evolution and whether hubski could be the next reddit... domain is going to be available anyone? Axial Tilt Fellow Hubskies I went on Reddit for the first time in a while and noticed this Reddit Gold feature. Similarities much? :D Why cant I open link in new tab by default mean, It should be mandatory. I keep on clicking link, reading from the site I was linked too, closing the webpage... And no hubsky anywhere! I have to go find it in my bookmark.I know I can do a right clic "open in new tab", or even better a middle clic. But sometime I forgot.To not make a fool of myself like the last time I asked where I could find my own post (under the "posted" link on my profile), this time I spent a good 20 second looking at controls, tools and stuff on the left menu to find a "open link in new tab" option. I didnt fing any. And I'm so pissed I had to post.Have a good day hubskier.With love, Ooli PSA: iPhone bug fixed. long ago, a #bugski popped up for AT&T iPhone/iPad users that would lead to this error on a login: HTTP/1.1 Transfer-Encoding: chunked 0 Happily, this has been fixed today. I have to thank akkartik for his help in trouble-shooting this one.You are welcome, insomniasexx. hubski I'k rrlally drunk you I'm drunk yeaaaahhh! Happy 21st to me but it was two days ago on the 8th1 yeah! Fuck youuuuu mk your website is actually super great! I can't see what I'm typing script for removing ignored posts a few users noted that they didn't like posts from tags or users that they've ignored showing up in their feed when someone they do follow shares one of those posts. I thought I'd learn some javascript and put together a bit of a hot fix for those that want it.It's really basic right now, it just searches for posts with red text on your page and hides them. As such, at the moment it won't remove additional posts when you load more posts at the bottom of your feed. PSA: A new normal's debatable as to whether or not this qualifies as an update, so I settled for a PSA.First, some of you might have noticed that Hubski looks a bit different.After experimenting with our different styles, we decided to drop the 'normal' style, and set 'clean' as the default.The Hubski 'dark' and 'ugly' styles remain. To change your Hubski style, go to controls.In addition, I've done some more work on Hubski search. The most noticeable change is that it should seem faster. Also, zebra2 suggested that if you search for a url, it should tell you if the url has been submitted. I've implemented that; however it will be tweaked a bit more.That's all for now!Of course, feedback and ideas are always appreciated. legal trouble for Hubski's logo department are cookies from Japan. Expect a Cease and desist letter imminently... non-US Hubskiers. It's election time here. of Powell's Books'm back in town after a weekend in Portland.Despite my energetic protests, steve left this outside of Powell's books. ;)I have some stickers left, so if you want some, send your address to, this morning I just fixed this lingering url bugski.It's good to be back. train in space I read Hubski lately, and why my comments arent what they used to be. open wifi diving around.Open tabs on all pages.Get home.Read pages.Open phone and find link.Comment via phone.Repeat.Sometimes I can connect to a wifi but no Internet comes. When I get a link with more than one page and click next only to have it go POOF! I hate myself (and the evil doer who posted it!) so much.Hubski Dedication Master? :P original content and some special guests... of my favorite Hubski posts are the ones that feature original content or links to content that the person posting it has authored, especially when the author takes part in the ensuing discussion. We are fortunate to have this often and I think it is something to be celebrated. Here are some that come quickly to mind:lil - What's the best advice ever? theadvancedapes - Presidential candidates on science StJohn - Dodo à l’Orange cW - Letters to a Young Mixologist And many moreAlso, occasionally we will have the author of a post stop by Hubski to discuss an article they wrote that was shared by one of our community. I think this is great and it deserves a spotlight. Here are some of my favorites:Hasan Elahi discusses his article from the New York Times You Want to Track Me? Here You Go FBIMarshall Poe discusses his article from The Atlantic titled Meme Weaver -Marshall also contributes links to Hubski from his site New Books In History -A fantastic resource.Tim Doody stopped by to talk about his piece The Heretic -a post that I thought had some great discussions... I mean, who doesn't like remembering their old trips?Most recently, we had Leon Neyfakh come by to discuss his piece from the Boston Globe titled Who Owns You After You Die? -another great discussion and a case where the author added some interesting insight.I just thought I'd point these out. It's awesome when