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comment by geneusutwerk

Interesting interview so far.

But. You have so many different podcast options it sort of overwhelms me. I don't know what to subscribe to and what not. Also this is listed in "pop music" but not "pop culture" I don't understand the difference.

mpoe  ·  2262 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I certainly understand. We at the NBN ( have 92 "channels," each with a different subject. Those subjects are focused on distinct academic disciplines, and we think it's important that each discipline be "represented." Freud call this the "neurosis of minor differences." But neurotic or not, that's the way academics roll...

The disciplines of popular culture and popular music are different, and they are generally studied by different people. That said, there is considerable overlap. So we "cross-post" overlapping podcasts from the "home" channel to a "guest channel." This happens a lot on the NBN, as books are often about more than one thing.

Another issue (sorry to go on and on) is that we don't currently have hosts for certain channels, so they get no new posts/interviews. They are essentially "fallow." We cross-post more liberally to these "fallow" channels just to keep them alive.

And, I should add, we are always looking for good hosts. If you're interested, contact me! (