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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  282 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Wall of Drones

Typical SPL, rural California: 30dB

Typical SPL, DJI Phantom 4: 76 dBA

Note that:

- Sound Pressure Level(SPL) is a scalar, Sound Power Level (PWL) is a vector.

- SPL is almost always expressed as 1W/1m.

- Sound energy experiences spherical decay from a point source, so 6dB per doubling of distance.

- In order to be inaudible, a pure tone or distinct sound must be 6dB quieter than ambient.

76dB @ 1m =

70dB @ 2m =

64dB @ 4m =

58dB @ 8m =

52dB @ 16m =

46dB @ 32m =

40dB @ 64m =

34dB @ 128m =

28dB @ 256m =

22dB @ 512m

(yes, there are mathier ways to do this but this is how we used to do it in reports because architects can follow along, and so can normies)

So whoever your drone is interested in observing, the targets of its observation are aware of it between 500 and 250m away. Meanwhile, the effective range of a taser is 3m. A Phantom 4 Pro tops out at 72 km/h or 20m/s.

250/20 = 12 leisurely seconds for our evil wetback to decide what to do about the gnat humming at him from that curious box over there. Now - will a blanket foil a taser? Yes. A backpack? yes. A tarp? yes. Anything between you and and the taser further away from your skin than 4mm? yes. My personal favorite tho is the pocket fisherman:

Let's not neglect the fact that these are not autonomous drones, these are prosumer bullshit being flown by a radio link, uploading their video. With the best protocols in the world you're talking three quarters of a second worth of lag and it will surprise no one to learn that cell service is spotty in places migrants tend to cross borders.

Let's be honest for a minute, though. How much observing can that pissant little drone do of targets more than 250m away? And what consequences would a migrant face for destroying one? Felony property damage, max?

Here's the fun one. What's the drone gonna do if, say, migrants cross the border two at a time? Which one you gonna keep in your cross hairs (behind your 750ms delay) and which one is gonna come around behind you and throw his jacket over your drone?

I mean yeah obviously this is dystopian and inhuman and and and but yeah it's more stupid than evil. This entire class of problem-solving has been marketed and deployed already.