authors take the time to stop by Hubski and take part in our discussions. It's also awesome when people share their original work. I love that. Keep the essays coming b_b, mk , insomniasexx and others...The world needs dreamers -Abe Henry there is a new trend http://www.throwww.com for Grammer often see internet conversations which have dissolve into grammar critiques, I don't think they are enlightening, they are usually in the trolling portion of a flame war. I am not turning in a paper for a grade when I post to Hubski and I keep my editing on the cursory setting with this in mind. I often admire when others post a tight well tuned essay but I don't feel that any exacting precision is needed to share and communicate ideas in the Hubski format. I think that your idea sounds like no fun at all.I don't mind your post grammatically but if I wanted to feel a bit more confident about it this is how i might approach it."People have often commented on my poor grammar. I think that there should be a grammar tag to indicate that a post contains improper grammar. There should also be a way to highlight poor grammar in a text which when corrected would remove the highlight and flag."Edited by cgod PSA: Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal. everyone. You might have noticed some Hubski squirreliness today. For that, I apologize.It seems that we are bumping up against our memory limit.I am planning on doing an upgrade, likely tonight.I'll be updating as things develop.Uh, uh... negative, negative. We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous.EDIT: BTW, if anyone is having an issue logging in on their phone/tablet (not via wifi) please let me know. this new? Idea First Social media site in Space IE something like this but with the Hubski logo or something maybe find away to post to Hubski from space? it's easier to do that you think you just need a balloon with helium. where can I find my old posts? of what I like about aggregator site is the ability to somehow stock some valuable links, posts, topics, ideas, talks, images, or anything relevant enough to interest others and myself, but not worthy of my overloaded bookmark.So I like to be able to found what I once wanted to share, to say or to read. And call me stupid, but I do not know how to find my old posts here! I can check the comments , but it's cumbersome and if there was no comments I'm screwed.Does anybody else feel the same? you Hubski with IE, I am sorry. of curiosity, today I took a look at Hubski on IE 7.0.5730.13.It was not a pretty sight.Some time ago, I decided that as long as it was just myself coding, I wouldn't make IE compatibility a priority.I realize that some people might not have a browser choice while at work, and I'm sorry if you are stuck with IE. But for those of you that are using IE of your own accord... well, I am just sorry.BTW, here are our browser stats from the last week: in town. (Informal Hubski PSA) am back after 2 weeks without internet or cell phone. I spent this time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with family, and it was nice.It was also nice to see that Hubski can run for two weeks without a glich! :)I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. If you are awaiting a response, please be patient.It's good to be back! love my new shirt - Thanks MK & team, I have no idea when this came because my mom didn't inform me that a package had come and I haven't been home in a while. :PI LOVE YOU mk!Also, I hubski-fied my car this past weekend.I'm going to exacto another one when I have a free moment to get rid of the blue and make it look more like a car sticker. But unfortunately I work too much and my boss from my second job is out of town so I'm basically running three family businesses this week. (and a lot of the internet) is broken! that I have your attention ... ;-)It's not a big deal, but -Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 (these will all appear on one line, even though I didn't write it that way).If you want it to look right, you have to press 'enter' TWICE between lines, like this:Line ALine BLine CWhy does this happen, and why doesn't anyone complain about it? It bugs the crap out of me.Okay, rant over. North (a Hubski PSA)., everyone. Every year I head to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for some time.One objective of my annual pilgrimage is to disconnect and to reflect.So, for the next two weeks, I will be mostly absent on Hubski, and difficult to reach.thenewgreen will be in (sporadic) contact with me, so if your account catches fire, let him know.I will miss you all! But, it will be nice to refresh. are there no adverts on on Hubski? that id like to see any adverts but is it something you are considering or do you have a no advert policy? is not amused., mk. Or was it thenewgreen? I can't remember who stuck it to me. Thoughts on new ways people could