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comment by cgod

"The conflict in Myanmar is spiraling toward civil war." Lol.

Burma (I'll call it that because the guy who named it Myanmar bathed in dolphin blood and didn't consult anyone when he renamed it,) has been in continuous civil war since independence. It was in a war against colonial oppression before that.

We learn about Burma the way the blind many learns about an elephant. It can't hardly be helped, it's a back hole of information. There are Chinese open trade client states, socialist revolutionary enclaves, independent ethno states and more scattered across the country. The more I learn the weirder it gets and it's really hard to learn anything of value from western media.

One thing for sure, there are many different civil wars happening there at any given moment.

cgod  ·  477 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I'm not saying what I really meant, which is dumb, or I'm saying to poorly.

Because there is little to no reliable source for information on what's happening in Burma it's easy to market a narrative to us.

At one point we were being told how great an ethno-supremacist that would go on to support genocide was and golf clapping as she got the noble prize. This was to open up Burmas markets to Coke and GE, it was mostly the work of the CIA and State Department. They knew exactly who Aung San Suu Kyi was and it bothered them not at all because they thought they could control the narrative, especially after they latched onto the international trade teat.

This Washington Post Story is surely supported by someone at State or the CIA, not sure why but we could think of a few reason that this narrative could be helpful.

Antifa mutual aid twitter is really into Myanmar. They raise money to send over there. I kinda hope that the CIA is funding Burmese revolution via Antifa. How ever Antifa Burmese mutual aid came about it's because someone is massaging a narrative that has some sort of utility, it might be a con and it might approach the truth but we have no real way to know.

Burma is a house of weird mirrors, that's all.