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comment by Foveaux

That small joy in Dead Cells when you get used to that first few levels and you're just rampaging through at high speed. If I start with a Balanced Blade and an Infantry Bow, I know I'll get a good run in.

What is sealing Facebook off for me is my group of friends, and family, are having kids now. My nephew's days are all documented on Facebook and it's just making me really uncomfortable - he's going to be a teenager eventually and he's likely not going to want those photos flying around. I love him to bits and I love my sister, she's a great single mum doing her best but everything being on Facebook just seems off. Once I can convince the people I want to stay in contact with to just text me I'll do away with it.

johnnyFive  ·  701 days ago  ·  link  ·  

For you second point, this was actually part of the appeal. If someone wouldn't contact me but via Facebook (and vice versa), they're probably not a particularly important part of my life anyway. I'd rather spend the time on the people who are.