use Hubksi some day. I was thinking about Hubski and the different ways people use it, and could one day use it.I was wondering what it would be like if Hubksi had a feature that catered to groups of people, like companies, institutions, or teams, organizations, groups friends, or events even.On hubski, we follow different posters, but what if I was part of a small company or a bowling league or whatever, and I wanted to have a sort of 'partitioned' Hubski that consisted of only those people, and they could have the same. It would be like the Hubski version of subreddits, where it is organized around people instead of topics.The group could be 'packaged' by being populated with the group of users and then named, then you could subscribe to the group of users as a whole.Kind of far out, and I'm not saying there is a need or even if this is a good idea for a feature, -just something I've been musing on... important is anonymity on Hubski? we use real names or be careful what we share? it be ok to use this image on my blog to promote Hubski? would look something like this » on google +. - a reminder about the social media blitz tomorrow. a reminder, if you're willing and able, please join us for a social media blitz sharing the best of hubski with the world.Twitter, Facebook, blogs, youtube, vimeo - if you use it, use it to get the word out about hubski. Please do it respectfully, and don't overly spam any one person or site.We all love hubski for various reasons. Let's share those reasons with the world, tomorrow, Monday July 9, all day. was my Hubski birthday. didn't have any cake, so here's a glass of grape juice.Thanks to everybody at the hubski community for making this place awesome. at 10,000 feet 76 may or may not have also fallen victim... HUBSKI - What does hubski mean to you? - UPDATE'm working on a short film project - and I would like you all to help. I would like to know what hubski means to you, what you use it for, why you come here, and what you would tell others about.Type up something here in the replies, or shoot me a message if you want to record your own and send it to me another way.UPDATE - I've had some family stuff come up (nothing tragic) and will not be able to get to this project as soon as I had hoped. I will keep you posted. you get 19 + of these, you are a "genius". buttons on Hubski do people thing to having a to + 1 on Hubski posts Is it something you would welcome or is social sharing Hubski posts not a good idea?Id hate to see facebook likes on here thought :-)Edit: I think i was thinking about Hubski the wrong way it makes sense to have Hubski buttons on websites instead.Or Hubski could just buy google and take over the world? Kingdoms is a question I'd like to put to you Hubskiers: What do you think about the ability to block a user from commenting on your posts?I have my own ideas and opinions on this, but I'd like to hear yours. your avatars thenewgreens comments i thought it be fun to post some avatars "I also like that I have no idea what the majority of Hubskiers look like" @thenewgreenHere is mine » informal Hubski PSA to everyone for the feedback (and bug reports) following the last UI update. Although not every aspect of the new design was well-received, the process was well worth it. Your feedback, and using the new layout, helped me to clarify the most important features and functions of the site.I got inspired over the weekend, and started working up the next UI update. In some ways we are moving back, and in some ways we are moving forward.At any rate, expect a fairly significant change in the next few days. we say that we don't like the new layout? is something inherently uncomfortable in looking at the front page now. It kind of reminds me of when Engadget switched its later posts button from the right to the left.Even though left would signify going backwards I picture looking at a blog like flipping through a magazine. So where do your eyes go when you flip the page, the bottom right.Although this isn't a direct analogy to the current layout of hubski I do think that it is uncomfortable to look at the front page. If the idea is to keep it away from being a stream interface then could we resize the posts based on relevance sort of the way that TED sizes their video links.What are your thoughts? is this? it by going to a page on Hubski but was invalid url then i clicked on a picture the new UI but... the 3 pane UI much better but would you consider using a San-serif font as they are a lot easier to read on screen. also noticed that the [text] [video] labels take up a whole line about 30 lines or so on the front page. If you replaced these with an icon on the right it would save a lot of space or you could have a corner ribbon for picture text video link etc.:-)Thanks. informal Hubski PSA.'m planning on rolling out a pretty significant update Monday morning. This will probably change