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comment by johan
johan  ·  268 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 400th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately"

That post the other day about country music with that Tanya Tucker song reminded me that she was the original artist of "Jamestown Ferry" which was covered/repurposed by Swedish singer Alf Robertson.

The ferry and honky tonk bars were replaced with things more familiar to the dansband audiences at home in Robertson's rendition "Hon steg på Finlandsbåten". Robertson probably heard it in Nashville since he lived there around the time of her break-through, but I ended up making a playlist with songs Swedish artists (probably) heard on Radio Luxembourg and turned into Swedish hits.

The short-and-sweetly named folk song "Monday Morning" popularized by Peter, Paul and Mary was picked up by Swedish-Dutch singer Cornelis Vreeswijk and given the ridiculously long name "Balladen om herr Fredrik Åkare och den söta fröken Cecilia Lind". At the moment it has 11.2 million plays on Spotify, compared to around 300 000 for the PP&M version.

Tom Paxton's dreamy "I Give You the Morning" got the more straight-forward name "Jag ger dig min morgon" by Fred Åkerström. Paxton's version sits at around 600.000 plays, dwarfed by Fred Åkerström's 14 million plays.

Dutch singer Anita Meyer's disco banger "Why Tell Me Why" was taken up by Carola and turned into "Säg mig var du står", which I posted an acid revival version of previously on Hubski. Both the original and Carola's version sits at around 10 million plays on Spotify.