hubski's purpose

Hubski is a trusted place to find, create, share and discuss the most interesting content on the web.

Conversation on the web is broken. There is a lack of true community online, and people aren't developing great relationships with one another. Following topics or interests leads to an echo chamber of likeminded individuals agreeing with each other. When intelligent discourse does happen, vitriolic commentary and trolls drown it out. Hubski fixes this.

People follow one another on Hubski. This fosters relationships around shared interests and conversation. Content propagates throughout Hubski by sharing and re-sharing. Following people instead of topics allows for serendipitous content discovery and a high level of discourse.

People have the ability to curate their own experience on Hubski; external moderation is not needed. For example: when someone posts content you aren't interested in you can "filter" them, when someone posts comments that you find offensive, you can "mute" them.

We have been fortunate to cultivate a community of thoughtful individuals, so much so, that content creators have reached out to us and asked if we could mirror the discussions taking place on Hubski back on their websites and blogs. Thus Discussion via Hubski was born:

To learn more about Hubski and Discussion via Hubski, feel free to contact us at

NPR Michigan Radio: "Ann Arbor natives create new social media site"


[They] have a plan: Mix Reddit with Twitter and throw in a little Tumblr. It's news aggregation built on a social networks, as opposed to distinctive communities.

-Daily Dot

A forum of good ideas and conversations.


That community sort of feel, like a local pub, with some new people and always the good ol' regulars... stick around long enough and you start to recognise names. I like that.


I look at Hubski as kind of a localised, interactive TED talk. And you know what? I love that. I love looking at articles, and then being genuinely interested in everyone on this website's take on it.


That is where you got it precisely right - I can ignore domains, I can ignore tags, and I can ignore people. That gives me three different chances to keep out the doesn't get shared around, so it might as well not exist.


A side-by-side comparison suggests Hubski's got the edge on intelligence over Reddit.

-Ann Arbor Observer

Now there's a newcomer quietly building a reputation as a potential new mega community, one where polite conversation still dominates...and a small team of enthusiasts, aims to offer a real alternative to the typical low attention fodder of the current web megasites.

-Red Ferret