the look of things more than any previous update.Not everyone likes surprises, so FYI. There was a viral Hubski Video for Liz Gannes about the 2nd line of hubski items second line of hubski items looks something like this :by john_doe X #hashtagwhere X is usually a dot, but sometimes is a 1, or sometimes 2.When it's a 1 or 2, hovering over it seems to indicate it is clickable. I have not been brave enough to click one yet. What is it and what does it mean?Just curious. visualization of the same data of my hubski followers made mk orange for design reasons. of my Followers and their Followers is a visualization of my followers and theirs. out if aesthetic necessity I only labeled myself and folks with more followers. -I figured that was a good way to keep my name in the visual and a good cut off- Notice that I do not have any followers that do not follow one of my followers. another point of interest is the mass of cyan between mk and thenewgreen these are people that follow the two of them and do not follow anyone else in the chart. Hubski? How you doin? Hubski you so fine.<3 Hubski's format and functionality solve the issues that Reddit now faces? saw this in r/hubski and thought it was a valid question. So far I've really enjoyed Hubski but will it scale? Space and the Tragedy of the Commons on the Internet "tarekezombie" guy is taking over the #humor tag. I already ignored him, but now I see all his/her spam posts to the same website. Am I just going to have to unfollow humor? There needs to be a way to ignore someone permanently - regardless of what tags you follow.'s a Basketball on my Toolbar? there's a basketball on my toolbar next to the "submit" button. When I click it, it takes me to scrimetime's hub. It's been a while since I've been on hubski - is this an April Fool's joke that I missed? and Reddit: What happens when Reddit becomes Digg? meta. do you block a #tag it possible? Map thought I'd throw out an idea I just had after reading a long string of comments:Is anyone else interested in seeing a heat map showing where content is coming from? I think it would be cool to see where traffic/posting/commenting is coming from. I don't know why necessarily. I know anonymity is king on the internet - but I think it would still be cool.What say you hubski? about lists?'m having so much fun adding videos to my "Favorite Videos Vol. 1" -- an idea I stole from CGP Grey[1] -- so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to have a feature like that on hubski.We've talked about lists before.[2] But those were more like twitter lists than YT playlists. Right now, we can save posts. And that's great. I'm thinking this would function just like an extension of that. One could save posts to one's lists, name the lists and, importantly, be able to make them public or private.How about it?[1][2] Bookmarklet Question Hubski I love the bookmarklet, it's very handy. I was just wondering if you could make it a pop up that lets you submit the link, text, and tag instead of redirecting and losing the page I am reading while submitting?If anyone else has any bookmarklet questions, feel free to add them to this post. for the Hubski Stickers @mk! love the stickers, I put them everywhere! out of links & decided to see if there was a /new. After some time, I've made it back to report my findings. about a Poll? was inspired by mk's post "An Awful Moral Dilemma", . I realized sometimes we as users want to take the temperature on a particular subject. Maybe the reference material for our inspiration doesn't exist in an article format. What better way to illustrate the responses than in a Poll? Of course there would still be the opportunity to elaborate through comments, but it came to my attention that sometimes users don't really have the words or time to contribute more than just a +1. Maybe this would give those users an opportunity to participate in a topic they might normally just "lurk".I could be off base. Polls may be cheap and too digestible. How about a Poll on the Polling option? do you change your password in Hubski? cannot find the settings button. :( Helpz. hubski stickers just arrived think I'll spread them around college (which starts monday). And bathroom stalls, like thenewgreen.Also, I found this little trinket inside:Pshaw. we have a feature to ignore particular hubs? have no interest in politics or marine biology and dont want to ignore particular users. Is this something we can do mk? for links with badged comments like the way hubski marks threads that have been badged, but is there any way that it could be changed to ask indicate when comments within threads are badged?Scanning the front page, I oftentimes skip over many links, but it would be nice to be able to see when an article, which I might not otherwise have read, generates a discussion worth reading.An extra option on top might be to only display badges from users