Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski’s Cryptocurrency Venture to Wind Down, Sell Assets #cryptocurrency the 190-Year-Old Tortoise Was Photographed in 1886 and Today #biology #animals Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" #weeklymusicthread #music Brown - #KingButchNick Drake - Parasite January 26, 2022 #pubski"A year on from the Capitol riot, our joint analysis of the latest data finds that the threat of armed demonstrations has not abated." #treason - Of all named groups identified at armed demonstrations since 2020, the vast majority (81.9%) are right-wing actors. - Overall, the top three named actors present at armed demonstrations since 2020 are the Boogaloo Boys and their affiliates, the Three Percenters and their associated groups, and the Proud Boys."Bear markets are hard to define in Bitcoin, as the traditional 20% drawdown metric would trigger a bear almost every second Tuesday" #cryptocurrency #bitcoin Insertion Burn a Success, Webb Arrives at L2 #astronomy #space Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court? #uspolitics #whiterabbit Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It #geopolitics #whiterabbit 100% agree with Fiona Hill.It's wild that we've gone into territory where Tucker Carlson now inspires people to side with a hostile country we spent decades locked in a cold war with. The idea that Carlson is an unwitting asset of Putin, Orban, etc. is laughable. He knows. He is witting.The GOP is fundamentally anti-American. They are so desperate to retain power that they will knowingly harm America if need be. Food for thought: Very few people thought the USSR could implode as thoroughly and as quickly as it did.Have a great day :D. Nhat Hanh: 'Father of mindfulness' Buddhist monk dies aged 95 #buddhism #meditation FINDINGS TO PRESERVE COLLECT AND ANALYZE NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION REGARDING THE 2020 GENERAL ELECTION #treason Scholarly Pursuit of Shrek: 20 Years of Ogres and Irony #movies“It lacks a certain respect that is usually associated with fan writing,” he says, pausing to make eye contact with the rest of the 40-person Zoom audience to make sure we’re all in agreement. No one’s camera is on to reassure him, save the moderators and the Disney adult who has looked physically ill since he read a description of Shrek’s turgid ogre penis out loud. Mexico’s formers labor secretary talks about worker shortages love the article, it’s clear to me the guy is super relatable and is one of the few politicians that walks the walk."37 Seconds" - Legalize Marijuana | Gary Chambers #weedski #chambersforlouisiana Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" #weeklymusicthread #music - I Offered You the MoonElobrian Sunrise - One From The HeartFri Steel - Migrapolis Blues tunneling #hobbies #tunnels says Russian attack on Ukraine could come at very short notice #ukraine #russia Need to Let Go of the Bell Curve #society #statistic and switch to Pareto (hockey stick) curve January 19, 2022 #pubski scientists estimate Tonga blast at 10 megatons #environment #science free at-home COVID-19 tests [US] #covid19 #health IS GOVERNMENT OVERREACH AT ITS WORSTI WANT PEOPLE TO PAY FOR THEIR TESTSCAN'T AFFORD A TEST???WORK HARDER YOUR FAVORITE SAD DAD BAND SAYS ABOUT YOU #funny #music