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comment by katakowsj
katakowsj  ·  588 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Derek Chauvin found guilty of George Floyd’s murder

I see it as the defense had no choice but to grasp at even the flimsiest of defenses. I’m surprised that there has been little mention of Chauvin resting his knee on a man’s neck so casually that he’s got one hand buried in his pocket. In absolutely no way does this smug jackoff appear to be in need of kneeling on another man’s neck. At no time is there even the slightest chance that. George Floyd might do a Hulk Smash! toss aside four officers and two squad cars and tear up Minneapolis. Chauvin was protecting no one, he was soothing his Napoleon complex by dominating a larger person.

In what world can we even begin to believe that Chauvin is not in complete control of the end of another man’s life? Chauvin is now responsible for abusing his power as an officer of the law and this will set a precedent for similar situations. We can hope that this, at least.

Damn Steve, I’ve been surviving breaking cancer for just over nine years now. I’d hopethat the next traffic cop to pull me over won’t work me over with a baton claiming, “This dude’s brain was in bad shape to begin with!”,so it’s cool.

steve  ·  583 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    I’ve been surviving breaking cancer for just over nine years now.

Keep up the good work my friend.