I follow. newest addition to my guitar case. Thanks mk stickers arrived! They look great mk, thanks for sending them. One on the guitar case and one on the jeep. I'll throw some up in the mens room stalls at truck stops too. For a good time, call Hubski.They look great! was hoping for something earth shattering.. was curious to see what the first post on was. I was expecting something earth shattering or at the very least learn the meaning of life. "block user" relation to the "spam" discussion, I've got an easy fix: I'd like to be able to block any person's submissions, regardless of how many of the people I follow have shared them."Spam" is a lot simpler than most people think. The reason it gets all wiggly on social networking sites is that people attempt to quantify the unquantifiable; "the unquantifiable" is exactly how MLM outfits like Mary Kay and Amway and Tupperware work, however. We expect different things from business and friendship and when our friends inflict business upon us it makes us uncomfortable... uncomfortable enough to go to great lengths to bring things back to a "friendship" level (like buying Amway products). The impact is similar in an online setting: because we're all "friends" sharing things we can either suddenly become NOT FRIENDS when you start selling me something or I can sort of awkwardly put up with it. "Awkwardly putting up with it" is usually easier.There's no reason it has to be, particularly on a site as agile and user-centric as Hubski.Take this guy: that, to me, is a spammer. Has contributed exactly zero that isn't linkbait blogspam. Go to their "about" page and it's blank. Yet because this person is following scarp, I'm getting hitech24 feeds in my hub.You've got "follow" as an option - "this is a person I'm interested in hearing the opinions of. I'm sure if I "followed" this person I'd get an "unfollow" option - "this is a person I'm no longer interested in hearing the opinions of." But there's no "ignore" - this is a person who, no matter how much they yammer and how many of my friends they fool, I never want to hear an Amway pitch from ever again."Let me, individually, decide what is and isn't spam and who is and isn't a spammer. There needs be no umbrella policy. you could change something about Hubski, what would it be?'m curious.We all have different expectations of the site, and reasons for being here. I'd like to get some more perspective on what people dig, and what they don't.There are some things about the site that I like, and some others that I feel just ok about. However, I don't want to start things off. I'll jump in. -There's one thing in particular about Hubski that I want to mess with.I'd also like to consider the possibility that what we think we want, isn't always what we actually want. is a /r/hubski. to syncretic who started it about a month ago.I'm not sure what we could do with it, but there it is.I'm subscribed. :) Hubski looked like 6 months ago just came across this, and thought you all might find it interesting.Funny, I don't dislike it. But I am surprised how different it looks. The +'s are pretty cool.I don't expect the site will look as different 6 months from now. problems and solutions. am well aware that everyone on this site has invested some time and energy, and I thought it might be appreciated if I gave a bit of insight into my thinking on sites like Hubski. I have both philosophical and technical motivations for what I am doing; however, the following focuses primarily on the technical ones.News aggregators have a challenge, and I don’t think it is being approached it the right way. There are many ways to define this challenge, but it can be summed up as this:The content I want to see should be readily available to me, and the content you want to see should be readily available to you. This should hold true even if you and I prefer different types of content.For aggregators that have a limited scope of content, focusing upon content quality provides a pretty good experience. Pre-defined expectations for the type of content exist, and user voting focuses more upon quality of content rather than upon its type. For example, most users on Hacker News would not upvote a posted song by Prince, even if they had an interest in the artist.On the other hand, on general news aggregators, both the quality of content and the type of content are open questions left for admin and users to answer. As these sites become popular, these two questions create a tension: although users might agree that a given post is of quality, they might not agree that it is the type of content that they most wish to see. Over time, this problem has been addressed in different ways. Here are some solutions that have been tried:1) Give some users more influence than others: Users can be given moderation powers, their posts may have more staying power, or their votes might be given more