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comment by g5w
g5w  ·  471 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 16, 2021

House is finally starting to look "done". Still so many projects, but the bulk has been tackled.




Working on cleaning up the dog yard last week and ask my daughter to get something out of the basement. She comes back out and informs me that the basement floor is wet yet again. Go down and find a leak in the main water line before anything branches off. Shut off the water, replace the section of pipe, turn the water back on and another leak announces itself a foot from the section I just replaced close to an elbow. Looking at the pipes I realize that I would be better off yanking the cobweb of pipes added over the years and streamlining it. Needless to say I spent the day doing plumbing and didn't get anywhere on the dog yard.

Last night decide to get back to working on the dog yard. As we're wrapping up for the evening I hear what sounds like someone frying some food, but my wife is outside with me and my daughter doesn't know how to fry food. Crap. That isn't frying food, it is spraying water. Go in the basement and find that the waste line coming from the washing machine has come detached and is dumping all over. Thankfully a quick fix with some pvc glue and all is good. I hate this house.

Spent last Saturday with friends from several states that came down and camped in a friend's backyard. We hopped on our mountain bikes and rode the rail trail hitting several breweries and a few bars along the way. With my schedule this summer I don't know that I am going to be able to join in any other trips with the group so I am glad I went.

Youngest has completed her Junior year of High School. She was promoted to Deputy Commander in her AFJROTC program for the fall semester of her Senior year and will be Commander in the Spring. So proud of her. She is also going to be captain of her Marching Band Color Guard team.

Got to video call with middle child and our grandsons the other night. They seem to be doing very well. The infant is standing with very little assistance already. Everyone is healthy and happy. So grateful.

Oldest child's car needed a bunch of work to pass emissions inspection and then decided it was good time to have the alternator die. Looking at nearly $3k in repairs, he determined that his money was better spent in getting a new used car. Used cars have jumped in price, but he found one he likes and made the commitment. He even managed to sell his jalopy.

A few weeks ago wife and I went to visit family in Vermont and our van died a half hour into the drive home. Sister in law was generous and let us borrow her car so we could get home while our van was towed to local dealership up there. It took 4 days for dealership to say it was a bad battery and that the alternator was fine. Drive up the next weekend to return SIL's car and get our van, then an hour into the drive home the van dies again. This time had it towed to our local mechanic. Monday morning he calls us an hour after they opened to let us know that the alternator was bad. Had it fixed and back to us that day. What did the dealership do for four days? Geez.

The puppy has not been slowed down at all by losing a leg. She is still digging holes and chasing and tackling our big dog. New dog fence is too tall for her to climb or jump, but she is already trying to dig out. Might have to shore up a few spots with rebar in the ground so she cant get through. Ugh.

Got a raise at work and a bonus. Working at a non-profit I really didn't expect one. Thankful for whatever I can get.

Life is Good and I'm enjoying the ride.