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comment by AlderaanDuran
AlderaanDuran  ·  2966 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: I am a vigilante

| It'd be nice if there were a network of bike roads that were separate from regular streets, something elevated maybe.|

We have "The Greenway" here in the Twin Cities. Hard to get funding for, because bikes aren't taxed like cars are, nor do they use gasoline, so there's really not "biker specific tax" to pay for these projects unlike traditional roads. But slowly, every year, it gets better and better. Parts of the greenway are completely separate from roads, have tunnels, over passes, and it is almost entirely separate from roads out in the burbs. But as it moves into Minneapolis obviously that's not the case, and the overpasses and underpasses become fewer and farther between and at that point it just kind of turns into street riding. But they've widen the bike lanes, taken away traffic lanes, changes the speed limits, and the stop light timings on many of the roads that are considered part of the greenway. The make the speed limits so slow for cars (like 20 or 25), that everyone in a car just uses something else.

They are trying to make it run full east/west through the whole downtown and heavily populated areas, and convert roads into bike only for it at some point. But it's a process, and again, the funding is tough when the people who use it aren't paying any specific taxes to that infrastructure, so it relies heavily on donations currently.

humanodon  ·  2966 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I hadn't heard about that. I hope it gets the money, it sounds like a nice change.