influence. The benefit of this type of moderation is that it reduces the burden on site admin to curate content, and it rewards heavy users for their contribution to the site. The downside of this type of moderation is that it can make other users feel like they have less influence upon the site, and if these powerful users have significantly different opinions on content or quality than a particular user, the experience for that user is diminished.2) Break up the content: The aggregator is divided up into multiple sub-aggregators. The benefit of this approach is that, like a content-specific aggregator, the question of which content is desirable is more-or-less settled. One downside of this division is that it divides the audience as well. If a subdivision of the aggregator is obscure, then few will see it, and the chance it will garner discussion is reduced. Another downside of dividing content is that divisions can be redundant. For example, engineering might overlap with technology, which might overlap with science. As a result, the decision about where to submit or where to find content can be somewhat arbitrary.3) Active moderation: This type of quality control is usually achieved by moderators or algorithms curating content. Certain sources might be banned, some content deleted, or some users might be restricted or banned. The benefit of active moderation is that a consistent vision or tone can be maintained. However, as bias in active moderation can narrow content, this works best when applied to an aggregator of limited scope, or applied to a sub-aggregator. The downside of this quality control is that it is only as good as its moderators. If moderation is not predictable, or seen as unfair, users can feel restricted, or in the case of content bias, serendipity can be reduced.4) Popular consensus: This type of quality control is usually achieved by a voting mechanism; users vote a story up if they like it, and in some cases, can vote it down if they don’t like it. The benefit of popular consensus is that the content that is seen is that which most users prefer. However, the downside of this type of quality control is that users that don’t share the majority opinion have a diminished experience.Ideally, a user could see all content submitted to an aggregator. However, this is not possible. To solve this problem, aggregators typically try to focus the content, and improve the quality of the content that any given user does see. Current approaches are good, but not great. There is vast room for improvement in the aggregator space, and there are real problems to be solved.Aggregators provide value not found in other sources. One value that aggregators provide is community, another is crowd-sourced information analysis. Although aggregations have been around for some time, I believe this is only the beginning. of your username in the upper right is hard to read link above are the colors of your username in the top right against the background. This makes it very hard to read. May I suggest a negative color of blue like the hubski logo to the left of your name that is orange. Maybe a darker orange or a lighter black. can we get some kind of "guide to bugs" or the like? when I submit it'll just sorta go "derp" and give me a blank screen. Today, though, I submitted something and it said " and gave me a blank screen. So I tried again. And it did it again. So I tried it in a different tab and it did it again. So I tried it without a tag and it did it again.So then I checked my "hub" or whatever and discovered I'd managed to vote myself up seven times: think this site shows a lot of promise but since we're all kind of alpha testing at this point it'd be great to have some sort of "when it breaks like this, it means this" decoder ring. Art by cynthianews Web themed white and blue background 1040x768 Space themed with black and blue background 640x480 Random Artsy Colorful with cast shadow 640x480 Hubski topics think topics are great. They allow us to focus on certain posts and makes this flood of articles manageable. That said, I do think that forcing us to pick one topic for each article is severely limiting. Some articles span multiple topics. Somebody please tell me that multiple tags/topics is in the works.'re The Best! 2015If you are seeing this post, then chances are you just received stickers sent to you from us. Thank you for your support!Enjoy your stickers! If you feel so inclined take a photo of where you've placed your sticker and post it to Hubski with the tag #stickers, we always like seeing them in action. Feel free to sign the wall here and let us know you received them. We've been sending out stickers for a while now but only just made this post as of 2013.Finally, thank you for being a part of the community. Spread the word to all of your smart friends. But don't tell your dumb friends. (we all have them).Stay gold!